General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 3, 2016 on GH

Tragedy struck when Morgan stole a car. Ned returned to Port Charles. Paul pleaded guilty to all charges. Things heated up between Dillon and Kiki. Several expressed concern about Alexis' drinking.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 3, 2016 on GH
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It Was an Honest Mistake It Was an Honest Mistake

Monday, October 3, 2016

On the phone, Finn thanked someone for the update and hung up. He explained to Hayden that a friend of his was working security at the hospital that night, so Finn could get in and get his lab equipment without getting arrested. Hayden informed him that she was going with him.

A short while later, Finn and Hayden quietly entered the dark lab with the aid of a flashlight. Suddenly, they heard a voice from the hall. As they looked on, Lucy was showing a hospital board member around. She was surprised that the building was for sale and was convinced that the hospital would reopen. The board member wanted to repurpose the building as "luxury condominiums."

Lucy countered that Tracy would never allow that. However, the board member assured Lucy that the hospital would move to another building. Lucy promised to continue the tour if she had his complete assurance that the hospital would reopen. Hayden asked Finn if he thought the hospital would be relocated. "I wouldn't hold my breath," he responded. They wanted to do something to stop the sale of the building.

At Metro Court, Ava reminded Kiki what had happened when Sonny had gone off his medication. She continued that Morgan would have to deal with his illness for the rest of his life. Franco approached and instructed Ava to stop with her "fear mongering." Ava told him to go away, but Kiki wanted to talk to him. Ava believed that Morgan would hurt Kiki again, but she promised to be there for Kiki when he did. She tearfully left the restaurant.

Franco wondered what Morgan had done to put Ava on the warpath. Kiki responded that Ava still blamed Morgan for getting Kiki shot, and she braced herself for another lecture. Franco was fine with her relationship because "I have to be." Otherwise, he believed he'd have to tell Elizabeth to run away from him.

Kiki believed that Morgan had changed for the better, but he'd been paranoid lately. He'd been doubting her, so she'd been "walking on eggshells." She guiltily admitted to thinking about who would take care of her if she was always taking care of Morgan. Franco thought she was smart to think of her own needs, and he wondered if she was happy. "Most of the time," she answered. He reminded her that she didn't have to stay if she wasn't happy. Kiki wondered what would be said about her if she left Morgan because of his illness.

Franco admired Kiki's loyalty, and she thanked him for listening. She asked about Elizabeth, for whom he was "pulling out all the stops." He marveled over how well things were going. He still couldn't believe that Heather had thought he was the hospital killer, and he was irked that she'd turned him down for a loan. He explained how Heather had made her money, and Kiki was shocked to learn that Elizabeth and Hayden were sisters. Franco added that, while he was broke, Hayden believed that he owed her, and she was expecting him to pay up.

Morgan arrived at Andre's makeshift office and thanked the doctor for seeing him. He confided that some "stuff went down," and he explained to Andre about his fights with Joe and Julian. After some prompting from Andre, Morgan said that he'd felt like the world wouldn't be right until he'd beaten both men up. He'd been livid enough to want to kill them both.

Morgan also explained that he just started school, and he'd already made a mistake by buying a paper online. He feared that he was going to be expelled, and all of his loved ones would turn on him. Andre assured Morgan that everyone made mistakes, but Morgan shot back that he'd made "millions."

Andre started by instructing Morgan to accept his mistake and be honest with his loved ones. Andre also wanted to adjust Morgan's medication, and he gave Morgan a script for blood work to make sure nothing was seriously wrong. Andre promised to be there should Morgan need him. When Morgan was gone, Andre hoped that he'd gotten through to his patient.

A short while later, Morgan called Kiki from the Floating Rib, because they'd had plans to meet there when Kiki was done with work. She apologetically informed him that the restaurant was short-staffed, so she had to cover. They wished each other a good night, and Kiki hung up. She hoped Morgan was all right, and Franco told her not to worry. Morgan made another call and asked the person he called if they were still having poker games. "I'm definitely in. On my way," he said, and he left the bar.

Ava arrived back at her apartment and opened her computer. She typed "dangers of withholding bipolar medication" into a search engine but was interrupted by a knock on the door. Scott called through the door about having money for her, so she immediately closed her computer and opened the door. Scott handed her an envelope filled with cash, and she jokingly asked which bank he'd robbed. He explained that the cases were rolling in since he'd gotten Julian acquitted. He played a corny radio jingle on his phone for her, which advertised his services. She sarcastically deemed him "unforgettable."

Scott informed Ava that he'd overheard at the police station who the prime suspect of the hospital killings was. After some stalling, Ava yelled at him to spit it out. He told her that they were getting a warrant to arrest Paul for the murders, and Ava's face fell. She begged him to represent Paul "and win." She handed him some money out of the envelope and said that she was hiring him. Under lawyer-client confidentiality, she told him that she had found out about Paul being the serial killer and had blackmailed him into throwing Julian's trial. She needed to make sure that he didn't "roll over" on her.

Ava reminded Scott that he was supposed to have gotten the flash drive with Ava's confession from Paul, but Scott had failed. Scott was still getting over the fact that he hadn't won the trial on his own merits. He admonished Ava for letting Paul get away with more murders by not turning him in immediately. She continued that she couldn't go to jail because her daughters needed her, especially Kiki. He wondered what Ava had done.

Ava told Scott that she'd replaced some of Morgan's bipolar medication with a placebo. Again, Scott scolded her, warning her that Morgan being off his medication had probably put Kiki in even more danger. After thinking about it, she thought that Kiki wouldn't be able to resist comforting Dillon after his father was arrested. Morgan would be pushed "over the edge" seeing the two together, and Kiki would break up with him. Scott reminded her that she couldn't control the reaction of someone who was mentally ill, and he posed the possibility of Morgan hurting someone.

Paul had a needle to Tracy's neck, Anna had a gun pointed at Paul, and Dillon demanded that Paul get away from Tracy. He refused to leave until Paul let Tracy go. Paul explained that he'd done all he'd done for Susan. Dillon yelled that his father had preyed on innocent people who had gone to the hospital for treatment. "What kind of man does that?" he screamed. He related that, while he didn't know Susan all that well, he knew that she wouldn't agree with Paul's method of revenge.

Dillon slowly walked closer to Tracy and Paul, against Anna's warnings. He assured Anna that Paul wouldn't hurt Tracy in front of Dillon, and he certainly wouldn't hurt Dillon. Dillon got close enough to untie Tracy from the chair, and he pulled her away from Paul. Dillon stood between Paul and the two women. Tracy urged Dillon to let Anna handle Paul. Paul demanded to know why Anna had taken Dillon along with her. He thought that he and Anna were the same, but she reminded him that she wasn't a murderer.

