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Dina suffered a mild stroke. Graham revealed that he had Dina's medical power of attorney. Graham whisked Dina out of the hospital and onto a private plane. Nick and Victor agreed to a truce. Victoria got into a car accident. Cane invited Juliet to move in with him.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 16, 2017 on Y&R
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Ashley discovers an unconscious Dina Ashley discovers an unconscious Dina

Monday, October 16, 2017

At the Abbott mansion, Traci and Abby served tea to a distraught Ashley. Jack told his sisters and niece that he'd escorted Dina to her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Jack, recalling the family secrets revealed at Ashley's celebration dinner, said that at least Dina had been made aware that Graham was a parasite who only cared about inheriting her estate. Jack noted that he'd instructed Dina to contact her lawyer about changing her will. Ashley cried that everyone would soon know her painful secret after Dina had blurted it out for all to hear.

After discovering that Jack had known all along, Traci and Abby expressed disappointment that Ashley had never shared her secret with them. Ashley explained that she'd thought it would've been unfair to burden other family members by forcing them to keep the secret, too. Ashley cried that she'd also shielded John from ever knowing he wasn't her biological father. Traci noted that John had been dead for years, yet Ashley hadn't said a word. Abby said she'd once been kept in the dark by not being told that Victor was her father and was just learning that John Abbott wasn't her grandfather.

Ashley grabbed a framed photo of John Abbott, held it against her chest, and insisted that she'd always felt he was her father and Abby's grandfather. Jack assured Ashley that Hilary wouldn't air the videotaped confessions. Ashley cried, "This is the kind of thing that travels at warp speed, Jack. This is the kind of gossip that people feel entitled to have an opinion about." Jack defended Dina and said she'd blurted out the secret after learning the shocking news about Graham being Brent Davis' stepson. Traci said Dina was probably still reeling after learning that Graham had fostered a relationship with her to exact revenge. Ashley cried that she felt like she was being punished for helping her mother. Jack tried to comfort Ashley and said that Graham would soon leave town after Dina changed her will.

Ashley told her siblings and daughter that she'd struggled for years to feel like an Abbott and would have to start all over again after everyone learned her secret. Noting the sad faces of her family, Ashley said she dreaded the expressions of pity from others that would feel stifling and overwhelming. Ashley grabbed her coat and left. To offer clarity, Jack told Traci and Abby that though Dina had engaged in affairs with other men besides Brent Davis, John had only been aware of Dina's affair with Davis. Abby looked stunned as she attempted to process the revelations.

Abby assured her aunt and uncle that Ashley was stronger than she had been in the past. Jack told Abby that after Ashley had first learned the truth about her paternity, she'd suffered a breakdown and had disappeared for a while. Abby asked if her mom might suffer another breakdown. Jack and Traci insisted that Ashley would be all right. Traci added that the best course of action would be to give Ashley space and not hover over her. As Abby rose to leave, she said tearfully that though she'd always felt caught between the Abbotts and Newmans, she felt even more confused.

After Abby left, Jack told Traci that Dina had moved to Europe to keep her secret safe from John because he adored Ashley and wouldn't have been able to handle the truth. Jack and Traci both expressed concern that Ashley might possibly spin out of control as she had in the past. Jack recalled that after Ashley's breakdown, she'd returned home and learned that Davis, gravely ill, was staying at Katherine's. Jack said it was his understanding that Ashley and Davis had found some semblance of peace before he'd died. Traci expressed frustration that Dina had inflicted such deep wounds, which she'd reopened once again.

In Dina's suite at the Athletic Club, Graham observed Dina stretched out on the floor. Dina had collapsed after the two had argued when she'd attempted to phone her attorney in France. Graham lingered a few moments without offering assistance. He tossed the phone he'd wrested from Dina earlier onto the sofa before walking out the door. After Graham stepped out of the suite and locked the door, he hung the "do not disturb" sign on the doorknob. As Graham was walking down the stairs to the lobby, he phoned an airline and requested a ticket for the earliest flight to Boca Raton. Afterward, Graham phoned his mother and said he had news to share with her in person.

In the dining room at the club, Sharon told Scott that Mariah and Tessa would be disappointed to learn that Alice had somehow gotten away before police had been able to question her. Scott expressed hope that Alice would resurface. Sharon noted that police had had Alice in a place where they could've easily questioned her. Without Alice, Sharon explained, it might be impossible to find the person in charge of the trafficking operation. Zack arrived and lingered at the bar behind Scott and Sharon's table. As Scott and Sharon were leaving, they paused to speak to Zack. Sharon greeted Zack and explained that she was on her way to speak to her daughter and her friend. Zack noticed that Sharon seemed troubled.

After Sharon left, Scott asked Zack why he wasn't with Abby. Zack explained that Abby had attended an Abbott family function. Zack added that he was uncertain about the direction of his and Abby's romantic relationship. Scott warned that workplace romances weren't the smartest idea.

Zack changed the subject and praised Scott's hard-hitting, thought-provoking online publication. Zack said he'd long been anticipating reading the series about the sex-trafficking ring Scott had been investigating. Zack added, "Haven't seen anything, though. Does that mean your leads dried up?" Scott said he'd deliver his series as promised as soon as he confirmed all details. Scott admitted that every worthwhile article he'd ever worked on had hit a snag along the way, especially when the subject involved criminal activity.

Zack suggested that Scott put his sex-trafficking story on the backburner and instead write about the dating app Zack had developed. Scott explained that doing so would be unethical because DesignDate and Hashtag operated under the same corporate umbrella. Scott offered to enlist a colleague to write a piece about Zack's dating app. Zack expressed his appreciation and gave Scott a business card with contact information. Zack asked Scott why he'd go out of his way to help Abby because she and Scott didn't seem at all friendly. Zack said he had doubts about Scott and Abby's displays of animosity and might even be jealous if Scott wasn't dating Sharon. Scott took offense and tossed Zack's card on a cocktail table. Scott suggested that Zack find someone else to help him with publicity.

At GC Buzz, Tessa told Mariah that Sharon would arrive soon to meet with them. Tessa asked Mariah to revisit their earlier conversation, which Hilary had interrupted. Mariah declined and said there wasn't anything to talk about. Tessa said she wanted to talk about things they'd been afraid to say out loud. Mariah explained that she'd never been afraid to speak her mind, so Tessa had evidently misread her. Tessa said she'd felt like she and Mariah shared the same feelings. Mariah insisted Tessa had misunderstood, so they should just move on. Tessa and Mariah's conversation was cut short when Sharon stopped by.

Sharon told Mariah and Tessa that Alice Johnson had been targeted in a hit-and-run accident and taken to the hospital. Tessa and Mariah were disappointed to hear that Alice had somehow escaped before police could question her. Sharon noted that hospital officials had told her that Alice had remained unconscious, though it was possible, Sharon added, that Alice might have regained consciousness and left on her own. Mariah replied, "Or someone came back to finish the job." Tessa said she feared that someone could've forced Alice to reveal information about Crystal's whereabouts. Sharon reminded Tessa that Paul had placed Crystal in the safety of protective custody.

Mariah expressed concern about them all being in danger because the man at the graveyard had seen their faces and had even tried to shoot Sharon. Sharon tried to dispel their fears by reminding them that Christine's goal was to locate the higher-up people in charge of the trafficking ring. Tessa noted that Sharon was the one that had figured out Alice's role and how it had involved Crystal. Sharon said the traffickers would be taking too much of a risk to target them. Mariah ended the discussion by encouraging Tessa to return to Noah's because he probably wondered where she was.

After Tessa left, Sharon asked Mariah if there was something going on between her and Tessa. Mariah insisted that Sharon was imagining issues that didn't exist. Ashley arrived in search of Hilary. Ashley briefly recalled her mother's revelations about Brent Davis. Sharon asked Ashley if she was okay. Ashley insisted that nothing was wrong before she turned and left. Sharon seemed concerned about Ashley.

After Ashley left, Sharon continued questioning Mariah about her friendship with Tessa. Sharon asked if Mariah resented Tessa's deepening relationship with Noah. Mariah insisted she didn't. Sharon advised Mariah not to compare the pace of Noah and Tessa's relationship with hers and Devon's. Mariah said she wanted her relationship with Tessa to remain simple and uncomplicated. Sharon asked what Mariah feared might cause complications. Mariah replied, "Nothing. Nothing at all."

