The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 15, 2014 on B&B

Rick tried to lull Eric and Caroline into trusting him by firing Maya, but Ivy caught Rick kissing Maya outside the love nest he'd moved Maya into. Katie broke off things with Ridge, and Bill implored Katie to give their family a second chance. Deacon vowed to stick by Quinn.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 15, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, December 15, 2014

At Quinn's warehouse, Bill encouraged Quinn to do everyone a favor and jump off the roof. Quinn claimed she was there to get air, but he said he knew what was going on in her head. In his view, the guilt was eating away at her, and it was rightfully so because she'd taken one of his own.

As Bill tried to talk Quinn into jumping, Deacon arrived and urged her not to do it. Bill frowned when Deacon coaxed her to get down and take his hand. Deacon yelled at Bill for pressing Quinn to jump after the loss of her grandson. "My grandson is dead because of this crackpot!" Bill yelled. Deacon refused to let Bill put it on Quinn, who hadn't even touched Hope.

Snarling, Bill quipped that Quinn might as well have touched Hope. Quinn asked if Bill didn't think she felt bad about it. She said she had to live with it for the rest of her life. "Well, you could have fixed that today," Bill retorted and marched back inside.

Deacon took Quinn to the loft, where she agreed with Bill for faulting her about the baby. Deacon said not to listen to Bill, and she sadly wondered what her son was going through. She doubted Wyatt would ever speak to her again after she'd ruined his and Hope's lives and taken away their future. Deacon believed that Wyatt would talk to her again, and the couple would have another child.

Quinn accused herself of taking away Deacon's grandchild, and she said she'd understand if he walked away. Deacon asserted that he wasn't going anywhere, and he'd stay right there. He believed that it had been a terrible accident, and Quinn would never have hurt the baby or Hope.

Quinn said she had been racking her brain about the incident, trying to figure out how she could have done things differently. Deacon said it didn't make sense to do that because they couldn't change what had happened. She wished she hadn't asked Hope to go to the garden, and she wished she'd gone earlier so that Hope wouldn't have been near the steps.

Deacon insisted that he and Quinn couldn't move on if she couldn't stop questioning it. Stopping the questions was impossible for Quinn. She was drowning in guilt for all the people she'd hurt. "What is the matter with me?" she earnestly asked Deacon. She stated that she'd hurt the child just as Hope had feared, and all Quinn could see was Hope at the bottom of the stairs.

Deacon tried to make Quinn stop scolding herself, but she asked why she hadn't listened when he'd told her to stop obsessing. She berated herself for not being able to listen and for pushing to be involved. Instead of considering Hope, Wyatt, or Deacon, Quinn had only wanted what she'd wanted. "And look at what I did. My son's little boy, I took him away!" Quinn cried.

Deacon refused to let Quinn pin it on herself. Quinn cried that she was sick of feeling the way she did. She wanted to disappear and wished she could crawl out of her own skin. Deacon asserted that he wouldn't let her give up on life, and she asked why it mattered. "Because I don't want to live without you," he declared and took the sobbing Quinn into his arms.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Caroline, Ridge, Carter, Eric, and Rick met at the conference table and expressed their sorrow for Hope, who was on a flight to Italy to be with Brooke. Everyone believed Hope was strong and would overcome her grief. Rick said that Hope wanted them to carry on with business, and he turned the topic to their latest sales figures.

Rick congratulated Ridge and Caroline on being a hit with couture. Carter reported that the sales were up sixteen percent, and he predicted that they'd surpass that percentage in the next quarter. Rick said that, to meet the predictions, they needed more designs.

Ridge and Caroline each turned in a sketch to Eric. Eric frowned, noting that the two weren't working as a team any longer. To him, the independently drawn designs lacked flare and panache. Eric was happy that Ridge was designing again, but Ridge's talent hadn't fully recovered. Eric offered to pick up the slack, but Rick said Eric wanted to step back from the business.

