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The media exploded with Bill's headlines, and Ridge pressed Eric to activate the morality clause in Rick's contract to remove Rick from power. Rick remained devoted to Maya, who hid out to save him from shame. Eric asked Rick to step down as CEO, but Rick refused to vacate his chair without a fight.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 18, 2015 on B&B
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Maya told Rick she is transgender

Maya told Rick she is transgender

Monday, May 18, 2015

In Rick's old office, Nick arrived with a security pass, looking for Maya. He explained to Ridge that Maya had told him about a special event that evening. Ridge guessed that Nick was there to wish her luck. Nick said luck had a way of failing people like him and Maya, but after praying, wishing, and dealing with casual contempt, one learned to forget luck and have one's own back.

Ridge didn't think the evening would go well for Maya because she'd lied to Rick. Nick asked what Maya had lied about. Ridge assumed that Nick thought Ridge was a bigot. Nick quipped that Ridge had gay friends. Ridge acknowledged that he did, and those friends put a high value on coming out -- something that Maya hadn't done. Nick said Maya wasn't gay. "Is that how it works?" Ridge asked.

Nick said that "coming out" was for when one was hiding something. He claimed that Maya showed her true face every day, and her medical facts, in the wrong hands, could destroy everything about her -- just as it had done when she had been a child. Nick claimed that coming out made gay people feel whole but made "us" feel broken.

Ridge sympathized with Maya -- partially. He said she'd put it on herself, not because of her gender but because she'd picked the wrong guy. Nick said Maya didn't think so, but Ridge told him to check with Maya the next day. Nick asked if Maya would lose her job. Ridge assumed so, and Nick said Maya had made great friends on the road to success.

Nick turned to leave. Ridge thanked him for stopping by because Ridge had learned something. Nick said to prove it by not discriminating, which was against the law to do in the workplace.

At Spencer, Bill and Justin discussed titles for Bill's story about Rick not knowing that "she was a he." Bill said that it was just the two of them in the room. "Knowing what we know, do you...?" Bill asked. Justin declared, "Oh, no," and Bill decided that they had to find a picture of Maya in pants.

Justin called three reporters into the office to devise angles for Spencer's scandal sheets, fine photography, and high fashion outlets. One reporter didn't understand where they were taking the story. Bill explained that they had it on good authority from Maya's sister that she had been born a man, and Rick didn't know about it. Another reporter asked if they were quoting Nicole.

The first reporter interrupted and said it wasn't news about a transgender person in fashion. Bill said it was. The reporter said that they were going to out the woman and destroy her career relationships "because..." Bill stated that it was because that was their story and because Bill said so. Bill guessed the guy wanted to write about kittens and flowerpots. The guy said he wanted to work for a human being and left. Bill asked if anyone else in there had a problem with his conscience.

The two remaining reporters sat down to take notes. Bill told them that the subtext of each story was about Rick getting his comeuppance as an "abusive bastard." One reporter asked if Rick had abused Caroline. "You could say 'shots were fired,'" Bill responded. Bill told them to hurry. He wanted their copy in thirty minutes. As they hustled out of the office, he yelled, "We need to get this out!"

Alone with Justin, Bill played a slideshow of some covers and article pages. "Forrester in Tran-sition," "Wearing and Sharing the Pants in the Family," and "Strange Bed Fellows" were the titles. Bill said the last one pushed the bounds of good taste but then wondered what he knew of good taste. Justin asked if Bill was sure. Bill said he was, and Justin called someone to make the stories go live.

Back at Forrester, Brooke and Eric fretted about Rick and Maya. Eric wanted it to stay a family matter, and Brooke was glad that Spencer had pulled the story. Brooke stared at her phone and said Rick always had his phone on, and it was set to buzz an alert for a story about Forrester or himself. Eric said not to call Rick, and Rick would call if he needed them.

Brooke didn't want to see Rick hurt again. Eric said they'd be there for Rick, and whatever happened in Big Bear would stay there. Brooke heard some notifications from Rick's computer and guessed it was a Forrester news alert. They checked the computer and gasped at Bill's headlines.

At Big Bear, Rick wasn't sure of what he was hearing. Maya said she'd been named after her grandfather, and Rick asked who would give a little girl an old man's name. She said that, before a name, she had been given a sex, but sometimes, that had to change just like the name.

