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Eric was outraged by Quinn's anger about Wyatt and Katie, and Mateo comforted Quinn. Bill turned the tables on Liam and reclaimed Spencer Publications.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 16, 2017 on B&B
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Quinn is furious when she sees Katie and Wyatt in bed Quinn is furious when she sees Katie and Wyatt in bed

Monday, October 16, 2017

At Forrester, Rick and Maya assured Brooke that they enjoyed having her back at the house. Maya remarked that Brooke just seemed quiet. Brooke said she had a lot to work through. Rick hoped Ridge wasn't pushing. Brooke replied that Ridge wasn't, and she wanted to make sure she was of aware of what she was doing and how it would affect the family.

Brooke wondered how it was affecting Katie and remarked that there was "a lot there" that Katie wasn't talking about. Rick and Maya remarked that Katie seemed fine at work. Brooke didn't want the end of her marriage to cause problems with her and her sister. She said there was a lot going on in the lives of the sisters, and she wanted them to be able to share everything.

The topic turned to Brooke's marriage breakup. Brooke said she hadn't stopped loving Bill; she just couldn't agree with some of his choices. In a pouty voice, Brooke stated that she couldn't forget that her involvement with Bill had broken up Katie's marriage. The trio wondered if Katie could be lonely, and Brooke said she'd feel guilty if Katie was.

Having seen a glow about Katie recently, Brooke said Katie might be seeing a man -- or Katie could be excited about her new campaign. If Katie was seeing someone, Brooke wouldn't feel so bad about how things had turned out. Brooke asked if they thought Katie was seeing someone.

Maya asked if the sisters didn't talk about Katie's relationships. Brooke didn't know how many Katie had had after Bill. Rick said even that one had been back and forth. Rick and Maya hadn't heard Katie speak of anyone, and Rick added that Katie had her work. Brooke thought there was more to life than work. Maya stated that Katie had Will.

Brooke acknowledged Katie's mothering skills and hoped her decision wouldn't affect Katie and Bill's relationship regarding Will. Rick didn't think Bill would let anything affect his relationship with his son, and Rick added that Katie wouldn't, either. Maya suggested that Brooke ask Katie if she was seeing someone. Maya couldn't imagine Katie wouldn't share it with Brooke.

Brooke stated that she and Katie could talk about anything -- except their romantic relationships. Maya asked if it had to be that way if the sisters were well intentioned. Brooke remarked that she and Katie were used to managing their way around the topic of Bill. Rick felt that Katie had hit her stride since Monaco.

Agreeing, Brooke wondered if she was just projecting and thinking the big decision in her life impacted everyone. Rick said it impacted everyone who cared about Brooke. Maya thought Brooke's care for her sister was endearing. Brooke thanked them for the talk and decided Katie would be just fine. Brooke was sure nothing would stop Katie from getting what she wanted.

At Eric's house, Eric learned from Mateo that Mateo had told Quinn that he'd seen Wyatt's car arrive at Katie's house hours earlier. Eric regretted not telling Quinn the moment he'd found out. Mateo asked what Eric was talking about. Eric explained that Quinn didn't know that Wyatt and Katie were in a relationship. Mateo assumed Wyatt had kept it a secret from Quinn.

Eric said that Katie and Wyatt hadn't had good track records with relationships, but they deserved to be as happy as Eric and Quinn. Mateo assumed that Quinn didn't agree. Eric replied that it could be anyone but Katie, and he regretted not telling Quinn when he'd found out.

Mateo said Eric hadn't wanted to upset Quinn, and Eric concluded that it would happen if Quinn saw Wyatt and Katie together. Eric figured he'd have to go over there if Quinn wasn't back soon.

In Katie's bedroom, Quinn screamed in horror because her son was in the bed with Katie. Quinn ordered Wyatt out of the bed, but he said he really couldn't get out right then. The implication sickened Quinn, who snatched the underwear-clad Katie out of the bed and ordered her to keep her hands off Quinn's boy. Quinn vowed to tear Katie apart if she looked at Wyatt again.

Katie gave Wyatt an anxious, imploring glare. Wyatt quickly slipped on some pants as Quinn berated Katie for luring him over there. He tossed a robe around Katie. Quinn shouted that she knew Wyatt had been lonely, but not desperate. "Hey!" Wyatt and Katie yelled back, and Katie ordered Quinn out of the house.

Quinn accused Katie of taking advantage of Wyatt. Quinn had imagined him being alone, not with "this!" Katie asked Wyatt to get Quinn out of there. Wyatt told Quinn she was out of her mind for attacking Katie, and he noted that Eric hadn't reacted that way. Quinn asked if Eric already knew about it. Wyatt and Katie didn't answer. They just insisted that Quinn leave.