Ashley went to the Athletic Club and knocked on Dina's door. Ashley said, "Mother, I need to talk to you." No one responded. Ashley continued knocking and calling out to Dina, but still heard no response. Graham approached, and Ashley ordered him to use his key to open the door. After Graham opened the door, Ashley spotted Dina passed out on the floor. Ashley rushed inside, knelt beside Dina, and felt her neck for a pulse. Graham lingered in the doorway, watching. Dina remained unconscious.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Tessa ran into Zack. In a hushed tone, Tessa said, "Just so you know, Crystal's okay." Tessa didn't share details, but she told Zack that Mariah, along with a woman on the inside, had helped rescue Crystal. Tessa explained that if the woman associated with the traffickers hadn't had a change of heart, they would've never recovered Crystal. Zack replied, "Hope I get to meet her. This woman, I mean." Tessa, puzzled, asked why. Zack said he wanted to meet the woman to thank her in person.

Tessa told Zack that the woman had vanished from the hospital after being involved in an accident. Tessa expressed concern for the woman's safety. Zack said, "I guess the old phrase rings true. No good deed goes unpunished." Tessa replied, "Well, that's a crappy thing to say." Zack apologized and said that the important thing was that Crystal was okay. Tessa replied, "And rid of those horrible people. Hopefully, when the cops find them, they'll all go to prison. Every last one of them." Tessa insisted that those involved would be captured and punished if she had anything to do with it.

Abby ran into Scott at the Top of the Tower. Scott asked Abby if she was looking for her boyfriend. Abby replied, "If you're referring to my business partner, no, I am not looking for him." Scott noted that Zack had also been at a loss for words about how to label his relationship with Abby. Abby said she wasn't in the mood to snipe with Scott.

Scott offered to listen while Abby shared whatever was bothering her. Abby, citing that Scott was a stickler for accuracy, said she should be a stickler, too, and stop claiming to be an Abbott. Scott asked Abby what she meant. Abby said there were things going on with her mom. Scott seemed concerned and suggested Abby forgo the tech conference in Madison, but she insisted on attending. Scott embraced Abby and comforted her.

Graham drops a bombshell on the Abbotts

Graham drops a bombshell on the Abbotts

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

An unconscious Dina was rushed to the hospital, and Ashley called out for a doctor. Graham stated that Dr. Hummel had been caring for Dina, but Ashley refused to let a doctor of Graham's choosing near her mother. Graham argued that the doctor was Dina's personal physician, but Ashley countered that she was the patient's daughter, so she had the final say. Graham questioned whether Ashley wanted Dina to have the best care or not.

Dr. Hummel assured Ashley that he knew Dina's medical history and would take excellent care of her. As medical staff wheeled Dina away, Ashley ordered Graham to get out, but he refused to leave until he heard Dina's diagnosis. Traci and Jack arrived, and Ashley informed them that they wouldn't know anything until the doctor examined Dina. Jack barked that Graham could leave because Dina's family was taking over, but Graham continued to lurk around.

The next morning, Gloria arrived at Jabot and asked if Jack had slept there. He explained that he was there early to prepare some paperwork for Michael, but he was heading back to the hospital. Ravi became alarmed about Ashley, but Jack reported that his mother had collapsed and that they were still waiting for word about her condition. Jack instructed Gloria to cancel his and Ashley's meetings, and he rushed out.

Later, Gloria tracked down Ravi in his office and informed him that she'd learned from some nurse friends that Ashley had found Dina unconscious after their family dinner. Ravi recalled that it had been a horrible night for Dina, but he balked at discussing family business. Ravi asked Gloria to make sure that Graham couldn't sign for anything that Jabot sent to Dina, and Gloria asked if Graham had done something. Gloria begged for a little clue, but Ravi maintained that it wasn't his place. He answered a call and indicated that Ashley wasn't in, and he said he would be right there.

A grim-looking Noah sat at Crimson Lights, staring at his tablet. He barely noticed when he knocked over his cup of coffee, and he examined an online headline about Nick turning from a prince into a pauper.

Sharon arrived at Nick and Chelsea's penthouse, and Nick informed her that Chelsea was at the office. Sharon mentioned that she'd seen his big announcement on The Hilary Hour, and he invited her in. He thought he should have given away his money years earlier, but he hadn't gotten the idea until Victor had siphoned off money from his account. Sharon argued that she'd viewed his wealth as a nest egg for his children, and she griped that he hadn't consulted her before giving it away.

Nick swore that he'd planned for his kids' futures, so they'd be fine, but Sharon questioned why he had given away that much money. Nick explained that having the money had given Victor the impression that he could call all the shots, but having no money meant Victor had no shots. Sharon snapped that it also meant no security blanket, but Nick defended that he'd earned healthy returns on the half-billion dollars. Sharon wondered where his brain had been when he'd made an impulsive, life-altering decision, since it sounded like his only priority had been to get rid of every dime.

Sharon applauded Nick for wanting to give back to the community, but she warned that he couldn't predict the future, and his kids might end up needing more than he'd set aside. She scolded that he was so caught up in his argument with his father that he couldn't admit that he might have guessed wrong. He thought there was no sense arguing because it was done, but she suggested that he renegotiate the amount he was donating. Nick argued that he'd told everyone on national television what he was going to do, and he joked that he had to hold onto his integrity because he was going to be a half-billion dollars poorer.

Sharon lectured that Nick hadn't grown up the way she had, scraping money together to eat and pay rent, and she couldn't describe how much it meant to her that her kids would never have those experiences. She wanted her children to know that there was a safety net to keep them from falling too far and that they'd be able to make a fresh start if necessary. Nick insisted that they still had that, but Sharon stressed that money meant freedom to her. She wanted Noah and Faith to be able to follow their hearts, and Nick asserted that his donation wouldn't prevent them from chasing their dreams.

Nick reiterated that there was no reason for anyone to have that much money, and he reminded Sharon that money had caused problems in the Newman family many times. Sharon asserted that the only reason Scott was alive was because Victor had been able to afford a ten-million-dollar ransom, since Lauren hadn't been able to save her own son, even though she owned a successful business. Nick conceded that he didn't have a "rainy day ransom fund," but Sharon clucked that people didn't win the lottery and give away the jackpot.

Noah arrived, and Nick appealed to him to talk sense into Sharon. Noah said he was there to talk sense into Nick, and he demanded to know what his father had been thinking. Noah contemplated what would happen if the Underground expansion hit a snag or if they ran into an unexpected crisis. Noah chided Nick for alienating Victor even more, since Victor could have been another valuable asset that they no longer had. Nick contended that he and Noah were two smart, capable guys who could do it on their own without insane money or rich family members to bail them out.

Noah believed that the war Nick was waging had put them at a major disadvantage, but Nick argued that there was no war because he'd washed his hands of Victor. Noah countered that Nick had already refused to consider a location because Victor owned the building, and he wondered if Nick wouldn't want to do business with any of the same vendors Victor did. Nick incredulously asked if Noah wanted him to make peace with Victor, and Sharon said it would be a start. Noah agreed with her.

At Crimson Lights, Noah worried that he'd disrespected his father, but Sharon assured him that he'd presented himself as a business partner with legitimate concerns. Noah conceded that it wasn't his money to give away, and he thought he had no right to complain about Nick giving it to people who had far less. Sharon pointed out that it might have been Noah's money one day, and she thought there would be no limit to what Noah would want for his future children. Noah commended Nick for teaching his kids to be independent and to believe in themselves. Sharon hoped that giving away the money turned out the way Nick expected it to.

Nikki spotted Victor at Top of the Tower, and she sat down at his table with him. He asked how she'd known that the seat hadn't been taken, and she pointed out that not many people were speaking to him, so it had been worth a shot. She refused to leave until they found a way for him and Nick to coexist, but Victor defended that he hadn't started the fight. Nikki insisted that Victor and Nick end their feud, and she contended that Victor was the only person who was strong enough to make it happen.

