Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 25, 2015 on DAYS

Theresa told Melanie she would leave town with Tate if Melanie did not leave Salem. Melanie said no to Brady's marriage proposal. Kimberly and Brady fought. Hope and Rafe joined forces against Clyde. Victor pulled rank on Justin and Kate. Paige was furious with Jennifer for lying to her. Melanie told Brady she was leaving town.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 25, 2015 on DAYS
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Memorial Day Pre-emption

Memorial Day Pre-emption

Monday, May 25, 2015

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, Days of our Lives did not air. This schedule change was planned for and there were no "lost" episodes as a result this change.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, May 26, and picked up where the Friday, May 22, episode concluded.

Melanie turns down Brady's Proposal

Melanie turns down Brady's Proposal

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

While walking through the town square, Kate called Will on the phone and told him about the outfit she had purchased for Arianna. When Will mentioned Sonny, Kate said she was pleased to hear that Will and Sonny were getting along again. Kate commented that Sonny was probably relieved that Will had returned from Poplar Bluff.

After chatting, Kate hung up the phone, turned, and found Hope standing behind her. Hope asked who had visited Poplar Bluff, and Kate explained that Will had gone there to write an article about Clyde. Hope asked Kate if she was comfortable with Will's assignment. Changing the subject, Kate joked that Clyde was her lover like Aiden was Hope's lover. With a chuckle, Hope noted that Kate was avoiding the question.

Kate apologized for disparaging Aiden, and she noted that Clyde was very happy with Aiden's services as his lawyer. With a grin, Kate asked Hope if the two couples could have dinner together. Ignoring the invitation, Hope reiterated her question about Kate's feelings about Will's article. Kate said she was late and that she would talk to Hope soon about dinner.

"Dinner with you and Clyde? I'd rather hold my breath and pass out," Hope muttered under her breath as Kate walked away.

At Will's apartment, Rafe stopped by to drop off a dress from Gabi that she had made for Arianna. While Will went to retrieve Arianna from the bedroom, Rafe noticed there were files on the computer, labeled "Poplar Bluff." Will returned to the living room with Arianna, and Rafe asked about the files. Rafe stressed that Clyde was dangerous and that he did not want Will to be involved in Clyde's affairs. Will said he had planned to drop the story, but Clyde had picked him to write it and had pushed him to go to Poplar Bluff.

When Rafe asked what Will had learned, Will said that everyone had had good things to say about Clyde except for one person. Will told Rafe that Rafe had been right about his instinct that Clyde was not a "dumb hick." When Will mentioned that Clyde had stopped by to visit him, Rafe asked for details. Will recapped the conversation and how Clyde had insinuated that Gabi was living in a dangerous place. Will added that Clyde had said that Will should stay safe because he was the only person that Arianna had left.

As Rafe shook his head in frustration, Will commented, "Clyde Weston scares the hell out of me." Will went in to the bedroom with Arianna, and Rafe checked Will's computer files before leaving the apartment.

At Club TBD, Ben informed Clyde that he had changed his name to Ben Weston. Ben noted that he and Abigail had fought about the name change. With a groan, Ben said he had attempted to make amends with Abigail, but he had found her talking with Chad. Ben continued that he had left because he had not wanted to lose his temper. Clyde agreed with Ben's decision.

"I know you're serious about Abigail," Clyde said. "More serious than she is about me," Ben countered sullenly. Clyde counseled Ben to make up with Abigail before Chad swooped in. Clyde advised Ben to hold on to Abigail by any means necessary.

In the park, Abigail apologized to Chad for being judgmental when Chad had lied about his brain tumor. Chad explained that he had lied because he had loved Abigail. Chad added that he had been wrong. Shaking her head, Abigail said that she had behaved as if Chad had lied to hurt her when he had acted instead out of love. Chad said that he had been desperate, and he should have thought of Abigail's happiness.

Abigail warned Chad not to buy in to the DiMera family curse and to remember the person he had been before he had learned that he was a DiMera. Abigail's phone buzzed. As Abigail stared quietly at the caller ID, Chad asked if Ben was calling. Chad suggested that Ben would be a better candidate to cheer up Abigail, and he urged her to take the call. As Chad walked away, Abigail answered her phone. Ben asked Abigail to meet with him.

When Ben arrived at the park, he apologized to Abigail for assuming that she would be happy about his name change. Abigail said she had been surprised by the news. Nodding, Ben said he had changed his name as a gesture toward his father, since Clyde was working hard to make up for the past. Ben showed Abigail his new driver's license, and she giggled at the photo. Abigail apologized for the fight. Abigail added that she had not reached out to Ben because she had not been sure whether he had wanted to talk to her.

With a grin, Ben said he had wanted to talk to Abigail, too, and he had looked for her but had found her with Chad. Abigail explained that she had run into Chad right after Chad had learned that his sister had been killed. Taken aback, Ben said he was sorry to hear the news. Abigail thanked Ben for reaching out to her. The two lovers kissed.

At Will's apartment, Chad talked to Will about his article. Chad informed Will that DiMera Enterprises had purchased Sonix magazine. With a scowl, Will noted that he worked for Chad. Chad shrugged. When Will asked if Chad had pushed the article about Clyde in order to woo Abigail away from Ben, Chad said he did not understand what Will was implying. Will explained that Chad wanted Will to investigate Clyde and write a negative article about Ben's father.

Chad denied that he had assigned the article to Will. Confused, Will asked Chad why he wanted to talk about the article. Chad said he was interested in the story. Will explained that he had gone to Poplar Bluff and had been unable to find anyone that did not like Clyde. Chad found that revelation suspicious and pushed for details. Will stressed that he wanted to write the article then move on with his life because he had to think of his family.

