General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 26, 2016 on GH

Anna figured out that Paul was the killer. DNA test confirmed that Nathan was Charlotte's father. Claudette was linked to Valentin Cassadine. Sonny and Julian each took steps to strike before the enemy attacked.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 26, 2016 on GH
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Threats and Promises Threats and Promises

Monday, September 26, 2016

Nina entered her office and was surprised to see someone in her chair. That someone turned around, and it was Julian. Julian wanted to "get back what's mine," but Nina reminded him that he'd signed a legal document giving her control of the magazine. He didn't want to break the agreement, but he did want to clear his name. He wanted Nina to run a profile on him, telling his side of the story. Nina took "a hard pass" on his suggestion.

Nina explained that Julian couldn't use her magazine as a "P.R. outreach for Alexis and your kids" because it would lose credibility for Crimson. He demanded that she run the story, but she suggested that he ask his lawyer to define "autonomy" for him. She put her foot down, telling him that she would run the magazine "as I see fit." She continued that the magazine's "empowered female" readers wouldn't like the story at all. "I urge you to play ball, or you'll regret it," he warned. "Are you threatening me?" she asked, wide-eyed. He replied, "I sure am."

Julian clarified that he was threatening Nina "fiscally not physically." He reminded her that he still controlled the budget for Crimson. She countered that she would tell the investors and the IRS all about how he'd tried to sabotage the magazine. "I have proof, remember?" she added. She advised him to reach out to Alexis "and everyone else you've destroyed" without the help of Crimson. Julian commented that working with her again would be "interesting," and he left.

Alexis descended the stairs and was delighted to smell breakfast cooking. "Did you sleep well?" Julian asked her. A horrified Alexis demanded to know why he was there. He answered that he was free, so "where else would I be?" Alexis woke up on her living room couch, gasping for breath, looking around among the empty wine bottles and Chinese food containers.

Alexis heard someone entering the house and immediately wielded a wine bottle as a weapon. Sam entered the house and expressed her worry, as Alexis hadn't shown up for their breakfast date. Alexis apologized for oversleeping and asked for some slack as "I had a rough day yesterday." Sam was concerned at the pattern Alexis had been following "lately." Alexis politely asked Sam to back off so she could figure out how to cope on her own through her recent "series of life shocks."

Alexis informed Sam that she'd been researching some law consulting jobs, which she thought would be good to keep her occupied until she got her license back. She promised to stop drinking and offered to make a no-alcohol pact with Sam. That made Sam happy, and she hugged her mother. Alexis had to get herself cleaned up and call the law firms she wanted to apply to, so Sam wished her luck and left.

Alexis picked up a half-filled wine glass and glanced at a picture of Sam. She put the wine down and grabbed her phone and the list of law firms. She made call after call with no luck. "To hell with a shower. I'm feeling like a bath," Alexis said to herself. She grabbed a glass and a bottle of wine and headed upstairs.

A short while later, Alexis returned downstairs and was nervous to find the door ajar. She looked to the living room and saw Julian.

Morgan greeted Kiki at Metro Court and told her that he hadn't trusted himself enough not to "lose it again" to go to Sabrina's funeral. He hadn't wanted to add to Michael's stress. An alarm on Morgan's phone went off, and he explained that he had a paper due for school, but he was behind. "I got this," he told her, and he left.

Dillon and Kiki bumped right into each other, and he remarked that he'd seen Morgan leave. Kiki responded that Morgan had class, and he hadn't gone to Sabrina's funeral just in case Joe had shown up. Kiki had wanted to go, but she and Sabrina hadn't been very close, and she hadn't wanted to make things weird for Michael. She commented that Sabrina had "saved" Michael from Kiki and that the "perfect Kiki" that Dillon had in his head didn't exist. Dillon responded that "perfect is boring as hell," but he thought she was pretty close. Dillon advised her that Michael would probably appreciate Kiki reaching out, and he left.

Sonny and Jason sat at Kelly's, and Sonny talked about how the person who'd killed Sabrina needed to pay. He hated not being able to do anything about it. Jason reminded him that a serial killer was in a "completely different realm" from a rival family. Sonny hated leaving it up to the cops, since they'd bungled Julian's case so badly. He updated Jason on Julian's threats. Jason wondered if Sonny was going to take action against Julian.

Sonny remembered the days when Jason would "handle" any problems Sonny had. Jason said that he couldn't be involved. He advised Sonny to just be smarter than Julian, who was a coward. He warned Sonny not to let Julian goad Sonny into making a mistake. He apologized for not being able to help, and Sonny left.

Sonny made a call on his way out of Kelly's, and he said into the phone that he needed something taken care of. He spotted Morgan at a table outside and told the person that he would call back. Sonny expressed his surprise that Morgan had missed the funeral, but Morgan had cleared the decision with Michael. He added that he had a paper to work on. Sonny suggested that he ask for an extension, since he'd had a death in the family. Morgan didn't want to ask anyone for favors and wanted to prove himself.

Sonny reminded Morgan that he had a lot going on in his life, and Sonny didn't want him to "burn out." Morgan appreciated Sonny's worry but advised him that there were other family members who needed the worry more than Morgan did. When Sonny was gone, Morgan decided that he needed a break from working on his paper.

Sam arrived at Kelly's and sat with Jason at the counter. Jason updated her on Julian's threats against Sonny. Sam didn't care what happened to Julian, but she wanted to make sure that Jason wouldn't be involved should Sonny move against Julian. Jason promised that he wouldn't. Sam wanted Julian "banished from the face of the earth," but she didn't want his blood on anyone's hands. She hoped that Jason had gotten through to Sonny. Jason replied that if Julian kept pushing, Sonny would defend himself, and Julian had a "huge target on his back."

Michael entered the Quartermaine mansion and was confused to see Nelle descending the stairs with a shoebox. She explained that she'd noticed that Sabrina hadn't been on social media, so, with Monica's help, Nelle had gotten some photos together to put up a memorial page for Sabrina. Nelle led him into the living room and showed him the computer. He appreciated her effort.

Nelle commiserated that her best friend from high school had died in an accident involving a drunk driver. When she'd finally been ready to look at pictures of her and her friend, she'd found that her friend's parents had taken their daughter's page down completely. She thought that Michael would one day want to look back on his memories with Sabrina. He thanked her for her story and for her thoughtfulness. He suggested that she go into the nursery if she wanted to use pictures of Sabrina with Teddy, so that Teddy could look through them when he was older. As Nelle left the room, the doorbell rang, and Michael got up to answer it. He opened the door and found Sonny on the doorstep.

