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Ridge and Bill exchanged blows, and Ridge bristled about Brooke's impending wedding and R.J.'s new necklace. Brooke and Bill shared their elopement news with Wyatt and Katie and hopped a jet for their wedding in the Persian Gulf. Quinn contemplated showing Ridge the cell phone photo.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 19, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, May 19, 2014

In the workout area at Forrester, the steam room temperature reached one hundred thirty-five degrees, and Liam banged on the door, screaming that he couldn't breathe. Fiddling with her necklace, Quinn listened with satisfaction. After a few moments, she frowned and unbarred the door.

Liam stumbled out, and breathlessly, he accused Quinn of locking him in the steam room and turning up the heat. Quinn fessed up to being guilty as charged, but she said Liam had been breaking the ground rules by getting naked in the steam room. "Do I look naked to you?" he screamed.

Liam figured out that Quinn had intercepted his message to Hope, and Quinn said she refused to let him get between Wyatt and Hope. Liam guessed that Quinn would do anything, even lock him in a steam room to die. Quinn called him a wuss and said Hope would wind up with Wyatt.

Liam rasped that no woman on the planet would want a mother-in-law like Quinn or a user like Wyatt. Liam warned that if she pulled another stunt, he'd press charges. He yelled that she was wrong to think she'd intimidate him into walking away from the woman he loved.

In Bill's office, Bill said he'd planned to propose later that evening, but Brooke had arrived looking so beautiful that he'd had to do it at that moment. Brooke stated that he'd been so loyal to her that the least she could do was to commit to him for the rest of their lives.

Brooke found Bill to be full of surprises. The trip sounded amazing to Brooke, but she said they didn't have to go. She was content to remain at home -- as long as they were together.

Bill decided to order some champagne to toast his bride, but Brooke remembered that she had a meeting at Forrester. Bill told her to blow it off, but she said it wouldn't be good for her new position. She also wanted to announce to everyone that she was engaged before Ridge heard about it from somebody else "That somebody being me," Bill responded.

Brooke was sure Bill wanted to tell Ridge about it because of the conversation the men had had. Bill agreed, but he decided that, in the spirit of unity and harmony between the two families, he'd let Brooke do it. He thanked her for agreeing to marry him and remarked that a man was at his most vulnerable when proposing. Brooke couldn't believe he'd doubt her answer and said she'd never trusted anyone the way she trusted Bill.

Brooke left, and Liam stormed into Bill's office, declaring that Bill's ex was certifiable. Bill was shocked to hear that Katie had locked Liam in a steam room, but Liam clarified that he'd meant Quinn. Bill asked Liam to calm down and say exactly what had happened. Liam decided that he wouldn't get into it. He didn't want to let that "psychopath" get into his head.

Liam said he'd put Quinn on notice about her stunts, and Bill needed to do the same. Liam ordered Bill to tell Quinn to hand over the selfie, or else. Bill decided that he wouldn't let that "nut job" ruin his special day or get inside his head, either.

Liam became curious, and Bill revealed that he'd told Brooke about the trip. Because Brooke had loved the trip idea and loved Bill for planning it, Bill had gone a step further. Liam asked what Bill had done, and Bill announced that he'd proposed. Bill said he and Brooke were engaged, and Liam hugged Bill.

Liam was happy for Bill, who said that nothing was standing in his and Brooke's way. Liam replied that Quinn's infamous picture wouldn't either. Bill stated that he and Liam knew that Quinn was "off the beam," but she was smart enough not to push Bill.

Liam asked about Ridge, and Bill replied that, though he didn't like Ridge, the boys and Brooke and Katie's issues were more important things to concentrate on. Bill figured that if Ridge was the sensitive man that he purported to be, then Ridge would deal with it and be happy for Brooke.

In the Forrester's CEO's office, the staff prepared for a meeting. The group noted that Quinn and Brooke weren't present. Hope said Brooke had been called away, and Ridge asked if it had been about R.J. Hope relayed that it hadn't been. "So what does Spencer want now?" Ridge asked.

Everyone agreed to focus on business and fill Brooke in later, but Ridge quipped that they could if Spencer would let Brooke go. Caroline doubted Bill was holding Brooke hostage. Donna said Ridge was sweet to worry about Brooke, but Donna was sure Brooke was okay. Hope added that Brooke knew what she was doing, and Ridge asked when Hope had started singing Bill's praises.

