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Liam's charity endeared him to Sally. Brooke left Bill, and Bill vowed to make Liam pay. Mateo lusted after Quinn during her massage. Quinn walked in on Katie and Wyatt in bed together.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 9, 2017 on B&B
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Mateo massages his way closer to Quinn Mateo massages his way closer to Quinn

Monday, October 9, 2017

In flight on the Spencer jet, Sally expressed that the new information Liam had given her about the fire had made it fine with her to use Whitman and Associates to revamp Spectra. Liam thought she eventually would have figured out Bill's hand in the fire.

Sally couldn't thank Liam enough for the lengths he'd gone to for her, and she let him know that the kiss on the cheek had been platonic. Liam conveyed that he already knew it. He assumed that he and Sally would be longtime friends, and he and Steffy would be married forever.

Later, Liam told Sally that they'd land at any moment, and Sally cooed that the architects meeting them on the plane was VIP treatment. Liam replied that Steffy hadn't been thrilled about the trip, so he'd decided that an onboard meeting would speed things up. Sally understood about keeping it professional and hoped Steffy knew she was lucky to have a husband like him.

Later, the jet had landed, and the meeting was underway with three other people. Liam loved the plans and wanted some outdoor space. He asked Sally's opinion. Sally loved everything Liam was saying. Liam asked that the building be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, and one of the associates said it wouldn't be a problem.

Liam apologized to the associates for the change in plan about Spencer Tower. The female associate said it had been quite the project, and Liam's father had had a very specific vision. Liam replied that Bill could dream a little too big at times, and he thanked the associates for being flexible. The meeting concluded, and the associates left.

Sally asked Liam to pinch her, and Liam replied that the meeting had gone well. She couldn't believe it was happening. She said she was getting emotional, and everything was due to him. Sally thought Liam had acted like a pro in the meeting, and she felt lucky to have him on her team. They clinked their champagne glasses. Liam was happy to help and thought it would be wrong if he hadn't.

"I have never had a man treat me the way that you do," Sally said. Liam frowned, and she told him that her words had come out totally wrong. She respected him and Steffy. Liam frowned again, and she said, "Maybe not Steffy." Sally respected Liam's marriage and figured Steffy had done something right to get Liam. Liam replied that he was far from perfect.

Sally believed that Liam was a catch and a prince among men; however, there was only one of him, and he was taken. "But if you weren't, I could -- you know -- maybe see the potential for more," she added. Liam's brows rose, and he bashfully blinked. She quickly added that she'd never push for more or do anything to make him uncomfortable.

Sally insisted that Liam didn't have to worry about her trying to seduce him. It wasn't who she was. She understood that he was completely faithful to his wife and said Steffy would be an utter fool not to be the same to him.

After a while, Liam said they'd land soon. Sally joked about telling the pilot to swing down to "Cabo" for margaritas. Liam wishfully replied that it would be nice. She still couldn't believe what he'd done for her and was excited to see what the future held for them. Liam agreed. He said he had a company to run and a marriage to get back on track. It had been a long road for him and Steffy, and he needed to make sure nothing got between them again.

At Bill's house, Bill vowed to make sure Liam's world would crash if Liam didn't snap out of it. Steffy understood that Bill was hurting and worried that he'd lose Brooke. Bill said that if he lost Brooke, Steffy could tell Liam that, "I'm coming. And hell's coming with me."

Bill said Steffy could admit that she wanted to see her father happy, and Ridge would be happy to have his precious Logan back. Steffy always wanted to see her father happy; however, it was Brooke's decision, and Steffy didn't know what Brooke would do. Bill said he'd had to tell Brooke, who'd seen right through his leave-of-absence excuse.

Bill blamed it all on Liam's blackmail. Bill roared that his self-righteous son might ruin Bill's life, and Bill said Liam had better pray it didn't go that way. Bill ranted about all the opportunities he'd given Liam. Steffy tried to say Liam knew, but Bill talked over her in a whiny voice, saying, "A little computer geek!" Bill said Liam had been a nothing and a nobody, who'd have nothing without Bill -- including Steffy.

Bill complained that Liam had repaid Bill with betrayal. Bill believed his son talked a good game about virtue but was a hypocrite. Bill didn't know how Steffy put up with Liam. Steffy said to stop because she loved her husband. Bill retorted that flying off with another woman was a funny way for Liam to show that he loved Steffy, and Sally was leading Liam around on a leash.