Victor hissed that his son had humiliated and mocked him on television by giving a large chunk of the trust fund money that Victor had earned to Jack's foundation. Nikki urged Victor to look past it and focus on the fact that a long line of people who needed it would be the beneficiaries. She added that Nick could have gone to the authorities, but Victor huffed that Nick couldn't prove what hadn't happened. Victor contended that if Nikki wanted to put their family back together, she should stop the nonsense and move back to the ranch.

Victor said he didn't need an answer that minute, and Nikki commented that old habits like resorting to blackmail died hard. Victor figured that it would give hope to the rest of the family if she moved back to the ranch, but she was skeptical about him wanting her to move back after all the fighting and accusations. Victor bellowed that he'd never wanted her to move out and that it had been her decision. Nikki queried whether he'd rather get back together because of fate or because she'd succumbed to his demands and extortion. She echoed his words that she didn't expect an answer from him that minute, and she walked away.

Ravi arrived at Top of the Tower and thanked a staff member for calling to inform him that Ashley had left her award behind. Victor imagined that it had been a "hell of party" if she'd forgotten the trophy, and Ravi indicated that there had been some confusion involving some personal stuff with Dina. Victor noted that he and Ashley had been married and were still close, so there was nothing he didn't know about her. Ravi excused himself to get back to the office, but he said he was glad that Victor and Ashley had remained close, since she needed as many friends as she could get.

Nick entered the restaurant, and Victor offered to give him the family discount, since Nick had to be feeling the pinch. Nick announced that he'd just signed the papers to transfer the donation money, and he revealed that he'd earmarked a large portion of the funds for orphanages to help kids find permanent homes. Nick admitted that part of him had been trying to be a wise guy by giving the funds to Jack's foundation, but he acknowledged that Victor had had a hard life growing up. Nick thought it had defined who Victor was and that it had defined their relationship, too.

Nick couldn't tell whether he or Victor had pushed them past the point of no return, but he figured that giving the money away would end the back-and-forth for good, so Victor could focus on his other rivals. Victor clarified that he'd never considered Nick to be a rival, but he was impressed if Nick had spent the money to make peace. Victor bet that the rest of the family had given Nick grief, and Nick chalked it up to going his own way. Nick suggested that they agree to "chill out a little bit" for the good of the family, and Victor extended his hand. Nick shook it, and Victor declared, "Peace it is."

Nikki arrived at Jabot, and Gloria pointedly ignored her. Nikki loudly cleared her throat and asked if she was supposed to ring a bell to get customer service, and Gloria sweetly revealed that Jack would be out of the office all day. The women exchanged barbs, and Nikki suggested that Gloria get a life. Gloria crowed that she had a magnificent life, and she mentioned that she'd had drinks with Victor recently. Nikki tossed her credit card on Gloria's desk and invited them to have another round of drinks on her.

Nikki insisted that she was being sincere, since she couldn't be upset if Victor wanted an active social life while their marriage was in limbo. Nikki encouraged Gloria to go for it if she was interested, and she called Victor a fascinating man who could make a woman feel like queen of the world. Nikki offered to give Gloria advice on how to get his attention, but Gloria wondered what was in it for Nikki. Nikki claimed that she wanted the father of her children to be happy, and she figured Gloria could do worse than taking up with a person who would treat her well. Nikki told Gloria to call her if she had the slightest bit of interest.

At the hospital, Ashley presented Traci with coffee to wake her up and told her that she hadn't missed anything. Traci suggested that Ashley find a place to get some sleep, but Ashley insisted that she was okay. Traci pointed out that she couldn't help but worry after everything Ashley had faced in the past twelve hours, but Ashley promised that she wouldn't fall apart. Ashley conceded that she hadn't planned on the world knowing that she wasn't John's biological daughter, but she asserted that she could handle it.

Jack returned and was dismayed to learn that there had been no word about Dina's condition, and Ashley worried that Graham had told the doctor not to talk to them. Traci reported that she'd confirmed that Dr. Hummel's credentials were solid and that he'd been treating Dina since she'd returned to Genoa City. Ashley didn't understand why Dina had been seeing a doctor. Graham approached, and Ashley angrily warned him to back off. Graham replied that he was there as a courtesy, since he thought they might like to know what Dina's doctor had told him.

Graham relayed that Dina had suffered a minor stroke, but the doctor expected her to make a full recovery over time. Traci sourly guessed that he wanted them to go home and let him handle everything, and Graham offered to call when there was news. Traci insisted on hearing it from the doctor, and Ashley thought there was a good chance Graham was lying. Dr. Hummel joined them and confirmed that Dina had had a minor stroke, and Jack inquired about why the physician had been treating Dina previously.

Dr. Hummel indicated that Dina's blood pressure had been slightly elevated during her routine checkups, and he asked if there had been any warning signs, like slurred speech or loss of coordination. Graham started to speak up, but Jack cut him off, and Ashley and Traci stated that they hadn't noticed anything. The doctor planned to do more tests, but he said Dina had been lucky to get treatment when she had. He believed Dina owed Ashley her life, since the first hours were the key to survival and recovery. Graham piped up that he'd been the one to call a doctor, but Traci ignored him and asked the doctor what they could expect.

Dr. Hummel explained that Dina was in the ICU and that they'd do hourly neurological checks, and he'd devise a treatment plan once they determined what had caused the stroke. Jack inquired whether stress could have been a factor, and the doctor replied that it could have caused a blood pressure spike. Jack was sure that Graham had neglected to mention that Dina had been under a great deal of stress because unexpected things had happened the night before, and he swore that he never would have left Dina if he'd seen any symptoms. Dr. Hummel urged Jack not to beat himself up, since strokes could occur unexpectedly, and he inquired about what had made Dina so upset.

Ashley coldly recounted that Dina had found out that someone she'd trusted had betrayed her, and she was positive that it had been what had caused the stroke. Graham haughtily suggested that they leave the medical diagnosis to Dr. Hummel. The doctor explained that he would know more once he got Dina's test results, but the following few hours would be critical. Traci asked if they could see Dina, but Dr. Hummel informed them that Dina was under a mild sedative and that he would get back to them after he checked on her progress. Ashley snarled that it would give Graham time to get an attorney.

Later, Jack, Ashley, and Traci arrived outside Dina's room, where Graham was making some arrangements over the phone. Jack reiterated that no one wanted Graham there, including Dina. Graham claimed that he hadn't been allowed the chance to explain things to Dina, but Ashley was adamant that he never go near Dina again. Graham spat that the self-righteous Abbotts had wanted nothing to do with their mother and that they'd only gone after him because he'd spent time with Dina. Graham expected Dina to ask for him when she woke up, since she'd see through her children's false concern and realize that they were out for blood because everyone knew that Ashley's father wasn't the great John Abbott.

Graham taunted that Ashley's father was a pathetic loser, just like his illegitimate daughter. Ashley lunged at Graham, but Jack and Traci pulled her back. Ashley ordered Graham not to mention her father's name, and Graham asked which one. Graham revealed that Dina had told him that John wasn't Ashley's father, and he argued that it spoke to his relationship with Dina that he'd known the truth long before Dina's unfortunate outburst. Graham bragged that Dina had confided in him because he'd listened, and she'd even told him that Ashley had become unstable when she'd found out the truth.

Ashley barked that she wouldn't waste her time on Graham because he was a sad, pathetic liar who only wanted money. Jack asserted that Graham had nothing to gain by fighting with them, since Dina had told Jack that she was ready to wash her hands of Graham. Jack spat that Graham was wrong if he thought his scheme was going any further, but Graham maintained that he and Dina had a deep, abiding relationship that Jack couldn't possibly understand.

Dr. Hummel announced that Dina could have one visitor at a time. Traci suggested that Jack go in, but Graham declared that he was seeing Dina first. Traci objected, but Graham snapped that it wasn't up to her, and he asked the doctor to ensure that his time with Dina was uninterrupted. Graham pulled out a document and revealed that Dina had assigned her medical power of attorney to him.