Rick drew everyone's attention back to the meeting, and as it continued, Ridge was preoccupied. Rick asked for Ridge's input about something, but Ridge hopped up, murmuring that he needed to go. Right after Ridge had left, Quinn rushed in and took his seat. She claimed that she'd gotten distracted with another matter, but it was taken care of. Wyatt flashed a quizzical look at her.

Later, Brooke arrived, and Caroline wondered what was different about Brooke. "Oh, my God..." Donna said, grabbing Brooke's left hand. Brooke announced that she and Bill were engaged. As everyone gathered around Brooke and chattered, Quinn scowled.

Caroline snapped cell phone pictures as Brooke explained how a romantic trip plan had turned into a marriage proposal. Quinn glanced at the incriminating photo on her phone. Donna noted that Bill had used the same ring, and Wyatt asked if Quinn would congratulate the bride. "No," Quinn said.

The onlookers appeared confused, but Quinn stated that congratulations were meant for the groom. She hoped that Brooke's wedding would be picture perfect. Donna and Maya left to get champagne, and Hope asked if it was what Brooke really wanted. Brooke said it was, and she couldn't imagine anything getting between her and the loyal Bill.

The meeting ended, and Wyatt and Hope went to Rick's office, where Wyatt asked how Hope felt about their parents' engagement. Hope wasn't thrilled about Bill, but she knew that he made her mother happy. Wyatt was concerned about how his own mother had taken the news.

Wyatt revealed that Quinn had always told him that Bill was the only one she'd ever cared for. Hope guessed it was a love-hate thing, and Wyatt replied that Quinn might have been feeling something for Bill again. "Well, I guess that's all over now. I don't know, right?" Wyatt asked Hope.

Back in the CEO's office, Brooke was alone when Ridge entered. He said he'd had to leave the meeting to take care of something. Brooke revealed that she'd been late because she'd gone to see Bill. Ridge quipped that when Bill called, Brooke went running. Brooke handed Ridge the notes from the meeting, and he saw the ring on her finger. He asked what it was, and Brooke revealed that she'd accepted Bill's marriage proposal.

Ridge asked if Brooke had lost her mind. He insisted that Bill wasn't the right man for her, but she said that Bill had been nothing but true and loyal. Ridge insisted that she deserved someone better. "You can't really tell me that. You're engaged to Katie," Brooke replied.

Ridge asked if that was what Brooke's engagement was about, and Brooke replied that it was really crass of Ridge to think she'd accepted Bill's proposal because of Ridge's engagement. Ridge agreed but questioned whether Brooke was doing the right thing. Brooke insisted that she was.

Ridge told Brooke that it had gone far enough. He pulled her ring off her finger and declared that she wasn't marrying Bill Spencer.

Back at Spencer, Bill roared at someone on the phone and slammed down the receiver. Quinn entered in a black trench coat after slipping passed his secretary. Bill rasped that he'd heard about his son's extensive steam, but Quinn dismissively replied that she wasn't there to discuss that.

Quinn, who'd heard about Bill's engagement, said she wanted to give him an early wedding gift. She unlaced her coat and dropped it to the floor, revealing her black leather mini-skirt and top.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge insisted to Brooke that Bill wasn't the right man for Brooke. Ridge had pulled Brooke's engagement ring off her finger, and he refused to allow her to marry Bill Spencer. Brooke was shocked. Ridge claimed that as a father and as the man "who will always love you," Brooke had to find someone who was worthy of her.

Brooke said that Bill was a good person, and she was going to marry him. Brooke reminded Ridge that he had no right to tell her what to do. Ridge put his arms around Brooke. He reminded her that he would always love her.

Brooke countered that Bill had been the first man who had loved only her. There had been no Taylor or Caroline to get in the way. "It's all about me. Give me my ring back," Brooke ordered. "I can't let you marry Bill Spencer," Ridge answered.

Brooke refused to listen to Ridge. She said that Bill really meant it when he said that he had loved her. Brooke recalled that Ridge and Brooke had been through a lot and had managed to hurt each other. "Bill has shown me that things can be different," she said.

"Find someone else. We'll help you," Ridge commanded. Brooke wondered if Ridge and Katie intended to become her personal dating service. "I only want what's best for you," Ridge said. Brooke insisted that Bill was what she wanted, but Ridge refused to believe her. He left -- with her ring.

