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Marco fibbed to Victor that Gabriel was Jack's son. Sage had emergency surgery, but the baby was still in danger. Hilary accepted Devon's proposal. Nikki told Victor that they had to live separate lives. Cane and Lauren kissed. Avery learned Joe could walk on his own.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 1, 2015 on Y&R
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Dylan Helps Sharon's Custody Case

Dylan Helps Sharon's Custody Case

Monday, June 1, 2015

At Chelsea's penthouse, Adam, still masquerading as Gabriel Bingham, ranted to Chelsea about his frustrating business interactions with Victor. Chelsea told Adam that his tone of voice and the look in his eyes reminded her of Adam. He replied, "I guess Victor brings out the worst in everyone." Chelsea recalled that Adam had been obsessed with beating Victor, and Victor had been obsessed with crushing Adam. Chelsea acknowledged Victor's love for Connor, which was why, she explained, she'd allowed Victor into their lives for Connor's sake.

Chelsea pleaded with the new man in her life to stop trying to take her beloved Adam's place. Chelsea explained that she'd often heard about Gabriel's past penchant for partying. She said, "The Gabe I know is moody, dark, and demanding. Funny, yes, but darkly funny, not goofy funny. Affectionate, but distant." Chelsea talked about Billy's personality changes after he lost Delia. Adam became aggravated when Chelsea suggested that perhaps he'd suffered a loss, too, because his father had never appreciated him.

Chelsea's mention of a father who hadn't appreciated his son visibly upset Adam. Adam changed the subject and replied, "You're hiding behind your dead husband. I can't compete with a ghost, can I? Adam's gone. I want to be with you." Chelsea seemed touched by Adam's straightforward declaration.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Marco, the man Victor had hired to masquerade as Jack Abbott, joined Victor to share a revelation. Marco informed Victor that Gabriel Bingham might be closer to Jack than they'd been led to believe. Victor grew frustrated with Marco's guessing games and reminded the man that their contract could be quickly terminated. Marco said, "Jack Abbott is Gabriel's father." Victor scowled at Marco and said, "Gabriel Bingham is Jack Abbott's son?"

Marco said that Jack had quickly embraced Gabriel when he arrived in town and had later hired him as Jabot's chief operating officer. Marco suggested that Jack had perhaps slept with the late Mrs. Bingham and conceived a son. Marco reminded Victor that he'd mentioned Jack having a kid he barely acknowledged. Victor said that Jack's other son's name was Keemo. Marco offered to press Gabriel for details, but Victor said that Marco had caused enough trouble by asking Ashley to keep an eye on Gabriel.

Marco nodded when Victor said he feared that Ashley might uncover information he wished to keep secret. Victor mentioned the murders of Austin and Courtney. Marco proclaimed his innocence and noted that the FBI had cleared him and moved on. Marco insisted that he'd been a team player. Victor leaned in toward Marco and replied, "You'd better be a team player." After Victor left, Marco quietly snickered.

At Jabot, Marco took his place in Jack's office. Chelsea stopped by and apologized for having missed a meeting. Marco quite cordially dismissed Chelsea's efforts to make amends and said that her creative role entitled her to "think out of the box." Chelsea said that Jack was far different from Ashley. Marco explained that his car wreck had changed his focus. He said he hoped Ashley wouldn't have to incur a bonk to her head to wake up and live her life to the fullest.

Chelsea said that Ashley had never forgiven her for what she'd done to Billy. Chelsea asked why Jack wasn't also resentful. Marco replied, "People do things they wish they didn't do. If you care for Gabriel, who am I to judge?" Chelsea noted that Jack knew how it felt to lose someone unforgettable. Marco nodded.

After Marco stepped out into the hallway, he recalled his last memory of Marisa. The couple had made love before Marco had announced that he had to leave. Marisa had said, "I'll go with you!" Marco had replied, "No! If they find me, I am dead. I can't let them hurt you, too." Marisa had said that if they weren't found, they could live together forever. Marco had told Marisa to stay behind and forget him. Marisa had cried, "There'll never be anyone else. Only you." Marco shook his head to free his mind of the memory.

Aboard a cargo ship, Jack, his wrist handcuffed to a support beam, yelled for help. He yelled, "I don't know who Marco is! I don't know anything about Panama or missing money. I am Jack Abbott!" Two armed men entered and warned Jack to keep quiet while the ship remained docked because guests would board the ship to drink beer at party. Jack told the men that he had the resources to help them locate the real Marco.

After the men left, Jack struggled to free himself. A woman named Marisa entered the cargo hold and was stunned to see the man she believed was Marco. Jack was taken aback when Marisa held his head firmly and began kissing him on the lips. Marisa said, "I thought you were dead. How did you get here?" Jack pleaded with Marisa to free him and help him escape. Jack told Marisa that the deckhand had a key. Marisa replied, "I know how to get them."

A while later, Jack heard people loudly arguing. After a gunshot, a woman screamed, then Jack heard a loud splash as if someone had fallen into the ocean. Jack screamed, "No!" One of the guards returned, aimed at gun at Jack, and said that one of his visitors had "paid the price." The man warned Marco that he'd suffer the same fate. Marisa reappeared after the gunman left and dangled the key she'd managed to acquire. Jack seemed relieved, but Marisa said she wanted some answers first.

At Sharon's house, Dylan and David, Sharon's attorney, prepared to meet with a court-appointed mediator. Nick had agreed that Faith could spend one night a week with her mother, so Dylan believed the mediator would surely approve an amendment to the custody arrangement. Sharon wasn't as confident because she worried that Avery, Nick's attorney, might advise against the change. Dylan asked David to step aside. In a private conversation, Dylan gave Sharon a pep talk. He told Sharon not to worry about Avery. Sharon worriedly recalled how she'd manipulated Faith in order to alienate Nick from Avery.

At the Underground, Avery wasn't in favor of Nick revising the custody agreement. Avery said, "Your intentions have been excellent. You protected Faith from Sharon's emotional instability." Avery said she couldn't understand why Nick had changed his mind. Nick assured Avery that Sharon had become a different person with Dylan in her life. Avery said, "What happens if Dylan moves on and can't or won't keep Sharon on track? Are you confident in Faith's safety when she's alone with Sharon?" Sage diverted her attention from paperwork nearby at the bar and listened intently to Nick and Avery's discussion.

Nick explained to Avery that Dylan seemed never to get discouraged by Sharon's misdeeds and had even stood by Sharon's side when she'd been wrongly charged with homicide. Avery replied, "Well, Dylan's a world-class rescuer, and Sharon is his latest rescue mission." Nick suggested he attend the meeting without Avery, but she assured Nick that she could help mediate fairly. Avery said, "Sharon is who she is, regardless of who she's involved with. Romances come and go, and your child's safety shouldn't hinge on one."

After Avery left, Sage told Nick that perhaps she should've never interfered and suggested that he allow Faith more time with Sharon. Nick assured Sage that she and Avery had merely been objective voices. Sage said, "If it were my child, I'd want a second chance." Before Nick left, Sage took a sip of a drink to help with morning sickness and assured Nick that she'd be fine. Nick told Sage that every baby should grow up with the love their baby would have. After Nick left, Sage pressed her hand against her abdomen and winced in discomfort.

After Nick left the Underground, Victor stopped by and noticed that Sage seemed to be in discomfort. He asked if she was all right. Sage explained that Nick had been taking great care of her and their unborn baby. Victor noted that Nick was a wonderful father. Victor said, "Tell me about Gabriel Bingham." Victor said he wanted to know more about Gabriel and his father. Sage said, "Why do you care?" Victor snapped back, "Why do you not want to talk about it?"

Adam arrived at the Underground and ordered Victor to back off from Sage. Victor said he had a right to know about a man who'd garnered a high position at his company. Adam said, "Does that include badgering a pregnant woman?" Victor quietly replied, "You cut the crap. Next time I see you, you tell me about your father." After Victor left, Sage told Adam that Victor had asked about his father and had used present tense when he'd inquired about how close "they are." Sage said she feared Victor knew something. Visibly stunned, Sage worried that Nick might discover that she'd lied to him and to everyone else.