Bill asked if that was how Liam would treat his wife. Steffy frowned, looking away. Bill asserted that Liam didn't respect Steffy, not the way she deserved. Steffy admitted that she didn't like Liam flying around with Sally or trying to rescue Sally. Bill said his son justified it with a savior routine, and Bill had put up with Liam's kind for Bill's entire life.

People like Liam, in Bill's view, didn't know what it took to make the world a better place. Bill asserted that it took money and leadership, and one could forget all the "kumbaya BS." "You don't fix the world by doing yoga and eating quinoa. You don't do a warrior pose. Be a warrior!" Bill said. Liam's inability to do it would be the demise of Bill's family and company.

Bill said it had already been the destruction of his greatest gift to Los Angeles -- his skyscraper. It emphasized that it hadn't been for himself, "contrary to popular belief." The building would have employed thousands in construction, and generated millions in city revenue for materials -- plus, it would have employed people in the available office spaces. "Thanks to Liam, poof! It's all ruined," Bill concluded.

In Bill's view, Liam just wanted to hand money to people. Bill didn't believe people wanted handouts; they wanted to feel empowered and valued. People wanted to earn their living and have growth and progress. Bill didn't think Liam was helping Spencer employees. Instead, Liam was ruining them. Bill believed they'd lose their jobs because of Liam. Bill said he'd lose his own job, too, but he'd better not lose his wife.

Steffy tried to calm Bill down and said she was sure he and Liam would fix it. Bill said it was on Liam, and Bill had been nothing but patient. Bill claimed he'd even tried to forgive the blackmail, but if Brooke didn't return, it would be the last straw. Steffy noted that Liam hadn't told Brooke anything, and it had been Brooke's choice to leave.

Bill insisted that it wouldn't have happened if Liam hadn't backed Bill into a corner. Bill planned to make Liam pay dearly if Bill's marriage didn't survive. Bill threatened to rain pain down on Liam that Bill wouldn't wish on his worst enemy.

At the mansion, Eric and Rick chatted, wondering what Brooke's situation with Bill could mean for Ridge and the family. Nicole popped open the front door, exclaiming, "Bonjour!" She'd made a quick trip in from Paris to visit her parents and conveyed that she and Zende loved Paris.

Nicole asked where everyone was, and Eric said Quinn was taking a steam upstairs after hurting her back. Eric was sure Quinn would rebound in a few days. He just wanted to make sure his wife got all the help she needed.

Later, Nicole decided it was time to meet up with Maya and Lizzie. Rick was headed home and offered to drive Nicole. Eric and Nicole hugged and kissed each other's cheeks, and Eric asked her to give Zende his best regards. Nicole asked him to do the same for her with Quinn about the ailing back. Rick jokingly harassed Eric about taking take care of his wife, and Nicole and Rick exited.

Upstairs, Quinn strode around in a towel and was surprised when Mateo entered her bedroom. He was there to fix the steam, and Quinn guessed she had to take a bath, since the steam was broken. The two discussed her hurt back, and Mateo relayed that it was the number one complaint of his clients. Mateo added that he happened to also be a massage therapist.

Quinn recalled that Mateo had mentioned being newly licensed when she and Eric had conducted Mateo's interview. Mateo asked if she'd been to a doctor. Quinn had gotten an exam and a muscle relaxant. He thought it would only exacerbate the problem, and Quinn readily agreed.

Quinn asked if Mateo would mind. He stammered, and she said she just didn't want to live with the pain. He asked if she happened to have a massage table, and she asked if the bed would do. "Sure," he responded, looking a little stressed. Quinn called him a godsend.

Quinn stretched out across the bed, and Mateo massaged her through the towel. He said he normally used oil, but Quinn said it was fine and to go for it. They discussed the pressure, and Quinn couldn't really feel anything. Mateo couldn't get deep because of the towel, and she told him to just move it. He did so and applied his hands to her bare back.

Quinn said that was it, and Mateo had a conspicuous look on his face as he massaged her. As Quinn praised his work on her back, Mateo flashed back to receiving the money from Sheila. Quinn said his clients probably told him he was worth every penny. Mateo grimaced.

Later, Eric arrived in the bedroom, and Quinn was on the bed in a robe. Quinn noticed he'd gotten a haircut, and he said Tobias had just left. She explained why she hadn't taken a steam and that Mateo had gotten his elbow into where she hurt. Eric asked if Mateo had massaged her, and she reminded Eric that Mateo had mentioned his license in his interview.

Quinn wanted to find out how much Mateo charged. Eric didn't know how he felt about their estate manager massaging her. She told Eric not to be silly and suggested he try it. "A Mateo massage?" Eric asked. Giggling, Quinn suggested getting a massage table and asked if it wouldn't be great to have the talent there in the house.