In another office at Forrester, Wyatt and Hope met and discussed how odd it was that Wyatt's father and Brooke's mother had united. Wyatt noted that a Spencer man had united with a Logan woman -- a "match made in heaven," Wyatt said, and he kissed Hope. Hope wondered if Quinn was going to be okay with Brooke and Bill's engagement, based on her negative reaction to the news at the earlier meeting. Wyatt said that Quinn's relationship with Bill had been complicated.

Wyatt and Hope discussed that a lot of people would not be happy with Bill and Brooke's marriage. Hope said that she understood Ridge's feelings and protective attitude of R.J. Hope said that Bill had not been her favorite person.

At Spencer, Bill told Quinn to put her clothes back on and cover the black leather mini-skirt and skimpy top she had worn into his office. Quinn taunted Bill and suggested that she could be his bachelor party, and she could be quiet, unlike the past few times that they had been together.

Quinn told Bill not to pretend that any other woman had excited him the way she had. She arrogantly reminded Bill that she could give him what he wanted. Bill answered that Quinn was beautiful, smart, and sexy, but he would never do anything to endanger his relationship with Brooke. Bill put Quinn's coat over her shoulders. Bill said that he didn't want to embarrass Quinn.

Bill insisted that he was committed to Brooke. Quinn noted that Bill already had one failed marriage to a Logan woman. "She's been disappointing men for years. She always goes back to Ridge," Quinn said of Brooke. Quinn encouraged Bill to be smart and not to end up being a fool.

Bill said he would be the exception. Quinn offered herself as an alternative -- he could have something lined up for when his marriage failed. "If I end up looking like a fool in the end, then so be it," Bill said. Quinn looked unhappy. Quinn left.

Later, Bill was on the phone, demanding financial figures from someone, and Ridge walked in and interrupted. Bill hung up, and Ridge insisted that Brooke wouldn't need Bill's ring or Bill anymore. Ridge tossed Brooke's engagement ring to Bill. Ridge said that Brooke often became confused, and Ridge planned to make sure she was back on track. Bill noted that Ridge had dumped her time and time again.

Bill said that Katie believed that Ridge wanted to marry her and make a life with her. Bill dared Ridge to go after Brooke again, but Bill said that Brooke was done with Ridge. Ridge insisted that he and Brooke would never be done. Ridge said that they had a son together and a history. Ridge wanted Brooke to be with someone who was worthy of Brooke and his son. "I'm not letting you be the stepfather," Ridge said.

Ridge went on the offensive and asked who other than Bill had a picture of himself in his office. Then Ridge started on Bill's shirts. Bill defended his picture and his shirt. "You have a toy sword dangling from your neck -- it's ridiculous," Ridge said.

Bill started on Ridge and his last breakup with Brooke over a text message. Bill reminded Ridge that when Ridge had returned, he had expected nothing to change. "I don't have to justify myself to you. I came back and changed for the better," Ridge said. Ridge insisted that he would always "be there" for Brooke.

Ridge and Bill continued to bicker over definitions of a man and how Ridge had treated Brooke, and Bill worried about how Ridge would treat Katie. Ridge maintained that Bill was not an appropriate stepfather. Bill promised to raise R.J. as his own son. Bill expected the same from Ridge with Will.

Ridge insisted that Bill would not be anywhere near his son. "I am going to marry Brooke and be there for R.J.," Bill said. Bill told Ridge to get out of his office. Ridge threw a punch at Bill and missed. Bill punched Ridge, and Ridge shoved Bill back on his desk and jumped on top of him. Brooke entered the office and shouted at them to stop.

At Forrester, Quinn interrupted Wyatt and Hope. Hope asked if she was all right. Quinn looked arrogant and said she was fine. Hope left, and Wyatt knew Quinn was upset. He knew that Quinn had gone to try to convince Bill not to marry Brooke. Quinn admitted she had seen Bill.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

by Pam

In Bill's office, Bill and Ridge wrestled on Bill's desk. Brooke entered and screamed at Ridge to get off of Bill, but Ridge didn't stop until Brooke pulled him away from Bill. Then Bill went after Ridge, but Brooke stopped him.