Sonny explained that Morgan had made him realize that the whole family took for granted that Michael was always "okay." He knew that Michael was hurting, and he wanted his son to know that he wasn't alone. Sonny thought that the best thing one could do for something they loved was "show up." The two embraced just as Nelle returned to the room. She apologized for interrupting, and Michael left abruptly to get Nelle something to drink.

Nelle apologized again to Sonny for her bad timing. He advised her that she should just pretend that she hadn't seen anything. Nelle remarked that she'd seen Sonny with two of his children, and she thought he was a good father. He smiled as she expressed her hope that his kids knew how lucky they were to have him.

Kiki was looking at her phone when she stumbled upon Sabrina's memorial page. After thinking about it for a moment, she began to type a message that read, "Thank you for taking care of my sister."

"I'm so sorry," Paul emotionally whispered to Sabrina's picture at the church. Tracy wondered what he was sorry for. "I killed her," Paul admitted. "I'm the reason she's dead," he added. Tracy scolded him for acting "selfishly." Paul replied that Sabrina wasn't "supposed to be hurt." Tracy understood that he blamed himself for not catching the killer, but many other people could also play the blame game. She added that the only person to blame was the killer.

Paul told Tracy that Sabrina had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tracy was concerned, since she'd never seen Paul act like that, but he replied that the situation "hit close to home." He asked for a few minutes alone. Tracy gave him a concerned look and reluctantly left. "I had to do what I had to do. I'm so sorry," he said. He wanted Sabrina to know that she hadn't died in vain.

Paul made a phone call and asked to speak to Susan. After a pause, he asked the person on the other end to tell Susan that her father had called and to say that "everything will be okay. I'm handling everything." He hung up and left the church.

Tracy entered the Quartermaine mansion and bumped into Dillon. She expressed how much she hated funerals. She added that it had affected everyone deeply, including Paul. She explained Paul's strange behavior to Dillon. He added that he'd seen Paul in the same state after Julian's trial, just sitting alone in the courtroom. "Oh, my God, I know what it is," Tracy suddenly realized.

Tracy explained that, since Sabrina was around the same age as Susan, and he was probably feeling guilty about the distance between him and his daughter, his guilt had been "exacerbated." Tracy suggested that Dillon reach out to his half-sister. Dillon replied that he hadn't talked to her since he'd been ten, and they weren't even friends online. She asked him to try and suggested that he invite her to Port Charles. She thought that seeing Susan was exactly what Paul needed.

Morgan finished his paper

Morgan finished his paper

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tracy told Dillon that Sabrina's funeral had really unsettled Paul, and she felt it would help if Paul could spend time with Susan. Dillon wondered why Tracy would help Paul after everything he'd done to her. Paul arrived and thanked Tracy for her kindness after Sabrina's funeral. Paul asked Tracy why she'd thought Susan had had something to do with his reaction to Sabrina's death. Tracy explained that Susan and Sabrina were roughly the same age, and it was natural that he'd think of his own child and how easy it was to lose someone a person loved. He admitted that Sabrina's death had really hit him. Tracy suggested it might be a good time for him to see or talk to his daughter. Paul said the best way for him to handle his feelings about Sabrina's death was to stay on top of the case.

Paul knew that Dante had taken Monica's statement. Tracy assured him that it had been a very thorough interview and doubted there was a question that Dante hadn't already asked. Paul said as the D.A., he conducted his own interviews. He asked Tracy to have the security detail step aside so he could ask Monica some questions about the man who had attacked her. Paul felt that because Monica had had some rest, she might have remembered more than she'd told Dante.

Tracy said Monica's doctors had said she needed rest and wasn't to be questioned by anyone. The only thing Monica recalled was the killer's cologne, and Monica swore she'd smelled it in the Quartermaine house. Paul said he'd talk to Dante and see if he had anything further. Tracy asked Paul to consider talking to Susan. Paul said he'd think about it, thanked her, and left.

Tracy told Dillon they needed to find Susan. Dillon said he didn't think Paul wanted them reaching out to Susan on his behalf. Tracy advised that Paul wouldn't admit it, but Paul was in a very bad place, and she felt it would help Paul if he heard from Susan. Tracy asked Dillon to encourage Susan to call Paul. Dillon said that once the verdict had been read for Julian, it had been clear how upset Paul had been, and perhaps a call from Susan would be a good thing. Tracy gave Dillon her phone with Susan's number showing. Dillon got Susan's voicemail and left a message saying he'd been trying to reach Susan Hornsby.

Later, Dillon's phone rang, and Tracy answered it, hoping it was Susan. She identified herself and asked if that was Susan. Tracy was told Susan had been the owner of the shop, but she'd sold it. Tracy was provided a forwarding address. After disconnecting the call, Tracy looked at the address and wondered how Susan had wound up there.

Morgan opened his laptop to a blank page and tried to work on his paper. Kiki arrived. She'd seen his car in the parking lot and wanted to see how his paper was going. Morgan advised that his professor had some kind of personal issue, so they'd gotten an extension. He said he'd been taking it easy and writing about the influences of social media in the marketplace. Kiki wanted to read it. Morgan asked why Kiki wanted to read it. Kiki said it was always good to have a second set of eyes look at his work. Morgan pointed out that she hadn't been supportive of him going back to school. Kiki admitted she'd been thrown by it and knew he'd been happy working at Perks.

Morgan said he had to be realistic and get some form of degree if he wanted to do anything bigger with his life. Kiki suggested he let her read the paper. Morgan refused and asked why she didn't trust him. Kiki said she was only trying to help him. Morgan accused Kiki of thinking he'd failed at this, like he'd failed everything else. He accused her of not believing he'd succeed. Kiki assured him she was not checking up on him and believed he would succeed. Kiki was only concerned that he'd been putting too much pressure on himself. Morgan closed his computer and said she was right, and he'd manage his stress. He admitted some days were harder than others.

Kiki apologized if he thought she'd been hovering. Morgan didn't want her apologizing for caring. It just made him want to work harder, and he wanted Kiki to be proud of him. Kiki said she'd never been more proud of him. Morgan told her that he was on his last paragraph. Kiki said when she'd finished her errands and Morgan finished his paper, they would celebrate Morgan turning in his first PCU term paper. Morgan opened his laptop to a blank page and said that it was really bad. He opened Spyder-finder and searched for "How to buy a college term paper."

Morgan finished his paper. When Kiki returned, Morgan advised her he'd finished his paper. He promised not to be so stressed the next time a paper was due. Kiki told Morgan she'd gotten tickets to see Hypothermia to show how proud she was of him. Morgan knew the show had been sold out, and Kiki shared that she knew someone. Morgan knew the tickets were expensive. Kiki assured him that he deserved a night off. Morgan said she was too good to him, and he didn't deserve her. She told him he wasn't to start with the self-deprecating thing. It was about them going out and having fun. They hadn't done that in a long time.

