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Eric and Quinn exposed Sheila's plan to destroy their marriage. After Bill and Liam made up, Wyatt was shocked that Bill still had the "Sky" model and Spencer still owned the Spectra lot.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 23, 2017 on B&B
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Mateo crosses the line Mateo crosses the line

Monday, October 23, 2017

At the Forrester mansion, an alarm sounded throughout the house. Mateo, sweaty in a half-unbuttoned shirt, rushed into the living room and asked Quinn what was going on. Quinn didn't think there was a fire because she didn't smell smoke. She couldn't shut off the alarm via the app, and all the staff and Eric were gone for the day. She asked if Mateo could manually shut it off, and he sprang into action, promising to take care of her.

Later, the house was quiet again. Mateo set down a ladder and advised Quinn to have the alarm looked at. As he buttoned his shirt, he apologized for his appearance. He'd been overseeing the gardener with the sprinkler systems when she'd messaged him. He asked if he could help with anything else. There wasn't anything else she needed.

Quinn remarked that she'd been about to take a nap. She hadn't been sleeping well because all she could think of was "that cougar" with her hands on Quinn's son. Mateo said she was getting worked up again and offered her a massage before her nap. She hesitated, and he apologized for being presumptuous. He just saw how tense and worried she was about her son.

Thanking Mateo, Quinn decided to go upstairs and lie down. Mateo asked her to remember that he was always at her service.

After Quinn had gone upstairs, Mateo called Sheila. She was upset that Mateo wasn't keeping her posted. He claimed he'd been busy, and Sheila hoped it was with seducing Quinn. Mateo relayed that Quinn was upstairs, alone in her bedroom, and hadn't been sleeping well due to her upset about her son and Katie.

Sheila replied that Quinn was confiding in Mateo and instructed him to go upstairs and join Quinn. Mateo was unsure about it and didn't want to push. Sheila claimed to be paying him and ordered him to stop making excuses and get it done.

Mateo went upstairs and knocked on Quinn's bedroom door. He opened the door, and Quinn, who was sitting at the head of the bed, pulled the covers over her camisole. He was sorry to disturb her, but he wanted to check the alarm control panel in her closet. She said it was okay because she hadn't gotten comfortable yet. He told her that she wouldn't until she got rid of the tension with a massage. Quinn agreed and thanked him. He left to retrieve his table.

Later, Mateo had set the massage table up at the foot of the bed, and Quinn lay beneath a sheet draped from her hips downward. Mateo massaged her upper back. His hand slipped beneath the sheet at the small of Quinn's back. Quickly, Quinn lifted her head and said the way he was touching her was very inappropriate. He asked if it felt good or if she wanted him to stop.

At Forrester, Wyatt worried about what was going on at Spencer. Katie said that Bill wasn't one to turn the other cheek. Wyatt had no idea how Bill had gotten his CEO seat back, but Wyatt doubted Bill would let Liam off the hook for blackmail. Wyatt contemplated going to Spencer.

Katie reasoned that Bill might not react as she and Wyatt predicted. She wondered if it was too much to think Bill had learned something and that the situation had changed him -- just a little bit. Wyatt wondered if Bill and Liam could rebound from the incident. Katie said she was proof that it could happen if they worked their way back to each other.

Wyatt assumed Katie was referring to her and Brooke. Katie said people probably thought she was crazy for wanting anything to do with her sister after what Brooke had done to Katie's marriage. Katie had gone through a period where she hadn't wanted anything to do with Brooke, but Katie loved her sister and didn't want to live her life in anger.

Katie had made a deal with herself not to live with resentment. She hoped Liam and Bill would do the same. Wyatt feared that family might not win in the end, and Bill and Liam might not be able to get beyond it. Katie believed that was where Wyatt stepped in to help the men.

At Spencer, Bill wanted to reconcile with Liam. While speaking about his wrongs, Bill drifted to the topic of Liam's wrongs, and Steffy uttered, "Bill...Bill..." Bill wanted to use the situation to be better, more like Liam. Bill claimed that he wanted to be kinder and gentler. His bullheadedness had amassed him a fortune, but he'd lost his wife, son, and company in the process. Bill wanted his son back, and Liam said he wanted Bill back, too.

Bill asked if Liam meant it and would be Bill's son again. Liam replied that he'd never not been, and being a Spencer would never change for Liam. Agreeing, Bill said they were family and shouldn't be at war. The men agreed not to go to war again. Bill believed that the strong-willed men might bump heads, but if they had a disagreement, they'd choose to channel it toward the betterment of the company and their relationship.