Anna directed Paul to drop the syringe, or she would shoot him. Dillon implored him to "be a man" and listen to Anna. Paul put the needle to his own throat, but Anna hit him hard enough to make him drop the needle. Tracy picked up the needle as Dillon tackled his father. Anna handcuffed Paul and read him his rights. She assured him that the local police would be there any minute to escort him back to Port Charles.

Paul wondered what would happen to Susan. Dillon asked for a word with his father, and Anna went outside. Paul apologized to Dillon for hurting him. Dillon instructed him to save his apologies for the families of his victims, especially Teddy. Dillon promised to take care of Susan, not because Paul deserved anything from Dillon, but because Susan did. "Thank you, son," Paul said, relieved. Anna returned and led Paul out the door as Tracy and Dillon embraced.

Carly and Sonny learn that Morgan was expelled

Carly and Sonny learn that Morgan was expelled

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

At Greystone Manor, Carly sat in the living room as Sonny apologized for stepping out to take a call about a problem at the warehouse. Carly frowned because she suspected that Sonny was hiding something. Sonny reminded her that he had promised that nothing would happen to Julian at his hand, but she remained leery and begged him to tell her the truth. Carly became distracted when Morgan arrived home, reeking of cigarette smoke. Sonny asked where Morgan had been all night, so Morgan told his parents that he'd been up all night, studying with friends.

Carly called Morgan out on the lie, but Morgan stuck to his story and went to shower off the smell of cigarettes. Sonny conceded that Morgan had been lying, which worried Carly because she didn't know what was going on with her son. Moments later, the dean from Port Charles University called Sonny to let him know that Morgan had been expelled for turning in a paper that Morgan hadn't written. After Sonny ended the call and shared the news with Carly, Morgan returned to the living room in a chipper mood. Sonny and Carly immediately confronted Morgan about cheating. Morgan became defensive and shouted that he was a failure.

After Morgan stormed out, Carly urged Sonny to go after their son. Sonny insisted that Morgan needed time alone, but Carly decided to check in with Andre. Andre was only able to confirm that Morgan hadn't skipped any appointments and that he had an appointment for blood work to check on his medications. Sonny acknowledged that something was off with Morgan and suggested that perhaps Morgan hadn't been ready for school. Carly worried about Morgan's future, but Sonny assured her that there was no reason to believe that Morgan's disease couldn't be "fixed."

Carly was frustrated because she'd thought that she and Sonny had been past the point of having to worry about Morgan's bipolar disorder. She wished that she could snap her fingers and give their son the life he deserved. Sony assured his wife that Morgan would have a happy and healthy life.

At Metro Court Restaurant's bar, Nelle was on the phone, trying to get two tickets to a Shawn Mendes concert as a birthday surprise for Josslyn from Carly. Kiki overheard Nelle and struck up a conversation when Nelle was put on hold. Moments later, Nelle's expression lit up when the person that Nelle had been speaking to returned to the phone to let her know that she could have the tickets. Nelle thanked the person and ended the call as Kiki saw Michael approach. Kiki shared the news about the concert tickets with Michael, but he offered a weak smile that didn't reach his eyes. Nelle suspected that Michael wasn't a fan, but he revealed that he'd learned that Paul had murdered Sabrina.

Kiki was shocked and left to call Dillon. Michael sat down and opened up to Nelle about his frustration. He admitted that it was hard to believe that Paul was the hospital killer because Paul had attended Sabrina's funeral. Michael was furious that Paul had robbed Teddy of his mother, but Nelle reminded him that he could take comfort in knowing that Paul would pay for the crimes. Michael scoffed because he couldn't trust the judicial system after Julian's acquittal. Nelle wondered if Paul had deliberately lost the case. Michael conceded that it was possible, which was why he didn't have faith that a new district attorney would be any better.

Michael decided that it was time to take matters into his own hands. Alarmed, Nelle asked what he intended to do, but he ignored her and left. Nelle called Carly, but Sonny answered the phone. Nelle quickly filled him in about her conversation with Michael and admitted that she was afraid of what Michael would do.

Nearby, Curtis approached Nina's table. She smiled at him and asked what he thought about the name "Hopper." Curtis was curious if she was considering adopting a bunny, but Nina clarified that it was the name of a celebrity couple's daughter. Curtis wasn't impressed, but he was more concerned about Nina's ongoing desire to adopt because he hadn't had any success finding someone who'd be willing to go outside the law to give Nina a child. Nina revealed that she had decided to expand her horizons to overseas. Curtis discouraged Nina from adopting in a foreign country, but she insisted that she wanted to open her home to a child in need.

Nina added that she had hoped that Curtis would broker the deal. Curtis appreciated that Nina's intentions were good, but he refused to do anything illegal. Annoyed, Nina informed him that she would find a way to get what she wanted, and she left.

At the Floating Rib, Ava caught up with Scott, who sat at the bar, knocking back a drink. Ava wasn't surprised because she'd checked all the local watering holes when he'd failed to reply to her text message. Scott grumbled, but Ava wanted to know if he'd forgotten his promise. Scott assured her that he'd represent Paul, but he didn't see the rush to get over to the police station, since Paul wouldn't be going anywhere soon.

Meanwhile, Jordan approached Paul's jail cell. Paul was surprised to see her, but she warned him that it wouldn't be a pleasant visit. Jordan was furious that he'd betrayed everyone, and she regretted that she hadn't realized sooner that Kyle Sloane's murder had been the tip of the iceberg. Paul insisted that he'd done what he had for Susan, but Jordan argued that he'd done it out of anger because he'd failed to protect someone he loved. Jordan accused Paul of being a bully who had targeted innocent people.

Disgusted, Jordan left and passed Ava. Paul was curious why Ava was there, so Scott stepped forward as Ava explained that she had retained Scott to represent him. Paul informed Ava that he already had an attorney -- himself. Ava realized that Paul wouldn't change his mind and dismissed Scott. After Scott left, Paul accused Ava of trying to bribe him with an attorney in the hopes that Paul would give her the flash drive with her confessing to Connie Falconeri's murder.

Ava pleaded with Paul not to drag her down with him and send her to jail, because her daughters desperately needed her protection just as Susan had needed his. Paul was unmoved because he'd been so focused on making things right for his daughter that he'd lost himself along the way. Ava didn't condone his actions, but she understood what had driven him because she had the same desire to safeguard her daughters. Paul insisted that he'd been nothing more than a bully and deserved to be punished. He admitted that getting caught had been almost a relief, and he suspected that Ava would feel the same.

