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Chloe stole Billy's sperm sample from the hospital lab. Kevin convinced Chloe to get the help she needed. Victor hired a thug to beat Ian up. Chelsea threatened to tell Billy about Victoria's pregnancy. Neil invited Hilary to move in with him.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 19, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, May 19, 2014

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Chloe seemed overly engaged in work. Chelsea expressed her concerns about Chloe and suggested they continue a contentious conversation about Chloe's desire to have a baby. Before Chloe could respond, Chelsea was interrupted by a phone call from her mother, so she stepped away. Billy arrived, approached Chloe, and mentioned their encounter the previous evening. Chelsea overheard Billy talking to Chloe and asked what had happened. Appearing chipper, Chloe claimed that she just hadn't felt like herself because she'd missed Delia a little more than usual.

Chelsea questioned Billy about his and Chloe's encounter the previous evening, and he reluctantly agreed with Chloe's version of the story. Billy and Chelsea remained uneasy even though Chloe noted that she was eager to get back to her work. Billy turned and walked away. Chelsea said she didn't care about work and insisted that Chloe explain what was going on with Billy. Chloe claimed that the tension between her and Billy had resulted from Billy's marriage woes. Chloe added that Billy had "acted out" the night before and had to have been feeling guilty about his behavior.

Chloe repeatedly turned her attention to work and insisted they continue their business meeting. Chelsea remained uneasy. Chloe said, "I assure you that you do not have to worry about one thing." Chelsea asked about Chloe's therapy sessions and wanted to know if Chloe had discussed her feelings about Connor, Delia, and Kevin. Chloe mumbled a response indicating that she had spoken most often about Delia. Chelsea asked Chloe if she had told her therapist about wanting to have a baby.

In a flashback, Chloe remembered Billy telling her about his and Victoria's fertility treatments. During Chloe and Billy's encounter, he had rattled off a list of the various procedures he and Victoria had been employing in their quest to have a brother or sister for Johnny. Chloe refocused her attention on Chelsea's question about Chloe's desire to have a baby. Chloe smugly replied, "Let's just say that I've had a change of plans." Chelsea didn't appear to be reassured by the tone of Chloe's response.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch phoned Victoria and left her a message. He told Victoria that he needed to discuss a particular issue with her. In a flashback, Stitch remembered learning that Victoria was pregnant when he snooped into her patient file. Stitch, frustrated, slammed his phone on the counter. Dylan noticed that his friend was troubled. Stitch said that he knew why Victoria had left town.

Dylan recalled that Victoria had requested time to think, and he asked Stitch why he'd ignored Victoria's wishes. Stitch said that he and Victoria had issues to settle. Dylan suggested that it could wait until Victoria returned. Stitch replied, "Now would be better. I have a right to know what is going on with her." Stitch became agitated when Dylan asked why Stitch was acting as if he and Victoria were married and had kids. Dylan thought for a moment and said, "Stitch?" Stitch replied, "Why don't we just leave it alone." After Stitch rushed out, Dylan looked worried.

In Mariah's motel room, Mariah frantically rifled through her belongings when she discovered that the money she'd received from Victor was missing. Mariah phoned someone and said, "You said you'd be here if I needed you. I need you!" Later, Ian Ward showed up. He said he was sorry that someone had stolen Mariah's cash, and he told Mariah that he couldn't help her. Ian explained that he was strapped for money because Victor Newman was investigating "The Path."

Mariah asked about Ian's savings. Ian replied, "My funds are tied up." Mariah cried, "Mine are gone! What am I going to do?" Ian suggested that surely Mariah knew someone in town that might be sympathetic to her plight. Mariah initially said that everyone in town hated her, but then she remembered that Sharon had expressed a desire to get to know her. Ian encouraged Mariah to be open and honest about her troubles, so perhaps Sharon might open her heart in return.

At Sharon's house, Nick insisted that Sharon stay away from Mariah. Sharon explained that knowing more about Mariah had made her eager to reach out to the young woman. Sharon said she understood how a profound loss could make a sufferer commit desperate acts. Sharon added that even Nick should understand. Nick nodded and mentioned Summer's paternity. Sharon said, "We've all done things we regret."

Nick reminded Sharon that Mariah's presence was still causing trouble for Abby and Tyler. Sharon agreed that what Mariah had done was inexcusable. Sharon explained that in order to get past what she'd been through, she needed to get to know Mariah. Nick urged Sharon to discuss it with Dr. Mead. Sharon replied, "Do you think I can't handle this? I thought you had more faith in me than that." Nick grasped Sharon's hand and said that he did trust her. Nick cautioned that Mariah was manipulative and deceitful and would do anything for money.

Sharon assured Nick that her relationship with Mariah wouldn't affect Sharon and Nick's renewed commitment. The couple shared a passionate kiss. Nick warned Sharon not risk the progress she'd made by getting caught up in Mariah's problems. Sharon answered a knock at the door and found Mariah standing in the doorway. Nick told Mariah that she had a lot of nerve to show up at Sharon's. Mariah requested to speak to Sharon privately. Before Nick left, he warned Mariah not to take advantage of Sharon.

Sharon told Mariah that it was very odd to watch the young woman, with such a strong resemblance to Cassie, walk in the front door. Mariah said, "I've been here before." Mariah explained that her money had been stolen. Sharon seemed a bit concerned when Mariah admitted that she hadn't alerted the police. Mariah reminded Sharon that Sharon had asked her to stay in town.

Sharon noted that Mariah had never once mentioned her involvement with Tyler. Mariah became irate and claimed that Sharon was holding the past against her. Mariah cried, "That's why I don't trust people. You're just another person who lies." Mariah marched toward the front door, but Sharon said, "Wait!" Sharon gave Mariah a wad of cash to tide her over. Before Mariah left, she sincerely thanked Sharon for helping her.

In Victor's office at Newman-Chancellor, Victor promised Abby that he'd get rid of Mariah. Abby asked for specifics, but Victor offered none. Victor added, "You're supposed to rest assured that she'll no longer be a problem." Abby replied, "Good! Because after hiring that woman, you don't just owe it to me; you owe it to Nick and Sharon, too." Abby kissed her father on the cheek before she happily waltzed out the door. After Abby left, Victor phoned someone and said, "There's something I need you to take care of."

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Leslie questioned Tyler's motives for continuing to sneak visits with Mariah just to convince her that their relationship was over. Tyler noted that he'd moved 2,000 miles away from Mariah and was committed to Abby. Abby joined Tyler and Leslie and announced that she'd been handling private business. Concerned, Tyler said he hoped Abby hadn't been to see Mariah. Abby explained that she'd approached Victor about making Mariah leave town for good. Tyler replied, "He can't do that." Abby looked stunned by Tyler's response.

Tyler explained to Abby that he was worried about the situation with Mariah getting out of hand. With Mariah out of the picture, Abby noted, she and Tyler could resume house hunting, wedding planning, and making arrangements for their honeymoon. When Abby stepped away to get coffee, Tyler sighed and said, "This could be bad." Leslie replied, "Getting Mariah out of the way is a blessing!" Tyler said, "I'm worried about how far Victor Newman might go to get rid of her."

After Leslie went to main dining area, Abby returned and told Tyler that they should go out to eat dinner. Abby said that afterward, they could stop by a club and celebrate Mariah's departure. Abby laughed and added, "She thought no one and nothing could get to her. I just wish I could be there to see her face when the bottom falls out." Tyler looked worried. Abby seemed elated.

Behind the counter at the coffeehouse, Dylan bristled when he heard Ian's voice. Dylan immediately ordered Ian to "get out." Ian said he couldn't understand why his son was so hostile toward him. Dylan said he had a right to refuse service to Ian for harassing his employees and for attempts to recruit young customers into "The Path." Nick, standing near the jukebox, listened to Dylan's heated exchange with Ian. Ian agreed to leave, but he expressed hope in building a relationship with Dylan in the near future.

Nick approached Dylan and said he knew that Dylan had been arrested after threatening Ian. Dylan noted that Ian had been harassing Avery. Dylan shook his head in disgust and said he knew he shouldn't let Ian get to him. Nick noted that Dylan had just handled the situation with Ian quite well. Nick advised Dylan never to react to Ian. Dylan asked about Sharon. Nick said he intended to be diligent about protecting Sharon from the people who might hurt her.

