The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 15, 2014 on Y&R

Kevin accidentally informed Fen that Michael had cancer. Michael balked at starting cancer treatment. Faith disappeared while in Nick's care. Adam plotted to pose as Gabriel and win Chelsea's heart. Adam revealed his true identity to Jack.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 15, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, December 15, 2014

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Adam stepped into the elevator and glanced at the engraved band on his watch. "With much love, Dad" was inscribed in script font. As the doors were closing, Victor reopened the door and stepped inside as his phone rang. Adam quietly stood behind his father. Victor berated the caller for not getting a job done as Victor had instructed. After the call ended, Adam said, "Looks like you have a bit of a problem on your hands." Victor turned and glared at the young man and asked if they'd ever met. Adam said they'd never met, though he noted that everyone knew Victor Newman.

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cane assured Joe that the cocktail event planned to woo investors would be handled with utmost professionalism. Joe suggested that Cane was underutilized in his position as a party planner. Joe added, "I'm giving you an opportunity to make a difference in the town's future. You on board?" Lily overheard Joe's offer and instructed Cane not to reply. Lily glared at Joe and said, "I'm onto you. You can schmooze my husband all day long, but he is not going to help you carve up this town."

Joe told Lily that his goal for the warehouse district was revitalization. Lily said that Joe's goal was to make money. Losing something irreplaceable, Lily noted, was bad for business. Joe, addressing Cane, said, "Is she speaking for you?" Cane replied, "Lily and I are a team, and you should never forget that." Joe said it was nice to see a couple that loved and respected each other.

After Victor took a seat at the bar, Joe enlisted Cane to invite Victor to the investors' gathering. While Cane visited with Victor, Lily told Joe that Cane was going out of his way to help. Lily added, "There's a lot of bad blood there. Victor practically forced Cane to quite Chancellor." Joe admitted that he'd hoped to recruit Cane and Lily. Joe added, "Behind every good man is an extraordinary woman."

At the bar, Cane extended an invitation to Victor. Cane said, "All we ask is that you come to the cocktail party and hear to the sales pitch. Victor replied, "I thought you said you have no interest in this, yet you include yourself in that statement." Victor admitted that he had some interests in redevelopment of the warehouse district, so he'd consider attending the event. Jill entered the club and paused in a dark corner when she saw Cane hobnobbing with Victor.

After Cane left, Jill joined Victor and said she'd overheard his conversation with Cane. Jill warned Victor that he might find himself on the wrong side of history. Victor replied, "Well, I haven't yet been on the wrong side of history, and I don't plan to be." Jill explained that tearing down the old structures owned by local businessmen would destroy part of Genoa City's identity. Victor replied, "Since when have you become such a sentimentalist?" Jill replied, "Since Katherine died."

Jill told Victor that people and what they left behind were what mattered. Jill asked Victor how he might feel if someday someone tore down Katherine's plaque at Chancellor Park or forgot Newman Enterprises. Victor assured Jill no one would ever remove the plaque or forget his company. Victor mentioned Cane's involvement. Jill said she wasn't concerned about Cane, but she urged Victor not to become involved. Victor replied, "This conversation is finished."

Cane rejoined Lily. Looking around the room, Cane asked where Joe had gone. Lily said, "I don't know. Probably to reel in some other victim. He tried to seduce me again. From the looks of it, it seems he's doing the same with you." Cane just grinned.

At Crimson Lights, Avery admired her engagement ring. She told Dylan that she'd considered hiring a skywriter to announce their engagement to the world. Dylan agreed and said he wanted everyone to know that Avery had said, "Yes!" Avery said she'd once believed that she'd lost Dylan. Avery tightly embraced Dylan and said, "I wish everybody could be as happy as we are right now."

Paul walked in the door at the coffeehouse. Paul congratulated the betrothed couple when Avery displayed her ring. Dylan said he and Avery would have everything they wanted if they could shut down the revitalization project. Christine arrived, and Paul cued Dylan and Avery to announce their engagement. Christine was elated.

Paul announced that he and Christine were expecting a baby. After Avery left, Dylan served hot beverages in holiday-themed mugs and toasted Paul and Christine's good news. Christine was hesitant to celebrate until a doctor confirmed her pregnancy. Dylan said he hoped they would all have much to celebrate at Christmas. Paul said, "Let's hope Santa gives us everything we want." Christine, barely concealing her uncertainties, replied, "Right." Paul later apologized and told Christine that if the test was incorrect, they could keep trying.

At the Underground, Nick immediately recognized Sage when she stopped inside to inquire about the bar's menu. Nick's eyes widened, and he said, "It's you. You got me out of that bear trap. You saved my life." Nick said he'd remembered looking into Sage's eyes and feeling incredibly grateful. Sage claimed that she'd merely done what anyone would have done. Sage added, "I'm very glad that the paramedics came and found you in time."

Sage asked Nick why he'd been walking in the woods. Without elaborating, he said he'd been searching for something. Nick asked Sage why she'd been in the woods. Sage claimed she'd been jogging. She stammered when Nick said he'd remembered seeing a dog. Sage suggested that the dog had to have been a guardian angel.

Nick said he'd searched for Sage and had happened upon an old mansion. Nick added that a woman in a wheelchair had answered the door. The elderly woman, Nick recalled, had insisted that she didn't know anyone fitting his description of the woman who'd saved him. Sage explained that she knew the elderly woman, who often became confused. Sage added that she lived near the old woman and often helped her.

Sage suddenly remembered that she was supposed to meet someone. Nick inquired about the man who'd been with Sage in the woods. Sage seemed taken aback. Nick said he wanted to thank the man. Avery arrived. After Sage left, Nick explained that the woman who'd saved him in the woods had walked into his bar. Nick said he didn't know the woman's name.

Nick invited Avery to sit with him in what had been their designated booth. Avery praised Nick when he said he'd refrained from lashing out when he'd discovered Sharon and her attorney, David Sherman, discussing their custody case while Faith had been present. Nick suddenly noticed Avery's engagement ring. Avery said she hoped she and Dylan had Nick's blessing. Nick replied, "Of course you do, but I do think my brother is punching way over his weight." Nick agreed when Avery said that both she and Dylan were lucky.

Avery changed the subject. Nick assured Avery that she had no reason to feel guilty about her happiness just because his relationship with Sharon had failed. Nick added that Dylan and Avery's relationship had been duly tested, so they shouldn't let anyone or anything get between them. Avery embraced Nick and thanked him. Joe sneaked in and said, "Well, if this is a stroll down memory lane, you mind if I join?" Avery grimaced at Joe.

Addressing Joe, Nick said, "You're interrupting an attorney-client conversation, slick." Joe invited Nick and Avery to stop by the cocktail party to hear about the redevelopment plans. Joe added that Victor might be present. Nick explained that he and his father rarely shared the same views. Nick added that in his world, people came before profits.

Dylan arrived at the Underground and said Joe was the person he'd hoped to see. Avery seemed apprehensive. Nick piped up and congratulated Dylan. Joe asked what he'd missed. Avery held up her hand to show off her engagement ring. Joe wished Avery and Dylan all the luck in the world.

At Victoria's house, Ben attempted to discuss Ashley with Victoria. Victoria couldn't understand why Ben was hesitant when she offered to resume their relationship. Ben explained that he'd been working crazy hours at the lab. Victoria interrupted and suggested that Ben decrease the number of hours he was expected to work each day. Ben noted that he was grateful to have a job.

Ben's attempt to discuss Ashley was foiled again. Victoria again offered advice. She said, "You could go back to work at the hospital now that the charges have been dropped. You could be doing something that might give you a whole new outlook on things." Ben seemed exasperated, but when he attempted to respond, the doorbell rang. Victoria jumped up to answer the door.

Billy and Jill pushed their way inside. Jill said she couldn't wait one more minute to meet her new grandbaby. Victoria explained that the baby was asleep, but Jill insisted on seeing the baby. Victoria escorted Jill upstairs to the nursery. Alone together, Billy told Ben that Chelsea had convinced her father to drop his lawsuit against the hospital. Ben said he was grateful that Chelsea had defended him to her father. Ben seemed taken aback by Billy's kindness. Billy said he hoped the holidays might inspire everyone to make a new start.

Jill and Victoria returned to the living room. Jill was cradling Katherine Rose. Jill admired the newborn and said she hoped the baby had inherited Delia's joy and enthusiasm and Katherine's strength and courage. Jill enlisted Ben to snap a family photo while Billy, Victoria, and Jill, holding the baby, posed. Jill stepped away and instructed Ben to photograph the baby with her parents. Ben stood by while Billy, Victoria, and Jill admired the photos on the screen of Victoria's smartphone.