In her hotel room, the restless Sheila tossed a book on the bed. She stared at her portrait and flashed back to trying to convince Mateo to romance Quinn. Stroking the hair drawn on her portrait, she said the painting would soon replace Quinn's portrait and Sheila would take her place in Eric's life.

Later, Mateo arrived and told Sheila about the massage for Quinn. "Right there on her marital bed," Sheila said. Mateo replied that there had been no other place. She asked if it meant he was considering her job offer, but Mateo was uneasy about it. He didn't think he could break up a marriage. Yet Quinn was attractive to him, and he said the extra money would help his family.

Sheila offered to double her offer but said Mateo wouldn't get the money until she was Eric's wife again. Mateo decided to make the deal. Sheila told Mateo to get Quinn to cross the line, and he would be rewarded very handsomely.

Bill sees red when he hears about Liam's extreme spending

Bill sees red when he hears about Liam's extreme spending

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

by Pam

At Bill's place, he flashed back to his discussion with Steffy about Liam neglecting her. He'd complimented Steffy on her "brains, beauty, warmth, heart." He had said that he knew how extraordinary she was, and he always had.

Bill called Steffy to discuss Liam. Steffy told Bill that Liam had returned home the previous evening and had not stayed in San Francisco. Bill said Liam "shouldn't have gone in the first place." Bill started to make threats against Liam, and Steffy told him to stop. Bill maintained that he appreciated Steffy.

Liam walked into Steffy's office. "I gotta go," Steffy said to Bill, and she hung up. Liam greeted her and they kissed, but she was hesitant.

"What's going on?" Liam asked. He wondered why Steffy had been surprised that he had returned home. He explained that he had cut the trip short because he respected her feelings. Steffy looked sad. He didn't want her to doubt his commitment. "I love you," he said. They hugged.

Steffy maintained that she wished Liam hadn't gone to San Francisco with Sally Spectra. Liam didn't want to argue. Steffy said she understood why he'd gone. She didn't approve. He said he didn't like to have anything get between them. "Are you really listening to me?" Steffy asked.

Steffy begged Liam to listen. She reminded him that Bill had been "exiled from his own company." She worried that Bill could be dangerous. She wanted Liam to be careful. Liam argued that Liam's takeover had kept Bill out of prison. Steffy felt that Bill was dangerous because he'd lost his company and Brooke had left him. He was desperate.

Liam felt he could handle his father. Steffy disagreed because Bill was angry. "What's going on here?" Liam asked again. Liam realized that Steffy had seen Bill again, and Bill was scaring her. Steffy was silent.

Steffy countered that Bill had a point in that he had lost his company and felt he had lost everything. Liam argued that he was making a positive impact at Spencer. Liam said a Spencer employee had been working for Spencer for 30 years, and Liam was the first person in management to ever call her by her name. Liam felt that was horrible of his father. "I understand," Steffy said.

Liam didn't think Steffy understood. She talked about when Bill would return to Spencer, but Liam said Bill would never return. Liam reminded Steffy that Bill had enough money to buy a small country. "I've got the company, and I've got you," Liam said. They embraced, and Steffy looked uncomfortable. She closed her eyes.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric noted that Quinn was moving a lot better after the massage that Mateo had given her. Quinn agreed. Eric was happy that Quinn felt better. Eric sent a text message to Mateo and told him to buy a massage table on the way to work. Quinn laughed. Eric was happy because if Quinn felt better, it was good for both of them.

At Sheila's, Mateo showed up, and Sheila wanted to be clear that Mateo understood what she wanted him to do. Mateo said he did, but he received a text message from Eric. Mateo panicked and was afraid to read it. He worried he was about to be fired.

Sheila read the text message that Eric wanted Mateo to pick up a massage table because Quinn felt so much better after Mateo's massage. Sheila was elated because it meant that Mateo was getting closer to Quinn. Sheila was confident that Quinn would have an affair with Mateo, and Mateo would make a lot of money. Sheila added that Mateo could help his family, and Sheila would soon become Mrs. Eric Forrester again. Sheila warned Mateo not to even think about backing out. She reminded him that they had a deal. Mateo left.

Later, Charlie showed up at Sheila's. He advised her to get out of town. He threatened that he knew she was stalking Eric Forrester because she was "pushing pasta over there" at Il Giardano so she could keep tabs on the Forresters.

"You should still be in the slammer," Charlie said to Sheila. He ordered Sheila to "scram." Sheila laughed at him. "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie," Sheila said. Charlie warned that she would never again become Eric's wife. Sheila argued that he was wrong.