After Ian left the dining room, he approached Tyler, Leslie, and Abby out on the patio. Abby, hostile, said, "You're that cult guy who hit on my niece." Ian requested private time with his attorney, so Leslie stepped to another area of the patio with Ian. Leslie listened as Ian complained that he was being refused service in the coffeehouse. Leslie said she regretted getting involved with Ian because she would always carry the burden of what he'd told her in confidence. Leslie agreed to smooth things over with Dylan.

Later, Leslie approached Dylan and told him that he had to serve Ian as a customer. Dylan sighed. Leslie noted that Ian was prepared take legal action if Dylan denied service to him. Dylan replied, "The guy should be in prison, and he would be if you hadn't defended him." Leslie said that she regretted getting mixed up with Dylan because she'd had no idea what difficulties she would face.

Later, after Mariah left, Nick returned to Sharon's house. Sharon told Nick that Mariah had asked for help. Sharon added that Mariah just needed someone to give her a chance. Nick insisted that it wasn't Sharon's responsibility and that Mariah didn't deserve assistance after everything she'd done. Sharon said, "There's more to Mariah than you think. You'll see." Nick didn't seem at all convinced.

When Mariah returned to her motel room, she saw a police officer standing outside her door. Mariah said, "Can I help you?" The officer replied, "Mariah Copeland, you're under arrest for pending charges in Portland. You're being extradited." Mariah protested when the officer grabbed her arms to place her in handcuffs. Mariah cried, "You can't do this!"

In the weight room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor, wearing boxing gloves, found Stitch ferociously pounding the punching bag. Victor and his associate, Michael Robinson, approached Stitch. Victor introduced Michael to Stitch. Victor noted that Michael was one of Newman-Chancellor's top executives based in Seattle. After Michael walked away, Victor invited Stitch to spar with him. Billy watched from the other side of the room as Victor and Stitch exchanged jabs.

Stitch, addressing Victor, asked, "You have any idea when Victoria's going to be back in town?" Victor seemed taken aback and said he had no idea. Billy approached the sparring partners and said, "I don't know who to root for. Can I wish for a double knock-out?" Stitch charged toward Billy when he said, "Victor is an opportunist who moves in on Victoria when she's vulnerable, and now he's trying to work you." Victor restrained Stitch and ordered Billy to leave.

After Billy left, Victor said he was impressed by Stitch's military record and success in completing medical school. Victor noted that Billy was nothing more than a drunken gambler who'd repeatedly broken Victoria's heart. Stitch was a bit taken aback when Victor encouraged him to cultivate a relationship with Victoria. Victor encouraged Stitch to let Victoria know how he felt about her. Stitch said that the last thing he'd ever do was hurt Victoria. Victor replied, "You're a good man, Stitch."

Billy ran into Chloe again as she was about to leave the Genoa City Athletic Club dining room. Billy pointed out that he'd kept silent in front of Chelsea about what had taken place between him and Chloe the previous evening. Chloe said, "You don't want to have a baby with me. I've accepted that, so can we please pretend that it never happened?" Chloe rushed out the door. Billy seemed worried.

Billy rejoined Chelsea and explained that Chloe was in bad shape and needed help. Chelsea replied, "I was just thinking the same thing." Billy told Chelsea that Chloe had drugged him and told him that she wanted to have his baby. Billy said, "She's trying to get me to have sex with her." Chelsea said that Chloe claimed to have given up trying to have a baby and had said she'd changed her plans. Billy said he'd tried to talk to Chloe, but she'd said she was late for a work appointment.

Chelsea told Billy that Chloe had lied about the appointment. Chelsea recalled that Chloe had acted manic and hyper before she rushed out the door. Both Chelsea and Billy concluded that Chloe wasn't being honest with her therapist. Billy suggested that Chloe needed to be committed to the Fairview Psychiatric Hospital for treatment. Chelsea sighed and said that there was one more thing they could do that might help Chloe.

Chloe raced into the hallway at the hospital, stood outside the cryogenics lab, and yelled for help. When the lab technician stepped out, Chloe, in a panic, claimed that a man down the hall was in distress. The lab technician ran in the direction Chloe indicated. Chloe caught the door before it closed and slipped quickly into the lab. Later, when she exited the lab, the technician returned and said he'd never located the ill man. Chloe secretly peered into her purse, where she'd stashed a container of sperm labeled with Billy's name.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer was surprised when Austin answered Avery's door, and he swore that he had a legitimate reason for being there. Summer said that she had a cop friend who would bust him if he didn't, and he asked if her friend was a guy or a girl. Summer replied that her friend was a tough girl, and Austin commented that there were a lot of tough women in Summer's life. Summer remarked that no one was tougher than her mother, even though her mom was in a coma. Austin sympathized, and Avery entered and apologized for being late. Austin pressured Avery to get started with the shoot, and Summer said that she and Avery could discuss Phyllis and Jack later.

Avery asked for a few minutes, and Austin testily warned that the hosts of The Talk wouldn't wait for her. Summer marveled that Avery was about to film an episode of her show and then appear on a national talk show, but Avery turned the topic back to Phyllis and Jack. Summer revealed that Jack had started dating again, and she'd given him her blessing after she'd initially freaked out. Avery guessed that Summer wasn't really okay with it, but she advised that it was unrealistic to expect someone to stay frozen in time. Avery added that Summer couldn't stop Jack's feelings if he was ready to care about someone new.

Summer thanked Avery, and she suggested that she stay and quietly watch Avery perform her cooking magic. Avery said that she needed help because she was running behind, and Summer offered to follow directions like she had at the fashion show. Avery introduced Summer to Austin as his new production assistant, and Austin reported that Avery was trending online, even though she hadn't appeared on The Talk yet. His expression turned sour as he surveyed social media activity on his phone, and Avery demanded to know what was wrong.

Austin handed Avery his phone, and she saw a post from the same creepy fan who had bothered her before. Summer asked if Avery had a "stan" -- a stalker fan -- but Avery downplayed it as a simple annoyance. Summer read the post, which stated that there were some things that Avery wouldn't share with the world. Avery surmised that the person would get bored and go away, but she looked uncomfortable as she turned away.

Billy welcomed Victoria home, and he said that he and Johnny had missed her. Billy reported that their son was with Hannah in the park, and he inquired about Reed's baseball game. Victoria proudly announced that Reed had been adorable and fast, with two inside-the-park home runs. She added that she'd promised Reed to show Billy the pictures, and Billy chuckled as he looked at the images on her phone of Reed sliding into home. An awkward silence followed, and Billy remarked that being there as a full-time dad had made him feel like he'd been sliding into home, too.

Victoria said that nothing had changed, and Billy swore that he didn't want to push, but he needed her to know that he had been thinking about her and their family every second. He contended that being a husband and father had never felt more right, but Victoria ordered him to stop. Chelsea called Billy and asked if he was on his way, and Billy turned to Victoria and said that he had to go. Victoria voiced surprise that he had plans with Chelsea, but she quickly added that it was none of her business. He thanked Victoria for the time with Johnny, since being a father was his lifejacket, and he left. Victoria pulled up Stitch's number on her cell phone.

At the gym, Stitch spotted a cheerful Kelly, and she snapped that it was creepy to stare at people. He noted that he hadn't seen her smile in a long time, and she huffed that she did it a lot when he wasn't around. Stitch insisted that he wanted her to be happy, despite what had happened between them, and Jack overheard, but Kelly claimed that she'd been disturbing the peace by singing with her headphones on. Stitch received a text message from Victoria, saying that she was home, and he made a quick exit. Jack wondered about the real story between Kelly and Stitch.

Kelly said that she had a civil conversation with Stitch every once in a while, but Jack thought that she had clearly been upset, and she wondered if Jack was being protective. He asked if that would be a bad thing, but she found it charming. She assured him that Stitch wasn't even on her radar most of time, and Jack suggested that they go to lunch. Kelly informed him that she had a date with Mr. Hinkle, the property manager of the condo she was about to lease, and Jack was pleased that she'd decided to take the loft. She remarked that the place had a good aura after she and Jack had christened it with a kiss, and she left to sign the lease. Jack called Mr. Hinkle and asked for his help with something.

Kelly found a single white rose attached to the condo door, and she pushed it open and called for Mr. Hinkle. She discovered bouquets of flowers surrounding an elaborate picnic spread on a tablecloth on the floor, and the violinist down the hall began to play a Vivaldi concerto. Jack appeared in the doorway, and he insisted that Kelly make time for lunch.

