General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 1, 2015 on GH

Ava confessed to Silas that she was posing as her own twin sister. Dillon returned to Port Charles. Anna slept with Kyle. Jordan was hired as the new police commissioner. Laura Spencer crashed Luke and Tracy's engagement party.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 1, 2015 on GH
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Who Are You?

Who Are You?

Monday, June 1, 2015

Anna admitted that she believed Kyle was capable of rigging an election and getting help with it, but she didn't believe that he'd gotten help from Nikolas. Kyle reminded Anna of the "long history" of the Cassadines doing anything to get what they wanted. "Why should Prince Nikolas be any different?" he wondered. Anna thought that Kyle had a habit of "stretching facts" and suggested that he was trying to deflect the blame away from himself.

Kyle explained that Nikolas had given so much money to Felicia's campaign because he'd mistakenly thought that money would sway her. Anna made a couple drinks, citing the need for alcohol before listening to the story. Kyle started that Nikolas had had the ballot box when he'd invited Kyle over. Mayor Lomax had explained that they needed the cooperation of someone in law enforcement to get away with rigging the election. She'd promised a reward for Kyle if he helped them.

Kyle observed that Nikolas wasn't who Anna had thought he was. "Who among us is?" she put forth. She decided that she couldn't "go after" Nikolas because that would make her a hypocrite, and Kyle couldn't without exposing his part in the crime. Speaking of Kyle "exposing" himself, Anna reminded Kyle of the time she'd had a warrant to search his room and had barged into his room while he was only in a towel, which he'd dropped. She laughed at him, unable to remember the last time she'd laughed. While they laughed together, Kyle put his arm around her then kissed her. She kissed him back urgently, and they began to undress each other.

On the phone with Rosalie, Nikolas informed her that it had been so long since he'd heard from her, he'd thought she'd forgotten who she "really" worked for. "That's why I'm calling, boss," she replied. She confided that she needed to talk to him about ELQ. "Is that so? I'm all ears," Tracy interrupted. As Tracy yelled at Rosalie for discussing the "family business" with some outsider, Nikolas yelled at Rosalie for calling him from the Quartermaine mansion. She promised to call him back and hung up.

Tracy demanded to know who Rosalie was "conspiring" with. Rosalie lied that she'd been making plans with someone. Tracy informed Rosalie that the Information Technology department at ELQ could find out exactly who Rosalie had been talking to on the company-issued phone. Rosalie claimed that she'd been talking to Nina. She explained to a skeptical Tracy that Michael had asked Rosalie to convince Nina to sell Ned's ELQ shares back to Michael.

Just as Rosalie was leaving, Lulu entered. She blurted out that Luke had disappeared. She explained that Bobbie had gone to visit him at the hospital and learned that he'd been released two days prior. As they wondered why he hadn't called or returned home, Tracy picked up the phone to call the cops. Just then, Luke entered, offering up his release paper for Tracy's examination. He explained to the two suspicious women that he wasn't "free and clear," but he was doing much better.

Sensing that Lulu and Tracy weren't convinced, Luke told them he'd had to make a "side trip." He rolled up his sleeve to reveal an exact copy of his father's tattoo in the exact spot on his forearm where Tim Spencer's tattoo had been. Tracy wondered why he'd want any reminder of his father. Luke told them about how the tattoo had been frequently appearing and disappearing as if to tell him that "the other guy" was always ready to emerge. He'd decided to get the tattoo in order to make it his own and take the power away from Tim.

Luke continued that the tattoo would always remind him of his roots, who he was, and what he was capable of. He wanted to accept his past so that he could learn from it. He knew that he had a lot to make up for, but he sincerely promised Lulu and Tracy to at least try.

Rosalie arrived at Wyndemere, and Nikolas immediately scolded her for calling from the Quartermaine residence. She promised that she'd taken care of Tracy, and she told him the half-truth that she'd told Tracy. She showed him that briefcase full of cash that Michael had given to her for the ELQ shares and wondered what Nikolas wanted her to do. "Do as you're asked," he responded.

Nikolas instructed Rosalie to negotiate with Nina and strike a deal for the shares then deliver the shares to Nikolas. He continued that she needed to tell Michael that Nina had refused to sell the shares and return the cash to Michael, because she would pay for the shares with Nikolas' money. Rosalie wondered what would happen if Michael ran into Nina and Nina talked to Michael about selling the shares. "Who would believe her?" Nikolas wondered.

"Where's Ric?" Franco asked Nina after bumping into her at the Metro Court Restaurant. "Is the honeymoon over?" he jabbed. She glared at him, and she lied about how much sex she and Ric had had. She reminded Franco that Ric was a lawyer, so he didn't have time to be with her "24/7." She told him that she was going to go to her room and get ready because Ric would soon be home. She added that she'd moved on, so he needed to do the same. "Not if I can help it," he muttered as she left.

Barely out of the restaurant, Nina instantly perked up when she ran into Nathan. He wondered why she hadn't told him that she'd gotten married. Nathan admitted that he didn't know Ric very well, but he didn't like what he did know. As Franco eavesdropped, Nina told Nathan about how happy she was. She wondered if Nathan thought that Ric was after her money. He confirmed her accusation. Just as she demanded to know how Nathan had found out about the theory, Franco interrupted.

Nina accused Nathan of taking Franco's side, but Nathan insisted that he only wanted the best for Nina, and he was concerned about her. He thought the marriage was a bad idea and urged her to accompany him to Diane's office to get the marriage annulled. "I thought you'd be happy for me!" she cried, and she stormed away. Franco suggested to Nathan that they make a plan together to destroy the marriage before Ric took all of Nina's money and destroyed her life.

Nina was sitting at a table alone when her phone rang. She answered it to Rosalie who claimed to miss Nina. Nina half-heartedly agreed. Rosalie suggested that they get together the next day to catch up.

At Pentonville, Ric sat down in the visitation room and apologized for being late. Madeline was ready to "talk business" with him. She wanted an update on his efforts to get to Nina's money. Before talking business, Ric wanted to know how Madeline was doing. "I want out," she said. She thought she would have been out months before if it hadn't been for Ava, Julian, Sonny, and Franco's escape from the prison. She lamented that her lawyers hadn't been able to convince the courts that Madeline hadn't been in on the plan. She was looking forward to having her freedom and her "fortune."