Avery arrived at Sharon's. Sharon went upstairs so Avery and Dylan could talk. Avery was taken aback when Dylan asked her not to let Sharon's past behavior affect deliberations about Faith's future. Avery reminded Dylan that Faith was well aware of her mother's habit of "spinning out, running off, and just behaving unpredictably." Avery asked what had suddenly made Sharon more trustworthy.

Dylan asked Avery why she'd allowed Joe to weasel his way back into her life. Avery angrily pointed out that everyone but Dylan was well aware of what Sharon could be capable of. Dylan insisted that Joe had been conning Avery. Avery replied, "Well, now you know how I feel about you being sucked in by Sharon. Is she mother of the year or a train wreck ready to happen?"

David interrupted Avery and Dylan and introduced the mediator, Ms. Lahey. Nick arrived. Dylan said, "What's best for Faith is to be with her mother." Ms. Lahey said she'd read the court transcripts and believed that Sharon hadn't yet resolved her issues. Avery interjected that the judge had ruled for sole custody for a reason. Ms. Lahey asked Nick if he'd changed his mind. Nick said he wanted Faith to be safe and happy. Nick explained that Faith would spend one night a week with Sharon, who lived nearby on adjoining property.

Avery asked Nick if he was comfortable leaving Faith alone with Sharon. Dylan interrupted and said, "Sharon and Faith won't be alone. I'll be here with them." Dylan assured the mediator that he, Sharon, and Faith shared a strong bond. Nick said that having Dylan present during the visit was reassuring. The mediator agreed to amend the custody arrangement.

Nick returned to the Underground. Sage was standing with her hand pressed to her abdomen. Nick asked about her morning sickness. Sage mentioned her visit from Victor. Sage asked about the mediation. Nick explained that Dylan would be present during Faith's overnight stay at Sharon's once each week.

After everyone but Dylan left Sharon's, Sharon credited Dylan for her good fortune and said, "One night could turn into two or three down the line. We could be one of those families with shared custody." Sharon told Dylan that he'd been forced into complying with the living arrangements. Dylan replied, "I want to be here. I'm in this. I'm not going anywhere."

Adam joined Victor at the Genoa City Athletic Club and told him not to question Sage again. Victor said he'd wanted information from Sage. Adam replied, "What information? I'm curious about what she might say that would mean anything to you." Victor explained that it was what Sage hadn't said that had convinced him that she was keeping something about Adam's father secret. Adam replied, "So it's not enough that you're responsible for his death. You've got to desecrate his memory, too?"

Victor glared at Adam. Victor said, "Harrison Bingham is not your father. I know who you are. I know who your father is. Next time, do a better job of covering your tracks." Victor left. Adam appeared to be visibly shaken.

One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

At the police station, Kevin pleaded with Paul to reopen the investigation, but Paul revealed that his best detective had confirmed that Tobias had been the killer. Kevin rolled his eyes when Detective Harding entered Paul's office, and he grumbled that he hadn't noticed Harding had been gone. Kevin asked where Harding had been, but Harding snapped that Kevin didn't need to know. Harding presented Paul with the FBI's DNA match to the killer.

Kevin proclaimed that the DNA was enough proof to reopen the case, but Harding divulged that it had been Tobias' DNA on the envelope with the drugs. Kevin protested that it was too convenient, but Paul called it excellent police work. Paul doubted someone had thought to frame two potential suspects in advance, but Kevin contemplated whether the DNA had been fixed. Paul considered the idea of a plant at the FBI to be far-fetched, and Kevin stormed off. Harding hesitantly agreed with Kevin, and Paul acknowledged that if they hadn't found the real killer, the killer was free to murder again.

Paul reasoned that Kevin had been operating on emotion, but Harding countered that he had no emotional investment. Paul questioned why there would be a cover-up at the FBI in a case like that, but Harding pointed out that it wasn't impossible. Paul inquired about the background check Harding had performed on Tobias, and Harding replied that Tobias had had an alibi on the night of Austin's murder, but it hadn't been concrete, since Tobias had been alone. Harding thought Tobias' death had been too convenient, and Paul stressed that the case was closed, but Harding still had questions. Paul assigned Harding to quietly keep digging.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle was pleased to see a smiling Summer, who reveled in having a normal day with no killer on the loose. Meanwhile, Mariah quizzed a barista about how often Tobias had been at the coffeehouse, and she claimed to be a reporter who was investigating the case. Summer overheard and called Mariah a liar, and she reminded Mariah that they'd agreed to let the nightmare be over, but Mariah replied that not everyone was convinced Tobias had been the killer. Kyle realized Kevin and Mariah were still poking around, and he warned that Kevin had a long history of going rogue and getting into trouble. Kyle questioned whether Mariah trusted Kevin over the FBI and the police.

Kevin arrived at the coffeehouse, and Mariah informed him that Summer and Kyle had heard her pressing for details about Tobias. Kevin reported that the police were not reopening the case, and he ranted that they were letting a killer walk free. Summer wailed that she kept envisioning her dead husband and best friend, and she begged them to accept that Tobias had been the killer, but Kevin thought it would be a disservice to their friends' memories not to uncover the truth. Kevin added that he was glad Mariah was on his side, but she agreed it would be good to put it behind them. Kevin resolved to fight the battle solo, since he was sure he was right, and they were all still in danger.

Later, Paul told a reporter on the phone that he had no comment, and he informed Harding that someone had tipped off the press about a leak in the department. Paul rushed out of his office and accused Kevin of leaking information, but Kevin professed his innocence. Paul lectured that Kevin couldn't force them to reopen the case by posting lies and getting all of Genoa City in a panic, and Kevin asked if he was the only one there interested in finding justice. Paul replied that Kevin was the only one there under arrest.

Kyle read a post on the GC Buzz about an inside police source who was convinced Tobias wasn't guilty, and he groaned that they hadn't gotten through to Kevin. Mariah retorted that at least Kevin was willing to stick his neck out, and Kyle complained that Kevin always had to find a way to make things interesting. Mariah blurted out that was why she loved Kevin, but she quickly clarified that she loved Kevin the way she loved puppies or coffee. Summer quipped that Mariah "wasn't shacking up with French roast," and Mariah insisted that she and Kevin were just friends, but she became flustered and walked off.

At the treatment center, Nikki told Neil she knew he'd only been trying to help her, and Neil apologized for exposing her secrets during the intervention. He commended her brave decision to be there to start the healing, and she asked if Neil was healing. Neil swore he hadn't taken a drink in months, but Nikki said she'd been referring to Devon and Hilary. Neil changed the topic to the facility, and Nikki said it had been lonely and depressing, but she was happy he was there. Neil asked if there was anything he could do to make it better, and she requested that he make her feel like his friend by telling her things he couldn't tell anyone else.

Neil confided that the wounds were raw, and they were always there, even though he hid them. Nikki urged him to talk, and Neil said it wouldn't help, but he knew something that would -- seeking revenge. He mentioned that he had to meet Hilary to sign the divorce papers, but he fantasized about paying Devon and Hilary back. Neil envisioned keeping the couple apart, taking his own son's fortune, or driving Hilary out of town without a dime to her name. He imagined locking Hilary and Devon away in a cold, dark room to experience what he'd been through when he'd been blind.

Nikki hoped Neil was just fantasizing and wouldn't really take action, and Neil assured her he wouldn't, but the dark thoughts helped him to vent. Neil reasoned that drinking wasn't an option, so the visions of bad things were good for him, but Nikki cautioned that violent thoughts weren't healthy. Neil promised to see her again soon, and he reminded her to take one day at a time as they hugged goodbye.

At the Athletic Club, Devon approached Hilary at the bar and kissed her neck, and she informed him that her divorce would be final once Neil signed the papers. Devon sympathized that it would be difficult for Neil, but he wanted to celebrate the fact he and Hilary were free to be together. Hilary replied that she couldn't celebrate just yet, and Lily overheard and barked that she'd celebrate getting Hilary away from Neil. Lily added that she'd throw another party once Devon regained his senses.