Horrified, Ava told Paul that if he wanted to atone for his sins, then he should because his daughter was safe from those who had hurt her, but Ava's daughters were a different matter. Paul accused Ava of using her daughters for her own convenience and playing the "mommy card" to justify getting away with murder. Paul added that Ava clearly believed that she shouldn't have to pay for her crimes because she loved her daughters.

In the squad room, Curtis handed Jordan a lottery ticket to congratulate her on capturing a serial killer. Jordan smiled because he'd remembered their tradition of buying each other lottery tickets whenever they'd successfully closed a case. Curtis assured her that she'd earned it, but she acknowledged that others had helped including Curtis. Their conversation drifted to his desire to join the police force again. Curtis was still interested, but Jordan admitted that she couldn't trust Curtis because he had once left a stakeout to score drugs while she'd been calling for backup.

Curtis regretted what he'd done, but he resented Jordan turning him in. Jordan made it clear that she didn't have any regrets because she had tried repeatedly to get him to get help. She added that he only had himself to blame for losing his job because he had refused to cooperate when he'd been put on temporary suspension until he had completed treatment. Curtis wondered what it would take to prove to her that he was a changed man as well as clean and sober, but Jordan insisted that too much damage had been done. Disappointed, Curtis told her to play the lottery ticket, and he left.

Later, Jordan approached Paul's jail cell as he talked to Ava. Jordan announced that it was time to leave because his arraignment had been scheduled. Ava panicked when Paul told Jordan that he had something to say.

At the restaurant, Kiki was unaware that Morgan listened as she left a voicemail for Dillon, letting him know that she'd be there for him if he needed to talk. Morgan angrily accused her of calling Dillon behind his back and being available for Dillon rather than her boyfriend. Kiki ended the call and explained that Dillon's father had been arrested for the series of murders at the hospital. Morgan immediately backed down, but Kiki wondered if he was okay. Morgan claimed that he was fine, but Kiki was concerned because he hadn't returned any of her calls.

Morgan admitted that he'd been expelled from school. Kiki was stunned and asked him what had happened, but he sullenly told her that he'd wanted to talk to her about it the previous evening. Kiki assured him that it was nearly the end of her shift and asked him to wait fifteen minutes so they could discuss it. Morgan resented the pity in her eyes because it was the same look his mother gave him. He told her to save her sympathy for someone who needed it and marched out.

At Maxie and Nathan's apartment, Nathan wrapped up a call with a contact at Interpol who confirmed that Valentin Cassadine remained locked up in jail. Maxie's relief was short-lived when Nathan added that there was nothing to stop Claudette from fetching Charlotte so he could meet his daughter. Maxie feared that Nathan was jumping the gun because they only had Claudette's word that the lock of hair had been from the child she claimed was his daughter. Nathan assured Maxie that he would have another paternity test, but he reminded Maxie that Charlotte was innocent.

Nathan was determined to protect Charlotte from Claudette's lies. Maxie worried about Nathan because he was caring and compassionate -- traits Claudette would use to manipulate him. Nathan explained that if Charlotte was his daughter, then he wanted her to know how loved and wanted she was. Maxie was confident that Nathan would be a wonderful father. Nathan smiled and thanked Maxie for her support. He told her that he loved her deeply then kissed her passionately. They were starting to make their way to the bedroom when Nina used her key to let herself in.

Nina announced that she was eager to make plans for Nathan and Maxie's wedding because she had some great ideas, but Maxie explained that she and Nathan had had other things on their mind. Nathan and Maxie told Nina about Charlotte without mentioning Valentin's connection to Claudette. Nina couldn't believe that Claudette hadn't told Nathan about his daughter sooner because Nathan would be a wonderful father. Nathan explained that it didn't matter because it was finally safe for Claudette to fetch Charlotte. Nina wondered what would happen if the second DNA test confirmed that Nathan was the father. Maxie was startled when Nathan didn't hesitate to tell his sister that Charlotte would live with him and Maxie.

Maxie reminded Nathan that they didn't have a lot of experience with children because they only had short visits with Georgie. Maxie also suspected that Claudette would object to Maxie raising her daughter. Nathan assured both women that he'd be satisfied with joint custody. Nina announced that she had the perfect solution. "I'll take her," Nina added.

At the Floating Rib, Claudette approached Griffin's booth. Griffin was glad to see her because he had wanted to talk to her about the man she'd been hiding from. Claudette frowned when Griffin admitted that Maxie had mentioned the man without sharing the details. Claudette sat down and opened up to him about Valentin and how overwhelmed she'd been by motherhood. She explained that a neighbor had agreed to watch the baby one night to give Claudette time to herself.

According to Claudette, she'd gotten dressed up and had gone to a nightclub where she'd stumbled in her heels. She revealed that Valentin had swept her off her feet before she'd hit the ground and carried her through the club to the VIP section, where they'd spent the night indulging in Champagne. Claudette added that the next morning, pictures of Valentin carrying her through the club had appeared online. Claudette had been smitten in the beginning until Valentin had gone from charming to controlling. Claudette had fled when Valentin had threatened to kill both Claudette and Charlotte.

Griffin assured Claudette that she had nothing to worry about because Nathan was an honorable man who would protect his daughter. Claudette confessed that she'd always known that Nathan was Charlotte's father, but a part of her had hoped that Griffin was the father because it would have meant that their union had been a blessing rather than a sin. Claudette realized that she was a terrible person, but Griffin disagreed with her assessment of herself. He turned the conversation back to Nathan by reminding Claudette that Charlotte was lucky to have Nathan as a father. Claudette thought that Charlotte would have been lucky regardless of who her father was, but she agreed that it was time for her daughter to meet Nathan.

Ava fuels Morgan's jealousy

Ava fuels Morgan's jealousy

> Ava fuels Morgan's jealousy

Ava fuels Morgan's jealousy

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

At the Floating Rib, Andre was alarmed when he saw Morgan at the bar with several empty beer bottles in front of him. Andre immediately reminded Morgan of the dangers of mixing his medications with alcohol, but Morgan denied that he'd been drinking. According to Morgan, he'd been waiting for food and playing with the bottles to pass the time. Andre believed Morgan and shifted gears to ask about Morgan's blood test. Morgan was uncomfortable talking about his private business in a public setting, but he assured Andre that he'd taken the tests. Satisfied, Andre reminded Morgan of their appointment the following day and admitted that he knew about Morgan's expulsion from school.