Eric agreed that he did. Thinking more, he said that if Ridge and Caroline didn't want to be a team, they could at least collaborate. Caroline shot down the idea, and Rick figured the issue was about him. Rick said that, as CEO, he was insisting that the designers work together and begin right away.

Caroline didn't want to put Rick in that position and stated that there had to be another way. Rick conveyed that he'd been immature about Ridge going for the CEO position. Rick claimed to be over his jealousy. He wanted them all to work together and get along. Eric liked Rick's attitude. Rick thanked Eric for Eric's trust in Rick -- "In everyone," Rick hastily added.

Rick urged Caroline to design with Ridge. "I trust you," Rick said. Caroline asked if he was sure. Rick affirmed it, and she gratefully hugged him.

After the meeting, Ridge and Caroline were alone in the office. She was surprised Rick had prodded her and Ridge to work together. Ridge guessed that losing her had humbled Rick. She picked up the designs, and avoiding Ridge's gaze, she decided that they should combine the designs they'd shown Eric. Ridge agreed. She stated that bouncing ideas off each other was good for the business. He agreed.

Finally looking at Ridge, Caroline declared that she was proud of her husband, who was more committed to her marriage than ever. "And so am I," she added with faulty conviction in her eyes.

Later, Rick sneaked out of the office to meet Maya outside Steffy's old apartment. He asked Maya to close her eyes for a surprise. She complied, and he unlocked the door and led her inside. Maya opened her eyes and asked what it was. Shaking the keys, he announced that it was her new apartment.

Maya was ecstatic. She couldn't believe it was hers and exclaimed that it beat her closet apartment above Dayzee's. Rick explained that it was Steffy's old place, and Maya asked if Steffy had put in the tub in the living room by the window. Rick replied that it had been Jackie, and Jackie had thrown many press conferences from it. Maya draped herself across the rim, exclaiming that she loved it.

Rick planned to put the tub to good use, and Maya hoped that meant he'd be there all the time. She wanted them to be together soon. He gloated about having everyone on the hook at the meeting and said he'd insisted that Caroline and Ridge work together. Maya skeptically said it had been a bold move but smiled when he added that he didn't care what Caroline and Ridge did together.

Maya invited Rick to get in the tub, and smiling, Rick said he thought she'd never ask. She thanked him for the apartment, and they kissed. When they hugged, Rick's smile quickly faded.

Later, the pair hopped into a bubble bath, and Rick's phone rang. It was Caroline wondering where he'd gone. He told her that he'd had to rush out of the office, but he couldn't talk because he was up to his neck in hot water. She replied that she'd see him when he returned to the office.

Back at Forrester, Caroline ended the call and told Ridge that Rick was probably buying her another gift. She said Rick had been really sweet and attentive during the reconciliation. Rick had impressed Caroline with how much he'd grown, and she said he'd really proved his loyalty.

Caroline hoped that working with Ridge would go well. Ridge didn't see why it wouldn't. She didn't want to let Rick down because he was working so hard to fix things. She respected that about Rick. Ridge quietly replied that he did, too.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

by Pam

At Maya's new condo, which was the same condo that Steffy had purchased from Jackie M, Rick and Maya sat in the bathtub. Maya marveled at her new luxury condo. She thanked Rick and giggled at the tub in the middle of the living room.

Rick apologized that he couldn't spend all his time with her. "It's not forever -- only until you solidify your position as CEO," she said. She added that the real fireworks would then begin.

Rick promised that it would happen soon. He had hired an attorney, and the attorney was on his way to meet with them at the condo. Rick promised he would make a move and give some people "the shock of their lives." He and Maya kissed passionately.

Later, Maya and Rick dressed, and the attorney, Kris, arrived, and he announced that he had the irrevocable power as CEO at Forrester Creations papers with him. Kris questioned why Rick would make waves with the success that the company had recently had. Kris also wondered why Rick would want to take power away from the founding member of the company.