At Spencer, Justin and Bill met, and Justin reported that Liam had increased daycare and benefits at Spencer. Bill called Liam "Santa Claus." "All he needs is a sleigh and some reindeer," Justin added.

Justin discussed Sally Spectra's access to Spencer architects, but Bill said he already knew about it.

Bill noted that Liam had chosen to help Sally Spectra because he was "rescuing the damsel in distress." Bill angrily said that Liam's support of Sally had cost him millions. Justin wondered why Liam had chosen to take Sally to San Francisco when she could have done it alone. Bill thought Liam had a thing for Sally Spectra. Justin couldn't believe it.

Bill related that he had lost everything, and if he lost Brooke, Liam would pay. "Don't let Steffy hear you talk like that," Justin advised, but Bill said that Liam had been neglecting Steffy, and he didn't think that would be a good idea with a woman like Steffy. "I know that look. What are you gonna do?" Justin asked.

At the Forrester mansion, Mateo had converted a room into a massage room and was waiting for Quinn. Eric entered and said he wanted a "word" with Mateo. Eric advised Mateo that he had given Mateo a lot of trust and responsibility. "I gave it to you because I trust you," Eric said. Eric said trust was very important to him, and he warned that people had betrayed him in the past. "Don't cross me, Mateo. Not ever," Eric warned. Mateo agreed.

Quinn entered in a towel. She was ready for her massage. Eric kissed her and left. Mateo said he had scented oil ready for her. He rubbed her back and neck, and Quinn moaned in approval. Mateo flashed back to hearing Sheila's voice offering $200,000 to "get the job done."

Brooke decides to end the marriage limbo

Brooke decides to end the marriage limbo

> Brooke decides to end the marriage limbo

Brooke decides to end the marriage limbo

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

In the massage room, Quinn moaned her satisfaction with Mateo's massage. Mateo thought of the two hundred thousand Sheila had offered him. Quinn wished she'd known about Mateo's skills a few weeks back. She'd needed help relaxing when they'd had a certain houseguest.

Mateo asked Quinn to flip over. Deciding that it was hot in there, he removed his shirt. Quinn complimented him and couldn't believe he didn't have a girlfriend. She felt that they could go on for hours with hands like his. Mateo hovered over Quinn. She said she was all his.

"Right there, Mateo," Quinn said. Mateo snapped out of his fantasy and realized that he was still only platonically massaging Quinn.

In the living room, Eric, Rick, and Maya discussed Brooke's ambiguous breakup with Bill. Rick was torn about whether Brooke should continue her marriage or return to Ridge.

The topic turned to Quinn's back, and Eric said Quinn would still be in pain if it weren't for Mateo and his magic hands. When Maya heard about Mateo's skills, she said she'd keep them in mind for her neck. Rick quipped that the only massage therapist she needed was her husband.

Eric said he'd surprised himself by arranging for a young man to touch his wife's half-naked body upstairs in his own house. "Not that I don't trust Quinn," Eric added. Maya was sure Quinn had had massages before, and Rick asked if Eric didn't trust Mateo. Eric admitted to having a subtle but firm talk with Mateo about loyalty.

In his bedroom later, Eric watched Quinn spin around in a robe. Feeling no pain, Quinn was impressed that she was recovering without medication. Eric thought he should have his head examined for letting a younger, attractive man massage her, let alone putting hands all over her. Quinn dismissed the thought and said Eric was the only man she wanted.

Quinn did feel they owed Mateo gratitude because she was ready for all sorts of activities. "Really?" Eric asked, and they kissed.

At Sheila's hotel, Sheila returned to her room and saw that Charlie had unveiled her portrait. She asked if he thought it was beautiful. "If you like mug shots," he quipped. Sheila asserted that her portrait would hang in the house of the man she loved. Charlie believed that Sheila was setting herself up for heartbreak.

Sheila theorized that she would have a chance if Eric could see Quinn for the immoral person Quinn was. Charlie said he knew Sheila was banking on a Quinn and Ridge merger, but the "Ridgester" was spending time with Lady Logan after splitting from "a Buck and a quarter Bill." Sheila said to consider whom they were discussing. She was sure someone else would get their hands on Quinn.

Later, Sheila received an update call from Mateo, who'd given Quinn another massage. He believed she'd enjoyed it, but things took time and couldn't be rushed. He told Sheila not to worry because he knew what he was doing.

In the design office, Katie and Brooke worked, and Brooke teased Katie about her incessant smile. Brooke guessed there was a man in Katie's life. Katie deflected, saying that if Brooke wanted to talk about men, they could discuss where things stood with Brooke and Bill.