Lily wondered how much money Hilary had gotten out of Neil, but Hilary replied that she hadn't asked for a cent. Devon defended that Hilary had only been pretending to be after Neil's money, and he asked if Hilary wanted him to take care of the papers. Hilary said she'd made arrangements to meet Neil there so she could apologize, and she owed it to Neil to end their marriage in person and to own her mistakes. Lily hoped her father made a scene, and Hilary admitted she would deserve it if he did. Devon insisted on being there, but Lily protested, and Hilary sided with Lily.

Lily grabbed Neil on his way to Hilary's table, and she offered to be his backup. Neil replied that he didn't want Lily to witness the encounter, and he approached Hilary alone. Hilary thanked Neil for being there, and she sincerely told him how sorry she was for everything. Neil was consumed by his own thoughts of revenge, and he stared icily at Hilary as she said she wanted him to be happy. She handed him a pen, and he held it as if he were about to stab her with it.

Hilary asked Neil if everything was all right, and he smiled as he added his signature to the documents. Hilary thanked Neil for not making it painful, and she hoped he and Devon got past it one day. Hilary approached Devon, and Lily crossed over to Neil. Lily commended Neil for how he'd handled it, but he said he had to go, and he followed Devon and Hilary out the door.

At Crimson Lights, Faith asked Victor where her grandma was, and Victor claimed Nikki had taken a trip. Faith excitedly revealed that she was going to stay with her mom that night, and Victor sent her to the counter to get a cookie. Victor demanded to know "what the hell" Nick was thinking by letting Faith stay with Sharon, and Nick asserted that it didn't concern Victor, but Victor remarked that Sharon was trouble.

Nick explained that Faith missed her mother, but Victor assumed Sharon had manipulated Nick into revising the custody agreement. Nick replied that it had been his choice to allow Faith to spend one night a week with Sharon, but Victor reminded Nick of what Sharon had pulled. Nick recommended that Victor pay attention to his own house and not be quick to judge, like Nikki had told Victor at the intervention. Victor called the matter private, and he incredulously asked if Nick was accusing him of being responsible for Nikki's drinking.

Victor argued that no single event had made Nikki pick up the bottle, and it hadn't had anything to do with him. Victor lectured that Faith being with Sharon wouldn't help Nikki, and Nick impregnating a woman he barely knew wouldn't put Nikki's mind at ease. Nick conceded that he also needed to pay more attention to Nikki, and he asked what had happened between his mother and the guy she'd met at the club. Victor revealed that he'd tried to make an appointment to see her, but he hadn't been allowed to visit the rehab center. Nick reported that Neil had gone to see Nikki.

At the cottage, Sharon rambled to Dylan about getting Faith a new doll and making her daughter's favorite meal, and Dylan mentioned that Sharon had made a cake, too. Sharon anxiously fluttered around the room to ensure the house was spotless, but Dylan noted that she'd already cleaned it, and he thought Faith would be thrilled just to be there. Sharon fretted that Faith would want her old sheets rather than the new ones Sharon had bought, and Dylan asked if Sharon had stopped taking her pills.

Sharon questioned whether Dylan thought she was being manic, and he pulled her close and suggested they slow things down for a little while. She thanked him, and she retrieved her bottle of pills to prove she'd been taking them. Dylan said he didn't need to see them, but he'd noticed she'd been acting tense. Sharon explained that she had a lot riding on the visit to avoid taking a step backward, but Dylan told her to take a breath and hold his hand. He encouraged her to focus on her love for Faith, and nothing would get between mother and daughter again.

Later, Faith ran into Sharon's arms, and Dylan and Nick amicably greeted one another. Faith hoped to have spaghetti for dinner, and she guessed that Sharon had baked a cake. Sharon told Nick she'd take Faith to his place the next day, and she thanked him. Nick departed, and Sharon asked if Faith was happy Dylan was there. Faith chirped that Dylan was fun and that she liked him better than "smelly Sage." Dylan stifled a laugh and said they shouldn't call Sage that, and Faith asked if Sharon and Dylan could make her a new sibling, too.

Sharon explained that a lot went into making the decision to have a baby, and she and Dylan had no plans for it. Faith said she still might wish for it on her birthday, and she couldn't wait to sleep on her princess sheets. Faith ran upstairs, and Sharon wished she'd left the old sheets on the bed. Faith yelled down that she loved the new ones, and a relieved Sharon apologized to Dylan for the baby question. Dylan said he should be the one apologizing to her.

Dylan said he was sorry for asking Sharon about her meds earlier, since he'd realized he'd been wrong to ask when he'd seen Sharon's bond with Faith. Sharon said she'd missed out on a lot of time with her little girl, and it still hurt not to have Faith living there with her. Dylan understood that the thought of losing a child was too much for Sharon to bear, and they kissed.

Angel said Nikki was making progress on her recovery, but it couldn't be rushed. Nikki thought she could skip the basics because she had been through it before, but Angel pointed out that it hadn't been entirely successful. Nikki claimed that her relapse was different, since she'd been under undue stress after her best friend had passed away, and she had been worried about her children. Nikki added that she had a difficult husband, but she realized she was making excuses for her drinking, just like she had the first time.

Nikki insisted she was there because people loved and needed her, but Angel thought she was just saying what she thought he wanted to hear. He asked why that time in rehab was different, and Nikki replied that she had multiple sclerosis and didn't want to drink herself to death. She hoped to find the strength there that she couldn't get at home with Victor, and Angel remarked that Victor was a powerful man. Nikki said she needed the strength to deal with Victor when she got home, and Angel received a text message from security to tell him Victor was there.

Angel told Victor that he'd wasted a trip, since Victor couldn't see Nikki. Victor divulged that he knew Neil had seen her, and Neil wasn't even family. Angel explained that an alcoholic needed time after an intervention, but Victor said he didn't "give a damn," and he refused to take no for an answer. Angel said he'd heard, and Victor asserted that his love and affection would help Nikki to avoid temptation to drink again. Angel advised that love wasn't always enough, and drinking wasn't the only pitfall.

Nikki eavesdropped as Victor said he'd pulled Nikki back from the brink more times than he could count, and Angel replied that it was time for Nikki to save herself. Angel added that it hadn't been his decision to keep Victor away from his wife -- it was Nikki who didn't want Victor there.

Sage discovered a romantic table set for two at the Underground, and Nick said he'd hoped to surprise her. She replied that it wasn't her birthday, and he pretended to be shocked. He pulled out a chair for her to sit down, and he presented her with a lovely vintage of sparkling cider. She began to cry and called the gesture really sweet, since he was pulling out all the stops for the baby. Nick said it wasn't just because he loved their baby, and her face lit up as she gushed, "Oh, Nick!"

Nick explained that the dinner was to thank Sage for dealing with the drama in his life, and Sage thanked him for thanking her, but she fought back tears. He asked if he'd done something wrong, and she replied that he'd done everything right, but she'd clearly been hoping for something more. She suddenly cried out in pain and grabbed her belly, complaining of a cramp. Nick helped her to her feet, but she had difficulty standing and walking.

At the hospital, the doctor revealed that Sage had acute appendicitis that required immediate surgery. The doctor explained that the surgery posed a risk to the fetus, but leaving the condition untreated would be fatal for both mother and child, and there were no other options.

Getting Away With Murder

Getting Away With Murder

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

On the cargo ship, Marisa returned to see "Marco," and Jack admitted he'd been afraid he wouldn't see her again after she'd almost been caught. She remarked that dangerous close calls made life worth living, and she referred to the many times they'd faced them and lived to tell about it. He called her beautiful and brave, and she recalled that Marco had always said she had "the face of a goddess and the heart of a warrior." Jack asked if she still had the key, since he had to get out of there, but she insisted that he first tell her why he'd left her.

Jack promised to tell Marisa everything after they got out, but Marisa recalled that Marco had said he'd needed to leave to keep her safe, and she'd believed him. Jack asked if she didn't believe him then, and she imagined he'd stolen a lot of money if the captain wanted to kill him. She demanded to know if Marco had chosen money over her, and Jack insisted he hadn't. She asked if he'd ever really loved her, but the captain entered and asked what was going on. Marisa hid the keys behind her back.