Graham continues to manipulate

Graham continues to manipulate

> Graham continues to manipulate

Graham continues to manipulate

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

by Nel

At the hospital, Ashley was very angry that Graham was with Dina and not allowing Dina's family to see her. Traci couldn't understand how Dina could have given Graham her medical power of attorney. Ashley spat that Graham was a master manipulator. Graham had stalked Dina to make sure that his investment was protected and his revenge complete. Traci wanted to know what Graham was telling Dina. Ashley felt sick to her stomach, knowing that they could have lost Dina.

Traci couldn't believe that Dina had blurted out that Brent Davis was Ashley's father in front of all those people. Ashley said she'd seen everyone's faces. Traci advised her that nothing had changed in their hearts -- they were all John Abbot's children. Traci told Ashley that she'd keep saying that until Ashley believed it.

Traci believed that Dina had returned to Genoa City to reconnect with her family before it was too late. Ashley agreed and added how awful it had been seeing Dina lying on the floor. She realized that Dina could have died. Traci said there was still time to work things out. She asked if Ashley could forgive Dina. Ashley didn't know if she could.

Dina woke up in her hospital room. Graham explained that she was in the hospital because she'd suffered a mild stroke. He assured her she wasn't alone. Dina claimed she'd never felt more alone. Graham assured her he'd never abandon her because he cared about her. Dina told him that she remembered every word he'd said in her suite the previous evening. Graham admitted that the things he'd said had been inexcusable.

Dina told Graham to stop pretending that he gave a damn when he'd hated her for years. Graham admitted that that might have been the case in the beginning, but not anymore. He explained that when Ashley had spoken about his mother, it had triggered his anger. He said that he and his mother had been broke after Brent had torn the family apart to be with Dina. What had made matters worse was that Dina hadn't wanted Brent.

Graham said that his mother had tried to keep them afloat, but because of the eviction notices and the jobs that wouldn't stick, their lives had been ruined after Brent had left them. Dina claimed that Graham had set his sights to ruin her life. Graham admitted that when he'd sought her out, he'd wanted revenge. He had thought he'd find a heartless monster, but nothing could have been further from the truth. Instead, he'd found a lovely and special woman, commanding, smart, and generous.

Graham understood why Brent had been drawn to Dina and her world. Graham claimed that he'd genuinely cared for Dina -- he hadn't wanted to, but it had happened. Dina asked why she should believe him. Graham stated that Dina knew the truth. They'd grown closer, and they'd developed true affection for each other. He claimed that she was a brilliant woman, and she'd have seen right through him if it had been a lie.

Graham claimed that Dina was family to him, and he'd stay with her to the end. He claimed that her children would never commit to that because of everything that had happened. He claimed that he'd proven his loyalty and devotion to her. That had never been a lie.

Jack met with Michael at Jabot. Jack wanted confirmation that Graham's document was binding. Jack stated that Graham had thought of everything. He wanted to know how to get Graham out of their lives permanently and how they could fight the medical power of attorney. He said that Graham was a liar and a fraud. Jack felt that Dina had signed the document under false pretenses, and he wanted to tear it up.

Michael advised that the only option was to go to court. It would be expensive and take months. Graham would fight it. Jack spat that Graham was a con, and he accused Graham of limiting access to Dina. Graham was only waiting to inherit a sizable chunk of Dina's estate. Michael said there was a way of fighting Graham. He handed Jack a new medical power of attorney. Jack wondered how he could get Dina to sign it.

In the dining room at the Athletic Club, Phyllis told Hilary that after the events of the previous evening, she really felt for the Abbott family. Phyllis asked if Hilary would air the event, but Hilary stated that Jack had asked her not to. Hilary added that she'd comply because she was already in the doghouse with Victoria for airing the segment of Victoria with Benjamin Hochman. Phyllis said that Hilary was better off without Victoria, but Hilary disagreed and added that she wanted to get back into Victoria's good graces.

Phyllis asked when Hilary had begun caring what people thought. Hilary had had every right to air Victoria's video. Hilary claimed that she needed to do damage control. Phyllis told Hilary that Victoria would forgive her because she was "a stone cold bitch." Hilary explained that she and Victoria had had an encounter earlier in the week. Hilary and Jordan had noted that Victoria's anger had been over the top. Hilary said she had to fix it.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria advised Jordan that they'd hired Lily as the new marketing executive. Jordan was delighted. He asked if he'd lose his muse for the men's line. Lily assured him that she would be pulling double duty: she'd be grand ambassador and handling the marketing. Lily thanked Victoria for having confidence in her, and Lily was grateful for the work. Jordan felt that Victoria had made the right decision, and he left.

Victoria told Lily that she was happy that Mattie and Reed were together, and she hoped that Cane wouldn't interfere. Victoria complimented Lily on handling her divorce with dignity and grace. She reminded Lily about company policy prohibiting personal relationships. She'd noticed that Jordan appeared fond of Lily, and he might want more than friendship. Lily admitted that Jordan had been her rock. Victoria said that since Jordan was on contract, that rule didn't apply to him; she added that Lily's personal life was Lily's business. Lily said that Victoria was a great friend and boss.

In the lab, Lily apologized to Jordan for sending him mixed messages, and she mentioned the kiss. Jordan said he hadn't read anything into the kiss. He'd known that Lily had needed to process everything that had happened to her. He assured Lily that he'd always be there for her. Lily said that Jordan was an incredible man, and if things had been different, they could've been great together. However, she needed to focus on building a life with her kids. Lily wanted them to remain friends. Jordan assured her that nothing had changed between them.

In the gym, Cane approached Billy to report that he'd seen Jill and that she'd appointed him as acting CEO of Chancellor Industries. Billy said that Jill probably felt sorry for Cane and had thrown him a bone.

Billy said that Brash & Sassy was in financial straits because of Cane. Cane reminded Billy that Jill had bought Brash & Sassy because she'd tried to play matchmaker between Billy and Victoria. They all knew how that had worked out. Billy said he'd proven his worth in the company. Cane said that Billy and Victoria blamed him for everything that had gone wrong, but months later, they hadn't replaced him, and the company was still tanking. They'd needed a bridge loan from Neil to stay afloat.

Billy gloated that they'd hired someone who would blow Cane out of the water. They had someone who was smart, creative, and trustworthy -- Cane's wife -- soon to be his ex-wife. Billy said that Lily had experience from Jabot, she had management skills from running the Athletic Club, and she had a unique customer base and personal appearances.

Cane acknowledged that Lily was smart, but she didn't have financial experience, so he didn't see how she could replace him. Billy reminded Cane that before he'd run Chancellor Industries, Cane's experience had consisted of bartending. Billy explained that Lily's position had been redefined, and it focused on marketing. Lily was replacing the other woman in Cane's life. Billy asked if Cane could taste the irony of it all -- Lily got rid of the guy but got the job. Billy said there was a weird kind of justice in it.

Michael was alone in Jack's office when Phyllis arrived. She told Michael she wanted to put him on retainer for confidential advice. She claimed she'd never intended to resort to extreme measures, but she'd set a trap for Billy. Phyllis was angry that Billy couldn't stay away from Brash & Sassy and Victoria. Someone had suggested that Victoria had convinced Billy to use Phyllis' computer to access Jabot's confidential files. She'd set up a test to find out if it was true, and it was. Billy didn't know that she knew.

Michael said that Phyllis had to acknowledge that Victoria wasn't the problem, and Phyllis needed to confront Billy. Phyllis claimed she couldn't confront Billy because of various complicated reasons. Michael said that whatever the complications were, she was ignoring the larger issue. Billy had been lying to her, and she'd been lying to Billy. Phyllis screamed that it was because of Victoria. She claimed that if Brash & Sassy crashed and burned, they'd all be fine.

Michael warned Phyllis not to think about cooking up a scheme for corporate espionage. Aside from the obvious legal implications, it was no way to keep her romance intact. Pretending everything was fine wasn't the answer. Michael said that if Phyllis wanted a future with Billy, it had to be based on honesty.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy griped to Victoria that after Cane had blown Brash & Sassy to smithereens, Jill had rewarded Cane by appointing him acting CEO of Chancellor Industries. Jill always took Cane's side. Billy said that after Ashley's celebration, it had started him thinking about family and what family meant. Victoria asked if Jack had made a scene. Billy said that he wished that had happened -- then Ashley would've been spared the pain. Victoria knew that Ashley had been devastated. She couldn't believe that Dina had made such an announcement.