Brooke didn't know where things stood. It wasn't fair to herself, her son, Ridge, or Bill, and she felt she needed to clarify things. Brooke pulled out her phone to message Bill.

In the CEO's office, R.J. tried to convince Ridge to hire more interns for the holidays, but Ridge was preoccupied with something. R.J. asked if his mother was on Ridge's mind. Ridge didn't reply. R.J. asked if the problem of the past still stood between Brooke and Ridge and if Brooke was worried that Ridge would disappoint her again. Ridge asserted that he wouldn't. He said Brooke needed their support, and she'd always have it.

Katie entered, and Ridge said they'd just been discussing her sister. R.J. asked if Katie knew where Brooke stood. Katie, who'd just talked to Brooke, believed Brooke had made a decision.

R.J. took off, and Katie hoped she hadn't run the teen off. Ridge asked Katie what Brooke would do, but Katie had no idea.

At Bill's house, Justin tried to get Bill to go to lunch, but all Bill did was gripe about losing his company and wife. Bill would change Brooke's mind for her if she let him, and he was worried that the longer they were apart, the more it began to seem permanent. Justin wondered if Ridge was respecting the marriage or in hot pursuit of Brooke.

Because Bill didn't want to do lunch, Justin figured they'd at least have fun for Thursday night's game night with pizza and wings. Bill said it might be the only thing to get his mind off his world exploding. Retrieving Brooke's ring from a cabinet, Bill remembered how Brooke had looked at him when she'd removed it. He refused to give up on her.

While ranting about Liam ruining Bill's marriage, Bill got a message from Brooke that she was on the way over. Justin assumed it meant he'd be alone on game night. Bill said his wife would be back with him, but Justin advised Bill to give it more time. Bill claimed he'd done that, and Brooke had used the time.

Justin started to doubt it meant what Bill thought, but Justin decided that Bill could be right in thinking Brooke saw Bill as a chastened man who wouldn't commit the same wrongs. Bill asserted that if he and Brooke broke up, he would strike his turncoat son "so hard." Liam had better pray for a reconciliation or feel unimaginable pain.

Later, Brooke arrived. Bill had hoped her arrival meant what he thought it meant. Brooke said he'd been reaching out to talk, and keeping them in limbo wasn't fair for either of them.

Bill said he'd never loved a woman the way he loved Brooke, and they'd made it to the altar, despite the obstacles. He stated that marriages got tested, and they'd reached the biggest test they'd ever face. He knew that he'd compromised her trust in him. Bill was angry at himself, Liam, and the world because Bill didn't know how to fix it -- or if she wanted him to.

Bill felt that he was losing himself, and he needed Brooke. He'd lost his head and judgment, but he'd never do anything like his transgression again. He swore to be a good role model and husband. Bill took her ring out of his pocket and asked to put it back on her finger. He asked Brooke to return to him as his wife and partner.

Hell hath no fury like Dollar Bill scorned

Hell hath no fury like Dollar Bill scorned

Thursday, October 12, 2017

At Bill's house, Bill asked if Brooke saw conviction in his eyes and that he'd never do it again. Brooke replied that she did. He asked her to put her ring back on and move on with him. He said he'd go back and change things if he could, but the best he could do was move forward.

Bill said he'd gotten a wake-up call, but giving up on them wasn't an option. Placing her ring in her hand, he insisted that they'd get through it together. Though it would take time, Bill intended to make things right with everyone, even Sally, and it started with Brooke. Bill needed his wife in his corner. "And if I can't?" Brooke asked. Bill said she had to.

Brooke said that people could have died, but Bill had just wanted what he'd wanted. Bill said he'd apologized. Brooke believed it was because he'd gotten caught, not because he felt remorse for what he'd done. She said he only felt sorry for himself. Bill stated that it wasn't true.

Brooke began a breakup speech, saying she'd enjoyed their time together. Bill cut her off and ordered her to put her ring back on. Brooke asked if it was because he wanted her -- just the way he'd wanted his building. Bill sighed. She said he hadn't cared about anything but what he'd wanted. He took risks with people's lives and jail, but she didn't want to take those risks.

Brooke said Bill could call it giving up, but she called it growing up. She wanted to stand up and do what was right for her life. He replied that what was right was honoring the vows they'd made in that very room. He said she'd promised to love him as fiercely as he loved her. Brooke replied that she always would, but not as his wife.

