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Ridge lied about having Eric's power of attorney and barred Quinn from the hospital, mansion, and Forrester. Wyatt overheard Carter expressing guilt for lying, and Steffy begged Wyatt to keep the secret. Caroline and Douglas returned to make a family with Thomas.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 3, 2016 on B&B
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Ridge packs Quinn's bags Ridge packs Quinn's bags

Monday, October 3, 2016

At Forrester, Liam offered to take Steffy to the hospital, but Steffy said she needed a break from being there. Liam felt bad for Eric, claiming that it was bad enough to be married to Quinn without collapsing. Steffy explained that Eric had been very upset with all of them. Liam reasoned that the family had been doing what they'd thought was best, and Eric would bounce back better than ever.

Steffy couldn't stop thinking of how Eric had been upset and lashing out at them. All Eric had wanted was for them to support the marriage. Steffy stopped in mid-sentence, remembering the things Eric had said before he'd fainted. She remembered that Eric had said, "When I sign this, she is Mrs. Eric Forrester." Steffy told Liam that the marriage license might not be signed.

Steffy said that if there were no signatures on the marriage license, then there was no Quinn Forrester. Steffy began searching Eric's paperwork-cluttered desk. Liam asked if the desk was always so cluttered, and Steffy said Pam hadn't been there to organize it because she'd been at the hospital. Steffy finally found a manila envelope. Inside was a blank marriage certificate. "They didn't sign it," Steffy said, grinning.

At the hospital, Ridge and Brooke were in the waiting room outside Eric's room. Ridge reassured "Logan" that Eric would be okay. Ridge said that Quinn should have left Eric alone like the family had asked her to do, and she was the reason Eric was in the hospital. Ridge, who'd never been so worried about Eric, said it was all on Quinn.

Looking into Eric's room, Ridge shook his head at Quinn, who was inside and, in his view, pretending to be the dutiful wife. Brooke still couldn't believe Quinn had gotten Eric to marry her. Ridge said Quinn shouldn't even be in the room, let alone telling people that she was Mrs. Eric Forrester. Brooke replied that Quinn would never be Mrs. Forrester in the eyes of the family.

Ridge received a call from Carter. He told Carter that it wasn't a good time. Carter asked how Eric was, and Ridge said things were the same. Carter stated that, when Ridge got a chance, they needed to talk. Ridge agreed but said not at that moment. Ridge glanced back into Eric's room and scowled at Quinn, who stared back as she held Eric's hand.

Ridge received a call from Steffy, who said she had something that could get Quinn out of their lives. She claimed it would change everything and asked him to meet her at the office. After the call, Ridge asked Brooke to stay there while he checked out what Steffy had found.

In the corridor at Forrester, Pam encountered Carter, who'd just ended his call with Ridge. Pam had a container of lemon bars. She'd been making batches every day, hoping to have them when Eric awakened. She said it was killing Ridge to see Quinn staked out at Eric's bedside, and there was nothing Ridge could do about it. Carter scoffed, and Pam asked what was on his mind. He said that things would get more difficult before they got better.

Later, Ridge arrived at Forrester. Steffy gave him the unsigned marriage license. She wondered what they'd do. Ridge stated that he had Eric's power of attorney because he'd had Carter draw up the document. Grinning, Ridge said the blank certificate ensured that Quinn would never cause any damage to Eric or the company again.

Later, Steffy and Liam were waiting around for word from Ridge about how he was using the marriage license. Liam didn't think Ridge would cause a scene in public. Steffy didn't care if Ridge did, as long as Quinn was out of Eric's life. Liam replied that Quinn had caused Steffy misery, too. Play fighting with Liam, Steffy claimed to be a tough girl. Liam said it had always been that if someone messed with her, they messed with him, too. It would always be that way, no matter what the future held.

In Eric's room, Quinn sat by Eric's bedside, holding his hand. Wyatt and Dr. Andrews were there, also. Wyatt and Dr. Andrews tried to assuage Quinn's worries, and Quinn said she'd had her hopes up because Eric had awakened. Dr. Andrews reasoned that Eric's sleep/wake cycle could be returning. Quinn said she and Eric were supposed to be on their honeymoon.