Marisa claimed that she'd wanted to see if the prisoner was really the great Marco Anicelli, but the captain ordered her to leave, and she departed. The captain snarled that he'd ask his "friend" one more time where the money was, and Jack insisted he didn't know. The captain smacked Jack's face and bellowed that it was the wrong answer, and Jack maintained that he wasn't Marco. The captain ominously stated that he'd get what was his one way or another, since Marco's enemies would love to get their hands on him, and he intended to hold Marco for ransom to the highest bidder.

The captain held up a phone and told Jack to smile, since the people who were willing to pay big money needed to know what they were buying. Jack suggested he hold a newspaper with a date on it, but the captain was cautious of divulging their location, and he thought the date stamp on the video would be enough. The captain ordered Jack to say a few words to his old friends, but Jack stated that he was being held against his will, and he begged someone to contact his family. The captain brandished a gun, and Jack argued that he was worth nothing dead. The captain pistol-whipped Jack.

Marisa discovered a bleeding and half-conscious Jack, and she asked if he could hear her. He asked if he was dead, and she explained that she'd had to pretend she didn't know him. Jack revealed that the captain had made a video in an effort to sell him to the highest bidder, and Marisa reported that the captain had been bragging about it to everyone. Jack begged her to stop the captain, but she revealed that the bidding war had already begun. Marisa said he had only one choice -- hand over the money -- or he'd die.

At the Athletic Club, Marco scowled at his club soda, and Adam approached and angrily reminded "Jack" that he was supposed to have kept his mouth shut to prevent Billy from going to jail for shooting Adam. Adam accused Jack of revealing Adam's true identity to Victor, but Jack corrected that Victor only thought he knew who Gabriel was. Adam grumbled that he was sick of talking in code, and Jack explained that he'd told Victor that Gabriel was Jack's son.

Adam testily questioned why Jack had done that, and Jack reasoned that he'd needed to do something to outwit Victor. Adam griped that Jack had drawn attention to Adam's paternity, but Jack thought Adam should thank him, since a suspicious Victor had known Gabriel had been hiding something. Adam worried that making Victor think Gabriel was an Abbott would put crosshairs on Adam's back, and he voiced concern that Victor would tell the Abbott family or Chelsea about who Victor thought Gabriel was.

Jack crowed that he had the upper hand because Victor needed him for the merger, and he was sure Victor wouldn't double-cross him. Adam grumbled that Victor would double-cross his own mother for sport, but Jack countered that Victor would have done it already if that had been his intention. Jack asserted that the story made a great cover, since it made it possible for Adam to keep masquerading as Gabriel, but Adam groused that it was getting more difficult to pull off, since Chelsea had accused him of being like Adam.

Adam confided that the blowup had caused a wall between him and Chelsea, and Jack advised him to tear it down, since Adam had to remain Gabriel in order to stay close to Chelsea. Adam replied that he couldn't go on like that. Later, Marco read the post on GC Buzz about a source in the police department being unconvinced Tobias had been responsible for the murders.

At the hospital, a drugged Sage asked why everything was melting, and Nick guessed the sedatives were kicking in. He said she'd be undergoing surgery soon, and she unsuccessfully tried to pronounce "appendectomy." She worried that the drugs weren't good for the baby, but Nick reminded her that she needed the procedure because of the infection. She whined that she liked her appendix, but Nick replied that she wouldn't if it burst, so it was better if they took it out. She dazedly looked at him and said she trusted him, and the doctor entered and announced it was time.

At Newman-Abbott, Billy rambled about tying Jabot to Newman's cosmetics line to launch a multi-platform campaign, but Victoria was obviously distracted. He suggested they dress up like giant lipsticks instead, and she realized she hadn't been listening. He surmised she was worried about her mom, and he suggested they call it a night, but she insisted on working to keep her mind off things. Billy assured Victoria he was there for her, and Chelsea appeared in the doorway.

Chelsea mentioned that she had a late meeting with Jack, and she asked if Billy and Victoria were working on a new project. Victoria snapped that it didn't involve Chelsea, and Chelsea reminded her that they needed to put their hostilities behind them to work together. Victoria huffed that she had agreed to work with Chelsea but not get into bed with her, since that was Gabriel's job. Billy revealed that he and Victoria had been discussing a concept that could help the fashion line, and Victoria explained they were considering making monthly deliveries of the company's cosmetics line to generate a response on social media, hoping it would increase sales.

Billy added that they could use it as a research tool to stay on trend, and Victoria said they could extend the same model to fashion. Chelsea argued that her exclusive designs were high-end, but Billy suggested they introduce something more affordable to the public to help sell their other lines. Chelsea objected to changing her design approach, and Victoria accused Chelsea of complaining about everything to make it personal. Victoria answered a call from Nick, who informed her about Sage's appendectomy, and Victoria relayed the news to Billy and Chelsea as she rushed out.

Chelsea started to leave for her meeting, but Billy stopped her and insisted they finish their discussion. Billy hoped Chelsea would give the subscription idea more thought, and she agreed to consider it. He asked her not to mention it to Jack, and Chelsea stated that Billy should be able to present the idea himself without any interference. She swore that she'd never undermine Billy, and she just wanted to stop fighting and be happy again.

Later, Adam tracked down Chelsea, and she said she had to tell him something. He asked to go first, and he apologized for what he'd said about her not being able to move past Adam. He wished he could take it back, but she conceded that he hadn't been entirely wrong. He recognized that she'd just been trying to get him to open up, and he hoped to have a real connection without anything standing in their way.

Billy returned to hear Chelsea's pitch, but he assumed she preferred Gabriel's input. Billy realized Gabriel had known nothing about Chelsea's meeting with Jack, and he asked if Gabriel was out of the loop about Sage, too. Chelsea revealed that Sage was in the hospital with appendicitis, and Adam fretted that it could be dangerous for the baby. Adam prepared to go to the hospital, but Chelsea noted that Nick was with Sage, and she asked Gabriel to stay to help her work on her pitch. Adam flashed back to demanding that Sage get a paternity test, and he hurried off.

Billy found it strange that Gabriel had run out to be with Sage, and Chelsea reasoned that Gabriel cared about Sage the way Billy still cared about Victoria. Billy noted that Victoria was the mother of his children, whereas Gabriel and Sage hadn't even shared a real marriage. Chelsea pointed out that Sage and Gabriel had been friends for years, and Billy wondered if Gabriel's behavior bothered Chelsea, since Gabriel had been acting like he had something to hide. Chelsea asked why Billy cared, and he was surprised she didn't.

Jack greeted "Billy Boy," and Billy and Chelsea filled Jack in about Sage's emergency surgery. Jack was surprised to hear Gabriel's ex was pregnant, and Chelsea clarified that the baby was Nick's. Billy mentioned that Gabriel had taken off to check on Sage, and Chelsea stressed that Sage and Gabriel were friends. Chelsea abruptly left, and Jack wondered what was really going on with Chelsea.

Victoria found Nick at the hospital, and he recounted that he and Sage had learned the doctors had needed to operate right away. Victoria pointed out that it was a simple procedure, but she understood he was worried about the baby. Nick admitted he'd been shocked by Sage's pregnancy, but he'd been thinking a lot about Cassie, and he thought a new baby would be something positive. He conveyed enthusiasm for early feedings and diaper changes, and he looked forward to giving Faith a little brother or sister. Victoria assured him he could still have that, but he was concerned that Sage could lose the baby. The siblings hugged.

Nick paced in the waiting area, and he worried about Sage if she lost the baby. Victoria encouraged him not to talk like that, but Nick recalled that Sage had thought she'd never be able to have kids, and she'd been ecstatic when she'd learned she was pregnant. Victoria understood, since she'd been in the same position, but she pointed out that she had Reed and Katie, and she considered having Johnny in her life to be a miracle. She added that it had been nice hearing Nick talk about having a baby again, but she suspected he'd been lying about the 2 a.m. feedings. She promised it would work out.