Jack suggested that they talk about Kelly, since they didn't know much about one another. She rattled off facts about him that she'd compiled when she'd had to write his biography for the Delia Project, and she teased that she'd stumbled across information about his net worth, ex-wives, and arrests. He wondered if Kelly had any exes or scandals of her own, but she replied that she fell into a very boring category. He gently pushed for the truth, and she said that other than the miserable past few years, her life had been like paint drying or grass growing.

Kelly revealed that her father had died when she'd been in college, and she'd rushed into a marriage that she shouldn't have because she'd sought stability. She compared Sam's arrival to the sun bursting through the clouds, since he'd made everything worthwhile, but then she'd lost Sam and her husband. Kelly regretted that she'd dampened the mood, but Jack said that the past made them who they were. She suggested that they focus on the future because it felt good to have one, and Jack replied that he'd almost forgotten. They tenderly kissed.

Jack and Kelly made out on the floor, but they burst into laughter when the violinist transitioned from Vivaldi into some rousing square-dancing music. Jack grumbled that it hadn't been what he'd paid the musician to play, and he got up to deal with it, but Kelly stopped him because the music was happy, and so was she. They resumed kissing.

Victoria was surprised when Stitch showed up at her door, and he acknowledged that he should have waited before stopping by, but he'd wanted to check to make sure that she was doing okay. She said that her flight had been fine, but he asked about her nausea. She maintained that she'd gotten sick from the food at the park, but he questioned whether she had other symptoms. She insisted that she wasn't sick, and she became irritated by all of his questions. He blurted out that he knew that she'd had morning sickness because she was pregnant.

Stitch explained that he'd been concerned after he'd seen Victoria at the hospital, so he'd looked in her medical file. She incredulously asked if he was kidding, and he said that he was sorry for crossing the line. She furiously stated that she was on several hospital boards, and she could have him fired by dinner. He pointed out that they hadn't used protection when they'd had sex, but she retorted that he'd had no right to invade her privacy. He said that he needed to know if the baby was his.

Victoria divulged that she didn't know who the father of her baby was, and she confided that it could be Billy's. She explained that the doctors had told her that she couldn't have children, and she'd even gone through the frustrating experience of fertility treatments. She acknowledged how much having a kid would mean to Stitch because of Max, but she also recognized that Billy had lost a lifetime of fatherhood. She pointed out that she was still married to Billy, and she realized that her marriage would be over if the baby was Stitch's. Victoria cried that she'd wanted a baby and had prayed for miracle, but she didn't know what to do after she'd gotten it. She began to sob as she collapsed to the floor, and Stitch knelt down next to her and took her into his arms.

Victoria apologized for dumping her problems on Stitch, but he promised that they'd figure things out, and the first step had been to get everything out in the open. She panicked at the thought that he'd told other people about her pregnancy, but he said that he'd kept the news to himself, and he just wanted to be there for her. She begged him not to tell anyone, especially Billy. Stitch promised keep Victoria's pregnancy a secret, and she said that she needed time to think.

Stitch offered to lend an ear as a doctor and a friend, and Victoria asked if he was angry that she hadn't told him the truth earlier. He countered by questioning whether she was mad that he'd snooped in her file, but she said that she was too busy freaking out. Stitch assured her that she would be okay, but she sadly stated that she knew first-hand that things could happen in a pregnancy, and it would be a huge mess once people found out. Stitch contended that it was still her miracle, and he was sure that she could get through all of it. He pledged to be there for whatever she needed, and they hugged.

At the penthouse, Lauren informed Chelsea that she'd thought about their decision all night long, and Chelsea said that Chloe's psychiatrist had endorsed it. Lauren pondered whether they had any other alternatives, but Chelsea worried that Chloe was crumbling, and they had to do something right away.

At the police station, Chloe sauntered in and presented Kevin with a note from her therapist, verifying that she had been a good mental patient. He wondered why she'd gone out of her way to give him the documentation, like she was overcompensating, and she questioned why he would think that. He said that it was okay if she was mad at Gloria for referring to Chloe as a wacko, but Chloe said that she was getting accustomed to it. Kevin contended that Chloe shouldn't have to put up with it just because they were married, but she chirped that everything would change soon.

Chloe explained that she'd had amazing talks with her shrink, and she expected that her doctor would report to the court that Chloe wasn't loony anymore. Kevin realized that they wouldn't need to stay married if that happened, and Chloe gushed that he would be free because she felt stronger and better. She added that she could picture the future for the first time since Delia had died, and she was confident that, in time, she would be a whole person again. Chloe left to go to an appointment with her psychiatrist, and Chelsea called Kevin and requested that he stop by to talk about Chloe. Kevin mentioned that he was at work, but Chelsea pleaded that it was about saving Chloe.

Chloe intentionally bumped into a nurse outside the cryogenic lab at the hospital, and she apologetically babbled that her and her husband's attempts to have a baby the old-fashioned way hadn't been productive. Chloe said that she had a lot of questions about artificial insemination, and the nurse assured her that a doctor could answer them, but Chloe preferred that someone explain things to her in simpler terms. The nurse offered to help, and Chloe enthusiastically stated that she couldn't wait to make a baby happen.

Kevin arrived at the penthouse, and he asked what was going on when he saw that Michael, Lauren, and Esther had also congregated there. Chelsea explained that she'd gathered all the people who loved Chloe, but Esther complained that it was a bad idea. Lauren asserted that watching Chloe suffer had gone on too long, and Michael added that they were looking for a way to help Chloe find her way back. Esther wailed that they wanted to take Chloe away, and Kevin vehemently objected to institutionalizing Chloe. Michael said that Kevin's love for Chloe was wonderful, but it wouldn't heal her, and he insisted that Chloe needed intensive psychiatric care. Kevin vowed that it would happen over his dead body.

Kevin chided the group for talking about Chloe behind her back, and Chelsea contended that it was a show of love, but Esther thought that it wouldn't feel like it to Chloe. Kevin anticipated that Chloe would feel hurt and betrayed, and he insisted that an intervention wasn't the way to fix things. Esther said that they'd break Chloe's heart when Chloe needed them the most, but Lauren encouraged Esther to be strong. Esther said that they had all watched Chloe suffer and had promised to be there for her, but Michael argued that Chloe hadn't accepted their care, and Lauren added that Chloe had been lying to herself and to all of them.

Chelsea opined that Chloe had been pretending to be doing fine on her own, but Chloe was confused. Esther lamented that her baby was broken, and she wanted Chloe to be okay, so she agreed to get on board with the plan. Kevin ranted that it didn't matter, since he was Chloe's guardian and the only one with a vote, and he refused to proceed. Kevin said that Chloe was getting better and that she could finally envision a future again. Billy entered and divulged that Chloe wanted to get pregnant by him, so that she could have another Delia.

Kevin couldn't believe that Chloe wanted a baby with Billy, but Billy disclosed that she'd asked him outright for his genetic material, and after he'd turned her down, she'd slipped something in his drink. Kevin accused Billy of hitting on Chloe when he'd been drunk, but Chelsea confirmed that she and Chloe had had several conversations about Chloe having a donor picked out. Billy explained that Chloe's request had solely been about hoping to create a child just like Delia. Kevin remembered Chloe's interest in Gloria's aphrodisiac, and he sank down on the couch as he realized how delusional Chloe had become.

Billy explained that while his grief had led to him doing destructive, selfish things, Chloe had created a new vision of the world that didn't make sense. Michael wondered what Chloe would do once she realized that a baby with Billy wasn't an option, and Lauren questioned who Chloe would hurt when the future Chloe had imagined didn't happen. Esther sobbed that she couldn't lose Chloe, and Kevin agreed to the intervention.

Chelsea called Chloe and struggled to maintain her composure as she invited Chloe over. Chloe asked about the restraining order, and Chelsea replied that Connor was out with a sitter. Chloe concluded that Chelsea was really ready to be friends again, and Chelsea choked back tears as she swore that she was Chloe's friend. Chloe marveled that it had been a great day, and she took it as a sign that her shrink had needed to reschedule. Chelsea said that she would see Chloe soon.

Chelsea said that she'd hated lying, but Billy assured her that she'd proven that she was Chloe's friend. Chelsea asserted that not everything he'd done had been dumb and selfish, but he said that he didn't deserve any slack, since Victoria's return home had reminded him of why Victoria had left. Chelsea remarked that things could change in a heartbeat, but he wondered if they would be for better or worse, since he had the feeling that something was up with Victoria. Chelsea cryptically stated that Victoria couldn't find the words for what she wanted to say, and she urged Billy to give Victoria time.