Quinn wanted to take Eric home, where he could progress more quickly. She promised to hire round-the-clock care. Dr. Andrews seemed skeptical but said he'd look into it.

Dr. Andrews left, and Wyatt said he'd gotten the adjoining room for Quinn to rest in. Quinn refused to leave Eric's side. Because of the way Eric's family had abandoned him on the wedding day, Quinn was determined to remain vigilant for her husband. She wanted to be there when Eric opened his eyes, but Wyatt said it could be a long time before that happened.

Quinn didn't care. She was Eric's wife, whether the family acknowledged it or not, and they were the ones who'd broken Eric's heart. She wished the family would trust Eric's decision and try to support the relationship.

Quinn and Wyatt exited Eric's room, and Brooke hopped from her seat to ask if Eric had awakened. Quinn said he hadn't but would soon, and she'd take him home to recover with home nurses, equipment, and all his favorite things. Brooke nodded skeptically. Quinn asked if Brooke didn't think it was a good idea. Brooke replied that she hadn't said that, and Quinn concluded that the issue was the fact that Quinn would take Eric home.

Wyatt tried to dissuade Quinn from speaking, but Quinn said that Eric was her husband. She and Eric had made vows to each other, and everyone would have heard the vows if they'd bothered to be at the wedding. Quinn recalled that Brooke had faced the same family issues, but Brooke had fought back. Quinn said she was fighting back, too, because life was unbearable without Eric. Quinn said she'd be a devoted wife to Eric.

Quinn asked Wyatt to take her to her house so she could prepare it for Eric's return. She entered Eric's room to let him know she'd be gone a short time because she wanted to prepare the house for his return, and then they'd start of their lives together.

Later, Brooke sat at Eric's bedside. She said she'd told Bridget not to fly out until Eric was awake. Brooke conveyed that their kids were her and Eric' greatest gifts to each other, and she and Eric had been through a lot during the years. She tearfully said she wanted him to know how much she respected and admired him. She loved him very much.

A flashback played of Brooke and Eric's romance, their wedding, the birth of Rick, and them admiring pictures of their grandchild. Kissing his forehead, she asked him to return to them.

At the mansion, Quinn arrived home and found movers boxing things up. Quinn said there had been a mistake because she hadn't hired movers. Ridge entered and put the movers back to work. Quinn believed Ridge had to be kidding to do it with Eric in the hospital. Ridge asserted that Eric was in there because of her. Quinn didn't have time for it. She needed to get the house ready for Eric to return home. Ridge wanted Eric home but stated that she wouldn't be there.

"Yeah, I will," Quinn replied. She said she lived there and had gotten married there. Ridge asked if she was sure, because the family hadn't witnessed it. Quinn stated that Ivy, who was a Forrester, had, and there had been a minister and the exchanging of vows.

Ridge deemed it all irrelevant. Handing her the marriage certificate, he noted that it wasn't signed, so the marriage wasn't legal. Pointing at Quinn's portrait, Ridge proclaimed that Quinn wasn't Mrs. Eric Forrester, she would not be with his father, and she would not live in the mansion, starting that day.

The power behind the power of attorney

The power behind the power of attorney

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Liam and Steffy discussed what had happened to Eric and that Eric and Quinn had not signed the documents to be legally married. Liam wondered if Wyatt had been told, and Steffy said she would not be the one to tell him.

At the hospital, Brooke was in Eric's room with him, and he was unresponsive. In the hallway, Rick, Maya, Zende, and Nicole waited for the doctor so they could hear how Eric was doing. Rick told the doctor that Eric had had heart problems in the past, but he had recovered. Maya wondered if his past problems could be related to his condition. The doctor promised to look into it, but he said he was more concerned about the brain hemorrhage.

The doctor told the Forresters that visiting with Eric was fine, but they didn't want too many people at a time in his room. He added that conversation and stimulation might be good for Eric. He added that they would continue to do more tests.