Dillon arrived, and Kiki advised him that Morgan had finished his marketing paper. Dillon asked if PCU still used Kiki asked what that was, and Dillon explained that it was a way for professors to know if their students were cheating. Morgan asked Dillon exactly what that site did. Dillon said that once a paper had been turned in, the website would send the paper to various databases and checked for specific markers. The professor was notified in a very short period of time whether a student had copied or bought the paper.

Franco called Elizabeth and told her that he had to see his accountant and would be with her as soon as he could. When he hung up, Heather asked Franco if he was there for more money. Franco denied it. Heather reminded him that the last time he'd been there, he'd asked her for a loan. Franco recalled that she'd turned him down. Heather said that the last time he'd been there, Franco had forced her to tell him that Hayden and Elizabeth were sisters. Franco felt she'd been burdened with that secret, and he thought she'd wanted to get it off her chest.

Heather advised that the secret was her income and emphasized "was." He'd destroyed her secret. Franco told Heather that the secret would have been revealed sooner or later. Heather told him the bank of Heather was closed. Franco advised that he'd had to tell Elizabeth and Hayden they were sisters because of the GH killer. Heather wanted to know what the connection was. Franco explained that the GH killer had pushed Elizabeth down the stairs rupturing her spleen. Elizabeth would have died if she hadn't received a blood transfusion.

Franco explained that Elizabeth had a very rare blood type, and Hayden was the only person who could have saved Elizabeth because she had the same rare blood type. After the surgery, Elizabeth and Hayden had been arguing, and he'd been forced to tell the secret. He apologized if that had compromised her revenue scheme. Heather told him her revenue had been obliterated. Franco said GH had closed, and as a result, he wasn't getting paid. He needed Heather to give him some money so he could take care of Elizabeth. Heather thought Franco was sweet on Elizabeth. Franco admitted he was.

Heather asked Franco why he'd pushed Elizabeth down the stairs. Franco said he'd never hurt Elizabeth. Heather said she was his mother, and he could be truthful with her. Removing the tumor hadn't changed a thing. He was still her son, a killer. Franco became upset and told her to stop. Heather said she was just trying to figure out the artistic concept. Franco said there wasn't an artistic concept or series. Heather told Franco to cover his tracks. Franco yelled that he hadn't killed anyone. Heather said she knew Franco was lost, and she understood everything about him. Franco said she was off base, and he was not that person anymore. He didn't enjoy watching people suffer and die.

Heather said tumor or not, he always needed to find the darkness deep inside himself. She said he'd feel better if he let it all out. Franco admitted he'd been arrested, but he'd been exonerated because Elizabeth had believed in him. Franco said he hadn't killed those people. Heather said she'd been sure he had. Heather told Franco the hospital killings had sounded a lot like his kind of projects. Franco was hurt that Heather had automatically assumed he'd been the GH killer.

Heather admitted she'd done things she wasn't proud of, but Franco had never gone to her rescue like she had to him. Franco asked when she'd run to his rescue. Heather said she wanted to show him she loved him and wanted the best for him and refused to give him any more money. She wanted him to be his own man and wanted him to stay away from her nest egg. Franco said no one would hire him. Heather suggested he paint full-time. She wanted him to make her proud for everything she'd sacrificed for him.

Hayden arrived to see Elizabeth. When Elizabeth opened the door, Hayden asked if Elizabeth was disappointed that Hayden wasn't locked up in federal prison. Elizabeth was happy Hayden was free. Hayden said she was sure Elizabeth hadn't felt that way when she'd turned Hayden's diamonds over to the police. Elizabeth defended herself and said she hadn't had all the facts and that it had been the GH killer who'd pushed her down the stairs. She hadn't known that Hayden was her sister and that Hayden had saved Elizabeth's life with her blood donation. Once she'd learned all the information, it had been too late. Hayden had already been arrested.

Elizabeth asked if Hayden was out on bail, and Hayden advised that the charges against her had been dropped when her mother had confessed to taking the diamonds. Naomi had covered for Hayden and was in prison. Elizabeth apologized and said she hadn't meant to make all that trouble, but since everything was out in the open, they could all move forward. Elizabeth told Hayden about her sister, Sarah, who lived in California. Elizabeth didn't see her very often. Hayden smiled and said, "There were two of you." Elizabeth suggested perhaps there was a way they could figure out how to be sisters. Hayden said that Elizabeth didn't know how to read the room. Hayden wasn't there to celebrate their newfound sisterhood.

Hayden gave Elizabeth a bill. Hayden said that she had to take care of her own and her mother's lawyer's bills. Elizabeth asked if Hayden expected her to cover the bills. Hayden said she did. Hayden said that she was a widow, and those diamonds had been her only asset. Elizabeth reminded Hayden that the diamonds belonged to the people that Raymond Berlin had swindled. Hayden said she was broke, and Elizabeth was going to provide her with the funds to save her mother. It was the least Elizabeth could do for the blood Hayden had given her to save her life. Elizabeth thanked Hayden for the blood donation but said she couldn't pay Hayden's bill.

Hayden said that Elizabeth had worked at the hospital for years, so she had to have savings or a retirement plan. Elizabeth assured Hayden that she lived paycheck to paycheck, and anything left over went to her boys. Hayden suggested they call Elizabeth's father and see if he'd help his long lost daughter, and she wondered if Jeff Webber even knew about her. Elizabeth didn't know. Hayden suggested they call Jeff Webber together. Hayden said it was time to let Jeff know she was his daughter, and maybe he'd be able to help Hayden in her time of need.

Elizabeth told Hayden she would speak with Jeff Webber privately because she needed to find out what her mother knew. Hayden said she needed money, and since "dad" was a doctor ... Elizabeth interrupted and advised Hayden that Jeff was a humanitarian doing aid work in underprivileged countries. Hayden asked if her father, the doctor, was basically broke. Elizabeth suggested that might have been the reason that Naomi had made Raymond Berlin believe that Hayden had been his child. He could provide the life Naomi wanted. Elizabeth said that Naomi was responsible for her choices just like Hayden was -- Hayden chose to lie, run cons, and chase money above everything else.

Elizabeth said that she was Hayden's sister, and no one else would tell Hayden the truth. Elizabeth suggested that it was time Hayden stood on her own two feet and got a job. Hayden said she'd had a job she'd loved at ELQ, but Tracy had fired her. Hayden said that even though her biological father was Jeff Webber, humanitarian, she'd been raised by Raymond Berlin, the biggest swindler in Wall Street history, which meant no one would hire her.