Chloe stepped off the elevator, and she heard voices as she approached the penthouse door. She listened from the hallway as Chelsea offered her guests something to drink, but Esther told her not to pretend that the intervention was a party. Lauren thought that the intervention would be hard, but they owed it to Chloe, and they could get Chloe and one another through it.

Kevin recalled that he'd told Chloe that marrying her had been a mistake, and he fretted that he'd only slowed her down from getting help at Fairview. Billy anticipated that it would be rough for Chloe, but he pointed out that they'd all signed off on it. Chelsea said that they needed to get Chloe real help, since no one knew what Chloe would do next. Chloe took off.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

At the police station, Lauren informed Michael that Chelsea hadn't heard from Chloe, and Michael reported that Chloe had skipped her appointment with her therapist. He added that it had been a violation of Chloe's probation, and he pointed out that as an officer of the court, he had to report it to Paul. Kevin begged him not to, and he requested more time to find Chloe. Kevin swore that he understood that Chloe needed more help than he could give her and that she needed to be at Fairview, but he thought that it would be best if he took her there rather than having the cops haul her away in handcuffs.

Lauren warned that Paul was approaching, and Paul heard her say his name. Lauren covered by offering to take him out for drinks for his birthday, but he said that he had plans with Christine. Paul left, and Michael ordered Kevin to find Chloe. Michael reasoned that there was nothing to prevent Chloe from being arrested once the therapist filed a report, but Kevin was confident that it wouldn't take him that long to find Chloe and convince her that he was trying to help. Kevin stated that he'd already looked for Chloe in all the obvious places, and Lauren suggested that perhaps Chloe had shut out the world and had gone to the last place she'd been really happy.

After Kevin left, Michael handed Lauren some coffee and anticipated a long wait, but he wanted to stay to run interference if things got out of control. Lauren wondered what would happen if Kevin couldn't find Chloe, and Michael questioned whether Kevin was really capable of giving up his role as Chloe's protector and following through with having her committed. Lauren said that Kevin had to realize that Chloe was beyond his help, and she pleaded with Michael not to send the police after Chloe. Michael agreed not to, but he couldn't help feeling that it would be easier on Kevin if the choice were out of Kevin's hands.

Lauren implored Michael to have faith in Kevin, since Kevin knew what was right. Michael worried that it had never prevented Kevin from breaking the law, and he didn't want Kevin to derail his life by not being able to give up on Chloe. Lauren pointed out that it was hard to give up on a loved one, and she said that Michael hadn't given up on her, even though she'd given him lots of reasons to do so. Michael said that she was his life, and she replied that he'd proven her point.

Kevin found Chloe at an 80s film festival at a movie theater after the show had ended, and he said that he was a sucker for John Hughes films. Chloe pointed out that he'd never liked Hughes's movies, but Kevin said that he would have sat through it with her, just like he had on the night of Delia's play. Chloe murmured that she'd thought about their date all the time, since it had been the last night her little girl had been on the earth. Chloe recalled that she had been at the theater, oblivious to everything, and Kevin asked if she was there to think about that night. She said that she would do anything to go back and relive that night, which had been the last time everything in her world had been perfect -- Delia had been alive, and Chloe hadn't been crazy.

Chloe remembered the exact moment when Billy had told her about Delia's death, and it had been like a bone breaking. She continued that it had broken her heart and her head, and she hadn't been able to think or feel, but she'd wanted one more of everything with Delia. She explained that she had asked Billy for his help and that she had taken Connor to try to get back a piece of what she and Delia had shared. Kevin regretted that he hadn't gotten Chloe to the hospital in time to say goodbye to Delia, but Chloe said that it wouldn't have mattered, since she still would have left the hospital without her daughter. Kevin took Chloe's hand and said that there was still something he could do for her because she wasn't past the point of saving.

Chloe asked why Kevin wanted to save her after she'd been awful to him, but he said that she was still the same woman he'd fallen in love with, and he'd never stop caring. She cried that she was sorry for how she'd treated him, and she recounted everything he'd done for her. He said that he'd needed her as much as she'd needed him, and Chloe acknowledged that he'd been grieving, too, but he hadn't lost himself the way she had. She called him her constant, and she said that he had been the only thing that had made any sense. Kevin said that he'd messed up because he'd tried to help in his own way, but he'd ended up hurting her by fighting to keep her out of Fairview. He gently stated that she wasn't getting better, and a tearful Chloe shook her head and conceded that she wasn't.

Chloe admitted that she needed real help, and Kevin promised that he would still be her constant whenever she needed him. She thanked him for loving her and for being there for her, and she thought that he deserved a lot more in return. He assured her that he wasn't looking for any reward, and he knew that she didn't love him anymore. Chloe said that she was no longer capable of love, since it had hurt too much to lose someone she'd loved. Kevin realized that was why she'd pushed him away, but he said that she didn't have to be scared anymore because he was going to get her the help she needed.

At the Athletic Club, a waiter set down a dessert on Nikki's table, but Nikki said that she hadn't ordered it. Ian declared that he had, and she informed him that he wasn't welcome, but he sat down and hoped that they could celebrate his case being dismissed. Nikki said that it wasn't possible, since he'd extorted money from her, but he informed her that the jury had been tainted and that the evidence had been circumstantial, so the prosecutor in Madison hadn't wanted to pursue a case he couldn't win. Ian suggested that he and Nikki proceed as if the incident had never happened and even be friends again, and she became agitated.

Nikki clarified that she and Ian had never been friends, but he argued that the fact that they shared a son indicated otherwise. She angrily declared that Ian had taken advantage of her, but he said that it was her version of the truth. Nikki huffed that she'd seen Ian for the fraud he was, and so had his son. She added that he couldn't even things out with ice cream, and she demanded to know what he was after. Ian said that he was willing to forgive her for sending him to prison, but she snapped that she'd never forgive him. Victor approached and asked what Ian was doing there, since he'd warned Ian to stay away from his family.

Victor told Ian not to ever approach Nikki again, but Ian proclaimed that he was a free man, so he could approach anyone he liked, and Victor couldn't do a thing about it. Ian remarked that they were both too sophisticated for physical threats, but Victor contended that he was more primitive than Ian thought. Paul arrived and asked what was going on, and Ian claimed that Victor had accosted him verbally, but he wouldn't press charges to avoid embarrassing Nikki. Ian announced that Genoa City was his home, so they should all learn to coexist peacefully. Victor snickered and said that it wasn't going to happen.

After Ian left, Nikki found it unsettling that Ian wouldn't be going to trial or prison, but she reiterated that he couldn't hurt her. Paul remarked that Ian was an opportunist who didn't want to get arrested and wind up incarcerated, and Victor added, "Or worse." Paul advised Victor against pursuing vigilante justice, and he said that he'd told Dylan the same thing, since engaging Ian would only make the situation worse. Paul departed.

Nikki's hands trembled as she tried to lift a glass of water to her lips, and Victor assumed that she was more shaken up than she was willing to admit. Victor wanted to call Dr. Costner, but Nikki said that there was no need, since she knew that her MS was aggravated by stress. Victor pointed out that it only added to her stress level to stay at the club with Ian down the hall, and he cautioned that her stubbornness was compromising her health. Nikki said that she couldn't forget about everything Victor had done, and she was going to continue to stay there. Victor contended that he'd also do what he had to do, and she insisted that he not go after Ian, but he simply told her to take care.

Christine created a romantic atmosphere at home by lighting candles and chilling champagne, and she commented that all that was missing was the birthday boy. Later, Paul rambled on to a clearly irritated Christine about the altercation with Ian, and he complimented the champagne. She was glad he liked it, and she amorously asked what else he liked. He continued babbling about how he'd warned Victor and Ian to back off where Ian was concerned, but it had been like talking to a wall. Christine pointedly grumbled that she said knew what he meant, but a clueless Paul continued to blather on about how the charges against Ian had been dropped.

Paul finally realized that he was being insensitive, and he said that Christine looked pretty. She said that she didn't want to talk about Victor, Nikki, or Ian, since it was the day that her husband had been born, and she wanted to celebrate privately. He pointed out that no one else was there, but she said that it had seemed as if Nikki had been a third person in their marriage. Paul explained that he felt guilty that he hadn't realized what Ian had done to Nikki, but Christine told him to stop blaming himself and to focus on their future. She envisioned them being in bed in 30 seconds, and she contemplated what could happen in nine months. Paul said that he couldn't wait to have a baby with her.