Adam arrived and asked where Sage was, and Nick reported that she was still in surgery. Adam inquired about how dangerous the procedure was to the baby, and Nick explained that Sage would have died without the operation. Adam blasted Nick for not calling him, but Nick asserted that Sage was with Nick, and she was carrying Nick's baby. Adam claimed he cared about what happened to Sage, and Victoria cautioned that arguing wouldn't help. The doctor informed them that Sage had made it through surgery fine, and Adam asked about the baby.

The doctor revealed that they'd been able to remove Sage's appendix and wipe out the infection, but the next 48 hours would be critical. Adam asked again about the baby, and the doctor reported that the fetus had survived surgery, but they had to wait and see how things went from there.

Billy called Victoria to get an update, and he told Jack that Sage was doing okay, but it was a wait-and-see situation with the baby. Jack thought Chelsea had overreacted, but Billy thought Chelsea was finally seeing that something was off about Gabriel.

The doctor allowed Nick to visit Sage, but she cautioned that Sage needed rest. Victoria offered to update the rest of the family, but Nick wanted to wait until they had more information. Nick entered Sage's room, and she stirred when he took her hand. He joked that having no appendix looked great on her, and he assured her that the surgery had gone as planned.

Nick informed Sage that the little one had made it, and he remarked that such a tough kid was definitely a Newman. She imagined it was a girl, but Nick looked away, and Sage asked what was wrong. He gently informed her that it was too soon to tell if the baby would make it, and she sobbed that she couldn't lose her child. He crawled into bed next to her and held her.

Adam looked in from the window, and Chelsea found him and asked how Sage was doing. He relayed that Sage was fine, but the baby wasn't out of the woods yet, and Chelsea asked if there was anything she could do. Adam replied that there was nothing anyone could do, and he complained that they wouldn't even let him go in. Chelsea stared at him, and she wondered why he was acting that way. He asserted that he cared about Sage and the baby, but Chelsea questioned how much he cared, since he was acting like he thought the baby might be his.

At the police station, Kevin chided Detective Harding for pinning two murders on the wrong guy and arresting Kevin on bogus charges, but Harding countered that the only person who had screwed up had been Kevin. Harding insisted that Tobias had been the killer, but Kevin argued that he was entitled to his opinion. Paul scolded Kevin for undermining the investigation, and he revealed that forensics was going through Kevin's computer to find something that tied Kevin to the tip given to GC Buzz. Kevin ranted that a killer was on the loose, and he asserted that he had a right to a phone call. Kevin called Michael and said he was in a little trouble.

Michael confronted Paul about the charges against Kevin, and Harding complained that the phones had been ringing off the hook. Michael asked if they had any proof, and Paul replied that they didn't yet. Harding mentioned that Kevin's arraignment wouldn't be until the next day, and Michael sarcastically said he could tell Harding was broken up about it. Paul defended that Michael couldn't blame them for being upset, since the incident had caused a press nightmare, and he invited Michael to take it up with the judge. Paul added that he'd heard enough from Kevin to last a lifetime.

Kevin begged Michael to get him out of there, but Michael quipped that he wasn't Houdini. Kevin swore nothing he'd done had been illegal, but Michael warned that the judge would look down on a police employee who had betrayed the department. Kevin contended that he'd had to do it because he was the only one questioning the lies the real killer was shoving down their throats. Michael argued that the most sophisticated DNA lab in the country had identified Tobias as the killer, but Kevin maintained that it was a lie.

Michael questioned whether Kevin had considered it his civic duty to point it out on GC Buzz, and Kevin defended that he'd tried to talk to Paul and "Cheddar-head Harding," but he'd had to resort to something drastic. Michael called the move stupid, but Kevin reiterated that three people were dead, and he was the only person investigating the truth while the real killer had gotten away. Kevin wondered why it was hard for Michael to imagine that someone devious had killed people and had pinned the murders on someone innocent.

Kevin fidgeted while he waited, and Harding asked if he was thinking about a long night in lockup. Kevin coldly suggested that Harding find the real killer, and Harding pointed out that it was his job, not Kevin's. Kevin taunted that Harding could hardly tell the good guys from the bad if Harding hadn't even been able to determine what sex his pet bunny was, and Harding snapped that even if he hadn't found the real killer, Kevin needed to shut up to avoid getting into more trouble than he was already in. Kevin realized that Harding was open to the possibility that the real killer was still out there.

Michael conceded to Paul that Kevin had crossed the line again, but it was possible Kevin was onto something. Michael urged Paul to consider that Tobias had been set up and murdered by someone else, and he knew Paul wouldn't want a killer to go unpunished. Paul admitted there were many unanswered questions in the case, so he had Harding quietly looking into them. Paul added that he hadn't been able to trust Kevin, since he'd wanted the killer to believe the case had been closed, but Kevin had blown the plan out of the water with his latest stunt. Paul wondered how the killer would react to the news if the culprit was still out there.

Kevin asked if he could leave, but Michael said Kevin had to stay for the night, and he assured Kevin that the arraignment would be first thing in the morning. Harding removed Kevin's handcuffs and whispered not to worry, since he had someone looking out for Kevin. Kevin protested, and Paul discovered that there was a response to the post on GC Buzz. Someone had written that the police were right, and the killer hadn't been Tobias. "Catch me if you can or watch me get away with murder," Paul read aloud.

Too Much Time on My Hands

Too Much Time on My Hands

Thursday, June 4, 2015

At Newman-Abbott, Adam approached Chelsea and called her a genius at work, and she admitted she was a little tense, since her meeting with Jack kept getting rescheduled. Adam offered to let her practice her pitch on him, and she described her idea as small but stylish. He declared that he was sold, and he insisted that he believed in her and her vision, but she pointed out that he wasn't Jack. Adam was confident Jack would sign off on the whole thing, and he suggested they talk about their relationship instead.

Chelsea recalled that "Gabriel" had stormed out of her place when she'd compared him to Adam, and he'd done the same thing when she'd asked if Sage's baby might be his. Adam admitted he'd been a jerk, but he thought it would sound like he was just making excuses if he tried to explain his side of the story. Chelsea encouraged him to try, and Adam said it had seemed like she'd been accusing him of doing something deceitful. He maintained that his marriage to Sage had been nothing more than a business arrangement, and his focus was on Chelsea.

Adam added that he was worried about Sage because they'd had a lifetime friendship, but that was it, and Chelsea wondered if he was telling her that he was a good guy. Adam told her not to get carried away, and he said he had things to do, but he'd check in with her later to see how her pitch to Jack had gone. He made a production of exiting like a gentleman, and he noted that the color she was wearing looked amazing on her.

At Crimson Lights, Faith asked if Sharon had seen the card she'd made, and Sharon replied that she'd never seen that much glitter in her life. Faith suggested she and Dylan build another fort that night, but Sharon reminded her daughter that they only got to spend one night together a week. Faith asked if Dylan would stay over with them the following week, and Dylan promised he'd be there every week. Faith wondered if that meant Dylan was living with her mommy.

Sharon said she knew Faith loved seeing her uncle, so they'd decided it would be fun if he stayed over on their nights together. Faith complained that the following week was too far away, and Dylan suggested she pick out some cookies to take to her friends at school. Faith ran up to the counter, and Sharon remarked that Nick was late, but he hadn't replied to her text messages. She asked Dylan to be her witness that she'd been there on time, and Dylan urged her to try Nick again.

Sage dreamed about giving birth and hearing her baby cry, and she asked if the child was okay. Adam hovered over her in scrubs, and he smiled and said the tot looked just like him. Sage gasped for breath as she woke up with a start, and Nick inquired whether she'd had a bad dream.

Nick received Sharon's text message, and he realized he'd forgotten to tell her that he couldn't take Faith to school. Sage insisted that she didn't want Nick to disrupt the custody arrangement because of her, and she added that if he stayed, she'd just stare at him and say embarrassing things. He joked that he definitely wasn't leaving, and she grimaced when she laughed. She told him that both she and the baby needed sleep, and he called their kid a champ, just like its mom. He kissed Sage goodbye, but he looked worried as he left her room.