Hayden asked about Elizabeth's private nurse and said that, considering Elizabeth was next to destitute, she was really living it up. Elizabeth advised that Franco had been providing homecare for her. Hayden said that maybe Franco could throw some of that money her way. Elizabeth advised that no one owed Hayden anything. Hayden asked, "Not even my sister?"

Elizabeth said that the fact they were related didn't seem to mean much to Hayden. She and Hayden shared the same rare blood type, and if Hayden ever needed a transfusion, Elizabeth would return the favor, but that was all the connection they'd had. Elizabeth told Hayden to go find a rich man to marry and sell herself to the highest bidder, like Naomi had. She told Hayden to be miserable, unhappy, and dependent on a man for her well-being. Sister or not, Elizabeth had nothing but contempt for people like Hayden and asked Hayden to leave.

Later, Franco arrived, and Elizabeth told him that Hayden had been there, looking for money. Elizabeth had initially thought Hayden had stopped by to make a connection, but all she'd wanted was a handout, and she'd threatened to hit Franco up. Franco said he wouldn't give Hayden a dime. Elizabeth felt Franco was spending too much money on her. Franco said he'd worry about his finances, and Elizabeth's job was to worry about her recovery. Elizabeth said she didn't know what she'd do without him.

Elizabeth asked Franco why he was going out of his way for her. Franco said he'd do anything for her, even try to be a better person, a person who deserved to be with her. Alone, Franco asked the credit card company to increase his limit because someone very important to him needed special care.

Alexis, holding an empty wine bottle as her weapon, asked how Julian had gotten in. He had been surprised Alexis hadn't changed the locks and showed her his key. Alexis said she hadn't thought he'd have the audacity to show up there again, but she'd been wrong again. Julian stood up and started to say they needed to -- but Alexis warned him not to take another step. Julian said Alexis needed to listen, but Alexis said no she didn't because the law was on her side. She said Julian had tried to kill her once, and she wouldn't think twice about killing him.

Alexis told Julian to get out. Julian said he understood why she felt she needed protection. Alexis said he'd held a knife to her throat and tried to kill her. Julian said they both knew the truth, and that wouldn't have happened because he loved her. He said what had happened that night had haunted him ever since. He'd never meant to scare her like that, no matter how much she'd betrayed him. Alexis was incredulous and asked how much she'd betrayed him. She asked if he meant the wire she'd worn to exonerate herself because he hadn't taken the fall for his crime.

Julian said he was going to leave because there'd be no point in going over everything that had happened. Alexis admitted there was no point in pointing out how stupid she'd been in believing him. Julian promised he'd keep his distance, but before he left, he wanted to give her something. Alexis said she didn't want anything from him. Julian said he'd been under the impression she'd wanted a divorce. Alexis told him to put the papers on the counter and she'd look at them later.

Julian asked Alexis what had happened at his trial. Alexis had been their star witness, even if his trial had been tossed on a technicality. He asked why she'd blown her testimony. She'd known what the jury had needed to hear, yet she hadn't been able to get a coherent word out. He asked if it was because of him. She admitted it was, because she'd had to look at his smug, guilty face and a husband that she'd wanted to build a life with but who had tried to kill her. She said she'd had one chance to bring him to justice, and she'd blown it. Julian said she was too good to choke like that, unless it had been deliberate. He asked if she had done it on purpose to save him.

When Julian tried to approach Alexis, she swung the bottle at him and told Julian to get his hands off her. Julian said he'd been trying to stop her from making a mistake. Alexis said the only mistake she'd made was marrying him. She said he was sick and twisted and made her skin crawl. Julian said that Alexis' subconscious wouldn't let her condemn him to the jury because she still loved him. Alexis spat out that she hated him with every fiber of her being. They were finished. She said it had not been her subconscious at the trial, and he'd been a fool to think otherwise.

Julian said Alexis had made it perfectly clear that she'd wanted to see him get punished. Julian said he believed what had happened in that courtroom had been fate, because the way they had loved each other didn't just stop. He said he was not trying to pressure her, but he was sorry if she'd thought he'd been lovesick or delusional. She needed to know that in order for him to keep going, he needed to trust that one day she'd remember how much they'd meant to each other.

Alexis told Julian to do what he had to do. Alexis called Commissioner Ashford and asked her for a restraining order to make sure that Julian Jerome was never allowed anywhere near her. Alexis said she would send the paperwork over that afternoon, and she would let Jordan know if she ever needed a patrol car sent to the house. Alexis asked why Julian was still there. Julian said he wouldn't violate her restraining order, but she needed to know that no matter how much distance she put between them, including the divorce, they'd always be connected.

Paul got off the elevator, bearing flowers. Sasha greeted him, and Paul handed her a box of chocolates. Sasha took him to Susan's room. Sasha said Susan had had a good day so far. Paul entered the room. Susan sat on a couch, staring at nothing. Paul smiled and said, "Hi, Susie Q." Paul put the flowers in water and carried them back to Susan. Paul asked if Susan remembered the first time she'd picked those flowers when they'd stayed at an old cabin. Susan had cleared a whole field.

Paul produced a cake. He said he knew that he had sent her a cake for her birthday, but he wanted to see her blow out the candles. He wanted her to remember that he'd called her on her actual birthday and advised he couldn't visit her until he'd finished. He told Susan he hadn't succeeded in getting all the presents he'd wanted to give her, but he'd managed to get most of them. He said he hadn't been able to wait to go there and wish her a happy birthday. When he tried to kiss her head, she bolted and curled up on her bed. Paul apologized and said he hadn't meant to scare her like that.

Paul said it broke his heart that he couldn't show Susan any affection, like holding her hand. He knew why she was trapped inside herself, but when she heard what he was giving her for her birthday, it would brighten the darkness inside her. He said he'd made a list of all the people who had hurt her, starting with the monster that had brutalized her, Kyle Sloan; Dr. Mayes, who'd mishandled her rape kit; and the rest of them -- Ellis, Prescott, and Jenkins. He told her they were all gone, and he'd gotten rid of them, so it was okay for her to return.

Paul lit the candles on a birthday cake and wished Susan a happy birthday. He said if there was anything she desired, she just had to blow out the candles, and he would make it happen. He said everyone was gone except Monica. He had killed them all. No one was going to hurt her again. Justice had been served. He asked her to blow out the candles, and when she didn't, he cried. Tracy heard everything Paul had said.

Hayden started a job search for open positions in finance and investment.

Blowing out the candles

Blowing out the candles

> Blowing out the candles

Blowing out the candles

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Anna sat down in Kelly's and looked at pictures of Duke until Griffin arrived, happy to see her. They talked about how much of an injustice the outcome of Julian's trial had been. "It's like one loss after another," Anna said, referencing Sabrina's death. She related how hard it had been to tell Emma about Sabrina's death. She lamented that she'd spent so long upholding the law just for the system to keep failing.