Maya wondered what they were looking for in the tests. The doctor said they weren't sure of the reason Eric was unresponsive, and they were looking for blood clots or new bleeds. Rick said that wouldn't happen because Eric would get better. Zende asked if he could see Eric, and Rick responded that he was welcome to spend time with his grandfather anytime, and he didn't have to ask permission. Zende reached out to Nicole to visit Eric with him.

Inside Eric's room, Brooke welcomed Zende and Nicole. Zende became animated and told his grandfather about a football game, but there was no reaction from Eric. Brooke cried, and Nicole grabbed Zende's arm. Zende worried because when he'd been a child, his parents had gotten sick, and they'd never gotten well. Nicole promised that Eric would. Zende remembered that Eric had always looked out for him as a child, and he said he would keep his eye on Eric. "He always made me feel safe. He deserves to feel safe too," Zende said.

In the hallway, Rick and Maya embraced. Rick felt horrible that he and his family had boycotted Eric's wedding. Maya noted that Eric hadn't blamed him. Rick said that he had always been proud to be Eric Forrester Junior. He flashed back to memories as a kid and to several events including his wedding to Maya. He recalled several times that Eric had told him he loved him. Rick and Maya entered Eric's room.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge told Quinn that she was not married to Eric because they had not signed the marriage license. Quinn noted it was crazy because of signatures. Quinn said they had forgotten to sign it because of everything that had been going on.

Ridge blamed Quinn for Eric's attack. Quinn reminded him that she had not been in the room. Ridge was insistent that she was a nightmare. "And I'm thisclose to waking up from it," Ridge warned. He advised her to move out quickly, and he had movers in the house, removing her things.

Quinn said that she and Eric were in love and had been married. Ridge countered that Eric wanted what he always wanted -- a woman in his bed. "He's consistent," Ridge said.

"I'm fighting for him." Quinn said. Ridge disagreed. He told Quinn that he held his dad's power of attorney and had the ability to protect his father and his business. Ridge advised her to find an apartment, and Quinn sneered that her husband needed her. Quinn left. Ridge continued to work with the movers to box up Quinn's belongings.

Later, Steffy entered the mansion and said they had finally pulled it off and gotten Quinn out of Eric's life for good. Steffy asked Ridge if he had heard anything about Eric, but he said Eric was about the same. They both eyed the portrait of Quinn on the wall. Steffy and Ridge wondered if it would fit in the fireplace.

Carter entered and interrupted them. "We've got a problem," Carter said. Steffy and Ridge reminded him that Quinn and Eric were not legally married, but Carter told them that the power of attorney did not name Ridge. Ridge opened an envelope and discovered that his father had named Quinn Fuller as power of attorney. Steffy was shocked.

At the hospital, Quinn peered through the glass into Eric's room, where the family stood around Eric's bed. She entered and asked what the doctor had said. Rick said there was no change. Quinn said she wanted to spend time with her husband. Brooke, Rick, Maya, Zende, and Nicole left.

Quinn sat down with Eric and sighed. She caressed his face and noted that things weren't going their way. She said she knew his family loved him, but they were making life difficult. Quinn thanked Eric for fighting for her, and she said it was her turn to fight for him. Eric was unresponsive. She told him not to worry because he was going to get better.

Quinn grabbed Eric's hand and his wedding ring. She said they were married. "I don't care what Ridge says," she said. Quinn promised to figure out how to be the best wife for him.

Fighting continues over Eric

Fighting continues over Eric

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Steffy and Ridge were frantic that Carter had told them that Quinn, not Ridge, had power of attorney. Carter said there was nothing he could do. Steffy and Ridge worried that Quinn would have control of Eric's life and the business. They reasoned that they could not allow that to happen.

Carter understood, but he said there was nothing they could do. Quinn's name was on the paperwork. Ridge was furious. Ridge softened and said he didn't blame Carter, but they had to do something. Steffy agreed, and she pointed out that Quinn was violent and dangerous. Quinn had "taken advantage of a lonely, vulnerable man," Steffy said.

Ridge and Steffy begged Carter to pretend Ridge's name had never been removed from the power of attorney document. "Our family needs you. No one needs to know," Ridge said. He pointed out that everyone thought that Ridge had power of attorney, so no one would question it. "You want me to lie?" Carter asked.