Rick argued that he'd wanted to be in control and insisted that if Kris couldn't handle the legal challenge, Rick would find another attorney. Kris agreed to file the appropriate papers. Maya asked what the documents meant, and Kris explained that Rick's father could never remove Rick as CEO -- and Rick would have irrevocable control. Kris added that Rick had to get his father to sign the papers. Kris left.

Rick declared that he couldn't wait to stick it to Ridge, and he promised that Caroline would get hers. "Obviously, her vows meant squat. I loved her so damn much, I believed in her and what we had. How could she betray our marriage like this?" Rick said emotionally. He vowed that once his dad had signed the papers, his life would begin. "And I can tell them all to go to hell," he seethed.

At Forrester, Ridge and Caroline discussed Ridge's idea to design the showstopper first and then design the entire line around it. Caroline thought it was genius, but she wanted to run the idea past Rick.

Ridge disagreed. "I don't think Rick cares about the process," he said. Caroline gushed about how understanding Rick had been and how he had encouraged them to design together again. Eric entered, and Caroline explained that Ridge had the idea of designing the showstopper first. Eric wanted to see the design, but Ridge said it wasn't ready yet. Eric asked what Rick thought of the idea.

Caroline answered that Rick was "up to his neck in hot water." Eric wondered what she'd meant, and Caroline said that had been what Rick had told her when she'd called him. He was out of the office.

Eric gushed that he'd been impressed with how Rick had adapted to the role of CEO. He had turned his life around for the sake of his marriage. Eric looked at Ridge and reminded him that his brother had made a concerted effort to mend fences with both Ridge and Caroline.

Eric wondered if Ridge had noticed the changes. Eric encouraged Ridge to meet Rick halfway. "I understand. I'm trying," Ridge said. Eric ordered Ridge to try harder.

Ridge asserted that it wasn't easy, since he'd had to step aside from his rightful place in the company. Eric scoffed and reminded Ridge that the company was only as good as its lead designer. "You and Caroline are the most successful design team in the business," Eric said.

Later, Eric revisited Caroline, and he told her to track down her husband and go out for an expensive romantic dinner on him. Caroline thanked Eric and said that Rick had never been more committed to their marriage.

At Katie's, she and Will played on the floor, and Bill entered. He offered to play with Will, and Katie noted that Will was happy to see his daddy. "Is Mommy happy to see his daddy?" Bill asked. Katie looked surprised.

Later, Bill had put Will to bed, and Katie cleaned up toys. Bill returned and told Katie that Will had wanted a story, and Katie guessed that Bill had told his son the story about the Spencer kingdom. He teased that it had included a dark knight, three princes and a beautiful queen. Ex-queen -- Katie reminded.

Bill said that the dark knight hadn't appreciated what he'd had in the queen. A crash in the kitchen interrupted their conversation. "Rudolpho?" Katie called out. Rudolpho, a personal chef, entered and apologized for a spill in her kitchen. He assured her the appetizers were fine.

Bill wondered if Katie had a party planned. She said she had a special evening planned. "Come on. Forrester?" Bill asked and demanded to know what was going on. Katie laughed. Rudolpho placed flowers on a table, and Bill rolled his eyes.

Bill said he'd asked as politely as he could what was going on with "Fashion Boy." Katie admitted she had a significant evening planned. Bill worried that Katie had planned a future with Fashion Boy, and Katie reminded that it was none of his business.

Bill embraced Katie, and told her that he'd had time to reflect. He'd remembered that his time with Katie had been the happiest time of his life. "When I see you with Will, and we're all together, I want our family back, Katie. I want us back," he said.

Bill caressed her hair and face. "I made the biggest mistake of my life, letting you go. I want a chance to make this right," he said. Bill insisted that they had been great together, and he maintained that he had never stopped loving her, and he knew that she had never stopped loving him. Katie looked thoughtful.