Victoria apologized for not being there for Billy and his family. Billy acknowledged that Victoria had attended a Newman family emergency instead of the Abbott family disaster. It had been a horrible way for Ashley's secret to be exposed, but it hadn't changed anything. Family wasn't defined by blood, but by love, history, and connection. Billy admitted that he'd made a lot of mistakes over the years, and he obviously hadn't learned his lesson. Phyllis had trusted him, and he'd betrayed that trust. Victoria said that in that case, the truth wouldn't set him free.

Victoria stated that what had happened with Ashley was different than what he'd done with Phyllis. She reminded Billy that he'd taken the information from Phyllis' computer as a business tactic and nothing more. She was sorry that Billy was second-guessing himself, but what he'd done had saved her company, and he'd never have to do that again. Victoria added that if the situation had been reversed and Phyllis had seen an opportunity to get ahead, Phyllis wouldn't have hesitated to use him. She knew that Billy was struggling, but she wanted him to think about what she'd said. Phyllis arrived, and Victoria left for a meeting.

Phyllis asked if Billy was okay. Billy said he'd been thinking about Ashley. Phyllis noted that it was never easy when secrets were exposed. She said that part of the secret was the truth and part was a lie. She reminded Billy that he'd stated that some things were better left unsaid. She asked Billy how he felt about that in the light of day. Billy said he had to tell her something he hadn't been honest about.

Jack arrived at the hospital and asked Ashley and Traci where bloodsucking Graham was. They wondered what Graham was saying to Dina. Ashley and Traci wanted to go in to see Dina as soon as Graham left her room, but Jack advised them that it would backfire. Jack needed to get Dina to sign the new power of attorney, and once that was done, Graham would realize he was powerless and wouldn't stick around. Jack warned them that they needed to use diplomacy.

Graham arrived and told Jack, Ashley, and Traci that he and Dina had had a heart-to-heart, and Dina had forgiven him. When Ashley asked to see Dina, Graham said that Dina was worn out from their chat and couldn't have any more visitors. Traci stepped forward and told Graham that she had no interest in fighting with him and that she was in town for a short stay. She claimed that the previous evening had been about emotions and anger. It had been painful and ugly, but Dina was the priority at that moment.

Graham acknowledged that Dina had mentioned that Traci was the most compassionate one. Traci told Graham that Dina needed to know that her family loved her and that they were there for her. Jack said they wanted to be with Dina, the woman they loved and cared deeply about. Graham said that Jack might make him change his mind if Jack made it worth his while.

Jack gave Graham a check and said that it should cover Myrna's retirement home and expenses for a year. Graham felt that it was poetic -- Dina's son helping Graham's mother. Ashley asked to see Dina. Graham told them to go ahead while he checked with the doctor. Jack, Ashley, and Traci rushed to Dina's room, but all they found was an empty bed.

At the entrance to the Athletic Club, Cane walked by Hilary, deliberately ignoring her. Hilary stopped him and said that his divorce wasn't final yet, and he still had a chance. Cane advised her that his marriage was over, and there was nothing he could do about it. He told Hilary that he'd be running Chancellor Industries. Hilary exuberantly stated that Lily would see that Cane could bounce back and take care of his family. Cane advised her that Lily had been hired by Brash & Sassy as their marketing executive, and Lily had a steady paycheck.

Hilary laughed. She thought it was funny that Victoria and Billy had given Cane's side chick's job to his betrayed wife. Cane shot back that Lily would be spending more time at Brash & Sassy, which meant more campaigns and more time with Jordan. Hilary felt deflated, and Cane left.

Moments later, Lily and Jordan arrived at the Athletic Club. Lily thanked Jordan for helping her figure out her schedule and for his understanding. Jordan assured her that nothing would fracture their friendship. He said he'd touch base with her later and headed to the gym.

Lily saw Cane sitting at the bar. Cane invited Lily to join him. Cane told her that Jill had hired him as acting CEO of Chancellor Industries, and he was grateful that Jill had faith in him when no one else would hire him. Lily said that Jill wouldn't have put him in charge if she hadn't thought that Cane was capable. Cane congratulated Lily on her new job. He said that Billy had mentioned it. Cane knew that Lily would blow Victoria and Billy away.

Cane said he'd missed the kids and wanted to set up a schedule with Lily to spend time with them. Lily agreed. Cane said he knew that Lily had a lot going on. Lily asked if Cane was referring to Jordan. Lily suggested that they shouldn't talk about their personal lives, whether it was Juliet or Jordan, because it only complicated things. Lily left.

In the gym, Jordan offered to spot for Hilary, but she said she was fine. She said that if she didn't know better, she'd say Jordan was trying to get close to her. Jordan admitted that after the last time he'd seen her, when she'd opened her towel in front of him, he wondered if she blamed him. Hilary said it had been a reminder of what he'd been missing. Jordan asked how much longer she'd have him cooling his heels before she'd let him in again. Hilary said she couldn't wait anymore.

Graham attempts to flee with Dina

Graham attempts to flee with Dina

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Neil approached Hilary at the Athletic Club bar, and she remarked that she hadn't been sure whether he'd show up. He refused to grant his permission for her to air the footage of him escorting Graham out of Ashley's dinner, and Hilary informed him that she wasn't going to air any of it. Neil wondered why she was giving the Abbotts a free pass when she'd aired the Newmans' dirty laundry, and she pointed out that Jack was her friend and that Victor had given her permission to air his argument with Nick. Neil noted that Victoria hadn't signed off on the broadcast of her altercation with Ben Hochman, and Hilary revealed that it was the reason she'd wanted meet with Neil, since she had a favor to ask of him.

Neil started to walk away, but Hilary pleaded with him to hear her out. She claimed that taping and airing the footage of Victoria had taught her a valuable lesson, since the story had eventually been forgotten, but Victoria still hated her. Hilary recognized that if she wanted her show to be successful, she needed to align with the movers and shakers to have access to newsworthy people and events. She contended that by interviewing Nick, she'd allowed him to rebrand himself as a generous and noble guy, and she suggested that Victoria do the same thing.

Neil thought it was a ploy to help Hilary and no one else, and she admitted that she'd blown it with Victoria after she'd thought they'd had a mutual respect for one another. Neil blasted Hilary for publicly humiliating Victoria, and Hilary said she regretted it. Neil realized that she really meant it, and she asked him to put in a good word for her with Victoria. "Not a chance," Neil replied, and he advised Hilary to make amends personally.

Later, Victor spotted Neil in the club dining room, and the men shook hands. Victor mentioned the dinner to celebrate Ashley, and Neil revealed that he'd been there. Victor pressed to find out more about the family issue that had disrupted the evening, but Neil suggested that he talk to Ashley to hear more. Neil wondered how Victor felt about Nick's interview with Hilary, and he imagined that it bothered Victor that Nick had donated his trust to Jack's charity. Victor conceded that what Nick did with his money was none of Victor's business, but he admitted that he and Nick hadn't been getting along.

Victoria met Nick for lunch at Top of the Tower and asked where his halo was, since she assumed he'd gotten one after he'd given his trust fund away. He told her to call him Saint Nick, but she groused that she should call him "Crazy Nick" for going on The Hilary Hour and telling everyone what he thought of their father. Victoria wondered if he was trying to keep the hostility alive by asking her to meet him at Victor's restaurant, but Nick announced that he and Victor had declared a truce.

Nick clarified that he and Victor hadn't forgiven one another and still didn't like one another, but they'd agreed not to push one another's buttons. Victoria missed how tight their family had once been, and she confided that she sometimes wished that she'd never learned the truth about how Victor had set Adam up. She wondered if it bothered Nick that she could look past it, and he encouraged her to do what worked for her, but he hoped Victor didn't hurt her again. Victoria swore that Victor had been helpful, and Nick figured that their father was doing everything possible to win her back. Her phone chimed with a text message, and she panicked when she read it.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy told Phyllis that he hadn't been honest about work, family, and them. She watched his expression carefully, and she sympathized that it had been tough on him to live with divided loyalties. He explained that he'd had to compartmentalize things, and she insisted that she was trying to help, since they were a team that supported one another. Billy questioned whether they'd do so through anything, and Phyllis swore that nothing he said would change what they had. He was glad to hear her say it, since none of it had to do with how he felt about her.