Madeline wondered if Nina had agreed to let Ric represent her. He dropped the bomb that he'd actually married Nina. Madeline didn't believe him, so he showed off his wedding ring. "That's not part of the plan," Madeline reminded him. Ric told her that Nina would rather burn the money than have it in Madeline's hands, so he thought he would be better off getting the money. He promised to occasionally visit his new "mom."

Ric excused himself to go be with his wife. Madeline warned that, if he left, she would "blow this whole plan out of the water." She threatened to ruin his marriage with one phone call. Nina might not talk to Madeline, but Nathan would, and she reminded Ric of how good of a detective Nathan was. She mentioned that the prison's visitation logs would show the connection between Ric and Madeline. She told him that he could either go rogue or stick to the original plan. He gave her a look of submission. She instructed him to "sit your ass down, and let's finish what we started," and he obeyed.

Madeline reminded Ric that his first priority was getting her out of prison. Once he'd done that, she promised to "revisit" the issue of control of the money. "Am I clear?" she asked. "Crystal," he answered unenthusiastically.

"I think I can clear all this up," Delia said as she entered the police station. Sonny reminded Delia that she wasn't supposed to return to Port Charles, but she responded that she took orders "from no man." Julian wondered how Delia had known to be there. Kiki announced that she'd called Delia because Delia was the most likely to be able to explain the situation. "I'm your mother," Delia told Denise.

"Is this my mom?" Kiki asked Delia. Delia thought back to finding out that Ava was actually alive. She insisted that Ava was dead. Delia confessed that she'd never told anyone, but Ava had had a twin sister. Lucas explained that identical twins had identical DNA, so Delia clarified that the girls had been fraternal twins. She continued that she hadn't been in any shape to care for one child, let alone two, so she'd put them both up for adoption. She hadn't thought that the orphanage would separate the twins, but she'd found out years later that the girls had been separated.

Delia held her arms out to Denise and apologized for the events of years before, but Denise didn't believe that Delia was her mother. No one remembered Ava ever saying that she'd had a twin sister, but Delia informed everyone that she'd never told Ava. She hadn't wanted to take the chance of telling anyone just in case Victor Jerome had wanted to stake a claim on his children.

Addressing Denise, Delia expressed her happiness that Denise had grown up in a good family. Delia hadn't wanted to interfere. Alexis observed that Delia's account matched the factual evidence. Kiki addressed Denise as her aunt, and Denise thought it was "incredible" to have found a whole new family. Alexis reminded Dante that Denise should be free to go, since she wasn't Ava.

Kiki hugged Denise, and Denise counted all of her new family members. Delia was excited to get to know her long-lost daughter once they returned to New York, but Denise wanted to stay in Port Charles, where the bulk of her new family was. She asked Julian if it was all right for her to "crash" with him in his penthouse.

Silas paid Denise a visit

Silas paid Denise a visit

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

In Anna's suite, Anna rolled over in bed as she slowly opened her eyes and saw Kyle staring back at her. He smiled tentatively as he wished Anna a good morning, but she groaned in misery and vowed to never drink again. Anna's expression suddenly clouded with guilt and regret when she realized that she and Kyle had had sex. Kyle carefully hid his disappointment at her reaction as he offered to fetch her some water and aspirin. Anna declined then suddenly sprinted out of bed to run to the bathroom and empty her stomach.

Later, Kyle was dressed and waiting in the living room when Anna emerged from the bathroom. Kyle hoped Anna's stomach had settled, but Anna confessed that she felt awful. Kyle handed Anna a bottle of water as he urged her not to beat herself up because they had slept together. He reminded her that they had both needed to blow off some steam, but Anna feared that she and Kyle had gone about things all wrong. Her eyes drifted to a picture of Duke and his urn of ashes as she confessed that she felt as if she had betrayed the man she had loved.

Kyle argued that both he and Anna had been in a bad place the previous evening, so they had turned to each other for help. He was certain that Duke would have understood, but Anna disagreed. Kyle realized the circumstances hadn't been ideal, but he didn't have any regrets because he'd had feelings for Anna for quite some time. Startled, Anna questioned the timing of Kyle's confession, but Kyle assured her that he wasn't trying to take advantage of her vulnerability. However, he hoped that his actions the previous evening had made Anna realize that she returned his feelings on some level.

Angry, Anna ordered Kyle to leave. Kyle wanted to talk things out, but Anna refused because she couldn't even face herself in the mirror. Anna's voice quivered with emotion as she begged Kyle to leave, so he reluctantly agreed. Afterwards, Anna dissolved into tears.

In the squad room, Dante told Jordan about Luke's disappearance from an institution for the criminally insane. Jordan wasn't thrilled to know that another person who wanted her dead was on the loose, especially since Kyle would likely put a guard on her. Dante realized that Jordan hadn't heard the news, so he told her about Mayor Lomax's decision to fire the police commissioner. Jordan was curious who Kyle's replacement would be, so Dante admitted that he hoped Anna would be reinstated because Anna was the only person who could set the police department straight. Jordan agreed just as Mayor Lomax marched up.

Mayor Lomax had heard Dante and Jordan discussing Kyle's replacement, so she surprised both Dante and Jordan by offering the job to Jordan. Jordan insisted that she wasn't qualified to take the job, but Lomax disagreed and added that it would greatly improve the department's public relations if a "woman of color" were appointed police commissioner. Jordan insisted that the mayor offer the job to Anna, but Lomax flatly refused because Lomax wanted "fresh blood" to take over the position. According to the mayor, the police department required the kind of "dynamic leadership" that Jordan could provide.

Dante assured Jordan that she would have his support, so Jordan agreed to take the job. Pleased, Lomax agreed to get the paperwork taken care of and left. Afterwards, Jordan worried about Kyle's reaction to the news, but Dante was confident that Kyle would land on his feet.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy had baby A.J. on her hip as Tracy looked at the newspaper, which boasted a front-page story about Denise. "Oh, great, just what this town needs -- another deranged double," Tracy muttered. She looked up when she heard a man clear his throat. It was Luke. Tracy was surprised that Luke was up early, so he admitted that he had picked up the habit thanks to the doctors at the "cuckoo's nest." Tracy resented Luke making light of the place that had helped him, so he tactfully changed the subject by handing her a bag of her favorite breakfast pastries.