"Whoah! What does that mean? Did Weston threaten you?" Chad asked. Will said he was not threatened. Chad told Will to write his article but that he needed Will to send him all the research once the story was finished.

While Hope worked in her office, an officer informed her that Rafe was at the police station to talk to Detective Thompson. Under the guise of showing Rafe a picture that Ciara had drawn, Hope lured Rafe into her office. Hope asked Rafe why he was at the police station. Rafe lied and said he was there to collect on a bet from Thompson on the Cubs game. Hope accused Rafe of lying, and she asked if Rafe was investigating Clyde.

At Club TBD, Kate met with Clyde for a drink. Worn out, Kate explained that Lucas had been raiding her company. Clyde reminded Kate that her company had been Lucas' company until recently. Kate stressed that her issues with Lucas were just business. Kate asked about Ben. Clyde noted that he had been envious of Kate's relationship with Lucas, but his relationship with Ben had gotten to be in a better place than Kate's relationship with her son. Kate nodded.

Kate blamed Adrienne for her problems with Lucas. With a raised eyebrow, Clyde asked about Adrienne. Kate informed Clyde that Adrienne was a Kiriakis. As Clyde chuckled, Kate asked about Ben. Clyde told Kate about Ben's new license and how happy Clyde was to reconcile with his son. Clyde added that he wanted Will's story to be about Clyde's reconciliation with Ben. With a grin, Clyde said that Stefano would not be satisfied with the article that Will was writing.

In her hospital room, Theresa told Kimberly that she did not want to leave Salem. Concerned, Kimberly asked Theresa if she was sure because she was worried that Theresa needed help with the baby. Kimberly warned Theresa that she could not count on Brady because he was in love with Melanie. Upset, Theresa stressed that she believed she and Brady should raise Tate together.

Kimberly told Theresa that her probation in Los Angeles was almost over and that she would be clear to return to California if she wanted. Before Theresa could respond, Caroline and Roman walked in to see Theresa. Caroline said she had seen Tate and that he was the best-looking baby in the ward. Anne entered and asked to talk to Theresa about her maternity leave. After Kimberly, Roman, and Caroline left, Theresa thanked Anne for rescuing her from her family. Theresa told Anne about her conversation with Kimberly.

When Anne reminded Theresa that Brady was in love with Melanie, Theresa argued that she was not staying in Salem to ensnare Brady but because she wanted Tate to know his father. When Anne pointed out that Theresa had options, Theresa smiled and noted that Kimberly had given her a viable option.

In Daniel's living room, Brady proposed to Melanie. Melanie told Brady that she loved him, and she asked him to put the ring away. Nervous, Brady asked what was wrong. Melanie said that she appreciated the gesture, but she felt like Brady was proposing as a reaction to their near-death experience. Brady corrected Melanie and said that the situation had clarified to him how much he wanted to be with Melanie. Brady thanked Melanie for helping him find his son.

"I'm never gonna be able to find the words to tell you how much I love you. So I thought that I would use a ring and would put this on your finger and hopefully prove to you and show you that I want to spend every single day for the rest of my life with you," Brady said. Melanie reminded Brady that before the baby, they had been taking their relationship slowly. Melanie said she wanted Brady to spend time with his son. Melanie assured Brady that she did not need Brady to prove that he loved her.

Brady said he would put the ring away, but he did not want to give up on the idea of marrying Melanie. As Melanie grinned at Brady, he asked her to stop giving him space. Melanie asked about Theresa. Brady said he believed that Theresa had matured since learning about her son. After a kiss, Brady left to attend to work.

Melanie walked over to the hospital to talk to Theresa. After Anne left, Theresa told Melanie, "My mother just flew in from L.A., and she had some news for me, and I thought you should know what she said and what it might mean." Confused, Melanie asked Theresa to explain. "So much of what's about to happen depends on you," Theresa said.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kimberly steeled herself before ringing the doorbell. Henderson greeted Kimberly, and he invited her in to wait for Brady. While Kimberly looked at photos of Victor, Brady entered the living room and said hello. Kimberly asked Brady if he was angry with Theresa. Brady promised that he wanted to work through his issues with Theresa. Nodding, Kimberly asked Brady if Theresa fit into his life.

Theresa threatens to move to L.A. with Tate

Theresa threatens to move to L.A. with Tate

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

As Clyde and Aiden met over coffee at the Brady Pub, Clyde was bursting with pride about Ben changing his last name to Weston. Clyde wanted to express his gratitude to Aiden by giving Aiden some more business. Aiden reminded Clyde that he specialized in criminal law, but Clyde trusted Aiden and didn't want to work with anyone else. Clyde handed Aiden his tablet.

As Aiden perused the material, he remarked, "Income from businesses, portfolios, equity positions -- it's a very sophisticated approach." Clyde explained that he needed articles of incorporation to spin off the trucking company, and he also needed Aiden to draw up a will. "You're not thinking about checking out anytime soon, are you?" Aiden asked. "Counselor, I am planning on living forever," Clyde declared with a grin.

Later, Clyde met Jeremiah in the park outside Horton Square. Jeremiah said that his interview with Will had gone exactly the way Clyde had scripted it, although Jeremiah didn't understand why Clyde had wanted it that way. Clyde explained, "We can't have everybody thinking I'm walking on water, here. People might start asking questions, Jeremiah, and we just can't have that." Clyde said he would be "sitting pretty" after his lawyer arranged things. He said he liked that the lawyer had pictures of his son all over his office, adding, "I trust him because if push came to shove, Jennings would know exactly where his priorities lie."