Morgan promised to talk to Andre about it during their session, so Andre took his pickup order and left. Moments later, Morgan asked the bartender for another beer. Morgan sat at the bar until Darby walked up and ordered a scotch. She greeted Morgan, but he accused her of getting him kicked out of school. Darby was stunned when he told her about the paper he'd bought. She was curious why he hadn't run it through the plagiarism filter, but Morgan reminded her that she hadn't told him to. Darby felt bad, but she thought it had been obvious.

Morgan assured Darby that he didn't mind as long as Kiki didn't leave him. Darby sipped her drink and admitted that she wasn't Kiki's fan, but she conceded that Kiki had the patience of a saint to put up with Morgan because most girls would have run from a boyfriend who had exposed them to an STI. She advised Morgan to pull it together and do right by Kiki while he still had the chance.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia advised Kiki to tread lightly when they saw Tracy sit down. Kiki braced herself then approached Tracy's table. Tracy curtly ordered a martini and revealed that she was waiting for her son -- Ned. Kiki was disappointed, but Tracy informed her that Dillon wasn't ready to face the public. Kiki admitted that she'd been trying to reach Dillon, but he hadn't returned her calls. Tracy thought Kiki should take the hint that Dillon wasn't interested, during a difficult time, in relying on the girl who had cast him aside for comfort. Kiki wisely walked away.

A short time later, Kiki let Olivia know that she was about to leave, and another girl had agreed to cover the rest of her shift. Olivia worried that she'd been giving Kiki too many hours, but Kiki explained that she wanted to check on Dillon because of everything that had happened with Paul. Olivia felt terrible for Ned's younger brother and sent Kiki on her way.

At the Quartermaine boathouse, Dillon was surprised when his brother appeared in the doorway because he thought his brother had been out of town. Ned shrugged and tried to entice Dillon to go for a ride in Ned's Maserati, but Dillon wasn't interested in facing death again. Ned was curious what his brother was doing in the boathouse, so Dillon explained that he'd been looking for a fishing pole that Paul had given him because Dillon intended to burn every reminder of Paul. Ned decided to tell Dillon about Ned's eighth birthday, when their mother had thrown an elaborate party with a slew of important people in attendance.

Ned recalled being unimpressed by the party until he'd gotten a whiff of his father's Cuban cigars. Ned had found Larry entertaining a number of people with stories, but he had stopped to give Ned a pair of diamond-encrusted cufflinks and had hoisted his young son on his shoulders. Ned had felt like a king, and even Tracy had had fun. However, the fun had ended when Tracy had caught Larry behind the pool house with his hands all over an Olympic fencer. Ned added that Tracy had tossed Larry out and the next morning had taken the cufflinks to be appraised, only to be told that they were cheap pewter and bad zirconia.

Dillon argued that Larry and Paul were nothing alike, but Ned explained that the point of his story was that they could put distance between themselves and their past, but they couldn't truly shake it because Larry would always be a part of Ned just like Paul would be a part of Dillon. Ned insisted that learning to live with it was what mattered.

Shortly after Ned left to meet Tracy, Kiki stopped by to check on Dillon. Dillon admitted that he hadn't been in the mood to talk to anyone. Kiki empathized and offered to leave if he wanted her to, but Dillon doubted that she actually would. Kiki shrugged and explained that he had helped her when she'd been afraid to leave her apartment after the shooting, so she wanted to return the favor. Dillon decided to put her to work and told her about the fishing pole he was looking for. Kiki found it in a flash.

Dillon opened up about Paul and what it had felt like when Paul had expressed a desire to have a relationship with him. Dillon had tried to resist his father's overtures, but he'd longed for Paul's help and encouragement. Dillon snapped the fishing pole in half because he refused to be pathetic like his father. Kiki was alarmed when she noticed that he had cut his hand. She grabbed a first aid kit and immediately patched him up, but she advised him to have a doctor check it out because it might leave a scar. Dillon thought a scar would be a good reminder not to turn out like his father.

Kiki wondered if she might turn out like her mother, since Ava was considered as bad as Paul, but Dillon argued that it was impossible because Kiki was a good person. Kiki assured him that he was a good, kind, nice, and funny guy with a lot of people to lean on, including her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ned bumped into Olivia. The ex-lovers exchanged pleasantries until Ned spotted his mother. Ned approached his mother's table, but she made a snide remark about Olivia. Ned tactfully turned the conversation to Paul by asking if it was possible for Tracy to reach out to her former in-laws -- the Solietos. Confused, Tracy wondered why she should. Ned pointed out that they might be inclined to kill Paul, but he assured his mother that he would go to Sonny if necessary.

Tracy made it clear that she didn't want Paul to die and suggested that Ned focus on Dillon. Tracy added that she planned to channel all her energies into getting General Hospital reopened. Ned was curious what she wanted to do about Paul because he feared that Tracy would never know peace unless she dealt with what Paul had done.

In the squad room, Michael asked for Dante. The police officer behind the front desk turned away to check the log as Michael's eyes drifted to his gun. Michael started to reach for the weapon, but Sonny appeared and quickly grabbed Michael's outreached hand. After Sonny hustled Michael into the hallway, he confronted Michael about Michael's intentions. Michael acknowledged that he'd wanted to take the gun and make his way to the jail to kill Paul. Michael was confident that he would have gotten off a shot before anyone intervened.

Sonny assured Michael that Paul would be punished, spend the next thirty years in prison, and end up a broken man that no one cared about. He asked Michael to let the law deal with Paul, but Michael didn't have much faith in the judicial system because Julian had been acquitted. Sonny promised that Paul would be dealt with if he walked away from the charges, but Sonny didn't want Michael to be involved because Sonny wanted more for his children. Sonny insisted that Michael was an honorable man with integrity who knew how to treat others. Sonny admitted that Michael was the man that Sonny wished he could be because Michael didn't resort to threats -- he persuaded people.

Sonny warned Michael that if Michael took the law into his own hands, then Michael would be seen as a criminal and the son of a criminal. Michael reminded Sonny that he was more Sonny's son in some ways than either Dante or Morgan because Michael understood how Sonny thought. Sonny decided to appeal to Michael's intelligence by warning Michael that vengeance would cost Michael the rest of his life. He begged Michael not to throw it away for a bastard like Paul.

In lockup, Jordan announced that Paul was ready to be transferred to Pentonville. Ava panicked when Paul told Jordan that he had something to say, so Ava implored him not to speak without an attorney present. Jordan agreed that it would be best, but she couldn't imagine what Paul might have to say that would interest the acting district attorney to cut a deal. Paul explained that he intended to plead guilty to all charges because he wanted to spare his family the pain of a trial. Surprised, Ava breathed a sigh of relief, while Jordan left to notify the acting district attorney.