Luke explained that he had gone out for a walk to think about Bill Eckert. Luke regretted that he hadn't had a chance to know his cousin because he had wanted an opportunity to thank Bill for everything that Bill had done to protect Luke. Tracy insisted that Luke was not to blame for the death of both of Luke's parents, but Luke explained that it was important to his recovery for him to take full responsibility for the things he had done. Tracy hoped it helped Luke to know that Bobbie had arranged for Bill's remains to be reburied.

Luke hated that it had always fallen to Tracy, Lulu, and Bobbie to clean up his messes, but he was determined to break the cycle and make amends, starting with Tracy. Tracy jokingly suggested that Luke could start by pouring her a cup of coffee, but Luke asked about the baby that Tracy had put in the playpen. Tracy explained that baby A.J. was Sonny's daughter, but Michael had been granted sole custody of the baby. Luke felt bad for Sonny but remarked that the cycle of violence and retribution would never end because there would always be a wolf at Sonny's door.

Moments later, Sabrina entered the parlor to fetch the baby. After Sabrina left, Luke expressed concern about his friend Sonny but Tracy warned Luke not to get involved. Luke doubted that he could do anything for Sonny, so Luke focused his attention on making things right with Tracy. Tracy was surprised when Luke suddenly produced a small velvet box as if he were about to propose marriage, so she reminded Luke that it wasn't necessary, since they were already married. Luke confessed that he had looked into things and discovered that Tracy hadn't been legally married to him when he had gone "off the deep end."

Luke admitted that he was pleased by the discovery because it meant that he could propose to Tracy in his right mind and with his heart in his hand. Luke explained that Tracy had always been his one constant, his lover, and his equal. Tracy was touched, but she seemed reluctant to accept the proposal until Luke told her that he didn't know how much time he had left, but he wanted to spend whatever time was left with her.

Tracy assured Luke that she loved him, but a part of her feared that the proposal was another one of his tricks. She didn't know if she could trust that it was sincere, so Luke begged Tracy to take a leap of faith. Tracy reminded him that she had in the past, but the bottom had always fallen out from under her. Luke got down on bended knee to implore her to give him one more chance, but Dillon walked in before Tracy would give Luke an answer. Dillon warned his mother not to accept Luke's ring.

At Volonino's Gym, Morgan pummeled a heavy bag as a spotter held it for him. Morgan's troubled thoughts were on Denise's unexpected arrival and everyone's initial assumption that Denise was Ava. Morgan abruptly returned to the present when Michael marched up to wave the Port Charles Press under Morgan's nose and demand an explanation about Denise. Morgan refused to tell Michael if Denise was Ava, but Michael wanted an answer.

Frustrated, Morgan revealed that Denise was Ava's twin sister, which Morgan pointed out was noted in the article. Michael didn't trust anything printed in Julian's newspaper, especially after Morgan's stunt to get A.J. away from Michael. Morgan's temper flared at the reminder of Morgan's failed attempt to discredit Michael by drugging him. The argument quickly escalated when Kiki's name was mentioned, but Michael was adamant that he was furious that Morgan had been willing to endanger their sister by putting her into the hands of a person that Morgan had intentionally drugged.

Morgan suggested that he and Michael work out their problems in the boxing ring, so Michael took his brother up on the offer and changed. A short time later, the brothers traded heated words and violent punches until both were exhausted and collapsed to the ground to catch their breath. Between heavy pants, Michael and Morgan reminisced about a time when Michael had defended Morgan against a schoolyard bully. Morgan missed not having his big brother to turn to, so he acknowledged that he had screwed up by drugging Michael.

Satisfied, Michael confessed that he had been relieved when Sonny had agreed to relinquish custody of A.J. in exchange for Morgan's freedom because Michael hadn't wanted his younger brother to go to jail. Michael admitted that things would never be the same between him and Morgan again, but he wanted a truce with his brother. Morgan agreed, so the brothers shook hands.

Meanwhile, Silas arrived home and was pleasantly surprised when he saw Kiki in the living room. Kiki welcomed her father home from the medical conference, so Silas quickly put his bags away then returned to the living room to catch up on the latest news. Kiki admitted that Michael still had custody of her sister then added that an arrest hadn't been made in Avery's brief abduction. Silas was curious if there had been any good news, so Kiki confessed that she and Morgan had reconnected as a couple. She assured her father that it felt right, but Silas advised his daughter to be careful.

Kiki shifted gears by telling Silas about Olivia's baby's passing and the baby boy's paternity. Silas was stunned when Kiki explained that everyone had gathered to support Julian, including Kiki's newfound aunt from New York City. Kiki admitted that she had called her grandmother, Delia, when Ava's look-alike sister had been arrested, but Silas wanted to know where Denise was. After Kiki revealed that Denise had returned to Julian's apartment, Silas grabbed a jacket and announced that he had to make a quick trip to the hospital.

At Julian's apartment, Julian worked out as heavy metal music blared from the speakers. Eventually, Denise entered the living room, complaining about the noise, which had interrupted her sleep. Julian growled with frustration when she turned off the music, but Denise wasn't intimidated. She imagined that he would have plenty of time to get in shape, since he intended to leave the mob. Denise remarked that he might not be a man of respect anymore, but he would have nice abs. Julian reminded his sister that she was a guest in his home, but Denise argued that it didn't mean she had to put up with his music disturbing her sleep.

Julian suggested that Denise return to New York City if she didn't like his place, but she was hurt by his cold attitude toward her. Julian warned her that he had murdered his other sister, but Denise thought it had been justified because Olivia had had "crazy eyes." Julian's eyes narrowed as he wondered how Denise had even known about Olivia, much less realized that he had been referring to Olivia. Denise reminded him of the Internet. "Invented by Al Gore for men to find porn," Denise added with a smirk. According to Denise, she had looked up the Jeromes and read all about their siblings, Dino, Evan, and Olivia.

Julian seemed satisfied with Denise's explanation, so Denise changed the subject by talking about her nieces and nephew. She admitted that she was eager to get to know them all, including the youngest, Avery. Julian warned Denise that Michael Quartermaine had custody of Avery, so it was unlikely that Denise would have a relationship with Ava's youngest daughter. Denise warned Julian that she would not be denied an opportunity to get to know her youngest niece.