Liam was surprised that Bill hadn't charged in there, kicked Liam to the curb, destroyed Liam's life, and vowed to never speak to Liam again. Bill replied that it had been tempting. He hadn't done it because of Steffy, who'd made him realize what he'd be doing by going after Liam. Bill said it would have torn the family apart, and he'd always be grateful to Steffy for that.

Liam said he would, too, and Bill asked for a fresh start. He asked if Liam would do him the honor of staying on as his right-hand man. Bill admitted that he'd resented Liam and had probably felt toward Liam the same way Liam's grandfather had felt toward Bill at times. It had taken Steffy to help Bill see what he was doing and realize that they could get through their differences if they remembered the love and ties that bound them as Spencers.

Bill appreciated who Liam was and said that some of Liam's compassion and sense of right and wrong could rub off on him if Liam helped him. Liam conceded that he could be self-righteous at times. "I hadn't noticed," Bill replied, and Steffy joked that she hadn't, either. Liam said the humanity hadn't been what he'd expected, and he'd only seen Bill as a corrupt, narcissistic man.

Bill replied that he was all those things, but he'd work on himself. Liam hadn't believed Bill at first, but Liam could see at that point that Bill wanted to make amends. Liam said that he believed Bill, and Liam was sorry. The men hugged.

Bill and Liam attributed the reconciliation to Steffy. Steffy said she'd kept pushing, but she hadn't been sure it would happen at times. Steffy said Bill had been wrong, but he'd offered healing. She was glad that Liam had seen it was wrong to sentence Bill to a life without his company. Liam said he hadn't wanted to be at odds with Bill, but Liam had gotten carried away with crusading for the right thing no matter the cost, the relationship with his father "be damned."

Liam said Steffy hadn't given up on Liam and Bill. Bill added that she hadn't given up on the father and son relationship, and it had made the difference; she'd made the difference.

Just then, Wyatt arrived. He asked if everything was okay in there. Liam said it was, and their dad had forgiven him. Bill stated that they'd forgiven each other. Wyatt was surprised there had been no retribution or bloodshed, and Bill was letting Liam off free. Bill reminded Wyatt that Bill wanted to run the company with both of his sons.

Bill said everyone knew Liam could be annoying, but Bill could be worse on his opposite end of the spectrum. The men had forgiven each other, and Bill would get Brooke to forgive him, too. He refused to lose Brooke to the poser. Steffy said she was staying out of that one.

Wyatt couldn't believe it, but at the risk of putting turmoil in the middle of goodwill, Wyatt wanted to know what they'd do about all the changes Liam had made. Liam said the changes were making a big difference in the lives of the employees. Bill said he'd review them with an open mind soon. Liam said he hadn't wanted Bill back because he hadn't thought the three men could work together or that "this" could happen.

Liam said he'd underestimated Bill. Liam joked that he'd still harass Bill about changing his ways. Bill wanted Liam to. Bill said Liam would do something else for Bill, which was to treat Steffy like the extraordinary woman she was. Bill felt that she'd pulled them from the brink, and they owed her tremendous gratitude. Bill planned to go after Liam if he messed up with Steffy.

Liam promised not to mess up or take her for granted. He said it went for his relationship with Bill, too. Liam enjoyed not being at odds with Bill and wanted to keep it that way. Bill exclaimed that the Spencers were back; it was Spencers 2.0, and they were going to burn the house down.

"No! No, no!" Wyatt and Liam quickly said, and all three men began speaking at once about the use of Bill's phrase. Steffy smiled, watching the men.

Quinn creates a trap

Quinn creates a trap

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

by Pam

Liam and Steffy discussed that Liam and Bill had reconciled. "I thought he would crush me," Liam said. Instead, Liam said that his dad had opened up to him "in ways he's never done before." Liam said it was all due to Steffy's efforts.

Steffy and Liam noted that Bill's apology showed a lot of humility. Steffy said she bet that Liam wished he had recorded that conversation. Liam was surprised. "Too soon?" Steffy joked. They embraced.

Liam was happy that Bill had said they could be a team, and he hoped that Bill would respect his choices. Liam worried that Bill would not support his help of Spectra Fashions. He wanted to give Sally a second chance.

Steffy wanted Liam not to expect too much from his dad. She reminded Liam that he had given Sally a multi-million-dollar building. Liam wanted to honor his agreement with Sally. Steffy said Liam had done too much. Steffy realized that Liam wanted to even the score and make up for what his dad had done, but she called it a "disproportionate response." "It's too much, Liam," Steffy said.

Steffy added that Bill would not change overnight. She said that Bill was never going to be like Liam Spencer and that Liam was one of a kind. Steffy kissed Liam, and they made out.