Later, Bill had left, and Ridge entered the house -- it was alight with candles, a roaring fire, and flowers. Ridge asked Katie what was going on, and Katie told him it was a special evening "for you and for me," she said. Katie poured wine, and they toasted.

Ridge noted that she had all his favorites, and he worried that he'd forgotten something special. She said it had been a long time since they had connected. She took a sip of wine, and Ridge noticed the red string on her finger. He admitted that he should have replaced the ribbon with the real deal a long time before. "Do you think a minister would agree?" she asked.

At Spencer, Bill looked thoughtful, and he flashed back to when he had kissed Katie passionately. He looked worried.

At Maya's place, Maya called Rick and left a message that she knew he had a meeting with his dad to present the papers. She excitedly said that she couldn't wait to start their life together. After she hung up, she danced around the condo and smiled.

At Forrester, Rick entered Eric's office. Eric declared how proud he'd been of Rick and how Rick had truly behaved like a CEO. Eric noted that Rick had treated Ridge with respect and repaired his marriage with Caroline.

Rick gushed that Eric had taught him to be a true Forrester. "We don't give in. We persevere," Rick said. Rick added that he wanted to move the company forward.

Rick explained that he'd had papers drawn up that would give him irrevocable control of Forrester. Eric wondered why it had been necessary, and Rick explained that Ridge had always challenged his authority.

Rick reminded Eric that Eric had known what it was like to have Ridge question his authority and decision making. Rick guessed it had been because Ridge was a Marone. Rick added that loyalty was not one of Ridge's strongest traits. Rick pulled put a pen and pressured Eric to sign the papers.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, Eric asked why it was so important to Rick for Eric to sign the papers Rick had drawn up that would give Rick irrevocable control of Forrester. Eric noted that his signature would negate any leverage he had with his own company and would give Rick the final say about everything including company leadership. Rick reminded Eric that he had changed and was ready to lead Forrester. "I want to run this company into future with Caroline," Rick declared. Eric looked thoughtful.

Later, Eric had left, and Rick was alone. Maya entered, and she kissed Rick, but Rick was distant. Maya asked about the change in his demeanor. Rick admitted that his father had not signed the papers. "You can't be coming in here, kissing me like that," he advised. Rick added that Caroline or anyone else from Forrester could have seen her.

Maya teased that she would have made an excuse that she had tried to seduce him and he had resisted. Rick was not amused. "I have to play this out that I am loyal to my wife," he explained. Rick had a plan. Rick added that he planned to call a meeting and put on a show. Later, Maya said that she didn't like his plan, and she didn't know if she could do what Rick wanted. She quizzed him about how long it would take before he had complete control. Rick encouraged her to play along.

Rick later met with Caroline, Eric, and Carter to discuss the recent sales numbers and forecasts. Everyone crowed that everything had been good. Rick added that he had one more order of business. He picked up the phone and asked to have someone sent in.

Maya entered, and Caroline wondered why Maya had been invited to the meeting. Rick thanked Maya for her time at Forrester and told her that she would receive an excellent severance package, but she had to leave. "Caroline is the secret to the future of Forrester," he announced.

"Are you firing me?" Maya asked indignantly. Rick answered that he could no longer have her working for Forrester after her callous remarks about Caroline. Caroline tearfully smiled. "What am I supposed to do?" Maya asked with her voice breaking.

Maya accused Caroline of forcing Rick to fire Maya, but Rick advised Maya that he had never discussed it with Caroline, and Caroline agreed. Maya angrily noted that she had given her life to Forrester, and Rick had dumped her. "Now you're firing me?" she demanded.

Rick said that he was back with his wife. "I love her," Rick said. Maya promised to stay away from both Rick and Caroline, but Rick said it would never work. Eric stepped in and disagreed with Rick. "Maya does not lose her job over this," Eric insisted.

Eric ended the meeting. Caroline thanked Rick and told him that she had been grateful for his loyalty to her. They embraced. "You deserve it -- every bit of it," Rick said. Eric smiled, and Rick smiled back.