Phyllis asked what Billy wanted to be honest about, and he recalled that she'd been pushing him and Jack to try to fix things. Billy recognized that he'd shut down whenever she'd broached the topic, and he thought it had created distance between them. He explained that he'd tried to reassure her that he loved her, but he understood if she thought he'd been lying to her because he'd been quiet and preoccupied. Phyllis encouraged him to open up, but his phone rang, and he insisted that he had to take it.

Victoria informed Billy that there was an emergency flood at the warehouse that could affect their shipment, and it could cost them everything. Billy assured her that he had a contingency plan in place, and he promised that nothing would throw off their schedule. She fretted that they were taking big risks to outsell Jabot, but he assured her that he would take care of it. After they hung up, Billy apologetically told Phyllis that he needed a minute to figure something out.

After Billy tended to the matter, he apologized for the interruption, and Phyllis griped that Victoria relied on him too much. Billy reasoned that work wasn't all fun and games, and he felt a responsibility to make sure the company was a success, just like Phyllis did with Fenmore's. Phyllis acknowledged that they were loyal to their employers, but she thought it was more important that they were loyal to one another. She pushed him to tell her about what had been distracting him, and he referred to Ashley's secret being out and what it meant for their family. Phyllis was skeptical that it had been what he'd wanted to "come clean" about, and Billy claimed that he didn't want to pull away, so he was being honest with her.

Billy swore that he loved Phyllis and that he didn't regret anything that had happened with her, and she disappointedly wondered if that was all. Billy stressed that it was important to be honest, and he asked if she was okay, since it felt like she'd been expecting him to say something else. Phyllis planned to hit the gym before she went home, and she asked if Billy would be working late. Billy insisted that he didn't blame her for the rift between him and Jack, and she encouraged him to reconnect with his family, since she was sure that Ashley and Traci missed him as much as he missed them.

Billy thanked Phyllis for understanding, but he still sensed that she'd expected him to say something more. She said she'd thought there might have been issues with Victoria, but he insisted that things were good. Billy followed Phyllis to the door and hoped she knew that he was there for her if there was something she needed to talk about. Phyllis hoped he realized how much she loved him, and a tear slid down her cheek as they embraced.

Meanwhile, Hilary approached Nick and Victoria's table and gushed that the response to Nick's segment had been more than she'd hoped for, since his generous act had inspired an uptick in charitable donations. Nick pointedly stated that it was nice to know that not everyone thought he was crazy, and Victoria grumbled that he'd made a big impact on the people he'd wanted to reach. Hilary offered to interview Victoria to let her tell her side of the story, but Victoria declined. Hilary conceded that Victoria had no reason to trust her, but she insisted that they could agree on everything in advance.

Nick praised Hilary for being extremely fair to him, and he thought it was an opportunity for Victoria to set the record straight about her fight with Hochman. Victoria barked that she wanted nothing to do with Hilary or her show, and Hilary asked to speak to Victoria alone. Nick advised that he'd learned that anger didn't do anyone any good, and he urged Victoria to hear Hilary out. After Nick left, Victoria asked where the hidden cameras were, and Hilary confessed that she had a few members of the restaurant staff on her payroll to tip her off if they heard a juicy tidbit. Victoria spat that she wasn't interested in hearing Hilary's pitch, and Hilary offered an apology instead.

Hilary explained that Victoria's tirade at the club had reinforced how much Hilary had hurt her by airing the footage, but Victoria seemed confused about what Hilary meant. Hilary apologized for letting her ambition get in the way of her feelings, and she pledged to no longer put the scoop ahead of people she liked and respected. Hilary was determined to regain Victoria's trust, and she suggested doing so with an interview. Hilary imagined that there was something new in Brash & Sassy's pipeline that Victoria wanted to promote, but Victoria envisioned Hilary blindsiding her on air by asking about her personal life. Hilary promised that it wouldn't happen, but Victoria maintained that Hilary had gone back on her word too many times for Victoria to believe her.

Hilary picked up the tab, and Victoria started to walk away. Hilary suddenly proposed that they sign a contract, outlining everything they'd discuss during the interview and enforcing strict penalties if Hilary violated the terms. Victoria insisted that her attorney draw up the contract, and she warned that the penalties would be more than a slap on the wrist. Hilary said there would be no point otherwise, and she confirmed that there would be no talk of Victoria's personal life. Victoria declared that they had a deal for her to appear on Hilary's show. Hilary grinned triumphantly.

At the gym, Nick stepped away from the punching bag when he saw Phyllis furiously lifting weights. He wondered what was wrong, but she pointed out that he was the one with the big news. She questioned whether their daughter would have any inheritance left, and she chided him for not saying anything to his exes or his kids before he'd given his money away. Nick defended that he didn't want his kids relying on his money, unlike Victor. Phyllis assured him that no further discussion was necessary, and he wasn't sure whether to be happy or annoyed that she understood him. He sensed that something was bothering her, and he asked what Billy had done.

Phyllis scolded Nick for always blaming Billy, but she admitted that Billy thought he owed it to Victoria to work as hard as she did. Nick reported that he'd just been with Victoria, and Phyllis asked if Victoria had mentioned Billy. Nick recounted that Billy had calmed Victoria down after a crisis at work, and Phyllis pressed to know more about the crisis, but Nick wouldn't spill to a competitor because he was loyal to his sister. Phyllis complained that everyone was bending over backwards to look out for Victoria when she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but Nick wasn't so sure.

Nick pointed out that Brash & Sassy wasn't on stable ground, and even though Victoria liked to think she was in control, he thought life was controlling her. He mentioned that Hilary wanted to interview Victoria because Hilary felt bad and wanted to make things right. Nick recalled that he'd faced his issues with his dad when he'd gone on-camera, and he thought Victoria could use the interview as a valuable promotional tool for Brash & Sassy, but Victoria had said no. Nick thought that perhaps Hilary could change Victoria's mind, and Phyllis imagined that Hilary and Victoria together would be "can't-miss TV."

At the hospital, Jack surmised that Graham had moved Dina before he'd talked to the Abbott siblings, but Traci encouraged him not to jump to worst-case scenarios. Traci prepared to check to see if Dina was having more tests done, and Jack wanted to see if Graham was still in the hospital. Ashley tried to call Graham in case he wanted a chance to gloat.

Jack reported that Graham was nowhere to be found, and Ashley added that Graham wasn't answering his phone. Traci worriedly indicated that the nurses didn't know where Dina was, and she stopped Dr. Hummel in the corridor and inquired whether her mother had been taken for more tests. The doctor replied that he'd recommended that Dina spend the night there, but she'd been medically cleared to leave, so she'd been released at Graham's request. Ashley inquired whether Dina had objected, but Dr. Hummel recounted that Dina had given her consent and that he'd escorted her downstairs, where a car had been waiting.

Ashley snapped that Dina's family should have been notified, but the doctor pointed out that the family didn't have power of attorney over her health. Jack ranted that Graham didn't have Dina's best interests at heart, and Traci brusquely thanked the doctor. Traci added that what was important was figuring out "where the hell" Graham had taken their mother, and Ashley guessed that Graham had gone back to the Athletic Club to get Dina's things. The siblings rushed out.

Jack, Ashley, and Traci burst into Dina's suite and found that her things were gone. Jack spotted a ring next to the couch, and he imagined that Graham had been in a big hurry. Ashley suggested that they search Graham's room, but her phone rang, and she said she'd be there in a minute. Victor congratulated Ashley on winning her award. She thanked him but tried to brush him off. He asked if everything was all right, and she informed him that Dina had suffered a stroke. She hung up when Traci returned and reported that Graham's room had been cleared out, too. Jack theorized that Graham and Dina were heading to Paris on her private jet, and Ashley worried that Graham had complete control over their mother.