Quinn declared the relationship over, but Wyatt said Quinn didn't call the shots. He said he would be where he wanted to be. Quinn shouted that she'd only tell Katie one more time to "stay the hell away" from Quinn's son.

Later, Quinn had gone, and Katie was ranting about people just showing up in her house. She was upset about how crazy Quinn had acted and said that Quinn had attacked her. In Katie's view, Quinn had acted like an animal. Katie said she and Wyatt were adults. Wyatt replied that he would make it very clear to Quinn.

Katie rubbed her wrist, smarting from Quinn dragging her out of bed. Wyatt said he should have jumped up and dragged Quinn out of there. Katie believed Quinn would have gone more crazy.

Wyatt apologized for not protecting Katie, but she said he hadn't known Quinn would attack. Wyatt thought it shouldn't have to be the way it was. He said he should have told Quinn. He hadn't wanted to hide his feelings for Katie, but he hadn't wanted anything to get in the way, either. Wyatt stated that Quinn had a way of complicating things for him.

Katie thought it was an overstatement and worried that it was the old Quinn surfacing. Katie said Quinn had totally lost control, and Wyatt hugged Katie.

Back at the mansion, Mateo was working on the switch at the top of the stairs when Quinn charged into the house and asked Eric how he could keep the Wyatt and Katie relationship from Quinn. Eric said he'd been trying to give Wyatt the chance to tell Quinn himself. Quinn said they weren't supposed to keep secrets, and Wyatt was her child, her son. Apologizing, Eric said he thought it would be better if Wyatt had revealed it.

Eric claimed he'd been just as shocked about it, but Quinn doubted it. Eric asked if they'd all had a chance to talk. Quinn replied that they hadn't because Quinn had walked in on the two in bed together, and Katie had been all over Wyatt. "And he couldn't get out of bed because he was -- oh, God, it made me sick!" Quinn exclaimed.

As Mateo sent off a text message, which said the Forresters were having a big argument, Eric tried to get Quinn to calm down. She said she'd been talking about finding Wyatt a date earlier, and Eric had said nothing to her. Eric believed that he should have, but he said Quinn was overreacting about Wyatt and Katie, who were grown adults. Quinn asked how she was supposed to act after finding her son with Katie and discovering that Eric had been lying to her.

Eric reminded Quinn that Katie had saved her life, but Quinn wouldn't take that as a reason to accept the depravity. Eric thought Katie was a terrific person, and Quinn should be happy. Quinn stated that Katie had tried to destroy their marriage, and when it hadn't worked, she'd moved on to Quinn's son. Eric said it hadn't happened that way.

Quinn quipped that Eric should explain how it had happened because he'd known about it for so long. He replied that it hadn't been that long. Quinn volleyed between blaming Eric for keeping a secret and her outrage toward Katie, whom Quinn believed was just trying to get back at Quinn. Eric said Katie appreciated Wyatt, and Quinn retorted that Katie should be with someone her own age. Eric replied that people said the same about him and Quinn.

Quinn disagreed and said she wasn't in her marriage for revenge or perverted thrills. Quinn began raging about Katie possibly getting pregnant with Quinn's grandchild. Eric said it was getting ridiculous, and Quinn accused him of taking Katie's side. Eric said he was trying to be reasonable. He believed he should have told her about it, but he said not doing so didn't mean she could go totally out of control.

Quinn yelled that Wyatt was her son. Eric yelled back that Wyatt had chosen to be with Katie. Eric decided to leave the house before they said regretful things.

As Quinn stood alone by the fireplace, Mateo approached, touched her shoulder, and said he'd heard. Quinn was upset that Eric had walked out and asked what would happen if Eric didn't return. Quinn didn't want to be alone again. Mateo said she wasn't alone, and she had him. He hugged her.

Sheila gets some good news

Sheila gets some good news

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn shared with Mateo her concerns about her visit to Katie's. Quinn worried that she'd had a blowup with Eric and that Eric had known about Wyatt being in a relationship with Katie Logan. Mateo maintained that he couldn't believe Eric or any man would be mad at Quinn for long.

Quinn added that she had aggravated her back sprain. Quinn lamented that she couldn't unsee her son in Katie's bed. Mateo offered a massage, and Quinn agreed. While Mateo massaged her body, Quinn shared that she didn't like or trust Katie. Quinn was angry that Eric had known about Katie and Wyatt but hadn't told her. Mateo was understanding of Quinn's anger, but he agreed that Eric had wanted Wyatt to tell his mother about his own relationship.

Mateo encouraged Quinn to concentrate on breathing and releasing tension. Quinn wondered if Mateo felt she had overreacted. Mateo understood that Quinn wanted to protect her son. "I'm here for you, whatever you need," Mateo said. Mateo continued to massage Quinn. Mateo wanted her to relax, but Quinn had a hard time clearing her mind and focusing on her breath. After Mateo had helped Quinn, Mateo asked how she felt. Quinn said Mateo's hands were "a natural treasure."