Ridge insisted that Brooke planned to marry Bill only to hurt Ridge. "You always do this when you're angry," Ridge said. Brooke countered that Ridge had selective memory. Bill noted that Ridge wanted to make Brooke's decision to marry Bill all about Ridge. Bill told Ridge that Brooke was going to spend her life with him. Bill accused Ridge of getting twisted satisfaction out of messing with Brooke. Ridge disagreed. "Don't throw yourself off a cliff to spite me," Ridge advised Brooke.

Ridge told Brooke that Bill would be a buffoon of a stepfather. "It's never too late to change your mind," he said. Bill kicked Ridge out of his his office. Bill presented Brooke with her engagement ring. She smiled, and they kissed. They planned their trip to Abu Dhabi. Brooke said she couldn't wait for their magical trip.

Justin entered, and Bill told him that he needed Justin to help him make preparations for the trip because he and Brooke were getting married overseas in Abu Dhabi. Brooke was surprised, and Bill told her it would be a wonderful adventure. Bill asked Brooke to make whatever plans she needed for R.J. while they were gone. Brooke got a call from Donna, and Brooke advised Bill that she had to take it so that she could get Donna's help. Brooke left Bill's office to talk to Donna.

While Brooke was gone, Bill told Justin he had a job for him. Bill asked Justin to get him a duplicate of the sword necklace like he had done for Liam. Brooke returned, and Justin congratulated her. He kissed her and left. Brooke and Bill looked up touristy information about Abu Dhabi.

Brooke told Bill how happy she was. She said she had never had the kind of relationship she had with Bill because with Ridge, there had always been another woman that Brooke had to measure up with and compete against. "I don't have to try to be better than anybody else," Brooke said.

Bill made plans for him and Brooke to leave the next day. Bill added that he planned to be a great stepfather to R.J. Bill promised they would have a romantic wedding in a secret location befitting a princess. They kissed, and Brooke giggled that she was very excited.

At Katie's, Donna told Katie that Brooke and Bill were getting married. Katie was surprised, but Donna said it appeared that Brooke and Katie were doing a lot of competing. Katie was insulted. Donna said she meant no harm, but she was an observer. She hoped that one day they could all get along again. Donna added that it had been inevitable that Brooke and Bill would get back together when Katie had divorced Bill. Katie looked unhappy.

At Forrester, Quinn and Wyatt discussed Quinn's feelings for Bill. Quinn said Bill was stunted as a person but maintained his swagger. Quinn confessed that she knew Bill didn't want anything to do with her. Wyatt worried that she had been hurt when Bill had chosen to marry Brooke.

Quinn admitted that she'd had very little dating experience that Wyatt would have been aware of because she had never met anyone who had been worth telling Wyatt about. Wyatt wondered if Quinn had pursued Bill when he had been on the outs with both Katie and Brooke. Quinn admitted she had.

Quinn added that she felt lonely at times. She said that with women, it was all about the couple. No matter how successful, people wanted to know if a woman was attached or unattached. She said women often wanted to be wanted. "Sometimes it comes over me like an illness -- that wanting to be wanted, and I despise myself for it for a few days, and it goes away," she said. She noted that she had thought she might reunite with Bill at one point, but it was never going to happen.

At Katie's, Ridge entered and admitted that he knew Brooke and Bill were getting married. Katie forced Ridge to confess that he and Bill had gotten into a physical altercation, and Ridge encouraged her to let it go. He added that Brooke had been there to break it up. "They're not getting married," Ridge insisted. Katie asked if Ridge had told Brooke that. He answered that Brooke thought love would conquer all.

"There's nothing we can do about it," Katie said. Ridge kissed her. He told her that his feelings about Bill had nothing to do with Brooke or Katie. But Katie countered that Ridge's feelings about Bill were stronger than his feelings for anybody. Ridge said he was confident that Brooke would leave Bill.

Katie advised Ridge to stop making himself crazy. Ridge lamented that Bill had no ethics. Katie countered that Brooke knew all of that, but it didn't matter. "Brooke's a grownup, and she knows all about Bill. And she doesn't care anymore," Katie said. Ridge looked disgusted

Thursday, May 22, 2014

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Bill kissed, and Brooke wondered how long they'd be gone on their trip. In reply, Bill asked how long she thought it would take Ridge to get his head on straight. Brooke realized that she needed to talk to Katie but promised to meet Bill at the jet later.

Brooke left, and Wyatt called Bill to tell him that Quinn was having a hard time with Bill's engagement to Brooke. Wyatt was hoping that Bill could talk to Quinn, but Bill said he couldn't because he was on his way out of the country to marry Brooke.