Victor told Neil about Dina's stroke, and he noted that Ashley had sounded distracted. Neil mused that Dina's connection with her children had improved and that Jack enjoyed working with her at Jabot. Victor remarked that it was nice to work with a family member, and he was grateful that Abby worked alongside him. Neil referred to his partnership with Devon, and he imagined that Nick felt the same way about Noah. Neil empathized that it was painful not to have a good relationship with one's son, but he contended that their kids still needed their parents even after they grew up.

Victor called the future generation ungrateful and entitled, and he groused that he'd worked his behind off to create wealth and opportunities for his children and grandchildren. Neil recognized that he'd had his fair share of problems with Lily and Devon, but he made sure to let them know he loved them. Victor pointed out that Neil wouldn't have sounded that way a few years earlier, and Neil admitted that he'd made bad choices as an alcoholic. Victor respected the fact that Neil had overcome his demons, but he'd "be damned" to have his son throw everything Victor had created back in his face.

Neil anticipated that Victor would be there when Nick really needed him, but Victor wasn't so sure. Neil vowed never to let business problems get between him and Devon, since he'd never let anger get in the way of his relationship with his kids. Later, Neil called Devon to invite him downstairs for a bite and a drink. Neil told Devon to leave the files at the office, since he just wanted to spend some quality time with his son.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy confirmed that the shipment was back on schedule as Victor stalked in. Victor asked for his daughter, and Billy coolly said he'd tell Victoria that Victor had stopped by but hadn't been able to stick around. Victor inquired whether Billy had known that Dina had had a mild stroke, and Billy was taken aback. Billy prepared to track down Ashley and Traci, but Victor warned him that his sisters would consider it an intrusion, since Dina wasn't his mother. He suggested that Billy stay out of their business.

Billy was skeptical that Victor was looking out for him, and Victor explained that he was looking out for the Abbotts he cared about. Billy repeated that he'd let Victoria know Victor had stopped by, but Victor sat down and acknowledged that Victoria depended on Billy more than ever. Victor added that Billy had turned against his own brother to help her, and Billy swore that he'd always side with Victoria over Jack. Victor announced that he wanted his daughter back in his life, and he thought Billy could persuade her to trust Victor again. Victor promised that Billy would be generously rewarded if he helped Victor to win his daughter back.

Jack, Ashley, and Traci drove to a tarmac for private jet charters, where they discovered Graham pushing Dina in a wheelchair on the other side of a fence. The siblings yelled to Dina, who was unresponsive as Graham wheeled her to a waiting plane.

Victoria has a car accident

Victoria has a car accident

Friday, October 20, 2017

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria found Billy working in the dark, and she asked if he was okay. He claimed that he was good, but she knew he was worried about Ashley. He opted to focus on work, and he showed Victoria the new packaging for the Dare face mask. Victoria marveled that he'd incorporated everything she'd had in mind, and he pointed out that he should know what she wanted by then. She informed him that she'd decided to appear on The Hilary Hour to promote the new product line, and he incredulously asked if she trusted Hilary after everything Hilary had pulled.

Victoria crowed that Hilary had begged her to do the show on Victoria's terms, and she was sure that she'd be calling all the shots. Lily walked in and warned Victoria not to let her guard down, since Hilary would do anything to get better ratings. Lily reported that she'd gotten a quote from their top manufacturer for a rush job, but she didn't think it was the best use of their resources. Victoria insisted that they had a strategy in place, but Billy thought Lily had a point.

Victoria sternly reminded Billy of their game plan, and Lily stepped out. Victoria wondered why Billy was rethinking things, and she guessed that he was feeling guilty because he'd gone on Phyllis' computer. He swore that it had nothing to do with his relationship with Phyllis, and he thought they should take time to find a cheaper manufacturer. Victoria asserted that they had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dominate their biggest competitor, so they weren't going to play it safe.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis commended Hilary for getting herself off the most hated list, and Hilary explained that Victoria hadn't been an easy sell and that personal drama was off the table. Phyllis imagined that Hilary was scared to push it, but Hilary asserted that she'd proven that she wasn't afraid of anyone in town, including Victoria. Phyllis anticipated that Hilary's loyal fan base would see past the chitchat and know that Hilary hadn't sold out, while Victoria would never notice that Hilary was using her. Phyllis exclaimed that it was brilliant, and she headed out.

Across the room, Cane approached Juliet and pointed out that they could have met in her room so she could take it easy. She assured him that she'd been following doctor's orders, and he said he'd been concerned about the complications. He inquired how her checkup had gone, and she crumpled into tears. Cane panicked that Juliet's condition had worsened, but she insisted that she was fine, and she apologized for making him worry. She was touched that he really cared that much, and she bemoaned that her hormones were all over the place.

Juliet was embarrassed for blubbering like a total idiot, and she lamented that the cliché about pregnant women glowing was a crock. Cane remarked that while she was blubbering, she was also glowing. He added that he was glad she was okay, and she inquired about his trip. Cane informed her that he'd taken over as acting CEO of Chancellor Industries, and Juliet squealed in delight and hugged him. She quickly drew back and apologetically blamed her hormones again.

Cane griped that not a lot of people had shown enthusiasm for his new job, but Juliet gushed that Jill had trusted him because he was smart and talented. Juliet speculated that Jill would keep traveling when she saw how well he was doing, and he admitted that he loved being back in the thick of things. Juliet mused that she loved hearing him talk that way, and he replied that he hadn't been that optimistic in a long time. Juliet imagined that Victoria would regret firing him, and she noted that Brash & Sassy hadn't filled either of their positions. Cane divulged that Victoria had given Juliet's job to Lily, and Juliet grumbled, "Perfect."

Later, Victoria overheard Cane mention Ben Hochman's name as he ended a call. She huffed that she'd been stunned to hear that Jill had put Cane in charge, and she hoped that he wasn't planning on going after Brash & Sassy. She thought it hadn't been a coincidence that Hochman had been the first person Cane had called, since Hochman had set his sights on her company before she'd shot him down. Cane pointed out that she'd only done so after having sex with Hochman, and it was obvious that what she'd done hadn't been good enough. She threw her drink in his face.

Victoria snarled that Cane had some nerve and no class, but Cane retorted that she'd fired him for having sex with a coworker when she'd slept with a business partner. They continued to verbally spar, and Juliet intervened and blasted Victoria for using her influence and family name to blackball people out of employment. Victoria barked that she felt sorry for their child for having the two of them as parents, and she stalked off. Juliet grimaced as she made her way to a chair, and Cane asked if she was okay.

Cane wanted to go to the hospital, but Juliet insisted that she was fine as long as Victoria stayed out of her sight. Juliet requested that Cane help her up to her room, and she promised to go straight to bed. He said no, and she prepared to make it upstairs on her own. He refused to let her stay in a hotel in her condition, and he invited her to live with him.

At the gym, Hilary nearly hit Lily with a hand weight, and Lily snapped to be careful. Hilary huffed that Lily knew what she was like when she focused on something, and she crowed that her commercial had aired again. Lily wondered if Hilary had paid for the ad space herself, and Hilary sarcastically suggested that Lily take a stab at standup before settling for a job at Brash & Sassy. Lily scoffed at the idea that spying on people took talent, and she asserted that she was proud of her work and the fact that Victoria wanted her to be more involved.

Lily mentioned that she knew Victoria was going to be on Hilary's show, and she ordered Hilary to stick to her word about agreeing to make Victoria look good in the interview. Hilary questioned who she'd answer to if she didn't play nice. Lily conceded that she'd love to give Hilary the beatdown she deserved, but Lily was an adult and a mother, so it was the least of her worries. Lily imagined that Hilary was thinking about ways to stick it to Victoria. Lily cautioned that Victoria wasn't someone Hilary wanted to piss off, and she urged Hilary to just ask Cane.

Hilary acknowledged that Victoria had made it tough for Cane to find a job, but she thought Lily hadn't seemed sympathetic. Lily swore that she wanted nothing but the best for Cane. Hilary announced that she was seeing Jordan again, so Lily should cancel any plans she had of using him as a rebound. Lily countered that she'd told Jordan that she didn't want a relationship, so it looked like Hilary was the backup plan.