Billy claimed that his infant was smiling. Jill said, "Well, I don't know if Katie is smiling, but look at the two of you. You're sure smiling." Victoria hinted that it was time for Jill and Billy to leave. Ben offered to help Victoria with the baby. Jill said, "There's nothing like a father's touch." Billy promised he'd stop by to see his baby again soon. Billy addressed Ben and said, "I guess that goes for you, too." Jill added, "Not necessarily."

After Billy and Jill left, Ben said all he could think about was seeing Victoria, Billy, and Katie together. Victoria assured Ben that Billy's presence had no bearing on her relationship with Ben. She pulled Ben close to kiss him and insisted that they could make it. Victoria added, "Now, what did you want to tell me?" Ben told Victoria that he couldn't share details about his secret project, even if Victor pressured her to question him. Victoria replied, "Is that what you're worried about?" Victoria assured Ben that she could separate her personal and professional lives. Victoria locked her arms around Ben's neck and invited him to spend New Year's Eve with her.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Jill scolded Billy for not insisting on staying at Victoria's with the baby because he, not Ben, was the father. Billy noted that Victoria didn't act as if Ben was butting in where he wasn't wanted. Jill said that Victoria wasn't thinking clearly. Jill pressured Billy to do something to rectify the situation. Billy said, "Victoria divorced me. There is no future for us." Jill said that Katie's birth had changed everything.

Addressing Billy, Jill said, "If you don't watch out, both of you are going to end up with the wrong people." Jill added that Ben wasn't the right choice for Victoria, and Chelsea wasn't the right choice for Billy. Billy glanced at his watch and remembered that he was supposed to meet with Chelsea and Connor in the park to visit Santa. Jill protested, but Billy noted that though the children he shared with Victoria would forever bond them, his life was with Chelsea.

At Chancellor Park, Chelsea sat with Connor on a bench near the entrance to Santa's Village. Pointing to direct Connor's attention, Chelsea marveled at the holiday décor. Chelsea said, "We are going to have a good Christmas, buddy. I never would've believed that a few months ago, but now we're going to be a real family, thanks to Billy." Adam strolled through the park in search of Sage. Adam placed a call and left a message for Sage.

Adam became distracted when he saw Chelsea and Connor. Adam watched and listened as Chelsea gently rocked her child. Chelsea told Connor that Christmas was about family. When Chelsea saw Adam, she said, "I know you. I've seen you somewhere before." Adam walked toward Chelsea and Connor and said, "You're right. We have seen each other before." Adam said that they'd seen each other at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Adam told Chelsea that he wasn't from the area. Adam remarked that Chelsea's baby was very handsome. Billy arrived, apologized for his tardiness, and kissed Chelsea. Billy took Connor and asked if the tot was ready to visit Santa. Chelsea noted that Connor had already visited Santa. When Chelsea turned to thank the stranger for his nice compliment, she discovered that he seemed to have vanished.

Billy explained that he'd been detained because his mother had insisted on visiting with her new grandbaby. Billy noted that Ben was with Victoria. Chelsea asked Billy how he felt about Ben's presence. Billy said he was fine with it as long as everyone remained clear about who Katie's father was. As Billy and Chelsea, holding Connor, exited the park, Adam watched.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Avery stopped by the Abbott mansion to share some news with Phyllis and Jack. Phyllis marveled that someone was actually giving her information, and Avery announced that she and Dylan were engaged. Jack proclaimed that it was terrific news, and Avery nervously rambled that she and Dylan hadn't set a date or made a big announcement. Phyllis asked why not, and Avery swore she wasn't trying to steal Phyllis' thunder. Phyllis wondered if Avery had expected her to think that.

Jack reasoned that Phyllis had been through a difficult recovery and that her reactions had been unpredictable. Phyllis admitted she'd been all over the place emotionally, but she thought it wasn't right that Avery was practically apologizing for getting engaged. Phyllis said she was incredibly happy, and she acknowledged that Avery had loved Dylan for many years. Phyllis added that Avery's ex sounded like a jerk, but she knew Dylan wasn't one, and she wanted to hear when good things happened to Avery.

Phyllis hugged Avery, and Jack wished the couple the best with their engagement. He kissed Phyllis goodbye and headed out, and Phyllis grabbed Avery's hand to examine the ring. Phyllis asked for all the details, but Avery said she had to get to work. Phyllis peppered her with questions about Faith's custody case, and she volunteered to testify against Sharon. Avery refused to disclose any information, and the sisters agreed to enjoy their respective engagements.

Later, Jack returned home, and he commended Phyllis for how she'd handled the news of Avery's engagement. Phyllis was appreciative but somewhat offended, and Jack swore it had been a compliment, but Phyllis asked why she should get extra points for not flipping out because her sister was happy. Phyllis conceded that she had gone off the rails by trying to annihilate Kelly, and Jack said they'd agreed to put it behind them. Phyllis reserved the right to go off on people who messed with her family, but she agreed to keep the past in the past as long as Kelly stayed away.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan noted that Sharon looked jumpy, and she confided that she'd been nervous Nick or Avery would be there. Dylan offered Sharon some free coffee, and she was surprised he was being that nice, but he reminded her they were friends. He said he'd made a lot of mistakes, so he wasn't in a position to point fingers, and Sharon called him her role model. She reiterated that she regretted what she'd done, but she lamented that she had to fight for shared custody of her daughter.

Dylan commended Sharon for doing what she had to do to get her life back, and she worried that people wouldn't approve of him giving her a pep talk, but he told her just to focus on being a good mom. She pointed out that she was at odds with Dylan's brother and girlfriend, but Dylan contended that he wouldn't be the man Avery expected him to be if he let his friends down. He asserted that what Sharon had done wasn't everything she was, and he knew it was a priority for both her and Nick to be good parents, so they had to figure it out for Faith's sake.

Sharon wanted Faith to have both parents, but she believed Nick was too hurt and angry to work something out. Dylan suggested they use a mediator, and Sharon mentioned that she'd asked Noah to help. She said that her attorney wanted her to fight dirty, since she might never have unsupervised visits with Faith again if the Newmans threw their weight around, but she knew that Faith was clever enough to understand what was going on. Dylan insisted that Sharon was a great mom, and he said she could prove she was capable and employed, but Sharon reported that Phyllis had fired her. Dylan pointed out that Jack had hired Sharon, and he urged her to get her job back.

Sharon said she had been the reason Jack had thought he'd had a daughter who he'd since lost, and Dylan asked if Jack hadn't ever made a mistake. Dylan called Jack a good guy, and he argued that Sharon had been good at her job, but Sharon fretted that she'd be asking for a favor from a man she'd hurt. She wondered if the judge might prefer to see her as a stay-at-home mom, but Dylan asserted that she didn't deserve to lose everything she had, and he implored her to request her job back.

Hilary and Neil entered the coffeehouse, and she told him he was doing great. She commented that he didn't need her, and he countered that his walking stick was one thing, but she was something else entirely. She observed that he was moving with confidence, and she wondered if that was how he felt. He insisted he was good, and he cheerfully questioned why he wouldn't be. Devon spotted them and locked eyes with Hilary.

Neil realized that Devon was there, and Devon asked how Neil knew. Hilary declared that Neil was on top of his game, and Neil boasted that he'd been mastering a new skill every day. Neil swore things were good with him, but Hilary pointed out he'd hoped to have his sight back already. Neil cracked a joke about his keen sense of smell, and he asked if Devon was smiling. Hilary said Neil always made her laugh, and Neil called her a great catch and offered to show Devon how to pick the right woman.

Neil left to see Lily at the club, and Hilary asked if Devon knew why Lily had summoned Neil, but Devon had no idea. He suggested that they just enjoy one another, since they didn't get to spend much time together, but Hilary coolly replied that she had to get to the office. He whispered that he'd dreamed about them falling asleep in one another's arms, but she figured he'd be dreaming about Gwen. Devon incredulously asked whether Hilary was jealous of the woman she'd hand-picked to pose as his girlfriend, and Hilary huffed that she didn't care what Devon did. He suspected she did, just like he cared that she went to bed with his father every night.

Hilary conceded that she had no business being jealous, but it bothered her that Devon could kiss any woman he wanted in public except her. Devon replied that seeing Hilary with Neil was even worse, but he didn't know what else they could do. Hilary reiterated that Devon knew how things had to be, and Devon said he didn't have to like the fact that she went home to Neil every night, but he was happy for every second he got to spend with her. Hilary warned that he couldn't punish her every time he saw her with Neil, and he acknowledged that he wanted what he couldn't have. She said all they had was that moment, and they left together.