Rick averted his eyes. Maya said he could still look at her; however, there was no boy there, and she'd never been a man. She noted that she'd had a tracheal shave, her forehead was smaller, her eyebrows higher, and her jaw softened. She had the same chin and nose, and her voice had always been high. "And there are other things, too, that you don't need explained," she added.

Maya claimed that the changes had been important to her, but they hadn't turned her into a different person, and she was still the same person he'd known an hour earlier. Rick asserted that the person he knew would have told him when they'd first met, and he asked why she hadn't.

Maya claimed that she'd been wrong about it but hadn't convinced herself of how wrong until then. Rick asserted that she'd known he'd wanted a life with her, a family, and children, but she'd said nothing to him. Maya claimed that she understood. Rick told her that she didn't and asked if she'd thought he'd hate her or hurt her. He asked if she'd thought he was so na´ve that she could keep him in the dark forever. She claimed she hadn't lied to him. "The hell you didn't lie," he shot back.

Rick said he'd asked Maya about the pills. Maya said she'd sworn she'd never make the mistake again of accepting another proposal without saying anything. Rick asked if she was saying she hadn't told Carter, and Rick swiveled himself around in despair as he guessed the answer. He asked if it had been about keeping her job. Maya said Rick knew what she feared losing.

Later, Maya wheeled her bags to the door and said it was the reason she'd followed Rick up there in her own car. Rick asked if she couldn't even have the conversation with him. He guessed she'd already made her mind up about what he'd say and that she'd decided he'd be unapproachable or in shock. She said she knew he'd see her differently, and she'd wanted to put it off for as long as she could. Rick replied that nothing shocked him worse than betrayal. She claimed she hadn't betrayed him.

Maya claimed that she'd never been false to him in her feelings and actions. Rick asked when she'd transitioned. She said it had been in her teens, and she'd done stupid things like buying hormones on the streets. The side effects had landed her in a clinic that had taken care of her. Jesse had helped her transition until she and the police had found out how he'd been getting the money.

Maya stated that it was hard when she'd been told her whole life that no one would love her. She was sorry she hadn't told Rick sooner.

Maya turned to leave, but Rick asked her to wait. Rick understood Maya's feelings because of how he'd grown up, groomed to be Eric Forrester Jr. He said he'd grown up in the shadow of expectation for who he'd be and had been reminded when he hadn't lived up to it. The women in his life had loved his name more than him. When he'd first met Maya, he'd wanted to be liked for himself.

Rick said Maya had been right to wait to tell him, because if they'd been new, he would have thought it had been a trick. He said he knew Maya, and she was always the same woman no matter what. She'd always put him first, and when everyone hated him, she loved him more.

Across the room, Rick's phone zapped to life with a silent tidal wave of alerts. Rick asked if there was more. Maya said there wasn't. Rick was glad she'd told him and asked what it changed. He didn't care who she'd been named after. He just knew he loved her and wanted to spend his life with her. The tearful Rick asked her not to walk away, and crying, the two hugged.

Protecting family and business

Protecting family and business

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

by Pam

At Big Bear, Maya and Rick discussed that nothing had to change. Rick maintained that it was "nobody's business but ours," he said. Maya confessed that Brooke, Eric, Ridge, Carter, and Nicole all knew. Rick was shocked.

Maya tried to explain that it had all started with Nicole, who had initially threatened her. Maya explained that Carter had found out and told Ridge -- who had told Rick's parents. Rick freaked out that so many people knew. "How could you let this happen?" Rick asked. He worried that he was an office joke. Rick worried that Ridge would lord it over him.

Rick worried that his mother had insisted that Maya tell Rick the truth, but Maya explained that Brooke had known Maya had planned to tell Rick that night. Maya wanted to do something to help, and she picked up her phone, but Rick told her not to look at her phone. Maya was shocked at the headlines.

Rick's phone started to beep with a multitude of text and media messages. Rick was in shock too. Maya looked concerned. She predicted it would not be as bad as it seemed, but Rick was skeptical. Rick said that he would get Carter to force Bill Spencer to remove the stories.

Rick added that half the world was asleep. The eastern US and the rest of the world might never see the stories. Rick promised to take care of it. "I'll take care of it. I'll take care of us," Rick promised.