Later, Julian announced that he was leaving, but Denise asked him to wait. She wanted to grab a quick shower then have him drop her off at the Quartermaine mansion. Julian advised Denise to reconsider because it wouldn't be wise to cross the Quartermaines. He suggested that Denise focus on getting to know Kiki, and he left.

A short time later, Kiki called Denise to arrange to have dinner with her aunt. Denise happily agreed but ended the call to answer the door. It was Silas. "Denise DeMuccio?" Silas asked with disgust. Denise's eyes widened as she claimed to recognize Kiki's father from the newspapers. Silas warned her to cut the act because he knew she was really Ava.

Tracy rejected Luke's proposal

Tracy rejected Luke's proposal

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

At the Quartermaine mansion, Luke was on bended knee as he proposed marriage to Tracy by begging her to take one more chance on him. However, Tracy's son Dillon walked in to stop his mother from accepting the proposal. Tracy's face lit with joy as she ran into her son's waiting arms and hugged him. Luke was equally surprised to see Dillon, but Dillon was grateful that he had arrived in time to prevent his mother from making a mistake by marrying Luke.

Tracy was curious how Dillon had gotten away during the filming of a movie, so Dillon admitted that Ned had asked Dillon to check on Tracy because Ned had been concerned. Dillon remarked that his mother had been through "hell" because of Luke, but Luke promised that he deeply regretted hurting Tracy. Dillon appeared skeptical because he knew about Luke going "Norman Bates" -- complete with a body in a cellar. Luke vowed to make amends for his wrongs, but Dillon questioned if it was in Tracy's best interest to rush into marriage with Luke, since the last time, Luke had married Tracy to steal ELQ away from her.

Tracy defended Luke by explaining that Luke had been a different person at that time, but Luke quickly added that he was in a better place. Luke realized he had made mistakes, but he was prepared to do whatever was necessary to protect Tracy from further pain because she was the most important person in his life. It didn't escape Dillon's notice how Tracy's expression lit with joy as Luke talked about what she meant to him. Luke then asked for Dillon's blessing. Dillon agreed to support whatever decision Tracy made, but he urged his mother to think things through carefully before accepting Luke's proposal.

Satisfied, Luke once again proposed to Tracy, but she surprised both Luke and Dillon by declining because she wasn't certain that Luke was truly better. Luke implored her to at least agree to be engaged to him for thirty days, during which time he intended to prove himself worthy of being her husband. Tracy feared that it might not be enough time, so Luke assured her that they could wait for as long as she needed to get married. Tracy smiled as she happily agreed, but she warned Luke not to screw up.

Luke was eager to announce his engagement to Tracy, so he suggested they throw a party for later that evening. Dillon questioned the rush, but Luke wanted to share the good news and let everyone know how much he loved and cherished Tracy.

At Volonino's gym, Kiki was startled when she saw Morgan and Michael shake hands before Michael left. She immediately approached Morgan to ask if she had seen what she thought she had or if it had been her imagination. Morgan admitted that he and Michael had called a "cease-fire" but quickly added that he still believed it had been wrong of Michael to take Avery away from Sonny. Kiki argued that it had been equally wrong to drug Michael, so Morgan agreed, which was why Morgan and Michael had agreed on a truce.

Kiki noticed the cuts on Morgan's face, so he explained that he and Michael had worked out their aggression in the boxing ring, which ironically had made both Morgan and Michael realize that it had been time to stop all the fighting. Kiki was curious what had led to Morgan and Michael entering the boxing ring, so he told her about Michael's concerns regarding Denise. Kiki frowned as she quietly confided that a part of her had hoped that Denise had been Ava, but she was shocked that Ava had had a twin sister no one had known about.

Kiki mentioned her talk with Silas when she had told her father about Denise and about Kiki's rekindled relationship with Morgan. Kiki grinned as she gave Morgan the once over then confessed that he looked good in his boxing gear. Morgan kissed Kiki and offered to take her out to dinner, but she explained that she had plans with her newfound aunt. Kiki invited Morgan to join them, so he agreed.

At Metro Court, Nikolas was in the restaurant, talking to Lulu on the phone about Luke, but he cut the call short when he received another call. It was Rosalie. Rosalie had reservations about approaching Nina with the offer to buy the shares of ELQ that Franco had swindled out of Ned, but Nikolas refused to allow her to back out of their agreement. He warned her that he expected her to deliver the shares, and he abruptly ended the call when he spotted Michael at the bar.

Meanwhile, Rosalie braced herself then knocked on Nina's door. Nina greeted Rosalie, but Nina expressed her displeasure at Rosalie's tardiness. Nina quickly switched gears to explain that she would have ordered something from room service for them, but Nina's funds had been frozen. Rosalie ignored the sarcasm in Nina's tone as she smiled politely. Nina decided to cut to the chase by asking why Rosalie had asked to see her, since Nina and Rosalie had never been friends, and Nina had blackmailed and bullied Rosalie while Rosalie had passed herself off as Nina's nurse.

Rosalie agreed that it hadn't been easy to work for Nina, but Rosalie explained that she was there on behalf of Michael Quartermaine who wanted to buy back the ELQ shares that Ned had given to Franco and Nina. Rosalie held up the briefcase as she revealed that it was filled with cash. Rosalie assured Nina that it was a generous offer, despite the illegal means Franco and Nina had used to obtain the shares. Nina claimed that Franco had asked for the shares on a lark but then launched into a tangent about Franco's betrayal. Rosalie listened patiently until Nina mentioned kicking Franco to the curb and marrying Ric.

Surprised, Rosalie wondered if Nina still had the ELQ shares, so Nina admitted that she wasn't sure. Rosalie urged Nina to check, so Nina went to the safe. Moments later, Nina returned with the ELQ shares that Franco had left behind. Rosalie smiled victoriously until Nina balked at handing over the ELQ shares in exchange for the cash. Nina was reluctant to part with the shares because they were all she had left of Franco, but Rosalie used Nina's feelings of betrayal to manipulate Nina into changing her mind.

At the restaurant, Nikolas approached Michael at the bar to ask if Michael wanted company. Michael nodded as he greeted Nikolas, so Nikolas took a seat next to Michael. Michael confessed that he had heard Nikolas on the phone, so Michael was curious why Nikolas had mentioned Michael's name. Nikolas smoothly lied by claiming that he had been talking to Lulu about Luke, who might be moving into the Quartermaine mansion with Tracy. Michael confided that he hadn't talked to Luke since Luke's release from the sanitarium, so Nikolas assured Michael that the doctors had deemed that Luke was no longer a danger.