Chelsea arrived with flowers for Sage, and Sage said the only remaining concern was the baby. Sage called her child a miracle she'd never expected, and Chelsea assured her that even tiny humans would do whatever it took to survive. Chelsea understood Sage's fear, but she advised Sage not to let it get in the way of enjoying her pregnancy. Sage tearfully thanked her and asked how Chelsea had been, and Chelsea reported that work had been crazy with the new management, but Gabriel had been supportive. Sage inquired whether Chelsea and Gabriel's relationship was on or off.

Chelsea explained that she and Gabriel had a deep connection, but they had issues, too. Chelsea revealed that Gabriel had been really worried about Sage and the baby, and she admitted that his reaction had made her wonder whether he might the father of Sage's child. Sage barked that the flowers had been a nice touch to go with accusing her of being with two men at the same time, and she blasted Chelsea for making innuendos about the baby. Chelsea swore that she was the last person to judge, but she had wondered why Gabriel had been upset, and Sage snapped that decent people cared about babies.

Sage angrily wondered if Chelsea was worried about being saddled with Gabriel's kid, and she insisted the baby wasn't his. Adam entered the room and asked why Chelsea was there, and Sage ordered Chelsea out. Sage suggested that Adam go after Chelsea, since Sage was supposed to be sleeping and not placating his paranoid girlfriend. Adam argued that the baby could be his, but Sage was adamant that it couldn't be.

Sage and Adam argued about the possibility that he'd fathered her child, and she warned that Chelsea had seen he was lying, since Chelsea wouldn't have harassed a pregnant woman otherwise. Adam spat that he and Sage had had sex, but Sage was convinced it had happened with Nick and not Adam. She became increasingly agitated, and her monitors began to sound. She screamed that the baby was Nick's, and she yelled at Adam to get out.

Adam returned to the office, and Chelsea asked if Sage was okay. He revealed that Sage had told him to leave, and Chelsea blamed herself for bothering Sage right after she'd gotten out of surgery. Chelsea added that it was none of her business if the baby was his, since he had his own life, but he replied that he wasn't interested in his own life if Chelsea wasn't in it. Adam admitted he'd done nothing but lie to her, and he swore that from then on, he would tell her the truth about everything, including the truth about Sage's baby.

Chelsea insisted it had been her fault for asking questions she'd had no right to ask, and she reflected on how lies had always been a big part of her life, so she didn't know how to be normal or to trust someone. Adam assured her that nothing had been her fault, but she wailed that lies always ruined everything, and it would happen with her and Gabriel, too. Adam said he wanted her to believe in what they had and to trust his feelings for her, and he promised he wasn't going anywhere. They embraced.

Nick arrived at the coffeehouse and commented that Faith was sticky from her muffin, and Dylan took her behind the counter to get her cleaned up. Sharon said she'd been starting to worry, and Nick explained that Sage had been through emergency surgery, but they still had to wait and see if the baby was okay. Sharon rambled about things she could do to help with Faith, and Nick flatly stated that he could handle it, but Sharon insisted she was happy to help to make things easier on him. He snapped that she just couldn't help herself.

Nick accused Sharon of using Sage's medical status to her advantage, and Sharon understood that he was tired and upset, but she expected him to recognize the difference between offering help and taking advantage. Dylan asked if they wanted Faith to hear them fighting, and he lectured that it wouldn't help the girl at all. Faith asked if Nick was mad at Sharon again, and Nick replied that he was only mad at himself for being late. Nick left to take Faith to school, and Dylan lamented that it had been a crummy way to end Faith's visit.

Sharon revealed that Sage had had her appendix out, and Nick had accused Sharon of taking advantage of the situation to get more time with Faith. Sharon recalled that she and Nick had been raising Faith together less than a year earlier, but she was suddenly his enemy again. Dylan imagined Nick was worried about Sage and the baby, but Sharon pointed out that Nick always felt entitled to talk to her like that. Dylan encouraged Sharon to let it go, since all Nick was thinking about was his baby pulling through.

Sharon offered Dylan tips on how to deal with quirks in the cash register, and she reminded him that she'd co-owned the place for years. He remarked that problem-solving was a requirement in any field, and she wished she had a field, since she had too much time on her hands. Dylan said she owed it to the world to share her problem-solving skills, but she wasn't sure she had the confidence to go on interviews. Dylan said she just had to get her interviewer to see who she was, and she groaned that she felt the panic rise just talking about it.

Dylan pretended to interview Sharon, and he asked why she'd left her last employer. Sharon matter-of-factly replied that she'd been fired after she'd changed her boss's daughter's paternity test, and she said that would be the time she'd walk out of the interview, mortified. Dylan advised Sharon to frame the truth in a way that still made her hirable, and she said her position had been phased out. Dylan got Sharon talking about her good traits, and he proclaimed that she was hired, since he had a job opening there. He said the pay wasn't good, but he swore the boss was incredible.

Sage was happy when Nick returned, and he said the nurse had told him that her blood pressure had spiked. Sage assured him she was fine, and she claimed that she'd gotten too excited when Chelsea and Gabriel had stopped by. Nick grumbled that Gabriel was pretending to be her best friend after he'd used her to get his inheritance, and Sage firmly stated that she'd handled it. Nick wanted to have a talk with Gabriel to warn him not to go near Sage or her baby, but Sage insisted he couldn't.

Sage said she just wanted to spend time with Nick, and he told her not to worry about Gabriel or the baby, but she fretted that things could happen during a pregnancy even when the mom hadn't gone through surgery. Sage whimpered that it might be her only chance to have a child, but he already had kids of his own. Nick said the baby meant as much to him as any child he'd had, and it had been tough to see all of his kids' hearts broken, but Sage and the baby were his silver lining. He hated the thought of anything bad happening to either of them, and he and Sage kissed.

At the Underground, Mariah asked a formally dressed Kevin if he'd worn a suit to all his arraignments, and he deadpanned that he had when he'd left his chipmunk costume at home. She hoped Michael could get the charges dropped, and Kevin contended that there were other ways to get the cops to focus on what really mattered. Abby, Kyle, and Summer entered, and Abby suspected that Kevin wanted to rub it in their faces that he had been right. Kevin announced that he wanted to take a new opportunity to get the cops to find the real killer.

Kevin revealed that a television show wanted to do a documentary series about the murders, and the crew wanted to interview all of them. Summer and Kyle objected, and Abby thought going public was a terrible legal strategy for Kevin, but Kevin argued that it would force Paul's hand sooner rather than later. Summer had no interest in talking on-camera about the painful events, and she was sure Noah would go ballistic when he heard about it. Kyle suggested that Kevin do it on his own, but Kevin said the show wanted everyone or no one.

Kevin asserted that the documentary would make a difference to get justice for Austin and Courtney, and Summer agreed to discuss it with Avery from a legal angle, but she told Kevin not to book the interview before then. Summer departed, and Abby refused to be part of it, but Kevin swore her affair with Austin wouldn't be the focus. Abby pointed out that making a documentary had gotten Austin killed, and Kevin asked Mariah to talk sense into the rest of their friends, but Mariah considered it a bad idea.

At home, Avery prepared to go out and get some milk for the coffee, but Joe pointed out that she didn't put milk in hers. She countered that he did, and he said he didn't need her waiting on him. Avery argued that she would do it for any guest, and Joe volunteered to get it himself, but she insisted that she didn't mind. He thanked her, and after she left, he pushed himself to his feet, but he quickly sat down in his wheelchair when he heard the key in the door. Avery returned to retrieve her phone.

Later, Summer stopped by to see Avery, who confirmed that documentaries could be effective, but she said Summer had no reason to participate. Avery took a call and learned her client was being deposed early, and she mentioned that Joe had a workout scheduled. Summer offered to stay, and Avery advised Summer not to do anything related to the documentary if she wasn't ready. Avery departed, and Joe gave Summer an out to leave, but Summer ordered him to get to work. Joe marveled that Avery had been great, and he would be lost without her.

Joe said Summer was focused and driven like Avery, and Summer remarked that no one had ever described her that way. Joe sympathized that things hadn't gone as Summer had hoped with Austin, and Summer acknowledged that they'd gotten married too fast. Joe said he and Avery had also been wed too young, but he'd gotten what he'd deserved by spending too much time on work. Joe finished his exercises, and he praised Summer for being a great coach.