Rick called Bill Spencer and appealed to Bill to remove the articles. Rick didn't want Bill to destroy Rick's and Maya's lives. Bill scoffed and advised that Rick had mistreated everyone at Forrester. He was getting what he deserved. Bill hung up, and Rick worried.

At Forrester, Ridge met with Eric and Brooke, and they looked at the online articles about Maya. They maintained it would be a nightmare in the media. The phone started ringing, and Ridge was furious that Bill Spencer was trying to humiliate them.

Brooke claimed she would talk to Bill, but Nick entered and wondered what had happened. Nick reminded them that he had expected Ridge to keep his promise to keep the news in the family. Nicole entered and blamed Ridge for the news outbreak, but Brooke chimed in that they all knew who had spoken to the media.

All eyes were on Nicole, and Ridge asked if she had a guilty conscience. Nicole responded that Wyatt wouldn't have said anything. Nick responded that Wyatt had had no business hearing Maya's story.

Nick marveled that Nicole had shared Maya's story without her permission or knowledge. "Maya didn't get a voice or a vote," he said.

Nick reminded Nicole that transgender women had been murdered when they had been outed. Brooke understood because she had seen it in the news, and Nick noted that it had never been a problem that would have caught the attention of anyone at Forrester because it didn't affect them.

Eric took a call from Rick, and Rick blamed Ridge for the publicity. Eric defended Ridge and added that they knew who had shared the news with Spencer. Rick maintained that he loved Maya, and Eric understood. Rick said he would force Bill to take down the stories to protect Forrester, but Eric doubted that Bill would budge.

Rick promised that he would handle it. Eric voiced his encouragement and faith in Rick. Rick vowed to rise above the scandal, humiliation, and mockery because he had done it countless times. Maya overheard Rick, and she looked disappointed.

Rick promised his father that he would do "whatever it takes" to keep Forrester's image untarnished. "I swear it," Rick said. Eric maintained that he was worried about Rick -- not the company. Rick promised to take care of things.

Rick and Eric hung up, and Brooke asked how Rick had sounded. Nicole voiced that it was Maya she was worried about -- not Rick. Nicole worried that she had made a mistake and hurt her sister. "I never meant to hurt her," Nicole said. Nick noted that it could have all been prevented. "She'll never forgive me. I lost my sister all over again," Nicole said. Nick said he had an idea.

At Spencer, Katie entered Bill's office and chastised him for sharing Maya's story publicly. Bill defended himself and said that he made choices to protect his business and his family.

"Rick is my family," Katie shouted. Bill scoffed and said that Rick had made his bed and needed to have his girlfriend keep him warm in it. Bill reminded Katie of what Rick had done to his niece, but Katie fired back that Caroline could handle herself. Bill promised to run his business as he saw fit.

Bill and Katie continued to argue. Katie said that Bill needed to remember to do the right thing at times, even if it meant he would make less money. Bill scoffed, but Katie reminded him that he had held Maya up to public ridicule. Bill called Katie a hypocrite.

Bill's phone rang, and Eric had called. Bill feigned that it was good to her from him. Eric reminded Bill that an organization called GLAAD would be happy to hear the news about Maya, but they would also be vocal about the way Bill had shared the news. Bill promised to let the public decide how they liked it. Eric reminded Bill that his sister, Karen, was a huge supporter of GLAAD and one if its largest donors. Bill sighed and hung up.

At Big Bear, Maya worried that things were getting worse. Rick promised to call Carter and get a court order that prevented Bill Spencer from sharing the stories. Rick wanted to get out of the public eye. Maya announced that she was not ashamed. Rick looked at the Spencer articles that were headlined "Uncanny Tranny" and "Mama Maya." "Such an embarrassment," Rick shouted.

Maya was hurt. She took her stuff and left, but Rick followed her. He advised that it was hard for him to deal with the information. He begged her not to leave. Maya drove off, and Rick followed her in his car.

On the back roads, Rick honked at Maya and called her repeatedly on his phone. Maya finally answered, and Rick begged her to pull over, but Maya sobbed. She pleaded with Rick to tell her that he still loved her and wanted to marry her. She didn't want him to be embarrassed by her. Maya didn't hear an answer then the line went dead. Maya cried harder because she thought Rick had rejected her, but she didn't realize that Rick's car had crashed.