Ava was grateful that Paul hadn't said anything, but she questioned his motives. Paul explained that he intended to hold onto the flash drive with her confession as leverage in case he needed a favor. Ava assured him that he needn't resort to blackmail because she would gladly help if he needed it. Paul didn't believe her, but he changed the subject by advising Ava to take advantage of her freedom and to be there for her daughters rather than wait until after all the damage was done and it was too late. Ava conceded Paul was right and thanked him.

Later, Michael approached Paul's jail cell. Paul lounged on his cot as he admitted that he'd been expecting Michael. Michael cut to the chase by asking why Paul had killed Sabrina. Michael wanted to know for Teddy's sake because he was certain that Teddy would eventually want answers. Tracy walked up but stopped in the hallway when she heard Michael's question. Paul sat up and told Michael that he could tell Teddy that Sabrina had died a hero.

Paul told Michael how he'd encountered Sabrina as he'd left Monica's office. Paul had feared that Sabrina would figure things out and had remained at the hospital to see what unfolded. Paul's concerns were well founded because Sabrina had put the pieces together. Michael was certain that Sabrina had put up a valiant fight when Paul had dragged her into the private room in the Intensive Care Unit, and he asked how long it had taken Paul to strangle Sabrina to death. Tracy stepped forward and gently told Michael to drop it. She encouraged him to go home and put Paul behind him because she and Michael had each other to lean on, while Paul would have no one.

Michael had hoped for closure, but all he saw was what a waste everything had been because Sabrina had been a good person. After Michael left, Paul asked Tracy about Dillon. She told Paul that Dillon was lost to him and that she'd been right to keep their son from him. Tracy added that Ned had wanted Paul dead, but she had talked her son out of it. However, Tracy warned Paul that he'd wake up in hell if he ever tried to contact Dillon.

In the squad room, Andre greeted Jordan and surprised her with lunch from the Floating Rib. Jordan thanked him for the gesture but revealed that she intended to resign because Paul had been right under her nose and Julian had been acquitted on her watch. Andre implored Jordan to reconsider because she had an obligation as the first black woman who'd been appointed police commissioner in Port Charles to prove to the community that their faith in her hadn't been misplaced.

Later, Jordan saw Michael and asked why he was at the police station. Michael explained that he wanted to know when Paul would face trial, but Jordan revealed that there wouldn't be a trial because Paul had decided to plead guilty. Jordan assured Michael that Paul would be an old man and no longer a danger to anyone if he ever managed to get out of jail. After Michael left, Paul was escorted through the squad room. Jordan was curious why Paul had thrown the case against Julian. "Ask Ava," Paul cryptically answered.

At Greystone Manor, Dante arrived looking for Sonny. Carly explained that Sonny had been called away on business, but Dante wondered if it was coffee business or Sonny's real business. Carly reminded Dante that she couldn't talk to a police officer about Sonny, but Dante knew that Sonny was after Julian because Sonny had been avoiding his calls. Dante assured Carly that he wouldn't shed a tear for Julian, but he feared that the bloodshed wouldn't end with Julian's death because Ava would retaliate, and the next time the family gathered, it might be Sonny's funeral -- or someone that Sonny loved.

Carly defended Sonny, but Dante wondered when Carly would realize that God hadn't been protecting her family -- it had simply been blind luck. Dante warned her that the law of averages would eventually run out, but Carly resented Dante lecturing her when she was just as eager for the cycle of violence to end as he was. She assured Dante that she had begged Sonny to let the law handle Julian, but Julian had been set free, which had made Sonny look weak to rival crime families. Dante insisted that there were other way for his father to handle Julian, so Carly invited Dante to talk to Sonny and try his best. She wished Dante luck because she had done everything in her power to avert disaster.

A short time later, Sonny arrived home. He was surprised to see his eldest son, but Dante revealed that he wanted to talk to Sonny about Julian. Sonny advised Dante to worry about Michael and Morgan instead of Sonny because Michael was grieving, and Morgan had been expelled from school. Shocked, Dante asked how Morgan had been kicked out of school, but Sonny explained that it wasn't his story to tell. Dante let the matter drop and returned to his earlier concerns because he wanted Sonny to know that he cared about his father and didn't want any violence to touch Sonny or the rest of the family.

Sonny insisted that he would have been justified to kill Julian when Julian had held a knife to Alexis' throat, but Sonny had decided to let the law handle Julian. Sonny was furious that Julian had been acquitted, but Dante implored Sonny to leave it because Dante feared that Rocco -- or another innocent -- would be caught in the crossfire. Dante warned his father that he wouldn't risk his son's life. Carly was furious that Dante had put all the blame on Sonny when Julian had been walking around issuing threats that Sonny had to take seriously. Dante argued that violence wasn't the answer because Sonny was smart enough to outmaneuver Julian.

Sonny promised that his hand wouldn't pull the trigger on Julian, but Dante recognized a hedge when he heard one. Sonny guaranteed that he would always keep the danger away from his family. "So will I," Dante replied, and he left.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava approached the bar to ask Olivia if Kiki was working. Olivia revealed that Kiki had gone to check on Dillon. After Olivia walked away, Morgan entered the restaurant. He saw Ava and asked if she had seen Kiki. Ava feigned concern and carefully planted seeds of doubt as she told him that Kiki had paid Dillon a visit. After Morgan left, Ava overheard Andre on the phone, requesting that the results of Morgan's blood work be sent to his office. Andre was concerned when he was told that Morgan hadn't shown up for the appointment.

Meanwhile, Morgan was in a rage as he marched up to the boathouse. He froze when he saw silhouettes through the window in what appeared to be an intimate embrace. "Damn it, Kiki," Morgan growled as he reached for the door handle.

Sonny justifies his actions

Sonny justifies his actions

Thursday, October 6, 2016

At the boathouse, Morgan saw a dark silhouette of a couple in an intimate embrace through the window. In a burst of fury, he picked up a hook and slammed it into the front door.

Inside, Ned and Olivia made love. After they broke apart, Olivia breathlessly praised Ned's prowess then asked if he'd heard the thump earlier. Ned smiled and told her that all he'd heard was the heavy beat of his own heart. He admitted that sneaking around had made things more exciting. Olivia agreed, but she reminded him that it was necessary because she couldn't afford for Julian to find out that they'd reconnected. Ned kissed Olivia passionately.