After Christine and Paul made love, he proclaimed that it was the best birthday ever, and Christine said that it wasn't over yet. She got out of bed and returned with a cake and candle, and she told him to make a wish. He suggested that they make it together, and they blew out the candle.

Austin filmed an episode of Avery's show at her apartment, but he stopped tape when Dylan walked in. Dylan said to pretend that he wasn't there, and Austin griped that it would be easier if Dylan simply wasn't. Avery started again from the top, and Summer remarked to Dylan that she wished that Avery didn't have to deal with messages from creepy fans. Dylan interrupted the taping and asked why Avery hadn't told him that Ian had harassed her again.

Avery said that the post could have been from anyone, and she expected to have some negative feedback, but she wouldn't let it affect her and the show. Austin complained that constantly stopping production was affecting the show, and he told Dylan that he could play the overprotective boyfriend after they were done filming. Dylan stalked off, and Avery called out after him.

Avery spilled some lemon juice on her blouse when she heard a noise, and Austin proposed that they take a break for her to change her shirt. While Avery changed, Summer asked Austin what would happen after they were done filming, and he invited her to sit in on his editing session. He joked that if he cut out all of Avery's mistakes then they wouldn't have enough footage, and Avery returned and suggested that they focus to get the episode done. Austin noted that she made it sound like he had been the problem, and she declared that she needed to go talk to Dylan. Austin protested, but she asserted that her relationship with Dylan was her priority, and if the producers didn't like it, they could find a new host. She hurriedly left.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan read the post that implied that Avery had some things that she wouldn't tell the world. Ian entered and announced that the extortion charges had been dropped and that he wouldn't be retried, so he was free to enjoy coffee and his son's company as often as he wanted in that very establishment. Dylan snarled that he didn't know how Ian had managed to skate, but he vowed not to let Ian get away with what he'd done to Nikki. Ian groused that Nikki's story about Dylan's conception had maligned Ian's character, but Dylan retorted that it was the truth.

Ian wanted to leave the past in the past, and he suggested that they all let go of the unpleasantness. Dylan refused to buy Ian's act, and he warned that even though Ian had played the system, Ian wasn't bulletproof. Avery showed up, and Ian said that she was there in time to stop Dylan from making threats. Dylan promised that Ian would get what he deserved, and Ian scoffed at the idea that Dylan would defend the woman who'd given him up. Avery ordered Ian to leave, and Ian asserted that he was in control, but Dylan had anger issues that he had probably inherited from Nikki's side.

Ian departed, and Dylan threw glassware off the counter and growled that he wouldn't feel better until "that bastard" was gone for good. Avery advised Dylan not to let Ian push his buttons, but Dylan blamed himself for Ian's return to town. Avery reasoned that Dylan had wanted to know the truth, and Dylan marveled that she was always on his side. She pledged that she always would be, and Dylan suddenly wondered why she wasn't at her shoot. She said that he was more important than her cooking hobby, and he asked whether she had any idea how proud he was of her. Dylan mused that he was happy that the world got to see how amazing she was, and they kissed.

Summer cleaned up the kitchen as Austin put the camera equipment away, and he noted that she looked familiar. He recognized her as the model on the side of the bus, and she admitted that she'd been the face of Jabot, but she'd given up modeling. He said that it was a shame because she was beautiful, but she explained that she'd been burned out and had ended up in the hospital. She added that she'd been trying to keep busy to not think about her mom, and Austin imagined that Summer missed her mother a lot.

Summer lamented that she didn't know what she'd do if Phyllis didn't wake up soon, and she apologized for getting teary. Austin handed her some tissues, and she confided that her mom had been in a coma for months, but she still couldn't talk about it without bawling in front of a stranger. He said that he understood, but she replied that no one did, since everyone else was living life while her mom's was on hold, and she felt like hers was, too. She thanked Austin for comforting her, even if he couldn't relate, but he revealed that he had also lost his mother unexpectedly, so he did understand.

Austin said that one day, his mother had been there, and she hadn't been the next. He pointed out that at least there was a chance that Summer's mom would bounce back, but she confided that her dad didn't think so because he was dating again. She explained that she wanted Jack to be happy, but she couldn't help but think that he was forgetting her mom. Austin divulged that he'd saved a voicemail from his mom because he'd been afraid he'd forget the sound of her voice, and he still listened to it sometimes. Summer reached for his hand, and they hugged as Avery walked in.

Avery slammed the door shut, and Austin said that he'd packed up because he hadn't been sure that she'd be back. He informed her that he had enough footage to piece together most of the episode, and they could film the rest when she returned from Los Angeles. Summer wished Avery luck on The Talk, and she left. Austin offered to smooth things over with the producers, but Avery cautioned Austin not to lead Summer on, since he had a girlfriend, and Summer didn't need to get her heart broken after all she'd been through. Austin defended that he wasn't a liar or a cheat, and he claimed that he and his girlfriend had broken up. Avery said that she was sorry to hear it, but she didn't want to see Summer get hurt, and Austin swore that he wasn't looking to hurt anyone.

Dylan found Nikki at the club, and she informed him that she knew that the charges against Ian had been dropped, since Ian hadn't been able to wait to share the news. She said that Ian and Victor had exchanged words, and Dylan realized that she was upset. She insisted that she would be fine, and she thought that they had to accept that Ian was free. Dylan said maybe not, and she begged him not to go after Ian. Dylan promised that he wouldn't confront Ian, and Nikki wished that Victor had promised the same thing.

Later, Dylan called Willa and said that he'd changed his mind about the deal she had wanted to strike. He confirmed that he was willing to pay for information that could put Ian away.

A thug forced Ian into an alley, and Ian asked what he wanted. Victor appeared and glared ominously at Ian, who swore that he would fight Victor every step of the way. Victor called Ian a slimeball, and he hissed, "This is one fight you won't win."

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sharon arrived home, and a relieved Nick said that he'd been worried about her. She admitted that she'd gone to see Mariah, even though he hadn't wanted her to. Nick observed that Sharon was obviously upset, and she reported that the motel manager had told her that the police had taken Mariah away in handcuffs, but she didn't know why. Nick said that he wasn't surprised, but Sharon wouldn't pass judgment until she talked to Mariah. He made a call and learned that Mariah had been picked up on burglary charges, and she had been extradited to Portland.

Sharon hated to think that Mariah was locked up and alone, but Nick asserted that Mariah was where she belonged. Sharon argued that Mariah might have been desperate, just like Mariah had been when Sharon had given her money. Sharon explained that Mariah had been robbed, but Nick countered that Mariah had robbed Sharon by using her resemblance to Cassie to take advantage. Sharon sympathized that Mariah didn't have anyone, but Nick didn't care, and he warned that Sharon had to cut Mariah off, or Mariah would do what Victor had paid her to do -- destroy Sharon.

Sharon and Nick discussed that Cassie's birthday was still a difficult time for both of them, but he wanted to believe that Cassie was always there in their memories and hearts. Sharon mused that she could see Cassie in Faith, and Nick recalled when a dying Cassie had told them that they'd have another little girl. Sharon compared Faith's latest school art project to one Cassie had made, and she got up to get it, but she gasped when she found her traffic ticket. She realized that she'd remembered it when she'd been hypnotized, and she thought that it had something to do with the secret she was keeping.

Nick suggested that Sharon might have been going somewhere to pick up Faith when she'd run the red light, and Sharon imagined that she might have been rushing because she'd been afraid that Nick would have been angry if she'd been late. She thought that there had to be more to it, and Nick reminded her that Dr. Meade had said that it wasn't a good idea for her to force her memories. He suggested that they not worry about it for the rest of the night, since the evening was about the two of them, and nothing would ever change the fact that he loved her.

Sharon said that she was grateful to Mariah for forcing Sharon to her lowest point, since she'd needed to get there in order to pick herself up again. Nick testily noted that Mariah hadn't stayed at Sharon's hospital bedside or slept on the couch for weeks to protect her, and Sharon acknowledged that she never could have made it without Nick. He griped that he couldn't stand to hear Sharon consider Mariah a hero, and Sharon asserted that she'd really needed to face Cassie's death. Sharon added that for the first time since Cassie had passed away, she felt that she could be happy. Nick agreed that they could be, and they kissed.