In Hope's office at the police station, a suspicious Hope accused Rafe of being there to see Thompson because Rafe was investigating Clyde Weston. Rafe said Thompson wasn't around. "Good, then this stays between you and me," Hope said. When Rafe refused to confirm anything, Hope warned him that she wouldn't give up. Rafe grudgingly informed Hope that the DiMeras had bought Sonix magazine and had ordered a story on Weston, which Will was writing. Hope wanted to see everything Rafe had about Clyde.

As Rafe sat at Hope's computer, he noted that he'd first begun investigating Clyde because of Jordan, but it had become even more personal for Rafe since Will had gotten involved. Rafe wondered why Hope was so interested. She explained that she wanted to know why Victor had let Clyde take over Victor's business territory without a fight. Hope asked about the files Rafe was about to show her. He admitted that he'd logged into Will's computer and emailed himself some of Will's research.

Rafe revealed that Will had tried to decline writing the article about Clyde, but Clyde had persuaded Will to reconsider, and Will had perceived it as a threat against his family. As Rafe and Hope looked through Will's research, they saw that everyone in Poplar Bluff had said good things about Clyde except for one man.

Before Rafe could tell Hope that man's name, Aiden arrived. Aiden seemed surprised to see Rafe, but Hope covered that Rafe was there to help her with one of his old cases. After Rafe left, Hope planted a passionate kiss on Aiden. Although he couldn't stay, Aiden proposed that the two of them go out for dinner and dancing later. As Hope walked Aiden to his car, she left her purse, her phone, and the file on Clyde Weston on her desk.

After he left Hope's office, Rafe made a phone call. "I know that I am asking a lot, but I can't tell you why. Not yet. Anything you have on Weston Trucking -- I mean anything at all -- you send it to me. I promise I'll keep your name out of it," Rafe said.

Nicole was about to head out of her office at the television station so she could tell Daniel what was going on with Serena and Xander when Eric dropped by to talk to her about something important. He began by telling Nicole that her friendship meant a great deal to him. Nicole echoed the sentiment. Eric revealed that he was moving away with Serena. Taken aback, Nicole admitted that she would miss Eric, but she truly wanted him to be happy. Eric wished the same for Nicole.

Nicole asked when Eric was leaving, but he wasn't sure, since he planned to join Serena after he finished up a few things in Salem. Eric added that he hadn't even told his family that he was moving yet. Eric apologized if he had caused problems for Nicole and Daniel, adding, "I'm not going to pretend I know the whole story of what's going on with Xander, but you and I both know he's not right for you. Daniel is." As he embraced Nicole, Eric assured her that Salem would always be his home. After Eric left, Nicole again started to head for Daniel's, but she got a phone call that she had to take.

Serena was ambling through Horton Square when she spotted Navidad on her phone across the way. Alarmed, Serena ducked out of sight before Navidad saw her. Meanwhile, Navidad was telling Xander that Nicole hadn't left her office all day. Xander repeated his instructions for Navidad to report back to him about Nicole's activities, especially if she went anywhere near Daniel Jonas. Navidad left, and Serena hurried away in the opposite direction.

A few minutes later, Serena arrived at Xander's hotel room and demanded, "What the hell are you up to?" She explained that she'd just seen Navidad, and Serena had a bad feeling about it because Xander only hired Navidad when he needed something dangerous done. Serena reminded Xander that she'd done everything he'd asked, and Xander irritably reassured her that he wasn't going after her. Serena's eyes widened when she put the pieces together. "Oh, my God. This is about Nicole, isn't it?" Serena exclaimed.

Serena guessed Xander was trying to find out what Nicole knew about his business. Xander pointed out that after the incidents with the elephants, Nicole was obviously suspicious about both him and Serena. Asserting that Nicole couldn't possibly know anything, Serena asked why Xander couldn't just drop it, since Nicole would forget about everything as soon as Serena left town. Xander became furious, and Serena quickly deduced that he wasn't trying to cover up their business dealings at all.

"You think she's playing you, and it's killing you -- so much so that you'd kill her for it," Serena guessed. She theorized that Xander also couldn't stand it that Nicole was really more interested in Daniel than in Xander. Serena continued her psychoanalysis of Xander until he blew up and physically threw her out of the room, slamming the door behind her. In the hallway, Serena fretted, "Oh, my God, I should never have told Xander what Nicole was up to. He could kill her. And if she's not careful, he will."

Serena was having a stiff drink at Club TBD a little later when Eric joined her. He guessed that the stress of moving was what had caused her to start drinking so early in the day. Eric admitted that he still hadn't broken the news about moving to his family yet because he wanted to handle it in just the right way, plus he still had a lot of loose ends to wrap up with his job and apartment. Serena was anxious for them to be in Hawaii together because things couldn't be great between them in Salem. Eric declared that Serena was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

"No, I'm not," Serena said. Eric wondered why Serena was in such a down mood. She explained that something work-related was weighing her down, because another person might suffer because of Serena. Eric suggested that Serena should try to prevent it if it were possible. "You know, Eric, I've never been as good as you, but maybe it's not too late to try, right?" Serena said hopefully, suddenly rising and kissing Eric goodbye before hurrying out.

When Xander showed up, Eric divulged that he and Serena were moving to Hawaii. Xander said he wasn't surprised because Serena had mentioned it. "I figured she'd talk you into it. She has a way of getting what she wants," Xander noted.

Nicole was just ending her phone call when Serena arrived. "I need to talk to you about Xander," Serena declared.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady reassured Kimberly that he and Theresa both wanted what was best for Tate. Kimberly wondered if Brady had considered what was best for Theresa. Brady reassured Kimberly that Theresa's needs were important, as well. "I lost my mother when I was just a baby, and I love my son way too much to even think about separating him from his mother," Brady declared. Kimberly noted that being a mother was a very difficult job, and Theresa would need some help.