In the Athletic Club office, Kelly went over details for the party with Joe, who wanted to be sure the event impressed the movers and shakers of Genoa City. Lily argued that a few drinks wouldn't get people to side with him over Dylan, but Joe countered that the project was about revitalization, not the coffeehouse. Lily coldly stated that Joe didn't have to polish his pitch on her, and Joe realized that the project truly upset her. He offered to move the bash to a different venue.

Kelly protested that she'd already accomplished a lot to prepare for the party, and she whined that she had nothing else to focus on. Joe praised Kelly's excellent work, and he promised to recommend Kelly's services for a less controversial event, but Kelly was adamant that the club could handle it. Lily swore it was fine for the club to host the event, and Joe asked if she'd be biting her tongue the whole time. He insisted that he wasn't a bad guy, but Lily countered that he was backing a bad project, and he vowed to prove he was one of the good guys.

After Joe left, Lily groused that he always seemed to be working an angle, and she huffed that he'd acted like he'd be doing her a favor by taking his business elsewhere. Lily was insulted by his flirting and game-playing, and she mentioned that Cane had advised her not to take it personally, but she felt slimy just being around Joe. Kelly said she hated men who oozed charm, and Lily said she was sorry Jack had hurt Kelly. Lily pointed out that Kelly still hadn't told her what had happened with Phyllis, and she assumed Phyllis had pushed Kelly's buttons. Kelly confessed that she'd wanted Phyllis to hurt as much as she did, but the difference was that Phyllis had Jack, and Kelly was on her own.

Jack arrived at the Athletic Club and ran into Kelly, who tersely wished him a good morning. He noted that they were bound to see one another, and they had to figure out a way to deal with it, but she snapped that it wouldn't be a problem as long as Phyllis wasn't there. Jack defended that Phyllis had lost a year of her life, and Kelly spat that she understood loss. Jack tried to explain Phyllis' behavior, but Kelly contended that spending a year asleep had given Phyllis an excuse to be "even a bigger bitch" than she had been before.

Jack understood Kelly was angry, but he said he'd never known her to be cruel. Kelly couldn't believe that her behavior wasn't living up his to standards, when everything Phyllis had done had been over the top. He called Phyllis passionate and intense, but he maintained that she'd been rendered comatose for a year, and Phyllis wasn't the bad guy -- he was. Kelly asserted that Phyllis was a bully, but Kelly wasn't a victim, and she wouldn't back down if Phyllis went after her again.

In the office, Lily voiced her concern to Neil that he'd been trying too hard to seem okay. She worried that if he didn't open up, he'd start drinking again, and she asked if she was out of line. Neil recognized he was an alcoholic and always would be, and he admitted that he was tired of Braille and walking canes. He explained that sometimes, it felt as if drinking was the only answer, and although it wouldn't restore his eyesight, it would take away the pain for a few minutes. Lily quietly begged him not to start again, and he pointed out that she'd wanted the truth.

Lily assured Neil that he had a lot of people who loved him, including a little boy who wanted his daddy to read to him. Neil said Moses had been a big reason he hadn't reached for that first drink, and she asked how tired Neil was of learning Braille, since she had a surprise for him. She informed him that she'd ordered books in Braille for Neil to read to Moses, and she handed him one and asked if he wanted to give it a try. Neil read the book aloud, and Lily praised the progress he'd made. He confessed that he'd been having trouble with Braille, but he'd known the story like the back of his hand, since he'd read it a million times to the twins. Lily apologized for pushing the books on him.

Neil promised that he would try harder, and she offered him another book. She imagined he didn't know The Squishy Meatball by heart, and she urged him to give it a try. Neil struggled to figure out the words, and he joked that "quishled" wasn't a word. After he finished the story, he thought Moses would like the book, and he realized that Lily had fallen asleep on his shoulder. He lovingly touched her face.

Sharon stopped by to see Jack at Jabot, but she was disappointed when she found Phyllis in his office. Phyllis cattily asked whether Sharon was there with a DNA test that said Mariah was Jack's kid, and Sharon said she'd be back later, but Phyllis reminded Sharon that she was no longer an employee. Sharon asserted that Jack had hired her, so he was the only one who could fire her, but Phyllis haughtily stated that she was his fiancée, and she snarled that Jack would never side with Sharon over her.

Sharon said it wasn't about taking sides, and she had done her job well. Phyllis asked if Sharon really thought Jack would forgive her for what she'd done to him, Summer, and Nick, and she growled that no one ever would. Sharon countered that Phyllis was only speaking for herself, since most people had a heart and common decency, whereas Phyllis went on judging others and ignoring what she herself had done. Sharon suggested that Phyllis look at herself before she condemned Sharon.

Over the phone at Baldwin/Clark, Avery told Sharon's doctor to expect a subpoena for the electroconvulsive therapy records, and Joe walked in and observed that Avery's brow still twitched when she got worked up. He recalled that he had caused it to happen when they'd been married, but it had ended up working out well for both of them. She testily reprimanded him, and he announced that he was there to tell her that she was making a mistake by marrying Dylan.

Avery chided Joe for disrupting her work, and he replied that he was there to deliver a party invitation to Michael. Avery barked that he should make an appointment with their assistant, and he pointed out that she hadn't addressed his comment about marrying Dylan. She snapped that she didn't care what he thought, but Joe questioned the timing of Dylan's proposal. Joe guessed that the ring didn't represent an eternal bond, and it really had everything to do with Joe.

Avery ranted that Joe had reached an epic level of self-importance, since her engagement was about many things other than him, but Joe opined that Dylan had wanted to stake a claim because Joe was back in her life. Avery protested that Joe had simply moved there, but he noted they had history. She argued that she and Dylan had built something real and honest together that had nothing to do with Joe, but Joe maintained that his presence mattered to Dylan. Joe left as Dylan entered, and Avery relayed that Joe thought he had been the reason Dylan had proposed. She silenced Dylan's protests and declared that she was confident she knew Dylan, but she wasn't sure she knew Joe anymore.

Michael awakened and found Lauren on the couch with her laptop computer, and she informed him she'd been researching prostate cancer treatments all night. Michael reminded her that Dr. Larson had warned that the Internet wasn't their friend, and she added that she'd researched how cancer affected families, especially adult children. Michael objected to telling Fen about the cancer, and Lauren questioned whether Michael expected to pretend he was fine. Michael argued that Fen had left a life of chaos behind, and he imagined that Fen would want to be home if he knew about Michael's illness.

Lauren asked if Michael anticipated lying through text messages and calls, and he clarified that he'd just omit certain information. She encouraged Michael to tell Fen over the holidays, but Michael was adamant that their Christmas be wonderful and drama-free. Lauren handed Michael a list of questions for his oncologist, and she said she was glad they were going to the doctor as a couple. She envisioned getting some real answers to decide what to do next, but after she went to get dressed, Michael tossed the list aside.

After the appointment, Michael and Lauren returned home, overwhelmed with information. She recommended that they split doing the research, and he grumbled that in addition to chemotherapy and radiation, there were three different types of hormone therapy to consider. Lauren said they'd learned that a combination of treatments could be more productive, but Michael scoffed at the idea of them being therapeutic because of all the potential side effects. She suggested they talk to a patient in remission, but Michael wanted to get a second opinion. He prepared to go to the office in an effort to have his old life back for a few hours.

Lauren pushed for Michael to seek out a second opinion instead of going to work, but he replied that he needed to make the big bucks. He said he could start researching doctors from the office, but she complained that he might not get an appointment until after the holidays if he waited. Lauren recalled that Dr. Larson wanted him to decide on a treatment option as soon as possible, but Michael countered that he might end up choosing a different oncologist. She stressed the need to start treatment right away, and he asked whether she thought that would make everything better. He pondered what would happen if the treatment prevented him from ever being a real husband to her again.

Lauren pledged her love to Michael, and she said making love to him was wonderful, but it wasn't all they were or all they had. She continued that she needed his wit and humor, and she insisted that he needed to get the treatments because Fen, Scotty, and Kevin needed him. Michael pointed out that the treatments might not even work, but he thought telling Fen the truth would ruin their son's life.