They made love, and afterwards, Liam was happy that Steffy had called him one of a kind. Steffy was glad to have her husband back because she had been worried about him and had barely recognized him when he'd been so angry with his father. Liam was glad she had stuck by him.

Liam understood how frustrated Steffy had been, trying to keep peace between Liam and his father, and Liam admitted he had put Steffy in an uncomfortable situation. Steffy responded that her dad and granddad had gone through similar arguments. She knew that Liam and his dad loved each other. She hoped they wouldn't forget that. Liam said that marrying Steffy was "the most genius idea I ever had." They exchanged I love you's.

At the Forrester mansion, Mateo gave Quinn a massage but touched her inappropriately. Quinn told him to stop. Mateo told her she was very attractive, and they were the only ones at home. "Stop right now!" Quinn shouted. She was furious and told Mateo that she and Eric had trusted Mateo and promoted him. "Get out of here!" Quinn shouted. She told him he was fired. Mateo begged for a second chance. He said he hadn't meant to offend her.

Mateo confessed that it hadn't been his idea. He said that a woman had offered him a lot of money to seduce Quinn. He said the money had been too good to turn down. Quinn angrily told Mateo that his behavior was inexcusable. She wondered what would make him think that it was all right to proposition her, knowing that she loved her husband.

Quinn demanded to know who had paid Mateo. He said it was Sheila Carter. Mateo explained that Sheila had told him that Quinn had cheated on Eric before with his son. He added that Sheila had made him believe that Sheila wanted what was best for Eric. He added that Sheila had a portrait of herself that she planned to hang over the mantel in the Forrester mansion. Mateo explained that Sheila wanted to be Eric's wife again. "Sheila Carter will never be Mrs. Eric Forrester ever again," Quinn said.

Quinn said she believed Mateo. "If you have any chance of keeping your job here, you do something for me," Quinn said. Mateo agreed to help Quinn.

At Il Giardano, Eric was at lunch, and Sheila was his waitress. Eric was surprised. She said it was a steady paycheck and a start at a new life.

"It's nice to see to see a familiar face," Sheila said. Sheila dished about how worried she was about Quinn's loyalty to Eric. Eric assured her that she didn't have to worry, and it wasn't any of her business.

Sheila continued to insult Quinn and discussed Quinn's past and how she had kept secrets from Eric. "Stop. Stop, Sheila. Right now," Eric said. Sheila insisted that she was right. Eric told her he would no longer listen to her insulting Quinn.

Sheila softened and said she didn't want to leave their meeting with him being angry at her. Then Sheila went off on Quinn again. Sheila emotionally told Eric that Quinn craved attention, and she would get it. Sheila wondered if Quinn was worth it. She told Eric she would always be there for him as a friend. Eric left.

Sheila sent a text message to ask Mateo about how the job was going. Mateo answered that it was done. Sheila laughed. "It worked," Sheila said. "I got you, Quinn. I got you."

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn told Mateo he had done a good job when he'd sent the text message to Sheila. "I got you, Sheila," Quinn said.

The tables are unexpectedly turned

The tables are unexpectedly turned

> The tables are unexpectedly turned

The tables are unexpectedly turned

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

by Pam

Eric returned to Il Giardino at Sheila's request, and he warned her not to "disparage my wife again." Sheila said she was sure that Eric would thank her in the long run. "What is it?" Eric asked impatiently. Sheila said that she had spoken to Mateo, and he had told her that he was seeing a woman. "Good for him," Eric said. Sheila said it was not good because Mateo was seeing Quinn. "They're having an affair," Sheila said.

Eric was in disbelief, but Sheila reminded him that Mateo had been giving Quinn massages that weren't so innocent. Sheila added that Mateo had told her it was Quinn who'd initiated the whole thing. Eric grew angry and said that he had purchased the massage table. "In my house?" Eric asked. Sheila dissed Quinn and said that Quinn had been disrespectful of Eric, yet he had been extremely understanding and had taken her back after her dalliance with Ridge.

Sheila added that Eric needed to know the truth. Eric stated that it was hard to believe, but he acknowledged that Sheila had been the one person in his life who had been honest with him. "The one person in my life I can trust," Eric said. Sheila told him that he could always trust her. Sheila smiled.

Eric couldn't believe he had been duped again. He lamented that he had foolishly trusted Quinn again. "That's what you do. You see the best in people -- it's not a bad thing," Sheila said. She added that Quinn had thrown his trust away. "Just like you said she would," Eric added.

Eric said that he was angry and it would be the last day Quinn was in his house. He said he had that "damnable portrait of Quinn" over the fireplace. Eric added that Quinn didn't deserve to replace Stephanie's portrait. He said he'd be better off alone than with Quinn.