Later, Olivia decided to check the porch because she had an uneasy feeling about the earlier noise. She was shocked when she saw the hook in the door and called Ned over. Olivia was certain that it had been an ominous message from Julian.

At the Floating Rib, Morgan approached the bar to ask the bartender if Darby was around. The bartender hadn't seen Darby, but he offered to get Morgan's usual drink. Morgan saw Nelle seated at a table and approached her to say hello. Nelle sensed that Morgan was upset, so he revealed that he'd just caught his girlfriend cheating. Nelle felt bad for Morgan and decided to put her apartment search on hold to talk to him. The bartender dropped off Morgan's club soda, prompting Morgan to complain that he couldn't enjoy an alcoholic beverage because of his medications.

Nelle held up her cranberry juice to offer a toast and make a point about her inability to drink alcohol. Morgan insisted that their situations were different because she took pills for her kidney problems, while he depended on medications because his brain was a "train wreck." Morgan added that Nelle was sick because she'd given Josslyn a kidney, but she resented being painted a saint. She reminded him that she hadn't had a say in the matter and that growing up with parents who'd been willing to sell their child's kidney would mess with anyone's head. Morgan wondered if she thought they were two of a kind. Nelle nodded, which prompted Morgan to kiss her.

Nelle quickly pushed Morgan away and explained that she hadn't meant to imply that she was interested in him -- she'd merely been empathetic to his plight. Nelle gently suggested that he'd been trying to bury his pain over losing Kiki, so she collected her things, wished him luck, and left. Morgan picked up his medications when his alarm went off, but he decided to forgo the pills and tossed them into a basket of dirty dishes on his way to the bar. "Hit you again?" the bartender asked. Morgan nodded and told the bartender to make it a double shot of vodka straight.

At Crimson, Dillon thanked Kiki for dropping him off. Kiki assured Dillon that Nina would give him time off, but he refused to ask because he wanted to drown himself in work and forget about his father. Kiki decided to stay and keep him company because she was uncomfortable leaving him alone. Dillon tensed as he flipped through pictures of the Nurses Ball and saw one of Paul. Kiki's expression filled with concern as she sat down, but Dillon assured her that he was fine. Kiki saw through the lie because she'd been through a similar situation with Ava.

Kiki knew she hadn't been responsible for the poor choices her mother had made, but deep down inside, the scared and irrational part of her hadn't believed it. Kiki promised Dillon that he was not alone. He smiled and opened up about how hurt and disappointed he'd been by his father's lies. Kiki acknowledged that Paul had been a poor excuse for a father, but she insisted that Dillon was nothing like him. Grateful for the words of encouragement, Dillon invited Kiki to help him as he continued to flip through the pictures. They reminisced about how much fun they'd had performing together at the Nurses Ball. Things took a serious turn when they talked about the kiss they had shared, and Dillon leaned forward to kiss her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Anna thanked Griffin for inviting her to dinner because she'd needed the distraction. Griffin smiled because he'd suspected as much. He praised her for capturing Paul, but she hoped that the arrest would bode well for the hospital. Griffin agreed. Anna shifted gears to tell him about the impact both Sabrina and Duke's deaths had had on Emma. Griffin admitted that he'd had difficulty with Julian's acquittal and had been trying to make peace with the fact that his father's killer had been set free. He tried to remind himself that it had been part of God's plan, but Anna wondered if that really worked.

Griffin conceded that he felt genuine hatred for Julian, which was a new experience for him and not very Christian. Anna gently squeezed his hand and assured him that it was human of him to feel that way.

At Alexis' house, Alexis was outraged when Julian let himself into her home. She demanded to know what he was doing there and reminded him of the restraining order that blocked him from stepping foot on her property. Julian explained that he'd stopped by to pick up the last box of his belongings in the basement. Julian promised to fetch the box, get out of her hair, and never bother her again. After Julian returned from the basement, he stopped at the door to assure Alexis that he still cared about her. Alexis wasn't interested in anything Julian had to say. Julian noticed the glass of wine in her hand and questioned if she had a drinking problem.

Alexis insisted that Julian was the problem and ordered him to leave. Julian opened the door but stopped in his tracks when he saw Anna on the porch. Anna advised Julian that it was only a matter of time before one of his enemies dispensed the justice that the legal system had failed to mete. Julian was confident that the Port Charles Police Department would keep Sonny in check, but Anna warned Julian that sometimes an ally could be a true enemy.

After Julian left, Alexis invited Anna inside but made it clear that Anna couldn't stay long. Anna mentioned Julian's trial, but Alexis told Anna to save the lecture because Alexis knew she'd blown it on the witness stand. Alexis admitted that she didn't have an explanation for why she'd fallen apart during the trial, but she suspected that it had to do with having to face her husband in court after he'd tried to kill her. Anna was furious that Alexis had failed them, but Alexis knew that Anna had only been interested in getting justice for Duke. Anna didn't deny that she wanted vengeance for Duke, but she also wanted justice for Alexis and even Carlos because Anna knew that Carlos had been Julian's puppet.

Alexis promised that she was more mortified and disappointed in her failure than anyone. Anna was curious if Alexis had deliberately tanked her testimony, but Alexis denied it. Alexis assured Anna that she felt like a failure and added that there was nothing Anna could say that Alexis hadn't already told herself. Anna questioned why Julian had been in Alexis' home when Alexis had a restraining order against him. Alexis told Anna about the box of personal items in the basement, but Anna pointed out that Julian had defied the restraining order, and Anna had been a witness. Anna encouraged Alexis to report Julian to the police, but Alexis declined because she doubted that Julian would get in trouble.

Anna advised Alexis to change the locks. Alexis nodded, but she was curious if Anna thought that Sonny might go after Julian. Anna reminded Alexis that they both knew how Sonny operated. Anna admitted that she'd wanted the justice system to punish Julian, but it had failed, so Anna no longer cared if Sonny took matters into his own hands.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia assured Ned that Julian was expected because he'd made a reservation. Ned was eager to get the conversation over with and looked around for Julian. Moments later, Olivia saw Julian and approached him to demand an explanation. She assured Julian that she had a warning of her own, but Julian had no idea what she was talking about. Frustrated, Olivia showed him the picture she'd taken of the hook embedded in the boathouse door and accused him of sending the warning because he'd found out about her relationship with Ned.

Olivia informed Julian that she didn't care if it bothered him that Leo would have another man in his life, but Julian thought Olivia was flattering herself. He explained that he didn't care if she and Ned were dating because it wouldn't impact his visitations with Leo. Olivia disagreed, but Julian reminded her that he'd been acquitted and could easily take her to court for visitation. Olivia balked at the idea, but Julian made it clear that she would have to worry about hooks if she tried to block him from seeing his son. After Julian walked away, Ned and Olivia retreated to the bar.