Ridge and Steffy agreed they wanted him to lie, and they promised to take the secret to their graves. Ridge insisted his father's life hung in the balance. Carter did not disagree, but it was wrong. Carter sighed. "You won't regret it," Ridge promised. Steffy said they needed to get to the hospital to get Quinn out of Eric's life.

At the hospital, Quinn waited outside Eric's room with Wyatt. She worried that Eric would wake up very soon, and she wanted to be there. Wyatt understood, but he gently reminded her that Pam and Thomas wanted to see Eric, too, and they deserved to spend some time with him.

Wyatt teased that Quinn and Eric would be having martinis before she knew it. Wyatt thought it was sweet that she showed her caring side. Quinn confessed to Wyatt that she and Eric had never signed the license. She added that Ridge had kicked her out of the mansion, but Quinn said she would stay with Eric at the hospital. She said Ridge would have to drag her out of Eric's room by her hair. She had made a vow to protect him always -- "even from his own family." Quinn wanted to fight back against Ridge. She asked Wyatt to contact her attorney to see if anything could be done. Wyatt agreed.

In Eric's room, Pam and Thomas sat with Eric. Thomas said that he had always lived for Saturdays that he had spent with Eric as a kid. He'd loved that they would get out pencils and sketchpads and draw together for hours while they listened to music. He was tearful. So was Pam. Thomas begged Eric to wake up, and he apologized for missing Eric and Quinn's wedding.

Pam hugged Thomas, and Thomas left. Pam put a blanket on Eric, and she kissed his cheek. She said she had a fresh batch of lemon bars waiting for him at home. She called Eric her fiercest ally. Pam apologized that she had not been at his wedding. She promised to stay by him forever. She whispered that she had been the crazy little sister of Stephanie, and he had become family to her. "You're all I've got left. Eric, I can't lose you too," she said. She prayed that God would make Eric well. "Let him walk out of here," she said.

At Forrester, Thomas fitted a dress on Sasha, and she asked about Eric. He said recovery was unpredictable and that Eric could get better or go in the opposite way. Sasha said it was unfair because Eric was a kind and wonderful man. She thought of visiting him. Thomas and Sasha agreed to go together, and Sasha promised to buy Thomas ice cream. He said it sounded good and thanked her.

Caroline entered with Douglas. "Surprise," she said. Thomas was thrilled. "Dougie Boy," he said. Caroline explained to Sasha that Dougie Boy was Thomas' new nickname for Douglas. Sasha welcomed her back. Caroline said she had returned because Douglas had missed his daddy, and she'd heard about Eric. Thomas shared that Eric had still not awakened.

Caroline worried about Eric. Thomas asked about her trip. Caroline said it had been good to spend time with her moms. Sasha left, and Caroline said she had missed Thomas. He teased that Douglas looked bigger and cuter than ever and that video chatting a few times a day wasn't enough. She wanted them to talk about what was best for Douglas, Thomas, and her. Thomas looked interested.

At the hospital, Quinn sat in Eric's room and caressed his hand. Ridge entered and ordered Quinn out of the room. Quinn refused, but Ridge insisted. Quinn said she didn't want to argue in front of Eric. They went outside the room, and Carter, Steffy, and Ridge told her that the marriage wasn't legal, and she needed to stay away from Eric.

Quinn argued that she and Eric had said vows, and she planned to stay with him. She walked away from Ridge, but Steffy and Ridge ordered Carter to tell Quinn she had no legal right to be there. Carter agreed. Quinn insisted they could not tear her away from her husband because it wasn't what Eric wanted.

Ridge stated that he had power of attorney, and Quinn had no right to be near Eric. Quinn huffed past Ridge and Steffy and into Eric's room. Ridge ordered the hospital staff to remove her because she was harassing his father. Quinn was angry, but the hospital personnel grabbed her and dragged her out. Ridge and Steffy looked confident.