Jordan arrived, and Anna demanded that Jordan tell her what had happened with Julian's trial. Griffin left to let the two women speak in private. Jordan insisted that she hadn't mistyped the warrant, so she believed that someone had tampered with the system after the fact. She suggested that Scott had bribed someone at the station to do it. Anna didn't believe Scott would do that. They discussed Alexis' train wreck of a testimony.

Anna decided to call Paul to ask about the trial, but he didn't answer. She figured he'd taken a "mental health day." Jordan wondered what Anna was going to do. Anna resolved to find Paul.

Curtis was working out at the boxing gym when Andre entered. Both were looking for their sparring partner, who had apparently double-booked himself then not shown up. Andre suggested that they spar with each other. While they got ready, Curtis asked about the investigation into the hospital killer, but Andre didn't want to talk about it. Curtis insisted that he could be of help, but Andre only instructed him to "drop it."

Andre was ready to spar, but Curtis suggested that they had "more important things to talk about." He accused Andre of not talking to him because of Jordan. They began to argue, and Curtis aggressively welcomed Andre to hit him. Just then, Jordan entered. Curtis left, and Andre went to take out his anger on a punching bag. Andre informed Jordan that Curtis had been asking questions about the case, and he hadn't wanted to answer because he didn't like Curtis.

Maxie and Nathan sat down at the Metro Court, and he told her that he was supposed to get the paternity test results shortly. He apologized for the "crazy" situation he was putting Maxie in. Maxie replied that the only crazy thing was Claudette. Claudette appeared and instructed Maxie to "accept reality." Nathan reminded Maxie of a conference call she had, so she reluctantly left to "find a quiet corner."

Claudette sat with Nathan and talked about wanting him to be a father to their daughter as Maxie watched. Nathan mentioned that he was supposed to get the results that day. He proposed that they open the envelope together. Suddenly, Claudette got up and ran off. Maxie returned and commented that Claudette was probably off to think up a "contingency plan" in case Nathan wasn't the father.

Nathan wondered if Maxie would have a problem if he turned out to be the father. Maxie responded that, years before, she might have sabotaged the relationship, but she promised not to since she'd become a mother. She knew that he would make a great father. He added that, whether or not the child was his, he still wanted to help protect her. Just then, Nathan's phone rang.

Claudette called Griffin and instructed him to meet her at her room at the Metro Court because she had something important to tell him. After having to be convinced, he unenthusiastically agreed.

A short while later, Claudette opened her door to Griffin. She beat around the bush until Griffin demanded that she "spit it out." She explained that she had a daughter, Charlotte, that she was "almost positive" was Nathan's, but she wanted to tell Griffin just in case Charlotte turned out to be Griffin's. Just as she told him about the paternity test, she received a call from Nathan telling her that he was about to get the results.

A short while later, Nathan and Maxie were at Claudette's room, and they weren't surprised to see Griffin there as well. Nathan tore open the envelope as everyone watched nervously.

Anna went to knock on Paul's door at the Metro Court and instead bumped into Olivia. Olivia was there to do a "spot check" after the room cleaning. They briefly discussed Julian's trial, and Olivia assured Anna that Julian would never see Leo again. Anna wanted to leave a note for Paul. Olivia got a call from a guest that she needed to take, so she instructed Anna to let herself out when she was done, and Olivia left.

Anna looked in the night table drawer and pulled out a file, the contents of which fell on the floor. Anna picked up the papers, which were articles about the hospital murders. Anna assumed it was Paul's research, and she replaced the file. She knocked into something in the drawer and pulled it out. She was shocked to see the cufflinks with the Roman coin that the cops were looking for.

Paul held out a cake with lit candles to Susan. He promised to make anything happen that she wished for. She only stared. He informed her that, except for Monica, he'd killed everyone who'd wronged her, so no one would ever hurt her again. He told her justice had been served as Tracy watched. Susan suddenly curled into a ball, and Tracy got nervous and ran away to the elevator. She was relieved when the elevator doors finally closed, but they reopened, and Paul was standing there.

Paul wondered why Tracy was there, and she replied that she was there to see Susan. He wondered how she'd known to find Susan there, and she recapped that she and Dillon had sought out Susan after thinking that Paul needed to spend some time with his daughter. She still wanted to see Susan, but Paul replied that it wasn't a good time, as Susan, who didn't speak, had communicated that she wanted to be alone. Paul suggested that they grab dinner, and he could update her about Susan. Tracy reluctantly accepted, and they got in the elevator.

Tracy and Paul arrived at the place Paul was staying because he'd left his wallet. Tracy tried to get him to go out anyway and offered to pay for dinner. His phone rang, and he ignored it. He finally dug his wallet out from between two couch cushions and suggested ordering in instead. Tracy suggested he go back to see Susan, but he reminded her that Susan had wanted to be alone. He remarked that Susan could easily let him know when to stay, when to go, or when there was someone in her doorway. Tracy wanted to leave for the restaurant, but Paul blocked her way. "Sorry, I can't let you leave," he told her as he locked the door.

Paul confesses to Tracy

Paul confesses to Tracy

Thursday, September 29, 2016

In Claudette's hotel room, Nathan read the results of the DNA test. Maxie anxiously awaited confirmation that Claudette had lied, but Nathan revealed that he was Charlotte's father. Claudette brightened and proudly bragged that she'd known it all along until Griffin called her out on the lie by reminding her that she'd called him in a panic because she thought he might be the father. Disgusted, Griffin left. Maxie wondered if Claudette had tampered with the test, but Nathan shook his head because he'd handled everything himself. Resigned, Maxie decided to give Nathan time to talk to Claudette because Charlotte would need him -- especially with a mother like Claudette.

After Maxie left, Claudette began to apologize, but Nathan wanted to know where his daughter was. Claudette assured him that Charlotte was safe, but Nathan wasn't satisfied because he was eager to see his daughter. Claudette resented Nathan barking orders at her, but Nathan didn't care because she'd been the one to tell him about Charlotte, and he was desperate to protect his daughter from danger. He threatened to report Claudette to the U.S. and Canadian authorities and let them find Charlotte, but Claudette continued to stall because she was afraid. Nathan switched tactics and asked her about the ex-boyfriend she was hiding from. He was shocked when Claudette revealed the man's name was Valentin Cassadine.