Ned conceded that he believed Julian's denial about the hook in the door, but Olivia wondered who could have done it. Ned suspected that it had been his brother because Dillon had been on a rampage about Paul.

Nearby, Julian walked to the elevator and pressed a button. A man dressed in a dark suit followed him.

Across town, Sonny entered a small church, made the sign of the cross, and looked at the statue of Jesus on the cross. Sonny explained that he was there because Julian was a free man, and Sonny had to take action. Sonny was startled when a priest stepped forward to ask if Sonny was there for confession. Sonny shook his head, so the priest disappeared into a back room. Sonny sat down in a pew and told God that he'd stopped going to confession because he didn't have a right to ask for God's mercy. Sonny acknowledged that he was a sinner and would continue to sin.

Sonny talked about how the justice system had failed to convict Julian and insisted that it was up to him to take care of Julian because a man like Julian shouldn't be allowed to roam free. Sonny was confident that God knew what was in his heart and understood that he felt compelled to do what was necessary. Sonny heard approaching footsteps and looked to the back of the church. Griffin stood in the entrance and admitted that he'd heard the tail end of what Sonny had said. Griffin suspected that he and Sonny were there for the same reason, but Sonny doubted it.

Griffin explained that he was there for guidance because he needed to learn to live with the fact that the man who had killed his father was a free man. Sonny questioned what being humble earned anyone. Griffin admitted that he hoped for God's grace, but Sonny scoffed because he knew that God might not forgive him. Sonny talked about Julian hurting a lot of people and how it was up to him to make Julian pay. Griffin acknowledged that Julian should pay for his crimes, but he wondered what gave Sonny the right to be the one to dispense justice.

Sonny insisted that he lived in a world where someone like Julian could target Sonny and his loved ones. Sonny refused to depend on God because God had never delivered. According to Sonny, God talked a good game but didn't do a "damn thing." Sonny wondered where God had been when his stepfather Deke had beaten Sonny's mother, and when Sonny's first wife Lily had been murdered by her father. Sonny claimed that it was up to him to do the dirty work because God refused. Griffin made it clear that Sonny was not doing God's work.

Griffin believed that God had His reasons for not taking vengeance against Sonny's enemies, which meant that Sonny's actions had been for his own satisfaction -- not God's. Sonny asked if Griffin were suggesting that Sonny had killed people because it had made him feel good. "Don't you?" Griffin challenged. Griffin warned Sonny that Sonny could tell himself that he'd been protecting his loved ones -- or whatever made Sonny feel good -- but Sonny had not been serving God. Griffin insisted that believing in God was accepting His infinite wisdom even when a person didn't understand God's motivations. Griffin questioned Sonny's faith, since Sonny had not been willing to give it to God.

Morgan's car explodes in a ball of fire

Morgan's car explodes in a ball of fire

Friday, October 7, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian waited for the elevator, but Carly stepped out of the elevator and insisted on talking to him. Julian reluctantly followed her to the bar, where she handed him an envelope. Julian opened it and frowned. He warned Carly that she had no legal grounds to take action, but she disagreed and pointed out that it had already been done. Julian threatened that she wouldn't like if he was forced to push back, but Jason walked up and asked if there was a problem. Carly smiled smugly as she looked at Julian.

Julian vowed that Carly wouldn't get away with it and marched to a table. Carly instructed a server to clear Julian's table and not serve him. After the young lady walked away, Carly explained that she had evicted Julian from the hotel because he'd violated a moral clause in the lease and had threatened Sonny in front of witnesses. Jason was impressed with Carly's tactic, but she admitted that it had been necessary because she'd been worried about Sonny since Julian had been acquitted. Carly assured Jason that she would make Julian's life miserable until he left town.

Jason sensed that something was troubling Carly, prompting her to open up about Morgan's recent erratic behavior and expulsion from school. Carly admitted that it was like Morgan's bipolar disorder was no longer in check despite Morgan's assurance that he'd been taking his medications. Jason suggested that perhaps the medications needed more time to work properly, but Carly remained concerned because Morgan was her baby, and she felt as if she hadn't done enough for him. Jason offered Carly words of encouragement and promised that she was a good mother.

After Jason left, Carly looked at a picture of Morgan on her phone and decided to call him, but the call went to voicemail. She apologized for what had unfolded earlier at the house and admitted that she had wanted to go after him, but Sonny had insisted that Morgan had needed time alone. Carly told Morgan that he'd just had a setback and promised that no one expected him to be perfect. She explained that everyone just wanted him to be his sweet, generous, kind, and wonderful self. Carly asked Morgan to return her call because she wanted to tell him how much she loved him and needed him in her life.

Meanwhile, Julian called Scott to tell him about the eviction. Scott wanted to see the notice, so Julian agreed to meet his attorney at the Floating Rib.

At Crimson, Dillon and Kiki shared a passionate kiss. When it ended, Dillon apologized for taking advantage of her, but she assured him that he hadn't because they both knew that she had kissed him back. Dillon wanted to move on and forget about the kiss because he was certain that it hadn't meant anything to her. Kiki surprised him when she admitted that she didn't think she had ever gotten over him. Dillon wondered how Morgan fit into things.

Kiki admitted that things had been awkward when Morgan had left the Freedman Clinic, but she and Morgan had slowly reconnected, and things had gotten better. However, she confided that Morgan had changed overnight, and her feelings had changed. She made it clear that she loved Morgan and always would, but it wasn't the kind of love that was strong enough to build a life on. She acknowledged that her relationship with Morgan had become a crutch because Morgan leaned on her to get through the day without having to deal with any of his issues, and she did backflips to make things right for him.

Dillon admitted that he'd never gotten Kiki out of his system and that the kiss they had shared had felt right. Kiki felt the same, but she refused to move forward with Dillon until she had talked to Morgan because she didn't want to hurt him any more than she had to.

At Alexis' house, Alexis sat down with a glass of wine, but the doorbell shattered her moment of solitude. She grabbed a mint and ran to the door. Molly and Sam happily greeted their mother as they entered the house, but Sam stopped short when she saw the glass of wine on the table. Alexis claimed that she'd poured a glass of wine for Anna, who had left minutes earlier. Molly recalled seeing Anna's car when they had arrived, but she was curious why Sam was concerned about their mother's drinking.