At Katie's, Eric and Katie discussed what had happened when Quinn had invaded Katie's home and attacked her. Eric noticed Katie had a bruised arm. Katie angrily told Eric that his wife had barged into her home, uninvited, and "went berserk." Katie told Eric that he had clearly married a crazy person.

Katie shared that Quinn had threatened her and yanked her out of her own bed. Katie added that she knew Eric wanted to defend and believe in Quinn, but he had forgiven her for many evil things, and she was still violent. Katie reminded Eric that Quinn had attacked Sheila and given her a concussion. "Is this the woman you really want to spend the rest of your life with?" Katie asked.

Eric admitted that Quinn's behavior had upset him. "There is zero justification," Katie said. Katie asked what would happen when Quinn did something that Eric couldn't fix. Katie said there had to be "someone else out there" for Eric.

At Il Giardino, Charlie and Pam looked at menus for lunch, and Pam noticed that Sheila was working as a waitress. Sheila stopped at the table, and Pam and Charlie noted that Sheila worked at the restaurant closest to Forrester. Sheila said it was a "happy coincidence." She added that she was "trying really hard to jumpstart a new life." Both Pam and Charlie looked skeptical.

Charlie received a text message that he had to return to Forrester, and Pam promised to get him takeout. Charlie left, and Sheila sat down with Pam. Sheila noted that Pam had doubts about Sheila, but Sheila said all of her problems were in the past. She had been rehabilitated. She added that Eric recognized she had changed. Pam agreed.

Sheila said she loved Los Angeles, and it was her home. She loved the Forresters, as well. She reminded Pam that not all of her history was bad. Sheila said that everyone who'd known Stephanie had loved and feared her. Pam said she missed her sister.

Sheila said that no one could believe that Stephanie would approve of Quinn. Pam agreed, but she added that Sheila would not be approved either. Sheila maintained that she wanted to protect Eric just like Pam did.

Pam and Sheila bonded, and Sheila said she enjoyed girl time with Pam. Sheila offered to get together with Pam again. "I'm not going anywhere," Sheila said.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric returned from Katie's house, and he was angry. He barged in on Quinn's massage. "What's going on with you? What's wrong with you?" Eric shouted. Eric dismissed Mateo, but Mateo listened outside the door. "I can't keep defending you. I'm so disappointed in you," Eric shouted.

After Sheila left Pam at the restaurant, Sheila received a call from Mateo. He reported that Quinn had caught her son in bed with Katie, and Quinn had dragged Katie out of bed in a fit of anger. Sheila laughed at the thought of it. Mateo said Quinn had angered Eric with her violent tendencies.

Sheila thanked Mateo, and he said it hardly felt like work. He added that Eric was angrier than Mateo had ever seen him. Sheila asked him to keep her posted. She hung up and smiled. She flashed back to happier times with Eric kissing her. She recalled her wedding with Eric. "We will be together again, Eric," she said.

Ridge visits Liam

Ridge visits Liam

> Ridge visits Liam

Ridge visits Liam

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

by Pam

Bill sat at home and flashed back to threats he had made against Liam. "Your life is about to go up in flames," Bill had said. Bill then flashed back to a discussion he'd had with Steffy, and he recalled holding her hand and telling her that he appreciated her. Steffy entered and noticed Bill was deep in thought. She asked if he was all right, and Bill claimed he was fine.

Steffy demanded that Bill end his battle with Liam. Bill insulted Liam and said he planned to get his company back. Steffy advised him to stop insulting her husband. Bill said that his son was ruining his company.

Steffy understood that Bill was upset. Bill countered that he was disgusted with his son because Liam had blackmailed him. Steffy interrupted Bill's rant and reminded Bill that he had created all of his own problems when he'd gone after Spectra.

"Take responsibility and handle it like the man I know you can be," Steffy said. Bill looked unhappy. "Stop threatening Liam. There will be no revenge," Steffy advised Bill.

Bill ranted that they could not meet halfway because Liam had refused. Bill and Steffy argued, and Bill said that Liam was loving his time in "Big Daddy's chair." Steffy countered that Bill had taught Liam everything he knew. She added that Bill would have done the same thing if he had been in the same situation. Bill disagreed. He felt that Liam wanted to tear him down.

Steffy angrily said that Bill had threatened revenge on his own son. She vowed it wouldn't happen. She planned to keep the Spencer family from destroying itself. Bill softened and said he'd known Steffy was special the first time he had met her. Bill added that Liam was lucky to have her.