Sharon and Nick made love on the floor, and she said that the best part of being back together was their renewed closeness. Nick said that he had to shower and head to the club, but they'd continue their evening later, and he went upstairs. Sharon gazed thoughtfully at the traffic ticket.

At the Athletic Club, Devon grumbled to Cane that Jabot should have reimbursed them for the flowers at the fashion show. Cane said that Hilary had been in charge of it, and Devon implied that she'd been too busy with Neil, but Cane disclosed that the check had already cleared. Devon coldly stated that it was amazing that she'd had time to pay the bills, but he stopped talking when Neil approached and said that he was there to talk to Devon and Lily. Neil added that he'd given them time to cool off, but Devon snapped that a few days wouldn't change how they felt about Neil sleeping with the woman who had tried to destroy their family.

Neil said that he was sorry about how his family had found out that Neil and Hilary were dating, but he thought that Lily had to let go of her anger and bitterness. Cane argued that Hilary had tried to break his and Lily's marriage up, and Neil acknowledged that Hilary had made mistakes out of pain and grief, but he believed that Hilary deserved forgiveness. Neil called Hilary a loving and caring person, but Devon snarled that he didn't need Neil to tell him what kind of person she was. Neil was surprised by Devon's reaction, since he'd thought Hilary and Devon were friends, but Devon retorted that Hilary wasn't the woman he'd thought she was.

Neil said that the last thing he wanted was a rift in the family, but he questioned whether Devon wanted him to be happy. Devon replied that he did but not with Hilary, and Neil asked how Cane felt. Cane didn't think that Neil could expect his family to easily embrace the thought of Neil and Hilary as a couple. Neil understood that Hilary had put them through a lot and that it would take time to accept his relationship with her, and he stopped just short of saying that he was in love with her.

Devon doubted that Neil was really in love with Hilary, and Neil said that he cared about her and that he thought that they might have a future. Neil hoped for Devon's support if it turned out to be more than a passing fling, and he headed upstairs. Devon complained that Neil was acting like a teenager with a crush, and Cane mentioned that Devon had been in favor of Neil moving on. Devon maintained that he hadn't meant for Neil to do it with Hilary, and Cane suggested that Devon tell Neil about his own feelings for her, but Devon pledged that it would never happen.

Hilary screamed when she awakened to Lily throwing a pitcher of water on her in bed. Lily barked that they had something to settle, and Hilary told Lily to give it a rest, since Devon had already covered the name-calling angle. Hilary said that she had just been living her life, and Lily ranted that Hilary had torn Lily's family apart and had seduced her father when he had been vulnerable. Hilary asked if Lily thought that she could stop Neil and Hilary from having a relationship, and Lily vowed to do it by showing exactly who Hilary was. "Bring it on, girl," Hilary dared.

Lily refused to give a "lying, manipulative tramp" a clear path to her dad, and Hilary told her to stop acting like spoiled brat, since Neil was capable of deciding who he wanted to see. Hilary added that she cared about Neil in a way that Lily never could, and Lily incredulously wondered if Hilary was saying that she was in love with him. Hilary declined to answer, and Lily assumed that it was true. Hilary called Neil a good man who treated her with kindness and respect, and Neil arrived and was surprised that Lily was there.

Lily ordered Neil to explain why he was making the worst possible decision and stabbing her in the back, but Neil contended that it had been his decision to make, and Hilary was part of his life. Lily spat that she couldn't believe that he'd do that to their family, and she sauntered out. Hilary lamented that the situation was worse than she'd thought it would be, and she suspected that Lily would never accept them together. Hilary said that the last thing she wanted was to cause more problems for him, so she suggested that they end things. Neil replied that it was too late, since he was falling in love with her.

Neil apologized for saying that, and he didn't expect Hilary to return the sentiment. He promised that he wouldn't pressure her into saying something that she didn't feel, but she informed him that Lily had asked her if she was in love with him, and she had avoided answering the question. Hilary continued that as she'd described how Neil made her feel, she'd realized that she was experiencing something wonderful that she'd never felt before. He asked if she had any idea what it was, and she softly replied that she thought it was called love. He smiled and tenderly kissed her.

Downstairs, Devon told Lily that she had just missed Neil, and she divulged that she'd seen Neil in Hilary's room, but she'd had to leave before she got sick. Cane said that it was what Neil wanted, but Lily groused that Neil was ruining his life, and Devon added that Neil was ruining theirs, too. Cane suggested that they hope that Neil realized that he was making a mistake, and Devon hoped that it wasn't too late.

Paul found a badly beaten Ian in the alley, and as Ian regained consciousness, Paul said that the paramedics were on the way. Paul asked Ian to tell him who had done that to him, and Ian gasped for breath.

At the movie theater, Tyler handed Abby a tub of popcorn, and she happily hummed to herself as she munched on it. He remarked that it was too early for her to be that happy, but she said that it had been months since they'd done anything without his ex casting an ugly shadow over them. He inquired whether Abby had found out how her dad had convinced Mariah to leave, but Abby preferred not to mention Mariah's name, and she declared that she'd be happy if they never saw or heard from Mariah again. Tyler's phone buzzed, and Abby saw an incoming call from Mariah.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan spoke with Avery on the phone, and he wished that he could be in the front row to cheer her on during her appearance on The Talk. After he hung up, he told Leslie that she could get the barista to help her, and she assumed that he'd heard that Ian's case wouldn't be retried. Leslie sincerely said that she'd never felt worse about getting a client a mistrial, but Dylan huffed that it was too late for regrets that Ian wouldn't pay for what he had done. Leslie cryptically stated that maybe it wasn't, and Dylan asked if she knew something he didn't.

Leslie said that she couldn't discuss her client with Dylan, but he pointed out that she'd convinced juries that her clients hadn't been guilty when they had been, and he was sure that she could find a way around violating attorney-client privilege. Leslie conceded that she didn't like what Ian had done, but she stepped out to the patio to take a call from Tyler. Meanwhile, a police officer informed Dylan that Paul wanted him to go to the police station to answer some questions about the assault on Ian. Dylan referred to the incident that had occurred several weeks before, but the cop clarified that Ian had been attacked the prior night and that Ian had claimed that Dylan had done it.

Tyler and Abby bickered about Mariah's arrest as they entered the coffeehouse, and Leslie reported that she had contacted the authorities and had learned that there was a strong case against Mariah. Tyler implored Leslie to fly to Portland to defend Mariah, but Leslie declared that she was done defending people she didn't like. Leslie advised Tyler to stay out of it, too, and Abby wondered what their exchange had really been about. Tyler claimed that he was helping a friend, but Abby pointed out that Mariah had made their lives miserable for months. Tyler revealed that he owed it to Mariah to keep her out of prison, since Mariah had done the same thing for him.

Tyler recounted that he'd worked at the home of a wealthy client in Portland, and he wasn't supposed to have had anyone else there, but Abby guessed that he'd let Mariah in. Tyler said that his boss had accused Tyler of taking some expensive items after they had gone missing, and his boss had threatened to have Tyler arrested, but Mariah had convinced his boss not to press charges by sleeping with him. Tyler added that he'd been furious when he'd learned what Mariah had done, and he couldn't be with someone who would do something like that. Tyler recognized that as angry as he had been, Mariah had still kept him out of jail, and if she hadn't, he never would have met Abby. Tyler begged Abby to tell him that she understood.

Abby asked if that was the reason why Tyler hadn't wanted to talk about his engagement, and he explained that he'd been worried what she would think. She chided him for keeping the truth from her rather than trusting her, and Tyler conceded that he should have told her, but he'd been afraid of losing her. He continued that he loved Abby and couldn't wait to marry her, but she anticipated that it wouldn't happen until after he got back from Portland. She told him to do what he had to do, but she couldn't make any promises about what would happen when he got back.

At the police station, Paul informed Dylan that someone had beaten up Ian and that Ian had said Dylan's name. Dylan swore that Ian was lying, and he said that he'd last seen Ian at the coffeehouse, where Ian had told him that the extortion charges had been dropped. Paul imagined that Dylan hadn't been happy about the news, and Dylan admitted that Ian liked pushing his buttons. Paul asserted that he just wanted the truth, and from the doorway, Ian queried, "Don't we all?"