The conversation drifted to Luke's attempt to secure shares of ELQ for Helena, but Nikolas denied any knowledge of where Helena had hidden the missing shares. Michael believed Nikolas because Michael recalled how Emily had always told him that Nikolas was nothing like Helena. Nikolas' expression clouded with guilt, but Michael didn't seem to notice as Michael opened up about his plan to buy back Ned's shares of ELQ from Franco and Nina because it was important to honor Edward's dream of Michael taking over the family business.

Moments later, Rosalie approached the bar to hand Michael the briefcase. Michael was disappointed when Rosalie claimed that she had failed to purchase the ELQ shares from Nina. Michael was determined to devise a new plan, so he told Rosalie to take the rest of the day off because she had earned it. After Michael left, Nikolas asked Rosalie if she had succeeded, so she slid an envelope with the ELQ shares to Nikolas.

Meanwhile, Olivia barged into Nina's hotel suite, threatening to toss Nina out if Nina failed to pay the hotel tab in full. Nina marched to the safe as she assured Olivia that it wouldn't be a problem. Olivia was stunned when she realized the safe was filled with cash.

At the Jerome apartment, Denise claimed that she recognized Kiki's father from the newspaper, but Silas told her to "cut the crap" because he knew that she was Ava. Silas entered the apartment as he confronted "Denise" about her lie, but she stuck to her story that she was Ava's younger fraternal twin sister. Silas wasn't fooled by the "phony accent" and "bad dye job," but "Denise" informed him that she had a DNA test to prove that she was not Ava.

Silas recalled two months earlier when Ava had woken up from a drug-induced sleep. He returned to the present to tell "Denise" that they both knew that Ava hadn't died, but "Denise" feigned ignorance. Silas reminded her that he had fished her out of the river and taken her to a New York City hospital to recuperate in private, which was when he had discovered that she'd had cancer.

Silas' memory returned to the hospital room two months earlier when Ava had woken up and been stunned to realize that she was still alive. Heartbroken, Ava had reminded Silas that he had promised to help her die with dignity, so she'd felt betrayed that he had lied to her. Silas explained that it had been necessary because he had found a bone marrow donor. Ava's disbelief had turned to utter joy when Silas had assured her the surgery had been a success, so her prognosis for remission was excellent, but she couldn't understand the elaborate charade.

Silas admitted that he knew Ava would have objected if he'd told her who the bone marrow donor was. Concerned, Ava had asked who it was. In Julian's apartment, "Denise" seemed equally curious, so Silas reminded her that Avery had saved her life. "And you damn well know it," Silas growled.

Anna left town

Anna left town

Thursday, June 4, 2015

At the Jerome apartment, "Denise" asked who the mystery bone marrow donor had been, so Silas told her that Avery had saved Ava's life. "And you damn well know it," Silas growled. "Denise" asked how it was possible that the baby had saved Ava, but Silas refused to play along with "Denise's" charade.

Silas recalled two months earlier at the New York City hospital when he had confessed to Ava that he had returned to Port Charles in time to conduct a full examination on Avery, including blood work, which had confirmed that Avery had been a perfect bone marrow match for Ava. Ava had been livid that Silas had defied her wishes, but Silas had refused to apologize because he had found a better option than returning to the city to end Ava's life. Ava's eyes had filled with tears of frustration because he had broken his promise to help her die with dignity, but Silas had argued that he had given back Ava's life.

Ava had been furious that Silas had subjected Avery to the pain of a bone marrow transplant, but Silas had assured Ava that Avery had sailed through the surgery without any pain. Ava had angrily demanded to see her daughter, but Silas had explained it hadn't been possible because Avery had been returned to Port Charles. Ava's anger had mounted when Silas had told her about the kidnapping because she'd realized that both Kiki and Morgan had suffered while Avery had been missing, but Silas had insisted it had been necessary to keep anyone from finding out that Ava was alive.

In the apartment, "Denise," remarked that Silas had made quite an admission, but Silas ignored her as he recalled Ava asking if the police had suspected Silas of the kidnapping. Silas had assured Ava that there were other suspects, including Nina. Ava had chuckled because it had been ironic that Nina would be accused of taking the baby after walking away from the first abduction. Ava's tone had softened as she'd thanked Silas for saving her life, but she'd realized that her new situation had created more problems, since she couldn't see her daughters without risking capture. Silas had agreed, so he'd urged her to disappear.

In the apartment, Silas forced "Denise" to sit on the sofa as he reminded her that she had failed to hold up her end of their bargain. "Denise" claimed to have no idea what he was talking about, but Silas easily saw through the lie. He ordered her to drop the act and admit the truth. "Denise" glared at him for several long minutes then confirmed that she was Ava. However, Ava warned him that he wasn't in a position to do anything about her presence in Port Charles.

In Anna's hotel suite, Anna packed a suitcase as she spoke to Jordan on the phone. Anna was happy that Jordan had been hired as the new police commissioner because Anna believed it was a good choice. Jordan suspected the mayor had only chosen her to take Kyle's place to improve Mayor Lomax's image, since Jordan was considered a hero at that moment, but Anna reminded Jordan that Jordan worked for the people of Port Charles.

Jordan worried about Kyle's reaction, so she asked if Anna had seen him. "No," Anna answered before quickly changing the subject by revealing that Duke had tried to call off the hit on Jordan before he had died. Jordan's tone softened as she assured Anna it had been easy to see how much Duke had loved Anna. Anna smiled but wrapped up the call when someone knocked on the door. Anna assumed it was Kyle, so she warned him that she had nothing to say to him. She was surprised when Luke assured her that he wasn't Kyle.

Anna opened the door and invited Luke inside. He explained that he had been released because he was no longer a threat to others, so he couldn't wait to see the expression on Scott's face when Scott realized Luke was back in town. Anna's smile faded when Luke shifted gears to offer his condolences on Duke's passing. Luke gently asked how Anna had been holding up, so she began to cry as she admitted she hadn't been handling Duke's loss well. Luke held Anna as she cried.