"I'm here, and I care," Sheila said. She said that she had a portrait. Eric was surprised. She replied that she had always wanted to have a portrait done and had met an artist who had completed one for her. She said she realized it sounded a little strange. Eric told her to take the portrait to his home, and he promised to remove Quinn's portrait and replace it with Sheila's. "Eric, are you serious?" Sheila asked.

Sheila said it had all happened so fast. She was surprised but grateful. Eric asked her if she could leave work and join him at his house. Sheila jumped at the opportunity. Eric left and said he would see her soon.

At Forrester Creations, Charlie told Pam that he was worried about Sheila Carter. Pam said that Sheila had been thoughtful when they had spoken at Il Giardino. Charlie warned Pam not to be a gal pal with Sheila because she was "straight-up crazy."

"How do I stop Sheila Carter," Charlie asked. Pam was worried that Charlie was so concerned. Pam wondered if Charlie had had contact with Sheila that he hadn't shared with Pam. Charlie said he worried because Sheila was working nearby at Il Giardino. Pam told him not to worry. Charlie admitted he was paranoid. He wanted Sheila gone.

Wyatt and Quinn visited, and Wyatt angrily advised his mother that there would be no more attacks on Katie or anyone else. Quinn shook her head, but Wyatt continued to remind his mother that Quinn had dragged Katie out of her own bed. Wyatt ordered his mother to respect his decisions if she wanted to be in his life. Quinn agreed, but she maintained that she had been upset and disappointed in Wyatt because his relationship with Katie was inappropriate. Wyatt told her to stop. Quinn agreed because she wanted a relationship with her son. She admitted that Eric had also expressed his concern about her actions.

Wyatt asked about how things were going with the new estate manager, and Quinn told him that Mateo was a trained masseur who had been helping her out with back pain. She added that Sheila had sent Mateo to seduce her into betraying Eric. Wyatt wondered how that could have happened.

Quinn answered that Sheila had offered Mateo a lot of money to destroy her marriage. Quinn refused to allow Sheila to sabotage her marriage. Quinn smiled and said that she had something Sheila was never going to expect.

Wyatt worried that his mother was going to resort to "desperate measures," but Quinn said that she had told Eric all about what Sheila had done, and Eric was on board with Quinn's plan. "How concerned should I be about what you are hatching?" Wyatt asked. Quinn said he didn't need to be concerned. Wyatt disagreed and called Sheila a sociopath. "Eric is handling her once and for all," Quinn said.

In the living room at the Forrester mansion, Eric welcomed Sheila, and she had her portrait under a cover. Eric called Sheila "Mrs. Forrester," and Sheila was shocked, but Eric pointed out that she'd had the title at one time, and it still fit.

Eric pressed Sheila to unveil her portrait. "I cannot wait to see this," he said. Eric thanked her for being herself and always putting him first before everyone else. "You're very special to me, Sheila," he said.

Eric made martinis, and Sheila called them perfect. Eric and Sheila toasted to proving that "what goes around comes around." Eric wanted to see the portrait, and Sheila obliged. Eric looked at the portrait and said it was a wonderful likeness. He wanted to remove the "abomination" that hung over the fireplace and asked for Sheila's help to remove the portrait of Quinn. Eric placed the portrait of Sheila above the fireplace.

Sheila was thrilled, and she said that she had always loved and admired the Forrester family and had always wanted to return to the family. Eric said he wanted to celebrate and went to get a bottle of Champagne. Sheila told him that he had made the day "the happiest day of my life." Eric left, and Sheila said she was home. She took a selfie in front of her portrait, and Quinn entered. "What are you doing here? Get out," Quinn snarled.

Sheila refused and said that Eric wanted nothing to do with Quinn, "a naughty girl" who had been unfaithful again with the estate manager. Sheila said Eric knew all about Quinn's little secret. Sheila promised to take Quinn's place and cherish and respect Eric. Sheila planned to become the new Mrs. Eric Forrester, and she would erase Quinn "like you never happened."

Quinn looked up at the portrait of Sheila and asked "what the hell" it was. Sheila said it was none of Quinn's concern. Eric entered and stood behind Sheila, but Sheila couldn't see him. Quinn maintained that she wasn't going anywhere. Quinn ordered Sheila to use the door.

Sheila turned and saw Eric. "Thank God," Sheila said. Sheila wanted Eric to say something to Quinn. Eric said nothing. Sheila reminded Eric that he knew about Quinn's affair with Mateo. "Say something!" Sheila said to Eric. Quinn smirked, and Sheila looked angry. "Oh, Eric," Sheila said.