Bill didn't believe Brooke had thoughtlessly said words that had sounded good on their wedding day. Brooke tried to give her ring to him, but he wouldn't take it. He said she wasn't leaving, and "this" was her home. He stated that he was her husband, and she'd return to him, never to walk out the door again. She asked him to try to understand.

Brooke said Bill believed that it was the first time and last time he'd ever go that far, but he was the same guy who'd dumped Ridge in the ocean. Bill replied that she couldn't look at it in a vacuum. Ridge had crashed their wedding, socked Bill in the face, and dragged the bride down the beach. Bill asserted that back then, he would have done what he had to in order to get her back, and it had been a totally different set of circumstances.

Disagreeing, Brooke thought the behaviors were similar. Bill always did something, regretted it, and claimed he'd never do it again. Though Bill probably wouldn't do the same things again, he most likely would do whatever he wanted and take whatever he wanted with whatever method he wanted to use. It scared Brooke. Bill scared Brooke.

Brooke mentioned hitting Liam, and Bill said Liam had deserved it. Brooke scoffed in disbelief and asked what it would be if R.J. upset Bill. Bill replied that R.J. was her kid, not Bill's. Bill added that Liam had blackmailed Bill, and Bill had just reacted. She said it was the reason she couldn't put the ring on. Brooke had fought to be with him, but his reactions didn't feel safe.

Bill asked Brooke to tell him what to do to make her feel safe. She replied that he hadn't given her the stable life he'd promised. Staying married to Bill meant explaining away his terrible behavior and excusing it. She couldn't do it.

Brooke felt she had to end it, but Bill claimed to see in her eyes that she didn't want to. Brooke would always see the good in Bill, and she'd always have their memories. Placing the ring in his hand, she said he didn't know how hard it was for her or how much she'd loved him. Brooke rushed out of the house.

Bill placed the ring by the fireplace photos and flashed back to marrying Brooke. His mind drifted to the fallout with Liam that had led to the breakup of the marriage. Bill recalled that he'd said he'd take revenge on Liam. Bill started to pour a drink, but upon second thought, he put the glass down and stormed out of the house.

At Forrester, Ridge plied Katie for information about whether Brooke would return to Bill. Katie said it was the question of the hour. Ridge felt that, whatever Bill had done, enough was enough. Katie asked if Ridge needed a reminder of how often Brooke had forgiven him. Ridge said he and Bill had both let Brooke down and wondered if she'd go back to Bill.

Katie replied that Bill could be persuasive, especially to those in love with him. Katie didn't want to see Ridge get hurt, and she wanted to be realistic. Ridge quipped that Bill and Brooke had never been a realistic pair. Ridge was tempted to text message Brooke, but Katie said he didn't want to do it in the middle of a breakup or makeup session. Just then, he got called away to a meeting, and as he left, Katie said she was rooting for him.

Later, Brooke arrived in the empty CEO's office. Moments later, Ridge entered. He said he'd heard that she'd gone to see Bill. Brooke indicated that it was over. "Oh," Ridge responded. She said, "It doesn't mean..." Ridge was aware of it, but he said it did mean that he was there for her, which was enough for the time being. Ridge hugged her.

At Spencer, Liam took a call, and Steffy flashed back on her conversation with Bill the other day. After the call, Liam touted that the way he spoke to people bred success. He noted Steffy's distraction. She said she was "Team Liam," and he asked if that was a bad place to be.

She couldn't help but be concerned about Liam being at Bill's desk while Bill plotted at home. She advised Liam not to be naive. Instead, he had to be ready because Bill would fight back. Liam already knew that and said his relationship with Bill had changed forever after Bill had sucker-punched him. She didn't think a moment of anger had to change things forever.

Steffy believed Bill regretted it, but Liam asked how Bill could regret it and be plotting against Liam at the same time. She replied that Bill was still reeling, and even though it hadn't been physically, Liam had hit Bill, too. Liam asked what had happened to being Team Liam, and she said she just wanted him to see Bill's point of view.

Because Steffy was his wife, Liam thought she should be trying to see his viewpoint. Though Steffy was trying, it was hard for her to see Liam behind the desk while knowing he'd gotten it through blackmail. Liam claimed it was because he was righting his father's wrongs. Steffy claimed not to have taken a side, but she wanted him to see that Bill had a side.

Liam contended that Bill had had Spectra burned to a crisp but only regretted getting caught and losing control. Steffy warned that Bill would blame Liam for the loss of Brooke. Liam said he couldn't focus on it. Steffy advised him to do so because Bill planned to make Liam pay if it happened. Liam felt that Bill's choices belonged to Bill, and Liam wouldn't feel guilty if Bill lost his wife over them.