After Anna pulled herself together, she and Luke talked about Duke and the grieving process. They agreed that losing a loved one never became easier, but Luke confessed that he felt partially responsible for Duke's tragic death. Surprised, Anna assured Luke that he was not to blame, but Luke reminded her that his involvement with the Jeromes had pulled Duke back into the mob. Luke desperately wished to help Anna by hunting down Carlos, but Anna assured Luke that it wasn't necessary. Luke assured Anna the offer would remain open if she changed her mind then he invited her to his engagement party on the Haunted Star.

Anna congratulated Luke on his engagement to Tracy, so Luke confessed he was eager to prove to Tracy -- and everyone else -- that he could be the man Tracy deserved. Anna admitted she couldn't go to the party because she had decided to take the red eye to Glasgow then head to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where there was a field that Duke had played in as a child. Anna explained that Duke had taken her there once to spend the night in the field as they stargazed, so she wanted to scatter his ashes in the field. Luke was certain Duke would have approved, but Luke was curious when Anna would return.

Anna admitted that she wasn't sure, so Luke told her she would be missed. Anna smiled and reminisced with Luke about their long friendship and brief romance. Both agreed that they could never be to each other what Tracy was to Luke or what Duke, and even Robert, had been to Anna. Luke refused to say goodbye to Anna, so they agreed that they would see each other later. After Luke left, Anna pulled a photograph of Duke out of a frame, tucked it into her copy of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander, and placed it into a duffel bag along with Duke's ashes. Moments later, Anna left.

At Metro Court, Olivia left Nina's hotel room, clutching a wad of money. However, she stopped short when she suddenly bumped into Dante and Nathan. Dante reached out to steady his mother then asked what she was doing with all the cash in her hands. Olivia explained that Nina had settled up Nina's hotel tab, but Olivia was curious why Dante was there. Dante explained that he and Nathan were there on police business, but Olivia asked for a private word with her son. Dante sent Nathan ahead, so Nathan approached his sister's door and knocked.

Nina was delighted by her brother's visit because she wanted an opportunity to apologize for the way she had overreacted during their last visit. Nathan admitted he was there to make an arrest. Nina was stunned when she realized that he intended to take her into custody, so she demanded to know what she was being accused of. Nathan promised to explain everything at the police station.

Meanwhile, Olivia told Dante that she wanted to say goodbye, but she became distracted when she saw Nathan lead Nina away. Olivia asked if Nina was under arrest, but Dante was more interested in finding out where Olivia was going. She explained that she was eager to be reunited with his baby brother because she was desperate to hold her infant. Dante revealed that his mother might not have to disappear with his brother because Julian had decided to get out of the mob. Olivia refused to take any chances with her baby's life because she didn't trust Julian to honor his word.

Dante realized Olivia had a valid point, so he urged her to be careful. Olivia hugged Dante then tearfully told him to take care of his wife and son. Olivia also wanted Dante to be wary of Luke because she feared that Luke might still have a few surprises left in him.

At the police station, Nina complained about being arrested, since she hadn't broken any laws. She demanded to talk to her attorney, but Nathan explained that it would have to wait as he marched her into the interrogation room. Nina was startled when she saw Franco waiting patiently at the table. Leery, she demanded to know why Franco was there, so Nathan admitted that Franco was a witness. Nina tensed as she asked what she was being accused of.

Franco explained that he had felt obligated to give a statement about Nina's admission to abducting A.J. Quartermaine. Nina denied any involvement, but Nathan revealed that Franco had provided enough details about the kidnapping to justify the arrest. Nina accused Franco of lying, so Franco offered to retract his statement if Nina agreed to sign the annulment papers he'd had Diane Miller draw up. Shocked, Nina asked if Nathan had been part of Franco's plan.

In the police commissioner's office, Jordan was unpacking a few personal items when a police officer knocked on the door to let Jordan know that Jordan had an applicant to interview. The police officer explained that Kyle had set the appointment up, so Jordan told the police officer to show the applicant in. Moments later, Valerie entered Jordan's office. Jordan extended her hand as she introduced herself. Valerie confirmed that she was Luke's niece and Dante's cousin by marriage when Jordan recognized Valerie's last name.

Jordan wondered if Valerie knew anyone else on the police force, so Valerie admitted that she had met Nathan West. Jordan smiled and explained it was Jordan's first day as the new police commissioner. Valerie offered to return when Jordan had had a chance to settle in, but Jordan assured Valerie it wasn't necessary. Jordan skimmed the job application then went over Valerie's résumé. She was impressed with Valerie's education, which included criminology and experience with various computer programs.

Moments later, Dante knocked on the door. He was surprised when he saw Valerie, so Valerie explained that she was there for a job interview. Jordan happily announced that the job was Valerie's -- if Valerie wanted it. Valerie grinned as she happily accepted the job. Dante hugged Valerie as he congratulated her. Afterwards, he playfully apologized if the hug had been a breach of protocol, so Jordan grinned as she warned him not to let it happen again.

Dante and Valerie retreated to the squad room as Dante welcomed Valerie to the police department. Valerie wanted to take Dante and Lulu out for dinner to express her gratitude for everything Dante and Lulu had done for her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy admired her new engagement ring because it was the nicest one she'd received yet. Dillon remained uneasy about his mother's decision to accept Luke's wedding proposal, but Tracy assured him that she would not rush into marriage. Dillon wasn't satisfied, but Sabrina's timely arrival spared Tracy from any additional uncomfortable questions. Tracy eagerly took A.J. from Sabrina's arms then introduced her son to Michael's girlfriend. After Sabrina and Dillon exchanged pleasantries, Sabrina asked Tracy to watch A.J. while Sabrina grabbed lunch.

After Sabrina left, Dillon asked about Sonny's daughter. Tracy explained that Michael had full custody of A.J., which legally made A.J. a Quartermaine. Dillon was curious about A.J.'s mother, but Tracy revealed that Ava was dead. Moments later, Tracy noticed the time. In a panic, she handed the baby to Dillon then dashed off to get ready for the engagement party. Dillon sat down with A.J. to talk to her about his mother and the engagement, but he looked up when Lulu sailed into the living room, looking for Tracy. Lulu immediately recognized Dillon, despite the eight years that had passed since they had last seen each other.

Dillon warmly greeted Lulu, so she asked him why he was in town. Dillon told her about Ned's phone call then broached the subject of Tracy and Luke's sudden engagement. Lulu conceded that Luke and Tracy had moved fast, but she doubted anyone could stop the couple from marrying, especially if their minds were made up. Lulu pointed out that Luke and Tracy had always had a turbulent and unique relationship, but the couple truly loved each other. Dillon agreed, so he shifted gears to ask about Lulu's life.