Later on the jet, Bill took his seat behind his desk, and the pilot welcomed him back. Justin arrived and relayed that he'd done what Bill had asked. Bill said that Justin had cut it close, and Justin conveyed that R.J. had the necklace but wouldn't do anything until he heard from Bill.

Justin gave Bill a tablet to have a video call with R.J. R.J. had gotten his package and said the necklace was cool. Bill relayed that R.J. was a member of an exclusive club. Bill claimed there were only four such necklaces in the world, and R.J. was the youngest owner of one.

R.J. was impressed and showed that he was already wearing it. Bill said it was an expensive piece of jewelry and a sign of strength for men like them. Bill wanted R.J. to wear it with Spencer pride because they would soon be family. R.J. promised to do so, and Bill told the child that he would see R.J. as soon as Bill and Brooke returned.

After the call, Justin noted that the sword meant a lot to Bill, who was sticking it to Ridge. Bill admitted that doing so was part of it. Bill also felt that he was about to be the stepfather to a great kid, and he didn't want the boy to feel left out. Bill said that Ridge had to stop having his hissy fits and accept that Brooke and Bill would be married and that R.J. would live with Bill and Brooke.

Bill informed Justin that Justin would also be taking the trip to the Middle East. Justin asked what that would be for. "Whatever might come up," Bill responded.

At Katie's house, Ridge dressed for the day. He was still upset about Brooke and Bill, and Katie tried to tell Ridge that Bill wasn't all bad. Ridge insisted that Brooke marrying Bill would signify to R.J. that everything Bill had done was acceptable but Bill's actions were not acceptable at all to Ridge.

Ridge left, and Brooke arrived. Katie said that Ridge wasn't there, and Brooke decided that it was good because she and Katie could talk alone. Katie conveyed that she knew about the engagement and asked when the big day was. Brooke replied that she and Bill were leaving town to get married.

Katie left to check and Will, and upon her return, she wondered why Brooke was still there. Katie guessed Brooke wanted congratulations or to keep Katie from hearing about it through the press. Brooke said that she didn't expect congratulations, and she didn't know what kind of press coverage there would be in Dubai.

Brooke said she had to meet Bill at the jet, and she hadn't wanted to get into a debate with Ridge. Brooke also didn't want to argue with Katie. Brooke just wanted Ridge and R.J. to know where she'd be. "And what you'll be doing," Katie added. Brooke wished Katie could be happy for Brooke.

Katie scoffed, and Brooke asked if Katie knew what had happened the previous day and if Ridge had calmed down yet. Katie said Ridge wasn't thrilled about Bill being a stepparent to R.J., and Ridge didn't trust Bill. Brooke replied that Brooke trusted Bill, but Katie said Ridge had an issue with that, too.

Brooke stated that she was moving on with her life, just like Ridge was, but Katie responded that Ridge didn't see it that way. Brooke asked how Katie saw it.

Katie conveyed that Brooke's relationship with Bill would always be hard for Katie, and Katie couldn't lie about it. Katie wanted to solve their problems, but she didn't know how. Katie considered that they might be unsolvable, or time might help them heal. Brooke uttered that she hoped it would.

When Brooke left, she bumped into Ridge, who was returning because he'd left something at the house. She said she'd been there to tell Katie about the engagement and to tell Ridge and Katie about the trip. Ridge asked if Brooke was eloping, and at her silence, he guessed he was right.

Brooke didn't want to argue about it but noted that she couldn't get married there after Ridge's behavior the previous day. Ridge noted that her family wouldn't even be involved in it. She said she and Bill needed to get away, and her sisters knew where she'd be in case of an emergency.

Brooke tried to leave, but Ridge stopped her. She conveyed that "this" was the way it would be, and they had new lives. "What about our old life?" Ridge asked. He stated that they had a child together, and it wouldn't change. Brooke declared that she'd return from her trip as Mrs. Bill Spencer, and R.J. would live with her and Bill.

Ridge disagreed. He said Brooke knew what Bill was capable of, and she'd left Bill over what Bill had done to Katie. Ridge argued that Bill hadn't been faithful to Katie. Brooke said Bill would be the first to admit his mistakes with Katie, but Bill was devoted to and loved Brooke. "I love you," Ridge stated.