At Katie's, she and Ridge discussed what had been going on at Forrester. Katie asked about what Ridge had been working on. Ridge proudly showed Katie some of his most recent designs. Katie praised the designs and asked if he had done them alone or with Caroline. Ridge shared that he and Caroline had been collaborating on them. Ridge added that his dad and Rick had insisted on the collaboration.

Katie quizzed Ridge about how he felt about the collaboration and what he wanted for Caroline. Ridge shared that he wanted Caroline to do the best work she was capable of doing. Ridge noted that Katie was looking for more information. "What's going on?" Ridge asked.

Katie mentioned that the red ribbon around her finger -- the substitute for an engagement ring -- had fallen apart. Ridge apologized. Katie grew serious. She said that she loved the way Ridge treated her son, but she had to worry about his future and what was right for her. She acknowledged that Rick and his father wanted Ridge to work with Caroline and that Ridge and Caroline had been phenomenal together as a design team. Ridge interrupted and wondered where Katie was headed with the conversation.

Katie noted that a light went on inside Ridge whenever he spoke about designing with Caroline. "And it's not because of me," Katie admitted. Ridge said that he would always be grateful to Caroline. "She helped me draw again," Ridge said.

"It's more than just gratitude, isn't it? Do you love her?" Katie asked. Ridge stopped Katie and grabbed her hand. Katie insisted she had to tell him more. She understood that he and Caroline had something special. She would never tell him to stop working with Caroline. "I want more than anything for you to be happy," she said. But she added that she planned to remove the red ribbon around her finger.

"Please don't do that," Ridge said. Katie told him that it was okay because she'd known that the moment was approaching to end their relationship. Ridge grabbed her hand. Katie told him that she would never regret loving him or being loved by him. "I really needed to be loved by someone," she said.

Katie tearfully pulled off the red string around her finger. "See, that wasn't so hard," she said. Ridge looked sad.

"I'm sorry," Ridge said. He'd tried to explain that what he'd had with Caroline had been business, but Katie disagreed. She said that she wished she had been the one to inspire him, but it wasn't meant to be. She flashed back to romantic moments that she and Ridge had shared. She promised she would never forget them.

"Neither will I," Ridge said. They kissed, and Ridge grabbed his coat and left. He looked back at Katie and paused on the front porch outside her house. Inside, Katie read a poem from a book: "The fountain mingles with the river and the river with the ocean," she said. She placed the red ribbon from her finger inside the book of poetry, and she smiled after she'd closed the book. Tears streamed down her cheeks

At Spencer, Justin told Bill about the latest union negotiations, but Bill seemed miles away. Justin assumed Bill had been thinking about Brooke, but Bill said he missed Katie. He worried that she had cut him out of her life. Justin noted that Bill wanted her back.

Bill agreed, but he said he had missed out, and it was too late because Katie was about to become engaged to Ridge. Justin said it was never too late. Bill lamented that he had waited too long and chased a dream when his dream had been right in front of him all along. Bill grabbed a photo of Katie. He flashed back to his wedding with Katie, to the sonogram when she had been pregnant, and to more recent times with Katie holding Will.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

At Katie's house, Bill burst through the door, ready to break up the insanity going on at the house. The shocked Katie asked what he was doing there. Bill had arrived to stop the wedding he was certain Katie had set up for herself and Ridge that evening.

Katie informed Bill that she'd broken up with Ridge. Bill checked her hand and saw no string attached. He cupped her shoulders, saying, "That's my Katie." The breakup elated him, but he suspected that when he'd seen the candles earlier, she'd led him to believe it would go the other way.

Katie replied that Bill was cute when he was outraged. He seemed pleased that she believed he was cute, but she added that he wasn't as cute as he thought he was. He asked what had made her find her senses. Katie claimed to never have lost them; however, somewhere along the way, she and Ridge had stopped connecting. Bill figured it meant she was free to return to him.