Meanwhile, Griffin stopped by Maxie and Nathan's apartment. He was concerned about Maxie and wanted to make amends for his role in the events that had transpired earlier. Maxie dissolved into tears as she told him that it had been out of his hands. Griffin held her as she cried. After Maxie pulled herself together, she explained that she'd promised to give Nathan her full support if Charlotte was his daughter. However, she hoped that one day she would see the situation as something that had made her and Nathan stronger rather than a train wreck.

Maxie admitted that she couldn't help but wonder why two wonderful and brilliant men -- one who had taken a vow of celibacy -- had gotten involved with a woman like Claudette. Griffin explained that Claudette could be a loving person, but Maxie cut him off before he continued to extol Claudette's virtues. Maxie realized that he saw some good in Claudette, but she thought Griffin was delusional because Claudette enjoyed toying with people. Maxie pointed out that Claudette's bombshell had been a perfect example of how Claudette operated. Griffin questioned the timing of Claudette's confession, so Maxie explained that there had been a reason.

Later, Griffin agreed to talk to Claudette to find out if her side of the story matched what Claudette had told Nathan. He was certain that he and Maxie could glean the truth by comparing notes. Maxie admitted that she couldn't shake the feeling that things were about to get much worse.

In Switzerland, Laura boarded a plane bound for Port Charles. She was startled when Kevin suddenly sat down beside her as the plane prepared to take off. Suspicious, Laura asked what he'd been doing in Geneva, so he admitted that he'd been trying to find a way to see her. Laura warned him that she intended to switch seats as soon as the fasten seatbelts lights went off. Kevin informed her that she was stuck with him because the flight was booked up, prompting Laura to question how he'd managed to find a seat next to her. Kevin didn't hesitate to admit that he'd persuaded someone to switch with him.

Stunned, Laura asked how. Kevin reminded her that he was a psychiatrist who dabbled in cryptography and mystery writing, which practically made him a junior Jedi. Laura bit back a smile and turned her head away. "Low-level Jedi," Kevin amended before he turned serious and confessed that it had been the only way to spend one-on-one time with her. Laura explained that she had felt betrayed when she'd found his manuscript because she'd shared things with him that she had never shared with anyone else. Kevin pulled a manuscript out of his carry-on bag and handed it to her as he explained that it was the book he'd been contracted to write and intended to publish.

"Social Media as a Source of Isolation in Adolescence," Laura read. Kevin acknowledged that he had violated her trust, but Laura didn't want to discuss it because she was too concerned about Spencer. Kevin was disappointed that she wouldn't let him apologize. Laura was grateful that he didn't intend to publish his observations of her innermost thoughts, but she told him that it hadn't been necessary for him to fly to Geneva because she had intended to visit him when she returned to Port Charles. Laura pulled out an envelope and handed it to him as she explained that Spencer had written a note to thank Kevin for helping him when Nikolas had passed away and for taking a bullet intended for Laura.

Later, Kevin returned Spencer's letter to the envelope as Laura told him that her grandson had settled into the new school, which was secure. Laura added that she refused to take any chances, even with Valentin in jail. Kevin thought Spencer was lucky to have Laura but changed the subject by giving her the one and only draft of the book he'd written about her. He assured her that no one would ever see it because he didn't intend to publish it, but Laura refused to read it. Kevin asked her to at least read the dedication. Reluctantly, Laura opened the first page as Kevin began to recite what he had written.

Laura was touched when Kevin referred to her as the bravest and most fascinating woman he knew because she was a tremendous survivor who had faced all of life's challenges with fortitude and grace. After Laura read the manuscript, she conceded that it had been unexpected. However, she added that she needed time to process how she felt about everything.

In Jason and Sam's bedroom, Jason gently woke Sam up. Sam was surprised when he told her it was a little past 8:00 p.m. because she'd only intended to take a short nap. She asked about the boys, but Jason assured her that Jake and Danny had eaten dinner and were fast asleep in bed. Sam confessed that she was starving, so Jason went to the kitchen to fetch her dinner.

Later, Sam ate dinner and told Jason about her visit with Alexis. She admitted that she'd been concerned about her mother's drinking, but Alexis had promised to stop drinking until the baby was born. Sam worried about Alexis because Julian had turned Alexis' life into a slow-motion nightmare. Sam and Jason talked about Julian's situation. Jason admitted that Julian's best option was to leave town before Sonny made a move. He urged Sam to talk to her father, but she doubted that he would listen since she'd slapped Julian in court and told him that he disgusted her.

Sam knew that Sonny wanted to retaliate, but she feared that it would cost Sonny because Carly had changed since Morgan's diagnosis. Sam was certain that Carly would leave Sonny if his lifestyle endangered any of the children because they were her priority. Sam wanted to avert a tragedy and asked Jason to talk to Sonny while she paid her father a visit. Jason was surprised when she jumped out of bed to call Alexis to watch the boys. Sam thought it was best they addressed the problem sooner rather than later.

In Paul's hotel room, Anna spotted familiar objects in Paul's nightstand. She picked them up and realized that they were Roman coin cufflinks. Stunned, Anna immediately called Jordan to ask the police commissioner to meet her in Paul's hotel room. A short time later, Jordan arrived. Anna showed Jordan the items she had found, which Jordan conceded looked like the cufflink that Valerie had found. However, the cufflinks were rare but not unique. Anna revealed that she'd found shoes in Paul's closet similar to the ones in the picture that Elizabeth's phone had snapped of the man who had pushed Elizabeth down the stairs.

Jordan explained that it was all circumstantial evidence, but Anna wasn't done because she'd also discovered a file filled with newspaper clippings of nearly every victim murdered by the killer at the hospital. Anna reminded Jordan that they both knew that Paul had killed before. Jordan agreed and began to look around for possible evidence as she and Anna talked about Kyle Sloane's murder. Anna pointed out that Paul had been very careful about covering his tracks -- much like the killer roaming the hospital. Anna was certain that both Elizabeth and Sabrina had been collateral damage, while the others had been intended targets.

Anna wondered if perhaps each victim at the hospital had been connected to Susan Hornsby, so Jordan decided to track Susan down. Anna recalled that Dillon had mentioned where Susan worked and shared the information with Jordan. Jordan started to make the call, but Anna glanced at Paul's file and realized that Sandra Jenkins had been a social worker. A few minutes later, Anna wrapped up a call with a contact at the World Security Bureau who confirmed that Susan had been a patient at the halfway house where Sandra had worked.

Jordan decided to get a search warrant and left. Anna continued to look around because she had probable cause to make an arrest. She found a stack of bills and flipped through them until she saw a credit card statement with a payment to Celestial Heights Manor. Anna quickly called the long-term care facility.