Bill started another rant about how Liam had been disrespectful of Steffy when he'd run off with Sally Spectra, given her millions, and helped her rebuild. "Bill, stop. Liam and I are just fine," Steffy said.

Steffy wanted Bill to recognize that he was lashing out at Liam because Bill was hurt and angry at himself. Steffy knew that Bill wanted to blame Liam for everything, especially for Brooke asking for a divorce.

"I am hurt. Losing Brooke is killing me," Bill admitted. Steffy and Bill sat down on the couch together. Steffy wanted Bill to back away from his threats and revive a close relationship with Liam. Bill wanted it, too. Steffy sighed in relief.

Steffy acknowledged that Bill and Liam were alienated from one another, but she didn't want either of them to stop trying or to give up. Bill agreed he had been consumed by rage. He wanted his son back, and he believed there had to be a way to make it right. Steffy was relieved to hear him say that, and she promised to help. Bill seemed sincere, but he added, "The clock is ticking."

Steffy wondered what Bill meant, and Bill announced that one way or another, he planned to be back in his office. Bill refused to be blackmailed for the rest of his life, and he was tired of it. "It's up to Liam and up to you," Bill said. Steffy looked worried.

At Spencer Publications, Ridge entered Liam's office and admitted it was the first time he hadn't been nauseous when entering the office. Liam joked that his father had that effect on people. Ridge congratulated Liam on being named CEO of Spencer. Liam said he was honored to be running the family business.

"What's your dad say?" Ridge asked. Liam explained that Bill had taken a leave of absence. Ridge was intrigued. Ridge knew that Bill wouldn't quit and wanted to know what had happened. Liam refused to answer. Liam changed the subject to the news that Brooke had left Bill. Liam wondered if Ridge and Brooke would get back together, and Ridge said he had to give Brooke space.

Ridge changed the subject again to Bill and remarked on Bill's violent tendencies and the fact that Bill had punched Liam in the face. Liam refused to tell Ridge the circumstances but noted that Bill had lost his temper, company, and wife.

Ridge insisted he would find out sooner or later what had happened. Ridge wondered if Liam was afraid of Bill. Liam said Bill had no power. Ridge said he admired Liam for standing up to Bill. Ridge guessed that Bill's dad had smacked Bill around at times. Liam alluded to the fact that Bill's actions had been inexcusable, and Bill had vowed revenge. Ridge advised Liam to stay away from helicopters.

Liam and Ridge discussed that Liam loved his job and was proud of the decisions he had made to turn the company into a more compassionate business. Ridge teased that Liam was his favorite son-in-law. Liam smiled and said that he was Ridge's only son-in-law, and he was glad to have Steffy by his side. Liam said his father could vow revenge all he wanted. "I have the upper hand, and he knows it," Liam said of his father.

At Forrester, Katie flashed back to hearing Quinn screaming at her after Quinn had interrupted Katie and Wyatt. Katie was tearful, but Brooke entered and suggested they grab a cup of coffee. Brooke asked if Katie was all right. Katie looked troubled, but she said she didn't want to discuss it. Katie asked Brooke to tell her how she was doing. Brooke said she had ended her marriage to Bill. Brooke felt she'd had no choice. Katie was sympathetic. Brooke admitted she loved Bill, but he'd been focused on what he wanted and not the people he hurt. Brooke called Bill dangerous and said she couldn't live with that.

Katie agreed and said she worried about her son, Will. She admitted Bill was a good father, but she worried about his dark side. Brooke was tearful. Katie wondered if Brooke would return to Ridge. Brooke admitted that she had always loved Ridge, but she needed to take some time to be alone. Katie mentioned that Ridge and Brooke had a connection. Katie thought they would always get back together.

Brooke acknowledged it was easy to return to Ridge, but she had to take some time to process her feelings. She added that when Bill had thrown Ridge out of the helicopter, she'd known what she was getting into, but arson was something she couldn't tolerate. Katie said she understood.

Katie and Brooke discussed that Bill was easy to love and hard to lose, but Katie promised Brooke would be fine and would move on. She built Brooke up and said she had faith that Brooke had done the right thing. "You'll be fine," Katie said. "Happiness will find you," Katie added, and she felt it might be with Ridge. They were both tearful.

Bill hires a hacker to neutralize Liam

Bill hires a hacker to neutralize Liam

Thursday, October 19, 2017

At Katie's house, Wyatt and Katie kissed and discussed what had happened with Quinn. Wyatt was sorry Quinn had bruised Katie's arm. Wyatt was more worried about how his father would react. Katie thought Bill had enough on his hands with Brooke leaving him. Wyatt felt that the couple would reunite, but Katie revealed that Brooke was filing for divorce.