Michael imagined being dependent on Lauren for the sordid details of daily life, and it would rip every ounce of romance away until he became a thing she'd have to look after, not the man she'd once loved. Lauren ordered Michael to stop acting like he'd lost everything when it hadn't happened yet, and she vowed to stand by him, no matter what. He replied that the last time things had gotten tough, she hadn't stood by him -- she'd slept with another man.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lauren was shocked that Michael mentioned her affair with Carmine. He said that he would understand, in light of his illness, if Lauren turned to another man. Lauren protested that there was a lot more to their relationship than sex, but Michael said that she might think differently if he were reduced to being Lauren's roommate or possibly worse -- he might become totally dependent on her after his treatment. Lauren lashed out at Michael, reminding him of their wedding vows, " sickness and in health..." She proclaimed her love for Michael, telling him that cancer didn't change that.

The Baldwins began a feisty argument. Michael said that cancer changed everything. He didn't want Lauren's pity. They calmed down for a minute. Michael said he never thought "it" would happen to him. Lauren corrected him, saying " us." They began sparring again when Michael said the battle against cancer was his -- not hers. She implored him to do whatever he needed to do to "beat this." Fen walked in and, overhearing the end of Lauren's statement, said, "Beat what?"

Lauren and Michael were naturally thrilled to see their son. Fen wondered what his parents had been discussing when he'd walked in -- he thought it had sounded intense. Michael lied and said that he and Lauren had been discussing a case he was working on. Lauren appeared anxious for Michael to tell their son the truth, but when it was clear that wasn't going to happen, Lauren broke the solemn mood and asked Fen how his semester at school had been. He reported that there had been a lot of studying and a lot of partying. Lauren was concerned that Fen might have relapsed and used drugs, but he assured her that part of his life was over.

Fen told his parents he was really looking forward to his upcoming ski trip -- no classes and no books. Michael suggested that Fen start his vacation early and leave for Canada the following day. Lauren thought that was a great idea, but Fen wondered why his parents were rushing him out of Genoa City. Michael said he and Lauren felt that Fen deserved a break after working so hard to get his life back on track.

Fen left to spend the evening with some friends. After he was gone, Lauren told Michael that she really hated lying to their son. Michael said that Fen simply couldn't handle any more stress. Lauren agreed. She picked up some literature and told Michael that they should discuss his treatment options. Michael insisted he would -- but not until after the holidays. Lauren initially resisted but then acquiesced, making Michael promise they would face his disease together.

Christine stopped by to visit Paul in his police station office. She had good news -- a blood test had confirmed that she was pregnant. As Paul and Christine began kissing, Nikki walked into the office and apologized for interrupting. Paul announced the good news to Nikki, who congratulated them. Both Christine and Nikki were surprised when Paul told Nikki, "...and I have you to thank for it."

A perplexed Nikki asked Paul what he meant. He explained that if Dylan hadn't donated part of his liver to Paul, Paul wouldn't be alive. Nikki said that was true -- but that Paul should be thanking Dylan -- not her. Christine, beginning to look peeved, said that she agreed with Nikki. Christine's irritation grew as Paul and Nikki took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about how they had learned that Dylan was their son.

Even Nikki began looking uncomfortable as Paul continued to ramble. She was about to leave the office when Paul asked her why she had stopped by. She told Paul that she wanted to plan a little party to celebrate Avery and Dylan's engagement. Christine, evidently tired of hearing about Dylan, told Paul she had work to do and left.

Nikki realized that her conversation with Paul had chased Christine away. Paul explained that Christine had been very emotional lately -- it was nothing for Nikki to worry about. Paul asked if there was anything he could do to help plan the engagement party. Nikki asked Paul if he would host it with her.

After Paul and Nikki were finishing up their plans for the party, Christine returned to Paul's office and was not pleased, but not surprised, to see that Nikki was still there. Nikki began gathering her things to leave, but first talked about all the good things that had happened recently -- Victoria's baby, Ashley and Dylan's engagement, and Christine's pregnancy. Nikki said all those blessings were a nice change from the hell that Ian had put all of them through.

After Nikki left, Christine wondered why Paul was suddenly co-hosting the engagement party for Avery and Dylan. Paul said that if Christine didn't want him to co-host, he wouldn't. Christine said she would never stop Paul from being involved in his son's life. Paul wondered if he would be a good father to his and Christine's baby. Christine said that of course Paul would be good at it -- after all, Paul was kind and loving and patient. Paul reminded Christine that he had "bailed" on his first two kids.

Devon and Hilary strolled through Chancellor Park, snuggling up to each other and looking very much like a couple in love. They pulled apart as people walked past them. When they were once again alone, Devon attempted to embrace Hilary, but she told him they shouldn't show any signs of affection in public. Devon suggested they go somewhere private -- he had a new suite at the club on a private floor -- and a special keycard was necessary to gain access.

Lily slept with her head resting on Neil's shoulder in Lily's Athletic Club office. Lily was jarred awake by the ringing telephone. She answered and took care of a minor crisis occurring in the dining room. After hanging up, Lily refocused her attention on Neil, who was still holding a Braille copy of The Squishy Meatball. He was disappointed that he wasn't yet fluent enough in Braille to read Moses a bedtime story.

Neil told Lily that it had become more difficult for him to resist drinking. She begged him to call her before he gave in to temptation. She said she would do anything in her power to help prevent him from relapsing.

Hilary and Devon returned to the club, and he handed her the keycard. She was reluctant to take it, but Devon assured her that everything would be okay. They were thrown for a loop when Lily approached them and said, "My suspicions were right." They were relieved when Lily said that her suspicions concerned Neil's struggle to adapt to a life without sight.

Both Devon and Hilary said they had recently seen Neil and that he had seemed okay. Hilary thought Neil had turned a corner after Malcolm's visit. Lily said they wouldn't think all was well with Neil if they had seen him struggling to read a children's book. Lily revealed that Neil had told her he was just one drink from giving in.

Hilary left to find Neil. After Hilary left, Devon asked Lily if there was anything he could do to help. Lily said that Devon could answer a question, "Why did you invite Hilary to your private suite?" Devon lied, telling Lily that he had no idea what to get Gwen for Christmas, and he had asked Hilary to sit with him and brainstorm some gift ideas. Lily warned Devon to make sure that Gwen loved Devon the person -- not Devon, the multi-billionaire.

Alone in Lily's office, Neil took a chip commemorating his ten years of sobriety from his pocket and clutched it tightly. Hilary joined her pensive husband. Neil wondered if Lily had told Hilary that he was considering drinking. Hilary wondered why Neil hadn't told her. Neil said that he was too ashamed to say anything to Hilary, in light of how Hilary's mother had died. Neil still partially blamed himself. Hilary tried to absolve him of any guilt.

Neil told Hilary there was something he wanted her to do for him -- he wanted her to take him to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Arriving at a meeting, Neil said that Hilary would need to wait outside, since the meeting was open to alcoholics only. Neil entered the room, and the meeting began. When the leader asked who wanted to start, Nikki stood up and walked to the podium. She was astonished to see Neil in the back of the room.

Nikki stepped away from the podium and whispered to the leader that she really didn't want to share. The leader told Nikki that was okay -- then asked for another volunteer to speak. Neil stood up and said that he wanted to share. He began with the traditional, "My name is Neil, and I'm an alcoholic." Neil related the story of his accident to the group, telling them that his subsequent blindness had really tempted him to drink. He said that he had spoken with his daughter about his desire to drink -- and he'd attended a meeting -- and he hadn't taken that first drink. Nikki's expression turned to one of guilt as Neil spoke.

In the hallway outside the meeting, Hilary was on the phone with Devon. He asked Hilary how she was doing. Growing teary-eyed, she told Devon that she should have seen that Neil needed her -- that he had been struggling. Devon was about to hang up when Hilary said, "Devon -- about Christmas. You should invite Gwen." Devon appeared extremely disappointed.

Anita, laden with gifts for Connor, showed up at Chelsea's penthouse. She spotted a christening gown on the coffee table and wondered who Chelsea was sewing it for. Chelsea told her mother that the gown was for Katie, Billy and Victoria's newborn daughter. Anita, unhappy at hearing that, sarcastically said how nice it was that Chelsea was making the gown for Victoria's baby. Chelsea reminded Anita that Billy had been very nice to Connor, and Chelsea wanted to do something nice for Katie.

Chelsea said the christening gown was her way of showing Billy that she supported him being a part of Katie's life. Anita warned Chelsea that Victoria would use Katie to try to win Billy back -- and that it behooved Chelsea to keep Billy far away from Victoria and Katie. Chelsea said that Connor was growing up without a father -- and there was no way she would keep Billy away from his daughter.

Later, Chelsea, descending the stairs, told Anita that Connor was still sleeping. Anita wanted to wake the boy and give him some of his presents. Chelsea insisted on letting Connor sleep, which gave Anita more time to put in her two cents about Billy and Victoria. Chelsea admitted that if Billy wanted to be with Victoria, there was nothing she could do to stop him. Anita agreed but then held up the christening gown and told Chelsea that she didn't need "to build him a bridge to get him there." Anita gathered her things and left.