Meanwhile, Tracy nervously tried to pretend that she was eager to get to dinner, but Paul locked the door and informed her that he knew she'd overheard him talking to Susan. Tracy reluctantly admitted that she had, but she assured him that she wouldn't tell anyone about his secret because it would hurt their son. Paul refused to risk it, but Tracy promised that she would remain silent because she didn't want their son connected to a murderer. Paul was pleased when Tracy inadvertently let it slip that no one knew where she was, so she tried to distract him from his sinister intentions by asking why he'd targeted people at the hospital.

Paul explained that he'd done it to avenge Susan because she'd been the light of his life until the light had been shattered. Paul revealed that it had started in Susan's teenage years when she'd fallen in with the wrong crowd and begun to abuse drugs. He blamed her supplier -- a friendly pharmacist named Owen Ellis. Paul assured Tracy that he'd managed to get Susan clean and sober, but Susan had suffered a minor setback in a halfway house run by Sandra Jenkins. Paul was furious that Sandra had kicked Susan out of the program for violating curfew and relapsing because Paul hadn't been able to get Susan clean again, especially after she'd gotten involved with Kyle Sloane.

Tracy was shocked at the mention of the ex-police commissioner's name. Paul angrily accused Kyle of being an "abusive, controlling pig" who had raped Susan. According to Paul, Susan had gone to General Hospital because she'd been injured, but Dr. Mayes had been incompetent and had screwed up the rape kit. Paul added that the only witness to the crime -- Julie Prescott -- had refused to testify. Tracy wondered how Monica had fit into things. Paul explained that Monica had written Susan a note apologizing for the mistake, but Tracy argued that Monica couldn't be held responsible for another person's actions.

Paul insisted that it didn't matter because Monica could identify him. Tracy disagreed because hundreds of thousands of people wore the same cologne as Paul. Paul was unmoved because he was done making mistakes and determined to tie up all the loose ends. Paul explained that everyone who'd had a hand in failing Susan needed to pay. He thanked Tracy for hearing him out, but he couldn't let her walk away. Tracy acknowledged that what had happened to Susan had been horrible, but she promised not to say anything because she didn't want Dillon tainted by Paul's crimes.

Paul talked about how he'd been forced to target Elizabeth and Sabrina as he grabbed a necktie and advanced on Tracy. Tracy warned Paul that her death would traumatize Dillon. Paul agreed, but he vowed that his son would never know that Paul had done the deed. Horrified, Tracy backed up as Paul explained that he needed to finish his quest because it was the only way to get his daughter back. Tracy was stunned and accused Paul of being delusional if he expected Susan to jump up and wrap her arms around him once he'd finished with the revenge killings. Paul knew that if he let Tracy go, she would try to save Monica, so he apologized and continued to advance on Tracy.

Anna catches Paul in the act

Anna catches Paul in the act

Friday, September 30, 2016

At Julian's apartment, Julian's bodyguard asked if Julian intended to go out for the evening, but Julian shook his head and told Pete that there was a lot to consider because Julian's plans with Nina hadn't worked out. Julian decided to focus on making his family believe in him again. As if on cue, a knock sounded at the door. It was Sam. Julian excused Pete and invited Sam inside. Sam cut to the chase by informing her father that she knew Julian had entered Alexis' house. Sam warned Julian that a restraining order had been issued, so he tried to explain his side of things.

Sam wasn't interested in hearing what Julian had to say because he had tried to kill her mother. She urged her father to go into hiding and never contact anyone in Port Charles again, but Julian insisted that he couldn't do that. Sam was frustrated because his continued presence hurt both Alexis and Sam. She begged him to prove that he loved Alexis by disappearing, but he argued that he couldn't just leave his life behind. Sam's frustration mounted as she pointed out that his life in Port Charles was over, and he'd die if he continued to stay. Julian took Sam's request as a sign of encouragement that she cared about him, but she quickly set him straight.

Sam made it clear that she despised Julian and wished that he'd never entered her life. She regretted that he was connected to her by blood. Sam added that she had nothing but contempt for her father because of what he had done to Alexis. However, enough blood had been spilled in Port Charles, and she didn't want Julian's added to it. Julian admitted that Sonny wanting him dead was not news to him -- unless Sam was aware of a specific threat. Sam explained that she knew how the business worked and repeated her request for him to disappear. She promised that no one would look for him because everyone would prefer to forget that he existed.

After Sam stormed out, Pete returned. Julian told his henchman that Sonny intended to kill Julian.

At Volonino's Gym, a man wearing a suit assured Sonny that he would make it look like an accident rather than a hit. Sonny clarified that he wanted complete deniability and not to be contacted until after the deed was done. After the man left, Sonny walked over to a punching bag as Jason entered. Jason noticed the man leaving and asked Sonny about him, but Sonny thought it best that Jason not ask. Jason read between the lines and asked if the person was reliable. Sonny promised that he would not be connected to anything, but Jason warned Sonny that the police and Carly would suspect Sonny if anything happened to Julian.

Jason wondered if Sonny would be satisfied if Julian were simply to disappear. Jason told Sonny about Sam's efforts to talk to Julian. Sonny insisted that he had to make a move, otherwise he would be seen as weak to other crime organizations. Sonny reminded Jason that he had tried to let the courts handle the situation, but they had failed. Jason wanted Sonny to give Sam's plans a chance and allow Jason to look into the broker that Sonny had hired. Sonny pointed out that he didn't have a choice because no one in his organization was as capable as Jason.

After Sonny left, Sam entered the gym and approached her husband. They filled each other in on their failed attempts to avert tragedy. Sam confided that she had a bad feeling that something would go wrong and Julian wouldn't be the only one hurt.

At Greystone Manor, Carly gave Morgan a present. It was a jade pendant on a leather necklace. Carly explained that the jade promoted wisdom, balance, and peace. She told him that she was proud of him because she knew that he'd taken on a lot with school and work. Morgan appreciated the gift, but he didn't think he deserved it. Carly disagreed and told him that she was proud of him. Morgan thanked her and asked her to help him put it on. After Carly finished securing the necklace, she hugged her son and told him that she loved him.

Carly invited Morgan to stay and have dinner with her, but Morgan declined because he had plans to meet Kiki after work. Carly's expression filled with concern as she watched Morgan leave. A short time later, Ava stopped by to drop off a dress that she had picked up for Avery. Carly was annoyed because it wasn't Ava's day to spend time with Avery. Ava thought Carly would be more compassionate under the circumstances, but Carly had no idea what Ava was talking about.

According to Ava, Morgan had attacked Julian because of Morgan's volatile temper. Carly bristled and refused to discuss Morgan with Ava because he was none of Ava's business. Ava disagreed because Morgan dated Kiki and lived under the same roof as Avery. Carly was astonished that Ava would criticize Morgan after the way she had seduced away Carly's son from his family and had betrayed her own daughter with him, but Ava reminded Carly that Morgan was a man who had an illness that often manifested in dangerous behavior.