Summer couldn't imagine having to fight for something most people took for granted, and Joe credited Avery with making things easier by standing by his side. He contemplated how he could repay Avery, and Summer said his recovery would be enough. Summer left, and after the door closed, Joe stood up, put on ear buds, and walked over to the kitchen to fetch some water. With his back turned to the door, he didn't notice when Summer returned and stared at him in shock. Summer hastily exited, and Joe turned around when the door closed.

Kevin argued with Kyle, Abby, and Mariah about the documentary. Mariah refused to go on television, expecting the press to ridicule her history with Ian. Avery arrived and said Summer had told her about the documentary, and Kevin imagined Avery had used similar tactics when she'd worked for the Innocence Foundation. Avery countered that she'd never publicized outside the courtroom, and she counseled that putting themselves in the public eye was risky. Kevin reasoned that leaving a killer on the loose was riskier, and Kyle conceded that Kevin was right on that point.

Avery pulled Kyle aside and warned that a public interview could be a disaster for Summer, since the press might twist the facts to make Summer look guilty. Avery cautioned that the footage could be manipulated to make it appear Summer was happy her husband had died, since she had reunited with her first love. Avery recognized that Summer and Kyle needed one another, but she advised them to take things slowly and make sure they had the same priorities.

Later, at the police station, Avery was frustrated when her deposition was rescheduled again, and Summer breathlessly approached and said she'd had to find Avery. Avery asked if Summer felt pressured to give an interview, but Summer revealed that it was about Joe. Avery worriedly asked if everything was okay, and Summer grumbled that Avery had no idea how much better than okay Joe was.

Summer returned to the Underground, and Kyle said the interview was a bad idea. Abby wondered why he'd been swayed against it, and Kyle replied that they had no idea what questions the press would ask or if their answers would get twisted. Abby waffled, since she didn't want her business in the media, but she wanted Paul to reopen the investigation and find out who had been responsible.

Across the bar, Kevin demanded that Mariah explain why she thought the documentary was a bad idea, and he didn't buy that she was nervous about her past being mentioned. Mariah blurted out that she could end up going to jail, and she contemplated what would happen if the police discovered that the killer hadn't posted the response on GC Buzz. She admitted she didn't think Tobias had been the killer, but she'd be in trouble if anyone found out she'd posted the response to get Kevin out of jail, and she begged Kevin to help her.

Avery returned home, and Joe suggested they go to lunch, but she imagined he was tired after his workout. She knowingly asked if he wanted some water, and he replied that it would be great, but she coldly told him to get it himself. He asked if she was mad about something, and she confronted him about lying to her the whole time. Avery demanded to know how long Joe had been able to walk.

Walk Like a Man

Walk Like a Man

Friday, June 5, 2015

On the cargo ship, Marisa tended to Jack's injuries, and she urged "Marco" to admit he'd stolen the money and to give it back. Jack claimed that he had lied about not having the money, and it was safe and secure in America. He urged her to get him there, and he promised that she'd have enough cash to start her life all over again. Marisa told him to "go to hell," and she testily inquired whether he thought all she wanted was a payoff.

Jack covered by saying he knew Marisa better than that, and she asked about the place he'd hidden the money. He extolled the beauty of Genoa City, and he mentioned that he owned a company named Jabot, where he worked with many talented people he cared about. His voice shook as he said he couldn't describe how much he missed them, and Marisa marveled that his new home sounded captivating. He begged her to help him get there, and she agreed to do it on one condition -- she wanted to share in the wonderful life he'd created.

Jack called Genoa City a provincial place, and he imagined a free spirit like Marisa would be bored there. She said she wanted something money couldn't buy, and ever since she'd clawed her way out of the gutter, she'd never had a place to call home. She thought the city he had described sounded like the perfect place to build a future together, and she declared that she wanted that as much as she wanted him. Marisa kissed Jack, but the captain interrupted them and growled that he should have known he couldn't trust her. The captain announced that she'd share the same fate as Marco.

The captain said Marco and Marisa deserved one another, and they could die together once he decided which of Marco's enemies had won the bidding war. After the captain left, Marisa whimpered that it was her fault, but Jack told her not to blame herself. She proclaimed that they could face anything as long as they were together, and he replied that he wasn't ready to die for love yet. Jack resolved to find a way to get out of there.

At the rehab center, Nikki listened to an audio program about learning as much as possible about her addiction, including what triggered her compulsion to drink. Neil tapped her shoulder, and she removed her headphones and said she was happy to see him, since she needed a friend. He asked about her stay, and she replied that she wasn't staying -- she was hiding out from Victor. Neil insisted that Victor loved her and that Victor was her family, and Nikki agreed that love could be a wonderful thing, but it could also be painful when it included a disclaimer.

Neil pointed out that unconditional love was very rare, but he thought Nikki and Victor had something special. Nikki commented that looks could be deceiving, but Neil pointed out that Victor had swallowed his pride by reaching out to others to save her. Nikki recalled that Victor had held back during the intervention because he hadn't allowed himself to be vulnerable in front of other people, only when he was alone with her. Neil contended that she was there to overcome a problem, and she couldn't expect Victor to change, since they all were who they were at the end of the day.

Nikki wondered if they were still talking about Victor, and Neil confided that he'd been pretending that everything was okay, but he was in a world of hurt and pain. Nikki mentioned the revenge fantasies he'd had about Devon and Hilary, and she reminded him that he'd sworn he wouldn't act on them. Neil admitted he'd thought about it, but he'd seen the hate staring back at him in the mirror, and that just wasn't him.

Nikki picked up her phone to get legal advice from Avery, and Neil reminded her that the program warned against making any important decisions. Nikki countered that it was part of her rehabilitation to figure out how to handle her life, and the longer she waited, the harder it would be. Neil advised her to focus on her recovery, and she hugged him and thanked him for visiting. He said he was very worried about her, and he hoped she didn't do anything she regretted. As he headed to the door, she called after him and said the same thing went for him.

At Newman-Abbott, Victor ordered someone on the phone to find Jack, and Marco overheard and asked if Victor had lost something important to their little arrangement, but Victor replied that it was none of Marco's business. Marco recalled that he'd nearly died in a car accident the last time he'd heard Jack's voice, and he couldn't imagine what might happen if Jack returned. Victor asserted that it was under control, but Marco refused to give up being Jack Abbott without a fight. Victor warned Marco not to threaten him, and Marco reached into his suit pocket as he remarked that he usually didn't bother with threats.

Marco pulled out a flash drive, and he revealed that it contained a log of every meeting he and Victor had ever had, starting when Victor had found him in prison. Marco continued that it included all the details about how Victor had replaced Jack with Marco, and he'd clearly documented that Victor had offered to make Marco a rich man if Marco helped engineer the merger. Marco warned that a copy of the contents would be sent to Ashley and the FBI if anything happened to him, and Ashley "sure as hell" would pursue it. Ashley overheard from the doorway.

"Jack" said he and Victor had been waiting for Ashley, and Victor inquired whether Ashley had found out anything new about Gabriel. Ashley vowed to stay on it, and she asked what was really going on. Victor stepped out to take a call, and he was happy to hear from Nikki, who explained that she hadn't wanted to call until she was ready to see him. He said he was on his way.

Jack said he needed to ask Ashley a favor, and she grumbled that he owed her about 200 of them already. He clarified that it was personal, since his recent car crash had reminded him of how precious life was. He revealed that he'd asked Michael to update his estate documents, and he'd named Ashley as the executor. She wondered why he wouldn't have Phyllis do it, and Jack claimed that Phyllis felt a debt of gratitude to Victor, so he was afraid Victor might manipulate Phyllis. Jack said he wanted to know Ashley would protect his legacy if something happened to him.