Brady assumed Kimberly meant a nanny. Kimberly clarified, "First of all, this is not coming from Theresa; it's coming from me. But I think it would be best for all concerned if Theresa and the baby just moved to California." Riled at the idea of Theresa moving a thousand miles away with his son, Brady offered to let Theresa move into the mansion. Kimberly put her foot down: "My daughter is not living in this house with this family!" Victor wandered through the doorway just as Brady asked why. "Because of him," Kimberly said.

Victor irritably proclaimed that he would never even consider allowing Theresa to live there. "Your daughter's a brazen hussy -- and we all know where she gets it," Victor growled. A puzzled Brady asked what was going on between Kimberly and Victor, who flashed back to their tumultuous history. Kimberly was surprised no one had filled Brady in about his grandfather's past. When Kimberly declared that she and Shane would help Theresa raise little Tate, Victor disparaged the Donovans' track record in raising their own children.

Victor firmly asserted that Kimberly taking Tate to California was "out of the question." Kimberly warned Victor, "Just watch." She stormed out. Brady turned to his grandfather and demanded, "What the hell did you do?" Victor changed the subject to his anger over Kimberly's desire to take Tate to California. Brady asserted that he needed to know what he was up against if he had to get into a custody battle with Theresa. "What happened between you and Kimberly, and is it going to affect my son?" Brady demanded. Victor tried to assure Brady that he had nothing to worry about. Unconvinced, Brady left.

In Theresa's hospital room, Theresa informed Melanie that Tate would be going home from the hospital soon. "The question is -- where is home? Big decisions have to be made, and big changes are coming -- for all of us," Theresa noted. Melanie assured Theresa that she intended to stay out of any decisions about custody and visitation between Brady and Theresa. Pointing out that Melanie was in love with Brady and therefore a part of his life, Theresa admitted that she was also in love with Brady.

Theresa quickly added that she was well aware that Brady didn't return her feelings, and she would never try to get between Brady and Melanie, whom he loved and was committed to. Melanie grew irritated as Theresa continued that her self-destructive behavior over the previous months had been futile attempts to try to let go of her feelings for Brady -- but then they'd found Tate, and Brady's actions had made her even more in love with Brady than she had been before.

Theresa reassured Melanie that she was not after Brady, although she acknowledged that it would be "heart-wrenching" for her to watch him making a life -- and perhaps start a family -- with Melanie. "Well, I'm sure you'll learn to deal with it, Theresa!" Melanie snapped. Theresa replied shakily, "Actually, Melanie, I don't think that I will."

After Theresa had donned a gown, mask, and gloves, a nurse took Tate to Theresa so she could feed him. When the nurse left, Theresa divulged that her mom wanted Theresa and Tate to move to California -- and Theresa was beginning to think it wasn't a bad idea. Melanie was floored. Theresa emphasized, "I'm his mother... Wherever I am, my son belongs with me." Exasperated, Melanie asserted that Theresa had no right to take Tate away from his father.

Theresa calmly argued that it was about what was best for her son. Melanie was incredulous that Theresa believed what was best for Tate was to take him thousands of miles away from the loving father who wanted to be part of Tate's life. Theresa's tone shifted from that of a loving mother to something more taunting as she said she was merely weighing her options and trying to figure out what was right.

Theresa began, "But the only way I'm going to stay here in Salem and raise my beautiful little boy alongside Brady would be if..." She paused and looked pointedly at Melanie, who finished the sentence: "If I weren't here?" Melanie shook her head and left without another word. Outside, Melanie muttered, "You crazy bitch!"

A little later, Kimberly put on protective gear so she could hold her grandson. After declaring that the baby was perfect, Kimberly fretted to Theresa, "I think I ruined everything." Kimberly explained that when Brady had proposed moving Theresa and Tate into the Kiriakis mansion, she'd lost her temper and informed him that she was taking Theresa and the baby to California, even though Theresa hadn't made up her mind about it. Theresa admitted that she'd realized it was too soon to rule anything out.

Kimberly admitted she was surprised that Theresa wasn't furious with her for talking to Brady. Theresa knew her mom had only been trying to help, since they both wanted what was best for Tate. "I know we have our issues, Mom... I'm realizing that having you here is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me," Theresa declared.

Melanie was at Daniel's apartment when Brady showed up. He said he needed to hire an attorney who didn't work for the Kiriakis family, so he'd asked Aiden Jennings to meet them there. Brady started to tell Melanie about Kimberly's plan to move Theresa and the baby to California, but Melanie said Theresa had already told her about it. "I hate to say this, but she's definitely thinking about doing it," Melanie warned Brady.

Nicole fears she might be in danger

Nicole fears she might be in danger

Thursday, May 28, 2015

by Mike

At Club TBD, Xander had a tense encounter with Daniel, who doubted that Xander's recent meeting with Nicole at the Salem Inn had been completely innocent. "I really wanted to believe, when you showed up in Salem, all polite and reformed, that you had changed, but unfortunately, the more I see of you, the more I suspect that you've just gotten good at hiding it," Daniel said. Xander insisted he had only good intentions, and he abruptly excused himself after receiving a text message.

After Xander left, Daniel warned Eric that Xander wasn't who he appeared to be. Eric reported that Serena had said the same thing. Daniel revealed that he had recently talked to Serena about Xander, although he thought it would be best to let her fill Eric in on the details. Daniel excused himself so he could head home, explaining that he'd had a long day. Eric started to share his big relocation news with Daniel but decided it could wait. Meanwhile, outside the club, Xander contacted Navidad and learned that Serena was with Nicole.