Sheila realizes she's been set up

Sheila realizes she's been set up

Thursday, October 26, 2017

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn ordered Sheila out of the house. Sheila asked Eric to say something. Just then, Mateo entered the living room. Relieved, Sheila implored Mateo to tell Eric how Mrs. Forrester had been inappropriate and had crossed the line. Mateo said nothing, and Sheila yelled at him to tell the truth.

Mateo yelled back that he'd already told the truth, which was that Sheila had paid him to try to entice Quinn into an affair. Sheila pretended not to know what he was talking about. To Eric, Mateo apologized and said he shouldn't have agreed to it. Asserting that Mateo was lying to keep his job, Sheila insisted that he'd said that he and Quinn had been intimate with each other.

Quinn stated that she'd told Mateo to say it; however, it hadn't happened, and she and Mateo would never cross the line. Quinn added that Sheila had thought she'd played Quinn, but Sheila was the one who'd gotten played.

Sheila quickly deduced that Eric had been playing her, too. Sheila remarked upon Eric leading her on and putting the portrait on the wall. Eric said he'd had to get through to her, and having her drag the portrait over there had been the best way to do it. She replied that he'd tricked her.

Eric asked how it felt. He couldn't believe Sheila had devised such a plan utilizing Mateo. Sheila said she'd wanted Eric to see what Quinn was capable of. He asked if Sheila had really believed it would work and that he'd leave his wife. He declared that he was more in love with Quinn than he had ever been with any other woman in his life.

Eric didn't believe Sheila had changed one bit from her old-school ways. Sheila claimed that she'd been worried about Eric. As she spoke, Eric interrupted, saying he wanted Sheila out of his life and his house. With his arm around Quinn, he said "this" was Mrs. Eric Forrester, someone Sheila never again would be.

Quinn told Sheila that Quinn would never hurt Eric in the manner Sheila had set up for Quinn, but Sheila said Quinn already had with Eric's own son. Eric said it was enough. Sheila didn't want him to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life. Eric was livid that Sheila had set it in motion and dragged Mateo into it.

Mateo apologized again to Eric and asked forgiveness. Mateo believed he should have known better. He cared for the family and didn't want to lose his job. Eric replied that he'd let his wife decide. Mateo apologized to Quinn, and Quinn told Sheila that Mateo showed real regret.

Quinn told Mateo that she would think about it. Eric said that was all for Mateo, but Eric wanted Mateo to return in a short while to help put Quinn's portrait back where it belonged.

After Mateo had exited, Sheila apologized to Eric for the mistakes she'd made but insisted she'd only been looking out for his best interest. Eric felt that he'd given her chances, but she'd let him down every time. He believed she was the same person she'd always been.

Sheila denied it, but Quinn said the ready-made portrait proved that psycho Sheila had been planning it all along. Sheila kept denying it, but Quinn insisted that Sheila had been trying to get rid of Quinn the whole time. Eric said Quinn was his wife, and that fact wouldn't change. Eric wanted Sheila out of his life and for her to leave immediately.

Sheila tried to explain that she'd only had Eric's best interests at heart, and Quinn had proven Sheila wrong. Quinn told Sheila to stop pretending that she knew Quinn, because Sheila didn't know the first thing about Quinn or Quinn's feelings for Eric. Agreeing, Sheila said she'd been wrong, and she was working on herself.

Quinn didn't care about Sheila's excuses and was sick of hearing them. Quinn wanted Sheila to leave and never return. Sheila asked to speak to Eric alone. Quinn couldn't believe Sheila's nerve to ask, but Sheila asked Eric for one last time to be alone. Eric agreed. Quinn objected, but he said his eyes were wide open. He kissed Quinn's forehead, and Quinn left.

Sheila told Eric that Quinn had passed the tests. Eric replied that Sheila had failed. Sheila stated that Quinn was the better woman. Ashamed of her despicable actions, Sheila didn't think she could apologize enough. She just wanted him to know that the relationship they'd been building had meant a lot to her, and she'd been hoping to be part of the family.

Eric reminded Sheila that she had once been in the family. She believed it had been the best time in her life, but she'd acted shamefully. She said she'd done it again, but she was working on it. She'd traveled to Los Angeles to tell him that she loved him. She'd been hoping for his forgiveness. She hadn't known that upon returning, she'd get arrested for shooting at Quinn.

Sheila recalled that Eric had stood by her. She believed that his family had been pretty "brutal on" her, but she understood and probably deserved it. Spending time with him that day had reminded her of what a wonderful man he was. She said that Quinn might deserve to be with him, and he deserved the best.