Liam reasoned that Bill would be at his desk if he'd let Spectra be. Steffy noted that Liam had no sympathy for Bill, who'd lost his company and marriage. Liam replied that Bill had set it all in motion and should accept consequences like a big boy.

Liam received a call that alerted him that Bill was there. Liam asked who had let Bill in. Liam thanked the caller, and after the call, Steffy said it could be a time for the men to talk. Liam wouldn't hear it. "Liam, please, come on, " she said. Liam said Bill was the one showing up where he didn't belong.

Bill entered and asked if Liam was satisfied that he'd taken Bill's wife. Steffy was sorry that Brooke had left Bill, and Bill said Brooke was seeking a divorce. Liam asked if Bill was surprised Brooke didn't want to be married to a son-punching arsonist. Bill retorted that Liam had deserved it, so he needed to stop crying and get over it.

Liam didn't think so because actions had consequences. "Truer words have never been spoken, you self-righteous son of a bitch," Bill replied. He said it would be consequences Liam couldn't even imagine. Steffy tried to intervene. Bill continued, saying Liam was everything Bill despised. Liam asked if Bill despised the truth. Bill said he despised hypocrisy and an extortionist who hid under the skirt of honesty, integrity, and truth without understanding that family was first.

Bill ripped the sword necklace off Liam's neck, and Liam asked if Bill planned to hit him. Bill uttered that bruises faded, and he preferred lasting damage. Steffy said Bill didn't mean it. Bill held Liam responsible for Bill losing Brooke, whom Bill had fought to be with for years. Liam told Bill to blame himself and make some changes.

"There he is! Preacher Liam!" Bill exclaimed. Mockingly, he said the day's lesson was about change. Change was headed Liam's way, in Bill's view, and if Liam thought the Spectra fire was bad, he should think again. "Your life is about to go up in flames," Bill warned.

Katie pays the price for leaving her door unlocked

Katie pays the price for leaving her door unlocked

Friday, October 13, 2017

At Forrester, Brooke told Ridge that she didn't know why she'd wound up there. She hadn't wanted to go home. Ridge understood it. Brooke stated that there was good in Bill. Ridge replied that Brooke and Bill's interactions weren't a measure of Bill's character. She replied that it was why she couldn't go back.

R.J. arrived and noted there was something different. Ridge said Brooke had something to talk to their son about, but it would be at another time. R.J. asked if Brooke would return to Bill's house. Brooke replied that she didn't know what the future held, but she'd had to end her marriage to Bill.

R.J. said he'd tried to like Bill. Bill had been fun, but he'd made R.J. think of an alien pretending to be human. Ridge didn't think it was the time for him and his son to talk about their feelings about Bill. Ridge explained that trusting someone was a gamble that could sometimes lead to wondering why one had trusted another in the first place. Ridge owned up to failing Brooke, and he took no pleasure in seeing her go through it again.

R.J. had heard Bill say he was best at getting even, and R.J. felt that Brooke was safer with him and Ridge. Brooke assured R.J. she was okay. She just wasn't up for talking much about it. R.J. said he'd forgotten why he'd entered the office, but he'd tell Pam that Brooke and Ridge were in an important meeting.

After R.J. had left, Ridge said R.J. was quite a kid Brooke had raised with little help from Ridge. Brooke said their son was her greatest accomplishment. Ridge told her that everyone loved her and was there for her. Brooke leaned on his shoulder. He said they were like friends who could pick up where they left off after years apart, and leaning on him was like going back to the old days when they'd been in love, and nothing would change. "Ridge..." Brooke said.

Shaking his head, Ridge said he hadn't meant she'd lean on him that way. Brooke told him that she couldn't, and he added "yet" to it. He knew Bill wouldn't let go without a fight. She was adamant that there would be no fight. He asked what had happened, and Brooke said she'd had to get clear about what she could live with.

Ridge recalled that Brooke had been able to live with Bill tossing Ridge from a helicopter. Brooke responded that Bill had told her that he'd changed. Ridge said that one could believe in promises they couldn't keep when they were faced with losing the one thing they loved.

Ridge felt that he had to ask if Bill had ever hit Brooke. She replied that he hadn't, but he'd knocked Liam to the ground. Guessing he shouldn't be surprised, Ridge asked what had set Bill off. Brooke wasn't ready to discuss it. Ridge said he wasn't really asking. He just wanted her to know she could lean on him.