Serena warned Nicole to stay away from Xander, insisting Nicole would lose Daniel -- and much, much more -- if she didn't follow that advice. Nicole suspected Serena was jealous -- or simply worried Xander might slip up and reveal Serena's deepest, darkest secrets -- but Serena denied both suspicions. "I am trying to save your life, you stupid bitch," Serena stressed.

Serena said she knew Nicole was just pretending to be interested in Xander in the hope that he would eventually reveal something incriminating about Serena. Insisting there was nothing to reveal, Serena added that Nicole was playing a very dangerous game. "Xander's not a man you want to cross. He is unbalanced and unscrupulous, and he would not hesitate to hurt you," Serena warned.

Nicole denied Serena's suspicion and insisted Xander was a great guy. Serena revealed that Xander was having Nicole watched, but Nicole found that hard to believe. "You're just gonna have to trust me. Xander is a very dangerous man, and I couldn't leave town without at least trying to warn you, but I've done my job. So, please, be smart and put this guy in your rearview mirror before you become another in a long line of his victims," Serena advised Nicole before leaving the television station.

Before Melanie could fill Brady in on everything that had happened with Theresa earlier, Aiden arrived and apologetically revealed that it might not be possible to stop Theresa from leaving Salem with Tate. Aiden explained that, despite Theresa's history, a judge might be very reluctant to separate her from Tate again -- or deal with the public outrage such a ruling could provoke.

Melanie protested that Theresa deserved public outrage for nearly killing Brady's father. Aiden hadn't been aware of that information but warned that if he tried to mention it during a custody battle, Theresa's lawyer could counter with information about the history between Theresa's parents and Victor, since Tate would be living under Victor's roof if Brady were awarded sole custody of the child. "No charges were filed, but apparently, when Victor was being investigated by Shane Donovan, there were a few allegations of attempted murder and the like," Aiden explained.

"This just keeps getting better. Okay, hold on -- so, Theresa -- she's the daughter of an ISA agent, she's the granddaughter of the beloved Bradys, and my grandfather was Tony Soprano. There's no way in hell I'm getting custody," Brady concluded. Aiden confirmed that, while he wasn't an expert -- and therefore planned to consult with a colleague who was -- he was pretty sure a judge would allow Theresa to move to California with Tate if she wished to do so. Aiden promised to explore all options but advised Brady to do everything possible to avoid a custody battle.

After Aiden left, Melanie finished telling Brady about what Theresa had said to her earlier. Brady immediately stormed off to confront Theresa, ignoring Melanie's objections. Later, Daniel returned home and quickly realized Melanie was upset about something. Melanie, who had been reflecting on how being separated from her parents had affected her as a child, tearfully admitted the situation with Brady and Theresa was tough to deal with. Daniel assured Melanie that nothing would change the fact that Brady loved her and wanted to be with her.

Melanie admitted she wasn't sure how she had ever survived without Daniel in her life. Melanie noted that, despite Daniel and Chloe's differences, they had banded together and made joint custody work for Parker's sake. Daniel confirmed that he and Chloe were on good terms and just wanted Parker to be happy. Daniel wanted to call Chloe so he could find out when Parker would be returning to Salem the following day, so he excused himself after Melanie assured him she was going to be okay. "I will be okay. I'll be fine. I know what I have to do," Melanie muttered after Daniel left the room.

At the hospital, Kimberly revealed that Shane was well on his way to getting Theresa's probation revoked so she could move back to California with Tate. Kimberly added that she and Shane had also started looking into custody lawyers so they would be ready if Brady decided to fight for custody of Tate. Theresa assured Kimberly that wouldn't be necessary, confidently predicting that Brady would put Tate first and do the right thing in the end.

Theresa admitted that she already loved Tate more than she ever thought she could. Theresa was worried about being a bad mother, but Kimberly was confident that everything would be just fine. "Well, if you think it would be just fine, then why would you want to move me halfway across the country?" Theresa wondered. Kimberly explained that she simply wanted to be able to offer Theresa her support because being a single parent was the hardest job in the world -- and, selfishly, she also wanted to be able to spend as much time with Tate as possible.

Kimberly promised that if Theresa wasn't able to leave Salem right away due to pending custody proceedings with Brady, she would stay in Salem with Theresa for as long as it took for things to get sorted out. Theresa thought that was a terrible idea because she wanted to work things out with Brady amicably if at all possible, and Kimberly's presence would likely just complicate matters because Kimberly and Brady had already argued once since Kimberly's return to Salem -- and, to make matters even worse, Kimberly and Victor hated each other. Kimberly reluctantly agreed to let Theresa and Brady work things out on their own.

Anne entered Theresa's room just as Kimberly was leaving to check on Caroline at the Brady Pub. Once they were alone, Anne worriedly asked if Theresa had changed her mind and decided to move back to California, after all. Theresa laughed and explained that she just wanted everyone to think she was considering that idea. Anne wanted to know what kind of scheme was brewing in Theresa's head, but Theresa didn't want to answer that question yet, since she knew Brady would probably be arriving soon to read her the riot act.

When Brady burst into Theresa's room a short time later, he insisted that Tate would be staying with him in Salem -- and that Theresa could "go to hell," as far as he was concerned. Brady added that Melanie would be staying in his life, as well, whether Theresa liked the idea or not. Theresa put up her hands in defeat and said she understood. After Brady stormed off, Anne -- who had been eavesdropping outside the room -- applauded Theresa's performance. Theresa said she had expected that sort of reaction from Brady, and she optimistically assured Anne he would change his tune eventually.

At the Horton Town Square, Lucas suggested to Adrienne that they could tell Jennifer about their relationship later that night, since Justin was about to return to Dubai. "Why stop there? Why not just tweet it out? Why not tell the whole world your good news -- you're shacking up with a married woman. Congratulations!" Kate said as she approached Lucas and Adrienne's table.