Wyatt hated seeing his father "this way." Katie said that Brooke had thought she'd known Bill and had understood what she'd been getting into. "Apparently, she didn't," Katie added with satisfaction. Wyatt stated, "For better or for worse." Katie repeated the phrase but reasoned that Bill could have killed someone. Wyatt replied that Bill had covered his bases.

Katie wondered if Wyatt was defending Bill. Stammering, Wyatt said it sounded like it, but he wasn't. Sighing, Wyatt acknowledged that he had dysfunctional parents and a dysfunctional brother. He asked how he'd wound up normal. They laughed at the thought of Wyatt being normal, and they kissed.

Katie considered that Bill might have learned his lesson after suffering repercussions from the fire. Wyatt replied that Bill never learned lessons; Bill got even, and a ton of repercussions would be headed Liam's way. Katie asked if Bill had threatened Liam. Affirming it, Wyatt said Bill would probably start acting on the threats.

Katie felt that someone needed to stop Bill. Wyatt replied that he'd tried, and he wasn't doing it again. He figured Steffy was still trying, but a betrayed Bill would get his payday. She asked if Liam was as concerned as Wyatt was. Wyatt quipped that Liam would be an idiot not to be.

Katie noted that there was a lot of chaos around them. Wyatt asked if they were good. She replied that they were better than good, and they kissed.

At Spencer, Liam and Justin debated Liam's decision to stop buying materials in a country where the workers were underpaid. Justin said a lot of families depended on the jobs. Liam said it wasn't an excuse for "those conditions." Liam insisted that Justin deliver Liam's message.

"Yeah, all right, all right," Justin said in a blasť tone. Liam noted that Justin was typically contrary to Liam, and Justin's opinions were sounding a lot like Bill's. "Oh, they are?" Justin asked in the same monotone. Liam revealed that his father had been there the other day and had a plan to hurt Liam. Justin asked if Liam wanted Justin to call security.

Liam said he needed to know he could trust Justin, who was the only link Bill had to get into Spencer. Justin claimed to be loyal to the company and his paycheck. Liam said Justin had to convince Liam of it, or Justin had to go. Liam was worried about his father seeking revenge on him for the failed marriage with Brooke. Liam had to know Justin would speak up if he learned of anything Bill could be up to. Justin asked if Liam thought Justin wouldn't speak up.

Claiming that he was taking Justin at his word, Liam said that if he got a hint that Justin was still working with Bill, Justin would be out of the company immediately. Justin asked why Liam was being skeptical of Justin. Liam noted that Justin took business calls on his private phone, Justin constantly questioned Liam's actions, and Bill hadn't reacted to Justin's shift in loyalties.

Justin advised that paranoia was a dangerous trait, and it caused people to make rash judgments. Liam preferred being rash to being wrong. Justin emphasized that he wasn't Liam's enemy. Liam said it was wise because Bill wouldn't be the only one to go down for the fire. "I wasn't involved, so..." Justin replied with a smirk.

Contending that Bill had indicated otherwise in the recorded statement, Liam said that if Bill attacked Liam at all, Liam would go to the authorities. Liam asked if Justin got him. Huffing, Justin stood. He said he didn't know if it was being in that office or what; however, Liam was becoming more like Bill every day. Justin quietly exited.

At Bill's house, Steffy said that if Bill was serious about how he felt, she'd help him heal things with Liam. Bill wanted it, but he didn't know if Liam did. "Just no more threats against your son," she said. They hugged, and over her shoulder, Bill rendered a telling expression.

Steffy suggested that Bill see Liam again, but Bill said she'd already seen that his visits weren't productive. She told him to write a letter, but Bill replied that he wasn't the letter-writing type. Steffy agreed to speak to Liam again on Bill's behalf. Bill replied that time was running out, and "if you don't get through to him -- "

Steffy cut in, asking what Bill would do if she didn't. She didn't like Liam's blackmail or Bill's threats. Bill said there was a simple answer: Steffy needed to get Liam to delete the recording.

Outside, Justin walked onto the balcony. Before he could enter the house through one of the open French doors, he saw Bill and Steffy inside. Justin moved out of sight and listened in.

Back inside, Steffy told Bill that she'd get Liam to cooperate. Bill appreciated Steffy's resolve, but in his view, not every problem could be solved. Bill wasn't beyond forcing his way back into Spencer, and if he did, there wouldn't be a place for Liam in Spencer or in Bill's life. Steffy urged Bill to focus on what he'd said about loving Liam. Bill loved his son but said it couldn't all be on Bill.

Bill needed Liam to meet him halfway. Steffy believed she could reason with her husband, but she said Bill needed to show some leadership in the meantime by rising above it. She asked him to do it for the family -- and for her. Bill was willing to try one more peaceable attempt, but time was running out.

Steffy promised to do the best she could, and Bill said he didn't know how he'd get through it without her. Steffy grabbed her purse and left out the front door.