Ridge thought they needed to watch out for their son, who had high hopes. Ridge added that Brooke knew how Ridge got. Brooke said that when they weren't together, he wanted to be, and when they were together, he wasn't sure about it. "Ouch," he replied. He said people changed, and she might give him another chance, though he didn't know what number it would be.

Brooke said Ridge's name, and Ridge claimed to be happy to have a small chance to have Logan back in his life. She stated that people thought they'd grown apart. Ridge replied that they could agree it wasn't true. Agreeing, she said it had been that way even when he'd been overseas and they'd talked on the phone about the family.

Brooke recalled feeling Ridge's presence in the house during that time. She'd check every room because she knew he liked to surprise people. The surprise had been that he was still gone. Ridge responded that he'd hurt her a great deal. He was sorry and said someone as special as Brooke shouldn't know what heartache felt like. He wanted to make it up to her, if she'd let him.

At Eric's mansion, Eric and Mateo discussed getting an electrician, but Mateo, who said he was well versed in circuitry, offered to look at the problem. Quinn said she and Eric were impressed at Mateo's ability to fix anything. Mateo asked how her back was, and she said it was almost perfect. Eric thanked Mateo for taking care of Eric's wife.

After Mateo had gone, Eric expressed a desire to keep a handy person like Mateo happy. Quinn wondered how they'd know Mateo was happy, and Eric guessed they didn't know much about the man. Quinn relayed what she knew so far, which was that he had family and was single and eco-conscious. The topic turned to Quinn's single son, and she wished Wyatt would find someone.

As Eric and Quinn worked on the sofa, Quinn thought of women Wyatt could date. She mentioned Charlotte, who always seemed to perk up when Wyatt was around. Not surprised, Eric said Ridge had spoken to Charlotte about "office romances." Quinn wanted to encourage it because Wyatt didn't work at Forrester, but Eric asked if parental matchmaking ever worked.

Quinn said Wyatt wasn't even dating, and a man like Wyatt shouldn't make his life about work. Eric reasoned that Wyatt probably had other interests that he kept to himself. "Maybe they're athletic," Quinn replied, and Eric sheepishly put his glasses on.

Later, Quinn was placing a big bouquet of flowers on the table behind the sofa when Mateo swooped in to stop her from twisting her back. Quinn asked for an update about the electrical issue. Mateo thought there might have been a short in the box, and they could have had a fire. He asked her to tell Eric and her son to stay away from it until Mateo got back.

Quinn replied that her son no longer lived there. Mateo guessed that Mr. Spencer was just visiting because Mateo had seen Wyatt next door. Quinn was surprised to hear it when Mateo said he'd seen Wyatt driving through the neighbor's gate. Quinn assumed Wyatt might be dropping off something for Will and asked how long it had been since Mateo had seen the car. Mateo relayed that it had been a couple of hours.

Later, Eric entered the living room, where Mateo was, and he asked if Mateo had seen Quinn. Mateo indicated that she'd gone next door. Eric believed that Mateo was mistaken because Katie and Quinn didn't get along. Mateo figured it would be fine because Wyatt was there.

At Katie's house, Wyatt and Katie had lunch that he'd gotten from a food truck. Katie needed to get back to work, but Wyatt wasn't ready to end their time together. He wanted to open the patio, but she said Quinn might see him out there. He asked if Katie really had to get back to work, and they kissed.

Katie called Forrester to say she'd be working from home. She told Wyatt that it gave them some time. Wyatt wondered how much time they really had because of Eric. She was sure Eric wouldn't tell anyone about them, but Wyatt said Brooke could walk in. Katie conveyed that she'd already seen Brooke that day. Wyatt didn't think Brooke would break up with Bill, but Katie said other men wound up being a footnote in the saga of Brooke and Ridge.

Katie and Wyatt wondered what they'd do with their day together, and she suggested playing a card game. He asked if she knew of any nonverbal games they could play upstairs. Katie said she could think of four, and the two kissed their way up to the bedroom.

Downstairs, Quinn knocked and called for Katie. Entering the house, Quinn said the door was unlocked. Quinn called for her son. When she heard nothing, she figured that Mateo had been mistaken. Quinn turned to leave, but she heard a noise and decided to ascend the stairs.

In Katie's bedroom, Wyatt and Katie were beneath the covers. Quinn opened the door, and Katie shrieked, covering up Wyatt. Quinn asked who was in the bed with Katie. Katie yelled at Quinn to get out of her house, but Quinn demanded to know who was in bed with Katie. Katie asked if it was Quinn's business. "I don't know, Katie, is it?" Quinn asked.

Wyatt pulled the covers off his head, and Quinn screamed, "No, no, no!"

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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