Katie didn't understand Bill's sudden desire to reunite their family. Bill explained that he'd had a lot of time to reevaluate what was important and what mattered most. His family with Katie was the answer. Her romantic setup for Ridge had freaked Bill out. He'd thought he'd lose her, which was unacceptable to him.

Bill theorized that he and Katie were on the same wavelength, and she'd left Ridge because of Bill. Katie said she'd left Ridge because they'd stopped connecting. Ridge's inability to draw had badly affected him, and he and Katie had stopped functioning as a couple. Bill figured that he was supposed to say he was sorry it hadn't worked out, but he was glad Ridge was gone.

Katie pointed out that Bill was forgetting Brooke. Bill said Brooke wanted the reunion. Katie replied that what Brooke said and did were separate things, and Brooke still loved him. Bill said Brooke hadn't acted on or acknowledged any feelings, and the only feelings that mattered were his and Katie's.

Bill asserted that he and Katie never should have let go. He wanted and needed Katie back. "Oh, God..." Katie nervously replied. He acknowledged hurting her, but he said he'd learned from it. He wanted to put their family back together, and he noted that it was known around the world that Bill Spencer got what he wanted.

Later, Katie carried Will into the living room to bid Bill a good night. Bill hugged his son and told Katie that he really "missed this." He began to leave, but Katie said he didn't have to rush off. He asked if she meant it. She said she did, and Bill cupped her face.

In the guesthouse, Rick arrived home, and Caroline popped out of the bedroom in a red nightie. With a kiss, Caroline proposed that they make their reunion official. Rick said he had the sexiest wife on the planet, but he had to go back to work. She decided that his job was irritating. She wanted to feel close to him again, but he'd been nonresponsive and asleep whenever she'd reached for him in bed.

Rick purported to want the same but added that he'd never felt so tired before. Caroline didn't want to add extra pressure on Rick, but she pleaded with him to ditch the office and snuggle with her. He said he'd take a rain check and headed for the door. Disillusioned, Caroline asked if they were okay. "Yeah. Never better," he replied with a placating grin and left.

In her robe, Caroline went to the kitchen in the main house. Ivy was there, messaging friends. Caroline was frustrated because she couldn't get started on making things up to Rick. She wanted to show him that she was committed to the marriage, but for that to happen, she needed him to be awake, alert, and in the room.

Caroline felt she'd practically wrapped her husband up as a gift on Maya's doorstep. Ivy said Maya might have won Rick back for a second, but Rick had asserted his position when he'd fired her. Ivy suggested that Caroline whisk Rick away on a trip, but Caroline said that his job didn't allow for that.

Caroline murmured that it was her punishment, and a part of her didn't feel as if she deserved forgiveness. Ivy stated that Caroline had made a mistake; however, strong marriages survived, and the couple would be fine. "If he ever comes home," Caroline quietly added.

Ivy asked if Caroline would be okay because Ivy was about to head out to see her friend's new apartment. Caroline replied that she'd return to the guesthouse to wait for Rick.

Later, Caroline sat in the dark in the guesthouse and flashed back to her wedding night. She sent Rick a message. It said that she was waiting and to please return home.

At Steffy's old place, Maya answered the door for Rick. He told her that he'd had to "get out of there," and she replied that he'd arrived at the right place. Maya loved her new apartment and thanked him for it. Though she didn't like lying, hiding, and pretending, she was keeping her eyes on the prize.

Rick was still trying to figure out how to get Eric's signature on the documents, and it was hard for Rick to be at home. He said it was easy to play the loving husband at work, but at home, he wanted to jump out of his skin. Caroline wanted a full relationship, but he couldn't give it. "You better not, because I did not sign up for that," Maya replied.

Maya asked how Rick had handled it. Rick explained that he'd been pretending to be stressed out and tired, and Caroline had been distraught. To him, it was Caroline's bad karma biting her because when nothing had been wrong in their relationship, she'd been the one to look elsewhere.