All the cryptic warnings

All the cryptic warnings

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

by Pam

Rick was woozy and heard the muffled voices of Brooke, Eric, and the doctor. They discussed how lucky Rick was to have survived the car crash. Rick opened his eyes. He was in his bedroom at the Forrester mansion, and he asked about Maya. "Is she here?" Rick asked in a panic.

Rick continued to quiz Eric and Brooke, who tried to calm him down. Rick maintained that he had to see Maya. He had to talk to her. She had been ahead of him on the road from Big Bear.

The doctor told Rick that he was lucky he hadn't sustained a head injury. The doctor suggested that Rick relax and take care of himself first. The doctor left, and Brooke insisted that Rick calm down. Rick wanted to call Maya, but Brooke reminded Rick that Maya had lied to him.

Rick argued that Maya had not been clear about some things, but there were no lies. He insisted that he still loved her, and he tried to get out of bed, but his ribs hurt. Brooke ordered Rick to stay in bed.

Brooke said there would be no more discussion until Rick got some rest. Rick said he had offended Maya and hadn't meant to do it. He realized that what he'd said to Bill and his dad had upset her. Rick wanted a phone. Brooke refused and told Rick that Maya could wait.

Rick blamed Bill for the publicity and Ridge because Ridge had known, but Brooke and Eric said that no one had wanted to tell Rick because that had been up to Maya. Brooke reiterated that Rick needed to rethink his feelings.

Brooke said that Maya should have told Rick before he'd made her the face of the company. Rick said he still wanted to marry Maya. Rick shook his head that everybody had been talking behind his back. Ridge and Carter had issued cryptic warnings. "I didn't know Maya -- they kept saying," Rick said. Brooke and Eric told Rick to get some rest. They promised to spend the night, and they went downstairs.

In her old apartment Maya was in tears, and she typed a letter of resignation on a laptop computer. She recalled Rick's words about how he would handle the scandal, humiliation, and mockery because he had done it countless times before. She remembered he had called it a disaster.

A knock on Maya's door interrupted her thoughts. Nicole entered, and Maya was glad that Nicole had found the apartment. Nicole asked why Maya was there. Maya explained that it was where she had lived before. "This is where I live now," she said. Nicole sat down and hugged her sister. "It was my fault," Nicole said. She explained that she had told Wyatt about Maya.

Maya was shocked. She scolded Nicole for telling the biggest publisher in the industry and reminded her sister that Nicole had tried to dissuade Maya from telling the man she loved, but Nicole had told a perfect stranger. "Please believe me. I didn't want to hurt you," Nicole cried.

Maya said it wasn't all Nicole's fault. Maya admitted she should have handled it differently.

Nicole assumed that Rick had walked out on Maya, but Maya said that she had been the one to walk out. Maya admitted that Rick had proposed, and it had been the "most beautiful, romantic moment" of her life, and she'd wanted to say yes, but she hadn't been able to until she'd told Rick the truth.

Maya shared that Rick had been shocked and disappointed that she hadn't told him sooner. "He still loved me," Maya said. Nicole wondered what had gone wrong.

Maya explained that Rick had been upset that Brooke, Eric, Carter, and Ridge had all known before she'd told Rick. Then Rick's phone had lit up with all the stories that had appeared online, and Rick had called his father, but the conversation had been about how much shame and embarrassment the news had caused at Forrester. "I wasn't gonna sit there and listen to that," Maya said.

Maya lamented that she and Rick could have handled everything, but the media fallout and press backlash had put his career, his business, and his family in a horrible situation. Maya added that she had resigned from Forrester.

Nicole was surprised. "You can't quit," she said. Maya said that she had to because Rick needed someone he could trust and rely on. Nicole maintained that Forrester could endure a little bad press, but Maya disagreed. "Rick is a good man, but this is bigger than us," she said.

Nicole asked what had happened to end the relationship. Maya explained that she had left the cabin and driven home in her car, and Rick had followed her. He had called her repeatedly on her cell phone, and when Maya had finally answered, she'd asked if he'd still wanted to marry her, but he'd hung up.

Maya lamented that Rick would have accepted her if she had told him before anyone else had found out -- especially Ridge. Nicole asked if Maya had checked her phone to see if Rick had called, and Maya said she'd turned it off because she'd received so many media calls.