Across the gym, Noah teased that Tessa might feel something if she added some weight to the machine, and she defended that she was practicing her form. He cooed that there was nothing wrong with her form, and they kissed. Tessa was floored when she heard her song playing on the sound system, and she wondered if he'd had the gym play it. Devon appeared and announced that the club was using his streaming service and that her EP had just launched. Tessa excitedly threw herself into Noah's arms. Meanwhile, Mariah forlornly listened to the song while she worked at GC Buzz.

Tessa thanked Devon with a hug, but he gave her sole credit. Noah declared that he had no problem repeating how much he believed in her talent, and she praised him for doing so even when she hadn't believed in herself. Tessa gushed that she was grateful for the opportunities she'd had and also for knowing her sister was safe and for having a guy like Noah in her life. Noah invited Devon and Mariah over to his place to celebrate, but Tessa became uncomfortable. Noah figured that she was still settling in, so he proposed going to the Underground instead. Devon was sure that Mariah would be excited to celebrate the great things happening in Tessa's life.

Devon stopped by to pick up Mariah, who declared that she was ready for their trip that night. He mentioned that there had been a slight change, since they'd been invited to the Underground that night to celebrate the launch of Tessa's new EP. Mariah questioned whether he'd rather eat with them than go to Chicago with her, but he intended to do both. He was surprised that Mariah wasn't more excited, since she had supported Tessa from day one. Devon mentioned that Tessa wanted to celebrate her love life and career, and he imagined that it didn't get any better than having one's best friend and brother get together. Mariah forced a smile and halfheartedly agreed.

At the Underground, Noah recommended a high-end Champagne, but Tessa preferred to indulge in a wine that she and Mariah liked. Noah pulled Tessa onto the dance floor, and Mariah spotted them kissing when she walked in with Devon. Noah called them over, and the men headed to a table. Tessa said she was glad Mariah was there, and Mariah asked why. Mariah quickly covered by wondering why they'd decided to celebrate there instead of at Noah and Tessa's place.

Noah called the women over and joked that they were on a tight schedule because Devon's private jet was double-parked. Noah promised that he and Tessa wouldn't rain on Devon and Mariah's parade like they had in San Francisco, but Mariah swore that having them there had made things interesting. Devon inquired whether Tessa had anywhere she'd recommend visiting in Chicago, but she lamented that the parts of town she'd grown up in weren't exactly vacation hotspots. Noah declared that those days were long over, since her career was taking off. Devon toasted to living the dream.

Mariah ordered some nachos at the bar, and she recognized that it suited Tessa to have the celebration there, since Tessa wasn't the domesticated housewife type. Tessa pointed out that it wasn't like she and Noah lived in suburbia, and she noted that Mariah had told her from the start about what a great guy Noah was and how she shouldn't give up on him. Tessa called Noah sweet, loving, and forgiving, and she thought he deserved all the happiness in the world. Mariah started to say that she couldn't help but wonder something, but she turned the topic to the nachos instead.

Devon observed that Noah and Tessa looked solid, and he thought it had been a good idea for them to move in together. Noah inquired about Devon and Mariah, and Devon called her an exceptional woman, but he didn't expect cohabitation to happen anytime soon. Noah referred to Mariah's independent streak, but he said it had felt good to get past his doubts and take the plunge. The women returned to the table, and Devon kissed Mariah to let her know how crazy he was about her. She glanced uncomfortably at Tessa.

Devon finished a call and announced that they had another reason to celebrate, since Tessa had been booked at fantastic venues in Madison and Milwaukee, but Tessa's expression darkened when he mentioned that he'd arranged for Irv West to be her official promoter. Tessa insisted that it was okay if Devon trusted Irv, and Noah requested Devon's help to grab another round of drinks. After the men stepped away, Tessa guessed that Mariah had wanted to ask earlier if living with Noah was what Tessa wanted, and Tessa swore that it was. Tessa explained that she hadn't thought it was possible for someone to treat her that well, but Mariah pointed out that Noah wasn't the only person who would.

Tessa continued that until she'd met Noah, every guy she'd known had treated her like garbage or tried to hustle her. Mariah wondered if it was why Tessa sometimes acted like she didn't want to be with a man, but Tessa replied that it wasn't the reason. Mariah admitted that she was confused, and she asked what was going on between her and Tessa. Tessa begged Mariah to believe that she hadn't meant to send mixed signals, but it was possible to have real feelings for someone and have the timing be off. Tessa stood by her commitment to Noah because he made her feel like everything she'd ever wanted in life could happen.

Tessa contended that Noah made her feel happy and loved, and she hadn't felt those things very much in her life. Mariah pointed out that Noah wasn't doing Tessa a favor and that Tessa deserved to be loved. Tessa whimpered that she didn't want to mess things up or hurt him, and Mariah realized that Tessa was sparing him the pain that Mariah was feeling. Tessa urged Mariah to focus on Devon, and Mariah agreed to try. The men returned, and Devon said he and Mariah had to get going. Tessa hugged Mariah tightly and whispered to her to be happy and to forget everything else.

At the Abbott mansion, Michael told Jack that Graham hadn't broken a single law, but Jack argued that Dina had just suffered a stroke and had still been drugged up when Graham had stuck her on a plane. Jack ordered Michael to find a solution -- or Jack would. Michael warned Jack against taking matters into his own hands, but Jack fretted that Graham was on the verge of inheriting most of Dina's estate. Michael referred to the revised paperwork he'd drawn up, but Jack reported that it had never been signed because Graham had slipped Dina out of the hospital before Jack had talked to her.

Jack ranted that Dina was alone with a sociopath who considered her to be more valuable dead than alive, and all Graham had to do was withhold treatment. Michael countered that Graham knew Dina's family was onto him, so he knew he couldn't get away with taking any extreme measures. Michael revealed that he was working on revoking Graham's power of attorney, and he swore that Dina would be home before Jack knew it. Michael ran into Phyllis on his way out, and he suggested that she distract Jack with work matters.

After Michael left, Phyllis announced that she knew of something that could help in their battle against Brash & Sassy. Phyllis informed a distracted Jack that Victoria had agreed to do an interview on The Hilary Hour to promote new products, but Jack wasn't sure how they could use it to their advantage. Phyllis reminded him that Brash & Sassy was pouring all their money into their men's line because they thought Jabot was scaling back, but it wasn't true. Jack admitted that he couldn't focus on business when his family was in chaos, but he was confident that Phyllis had a handle on it.

Jack instructed Phyllis to run with it, and he offered her access to all the resources she needed. She was stunned that he trusted her, and he clarified that he trusted that she wanted to hit back after Billy had taken advantage of her. Jack encouraged Phyllis to go with whatever she was cooking up in her "creative cauldron of a brain." She received a text message from Billy, who wanted to see her. Jack reminded her that "they [couldn't] see it coming."

Later, Jack was skeptical when Michael returned to retrieve a pen, and Michael rambled about how it was a gift from Lauren. Jack figured that it had been an excuse to check on him, and Michael confirmed that he was worried about Jack, who insisted that he just needed sleep. Jack answered a call and glumly reported that his private investigator hadn't had any luck getting the flight plan for Dina's plane, so he had no idea where Graham had taken her.

Phyllis sauntered into Top of the Tower, wearing a sexy dress with a high slit. She approached Billy at a table, snatched away his phone, and sat down. He imagined that every man there wanted to be where he was, and he wondered how he'd gotten so lucky. She purred that he'd either been very, very good or very, very bad. Billy confessed that his intentions weren't honorable after seeing the way Phyllis looked, and she insinuated that being bad could be fun as she squeezed his knee under the table.

Billy remarked that there was nothing hotter than danger, and Phyllis added that the possibility of being caught was a turn-on. She huskily stated that it was part of who they were and who they always had been, and he said he knew what she was doing. Billy pulled Phyllis to her feet to slow dance. He explained that Ashley's dinner had gotten him thinking about a lot of stuff that was hard to talk about, like him being an outsider in his own family.

Phyllis assured Billy that they could confide things to one another that they couldn't tell everyone else, and he recognized that she was trying to get him to forget about his family drama and remind him of what they had. He loved her for it, but he didn't want the games to go too far because he didn't want to risk losing everything they had. They kissed.

Meanwhile, Victoria drove in her car, but there was a sudden flash and an impact. She gasped for breath as she grappled with what had just happened.

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