Brooke seemed confused, and Ridge said he'd always love her and want to do what was best for her. He hoped that she'd see that he wasn't the bad guy in the situation, and she'd see it before it was too late. Brooke sighed and walked away.

Later, Ridge entered Katie's bedroom. He told Katie that he'd encountered Brooke, who believed that what had happened to Katie wouldn't happen to Brooke. Katie stated that Brooke might be right because Bill had relentlessly pursued Brooke. Ridge corrected that Brooke had rejected Bill, but Bill had refused to accept it. Katie reasoned that it could be difficult to accept things that one didn't like.

Ridge guessed that Katie was tired of talking about it. Katie wasn't. She was glad he felt that he could talk to her about it, and she'd be concerned if he didn't feel he could. She expressed worry about him being stressed out about it and having difficulty letting it go. He said his gut wouldn't let him.

Katie felt that Brooke had to make her own choices, and Brooke had chosen Bill. Katie suggested that she and Ridge make their own choices and plan their own wedding with their family and friends. Ridge agreed that they should do that. They hugged and kissed, but Ridge still looked unresolved.

Back on the jet, Brooke rushed aboard, apologizing for being late. Bill was in a hurry to take off, but Brooke wanted to slow down and savor every moment. She thanked him for the happiest time she'd had in a long time. Being with Bill was a new experience each day. Bill said they'd have an exotic start to their next adventure. "Yes, the rest of our lives!" Brooke beamed.

Bill said he wouldn't promise that there would always be camel races, and Brooke interrupted, guessing that they'd ride camels to the wedding location. Bill wouldn't give away any hints about the wedding except to say that the most beautiful thing at the ceremony would be his bride. They expressed their love for each other, and the pilot announced that they were number one for takeoff.

In Rick's office, Liam arrived with a kiss for Hope. Liam wanted to make plans with Hope and cited that she had her house all to herself because Bill and Brooke were headed for the Middle East that day. Hope wanted to hear more about the trip, and Liam said they'd talk about it poolside at the house.

Wyatt entered, excited to hear that they were having a pool party. Liam promptly noted that Wyatt hadn't been invited. Wyatt asked who then would tell Hope the big news. Liam said he'd already done it, but Wyatt figured that Liam didn't know that Brooke and Bill were getting married on their trip. Hope and Liam were surprised to hear it. Wyatt wondered why Bill hadn't told Liam about it and guessed that Bill had entrusted Wyatt to be the one to tell Hope the news.

"Maybe it is a good thing that I have two boyfriends," Hope stated, adding that she'd have no idea of what was happening in her mother's life if it hadn't been for Liam and Wyatt. Wyatt claimed she could have gotten all the information from just him, and Liam snapped that if information was all Hope needed, then Wyatt would be perfect for Hope.

As the men bickered with each other, Hope murmured that when she, Liam, and Wyatt were together, she felt like the third wheel. Wyatt offered to cook for Hope, but Liam said she was busy. Hope asked how that was, and Liam said the pool time could run late. Liam suggested that they take a cue from Brooke and Bill by hopping on the jet and making it a double wedding.

Hope announced that she wouldn't be running off to get married. "With you, she means," Wyatt added, but Hope clarified that she wouldn't do it with anyone. Wyatt asked for her verdict on going out of town, but Liam contended that it was his turn to take Hope on a trip.

Hope declared that she had work to do, and so did Liam. Liam claimed that he was the boss when his father was out of town, and Wyatt threatened to tell their father that Liam was slacking "again." Liam noted that Bill had ditched work to take his woman halfway around the world and wouldn't loudly object to Liam doing the same.

Hope snapped her fingers to get the men's attention off each other and onto her. She told them that she didn't want to be swept off her feet. She wanted to be grounded and to think about her desires for the future. She promised she'd make a decision, and the decision would be the best thing for all of them.

Friday, May 23, 2014

In Rick's office, Quinn sorted her jewelry, and Wyatt broke the news to her that Bill had left town to marry Brooke. Quinn figured that it wouldn't last, and Brooke would be headed for the next victim by summer's end. Quinn decided that they had to stop the wedding. Wyatt warned Quinn against doing anything because Brooke and Hope were their bosses.

Quinn insisted that Bill was walking into a trap, but Wyatt felt that Bill could handle it. She thought Bill deserved better, and Wyatt guessed she meant herself. She claimed not to need anyone or anything. "Except dad," Wyatt replied. He said she should have dropped her guard and told Bill what she'd wanted. Quinn claimed that she'd had her fun with Bill, and they'd made Wyatt.