At Forrester, Pam lamented that every tabloid had news that Maya was transgender. Ridge said Bill was taking advantage of it. Pam said that Charlie had predicted that Maya was transgender, but she hadn't believed him. Ridge was surprised that Charlie had known, but Pam explained that Charlie hadn't heard it from anyone. He had just known.

Jake entered with the email Maya had sent to HR -- her resignation. He asked if he should forward it to Rick or Eric, but Ridge stepped in. "I'll take care of it." Ridge said.

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke and Eric sat in the living room and stared at the portrait of Maya. Brooke said that Maya should have told Rick sooner. "She let him down just like Amber and Caroline -- every other woman in Rick's life," Brooke said. She wondered where Maya was -- she should have been with Rick.

Eric defended Maya. He said she probably felt unwelcome, and she might not have known about Rick's accident. Brooke reiterated that she hoped Rick would take some time to rethink his feelings.

Eric and Brooke talked, and the front door opened. Ridge entered, and he overheard them, but he slipped past them, unnoticed. He headed straight upstairs to see Rick. Ridge asked Rick what he wanted to do about the press, and Rick said that Forrester did not respond to negative publicity.

Ridge said he had some other news, and he handed Maya's resignation letter to Rick. "No, no, no, she can't do this," Rick exclaimed. Ridge offered to help. He said that Rick was clearly tied up with personal problems. "Then I will take over," Ridge offered. Rick knew that Ridge would take advantage of the situation.

Ridge laid into Rick. He accused Rick of being arrogant when he had taken up with Maya. Ridge shouted that Rick had tried to make Maya the next Forrester matriarch and had even put her painting up in the mansion.

Ridge accused Rick of freaking out on Maya just like he had with Caroline. "You snapped. You lost it like you always lose it," Ridge said. Ridge berated Rick. "You brought this on yourself," Ridge said. He walked out of the room, and Rick, in severe pain, jumped out of bed and chased after Ridge.

Brooke told Rick not to think about Maya

Brooke told Rick not to think about Maya

Thursday, May 21, 2015

At Forrester, Ridge handled calls from the press. He asked Eric were Rick was, and Eric said Rick wouldn't be in. Ridge asked if their fearless leader would hide under the covers until his debacle blew over. Eric told Ridge to have compassion, but Ridge couldn't, especially not after Rick had attacked him.

Eric asked when it had happened, and Ridge said he'd seen Rick while Brooke and Eric had been in the living room. Eric assumed Ridge had slipped in to berate Rick. Ridge said it hadn't been to berate; it had been to have his say, and as usual, Rick hadn't been able to deal with it, proving Rick's instability.

Ridge felt that Rick needed help, and while he got it, Ridge would run the company. Ridge said Rick was a mess and needed professional help. Eric didn't think Rick was a mess. Instead, Rick had issues, according to Eric. Ridge said the issues affected everyone else.

Eric didn't think they had to decide anything immediately. Ridge disagreed, saying the unstable Rick had attacked Ridge, and when the company was in crisis due to Rick, Rick took the day off. Eric didn't think they could blame Rick for the media debacle. Ridge did and asserted that Eric should, too.

Ridge argued that Rick had centered the business upon a woman he'd barely known. Rick had created a toxic work environment, carried a gun to the office, and shot at Ridge and Caroline. Ridge said it was enough, and Eric had to make Rick go. Eric wanted to cut Rick a break because twenty-four hours hadn't passed. Ridge asked how long they should wait while the scandal grew.

Eric called the scandal nonsense. He said it was a personal smear from Bill, and Eric was more worried about Rick. Ridge suggested that Eric go and hold Rick's hand and put Ridge in control. Ridge knew that Eric couldn't just snap his fingers to do it, but it might be easier with Maya gone.

Eric looked surprised as Ridge said Maya had resigned the previous night. Eric guessed Ridge had gone to Rick to rub it in. Ridge asked Eric to stop making Ridge the bad guy. Ridge disliked the dissension in the family. Eric guessed Ridge believed it was all Rick's fault.

Ridge claimed he hadn't said that, but Rick liked to find someone to blame when his life didn't go his way. Ridge asked who was responsible for Rick attacking Ridge, wrecking the car, and hiding out with mommy when he should be there, leading the company.

Ridge believed that Rick was in an emotional free-fall, and they needed to act. Ridge asked Eric to look at the morality clause -- the behavioral clause. Ridge believed it would be good for Rick and the company if Rick took a break. Eric said he'd talk to Rick.