Dillon couldn't believe that Lulu was married and had a child. As they chatted about Lulu's family, Lulu mentioned her newfound cousin Valerie, who had decided to make Port Charles her new home after suffering a tragic loss. Dillon sensed something was troubling Lulu, but he didn't have an opportunity to probe because Tracy marched in asking if anyone had seen Luke. Tracy was nervous that Luke wouldn't be ready in time for the party, but her worries were for naught because Luke strolled into the living room.

Luke promised to be ready in time for the party, which he assured Tracy would be a nice, quiet celebration with only their family and close friends in attendance. He was confident that the night would be drama free, but Dillon had his doubts, since it was a Quartermaine/Spencer affair.

Laura Spencer crashed Luke and Tracy's party

Laura Spencer crashed Luke and Tracy's party

Friday, June 5, 2015

In the interrogation room, Franco offered to recant his statement that Nina had confessed to kidnapping baby A.J. if Nina agreed to sign the annulment papers dissolving her marriage to Ric. Nina refused to give in to Franco's strong-arm tactics, and was deeply hurt that her brother had gone along with Franco's blackmail. Nathan explained that he simply wanted what was best for Nina, but Nina insisted she and Ric loved each other. Nathan argued that he had looked into Ric's background, which had raised serious concerns about Ric's intentions toward Nina.

Franco reiterated that Nina could either go to jail or sign the annulment papers, but Nina assured her brother that Franco had lied about her role in baby A.J.'s kidnapping. Nina implored Nathan to stop the charade because he was one of the good guys, but Nathan explained that he was just trying to protect his sister. Frustrated, Nina was adamant that she had made the right decision by marrying Ric, but Franco suggested that Nina's coma might have compromised her judgment. She informed Franco that signing the documents wouldn't change anything between them because she could never forgive him for not trusting her when she had denied kidnapping baby A.J.

Nathan and Franco were surprised when Nina decided to call their bluff. Rather than arrest his sister, Nathan dragged Franco into the hall to warn Franco that they had overplayed their hand because Nina would stubbornly dig in her heels. Franco was confident that a night in jail would change Nina's mind, so Nathan and Franco returned to the interrogation room. However, Franco was stunned when Nathan refused to throw Nina into lockup. Satisfied, Nina left.

Nathan advised Franco to leave as well, but Franco was disappointed that Nathan hadn't stuck to the plan. Nathan explained that he couldn't file charges, knowing they were bogus, but he was confident that they could find another way to get Nina away from Ric. Franco disagreed because he was certain that they had driven Nina further away and into another man's arms.

In the squad room, Valerie insisted on taking Dante and Lulu to dinner to celebrate her new job and thank them for everything they had done for her. Valerie was certain she had Dante to thank for her new job, so she appreciated how he had gone above and beyond for her. Dante assured Valerie that she didn't have to treat him and Lulu to dinner, but Valerie insisted.

After Valerie submitted her paperwork to the human resources department, Valerie asked if Dante had reached Lulu. Dante shook his head then suggested they grab dinner another night, but Valerie refused to take no for an answer. She offered to take Dante to a casual place where Lulu could meet up with them when Lulu was free.

At the Floating Rib, Carly made a toast to Lucas and Brad's engagement. Sonny, Bobbie, and Scott held up their glasses as they wished the couple well. Brad quietly whispered to Lucas that everyone appeared to be getting along, but Lucas warned him that the night was still young. Bobbie approached the happy couple to discuss wedding plans, but Lucas reminded his mother that Lucas and Brad hadn't even picked out a wedding date. Bobbie made it clear that she intended to be a part of the wedding plans, along with Brad's parents, but Lucas warned Bobbie that it might not be an issue.

Surprised, Bobbie wondered if Brad had told the Coopers about the wedding, but Sonny teasingly told Bobbie to leave the young men alone. Scott reluctantly agreed with Sonny, but the peaceful atmosphere quickly shifted when Scott made a snide remark about Sonny allowing Shawn to take the fall for the botched hit on Jake, which resulted in an innocent woman being caught in the crossfire. Scott insisted that Sonny would be rotting in jail for A.J.'s murder if the governor hadn't been in Sonny's back pocket. Annoyed, Sonny claimed that he had tried to be civil toward Scott out of respect to Bobbie and Scott's daughter, but Scott resented Sonny mentioning Karen's name.

Scott angrily pointed out that Karen would have been the hospital's chief of staff if she hadn't died, so Sonny assured Scott that Sonny had cared about Karen. Scott scoffed because Sonny had gotten Karen hooked on drugs. Scott was curious how Sonny would feel if a "lowlife" like Sonny had turned one of Sonny's daughters onto drugs and then turned her out, but Sonny insisted Karen's death had been an accident. Sonny believed that Scott needed someone to blame because Scott had to face himself in the mirror.

Meanwhile, Dante and Valerie walked in during the heated argument. Dante sprang into action when a furious Scott took a swing at Sonny. After a brief brawl, Sonny and Scott were pulled apart then dragged to separate corners of the bar. Dante seized the opportunity to distract his father by introducing Sonny to Valerie. Sonny was surprised when Valerie revealed that she had gotten a job working with Dante, so Sonny suggested Dante and Valerie work with Lucas and Brad to figure out what had gone wrong with Ava's DNA test.

Meanwhile, Dante's phone rang. It was Lulu asking him to meet her at the Haunted Star to celebrate Luke and Tracy's engagement. She complained that she hadn't been able to reach anyone else, so Dante admitted that the rest of the Spencers were at the Floating Rib with him and Valerie.

At the Jerome residence, "Denise" confirmed that she was really Ava, but she warned Silas that he couldn't do anything about it because he would end up in jail for kidnapping Avery, and lose his medical license for helping Ava. "That's how you want to play this?" Silas asked with disbelief. Ava assured him that it hadn't given her any pleasure to resort to threats, but she had to do whatever was necessary to be with her daughters. Silas explained that it was imperative for Ava to leave before someone learned the truth, but Ava was confident her secret was safe.