"Have you never shacked up with a married man? Really? Isn't that the whole reason I'm here?" Lucas countered. Kate pointed out that Jennifer and the rest of the Horton clan had never let her forget about that indiscretion, and she had been a pariah in Salem since then. Kate said she didn't want that for Lucas, and Adrienne agreed. Lucas insisted no one would criticize him and Adrienne for choosing to be together, since her husband had left her, and she had a right to move on with her life and find happiness elsewhere.

Lucas reminded Kate she no longer meant anything to him, and he told her to finally get out of his life for good. Kate blamed Adrienne for turning Lucas against her, but he insisted Kate had turned him against her on her own, thanks to years of practice. Kate wanted to talk to Lucas privately so she could try to work things out with him, but she received a text message before she could finish trying to persuade him to agree to the idea. "Go ahead and answer it -- you might as well. You don't want to lose another designer, another distributor -- or, no, maybe even another kid," Lucas advised.

After Kate left, Lucas and Adrienne returned to the Salem Inn. Lucas said he had forgotten just how liberating disowning his mother could be, but Adrienne wasn't fooled, knowing that being at odds with Kate was upsetting for him. Adrienne admitted she felt responsible, but Lucas insisted she was only responsible for making him happier than he had been in a very, very long time.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor stopped Justin from going to the airport to catch a flight to Dubai, explaining that the trip was no longer necessary because Justin had been replaced and therefore had no reason to return to Dubai -- other than his mistress, of course. Justin angrily insisted the Dubai deal would fall apart without him, but Victor dismissed the concern, stating that Justin's replacement was a much better negotiator than Justin had ever been -- and would probably get along with Elsa just swimmingly himself.

Justin wondered if Victor actually believed that keeping him in Salem would magically solve all the problems in his and Adrienne's marriage. Victor said that was the least of his concerns. "Your son needs his father to guide him in the right direction -- away from Will Horton," Victor added. Justin couldn't believe Victor was keeping him in Salem just to break up Will and Sonny's marriage. Victor admitted there was one other reason.

As if on cue, Kate arrived and wondered why Victor had summoned her. Victor said he wanted Kate to meet her new boss. "Oh, that would be you," Victor told Justin. Kate protested that she and Victor had agreed she would answer only to him. Victor said he had made that agreement before Kate had lost her top designer and distributor in the span of two weeks. Victor explained that Kate wasn't being demoted -- she would just be under Justin's supervision. Justin objected that he was a lawyer and had no interest in supervising Kate or anyone else, but Victor countered that Justin worked for Titan and would do whatever the company needed him to do.

Kate insisted Justin didn't have the necessary experience for such a role, but Victor disagreed, pointing out that Justin had once had a company of his own and knew how to make a business successful. Victor added that Justin also had a vested interest in destroying the competition -- the man who was sleeping with Justin's wife. "Now, if that's not enough incentive to make this thing work, I don't know what is," Victor mused with a laugh. Kate stormed off after protesting that the whole situation was ridiculous, and Victor joked that she had taken the news pretty well.

Serena ran into Eric in the town square and asked if she could spend the night at his place, explaining that she didn't want to be alone that night. Eric agreed but wanted to know what was wrong with Serena, since she seemed to be more upset every time he talked to her lately. Serena claimed she was just feeling overwhelmed because of the impending relocation, but Eric suspected she might instead be upset about Xander. Serena denied the suspicion and evasively promised to explain everything later, adding that she just wanted to shut out the rest of the world that night and focus solely on being with Eric.

Despite trying to assure herself that Serena was just a nutcase and that everything was going to be fine, Nicole still felt nervous enough to close the blinds in her office, just in case someone really was watching her. A short time later, Xander arrived and offered to take Nicole to dinner, but she declined, claiming she just wanted to go home and crash because she'd had a really long day. Xander admitted he was disappointed, and he wondered if Nicole was trying to avoid him. Nicole dismissed the concern and claimed she was really looking forward to cashing in her rain check sometime soon.

After Xander left, Nicole nervously paced around her office, wondering what she had gotten herself into. Meanwhile, Xander met with Navidad in a secluded section of the town square and told her to keep following Nicole. "One wrong move on her part, and I'm prepared to end this game for good," Xander added.

Melanie decides to leave Salem

Melanie decides to leave Salem

Friday, May 29, 2015

A worried J.J. called his mom as he walked through the front door of the Horton house. He informed Jennifer that he was worried that something had happened to Paige because he hadn't been able to find her anywhere, and she wasn't responding to his text messages. Jennifer tried to reassure J.J. that he just needed to give Paige some time. J.J. hung up when there was a knock at the door, and his face instantly registered his dismay when he found Eve on the doorstep.

Explaining that she was looking for Paige, an anxious Eve asked if J.J. had talked to Paige the night before. J.J. said that he had, and Paige had told him that she wanted him out of her life for good. They got into a shouting match about whose fault it was that Paige had found out about them. Just then, Daphne arrived to return a box of J.J.'s stuff from Paige and couldn't believe Eve was there. As Daphne turned to leave, Eve and J.J. frantically asked if she knew where Paige was. Despite repeated pleas from J.J. and Eve, Daphne refused to tell them anything about Paige.

Finally, a desperate J.J. threatened to go across the street and tell Daphne's parents about the guy she'd been dating, who was only 21 yet was already divorced with two kids. Daphne grudgingly revealed that Paige had gone to get some of her things from Eve's apartment. As Eve and J.J. rushed off in that direction, J.J. pleaded with Daphne not to let Paige know they were on their way.