At the apartment above Dayzee's, Maya watched her phone ring and dismissed calls from Rick. Nicole arrived, sorry for what she'd done. She asked if Rick had reached out to Maya. Maya said that phone calls or texts wouldn't change anything, and when it all died down, Rick could get on with his life without her. Maya declared it was over and had to be that way.

Nicole urged Maya to talk to Rick, but Maya insisted that a clean break was best in light of the press. "To hell with the press!" Nicole exclaimed. Maya stated that there were too many complications. Nicole asked if being a transgender woman had become about complications, and she told Maya to fight for Rick just as Maya had fought for herself. Maya declared that Nicole didn't understand.

Maya felt that, after all Rick had given her, she had no right to ask for anything else -- especially if it resulted in months of scandal, whispers, and stares. Nicole berated herself for what she'd done and for thinking she could fit into "this" world. She sat beside Maya and hugged her.

At the mansion, Brooke carried breakfast into Rick's room. Rick was trying to call Maya. Brooke told him to let Maya reach out to him if -- or when -- she was ready. Rick claimed that Maya's past had nothing to do with the woman he loved, but Brooke said it did because keeping secrets had turned it into a media circus. Rick blamed it on Bill. Brooke said they'd deal with Bill, but she asked Rick not to chase someone who clearly didn't want to be found.

Brooke felt that Rick was in protection mode. Rick said it was because of how it had all happened and everyone finding out before Maya could tell him first. Rick was surprised that Ridge had restrained himself for so long. Brooke asked when Rick had seen Ridge. Rick guessed Ridge had sneaked by Eric and Brooke the previous night to be smug and superior with Rick about not knowing Maya. Rick said he'd had enough and had gone after Ridge, who'd deserved it.

Brooke believed that Ridge had been in the wrong, but so had Rick. She understood that Ridge had taken advantage of the situation and pushed Rick's buttons, but Maya had been dishonest and betrayed him -- just like the other women. Rick said not to lump Maya in with Caroline and Amber because Maya hadn't set out to deceive him. Brooke said he could call it what he wanted; however, Maya had done enough damage, and Brooke wouldn't tolerate more.

Rick felt that Brooke was trying to help, but Maya had made him happier than ever. "Even though she walked out on you?" Brooke asked. He didn't know why Maya had done that, but he wanted her in his life. Brooke questioned whether Maya wanted it still and noted that Maya had jeopardized everything by not disclosing sooner. Rick guessed Maya had thought he wouldn't understand.

Brooke said it didn't give Maya the right to deceive Rick. Rick exclaimed that Maya hadn't done that. To him, Maya would always be the most beautiful woman inside and out. Brooke asked if Maya thought it of herself and noted that one couldn't love completely without loving oneself. Rick claimed that Maya was completely comfortable with who she was. Brooke stated that it wasn't enough to be completely honest until absolutely having to.

Rick claimed that Brooke's attitude was why Maya hadn't wanted to date him, and he noted that Eric and Brooke had said they were comfortable with Maya being transgender. Brooke claimed that she was. Rick wanted to find Maya. Brooke asked about having children. He said they'd adopt, but she insisted that it wasn't so simple.

Rick told Brooke to stop, and he'd already thought about it. Brooke ordered him to think some more because he'd just learned something very significant about the way Maya operated. Brooke said Maya hadn't told Rick about being transgender because she'd thought he wouldn't approve. Rick admitted that he'd found Maya's estrogen pills, and Brooke guessed Maya had said what had been necessary to keep the secret from Rick. "Oh, Rick, that's what I'm talking about," Brooke said with empathy.

Brooke urged Rick to step back and reevaluate the situation. She felt that the more distance between the couple, the better. Rick balked when Brooke put Maya's picture in a drawer. Brooke asked him to keep away from Maya, and he guessed it was because Brooke didn't want people knowing.

"No, I don't, but that's not the reason," Brooke responded. Rick asked if she thought something was wrong with him for not caring how Maya had become the woman he loved. Brooke said Maya had waited until he had been completely tied up in love to up her odds of holding onto Rick before saying, "By the way, I'm transgender."