Maya reminded Rick that he'd doted on Caroline, and Caroline had thrown his love in his face. Rick said that each time Caroline touched him, he could only think about her touching Ridge, and Rick would then ruminate on the time the designers had spent behind closed doors. He'd began to question whether Caroline was still lying to him and how far it had really gone.

Maya decided that the apartment was a Caroline-free zone. They kissed and headed upstairs to have sex. Afterward, Maya was in her robe as she escorted Rick to the door. She hated having him leave. Rick checked his phone and saw the message from Caroline. Maya reminded him that she was there for him when things got tough at home. Rick said he'd try to get his father's signature on the papers soon.

As Rick left the apartment, Ivy was in the corridor. Ivy darted out of sight and Rick told Maya not to give him that look. Maya said she knew it was tough on him, too, but when it got that way again, he should do what he'd done that night by being with her. Ivy watched as Rick and Maya kissed.

Friday, December 19, 2014

At Maya's place, Maya anxiously opened the door for Othello, who said he was surprised she'd messaged him to visit. He liked her new place, and she replied that it would do until she got her own mansion. They discussed the place being a big step up from the coffeehouse room. "All thanks to Rick," Maya added. Othello assumed she meant that Rick had given her the lead modeling job.

Othello was surprised that Maya wasn't complaining about Rick going back to Caroline. Maya considered Othello to be a good friend and one of the very few to support her and Rick. She was dying to tell someone her news and asked if Othello could keep a secret.

When Maya revealed that Rick was only pretending to reunite with Caroline, Othello became worried. Othello believed that Rick belonged with Maya but questioned if it was happening the right way. She responded that Rick was just waiting for the right time to announce the truth.

Othello said it was cruel Caroline, but Maya called it karma for the way Caroline had treated Maya. Maya explained that her relationship with Rick had to remain a secret until the proper time. Othello assured her that his lips were sealed.

At Forrester, Carter found Ridge working and told him to go home. Ridge murmured that he didn't know where home was because Katie had broken it off with him. Carter asked why it had ended, and Ridge stated Caroline's name. Confused, Carter said Ridge didn't have feelings for Caroline.

Ridge shrugged, acknowledging that Katie could be right because a connection had sparked between the artists, and it had led to kissing. Carter cited that Ridge had made it sound innocent, and even if Maya had made a big deal out of it, Caroline was back with Rick, which should reassure Katie.

Ridge said Katie wasn't the kind of woman to let an attraction like he'd had for Caroline go. It was sad to Ridge because he'd never act on it -- not again. He confessed to being enthralled, and it had been as if Caroline Senior was back. He couldn't shake whatever it was about Caroline.

Carter warned Ridge not to let his nostalgia take over. Ridge agreed but said that opening the door to the past just a little bit had allowed memories to flood in. Ridge had been captivated by the first Caroline Spencer. "And now there's another just as captivating," Carter concluded.

Carter wanted to know what Ridge would do about the issue. Ridge said he wouldn't do anything, and he wasn't a home wrecker. Carter asked if Caroline knew of Ridge's feelings and if she shared them. Ridge asserted that it didn't matter because Rick was trying to fix his family, and regardless of Ridge's philosophical captivations, nothing would happen again.

Later, Ridge was alone when he imagined that Caroline had returned to the office to see what he was working on. She sat down to draw, and he put his hand over hers. Moments later, the designers became embroiled in a kiss. Ridge snapped out of it and discovered that he was alone.

In the guesthouse, Caroline drank wine and took selfies until she heard someone approaching the house. She quickly poured some wine in a second glass and opened the door. Aly gasped, surprised that the door had opened before she'd knocked. Aly had wanted to check on Caroline, but upon seeing two wine glasses in Caroline's hands, Aly said she didn't want to interrupt.