Paige entered Jennifer's office a moment after Jennifer had hung up with J.J. Paige confronted Jennifer about helping J.J. and Eve cover up their affair and asked how Jennifer had found out about it. Jennifer explained that she had walked in on Eve and J.J. together. Sickened, Paige demanded to know how Jennifer could have let J.J. try to get back together with Paige after that. Jennifer accepted responsibility for J.J. and Paige getting back together.

Jennifer started to explain that she'd helped J.J. because he'd been miserable without Paige, but Maxine's arrival interrupted her. Maxine apologized for having to miss Paige's party and praised J.J. for working so hard to keep it a secret. Paige remarked snidely that J.J. had to have learned that from his mother.

After Maxine had gone, Jennifer continued that it had been difficult for her to understand how J.J. could have hurt Paige the way he had, but Jennifer had realized that J.J. really loved Paige and had never regretted anything more. Jennifer admitted that she'd felt partly responsible for Eve's attempts to keep J.J. and Paige apart because of the women's long history. "I feel like if I could have just made peace with her somehow, she would have left the two of you alone," Jennifer explained.

Jennifer continued, explaining that because of that, she'd wanted to help, but she'd ended up doing the worst thing she could have possibly done: she'd blackmailed Eve, threatening to tell Paige that J.J. and Eve had slept together. Jennifer added that when Paige had found the two of them fighting later, Jennifer had almost told Paige then, but Eve had given in. Paige noted that J.J. had done a complete about-face the next day and had told her things were over with Roxanne, and he wanted Paige back.

Jennifer said she'd realized immediately that she'd made a huge mistake, but by that time, Paige and J.J. had already gotten back together. Jennifer tried to justify her actions as an attempt to spare Paige's feelings, but Paige asserted that Jennifer had only cared about "enabling [her] lying son." Jennifer insisted that she was very, very sorry because she'd really wanted to help Paige. Paige declared that she had once envied J.J. for having such a "together, responsible" mother, but she'd begun to see that J.J. and Jennifer weren't that different. Paige left.

When J.J. and Eve got to her apartment, there was no sign of Paige. When J.J. refused to engage in a discussion about everything that had happened, Eve accused him of not being "man enough" to face his mistakes. Slamming the door shut behind him, J.J. angrily reminded Eve that he had broken Paige's heart -- and he would never be able to forgive himself. Eve said he shouldn't, since she had tried from the beginning to keep him away from her daughter, but he had continued to pursue Paige even after sleeping with Eve.

Eve pointed out that Paige would never have gotten so hurt if J.J. hadn't tried so hard to win her back. "I was just trying to make her happy," J.J. said. Eve countered, "But instead, you destroyed her, and you took from me the one, the only thing that I've ever cared about in this whole world." Eve added that her only consolation was that Paige would never end up with J.J., but J.J. was determined to win Paige back.

Calling J.J. a "sick, delusional idiot," Eve told J.J. that Paige would never forgive him. J.J. threatened to turn over to the police the evidence that she'd tried to frame him for dealing drugs if she tried to stand in his way. Eve argued that if J.J. really loved Paige, he would let her move on with her life. J.J. wondered if that were what Eve planned to do, but Eve reminded him that she was Paige's mother. "You're the worst mother she could possibly ask for!" J.J. pronounced, and Eve slapped him. "See what I mean?" J.J. asked as he headed out.

Maxine returned to Jennifer's office and asked if Jennifer wanted to talk. "No, because you're going to try to make me feel better, and I'd rather sit here and just beat myself up about it a little bit more," Jennifer replied. Maxine urged Jennifer to be kind to herself instead. As Maxine left, Jennifer picked up the phone to call J.J. As Jennifer dialed, Eve strode in and slammed the door.

Paige was wandering through Horton Square, remembering the first time she'd met J.J., when J.J. suddenly appeared.

As Adrienne and Lucas awakened in his hotel room, she admitted that she was feeling a little guilty. Lucas pointed out that Justin probably wasn't feeling guilty about being with his mistress in Dubai. As Lucas and Adrienne began to get romantic, they accidentally kicked the breakfast tray onto the floor. Lucas promised to buy Adrienne breakfast to make up for it.

Kate entered the Kiriakis mansion study, where she found Justin hard at work on his laptop. She apologized for her behavior the night before and suggested they could work to talk Victor out of his decision. When Justin declined, Kate guessed that Victor had known Justin would never turn down the job of running Mad World as soon as he found out Lucas was his primary competitor.

Justin suggested that Kate should focus on doing her job instead of merely talking about it, reminding her that she'd already made two huge mistakes. As Justin began discussing business strategy, he realized that he was talking to an empty room, because Kate had left. Cursing, he grabbed his briefcase and hurried out the door.

After Adrienne and Lucas got a table at the café in Horton Square for breakfast, Lucas stepped away to call his office to let them know he would be late. While Lucas was gone, an angry Kate charged through the square, followed a few seconds later by Justin, and Adrienne ducked behind her menu to hide from them. When Lucas returned, Adrienne told him she'd just seen Justin -- who obviously hadn't returned to Dubai, after all -- chasing after Kate.

Justin chased Kate to the park outside the entrance and threatened to fire her if she couldn't be professional. Kate confidently insisted that she couldn't be replaced, and Justin agreed that she had a unique talent -- for alienating people. Kate was arguing that she had an excellent track record in the industry when Lucas and Adrienne showed up. "What's going on here?" Lucas asked curiously.

Justin guessed that Adrienne had spent the night with Lucas. Adrienne and Lucas both wondered why Justin was in Salem and not back in Dubai. Kate interjected that Justin hadn't returned to Dubai because he was going to work for her.