Brooke felt that Maya wouldn't have told it at all if Brooke hadn't insisted. Rick said Brooke thought she'd played a major role in something she'd had nothing to do with. Brooke told him to just stay away from Maya and get his life together while Maya did the same. "Clearly, she's more resourceful than either you or any of us ever thought possible," Brooke concluded, and she left.

Rick retrieved the picture from the drawer, and in their separate locations, Maya and Rick thought back on times together.

I am Eric Forrester JR, and I can do anything

I am Eric Forrester JR, and I can do anything

Friday, May 22, 2015

At Forrester, Ridge wheeled Caroline into the CEO's office. He couldn't believe she hadn't told him that she'd been hit by a car while in New York. She said she'd thought about telling him: however, her mothers had been taking good care of her, and she hadn't wanted to cause Ridge additional stress.

Caroline didn't know how long she'd be in the wheelchair or how she'd taken walking for granted. Ridge said it gave him a chance to return a favor. She'd helped him use his hands, and he'd help her to walk. Caroline explained that her mothers had wanted her to stay with them to heal up, but she'd been compelled to return. Ridge guessed he was irresistible.

Caroline agreed that Ridge was, but she'd also had to learn the truth about the headlines. She asked if any of it was true or if her uncle was trying to cause a ridiculous scandal. Ridge agreed that Bill was out to cause a scandal and that it was true. Caroline's eyes widened. She called Maya a hypocrite and said that Maya's secret was a teensy bit more intense than Caroline's.

Caroline wondered how Rick had reacted. Ridge stated that Rick had a history of not handling things well. Caroline asked if Ridge thought Rick would hurt Maya. Ridge didn't, but he relayed that Rick had lunged at him the other night, which proved that the erratic Rick wasn't the best choice for CEO.

Caroline replied that they couldn't change things. Ridge explained that there was a morality clause in Rick's contract, and Rick had done more than enough to justify invoking it. Ridge said Eric was asking Rick to step down as they spoke -- at least Ridge hoped Eric was.

At the sky lounge, Carter was working out when he overheard Charlie and Pam talking. Charlie was brooding because he'd figured out that Maya had been born a man before the scandal. Carter asked if Maya had been a man at age eight. Carter inquired about Charlie saying he'd figured it out. Charlie touted that he was a trained professional and asked if Carter had played canary to the press.

Carter said it was personal information, and the people he'd told had been trustworthy. Carter revealed that it had been Nicole, who'd been spending time with Wyatt. Charlie figured he needed to hire more guards because, with the information about Maya out, the next fashion show would be a zoo. Pam stated that it wouldn't be so, because Maya had resigned.

Carter was sad to hear it because Maya loved Forrester. Pam asked if Maya would love it without Rick. Carter asserted that it didn't have to be without Rick. Carter said the couple might remain together. Charlie suspected that the resignation indicated otherwise.

In Rick's old office, Wyatt was grimacing at some headlines when Nicole entered and asked if he was admiring his handiwork. Wyatt claimed that it hadn't been what she thought. Nicole accused Wyatt of betraying her trust and selling out Maya. Nicole exclaimed that she'd thought he'd liked her.

Wyatt claimed that he did like Nicole. Nicole said that he'd conned her out of the secret. She hadn't wanted to tell him, but he'd gone on and on about secrets. She claimed she'd arrived in the city to get her sister back. Though Nicole had pressured Maya at first, Nicole had quickly realized that she'd been wrong, and Maya should reveal her story if and how she'd wanted to.

Wyatt claimed to know that, but Nicole said he only knew how to lie and take advantage of a girl's feelings. She said Wyatt had messed with Maya's life, and Maya had quit Forrester. Wyatt asked of Maya and Rick. Nicole refused to tell Wyatt anything so it could wind up in his family's magazines. She seethed that she'd learned her lesson and would never trust him again.

Wyatt confessed to telling Liam but claimed that they hadn't wanted to run the story. Wyatt stated that Bill had found out about it, and though Bill had promised not to run the story, he had done it anyway. Nicole guessed Wyatt had learned the same lesson she had -- not to trust a Spencer.

Wyatt tried to get Nicole to see that it hadn't been about Maya; it had been about Rick's ill treatment of everyone. Wyatt wasn't justifying what had happened, but Spencers protected their own. Nicole asserted that he'd betrayed her confidence, and Spencers were spoiled little brats.