Justin readily slipped into the living room via the slightly open French door and startled Bill. Justin said he'd arrived through the back just in case Liam had eyes on the place, and he hadn't been able to help overhearing. "You want to make amends with Liam after all the things he's done to you?" Justin asked.

Later, Bill and Justin watched a computer hacker named Ken click away on a laptop. Ken was searching for a backdoor that could be hidden in all of "his" devices. Ken was on a brute force attack and was conducting an automated search for passwords. "You marry it to a clone fish, and it gets interesting," Ken explained.

Ken decided to go to the "workroom," and he talked about having his tea. Bill asked if Ken wanted lemon, and Ken said it would be nice. Bill roared that it would be nice if Ken found the file. Bill said he was paying Ken the gross national product of a small country, and he ordered Ken to get it done.

Ken left, and Bill ranted about him to Justin. Justin said "Kenny" was highly recommended. Bill asked by whom, but Justin said not to worry. Bill complained about Ken's room full of gizmos. It looked like NASA to Bill. Justin said it was a hacker's paradise. Bill asked if Ken had any idea.

"What? That the file that he could find could put you in prison?" Justin asked. Bill replied, "Us, Justin. Us." Justin said Ken didn't have any idea about what the file meant and added that people like Ken only asked one question, which was, "How much?" Bill was anxious for Ken to locate the file of the recording and delete it. It was the only way Bill could neutralize his son.

Justin said it couldn't happen soon enough because Liam was getting squirrely, questioning Justin's loyalty, and threatening to fire Justin. Bill took satisfaction in Liam's paranoia. Bill felt Liam should feel that way because Bill would cut Liam off at the knees.

Justin wondered again about Bill's talk with Steffy and repeated his earlier question about Bill wanting a peaceful resolution despite what Liam had done to Bill. Bill said Liam couldn't care less about what Bill wanted. Bill wished the whole thing had never happened. Bill asserted that Liam had cost Bill his company and his marriage. Bill wouldn't give up on Brooke, and he would have Spencer back, whatever it took.

Time dragged on, and Bill grew impatient about destroying the file. Justin told Bill to calm down because they needed to be careful not to let Liam, who had an IT background, figure out what they were up to. Bill yelled that he wanted the file deleted from Liam's phone, computer, and cloud. "I don't even care if he has it stuck up his -- wherever the hell it is, it needs to be eliminated forever!" Bill bellowed.

Bill didn't know what would happen between him and Liam after it was done; however, Bill wanted his company back, and he ordered Justin to find the recording.

Back at Spencer, Alex, the head of security, questioned Liam's instruction to ban Bill from the building. Liam said he had to take threats from Bill seriously, and it was Alex's job to do so, too. Alex agreed to it. "Thank you. I know I can count on you. Now go," Liam dismissed and wiped his hand over his face as Alex left.

Steffy entered, and Liam said she was the one person he'd needed to see more than anyone. He kissed her cheek. Steffy uttered that she'd talked to Bill, who wanted a reconciliation. Chuckling, Liam asked if it would be before or after Liam handed over the keys to the kingdom.

Steffy believed that Bill meant it. Liam asked why she'd gone to Bill. Steffy wanted the war to end and would do something about it if Liam wouldn't. She insisted that Bill wasn't plotting and wanted peace, just like she did. Liam said Bill had stood in that office, vowing revenge.

Steffy defended Bill, who loved Liam. Liam said he loved Bill; he just didn't like Bill anymore. She pointed out that Liam had done questionable things, too, and asked if Liam really wanted to be at odds with Bill. Watching it was torture for Steffy. She asked Liam to do it for her before things got really serious.

Liam asked if Steffy didn't think it was already serious. Pointing to himself, Liam said his father should be in prison, but Liam had stopped it. Liam claimed to have given Bill an out, but Steffy quipped that he'd forced Bill out. Liam thought it was better than prison time.

Steffy acknowledged that Liam had a powerful point. She said he'd made it, and it was time to make peace. Scoffing, Liam said he wouldn't know where to start. She suggested he start by deleting the audio file. Refusing, Liam said it was his only bargaining chip, and without it, there was no proof of Bill's wrongdoing. Steffy replied that it would be a show of faith.

Liam told Steffy that it would be an invitation to let Bill resume the bully pulpit, and Liam would regret it for the rest of his life. Steffy said Bill felt horrible. Liam responded that Bill didn't know how to feel horrible, and Bill only knew how to attack. Liam could sense Bill doing it and said peace wasn't possible at that moment.

Asking when peace would be possible, Steffy asserted that Bill was in pain from losing Liam, the company, and Brooke. Steffy begged Liam to delete the recording and end the feud. Liam couldn't do it. He said it was the only protection he had against a man who'd vowed to take him down.