Ian said that he was touched that Dylan had stopped by to see if he was okay, but Dylan revealed that he was there because Ian had identified him as the attacker. Ian defended that he'd done no such thing, and Paul pointed out that Ian had said Dylan's name. Ian chalked it up to the rants of a severely injured man who'd wanted to reconcile with his son before going on his eternal path, and Dylan accused Ian of deliberately giving Dylan's name to get him there. Paul asked what had really happened in the alley, and Ian claimed that it had been a random act of violence.

Paul asked if Ian had anything else to tell him, and Leslie appeared and announced that there wasn't. Paul informed her that Ian had claimed that he'd been mugged, but he noted that Ian still had his cash and an expensive watch, so the attacker had wanted something besides money. Ian flatly said that he had made his statement, and Paul presented him with a book of mug shots to peruse. Dylan followed Paul to another room and asked if Paul had bought Ian's story. Paul vowed to find out if Ian was hiding something, but Dylan suggested that Paul simply accept what Ian had said. Dylan added that he'd like to shake the hand of the person who had accosted Ian.

Leslie asked what Ian was doing, and as he reviewed the mug shots, he replied that he was doing his part to keep Genoa City safe. Leslie clarified that she'd meant what he was doing there in the first place, since she knew that he was playing with the lives of people she cared about. She wondered what he wanted his endgame to be, and he said that she'd have to wait until the end to find out.

Nikki entered Victor's office, and she announced that she knew what Victor had done and that he needed to undo it. He replied that it was too late, but she contended that all he had to do was call the bank, since she'd found out that he'd canceled all of their joint accounts and her private one. She surmised that he was cutting her off financially to force her to return home to him, but Victor explained that he wanted to do everything possible to protect her from Ian, and he knew that Ian was after her money. Victor reasoned that if Nikki couldn't access her money then Ian couldn't extort it, but she refused to live like a child who had to rely on Victor for money. Victor swore that he'd take care of her, but Nikki asserted that Ian was after more than money.

Victor revealed that he knew that Nikki had gone to see Dr. Costner because of her stress level, and she agreed not to fight about the bank accounts if Victor thought it was the answer. Nikki wondered if the arrangement with the bank had been the only thing Victor had done to keep Ian away, and Victor asserted that it should be enough to know that their children and grandchildren were safe. Nikki noted that Victor put his family's well-being above everything, but she thought that he didn't see the damage he could do, like the pain he'd caused by hiring the Cassie look-alike. Nikki said that she didn't want Victor to get into trouble, since he might have met an enemy that he couldn't conquer.

Dylan arrived, and he claimed that he was there to thank Victor for hiring a security team to keep an eye on Nikki. Nikki departed, and Victor asked why Dylan was really there. Dylan said that he'd heard that Ian had been mugged, and Victor swore that he hadn't touched Ian. Dylan remarked that they were on the same side regarding Ian, and he mentioned that he was waiting to hear back from Ian's ex-wife to get information that they could use against Ian. Dylan reiterated that he and Victor had the same goal, and Victor asked if Dylan believed that they could achieve it together. Dylan encouraged Victor to consider joining forces, and he thanked Victor for "doing nothing" to Ian.

Paul ran into Nikki in the Athletic Club foyer, and he mentioned that things had been tense between Victor and Ian the day before. Paul revealed that Ian had been beaten and left in an alley, and Nikki asked if Paul had any idea who'd done it. Paul divulged that Ian had claimed that he'd been mugged, but he thought that Victor had seemed pretty upset after his encounter with Ian. Nikki reasoned that everyone in town was upset with Ian, including Paul. Paul wondered if Victor might have crossed the line, but Nikki urged him to simply accept Ian's story.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Jack escorted Kelly into the movie theater, and she mentioned that she'd read a good review about the "action-romance" film they were about to see. Jack asked if that was even a genre, but they agreed that it sounded like a perfect date movie. Jack put his arm around Kelly as the movie started, and they winced at the bad dialogue and violence. Kelly and Jack gave one another a knowing glance, and they decided to leave.

Hilary and Neil entered the Athletic Club together, and they spotted Lily and Devon. Hilary said that she suddenly had a taste for Vietnamese food, but Neil refused to let his kids chase them away. He insisted that he wasn't trying to make his children feel uncomfortable, but he thought that they had to accept the fact that he and Hilary were a couple. Neil had expected a bad reaction from Lily, but he didn't understand why Devon was bent out of shape.

Hilary suggested that she and Neil order room service, but he said that they'd made a promise not to hide anymore. She contended that at least Lily wouldn't be able to dump food on her head if they were upstairs, and Neil conceded that she had a point. Neil agreed to get takeout and meet Hilary in her room, but he didn't want to make a habit of it, since he was sure that he could convince his kids that what he and Hilary had was real. She went upstairs.

Lily complained that Neil and Hilary were flaunting their relationship in Lily and Devon's faces, and Devon suggested that they ignore the couple. Lily tried to think of a way to get Hilary out of their lives, and she pressured Devon to offer Hilary a million-dollar bribe. Devon suspected that a big bag of cash would only make the situation worse, but Lily questioned why else Hilary would be after someone Neil's age. Devon wanted to change the subject, but Lily recalled the time when Neil had been drinking day and night, and she blasted Hilary for compromising his sobriety by spiking his orange juice with vodka.

Lily pointed out that Hilary's actions had been malicious, and she didn't believe that Hilary had changed. Lily begged Devon to pay Hilary off before she hurt Neil even worse, but Devon mentioned that he'd already tried offering Hilary a million dollars to leave town, and it hadn't worked. Lily ordered him to up the ante to whatever it took, and Devon received an incoming call from Esmerelda. Lily told him to let it go to voicemail, but Devon said that he'd blown off a half-dozen of Esmerelda's calls already, and Lily flounced off.

Devon answered the call and told Esmerelda that he'd been really busy, and he asked about Belize and the photo shoot. He wasn't surprised when Esmerelda babbled about how it was the perfect place for a wedding, and he interrupted her and asked for a chance to speak. He said that he'd wanted to wait to do something until she got back, and she assumed that he was proposing. He clarified that he was doing the opposite, since their relationship wasn't working out for him. Devon swore that he was just trying to be honest with Esmerelda, and he thought that it wouldn't be fair to lead her on if she wanted something that was more than casual. She hung up on him.

Lily approached Neil at the bar, and he asked if they could have a rational conversation about Hilary. Lily snapped that they could as soon as Neil got rid of Hilary, and she added that she didn't want to see him get hurt again. Jack and Kelly arrived, and Lily testily announced that Neil was dating the "female wrecking ball" who had destroyed their family. Neil asked for a word with Jack, and the men stepped aside. Kelly informed Lily that she and Jack were on a date, since they'd decided to go for it after they'd talked about Phyllis and Summer. Lily thought that Kelly might be the key to getting Neil away from Hilary.

Neil apologized for not telling Jack about his relationship with Hilary earlier, and he asked if it would be a problem. Jack replied that it wasn't his place to dictate who Neil socialized with, and he pointed out that Hilary didn't answer to Neil at work. Neil thought that Jack seemed less than thrilled, but Jack simply recognized that Hilary was a beautiful, intelligent woman. Neil admitted that things were complicated, but he insisted that it wasn't a rebound relationship. Jack said that he'd learned not to judge his friends, or he'd risk losing them, and he had no intention of doing that.

Lily suggested that Kelly influence Jack to urge Neil to return to his senses, but Kelly balked. Kelly sympathized with Lily's situation, but she insisted that it wasn't her place. Lily whined that she thought that she and Kelly were friends, and Kelly swore that they were, but she argued that she and Jack had just started dating. Jack rejoined the women and judged from Lily's expression that Kelly had told her about the nightmare of a movie they'd walked out of. Lily grumbled that she'd been dealing with her own nightmare named Hilary, and she vowed to get Neil out of his disaster of a relationship with Hilary before he wound up devastated.

Jack said that Neil was a big boy, but Lily contended that Hilary had undermined her dad's sobriety. Jack said that he was aware of the incident, and he understood why Lily was upset, but he counseled that people learned from their own experiences and not from the advice of others. Kelly and Jack left, and Devon joked that Lily knew how to clear a room. Devon led Lily to the bar and poured her a drink, and she asked what was wrong with him. He declared that he was a free man again, and she incredulously asked if he and Esmerelda had broken up over the phone.

Lily and Devon chugged shots, and he reasoned that he and Esmerelda hadn't had anything in common except sex, yet Esmerelda had envisioned them walking down the aisle with 20 bridesmaids and a month-long honeymoon. He admitted that he'd wanted to break things off in a more classy way, but Esmerelda had kept pushing to have a wedding in Belize. Lily assured him that the right girl was out there for him, and she groused that she didn't understand how Neil could even consider dating Hilary.