At Constance's mansion, Sage berated Adam for having visited Chelsea and Connor at Chancellor Park. Sage thought Adam had taken a big risk -- Chelsea could have recognized him. Adam said that for months, he had been watching on a computer monitor as Billy Abbott had seemingly taken over Adam's family. Adam said that he'd finally had a chance to see Chelsea and Connor in person at the park -- but Billy had interrupted the in-person meeting.

Sage admitted that she had run into Nick, who had recognized her. Adam grew angry and asked Sage if she was trying to ruin everything. Adam said that he had undergone numerous surgeries and months of physical therapy so that he could have a chance at a meaningful existence -- not so Sage could "cozy up to my ass of a brother." Sage told Adam that she had merely walked into the Underground, looking for a bite to eat -- she'd had no idea that Nick would be there. Adam admonished Sage for not leaving Nick in the woods.

Adam told Sage that being locked up in the mansion and pretending to be Constance's ne'er-do-well grandson was not his idea of living. Sage reminded Adam that Gabriel, the man Adam loved to mock, had died while saving Adam. Adam turned to Sage and asked her if her plan all along had been to make sure that he never got his life back.

Taking great offense, Sage lectured Adam about how ungrateful he had been. She rattled off all the things she had done since Gabriel had saved Adam's "miserable life." She had sat by his side while he recuperated from surgeries. She had gone to all his physical therapy sessions.

Turning to leave, Sage told Adam that she didn't know why she bothered with him. In a sinister monotone, Adam replied, "Yeah, you do. We both do." Sage turned back to Adam and warned him that if anyone was going to "blow it," it was going to be Adam, who had put himself at risk by talking to Chelsea.

Adam assured Sage that Chelsea hadn't suspected a thing. Sage said that Constance would become suspicious if Adam continued to yell out Chelsea's name in his sleep. When Adam said that he could handle "grandma," Sage said that Adam's nasty disposition and tendency to anger might prove to be his undoing. She told Adam that although Gabriel hadn't been a saint, he had a good heart.

As Sage continued to sing Gabriel's praises, Adam became more agitated and punched a chair. Sage said that was the anger she had been referring to. Adam admitted that he was angry that he had to stay at Constance's while Billy Abbott took over his life.

Sage sternly told Adam that he needed to control his anger. She reminded him that if the truth about Adam still being alive were publicly revealed, she could be charged with harboring a fugitive -- and that it might kill Constance if she learned that Gabriel had actually perished while saving Adam. Adam assured her that no one suspected a thing. Nobody -- not Sharon, Noah, Chelsea, or Victor -- had recognized him. Sage was surprise to hear that Adam had fooled Victor.

Sage asked Adam about his encounter with Victor. Adam told her that he and Victor had coincidentally ended up on the same elevator. Sage wondered if Adam had felt something when he'd run into Victor. Adam replied that he had felt a lot -- and none of it good. Sage asked Adam if the ultimate goal of his machinations was to get close to his family again. Adam replied, "Yeah, my family. Not Victor Newman." He stared at the inscription, "With much love, Dad" etched on the watch he wore.

Sage wondered if Adam had ever considered moving on -- since Chelsea obviously had. She thought that perhaps Adam could stop pretending to be Gabriel and actually become Gabriel, forgetting about Adam Newman and all the people Adam had left behind. Adam replied, "It's never gonna happen."

Sitting alone at Constance's, Adam daydreamed that Connor and Chelsea were sitting on a bench in Chancellor Park. In the daydream, Adam stood a few feet away and stared. Chelsea looked at him and said, "I know you." Adam said that he didn't think so. Chelsea insisted that she knew him from somewhere.

In the daydream, Adam finally admitted that he and Chelsea had seen each other at the Athletic Club a few days earlier and told Chelsea what a handsome boy Connor was. Chelsea said that Connor took after his father. Adam said, "Lucky man." Chelsea stood up and, with tears in her eyes, said, "Adam! It's really you! You came back to us." They began kissing.

Adam returned to reality and stared at a photograph of Chelsea and Connor. He stood up, grabbed his jacket, and left.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

At the penthouse, Chelsea thanked someone over the phone, and as she hung up, she stuffed some paperwork into an envelope. Billy descended the stairs and commented that she'd been up early, and she claimed it was a busy day with Christmas approaching. He asked if she'd been on a business call, and she reluctantly informed him that her lawyer had called about something to do with Adam. Billy repeated his promise to keep a lid on the smart remarks, and she explained that some assets had been locked in probate, but they'd just been released, so Adam's death felt final.

Billy asked if settling Adam's estate had been why Chelsea had tossed and turned the prior night, and she apologized if she'd kept him up. He wondered if she was worried about anything else, and she said she had a lot on her mind with her new clothing line. Billy offered to hire more help, but Chelsea turned the topic to something that made her happy -- Katie's christening gown -- and she pulled out a gift bag. Billy couldn't help but think that Katie's paternity was the reason Chelsea was keyed up, but Chelsea insisted she was happy for him, since the baby would be part of the new family they were building together.

Victoria held Katie in her arms while she answered the door, and Stitch presented her with flowers and gifts. Victoria remarked that Santa wasn't due for a visit yet, but Stitch thought his favorite new mother could use some pampering. Victoria groaned that she looked awful first thing in the morning, but he called her gorgeous, and he said Katie was as pretty as her mommy. The baby happily gurgled.

Victoria returned from getting dressed, and she realized Stitch had gotten Katie to go to sleep. He joked that he had that effect on women, and Victoria thanked him for the gorgeous flowers. He pointed out that he had a whole goodie bag for her, including scented lotions for foot massages. She realized that she was in need of one, and Katie fussed as the doorbell rang. Stitch volunteered to take the baby, and Victoria found Billy and Chelsea at the door. Billy saw Stitch holding Katie and remarked that it was getting to be a habit.

Victoria divulged that she and Stitch were seeing one another again, and Stitch suggested that he and Billy talk alone, but Billy said he wanted everyone to hear what he had to say. Billy recalled that he'd dug into Stitch's past to save Victoria, and he'd thought Stitch had been someone he'd never want around his child, but he'd been wrong. Billy commended Stitch for doing something selfless to protect his mom, and Stitch recognized that Billy had just been trying to protect his family. Billy announced that he didn't have any objections to Stitch spending time around his daughter, and he considered it none of his business if Victoria and Stitch wanted to start over, since he only wanted Victoria to be happy. Stitch thanked him, but Billy declared that he wasn't done.

Billy mentioned that Chelsea had said something earlier about how they were building something together and creating a family, including Katie. He credited Chelsea with handling a challenging situation with more grace than he ever could have, and he mused that he was lucky to have her in his life. Victoria noted that they'd managed to balance things with Johnny, and Stitch commented that it would be boring if life were easy. Chelsea presented the gift box to Victoria, and Victoria opened it and called the christening gown exquisite. Stitch quipped that they didn't have to look any further for a Christmas miracle.

Later, Stitch rubbed Victoria's feet, and she called it sheer bliss. He explained that he'd taken a course in reflexology, and she was grateful for higher learning. He amorously said he couldn't wait to give her the rest of her full body treatment, but Katie's cries stopped them from kissing. He immediately moved to tend to the baby, and Victoria smiled as she watched him.

Chelsea and Billy returned to the penthouse, and she gushed that she loved him and everything he'd said about her. She asked whether it had been hard for him to praise her in front of Victoria, but Billy assured her he'd been glad to get it out in the open, since Chelsea was the woman he wanted to be with. Chelsea observed that at times he'd seemed distant during the visit, and he confided that he sometimes thought about Delia when he was around Katie. He recounted that Delia had always wanted a little sister, but she'd never get to meet Katie. He suddenly had a brainstorm, and he grabbed Chelsea's hand and led her to the door.

At Crimson Lights, Fen surprised Summer with an invitation for her and Austin to join him on his skiing trip. Summer said she didn't know if Austin skied, and Fen pressed for details about Austin's hobbies, but Summer was offended that Fen thought she didn't really know her husband. Fen suggested that she get to know more about Austin on the trip, and he explained that he was protective because he cared about her. They laughed about the time Fen had tried to start a fight with Kyle, and he revealed that he'd used his protective voice when he'd warned Austin not to hurt her. Fen said he'd been channeling Summer's dad, and she asked which one.