Steffy agrees to move back home

Steffy agrees to move back home

Thursday, October 6, 2016

At Thomas' house, Caroline and Douglas visited. Thomas and Caroline discussed Eric's unchanged condition. Thomas felt that Eric would like that she was there. She hoped that Thomas liked it, too. He did and had been thinking about the day they'd return for a while. Caroline had been thinking of returning for a while, and Eric's condition had made her decide it was time. She planned to visit Eric but wanted Douglas, who needed his father, to see Thomas.

Caroline had needed to go New York to get some perspective, but she'd finally had time to reevaluate and make sense of everything. She didn't think she'd appreciated how great Thomas had been about things, and she cited that he'd refused to let someone else raise Douglas. Thomas didn't know if he agreed about how great he'd been, but he couldn't imagine how he'd even considered letting anyone else parent Douglas.

Caroline believed that Douglas was lucky to have Thomas, and she was grateful to have Thomas in her life. Thomas said she'd been gone a while. Caroline realized that he hadn't been able to put his life on hold; however, she was back, and it was their chance to be a family. He said they were already a family. She replied that Douglas wasn't their only connection.

Thomas agreed. Caroline didn't want to run from it. She didn't want to have secrets between them or keep any from herself. She claimed she'd grown to miss Thomas. She'd told her mothers how amazing he was and how he'd stuck up for Douglas and protected her from the press. She'd realized what he meant to her. "Caroline, I..." Thomas said.

Caroline stated that she thought they should try. Thomas couldn't believe she was saying it. She stated that she'd needed time to think after her marriage had ended. She hadn't been ready, but "now" she was. Caroline climbed into his lap and hugged him.

At Forrester, Quinn stormed by Pam and Charlie and headed into the CEO's office. Steffy was inside the office, and Quinn roared to Steffy that Quinn deserved an explanation. Charlie tried to remove Quinn, but Steffy told him to give her and Quinn a minute. Pam and Charlie left, and Quinn said that Eric was her husband. Steffy replied that the marriage wasn't legal, and Ridge had Eric's power of attorney. Steffy refused to let Quinn hurt anyone Steffy cared about again.

Quinn called Steffy cruel, but Steffy insisted that she was protecting her grandfather. Steffy said that Quinn wasn't married and didn't work there, so Quinn had no rights to be with Eric. "You have no right!" Quinn retorted. Steffy, who'd boxed Quinn's things already, said Quinn could get them on the way out. Steffy had told Quinn to stay away from Eric, who Quinn had taken advantage of and who was in a hospital, fighting for his life, because of Quinn.

Steffy said that everything she was doing was justified, so Quinn's time was over. As Quinn tried to reason with Steffy, Wyatt arrived. He'd received an emergency text message from Quinn earlier. Wyatt was surprised when he ascertained that Quinn had been barred from the hospital and the office. Steffy claimed it was family only at the hospital.

Quinn didn't care about the power of attorney or an unsigned license. Quinn said Steffy would know how Eric felt if Steffy had just shown up at the wedding. Steffy stated that Eric had given Quinn a chance and "now" he was paying the price. Steffy had known that Quinn would hurt him. Quinn yelled that "this" was hurting Eric.

Steffy didn't have time for Quinn because Steffy had to go to the hospital. Quinn reasoned that she did, too. Wyatt interjected that he knew Quinn wanted to go and that her feelings were genuine; however, Quinn had to accept the Forresters' decision. He said Quinn had to let the Forresters take care of Eric, but Quinn asserted that it was her job to do. Wyatt advised that the best thing Quinn could do was leave and respect Ridge and Steffy's choices.

Later, Quinn had gone, and Steffy told Wyatt that she'd known Quinn would hurt Eric. Steffy had just known it, and Quinn had to go. Wyatt said it was why he'd told Quinn to leave. Steffy stated that Wyatt had backed Steffy up, and he replied that she shouldn't be surprised. He felt bad for his mother and believed that Quinn had real feelings for Eric; however, Quinn and he couldn't argue with the power of attorney. He wasn't angry and had always been on Steffy's side.