Though she knew it was silly to say, Sheila still hoped to be a part of the Forrester family. She realized it might not happen, but she said a girl could dream. Eric advised her to let that dream go and to move on with her life. He apologized for being blunt, but he didn't think she should do it in Los Angeles.

Sheila appreciated Eric's honesty and compassion, but she wasn't ready to let Eric out of her heart. "Because it's all I have," she said. "This fantasy, this hopefulness, every time I see you. Every time that we talk," she added.

Eric just stared in response. Sheila relayed that she'd commissioned the portrait, hoping that it would one day hang in Eric's house, but she'd realized that the circumstances were all wrong. She understood that it meant nothing to him, but it meant everything for her. He started to speak, but she asked him not to.

Sheila planned to always cherish the thought of her and Eric. She said, even with her shortcomings, a part of him still found her fascinating. And that would have to be enough for her "for now." She decided she had to get going, but she uttered, "I'm going to miss you, my husband." Eric tilted his head, and she added, "My ex-husband."

Sheila silently strode out the door. On the stoop, she touched the lion head door knocker. When she turned to leave, she jumped with a start because Quinn was staring at her. Quinn told Sheila to get off Quinn's property. Quinn asserted that Sheila would never be a Forrester, and Quinn never wanted to see Sheila's face again.

"Goodbye forever," Quinn said and strode into the house. Sheila turned to face the camera and chuckled.

At Katie's house, Wyatt told Katie about his talk with Quinn. Katie was glad that he'd talked to his mother, but she didn't hold out for Quinn to support the relationship. Wyatt replied that Katie didn't need to worry because Quinn had someone else on her radar at the time -- Sheila, who, instead of leaving town, was trying to pose a threat to Quinn's marriage.

Later, Katie was commenting on how insane it was that Sheila had set Quinn up. Enthralled by the idea that the estate manager was a masseur, Katie decided she needed to get herself one. Wyatt said that she had him, and he was free. On that note, Katie was ready to stop talking, and the two kissed their way upstairs.

Later, Katie was in the bathroom. Wyatt sat on the bed, talking to her through the door about what had happened at the office with Liam and Bill. Wyatt guessed they were all a family again, but he didn't know what his position would be with Liam back. Wyatt's phone chimed, and as he read it, he told Katie that Bill had called a meeting for that afternoon.

Exiting the bathroom in heels and purple lingerie, Katie said, "First things first." She took off Wyatt's shirt, and they began making out.

After having sex, Katie and Wyatt canoodled in bed. He didn't want to leave, but he had to go to the meeting. Katie suggested he return to her house later. Agreeing, he said there was no place he'd rather be than there.

Bill reveals that Spencer still owns Spectra

Bill reveals that Spencer still owns Spectra

Friday, October 27, 2017

At Forrester, Steffy and Ridge worked and discussed Bill and Liam's reconciliation. Ridge couldn't believe Bill had punched Liam. Steffy said Ridge knew how families were. Ridge claimed he'd taught his kids to use their words and asked why the men had been fighting.

Steffy asked how many R's were in "embarrassment," and Ridge asked her why she was typing that word into a quarterly report. Ridge quibbled over how Steffy was wording the CEO's preface to the report and said she sounded like her in-laws. She retorted that, though people didn't call her Mrs. Spencer, it was who she was.

Ridge quipped that people were embarrassed -- "with two R's" to call Steffy that. Steffy said that, regardless, she'd helped Bill and Liam reconcile, and they were back to working together. Ridge replied that it was good for Bill, not Liam.

Ridge compared Forrester to Spencer and noted that there weren't happy employees at Spencer. Steffy said Bill would tell people to stop whining and do their jobs, but Liam would give everyone raises and more benefits. To Ridge, she was talking about Liam like Bill did. Steffy contended that there were two sides to Bill and two sides to Liam, too.

Ridge asked to hear about the other side of Liam. Steffy described Liam as stubborn like his father. Liam thought he was right when he wasn't -- like his father -- and like Bill, Liam was extravagant. Ridge added the Liam was a good person, unlike Liam's father, and Liam gave to causes. Steffy replied that Liam could give too much, and Ridge wouldn't believe what Liam had given Sally Spectra.

Later, Ridge exclaimed in shock about Liam giving Sally a multi-million-dollar building. Steffy said Liam had been righting Bill's wrongs. Ridge assumed she meant the article Bill had published. Steffy listed off other things Liam had done for Sally, like flying her to San Francisco and giving her an architect, and wondered when it would finally be even.