Hilary was alarmed when Neil informed her that Jack knew about their relationship, but he said that he'd had to explain after Lily had blabbed about it. Hilary asked how Jack had taken the news, and Neil reported that Jack had had no objections on legal or work grounds, but he thought that there had been something formal and reserved about Jack's reaction. Hilary revealed that she thought she knew why, and she confessed that she had kissed Jack. She explained that the kiss had been a one-sided, impulsive moment, and Jack had told her that he hadn't been interested.

Hilary considered herself lucky that Jack had been cool about the incident, and she was adamant that it had been nothing like what had happened between her and Neil. She noted that Neil was quiet, and he replied that he wouldn't hold it against her and that he was glad she'd been forthright. She said that it meant a lot that Neil trusted her, even though she felt like she hadn't earned it. He told her to stop listening to Lily, but Hilary pointed out that she was living in the building where both of his children worked. She decided to start looking for her own place, and Neil said that he knew a place where she could move in right away.

Hilary retreated to the lobby with her luggage, and Lily thanked God that she was moving out. Hilary declared that it was Lily and Devon's lucky night, and Devon indicated his surprise that Hilary was leaving. Hilary said that it would be best for everyone involved, and Lily asked where she could ship the rest of Hilary's things. Neil appeared, and Lily and Devon objected when they realized that Hilary was moving in with Neil.

Devon asked if it was a joke, and Lily protested that Neil couldn't let Hilary move in, but Neil coldly stated that they didn't get a vote. He admonished Lily for being mean and hostile enough to chase Hilary away from her own home, so it was Lily's own fault if she had a problem with Hilary moving in with him. Neil wished his children a good night, and he left with Hilary. Lily declared that it was war, and she brainstormed that Devon could use his new single status to their advantage. She proposed that Devon seduce Hilary and then "dump her ass."

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Kelly recalled their favorite cheesy lines from movies, and she said that she'd had fun that night, despite the terrible movie and Lily hijacking their dinner. Jack conceded that it hadn't been the date he'd planned, but he didn't think it had been that catastrophic. She asked what his magical moment had been, and he replied that it was seeing her looking beautiful, and they kissed. Jack asked if he was moving too fast, and she pointed out that he didn't live alone, but he informed her that Billy was on a business trip. They headed for his bedroom, where they began to undress, and they collapsed on the bed, kissing.

Billy stopped by his and Victoria's house to pick up his lucky silver tie for a business meeting in New York. He explained to Victoria that he and Kyle were pitching Jabot products to a new department store chain, and he wanted to dazzle them with his "silver streak." She asked when he'd started naming his ties, and he contended that she'd find out that he was a man of great complexity if she spent more time with him. She turned away, and he offered to pick her up anything she'd been craving from New York, since he'd be staying around the corner from a café she liked. When she didn't respond, he asked if she was listening to him.

Victoria found the tie and tersely wished Billy a safe trip, and he asked if she was okay, since she'd seemed preoccupied the last couple of times he'd seen her. Victoria countered that he was the one who'd received a mysterious call from Chelsea that he'd never talked about, and he explained that Chloe was going through a rough time, so he had been trying to help. Victoria said that she had things to do, but she got a bit woozy as she handed him the tie. She hoped that the tie gave him luck on the trip, and he was certain that it would, since he'd worn it on the day he'd married her. Billy departed, and Victoria clutched her belly.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea spotted Stitch reading a medical journal, and she commented that it didn't qualify as a break if he was still working. He said that he was reading for pleasure, but she couldn't pronounce the words in the headline of the article. She asked if he'd seen Victoria lately, and he replied that he had the day before. Chelsea inquired how things were going, and he wondered why she seemed interested. She claimed that she had just been making conversation, but he assumed that she'd asked because a child was involved.

Chelsea nervously asked what Stitch meant, and he surmised that Johnny was the reason she wanted to know what was going on between Stitch and Victoria, since the boy's whole world was about to change with his parents being separated. Chelsea said that she understood the challenges of being a single parent, but Billy and Victoria hadn't gotten divorced yet. Stitch referred to his own situation with Jenna taking Max to the other side of the planet, robbing Stitch of the opportunity to raise his son. Stitch hoped he would have another chance at parenthood, and Chelsea questioned whether he thought he would get one.

Stitch confirmed that he'd love the chance to be a father again, but he had to wait and see what happened. Billy entered the coffeehouse and asked if either Stitch or Chelsea knew whether anything was going on with Victoria, and Stitch said to ask Victoria. Stitch received a call from Victoria and stepped aside to take it, and Billy informed Chelsea that Victoria had been acting cagey. Meanwhile, Stitch asked Victoria about the severity of her cramps, and she hoped that she was just making a big deal out of nothing. He assured her that he'd be right there, and Chelsea approached Stitch and asked if Victoria was all right.

Billy overheard and demanded to know if Stitch knew something about Victoria, and Stitch covered by saying that Victoria had asked him to stop by, since she wasn't feeling well. He added that he'd taken the call privately because he hadn't wanted to seem like a jerk, and he excused himself to leave. Chelsea claimed that she'd overreacted by assuming that something had been wrong, and Billy observed that Chelsea had seemed pretty intense about Victoria, given that the women weren't really even friends. He questioned whether Chelsea knew something that she wasn't telling him.

Chelsea said that she'd just been trying to help find out something about Victoria from Stitch, but she'd hit a dead end. Billy doubted that Stitch opened up to anyone, since based on his online search, Stitch hadn't existed prior to his stint in the Army, and he believed that Stitch had worked hard to hide something in his past. Chelsea pointed out that a lack of information on the Internet didn't make Stitch a menace, and she didn't think that Stitch seemed to be a shady guy. She speculated that Stitch was just private, but Billy vowed to keep digging.

Billy and Chelsea discussed Chloe getting help, and he said that Delia was still the first thing that popped into his head on most mornings. He imagined that the pain was worse for Chloe, and he recounted that he and Victoria had been trying to give Delia and Johnny a younger sibling. He lamented that the dream was gone, since he'd moved out, and Victoria was hiding something. Chelsea sympathized that he was in a difficult situation, and he confided that he had an idea of what was really going on. He suspected that Victoria was trying to find a way to end their marriage permanently and to start new with Stitch.

Chelsea encouraged Billy not to give up, since there was always a chance. He thought that he'd blown all of his chances already, and he realized that his plane left in an hour. He thanked Chelsea for lending him a shoulder, and they hugged goodbye. After he left, she pulled out her phone.

As Stitch examined Victoria, she said that her heart was racing, and he assured her that an elevated pulse was normal for a pregnant woman, especially a scared one. She said that she'd tried hard not to panic when she'd experienced two mild cramps, but she had been a nervous wreck. Stitch instructed her to breathe and to stay calm, and she replied that she'd be calmer when she was sure that she wasn't having a miscarriage. He suggested that he take her to the hospital as a precaution, and she asked him to promise that she wouldn't lose the baby. He pledged not to leave her side as long as she needed him.

Later, Victoria and Stitch returned from the hospital, and she said that she'd stopped shaking after the obstetrics doctor on call had confirmed that everything was okay. Stitch prescribed a good night's sleep for Victoria and the baby, but she couldn't help but worry, since she couldn't imagine suffering through another miscarriage. He urged her to rest, and she admitted that she found it hard to relax when she freaked out about every little thing. He reminded her that she had her own doctor on call, and he offered to stay on the couch.

Victoria thanked Stitch for dropping everything for what had turned out to be nothing, but he asserted that he wanted to be involved in every aspect of her pregnancy, especially since he'd been overseas when Jenna had been expecting. Stitch said that he was grateful for the opportunity to share it with Victoria, even if the baby wasn't his. She wondered what she had done to deserve having him in her life, and he said he felt the same way about her. They kissed.

Stitch backed away and thought that he and Victoria should cool off a little, and he went to get some water. Chelsea called Victoria and surmised that Victoria had told Stitch about her pregnancy, and she assumed that Stitch was there. Chelsea angrily questioned how Victoria could tell Stitch and not Billy, and she chided Victoria for leaving her husband in the dark when he could be the father. Victoria lectured that it wasn't Chelsea's place to pass judgment, and Chelsea threatened to tell Billy about the baby if Victoria didn't.

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