Bill reclaims all that matters to him

Bill reclaims all that matters to him

Friday, October 20, 2017

At Bill's house, Justin arrived, and Bill hailed the return of "Sleeping Beauty." Bill had thought Justin would stay up with him all night to fix the mess. Justin touted that he was as fresh as a daisy, unlike Bill, who'd been dozing off the previous night. Justin revealed that he'd snooped around Liam's office. Bill corrected that it was Bill's office.

"I found this," Justin said, handing Bill a thumb drive. Bill sat down to put it in his laptop to see what was on it. Justin had already checked it and said it was a copy of the audio file that Liam was using to blackmail Bill. Bill asserted that they'd wipe out all traces of it that very day.

Ken entered, and Bill exploded about how Ken wouldn't get any more tea or honey until the job was done. To Bill's surprise, Ken had completed the task. Ken said it hadn't been easy because that kid of Bill's really knew his stuff. Ken stated that he'd erased the file from all of Liam's devices and emails. The only thing Bill had to worry about was a physical backup of some kind.

Bill asked if Ken meant something like the thumb drive Justin had found. Affirming it, Ken said Bill was all set. Bill asked if Ken was sure, and Ken insisted that he was. Justin stated that it had become Bill's word against Liam's. Bill thanked Ken for his work and said, "Let's do this."

At Forrester, Wyatt sneaked up behind Katie to surprise her. She'd thought he'd been on his way to work. Wyatt said his car had a mind of its own and had taken Wyatt to Forrester because it had known he'd rather kiss a beautiful woman than suffer under his brother's coup.

Katie thought Wyatt's support of Bill might ease tensions for when Bill learned about Katie and Wyatt's relationship. Wyatt doubted it. He didn't condone the actions of his brother or father. He thought the men were feeding off each other, and it would only be worse when Bill struck back.

Katie thought it was what Wyatt would want because Wyatt wanted to be in charge. Wyatt said he didn't want Liam to be in charge, but he didn't want him hurt, either. "Maimed. Lose a finger maybe, but that's about it," Wyatt joked. Wyatt knew Bill would be harsh in his revenge and quietly said it would be bad for Liam.

Later, Wyatt was ending a call with Alison. He couldn't believe what she was saying and asked her to call him if Liam or Bill left the building. After the call, Wyatt told Katie that Bill had declared himself CEO of Spencer again. Katie asked if Liam would go to the police with the recording. Wyatt replied that Bill could have gotten rid of it somehow.

Katie urged Wyatt to go to Spencer, but believing that Bill was in the middle of getting his revenge, Wyatt didn't want to get in the middle of it. Katie pondered whether Bill had gotten rid of the evidence. Wyatt replied that if Bill had, he could do whatever he wanted to Liam.

At Spencer, Liam reached for things around his desk and was puzzled when his penholder and trash can weren't in their usual spots. He called Alison to ask if they had hired a new cleaning service. When she said they hadn't, Liam murmured that it was really weird.

Alison announced that Steffy was on her way in, and Steffy entered the office. Steffy was there to talk to Liam again about meeting Bill halfway and deleting the recording. Liam refused to rid himself of the only leverage he had against Bill. Liam believed Bill saw Liam as an enemy and wanted Steffy to stop defending Bill over her husband.

Steffy insisted that she was trying to heal the family. Liam cited that Bill talked about him in the same tone as about Sally, and Bill had burned her building down. It made Liam wonder what Bill would do to Liam. Because Bill was out to get Liam, Liam had to keep the recording. Steffy wanted him to talk to his dad and said it could all go away if the men had a conversation.

Just then, the door opened with a clang against the doorstop. The smug Justin and Bill arrived. "When opportunity knocks..." Steffy quipped. Bill replied that "they say" to walk softly but carry a big stick. Liam asked her if she'd invited Bill. Steffy hadn't. Liam asked Justin if he'd done it and said he'd thought Justin had been listening during the loyalty talk.

Justin replied that he had been listening, and he was very loyal -- to one man, Dollar Bill Spencer, the CEO of that company. Liam declared himself the CEO, but Bill stated it wasn't so any longer. Placing a large framed photo of himself on the desk, Bill announced that he was reinstating himself. "That's cute. But we both know you can't do that," Liam replied.

"Because of your little recording. Now that's cute," Bill retorted. Liam asked if Bill really wanted Liam to go to the police. Bill pretended to think about it and gave Liam the go-ahead. Puzzled, Liam said Bill really didn't want to call Liam's bluff.

With balled fists, Bill anxiously hopped up and down and said he really, really did want to. Bill suggested that Liam get Lieutenant Baker over there at that moment because Bill would take pleasure in watching Baker chew on Liam's "ass" for wasting Baker's time.