Carly insisted that Morgan was medicated and stable, so she resented Ava implying otherwise. Ava recalled switching Morgan's medications, but she said that she was glad for Morgan. However, Ava wished that Carly would appreciate her concerns because the fight between Morgan and Julian had been unprovoked. Carly argued that Julian was a dangerous man and invited Ava to check on Avery. After Carly stormed out, Ava pulled out a small baggie of pills and reminded herself to stay the course.

Later, Carly left Morgan a voicemail asking him to return her call because she wanted to check on him. She ended the call as Ava returned to the living room. Ava bragged that Avery was an absolute angel. Carly agreed, but Ava urged Carly not to let Avery get caught between two powerful men because Ava didn't want her daughter to be in the crossfire.

Later, Sonny arrived home and saw the shopping bag that Ava had left behind. Carly told Sonny about the unexpected visit and added that it had been clear that Ava had had an agenda. She told Sonny how Ava had expressed concerns about Morgan not having his bipolar disorder under control, which Carly conceded was valid. Sonny defended Morgan by reminding Carly that the medications didn't prevent a person from getting angry. Sonny believed that Morgan had acted accordingly when Julian had gotten in Morgan's face. Carly let it drop and told him about Ava's fear that Avery would get caught in the middle of Sonny and Julian's war.

Sonny promised Carly that no one would get hurt, but Carly knew her husband and recognized what he wasn't saying. She implored him not to make a move against Julian because it would only cause pain. Sonny assured Carly that he'd given her his word that it wouldn't be by his hand if something happened to Julian.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Dillon approached Kiki at the hostess desk and told her that he was meeting Anna. Kiki told him that Anna had not arrived, so Dillon and Kiki struck up a conversation about Morgan's decision to return to school. Kiki admitted that she had been surprised, but Morgan appeared to enjoy it. Moments later, Anna arrived. After Dillon and Anna sat down, Anna explained that it was imperative that she find Paul without letting Dillon's father know.

Dillon wanted to know if his father was in danger. Anna reluctantly told him that there appeared to be a link between his sister Susan and the hospital murders. Dillon was surprised to hear Anna mention Susan because Tracy had been concerned about Paul since Sabrina's funeral. Tracy had suspected that Paul had been hit hard by Sabrina's murder because Sabrina and Susan were a similar age. Anna was intrigued when Dillon told her that Tracy had decided to track down Susan in the Finger Lakes region. Anna pulled out her phone to make a call.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Kiki approached Morgan as he worked on his laptop. She teasingly told him that the restaurant was not a coffee shop, so he reminded her that his mother was half owner of the place. Kiki smiled and asked him what he was working on. Morgan recalled Dillon talking about the site that Morgan had submitted his class paper to, which scanned for anyone who might have cheated, but he told Kiki that he'd been looking up his grades. Kiki pointed out that he'd only submitted the paper a few hours earlier then excused herself to take care of a customer.

Morgan quickly called Spinelli to explain what he'd done and ask Spinelli to remove the paper from the site. Morgan admitted that he'd rather take a zero than be caught cheating. Morgan was grateful when Spinelli agreed to take care of it. Kiki walked up as Morgan ended the call and asked what Morgan had been talking to Spinelli about. Morgan claimed that Spinelli had helped Morgan unlock his phone to play a game. Kiki let the matter drop when she spotted her mother at the bar. After Kiki walked away, Spinelli called back to let Morgan know that he'd failed in his endeavors. Moments after Morgan ended the call, someone called to ask Morgan to meet.

At the bar, Kiki was curious why Ava was at the restaurant. Ava told Kiki that she had hoped to catch a movie with Kiki as part of their attempt to rebuild their relationship. Kiki explained that she had plans with Morgan. Ava was surprised because she had expected Kiki to be upset about Morgan attacking Julian. Ava wondered when Kiki would admit that Morgan was out of control, but Kiki defended Morgan by assuring her mother that the incident had been a blip. Kiki added that Morgan's priority was staying well and going to school, but Ava scoffed and warned Kiki that Morgan was not as well as he'd have people believe. Kiki was curious why Ava seemed so certain about Morgan's state of mind.

At the lodge, Tracy pleaded for her life as Paul advanced on her with deadly intent. Paul regretted that he had to kill Tracy, but she argued that it wouldn't solve anything -- it would only guarantee that Paul would die too. Tracy warned him that Luke would hunt him down, but Paul doubted it, since no one had heard from Luke in months. Paul suspected that Luke was dead, but Tracy assured Paul that Luke was alive and would avenge her. Tracy pointed out that Paul had gotten sloppy in recent weeks because Dante was confident that DNA evidence had been recovered from Sabrina's body. Paul wasn't concerned because his DNA wasn't in any criminal database.

Desperate, Tracy warned Paul that Dillon knew Tracy had been making inquiries about Susan, which meant their son would look for Tracy. Tracy insisted that Paul needed her alive, but Paul wondered why Tracy would bother to help him. Tracy explained that she'd do it for their son because she didn't want Dillon to know what Paul had done. Paul reminded Tracy that it had been necessary because it was the only way to get Susan to return to him. Moments later, Tracy's phone rang.

Tracy ran over and picked up the phone before Paul could stop her. He suggested that she could prove that he could trust her by not answering it, but Tracy clicked on the call and screamed for help. Paul snatched the phone away from her and crushed it under his heel. Paul felt vindicated not to trust Tracy, but she pointed out that Anna had heard Tracy's cry for help and would trace the call. Tracy screamed in terror as Paul grabbed her. Paul managed to cover Tracy's mouth as someone knocked on the door.

Moments later, Paul opened the door, wearing a robe. A man asked if everything was okay because he and his wife had been out for a walk and had heard a woman's screams. Paul claimed that he'd been watching a horror movie, and the volume on the television had gotten stuck when the batteries in the remote had run dead. Paul assured the man the problem had been resolved, and he was headed to bed. After the man left, Paul closed the door and entered the bathroom, where Tracy was bound to a chair with a gag in her mouth.

Paul wheeled the chair into the living room and picked up a necktie with the intention of strangling her. Paul realized that he couldn't strangle Tracy and decided to grab a syringe filled with derisifol. Tracy cried as Paul returned and prepared to inject her with the deadly drug. Just then, Anna kicked open the door and appeared in the doorway with her gun aimed at Paul. Paul ran behind Tracy to use her as a shield. Paul warned Anna that she would not get a shot off before he injected Tracy, but Dillon entered behind Anna and told his father that Paul would have to kill Dillon too.

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