Inviting Aly inside, Caroline remarked that she'd thought Rick had made it home when Aly had arrived. Aly asked how things were going with the marriage. Caroline said things were turning around and asked about Aly and Oliver. Aly beamed that Oliver treated her well and was always loyal and honest. "Yeah, like Rick," Caroline replied and took a nervous sip of wine.

The women discussed Rick's mean reaction to Caroline's indiscretion. Caroline felt she'd deserved it but wished all of Forrester hadn't had to witness it. Maya's way of outing Caroline had mortified Caroline. Caroline knew people were talking and having hushed conversations about her.

Aly told Caroline not to worry about it because it had been just a few kisses. Still, Caroline felt embarrassed. Aly bet plenty of women in the building would jump at the chance to kiss Ridge. Caroline said Ridge's charm was easy to fall for, and she was glad it hadn't gone any further. Growing tearful, Caroline said that she was very lucky to have a man like Rick.

Aly asked if Rick had taken Caroline's car back to work because she'd seen Rick's car in the driveway upon arriving home. Caroline shot up from her seat, peeked through the blinds, and saw Rick's car out front. Aly assumed he was at the main house, and Caroline said it was weird.

At the mansion, Ivy arrived in the kitchen, still upset by seeing Rick kissing Maya earlier. Rick entered, pretending to be raiding the refrigerator. She avoided his gaze, and he asked if something was wrong. Ivy told him that they needed to talk. Rick noticed that she was upset, and guessing that it was about her line, he offered to talk to her about anything on her mind.

"I know what you've been doing. I saw you tonight -- with Maya," Ivy stated. Rick tried to pretend that the sighting had been earlier at the office, but Ivy explained that she'd been looking for her friend's apartment when she'd stumbled upon Maya and Rick kissing. He attempted to lead Ivy to believe it had been a goodbye kiss, and he'd been slowly moving Maya toward accepting the breakup.

Ivy said it was a nice try, but there had been no way that Rick been ending things with the kiss she'd seen. Ivy said she thought he'd forgiven Caroline and reconciled. He said that was true, and Ivy asked why he'd been kissing Maya. He yelled that his wife had cheated on him. "So you're cheating on her? Why? To get revenge or something?" Ivy asked.

Rick ordered Ivy to forget what she'd seen. Ivy replied that she wouldn't do that. The house intercom buzzed, and Caroline's voice sounded through the air. She asked if Rick was there. He answered and claimed to have been getting some wine when he'd gotten caught up in something with Ivy. He said he'd be home once he made sure that he and Ivy saw eye-to-eye on things.

Back at the guesthouse, Aly advised Caroline not to let Rick talk sketches when he got home. Caroline was amazed that Rick had given their marriage a chance and that he was also trusting her with couture again. Rick's trust meant a lot to her, and he'd proven how understanding and forgiving he was.

At the main house, Rick told Ivy that she wouldn't say a word to anyone. Ivy felt that Rick was hurt, not thinking clearly, and overreacting. Rick said that they might be family, but the conversation with her boss was inappropriate. Ivy gasped and disagreed. He accused her of living in his family's house and sticking her nose into other people's business.

Ivy stated that she was trying to help. Rick roared at her that if she wanted to help, she'd keep her mouth shut. Undaunted, Ivy asked if he'd tried "talking to someone." Rick scoffed. He didn't need therapy. He needed a woman who could love him and stand by him. Rick said Ivy didn't know what it was like to have her wife cheat on him with a man who'd constantly left his mother on the floor in tears.

Rick couldn't believe Caroline wanted to be with Ridge. Ivy tried to correct Rick, but he interrupted, saying that he'd thought he'd finally found a woman he could trust. "And he takes her, and he kisses her? He touches her?" Rick stated. He ordered Ivy not to say anything about Maya. "As long as you're living in this house, working for my company, your loyalties lie with me and not Caroline. Is that understood?" Rick roared.

Just then, Caroline entered the kitchen in her robe and asked if everything was okay.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back


The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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