Wyatt hated that Quinn had become an obstacle in the marriage, but Quinn was out of the company, the mansion, and Eric's life. " support me?" Steffy asked. He affirmed it. He said Steffy needed to feel secure, and if it was what Steffy wanted, it was better than living apart. He said Steffy had wanted Quinn gone, and she was gone. "It's time for you to come home," Wyatt concluded.

Wyatt recalled that Steffy had moved out because of his mother, but it was over. Wyatt said that Ridge could protect Eric, and Steffy and Wyatt could get back to their lives. Steffy replied that they didn't know how Quinn would react. Wyatt said it was something Quinn had to deal with. The law was the law, and that was it, in his view. He said Steffy had promised to return home once Quinn was out of the picture. He needed Steffy and asked if she'd return home.

Steffy slowly said she would. She grinned, but as he spun her around, her grin faded.

At the mansion, Ridge informed Thorne and Rick that Quinn wasn't legally married to Eric. Ridge decided that she was barred from the hospital and the mansion. Thorne stated that Quinn wouldn't stand for it; however, Ridge said he had Eric's power of attorney, making it his job to protect Eric. The brothers discussed getting new codes and a guard at the gate. Ridge said they'd do whatever it took to protect Eric.

Rick felt as if he could breathe a bit. Thorne asked if Quinn was really moving out. Ridge replied that he'd move back in to ensure it, and he'd take care of Eric once Eric was out of the hospital.

Later, Quinn stormed into the mansion while Ridge was alone by the fireplace. She asked how he could do it to her, and assuming she meant how he could throw her out of the house, he said it was for family. "Family -- not family," he stated, pointing at himself and then her. Quinn was worried about Ridge and Steffy's behavior at that time in Eric's crisis, but Ridge roared that she didn't have to worry, because Ridge would take are of Eric, who'd be just fine.

Quinn couldn't believe Ridge hated her that much. Ridge said it hadn't had to happen if she'd stayed away from Eric. Ridge accused Quinn of playing Eric and turning him against his family, but Quinn said Ridge had done it by boycotting the wedding. Ridge asked her what wedding and said none of it was real. He tried to hand her the phone number for the movers.

Quinn said she wasn't the enemy and hadn't tricked Eric into marriage. She'd only loved and encouraged Eric, and Eric wanted her in his life. She implored Ridge to respect Eric's wishes. Ridge said Eric hadn't seen what Quinn was doing, but Ridge did. Quinn replied that Eric wouldn't stand for it when he awakened, and even though Ridge tried to keep the couple apart, Eric and Quinn would always love each other.

Quinn said that she and Ridge both loved Eric. Ridge asked to know one good thing that had happened to Eric since Quinn had been around and noted that before, Eric had been healthy and happy, and had had his family's support. Ridge wanted to undo all the bad things Quinn had done. She stated that Eric wanted her in his life and house, not evicted from them. Ridge said she'd preyed on the lonely Eric, who'd wanted companionship.

Quinn asserted that Eric had needed to feel vital again, but Ridge had just pushed Eric aside and put him on a shelf. Quinn had seen the fire that he'd had inside of him. She still saw it, and she just needed to be near him to reach him. Ridge said she'd never be near Eric again. Ridge told her to get out, but she said she wasn't going anywhere.

Ridge offered to get a restraining order. Quinn asked if he heard himself and implored him to recall what Eric had said to Ridge in the office. Eric was the most compassionate man that she knew. Quinn said that if Ridge couldn't find the tiniest bit of decency for her, then he wasn't Eric's son. Ridge blinked a few times and soberly said, "Wow. You don't listen."

Because words didn't work, Ridge tried action. He took Quinn's portrait off the wall. Quinn shrieked that he couldn't do it, and Eric wanted her in his life. Thorne and Rick entered to see what the problem was. Ridge said Quinn was leaving. Thorne and Rick closed in on Quinn, saying that she'd heard Ridge. Quinn ordered the men not to touch her.

Quinn marched to the door. Before leaving, she said that Eric needed her, and Ridge could not keep her from her husband.