Ridge asked what he was missing and if Liam had a thing for Sally. Steffy wasn't concerned about that and said Liam wasn't the unfaithful type. "All men are the unfaithful type," Ridge quipped. Steffy retorted that it would be that way if all men were like Ridge. Ridge told her that was nice to say. She didn't want to be morally superior, but she believed Liam was a good guy.

Ridge read some reports and complained about how the CFO of International submitted things. Steffy agreed that it was weird, and he said he'd discussed it with the CFO before. Steffy offered to do it again, but Ridge said it was his job.

Ridge stated that Steffy had a habit of getting in the middle and being the peacemaker; she'd done it with her siblings and with the Spencer "boys." Steffy asked if it was wrong. Ridge replied that it could be, because peacemakers made great targets.

At Spencer, Liam and Wyatt watched Bill fiddle with his chair after he suspected that Liam had adjusted it. Liam said it kept rearing back like a bull. Bill leaned back in the chair with ease and said the chair knew its owner.

Bill presented Liam with his sword necklace. Bill was sorry he'd ripped it off of Liam and wanted Liam to put it back on. "Hello, old friend," Liam said and happily clasped it around his neck.

Handing out copies of an agreement, Bill said the documents made them equals at Spencer. The three men would run the company together, but his sons had to get their own chairs.

Liam and Wyatt signed the contracts, and Liam was happy about the moment. He wanted to discuss the things he'd put in place in Bill's absence. Bill said the three of them would review them with fresh eyes; they'd keep what worked and trash what didn't.

Liam thanked Bill and said he liked looking up to Bill. The men hugged. Liam decided to go. He swiped a yoga statue off the desk and exited. "Sorry to see that little trinket go," Bill quipped.

Wyatt apologized to Bill for being testy back when Wyatt had thought he'd been shut out. Bill replied that he'd be leaning on Wyatt more than Wyatt knew. Wyatt said he wasn't trying to upstage Liam. "As of today, we don't have to worry about your brother anymore," Bill responded. Wyatt looked puzzled.

At Spectra, Shirley handed Sally mail from the title company that read "refinance now." Sally said they'd just gotten their loans by using Spectra as collateral. Shirley figured that Sally had gotten the building from C.J. or Liam, and C.J. had denied giving it. "Not that I disapprove. I think Liam is perfect for you," Shirley stated. Sally asked what Liam would be perfect for.

Shirley asked Sally not to make Shirley get graphic. Shirley hoped Liam had at least exchanged a buck for it, so it wouldn't be a gift. Sally said she didn't have a sugar daddy, and Liam was married. Shirley quipped that when a person was married to someone awful, it was called "not yet divorced." Shirley asked if Liam would get a piece of the business.

Sally didn't answer. Shirley ordered Sally to be honest about it because Shirley wasn't too dumb to figure out who'd helped with the building. Sally acknowledged that Liam had been good to them, but she said that was it. Shirley guessed Sally didn't think as highly of him as Shirley had thought. Sally described Liam as the most amazing man she'd ever met, but she could appreciate someone without wanting something from them. Shirley said Sally could keep telling herself that.

Liam arrived, and Shirley pretended she had to get back to doing all the things Sally had ordered her to do. Once Shirley was gone, Sally told him not to believe Shirley. Liam claimed that his flaw was believing everyone. Sally disagreed that he had any flaws and said he wasn't allowed to get off the pedestal. Liam was sure he'd fall off it later.

Liam had arrived to tell Sally that Bill was back at Spencer. Sally assumed Bill was gunning for her. Disagreeing, Liam explained that Bill had acknowledged his wrongs and agreed to run Spencer equally with his sons. Liam assured her that the building and property belonged to her, and in theory, she had nothing to worry about from Bill.

Sally began pacing, and Liam suspected that she wasn't reassured. He wanted her to trust that she was golden and would pay back the banks for the remodel once she was on her feet. Sally replied that he was one of the few she knew who she did trust and who had cash, not cobwebs, in his wallet. Liam opened his empty wallet, and she joked that it was his first flaw. He promised she'd be big once she opened the doors again.

Back at Spencer, Wyatt said he'd thought Bill had said the three of them would run the place. Bill replied that it was true. Bill became pensive about the time he'd spent alone at his house while Liam had been behind the desk and Wyatt had been God knew where. Wyatt said he hadn't been hiding; he'd just thought Bill had wanted time to himself.

Time to himself had been Bill's life before he'd gotten married and had found Liam and Wyatt. Bill didn't want it anymore, and he couldn't go back. Bill had meant that the three would run the company together, per the document, but he asked how much Wyatt had enjoyed taking orders from Liam. Wyatt said he'd take a bullet for his brother, but Liam hadn't been right for the job.