Liam asked Bill what he'd done. Frowning, Bill replied that he hadn't done anything and had never broken a law in his life. Liam said Bill had confessed to arson. Bill believed Liam was mistaking Bill for someone else. Liam stated that he had it on tape. Bill gave Liam a haughty glare. Liam checked his phone and uttered, "Gone..."

Bill slipped up behind Liam faster than a vampire and asked, "What's that?" Liam stated that Bill had wiped it. Justin suggested that Liam check his digital backup and said it could be there. Liam replied that it wasn't. Liam asked how Bill had done it. Bill replied that there were computer nerds out there even more clever than Liam.

Liam triumphantly said it was great, but Bill's computer nerd couldn't delete everything, "because I happen to have -- " Liam sat down and reached under his desk but grasped air. Bill held up the thumb drive. "This?" Bill asked and broke it in two.

Bill said Liam had to have known that Bill would work on it from the moment it had started. He declared that it was over and ordered Liam to get out of his chair.

Steffy asked Bill what he was doing. Nose flaring, Bill said he was taking back what Liam had stolen. She asked about Bill's promise of peace. Bill replied that he'd been serious about it, but Liam hadn't been smart enough to cooperate. Liam grabbed the phone and dialed Alison. He urged her to pick up the phone.

"Alison, Alison, pick up the phone," Bill mocked. He said Alison didn't answer to Liam. Liam decided to go to security himself. Before he opened the office door, Justin stated that security didn't answer to Liam, either.

Bill stated that he'd expressed his regret for what had happened at Spectra again and again, "But what did you do?" he asked. Bill said Liam had used Bill's apology against him and backed Bill, Liam's own father, into a corner. It had been a stupid mistake.

Liam said that standing up for what was right wasn't a stupid mistake. Bill told Liam that he could stand up for truth all day long, but it didn't come first. Neither did the law or Liam's "feelings." Bill said only one thing was first for Spencers, and it was family. Bill asserted that family was above everything. "Like me or not, agree with me or not, I am still your father!" Bill declared. "And that should have mattered!"

Admitting that he'd made a mistake, Bill conveyed that his apology should have mattered, too, but it hadn't because Liam had been too power-hungry to care. "Now you will pay. You think that matters? You think you care now?" Bill exclaimed. Something told Bill that Liam did care, and Liam had to know there would be consequences.

Steffy warned Bill not to do anything foolish. "Like torch the Spectra building?" Bill asked. He said he hadn't had anything to do with it, and though there was no evidence to the contrary, Liam could call the police if he thought his word was enough. Steffy said no one was doing that. Bill replied that they were no fun, and he suggested calling Baker over for a hot dog picnic.

Ordering Bill to stop it, Steffy said that Bill knew what he'd done, regardless of having proof. In her view, Liam and Bill had each crossed the line, and she asked how they'd forgotten that they were father and son. Gesturing to Liam, Bill replied that Liam was the one who wouldn't compromise. Steffy accused Bill of starting it with his Spectra obsession and revenge threats.

Steffy claimed that all Liam wanted was to be proud of the family, company, and Bill. To Liam, she said Bill wanted Liam to thrive and have the business someday. She advised that Liam let Bill help him. She said Liam could make Spencer into what he wanted it to be through collaboration, not because he'd stolen it from Bill. Refusing to let the family fall apart, Steffy urged the men to find a way that very day because the company belonged to them both.

Liam told Bill that recording Bill hadn't been Liam's best moment, but Bill had hit Liam. "You deserved it," Bill replied. Steffy called Bill's name, and Bill added, "But it was a mistake." Bill knew that he should have done some things differently, but he was a man of his word. Liam recalled that Bill had vowed to get back at Liam, and Liam assumed Bill still intended to.

Bill asked if Liam knew how betrayed Bill had felt. Liam quipped that his bruised face had given it away. Bill stated that he'd punched more guys than he could even remember, and he was talking about the anger he'd felt sitting at home while Liam was sitting at Bill's desk. Bill had wondered what his father would have done if Bill had hurt him that way.

"Assault me? Kill me?" Bill pondered. Liam looked surprised. Bill told Liam not to be shocked. It was the Spencer way to eliminate the enemy. Bill said Liam could thank Steffy, who had a way of calming Bill. Steffy had been Bill's voice of reason and had become his confidante. Steffy had made Bill realize that there was only one thing Bill wanted, and Liam would give it to him.

"Your forgiveness," Bill uttered. He wanted his family back and his son back. Bill had decided that if Liam would forgive Bill, Bill would forgive Liam. Bill said that he loved Liam and hugged him. Steffy sobbed, and Justin patted Liam's back. Hugging Bill back, Liam that he loved Bill, too. Bill shed a tear as he held Liam.

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