Wyatt learns Steffy's secret

Wyatt learns Steffy's secret

Friday, October 7, 2016

In the photo studio, Liam was surprised to hear that Steffy was moving back in with Wyatt. Steffy claimed that Quinn was no longer a problem. Liam was thrilled that Quinn was out of Eric's house, but Liam said Quinn was still a threat. Steffy replied that she was doing everything she could to keep Quinn out of her life, so Liam didn't have to worry.

Liam replied that Steffy was the most important thing in his life, so he would worry about Steffy risking being near Quinn when Steffy should be with him. Steffy explained that she'd promised Wyatt one last chance. Liam agreed to one last chance -- one. He was sure it would fail, and Steffy would return to him. Steffy quietly left.

Later, Ivy had arrived, and upon hearing that Steffy was going back to Wyatt, Ivy wondered why Liam kept torturing himself with "this girl." She wanted Liam to let it go, but he said he couldn't. "Even though she told you she's moving back in with her husband?" Ivy asked. He repeated that he couldn't.

Liam noticed a white dress on a rack of dresses Ivy had pulled from storage to draw inspiration from. He said the dress was from his Ajax Mountain wedding to Steffy. Ivy said she'd pulled it because it was unusual. She tried to give histories to the other dresses, but with a zoned-out grin, Liam started talking about how Steffy had looked in the dress and said that when he'd seen her in it, he'd know she was the one. "Maybe she was then, but she's not now," Ivy replied.

Ivy advised Liam to accept that Steffy was married to his brother. Liam said it wasn't easy. Ivy offered to help, but he'd have to deal with her being blunt. She was tired of being timid and believed they should give it another shot. Liam sighed, and she told him to move on, just like Steffy had. Ivy believed that she could make him happy, and he should stop pining over his brother's wife.

Liam acknowledged that waiting for Steffy could be a huge mistake. "Don't say 'but,'" Ivy said. Liam said it, and she grimaced. She conveyed that she'd returned to Los Angeles for Forrester and to start a new life. "Please let it be with you," Ivy added.

Liam's phone rang with foundation business, and Liam said it was awful timing. She told him to take the call because being distracted by the foundation was good for him. A new woman would be a good next step. As Liam answered the call, Ivy got an idea about Steffy's old dress.

After Liam's call had ended, the lights went out. Liam glanced around, calling out "Hello? Hello?" Lights illuminated a short stage, and behind some veil curtains stood Ivy in Steffy's old wedding gown and some boots. "Steffy?" Liam incredulously said.

At Quinn's old place, Wyatt was saying that Quinn should have at least supervised visits with Eric. Quinn roared that she was Eric's wife, not a criminal. She started to worry that Eric was wondering where she was and didn't know that Ridge was keeping her away. Wyatt contemplated talking to Ridge, and Quinn said Ridge had barred her from the house, the company, and the hospital. It was as if Eric was Ridge's hostage because of the stupid power of attorney.

Quinn knew that Eric wasn't conscious, but she could feel him reaching out to her. Wyatt reminded her that there were guards at the hospital, and Ridge was getting a restraining order. Going to jail would be worth it for Quinn. Wyatt stated that no one was going to jail.

Quinn was anxious about not being there when Eric awakened. She didn't think Ridge cared about Eric. Instead, Ridge was using Quinn as an excuse to get the money, power, and company. Quinn wouldn't let Ridge get away with it. Wyatt asked her not to do something "we" would regret. He said something good had kind of resulted from the mess and informed Quinn that Steffy was moving back in with him.

Quinn said she guessed she was happy for Wyatt. Steffy wasn't high on Quinn's list of favorite people, but Quinn understood how Wyatt felt about her. Wyatt guessed he should go to help Steffy unpack. Quinn replied that it was day one of the reunion, and Steffy was already taking him from Quinn. "Mom," Wyatt replied, placing his hands on her shoulders. Quinn said it was okay. He hugged her and asked her to hang in there.

After Wyatt had gone, Quinn looked at a picture of herself and Eric. She flashed back over their relationship.