Bill stated that they'd seen another side to Liam, who'd been, "pigheaded, self-righteous, and above all else, self-righteous." Bill added that Liam had been power-hungry, too. Bill reasoned that those qualities had gotten Bill to where he was that day, but there was only one Bill. Bill said Liam thought he could cure the world by handing everyone a thousand dollars and an issue of the "Soybean Chronicles," but things didn't work that way.

Pointing at the contract, Bill said it was a system of checks and balances. He asked what the majority of three was. "Two," Wyatt replied. Bill called Wyatt smart, despite what anyone in the building said. Bill announced that he and Wyatt were the two. Bill deemed himself "the checks" and said Wyatt was "the balances."

"As long as I can count on you to vote with me," Bill added. Wyatt believed he and Bill agreed on most things, except Quinn. "But you put yourself back in charge," Wyatt stated. Bill responded that it had been in the nick of time because they were about to have a tall problem.

Someone knocked on the door, and it opened. "Did somebody order a skyscraper?" Justin asked as he and Alison wheeled "Sky" into the office. Wyatt looked worried as Bill walked over to the skyscraper model and welcomed it home.

As Bill polished the statue, Wyatt said he'd thought they'd gotten rid of that thing. "Alison to the rescue," Bill replied. Alison said she hadn't sent it to the house, as Liam had requested, but had kept it safe. Bill stated that she was untrustworthy as the day was long, except with him. As she turned to leave, Bill instructed her to get all the "crap" out of his office. She nodded and exited.

Wyatt assumed that the building was the tall problem. He said it had been a bone of contention. Bill told his son to call her "Sky," not a bone. Assuming Bill still planned to build it, Wyatt asked where it would go. "Where do you think?" Justin asked.

"Not the Spectra site, I know that," Wyatt said with a huff. Bill retorted, "Then you don't know much." Wyatt pointed out that Liam had paid out the wazoo for the property. Bill replied that it had been for Spencer Publications, but Wyatt explained that Liam had signed it over to Sally. Deciding to let Justin earn his money, Bill deferred to his lawyer to speak.

Justin explained that all properties belonging to Spencer were held in a trust. Whether it was a parking space or a strip mall, anything they acquired went automatically into a trust for which Bill was the trustee. Bill was the only person authorized to sign off on any transfers. Bill stated that Liam's gift to Sally was invalid without Bill's signature.

Justin further stated that the county had kicked it back to the title company, who, in turn, had kicked it back to Justin. Wyatt assumed the deed had looked real because Sally had borrowed against it. Bill replied that it wasn't their problem, and thanks to Liam, Bill could finally give "Sky" the home she deserved.

Wyatt decided that Bill had suckered Liam and had used Wyatt to do it. Bill didn't think it was a nice thing to say, and his feelings were hurt. Wyatt insisted that it was what Bill had done. Bill explained that it was legit. Liam had made the purchase, but because he couldn't legally do anything with it, it was still Spencer's.

Bill asked if Wyatt thought they should honor Liam's generous impulse and flush a fifty-million-dollar purchase down the drain. Wyatt readily disagreed with the suggestion, and Bill said that they were in agreement.

Wyatt said Liam didn't understand that the agreement they'd just signed was to keep him in line. Bill reasoned that it kept everyone in line, working together, thinking together, and achieving together. Bill claimed he'd meant everything he'd said to his sons, and if Bill could count on Wyatt to give Bill a reliable and consistent majority on matters, they'd have a bright future. Gesturing to the model, Bill said the sky would be the limit.

While Bill believed that Liam was smart, Bill didn't believe Liam had a mind for business. Bill figured that, together, he and Wyatt could save Wyatt and Liam's inheritance and build the most beautiful skyscraper and everlasting legacy to the Spencer name. Bill asked if Wyatt was with him. With a chuckle, Wyatt said, "Hell, yeah. I'm in."

Bill said that he appreciated many of Liam's qualities, but when it came to "Sky," Liam would just have to deal. The majority would carry the motion, and Spectra would have a date with the wrecking ball.

Just then, Liam rushed back in, apologizing for leaving on the errand. "What up?" he said when he saw the building model. Bill joked that the sky was up. Liam stammered that he recognized it. Bill corrected that Liam recognized "her." Liam stammered more, and Bill said Liam had thought she was gone, but she wasn't. Liam asked why that was. Bill asked if it was or wasn't his office.

"Why is Wyatt looking at the floor?" Liam asked. Bill replied that Liam knew his brother, who was a floor-looker. Wyatt stared around, avoiding Liam's gaze, and Liam asked "what the hell" was going on.

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