Adrienne didn't believe that Justin would give up a deal he'd been working on for over a year to work for Kate. Lucas didn't buy the story at all, deducing that making Justin and Kate work together had clearly been Victor's idea because Victor believed Justin would stop at nothing to destroy Lucas. "Mad World is going down. There's nothing you can do about it," Lucas warned as he escorted Adrienne away. Justin strongly encouraged Kate to stop telling people he worked for her. "As long as you don't tell people that I work for you, because as far as I'm concerned, I don't," Kate retorted.

Brady entered Theresa's hospital room and found her dressed and putting on makeup, waiting to be released. Brady said he'd just spoken to Maxine, who'd told him that Tate could probably go home in a couple of days. He apologized for his anger the night before and acknowledged that he and Theresa both just wanted what was best for Tate. Explaining that he thought they should try to settle custody right away, Brady presented Theresa with a custody agreement he'd had drawn up.

As Theresa perused the document, Brady pointed out that it did not limit her parental rights, plus he was being very generous with financial support for both Tate and Theresa. Theresa was stunned when she reached that section and saw the amounts Brady intended to provide -- but then she noticed that the agreement would not allow her to leave Salem. Brady assured Theresa that he would put her up in a comfortable home and provide her with everything she needed. She reminded him that she'd been thinking about moving back to California with her parents.

Brady argued that the only reason Theresa had threatened that had been to get rid of Melanie. He stated that there was a time limit on the offer, which was the best deal she would get. Kimberly entered the room and overheard what Brady was saying. Ordering Theresa not to sign anything, Kimberly hotly pointed out that Theresa hadn't even had a chance to have a lawyer look it over. Theresa admitted that although she had no problem with the custody terms or Brady's generous financial support, she would have to stay in Salem. Kimberly insisted that Theresa wasn't Brady's prisoner.

Brady asserted that he and Theresa both wanted to be full-time parents, and neither wanted to take Tate away from the other -- but Brady couldn't move to L.A. because his business was in Salem. Kimberly accused Brady of throwing money at Theresa to get his way, and Brady suggested that Kimberly allow Theresa to make up her own mind. Kimberly continued arguing with Brady until he snapped, "This matter is between your daughter and me. You butt the hell out."

Brady told Kimberly that Theresa had only threatened to move to California to get him to dump Melanie. A disbelieving Kimberly looked at Theresa, who insisted that wasn't the case. Kimberly shoved the papers at Brady and ordered him to get out, cautioning him that her daughter would not sign anything until their lawyer had scrutinized it first. On his way out, Brady warned both women that he would not allow them to take his son away from him.

Theresa said she was grateful to her mom for standing up to Brady, but she reminded Kimberly that Shane shouldn't be alone. Kimberly admitted that Theresa was right but promised to return the minute Theresa needed her. Kimberly admitted surprise that neither Eve nor Paige had returned any of her calls, but she promised to make sure the Larson women were there to support Theresa.

A little later, Anne charged into Theresa's room and demanded to know why Theresa had given up such a sweet deal. Theresa maintained that the agreement wouldn't have given her what she wanted, which was to raise her child with Brady -- without Melanie around. Anne warned Theresa that unless she had another plan involving a fireplace poker, Melanie wasn't going anywhere.

Observing the sly smile on Theresa's face, Anne declared that Theresa looked "too happy." Theresa innocently asserted that she was simply happy because she was the mother of the sweetest little boy in the world. "Yeah, but you're up to something that isn't the least bit sweet, or sensible, or even moral. Am I getting warm?" Anne asked suspiciously. "Well, let's just say I gave Melanie something to think about, and now the proverbial ball is in her court. And whatever she decides, I'll be ready," Theresa declared, the mischievous smile never fading.

Melanie was dozing on Daniel's couch when Parker tiptoed into the room and awakened her by poking her on the nose, while Daniel and Maggie watched from the doorway. Melanie happily pulled her little brother onto the couch to cuddle and tickle him. A little later, Parker gave Melanie a picture he'd drawn of the two of them then he ran into the bedroom to make another. Melanie said she needed to talk to Daniel and Maggie before they took Parker to the park.

Melanie explained that, growing up, she'd never thought she would know what it was like to have a real family then she'd found her parents and grandmother. "And I know what love is," Melanie said, tears streaming down her cheeks. She continued that growing up without a family had made her understand how important family was, and that had made her realize exactly what she had to do. Before Melanie could explain what she meant, Brady arrived and asked to speak to her alone, so Maggie and Daniel headed out with Parker.

While Parker played, Daniel and Maggie wondered what Melanie was planning to do. Maggie noted that the baby would be a huge test to Brady and Melanie's relationship, but Daniel thought the new couple's basis of friendship made them strong enough to get through it. "I hope you're right. It's just that whenever Theresa's involved, I can't help but worry," Maggie admitted. The conversation turned to the situation with Jennifer, Eve, Paige, and J.J. Daniel insisted that he'd tried to get Jennifer and J.J. to tell Paige the truth, but all he could do was hope things hadn't gotten worse.

Brady told Melanie that things had gone very badly with Theresa, and Melanie asked if Theresa hadn't thought the terms of the custody agreement were fair. Brady said that Theresa and her mom had both flipped out, although Theresa had insisted she hadn't meant to give the impression that she would move to California unless Melanie was out of the picture. Brady declared that Theresa didn't get to dictate how he lived his life, and he didn't want to live it without Melanie. "Do you want to live your life without your son?" Melanie asked gently.

Brady said he would not be separated from his son or from Melanie, so they would find a way to make it work. Melanie reminded him that Theresa had been willing to kill in order to marry him, plus Aiden didn't think Brady would get custody. "There's only one way to solve this so that your son doesn't suffer. Theresa's always going to use him as a weapon against you unless I take myself out of the situation, and that's what I'm going to do... For your sake and your son's, I'm going to leave Salem today," Melanie said.

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