At Wyatt's beach house, Steffy and Ridge arrived with boxes. Ridge said that Thorne, Kristen, and Felicia were at the hospital. Dr. Andrews was helping the family get equipment for Eric to recover at home. Ridge asked if Steffy was sure about the move. She said that she'd told Wyatt she'd move back in if his mother was no longer in the equation, and Steffy was okay with doing it.

Ridge asked about Liam, and Steffy conveyed that Liam thought Quinn would still be a problem. Ridge agreed that it would be so for Steffy's marriage, but at least they'd taken care of Forrester. Steffy said they couldn't let anyone know that Eric had given the power of attorney to Quinn.

Later, Steffy instructed Ridge to put the empty boxes in the garage. "Just in case, huh?" Ridge replied. She quipped that he was funny. Carter arrived. Pam had let him know where Ridge and Steffy were. Carter had arrived because, as Eric's attorney, Carter felt that it was his duty to make Quinn aware of the power of attorney. Ridge said Quinn couldn't find out -- ever.

Carter expressed his concerns about his legal obligations. Ridge said Carter's obligation was to keep the company and Forrester family safe, which meant keeping Quinn out. Steffy understood feeling guilty. She hated to keep the secret from Wyatt, but there was no other option.

Outside, Wyatt stepped on the porch and heard Ridge's raised voice as Ridge tried to convince Carter not to let Quinn, the manipulator and criminal, have control and make decisions for Eric and the company. Carter understood the ramifications but wanted to fight it in court, the right way. Carter wanted to get in front of a judge to tell him that Quinn had power of attorney.

Ridge didn't trust the outcome, but he knew that no one would find out if they all kept quiet about it. Carter decided that he'd do some research to see if there was a way to quietly get Ridge's name on the form instead.

Carter took off, and Ridge decided to leave, too. Wyatt hid out of sight until the men had gone. He entered the house and tossed his keys down. Steffy asked if he was okay. "How long have you known?" Wyatt asked. Steffy looked quizzically at him. "How long have you known my mother has Eric's power of attorney?" he asked.

Wyatt stated that Ridge had kicked Quinn out of her house and separated her from her husband. Steffy stated that the marriage wasn't legal. "Don't talk to me about legal after what I just heard!" Wyatt shouted. He accused Ridge of being abusive to Quinn. "What...?" Steffy said. Wyatt asserted that Ridge had verbally attacked Quinn, even though Ridge knew that he was "full of crap" and knew what Eric wanted. "And you just allowed it," Wyatt figured out.

Steffy claimed that she'd had to, and Eric hadn't been thinking clearly. She said Wyatt knew Quinn as power of attorney didn't make sense. Wyatt replied that it was Eric's call, not Steffy's. She said Eric hadn't known what he'd been doing, but Wyatt disagreed, saying that Eric had known exactly what he had been doing. Wyatt said that Ridge and Steffy claimed to want to protect Eric, but they were the liars. As if appalled, Steffy said that if Quinn knew, she'd move back into the mansion.

"So what?" Wyatt mouthed with his hands in the air. Steffy outlined that the power of attorney meant Quinn would control the finances, the family, and the business while Eric lay helpless, and the family would not allow it. Wyatt replied that her family would just have to deal with it. Steffy yelled, "Wyatt, no!" She said he couldn't do it.

Wyatt stated that his mother was going crazy, worrying about her husband. He told Steffy not to even say it about the marriage license, because his mother was Eric's wife and deserved to be by Eric's side. Steffy knew it was hard for him to understand. "You lying? Yeah, that's really hard to understand," he quipped.

Steffy asserted that Wyatt had married her and promised his loyalty to his wife. Grunting in frustration, Wyatt said he'd proven it time and time again by telling his mother to stay away and even missing her wedding. "But you still lie to me!" he added. Steffy claimed that it was her father's lie, and she was just going along with it because it was for the company and family. Steffy reasoned that it was also best for their relationship.

Wyatt blinked incredulously. Steffy said it would keep her at the house and his mother far, far away as she'd asked Wyatt to do again and again. She claimed that not telling Quinn about the power of attorney would make their marriage better. She put her arms around his neck and implored him to keep the secret. "Please, please. I'm your wife. You have to keep this secret," she reasoned.

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