Fen said Nick had always been Summer's dad, but Summer recalled that the last time she'd seen Fen, she'd thought Jack had been her father. Fen assured her that it didn't matter, since all she needed to be was Summer, and she groaned when she received a text message. She complained that Phyllis had been constantly badgering her to stop by or call, and she wished her mother would treat her like an adult.

Summer clarified that she loved having Phyllis back, but her mom was driving her crazy with questions about what Summer wanted to do with her life. Fen reported that his parents had seemed like they hadn't been able to wait to get rid of him when he'd shown up, and he thought they'd been acting strange. Summer told Fen she'd let him know about the ski trip, and she said she'd missed hanging out with him, since they were old friends. They hugged, and he took off.

In a suite at the Athletic Club, Adam looked at a photo of Chelsea on his phone, and Sage pounded on his door and demanded that he open up. He asked if she'd followed him, and she declared that she was there to save him from himself. Adam griped that Sage didn't get to live his life for him, but she scolded him for being reckless by disappearing, since she had to be able to reassure Constance he was safe. Adam suspected that Sage was more concerned about losing her own weird connection to Gabriel, and he flatly stated that Gabriel was dead and buried in a mismarked grave. He ordered her to get over it and move on, and Sage couldn't believe he'd say something that hurtful when she was trying to help him.

Sage cautioned that Adam had made an irrational, emotional decision to return to Genoa City, and she worried what would happen if someone discovered him. Adam proclaimed that he had a choice other than to live the rest of his life as Gabriel Bingham, and he planned to pretend to be Gabriel while getting his own life back. He explained that he'd establish himself as Gabriel, and he'd make Chelsea fall in love with him all over again. He imagined that all the things that had drawn him and Chelsea together would help them to reunite, and when the timing was right, he would tell her the truth and reclaim his life. Sage said he was delusional, since Adam faced serious jail time, and no one would forgive him for running down an innocent girl.

Adam asked if Sage thought he was a monster who had no remorse, and he insisted Delia's death had been an accident. He said he'd had a good life with a new son and a woman who'd loved him, but he'd had to put it on hold because Victor hadn't let him have something of his own. Adam swore he deserved that life, and Sage asked him to name one person in Genoa City who would give him another chance. She noted that Chelsea was with the father of the child Adam had killed, and Adam wasn't close to his family, so Sage was the only person he could trust.

Sage contended that Adam owed her and needed her, and she suggested that he consider that the next time he was tempted to treat her like dirt. She reiterated that he'd get caught and would go to prison if he continued with the charade, so Adam needed to stay dead if he wanted to have a future. Adam said his love for his son wasn't dead, and he told her to pray it worked out for both of them as he walked out.

At Jabot, Jack was surprised to find Sharon in his office, and she replied that she'd taken a chance that he wouldn't throw her out. Sharon reported that Phyllis had fired her without cause, and Jack asked if Sharon felt the action had been unjust. Sharon argued that he knew the quality of her work, and Jack acknowledged he was aware of her efforts. She asked if he also knew that Nick was pursuing full custody of Faith, and she needed a job to show the court that she led a productive, stable life. Sharon wailed that it wouldn't be fair or right if she lost her daughter because she'd been let go, and Jack testily inquired whether she wanted to talk about what was fair and right after what she'd done to him.

Jack growled that he'd lost his daughter because of Sharon, and Sharon reiterated that she hated what she'd done. He blasted Sharon for emotionally devastating Summer and for dragging him into her custody battle, but Sharon thought he could understood what was at stake because of his own custody fight over Kyle. Sharon argued that she'd worked hard to turn her life around after the mistakes she'd made, and she wasn't the same person anymore, just like Jack wasn't the same person he'd been when he'd been hooked on pills. Sharon relayed that Faith had asked if Nick was punishing Sharon, and she questioned whether it was fair that Nick was using the custody war to get back at her.

Jack admitted that he'd done things he regretted, and he could blame it on his disease, but he didn't expect people to forgive him, since he held himself responsible for his actions. Sharon fretted that Nick would use her dismissal to label her unfit because she couldn't hold down a job, and she groused that Phyllis' reasons for firing her had been strictly personal. Jack refused to second-guess Phyllis' decision, and a defeated Sharon thanked him for hearing her out. Jack recognized Sharon was in a difficult position, and he offered to give her a recommendation, although he stressed that he hadn't forgotten what she'd done. She said she'd have to learn to live with that.

At the Underground, Nick asked Noah to work some extra hours as the custody hearing approached, since Nick would have to spend more time preparing with Avery. Noah questioned whether the hearing was really necessary, and Nick reiterated that he was doing it for Faith's sake. Noah proposed that his parents share custody, since a big battle could hurt everyone, especially Faith. Nick stated that he didn't have a choice, but Noah recalled that Nick had taught him that people always had a choice. Noah contended that something Sharon had done over a year before didn't make her an unfit parent, and he believed Faith needed her mom. Noah warned that Faith might wind up hating Nick if he took her mother away, and Nick suspected Sharon had pressured Noah to intervene.

Noah admitted that Sharon had asked him to reason with Nick, and Nick called Sharon irresponsible to put Noah in the middle, but Noah asserted that he was a grown man who didn't want the tension to escalate. Noah pointed out that Nick was being irresponsible by putting his anger before what was best for Faith, and he recounted that he'd tried to convince Nick from the beginning to work something out so Faith didn't suffer. Nick grumbled that Noah was unwilling to see the situation for what it was, and he accused Sharon of using her children to get what she wanted. Mariah overheard and argued that based on Nick's logic, Faith needed protection from Nick.

Mariah sided with Noah, and she believed Nick wasn't considering what the hearing would do to her little sister. Nick pointed out that Mariah had seen how Sharon had acted when she'd lost control, and Mariah questioned whether Nick had a crystal ball to be sure Sharon would lose it again. Nick asserted that he'd fought to keep their family together, and he'd wanted things to work out badly enough to turn a blind eye, despite his family's warnings about Sharon. Mariah huffed that Nick was being a hypocrite, since he'd pretended to welcome her when all he'd wanted had been dirt on Ian. Nick defended that he'd been looking out for his family, and he urged Noah and Mariah to be there for Sharon, since Sharon would need both of them.

Noah noticed that Nick was talking like getting full custody was a done deal, and Nick conceded that he shouldn't have said negative things about Sharon, but he'd been angry when he'd found out she'd talked to Noah. Nick said he didn't want Noah and Mariah involved, but Mariah replied that they already were. She said she'd been raised by a controlling freak who'd messed with people's heads, and she'd learned that forgiving someone, especially an enemy, could "change the fabric of the universe." She conceded that she wasn't great at forgiveness, but she also wasn't a parent, so she didn't have to be a role model.

As Sharon walked in, Mariah proclaimed that Nick didn't have to pursue the custody case, and she encouraged him to just wait and see what was best for Faith instead of deciding that Sharon wasn't worthy of being Faith's mom. Nick approached Sharon, and Mariah asked Noah if she'd overstepped, but Noah appreciated the way she'd been looking out for Faith. Noah wondered where Mariah had gotten the quote about forgiveness, and she informed him that it had been in a story by a fantasy writer named Plato Sphere. Noah hoped it had worked to get through to Nick.

Nick told Sharon there was no reason why they couldn't remain civil, and Sharon said they were two people who had once loved one another who didn't want to subject their child to a fight at Christmas. Nick chided her for putting their children in the middle, but Sharon retorted that he was the one trying to rip Faith out of her life. Sharon asked if his talk with Noah had helped him to see reason, and Nick inquired whether she was in the middle of another manic phase. She barked that his comment was low, but she'd expect that from Victor's son, and Nick realized they couldn't stay civil.

Sharon said she was willing to do whatever it took to keep their family from splintering, and Nick spat that like Victor, she had the ability to justify anything. As Sage appeared in the entryway, Nick bellowed that he didn't know who Sharon was anymore, and he'd be a fool to believe anything he heard from her lying mouth. Sharon wondered when Nick had become solely focused on winning, since the worst thing he could do would be to rip Faith's mother away. Nick snarled that Sharon had repeatedly proven that she was irresponsible, and she accused him of throwing her past in her face when he'd been the one who'd destabilized everything.

Mariah pulled Sharon aside, and she advised that Sharon wouldn't be able to have a rational conversation with Nick and that talking would only make things worse. Meanwhile, Noah scoffed at Nick's idea of trying, and he grumbled that it was "like talking to a catcher's mitt." Nick turned and saw Sage, who stammered that she hadn't been there very long. Nick apologetically explained that he was going through a custody issue with his ex, but he didn't want Sage to think she'd saved the life of a "total jackass."