Ava explained that the bone marrow transplant had altered her DNA, but Silas clarified that only the DNA in her blood had changed. According to Silas, a simple cheek swap or skin sample would reveal the truth. Ava seemed surprised by the news, but she quickly brushed it off because she was confident that she had established her new identity to perfection. Silas realized that Delia had been in on the ruse, so Ava admitted that she had enlisted her mother's help.

Ava revealed that Delia had helped Ava change her hair and accent, and even erase evidence of the scar left by Carlos' gunshot. Ava showed Silas the tattoo that covered the scar, so Silas agreed it was effective but appeared painful. Ava admitted it hadn't been as painful as the process to remove all traces of her fingerprints. Ava explained how Delia had helped Ava model herself after a hairdresser Delia had known, so Ava's days of dry martinis were over.

"Denise, she drinks PBR from a can," Ava added with a smirk. "Unbelievable," Silas muttered. Ava assured Silas that he didn't have to lie; he simply didn't have to volunteer any information. Silas wondered if Ava had any other demands, but Ava refused to apologize because she had desperately wanted a second chance with her family. She also wanted Silas to be a part of her life because he had stood by her side during the past few difficult months. Silas realized that he didn't have a choice, but he was annoyed that no good deed went unpunished.

Later, Silas was shooting pool at the Floating Rib when Nina marched in and ordered a drink. Silas warned Nina to be careful because she wasn't a drinker, but she admitted that she'd had a rough night. Silas tensed when she explained that Franco and Nathan had tried to frame her for kidnapping baby A.J.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Alice sat on the living room sofa, holding an open jewelry box, as Tracy tried to decide which pieces to wear. Alice approved when Tracy selected diamond jewelry, but she decided to broach the subject of Luke. Alice questioned if Tracy had made the right decision by accepting Luke's proposal of marriage, so Tracy assured Alice that Luke was better. Alice seemed skeptical, but Tracy explained that she had talked to Luke's doctors.

Moments later, Luke appeared in the doorway. Alice tensed, but Luke assured Alice that her concerns were valid. He realized that he had treated her badly while his dark side had terrorized the town. Luke reminded Alice that they had once shared a special bond and had been good friends, so he was deeply sorry for everything he had put Alice through. Alice's face lit with joy when Luke asked if they could move past what had happened. After Alice hugged Luke, Michael entered the living room.

Tracy greeted her great-nephew and told him about her engagement to Luke and about the party. Michael declined the invitation to the engagement party because he had to focus on figuring out a way to secure ELQ's future. Concerned, Tracy asked if something had happened, so Michael told her about Rosalie's failed attempt to buy back Ned's shares of the family company. Tracy wanted to help, but Alice reminded Tracy of the time. Tracy regretted that she couldn't stay to help Michael, but she had to get ready for the party.

Later, Michael was playing with baby A.J. when Dillon walking into the living room. Michael put his sister in the playpen then greeted his cousin with a warm hug. Michael and Dillon talked about the unexpected strong bond between Tracy and Michael's baby sister, but Dillon suspected part of the reason was because A.J. was adorable. Dillon admitted that Lulu had told him about Michael's custody battle, but Michael didn't want to discuss it if Dillon didn't have anything positive to say. Dillon assured his cousin that he intended to stay out of it.

Dillon shifted gears as he and Michael discussed Ned's strange decision to give away his shares of ELQ. Dillon promised that he intended to hold on to his shares, so Michael hoped their cousins Maya and Brook Lynn did the same. After Dillon left, Michael went to put A.J. to bed, but the doorbell rang. It was Ava.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu gave her employees instructions as they put the finishing touches on the decorations for the engagement party. Lucy rushed in apologizing for being late, but she insisted it had been unavoidable because she'd had a wardrobe malfunction thanks to her duck, Sigmund III. Lulu frowned because she was curious what had happened to Sigmund II. Lucy admitted there had been an accident, but she refused to discuss it, so Lulu let the matter drop.

Lucy was eager to talk to the happy couple about officiating the wedding, but Lulu explained that it was only an engagement party. Lucy was disappointed but changed the subject by asking if Lulu had checked the boat for possible bombs. Lulu assured Lucy that they had swept the boat, so Lulu was confident there weren't any explosives onboard. Relieved, Lucy volunteered to help Lulu with the party preparations.

Later, both Lulu and Lucy were troubled because they had left countless voicemail messages but hadn't reached anyone. Lucy was concerned because they didn't have any confirmed guests, but Lulu knew of one person. Lulu told Lucy about Dillon's return, so Lucy smiled because she recalled that Lulu and Dillon had once been an item. Lulu reminded Lucy that Lulu and Dillon had been over for nearly a decade, but the conversation was cut short when Luke and Tracy arrived. Tracy was disappointed by the lack of guests, so Lulu called Dante again.

A short time later, Luke and Tracy mingled with their guests. Luke took a moment to thank his daughter for the party and to tell her how much he loved her. Lulu assured her father that he had always been her hero and always would be. After Luke walked away, Lulu approached Dante and Valerie to ask why they had been at the Floating Rib. Valerie told Lulu about Valerie's new job working with Dante just as Dillon walked up to greet Lulu. Lulu introduced Dillon to her husband and cousin, but Dante didn't appear happy.

Dante was curious why Lulu hadn't mentioned that Dillon was back in town, so Lulu cheerfully reminded Dante that he wasn't the only one capable of keeping secrets.

Nearby, Luke took a moment to speak to Sonny. Sonny congratulated Luke on Luke's engagement, so Luke told Sonny that he hoped everything worked out with Sonny and Sonny's young daughter.

Moments later, Luke decided to make a toast. He thanked all the guests for attending the party and saluted their courage because of what had happened the last time Luke had hosted a party. Luke confessed that a lot of important things needed to be said, but he didn't believe in regrets. However, he conceded that a part of him had been tempted to simply disappear because he had done horrible things to the people he loved. Luke had decided against it because the people gathered in the room were the people who had defined who he was.

Luke spoke about how important his family was to him then talked about Tracy. Luke recalled the first time he had met Tracy and how magnificent he had thought she was. Luke credited Tracy with staring down his dark side and dragging him kicking and screaming into the light. Luke acknowledged that his romance with Tracy had started as a scam when he had taken her to Las Vegas and convinced her that she had married him, so he knew that he didn't deserve the chance she had given him. He asked everyone to raise their glasses to the woman he loved just as Laura Spencer walked in.

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