Ashley was touched that Jack trusted her, but she wondered if he'd considered the possibility that something might happen to her first. He called her indestructible, and he hugged her and thanked her. Ashley fought back tears as she stepped into the hallway, and she took one of her prescription pills. Meanwhile, Marco answered a call and confirmed that he would pay for solid information, and he instructed the caller to send it to his phone. An image of a bound Jack appeared on his screen, and Marco angrily mumbled something in Spanish.

Victor presented Nikki with flowers, and he stopped to take a look at her. She said she'd been in a tailspin lately, but she'd started to change that by thinking about the triggers that had made her want to drink. She explained that it had been painful to think about her lifelong battle with low self-esteem, and Victor encouraged her not to put herself down, but she said Victor only knew the Nikki he'd created. She said she couldn't always cater to him without question, and her sobriety had a price -- they had to be apart indefinitely when she got out of rehab. He looked stricken.

Victor blamed the counselors for encouraging Nikki to cut herself off from her husband, but Nikki countered that he was her source of dependency, and she'd needed to figure that out in order to reclaim her life. Victor contended that they loved one another, and she said she would love him forever, but he wouldn't get what he wanted that time. She added that she expected that she'd revert to old habits if she tried to be the wife he wanted, and she'd end up drinking herself to death and taking others down with her. She believed that if he truly loved her, he had to let her go.

Nikki reiterated that it was what she wanted and needed, and Victor pointed out that she'd left him before, but she'd always returned to where she belonged. Nikki clarified that she would be going home, but not to him, and he'd have to get used to them living separate lives. "The hell I will," Victor barked, but Nikki maintained that it was her decision, and it wasn't up for debate. Victor was determined to have a talk with the person who'd planted the seed in her head, and he walked off.

In Devon's hotel suite, Devon and Hilary cuddled in bed, and he remarked that they'd never even gotten to the Champagne. Hilary gushed that it had been the perfect way to celebrate their new beginning, and she was glad she could finally stop apologizing for loving him. Devon wanted to make the most of it, and he instructed her to look under her pillow. She discovered her eternity ring inside a jewelry box, and she couldn't believe he'd kept it. He said he would have kept it forever, since that was how long he wanted to keep her. "Hilary Curtis, will you marry me?" he asked.

Devon said Hilary never should have taken the ring off, and he started to put it on her finger, but she worried what Neil and Lily would think if they suddenly got engaged. Devon reasoned that he and Hilary had tried living their lives for other people, but they couldn't make others happy by being miserable. He continued that she made him happy, and he wanted to dedicate the rest of life to making her happiness his priority, so he urged her to say yes. She looked into his eyes and accepted his proposal, and they laughed and kissed as he placed the ring on her hand.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren informed Cane that Michael wanted a divorce, and she wished she could blame it on something she could fight against, but Michael wouldn't discuss why he wanted their marriage to be over. She added that Michael thought he was doing her a favor by backing away, and she cried that it was breaking her heart. She apologized for becoming emotional, and she wailed that she wanted to save her marriage but didn't know how. Lily spied them as Cane put a comforting hand on Lauren's shoulder.

Lauren grappled with whether to agree to a divorce, and Lily approached and sarcastically guessed that the boutique was running a promotion for the newly single. As Devon and Hilary entered the dining room, Lily lectured that she'd tried hard to look the other way and pretend Cane was comforting a business partner, but it was more than that for Lauren. Lily told Lauren to back off, since Lauren had no right to Cane just because she hadn't been able to hold on to her own husband. Cane and Lily argued, and she raged that her husband was off-limits.

Devon intervened and said Lily was out of line, and Lily griped that she didn't know what was worse -- Devon defending Hilary or Cane. Cane insisted that Lily was getting upset over nothing, and he'd only been being a friend. Lily snapped that Lauren had a history, and she referred to Carmine. Lily thought Lauren would have no problem cheating with someone else's husband, and Lauren stormed off. Cane sided with Devon about Lily being out of line, and he followed Lauren.

Devon warned that Lily was the one doing a number on her marriage, not Lauren, and Lily snapped that Devon wasn't one to give marital advice when he knew nothing about love or marriage. Devon argued that if Lily trusted her husband, she wouldn't give Cane any reason to be more than friends with anyone else, and Hilary added that it was all about trust. Lily scoffed at the idea of Hilary talking about trust, and Devon chided Lily for passing judgment while people moved on with their lives. Lily noticed Hilary's ring, and Devon announced that they were getting married. Neil overheard from the doorway.

Neil coldly stated that Devon would have to forgive him if he didn't shake Devon's hand or ask to kiss the bride-to-be, and Hilary recognized that Neil would never forgive her, but she hoped he'd try to forgive his son. Neil said Hilary was free to do whatever she wanted, and Devon had always done what he'd wanted, even at the expense of his family. Lily followed Neil to a table, and she said the thought of Devon and Hilary's affair had made her paranoid about her own marriage. Neil glared at Devon and Hilary as he mumbled that they'd be sorry, but Lily thought he was talking about her and Cane, and she planned to apologize to Cane when her husband returned.

Lily asked if Neil was okay, and he insisted he was fine. She suggested that he try not to let Devon and Hilary get to him, and she pledged to do the same with Lauren. Neil thanked Lily for caring, and she returned to work. Victor icily greeted Neil, and he said he understood Neil had visited Nikki and had convinced her to keep her distance from Victor. Neil protested that he'd tried to convince her that she needed Victor and the rest of her family, and Victor asked why he should believe Neil.

In the park, Lauren declared that she had nothing to say, and Cane suggested they feed the pigeons with a roll he'd swiped from the club. She pushed him to go to avoid causing more trouble with his marriage, but he said he and Lily had been having problems for months, and Lily had just taken them out on Lauren. Lauren admitted that she had a history she wasn't proud of, but Cane swore he knew she wasn't trying to wreck his marriage but just attempting to save her own, and he insisted she take the bread.

Lily left a voicemail for Cane to apologize for going overboard, and she admitted that she shouldn't have attacked Lauren or accused Cane of anything. Lily promised to make it up to him, and she asked him to call her. Meanwhile, Lauren finished feeding the birds, and she got up to take a long walk. Cane volunteered to keep her company, but she declined. She thanked him for being him, and they hugged. They stood close when they pulled apart, and they shared a lingering kiss.

"You upright-walking son of a bitch!" Avery bellowed, and she demanded to know how long Joe had been able walk, since Summer had seen him strutting around earlier. Joe claimed that he'd managed to take some tentative steps, but Avery accused him of keeping it from her. He spun a story about not wanting to tell her until he could ditch the wheelchair completely, and he pleaded with her to believe him. Avery sternly commanded him to walk, and he slowly pushed himself up from the wheelchair, shuffled over, and almost fell when he reached her. She smacked him across the face.

Joe asked "what the hell" the slap was for, and Avery said it was for thinking he could make a fool out of her. She recounted how weak he'd been after the accident, and she believed there was no way he was suddenly taking steps after showing such little progress. She guessed that he'd been able to walk for weeks, and he confessed he had. Joe said he'd lied because he had much further to go, but he couldn't do it on his own, and Avery was the only family he had. She snapped that they weren't family anymore, but he countered that they could be again if she stopped fighting it.

Avery maintained that what she and Joe had shared had been over for years, but he was certain she'd followed him to Chicago for reasons other than guilt. He said he was glad Summer had seen him walking, since he could finally be honest about how he felt. He proclaimed that he loved Avery and always had, and he knew she loved him, too. Avery pushed him backward into his wheelchair and spat that she'd never love him, and she told him to start packing, since she wanted him gone by the time she got back. She started to head out, but Joe calmly stated that she wasn't going anywhere, and neither was he.

Avery snarled that it was her home, not Joe's, and she threatened to call the cops if he didn't leave, but he envisioned telling the police exactly what had happened when she'd caused his fall by pushing him. A stunned Avery said no one would believe him, but Joe questioned whether a jury would believe the man whose life had almost ended or the woman who had ruined his life. She couldn't believe he'd stoop low enough to blackmail her, and he taunted that her life would be ruined between attempted murder charges and disbarment.

Avery pointed out that Joe claimed to love her, and he guessed that she needed tough love to regain her senses. She tearfully demanded to know what he wanted, and he replied that he wanted her to make love to him.

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