Wyatt wanted to talk once Nicole cooled down enough to consider his side of things. She said she'd cool down, but she'd never see his side of things. She'd really cared about Wyatt, but it didn't matter because he'd betrayed her trust. To her, what they'd had had never existed. She told him to find someone else to get his next scoop from because it wouldn't be her.

In Rick's bedroom at the mansion, Rick still had no messages from Maya. Eric entered, and Rick asked why Eric was there early. Eric stated that he had a son to check on. Rick saw no reason to worry that he'd get into trouble and relayed that his mother had told him to stay in bed.

Eric remarked that he'd talked to Ridge. Rick guessed Eric knew that Rick had attacked Ridge. Rick said Ridge had deserved it. Rick hadn't needed Ridge being smug and laughing in Rick's face. Rick refused to take it anymore from Ridge or to hear another condescending remark from the man.

Eric said the brothers worked together and had to fix the relationship. Rick decided that he and Ridge wouldn't be working together. Rick didn't care how talented Ridge was and declared that Ridge had to go. Eric replied that Ridge wouldn't go anywhere.

Rick complained about how Ridge treated him and claimed the whole family let Ridge get away with it. Rick wondered if Eric was the least bit concerned. Eric admitted that he was concerned -- about Rick. Rick yelled that he was talking about Ridge. Eric noted that Rick had been the one to attack Ridge and had shot at Ridge. "This is not all on Ridge. It's not!" Eric declared.

Eric wanted Rick to do serious soul-searching. Eric relayed that Rick had mistreated people at the company and people in their family. "If anyone is going anywhere...." Eric hinted.

Rick said that Eric wouldn't and couldn't. Rick felt that he'd done well as CEO, despite the opposition. Eric stated that he'd been happy with Rick's performance. Rick told Eric that he could fire Rick at the end of the contract, if it would make the number one son happy, but they'd have to put up with Rick until then. Eric mentioned that there was a morality behavioral clause in the contract. "Yeah, but that's meant for..." Rick replied, shrugging.

"Meant for what? An employee who shoots off guns? Or how about a person in power who mistreats the people below him, makes them feel bad about themselves and their work?" Eric asked. Eric wondered if anything about the clause didn't apply to Rick. Rick bit out that Ridge had seduced Rick's wife, but Rick was the immoral one. Eric stated that it wasn't about Ridge.

Rick shot back that it was always about Ridge, but Eric insisted that it was about Rick. Eric was worried about Rick. Eric said that Rick was abusing his power, losing his way at times, and treating people badly. Eric had a responsibility as the founder of the company to step in and change the course that Rick had set. Eric felt that he had a bigger responsibility as Rick's father.

Eric knew that Rick believed his father had failed him, but Eric pledged to help Rick. Eric said they'd get through it together. Rick asked what they'd get through. "I want you to step down as CEO. You and I both know it's time," Eric said.

Rick decided that Eric didn't believe in him and had lost faith in him. Eric believed in Rick and his brain for business, but he said Rick lost control at times and let his emotions take charge. Rick stated that it was Eric's voice, but Ridge's words. Eric assured Rick that Rick would return to running the company someday. Rick asserted that it wasn't true, and Ridge would send Rick to Paris.

Eric said Rick loved Paris and had friends there. Rick thought it was an insult to think he could go back there after being CEO. Rick said to forget about the clause and implored Eric not to reward the morally bankrupt Ridge, who'd stolen Brooke from Eric and Caroline from Rick.

Eric said it was about stabilizing the business. Rick claimed to be trying to improve and make up for his embarrassing mistakes. Eric urged Rick to take a step back and let someone else run the company. Rick said Ridge hated Rick and Maya and would throw them under the bus during Bill's smear campaign. Rick believed he could defend Maya and Forrester, but if he walked away, Bill would win.

Rick exclaimed that it wasn't them to run and hide, and it was unacceptable for him to move to Paris. Rick asked if Eric thought Rick was weak. "I am Eric Forrester, Jr., and I can do anything! And I will!" Rick said. He planned to walk into his job and hold his head high. Rick would be proud of himself, and one day, Eric would be, too.

Rick believed that if Ridge were in charge, he'd make fun of Rick for the rest of Rick's life about losing the company over someone Rick loved. Rick yelled at Eric to stand up for Rick, who'd earned it. Rick asked Eric not to take it away from him.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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