Alexis explained that she had promised to stop drinking alcohol until after Sam's baby was born. Molly thought it was a wonderful gesture and shifted gears to show Alexis the box of pastries she had picked up to celebrate Alexis' new consulting job. Alexis broke the news that things hadn't worked out, but she assured her daughters that she was prepared to live with the consequences of her actions. Molly disappeared into the kitchen to raid the refrigerator while Sam remained behind to talk to Alexis about working with Sam. Sam admitted that she had wanted to ask Alexis to help out for a long time, but Alexis had always been too busy.

Molly was in a foul mood as she returned to the living room and grumbled about social media, which had devolved to anarchy and mob rule because of ridiculous accusations. Molly resented people saying that her mother had deliberately tanked her testimony to aid in Julian's acquittal. "Free speech is alive and well," Alexis muttered as she stood up and told her daughters that the harsh words only made her stronger. Alexis reminded both daughters that they had other places to be and sent them on their way with promises that she was fine. After Sam and Molly left, Alexis sat on the sofa and picked up her glass of wine. "Cheers," she said unapologetically and took a drink.

At the church, Griffin questioned if Sonny believed in God and honored His commandments -- and if he did -- how he'd live with himself if he went forward with what was in his heart. Griffin also wondered how Sonny would face Carly and his children with the blood of sin on his hands. Griffin couldn't imagine that Sonny would want the sins of the father to be visited upon his sons, but Sonny denied that it would happen. Sonny was curious if it was exhausting for Griffin to stand in judgment of flawed sinners like Sonny, but Griffin countered that he'd simply been making an observation.

Sonny insisted that he always protected his children from his business, but Griffin was skeptical because it was clear that Sonny was not at peace with his decision, since he had ended up seeking solace in the house of the Lord. Griffin acknowledged that he'd done terrible things in his life and wished that someone had reached out to him, so he urged Sony to reconsider going after Julian. Sonny suggested that Griffin live his self-righteous life the way he wanted, while Sonny would live life the way he wanted. According to Sonny, God helped those who helped themselves, but Griffin argued that it was neither scripture nor the word of the Lord.

Griffin reminded Sonny that there was no getting around the fact that what Sonny had been contemplating was a sin, but Sonny argued that Julian was a killer and didn't value life. Griffin insisted that it wasn't an excuse to kill a man, but Sonny continued to defend his actions. Griffin talked about forgiveness and warned Sonny that what he intended to do was wrong. However, Griffin believed that Sonny still had a chance to make things right for Carly and everyone else that Sonny loved. Sonny looked at the statue of Jesus on the cross and walked to the back of the church to place a call and cancel the hit on Julian.

After Sonny left, Griffin thanked the Lord for helping Sonny find the goodness in himself. Griffin prayed that Sonny would also find peace.

A short time later, Sonny arrived at the restaurant. Carly happily greeted her husband with a kiss and noticed that something seemed different. Carly admitted that Sonny had been wound tight for several weeks, but he suddenly seemed relaxed. Sonny smiled and confessed that for the first time, he felt as if everything would be okay.

At the Floating Rib, Morgan ordered a double vodka straight. He looked up as Ava and Scott entered the bar. Scott whispered to Ava to stay away from stray dogs because they tended to bite. Ava ignored him, prompting Scott to suggest they sit down to discuss his fee. Annoyed, Ava assured him that he would get paid. Scott noticed that she continued to watch Morgan and conceded that she should be concerned about Morgan, since she had replaced his pills with placebos.

Ava glared at Scott and reminded him that everything she had shared with him had fallen under attorney/client privilege, but Scott advised her to keep her distance from Morgan because he had a screw loose and was off his meds. Ava suspected that Morgan needed her, so Scott shrugged and told her that it was her funeral. Ava approached the bar, but Morgan was not happy to see her and ordered her to go away. Ava expressed concern about Morgan mixing his medications with alcohol, but Morgan defiantly ordered another drink.

The bartender warned Morgan that it would be his last drink, but Morgan was focused on Ava. He told her that she had gotten her way because Kiki had moved on with Dillon. Alarmed, Ava wanted to know what had happened, but Morgan scoffed at the notion that she was genuinely concerned for her daughter after betraying and lying to Kiki on numerous occasions. Ava assured Morgan that she still cared about him, but Morgan didn't believe her and dismissed her. After Ava walked away, Morgan tried to order another drink, but the bartender refused to serve him and took Morgan's car keys. Morgan objected, but the bartender told Morgan to take a cab home.

Outside, Julian's car was parked by the Dumpster as he instructed his driver to wait. After Julian entered the bar, the driver stepped away to smoke a cigarette and answer his phone. Moments later, Morgan stumbled out of the bar as T.J. walked up. T.J. finished leaving Molly a voicemail message and greeted Morgan. T.J. became concerned when Morgan decided to steal the car parked next to the Dumpster. He tried to talk Morgan out of it, but Morgan hit T.J. with a sucker punch to the jaw, jumped into the car, and sped off.

Inside the bar, Julian joined his sister and Scott at a table, but Ava was distracted by Morgan. Scott warned her not to go after the troubled young man, but Ava was worried because Morgan had been drinking. Julian wondered why they should care about Morgan, so Ava reminded her brother that Morgan had been dating her daughter. Julian thought Morgan's behavior might drive Kiki to end things, which was what Ava had desired. Ava conceded that she had wanted the relationship to end, but she worried that Kiki might get hurt.

Julian advised Ava to let Morgan and Kiki sort it out. Scott agreed with Julian, but Ava refused to let it go. She offered to pay Scott to help her find Morgan. Julian objected because he needed to talk to Scott about the eviction, but Ava put her foot down. Seconds later, Julian's driver walked up to report that Julian's car had been stolen.

In the parking lot, Jason rushed to T.J.'s side as T.J. slowly picked himself up off the ground. T.J. quickly filled Jason in on his encounter with Morgan and added that Morgan had been drinking. Jason immediately hopped into his SUV and gave chase. Moments later, Jason's vehicle pulled up behind Julian's car. Jason called Morgan, who put the call on speaker. Jason explained that he was driving behind Morgan and asked Morgan to pull over.

Morgan was distraught because he felt like a failure and an embarrassment to his family. Jason assured Morgan that he was wrong, but Morgan insisted there was no going back. Jason calmly talked to Morgan until he persuaded Morgan to pull into a turnaround. A short time later, Jason got out of his SUV as he continued to talk to Morgan on the phone. Jason offered to walk up to the car, but Morgan insisted on joining Jason at Jason's car. Jason watched as Morgan opened the car door and climbed out. Seconds later, the car exploded.

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