Nick explained to Sage that it was a necessary battle, and he asked if, by chance, she'd turned out normal after her parents had divorced. She replied that it had been more complicated than that, and he wondered what she was doing there. Sage said she'd been in the neighborhood, and he informed her that he had to pick up his daughter, but he invited her to return another time.

Mariah said Nick wouldn't stop being nasty and unfair anytime soon, and she advised Sharon to toughen up and deal with it. Mariah prepared to head home, and Noah instructed Sharon to breathe. Sharon thanked him, but she thought it was clear Nick was acting like Victor by refusing to work things out. Noah hoped Nick could still be swayed, but Sharon said she couldn't count on that, and she vowed that Nick wouldn't take Faith away, no matter what she had to do to stop him.

Jack returned home and called out for Phyllis. He was startled when Adam informed him that no one else was there, and Jack exclaimed, "Who the hell are you?" Jack demanded to know what the apparent stranger wanted, and Adam calmly replied that what he was about to say was very difficult to believe, but he knew that Jack had seen crazy things happen before. Jack thought it sounded like his uninvited guest knew him, and Adam said he knew things about Jack that other people couldn't possibly know. Jack wondered if it was some sort of shakedown, and he frantically yelled for Phyllis.

Adam stated that Phyllis was fine as far as he knew, and Jack asked if he was working with someone else. Adam requested that Jack calm down and let him explain, but Jack reached for his phone to call the police, and Adam ordered Jack to put the phone down. Adam pleaded with Jack to hear him out, and Jack demanded to know who he was and what he wanted. Adam again requested the chance to explain, and he revealed, "It's me, Jack -- Adam."

Friday, December 19, 2014

Lauren and Michael were surprised when Fen returned home, and Fen explained that he'd canceled his reservations in the hope that Summer and Austin could join him on a later flight, but the terms of Austin's plea agreement prevented him from leaving the country. Lauren volunteered to book Fen on another flight, but Fen wanted to know why his parents had been pushing him to leave ever since he'd gotten home. Michael claimed that he was concerned about Kevin, since the holidays had been tough for him after Delia's death and Chloe's departure. Fen promised to call Kevin after his trip, and Lauren wondered if Fen was still going.

Fen reported that he'd already booked a later reservation, and Lauren wished him a good trip and told him not to worry. Michael said he loved Fen as he hugged his son, and Fen departed. Lauren griped that she hated lying to Fen, but Michael maintained that their son deserved a happy Christmas, and he promised to tell Fen the truth after the holidays. Lauren stated that it couldn't be soon enough for her, and Michael brightly stated that perhaps the second doctor would have better news. Lauren recognized that Michael didn't want to talk about treatment options, but she warned that he'd have to if the next doctor concurred with Dr. Larson.

Lauren and Michael returned home after getting a second opinion, and she mentioned it had been the same as the first, so she wanted to go over his treatment options. Michael countered that there was no reason to rush, since he was already looking into getting a third opinion, but she argued that he'd already seen the top two oncologists in the state. Michael insisted on getting another opinion before he made a huge decision, but she stressed the importance of moving forward. He swore he would once he was confident he had an accurate diagnosis, and she suggested that they agree on a plan of attack to avoid delaying treatment. Michael refused to prepare for something that might not happen.

At the cottage, Kevin helped Mariah decorate, and when she grumbled about the holidays, he guessed that she'd never shared them with the right person. Mariah quoted from Plato Sphere's story that there was no right person, only right choices, and Kevin asked if she'd chosen to be a Scrooge. He held a sprig of mistletoe over her head and queried what she was going to do about it, and she replied that she wouldn't do what he hoped. He teased her for being afraid, but she declared that she couldn't be easily manipulated by a guy hanging a glorified piece of parsley over her head. He tossed the mistletoe aside, and they moved in close to kiss, but Sharon arrived home.

Sharon apologized for interrupting, but Mariah nervously insisted Sharon hadn't, since Mariah and Kevin had just been trimming the tree. Kevin said he had to help with the police department's charity event, and he wished the women a merry Christmas. After Kevin departed, Sharon noticed the mistletoe on the floor, and she said it was okay for Mariah to admit that she had feelings for Kevin, but Mariah protested that she didn't "do feelings." Sharon recalled that Mariah had felt something for Tyler, and she wanted to be there for Mariah. Sharon encouraged Mariah to tell her something she didn't know about Mariah.

Sharon prepared some peppermint tea, and she asked Mariah again about Kevin. Mariah maintained they were just friends, and she said Kevin understood her and didn't judge her. Sharon noted that it could be a basis for something more, but Mariah preferred to go with something less. Sharon recognized that Mariah was playing it safe, and she counseled that if Mariah closed herself off to love, Mariah wouldn't get hurt, but she also wouldn't be loved. Mariah replied that she wasn't sure she knew what love was.

Mariah questioned how she could know something was real if she couldn't see or touch it, and Sharon explained that love was about a feeling one got when being in a certain person's arms or seeing that person walk into a room. Mariah knew who Sharon was talking about, and Sharon admitted that despite everything, she still loved Nick. Sharon recognized that Mariah had felt she wasn't lovable her entire life, but it wasn't true, and Sharon loved her. Sharon thought that Mariah would find the kind of love Sharon and Nick had shared, and Mariah said Faith had been lucky to have Sharon throughout her whole life. Sharon replied that she was happy to have both of her daughters, and she hoped they didn't lose Faith. Mariah proclaimed that Nick might think he could take Sharon on, but he didn't stand a chance against the two of them.

At Crimson Lights, Christine chuckled when Paul appeared in a Santa costume, and he thought Dylan had done a great job decorating for the children's Christmas party that the police department was hosting. He hoped the party would help convince the community to stand behind Dylan and other small business owners to preserve the neighborhood, and he added that Dylan and Avery were out hanging flyers for the rally. Christine assumed volunteers from the police department would be there to assist, but Paul reported that everyone else was on duty, so he was prepared to handle 200 children himself. Christine left to get him some help, and Nick entered with Faith, who wanted to talk to Santa. Nick sent her to the counter to get a cookie first, and he was pleased to see that Paul was playing Santa, since Nick needed a Christmas miracle.

Nick divulged to Paul that things had been rough with Faith, who had been taking out her anger on Nick, and he hoped Paul could get her to mention what she wanted for Christmas. Paul agreed to help, and Nick informed Faith that Santa was ready to talk to her. Faith plopped down on Paul's lap, and she presented him with a cookie. He asked if she'd been a good girl, and she replied that she'd been much nicer than a lot of grown-ups, so she thought she should get something nice that year. She revealed that she only wanted one thing -- for her mom and dad to be married.

Paul explained that weddings weren't on the list of wishes Santa could grant, since his elves couldn't make them in the workshop. Faith mentioned that she'd asked for her mom and dad to get back together the year before, and Santa had made that happen, so she didn't understand why he couldn't honor her request. Paul said weddings happened when two people loved one another, and Faith asserted that her parents did. Paul gently told her that it was something only her parents could make happen, and he wished he could give her what she wanted, but he couldn't. He asked if there was anything else he could get for her, and she forlornly said no.

Kevin urged Paul to take a break, and he asked if he could put in a holiday request to give the place a reprieve from the corporate raiders. Paul said he was there to build community support for the coffeehouse, and Kevin implied that handing out raises would help, but Paul joked that his reindeer worked for peanuts. Fen pulled Kevin aside and said his flight had been delayed, so he'd wanted to check in and see how Kevin was doing. Kevin wondered why he hadn't just sent a text message, and Fen said his parents had told him why Michael had been acting weird. Kevin assumed that Fen knew everything, and he remarked that Michael would need tons of love and support to beat the cancer. Fen was stunned.

Paul handed out candy canes to the kids, and Christine appeared in an elf costume and asked if he needed help. After all the children left, Paul told Christine that he'd been thinking about Faith and Nick, and Christine guessed the girl wanted her parents back together. Paul commented that it was the one thing Newman money couldn't buy, and it was hard to see kids hurt by their parents' mistakes. Christine declared that their kid would have perfect parents, and they kissed. He asked what she wanted for Christmas, and she replied that she was lucky that year, since she had everything she wanted.

Nick and Faith returned to the tack house with shopping bags, and Nick asked what she wanted to do next, but she glumly said she didn't care. He recognized that she was upset because Santa couldn't give her what she wanted, but Faith contended that Nick could if he talked to her mommy. Nick acknowledged that Faith wanted them to be a family, and she reminded him that he'd promised, but he maintained that it was no longer possible. Faith complained that it wasn't fair, and Nick encouraged her not to hide her feelings, since it was okay to be hurt and angry.