Quinn asked why she shouldn't use the power she had to save Bill from a mistake, and Wyatt asked what power she had over Bill. "I'm a woman, Wyatt. The list is endless," she quipped.

Wyatt feared that Quinn had some kind of ammunition and that she'd actually use it. Quinn continued to be evasive, and he noted that she'd pulled sketchy things in the past. She suddenly decided that she and Wyatt were late for a meeting with Ridge, and Wyatt growled in frustration.

In the CEO's office, Donna and Hope discussed Brooke and Bill's elopement. Hope wondered if Ridge knew. Just then, Ridge entered, saying that he was aware that Brooke was about to make the biggest mistake of her life. Hope and Donna didn't understand Ridge's issue with the wedding, but he said being with Katie didn't mean he had stopped caring or looking out for Brooke and his son.

Donna reasoned that R.J. had taken the news of Ridge's engagement well, but Ridge said it was because Katie was a positive influence. In his view, Bill wasn't. Hope didn't care for Bill, either, but she couldn't deny that he'd been good to Brooke. Ridge referenced what Bill had done to Katie. Ridge insisted that Bill had almost destroyed Katie's life, and in time, he'd do the same to Brooke. He murmured that there had to be a way to stop it.

Quinn and Wyatt entered for the meeting, and as the wedding talk continued, Ridge and Quinn were notably grumpy about it. Once Ridge had had enough of it, he asked Quinn to show him what she had for him. Taking a look at the jewelry she'd designed for couture, Ridge rasped that it was clunky and dated. Hope remarked that it was on trend, but Ridge said he wanted classic.

Quinn apologized for being off base and offered to make more prototypes. "Well, you're gonna have to come up with something if you want to keep working here," Ridge snapped. Quinn's brow rose, and her nostrils flared. Hope tried to smooth things by saying it had been an unusually stressful day.

Ridge apologized to everyone and said it was apparent that he wasn't thrilled about the wedding. Though Ridge thought that Wyatt was a "good kid," Ridge felt that Bill wasn't good enough for Brooke or to be around Ridge's son. Wyatt's lips tightened, and he said he was sorry Ridge felt that way. Ridge received a video call from R.J., and everyone decided to reconvene later.

During the call, Ridge readily noticed something around R.J.'s neck. R.J excitedly explained that Mr. Spencer had sent the necklace and that there were only four of the necklaces in the world. R.J. beamed about being a part of the exclusive club with Bill, Liam, and Wyatt and about wearing the charm with Spencer pride. Ridge suggested that R.J. get back to his homework. After the call, Ridge grimaced.

Back in Rick's office, Wyatt figured it would take a hundred hours to fix the sample collection. Quinn said she could do that in a New York minute. She was more interested in Ridge's reaction to Brooke and Bill. To Quinn, Ridge seemed awfully invested in Brooke's happiness, and Quinn wondered what he'd do if he found out about her and Bill.

Wyatt advised Quinn not to go there and figured it would be her word against Bill's. "The camera doesn't lie," Quinn replied and flashed her cell phone picture at Wyatt.

On the jet to the Middle East, Bill noted that he and Brooke would soon land in Dubai. Brooke said it was a great place to be married, and she asked if maybe Abu Dhabi would be the city for the wedding. Bill said the wedding would be a surprise, and it would be unique and befitting his princess.

Brooke browsed through books about the destination, and Bill rambled off a list of things to do. Brooke suggested they camp in the middle of the desert, but Bill said she wouldn't want to after seeing the hotel. She saw that there was an Arabian Wildlife Animal Park and asked if they'd get married there. Bill purred like a tiger, and they kissed.

Later, Brooke and Bill wore headsets as they took a helicopter ride around Dubai and were awed at the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Bill joked that it was Brooke's wedding present, and Justin had slacked off because he'd forgotten to put a bow on it for Brooke. The helicopter headed for the Atlantis Hotel, located on the crown of Palm Island.

Brooke and Bill drove a white convertible Ferrari into the parking lot. Attendants took the car and offered the couple food and drinks. The manager promised them a memorable stay, and Brooke and Bill checked into their suite. They strolled out to the view from their balcony, and Brooke exclaimed that she loved Dubai. Bill swung her around and then stroked her cheek.

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