Faith wished things could be different, and Nick agreed, but he told her that although she had a right to be upset, she'd eventually have to accept the way things were. He pledged to do everything possible to make it a good Christmas, and he pointed out that she'd get to have two Christmases. Faith groused that she still had to go back and forth between houses, and Nick promised it would be okay. Nick fetched more ornaments from upstairs, and he called out for Faith, but he received no response.

Sharon gazed at a family photo, and she was surprised when Nick stopped by. He asked if Faith was there, and Sharon said their daughter was supposed to be with him. He reported that Faith had been, but she'd taken off, and he thought she might have run away.

Michael made an appointment with another doctor, and Lauren asked if he really believed the doctor would tell him anything different than the other two physicians had. He contended that it was a slow-growing cancer, so he didn't have to make a decision right away. Fen suddenly burst in with Kevin close behind, and Fen pulled Michael into a fierce hug. Michael glared at Kevin.

Fen asked how Michael was feeling and how Lauren was holding up, and they swore they were fine. Fen questioned why they hadn't told him the truth, and Lauren informed him they'd wanted to wait until after the holidays. Michael snarled that Kevin had had another plan, and Fen said Kevin had thought he'd known. Fen contended that they shouldn't have lied to him, and Michael argued that it had been his decision to make. Michael swore he'd be honest with Fen, but he warned Kevin not to make any more accidental slips. Fen thought Michael had to tell Gloria, but Michael insisted on knowing everything he was facing before he told anyone else.

Fen inquired whether there was anything else that his parents weren't telling him, and Michael complained that everyone was worrying and thinking the worst when it was supposed to be the happiest time of the year. Michael resolved to beat it one way or the other and proclaimed that they should celebrate. Michael left to look for a bottle of something sparkling, and Lauren, Kevin, and Fen exchanged somber glances.

At Delia's memorial, Sage looked at the flowers and stuffed animals lovingly placed along the roadside, and she called "Gabriel" and left a message for him to call her right away. She gasped when saw someone approaching, and she quickly ducked out of sight. Billy led Chelsea to the site, and she asked why he'd wanted to go there. Sage listened as Billy explained that he wanted Delia to know about her sister.

Billy recalled that Delia had had the best smile and that she'd known how to use it when she'd wanted something, but there was one wish he hadn't been able to grant. He remembered that every year when she'd blown out her birthday candles or pulled on a wishbone, she'd wished for the same thing, and she'd once asked Santa for a big stocking that would fit a little sister. He reached into his pocket and retrieved a photo of Katie, and he declared that Delia had finally gotten her wish. He set Katie's photo next to a framed picture of Delia, and he hoped both Delia and Katherine were raising a pretend teacup to Katie. Billy tearfully said that he'd wanted Delia to know about Katie, and he promised that Katie would know all about Delia.

Sage started to leave, but Billy and Chelsea heard her footsteps, and they called out to her. Sage apologized for intruding, and she claimed that she'd had a flat tire down the road, so she'd been trying to find her way back to a market she'd passed. Billy pointed out the parking lot up the road, and Chelsea offered her a ride, but Sage declined. Billy and Chelsea watched Sage leave, and later, Sage left another message for Adam and hoped he hadn't done anything stupid.

Chelsea asked if Billy was ready to go, but he said not yet. He told Delia that just because he had a new daughter didn't mean he didn't miss Delia like crazy, and he had happy thoughts about her every day, just like he'd promised. He admitted it hadn't been easy, but he had an amazing woman who'd been helping him. He said he wanted Delia to know he would be thinking about her a lot over Christmas, and he picked up a drawing that said Delia would be forever in their hearts. He wished Delia a merry Christmas.

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea and Billy toasted to Delia with glasses of wine, and she repeated that Delia would forever be in their hearts. He said he'd never imagined being that happy again, and there would always be a hole in his heart that would never be filled, but Katie and Chelsea made it bearable. He looked forward to spending the new year with Chelsea, and they clinked their glasses together.

At the Abbott mansion, Adam insisted to Jack that he was Adam Newman, but Jack incredulously declared that Adam had perished in a horrible accident, and Adam's body had been identified. Adam contended that it was what everyone thought, and Jack barked that Adam was playing a sick joke. Jack ordered Adam to leave, and Adam begged Jack not to call the police, since he could prove who he was. Jack called Adam sick and twisted, but Adam referred to the diary he and Jack had faked to frame Victor. Adam mentioned that Jack had gone to Hawaii to prove that Skye wasn't dead, and he contended that he and Jack were the only ones who had known Stephanie had overdosed on booze and pills on New Year's Eve in that very room.

Adam recounted that Jack had called Adam for help, and Adam had taken care of everything and had covered for Jack with the police. Adam questioned who else would know all of that, and Jack suspected that "the Moustache" was trying to set him up. Jack ordered Adam to go back and tell his boss it wouldn't work, but Adam swore he wasn't there to spy, and he said that he needed Jack to listen to him. Adam insisted that he knew things Victor couldn't possibly know, like where Stephanie's body had been, and he pointed out the spot where she'd died and described the position she'd been in. Adam recounted that the last time they'd seen one another, he'd said Jack had been the father that Victor had never been to him, and he'd meant it.

Adam rambled that he'd trusted Jack with everything, including his son, and it wasn't a sick joke or a scam. Adam maintained he was Adam Newman, and Jack stared at him for a moment and said he believed Adam. Jack suddenly slugged Adam, who remarked that Jack still had a great right cross, but he had expected a warmer reception. Jack retorted that he was being kind and warm compared to anyone else, and he asked what had happened, since Adam's body had been found in the river after the car had blown up. Adam explained that he'd been knocked unconscious, and when he'd woken up, he'd been alone and trapped, but everything else was a blur.

Adam remembered freezing in the river and having visions of Chelsea and Connor, and someone had pulled him out of the water. He continued that he'd awakened in a hospital bed in someone's house with his face bandaged, too weak to talk. Adam flashed back to Sage calling him "Gabriel," and he'd managed to croak that he wasn't Gabriel, and she'd said she knew. Adam explained that Gabriel had been the man who'd rescued him, but Gabriel hadn't made it out, and Jack realized Gabriel had died saving Adam. Adam said he'd been found in Gabriel's coat with his face burned beyond recognition, and he'd allowed everyone to think he was Gabriel. Jack questioned where Adam had been the whole time and how he'd gotten a different face, and Adam replied that he'd had help.

Jack asked why a stranger had helped Adam hide from the police, and Adam mentioned that her name was Sage. Adam revealed that she'd arranged the plastic surgery for him to have Gabriel's face, and she'd made it possible for him to take over Gabriel's life. Adam confided that she'd bribed the coroner to say the dental records matched, and Jack marveled that Adam had fooled them all. Adam said he'd been desperate, and he hoped Jack understood. Jack coldly said he understood that Adam had been desperate to get away with killing Delia.

Adam said he'd never meant to hide what had happened to Delia, and he was truly sorry he'd hurt a lot of people. He recognized that there was nothing he could say that could make up for Jack's loss, and Jack lectured that it had devastated Chloe and Billy. Adam swore it had been an accident, and Jack asked why he hadn't told the truth. Adam noted that he was considered Genoa City's resident villain, and he hadn't thought anyone would believe he hadn't seen Delia on the road. He questioned whether Jack would have believed him, and Jack countered that Adam had never given him the chance.

Jack recalled that Adam had kept asking if Jack believed in redemption, and Adam divulged that he'd been ready to turn himself in when Billy and Chloe had decided to donate Delia's corneas to Connor, but he'd feared they'd change their minds if they'd known he'd hit Delia. Jack wondered why Adam hadn't said anything after the operation, and Adam said he'd finally had the life he'd wanted. Adam explained that he'd recorded a confession that he'd left for Chelsea, and he'd been on his way to turn himself in when Billy had shown up. Jack was surprised Adam had returned after he'd confessed, and Adam explained that he'd lost a year of his life, but he couldn't afford to lose more time with his son. Jack huffed that Adam's son was alive, but Billy's child was gone forever.

Adam stated that no one felt worse than he did, but he knew Billy had suffered more than he had. Adam contended that telling everyone the truth wouldn't lessen the pain or get Delia back, but Connor deserved to have a father. Jack countered that Delia deserved justice, and Adam thought it was justice enough that he had to live with what he'd done. Adam said he was there for his family, and Jack asserted that Adam should understand what Jack had to do. Jack reached for the phone, and Adam implored him not to call the police, but Jack clarified that he was calling Billy.

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