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Liam advised Wyatt to walk away from Bill while he still could. Sally convinced Liam to try to forgive his wife as his wife had forgiven him. Hope returned home to stay and learned from Sally that something was very wrong between Steffy and Liam.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 8, 2018 on B&B
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Hope Logan returns home Hope Logan returns home

Monday, January 8, 2018

At the cliff house, Steffy roamed her house alone, , dressed in a hoodie. She called Liam several times, to no avail. She heard rustling outside and rushed to the door. She thought it was Liam, but it turned out to be Bill.

Steffy told Bill that he couldn't be there because Liam couldn't see Bill if Liam showed back up. Bill was anxious to know if Steffy had even gotten a text message from Liam. Bill felt that what had happened between him and Steffy didn't matter because there was a baby on the way. Liam would be a father, and Bill asserted that Liam needed to act like one.

Bill instructed Steffy to tell Liam those things, but Steffy replied that she and Bill had ruined everything. Steffy went into the living room, but she advised Bill to just go. Bill didn't like seeing her that way, but she told him that she would be that way for a long time because her husband was gone. "I told Katie. Now I'm telling you," Steffy said.

"You told Katie?" Bill repeated. Steffy explained that Katie had seen the paternity test while dropping something off. "Katie!" Bill exclaimed. Steffy replied that Katie wouldn't say anything. "Because you told her to mind her own business?" Bill incredulously asked. Bill asserted that Steffy had to make it crystal clear to Katie to keep her mouth shut.

The only person Steffy wanted to talk to was Liam, who wouldn't answer her calls. Bill urged her to keep trying, but she feared that it wouldn't work and that she'd lost Liam for good. Bill wished he could say Liam was returning, but he couldn't. Bill said he'd tried to stop Liam.

Steffy asked if Bill had seen Liam. Bill conveyed that Liam had been at the office. Steffy asked if the men had fought. Bill remarked that a fight would have been normal, maybe even better, but Liam wouldn't even hit Bill. Steffy said Liam wouldn't throw a tantrum. Bill had never seen Liam that way before. Bill described how Liam had bloodied his hand by squeezing the sword charm. "He wiped it on my face," Bill uttered.

"What?" Steffy exclaimed. Bill added that Liam had cut all ties with Bill, but Liam couldn't be that way with Steffy. Steffy stated that she'd done it to Liam, but Bill corrected that he had done it. Bill wanted Liam to blame Bill and said Liam turning his back on Steffy and the baby wasn't an option. Steffy didn't know how Liam would look at her when she couldn't look at herself.

Bill was insistent that Liam would raise the child with Steffy. Steffy replied that Bill didn't get that it had been a ruined dream of Liam and Steffy's. She'd never thought she'd have a baby again, and she'd thought the pregnancy had been a sign that everything would be okay. It hadn't been a sign, and Steffy didn't think anything would be okay again.

Steffy wondered "what the hell" she and Bill had done. Bill replied that she was focusing on the wrong thing. She responded that she was focused on her child and her child's future. She couldn't believe it had happened when she'd thought they could finally put everything behind them. She said she and Liam had been so close, and they'd been about to have the family they'd wanted forever. She felt that she'd lost everything.

Bill disagreed. He vowed to fight for Steffy and her family, and he believed that Liam would return. Steffy asked what would happen if Liam didn't return and if she'd lost him forever.

At Forrester, Katie tried to work, but her mind drifted to what had happened with Steffy. Wyatt startled Katie out of her thoughts, and he noticed that she seemed distracted. Katie said she'd gone to Steffy's house earlier, but Steffy hadn't expected her. Wyatt asked if that had been an issue, and Katie remarked that Steffy had a lot going on.

Wyatt asked if Steffy knew that Katie knew about the pregnancy. Katie explained that the topic had come up organically, and Steffy didn't know that Wyatt had told Katie beforehand. Wyatt was relieved because his brother had sworn him to secrecy about it.

Wyatt understood why Steffy and Liam wanted to keep it a secret after how the last pregnancy had gone, but he wondered when they'd announce it. Wyatt didn't think Bill would be able to keep it to himself. Katie snapped that Bill should stay out of it. Wyatt didn't think Bill would get in the way. Katie hoped not, and Wyatt asked if something had happened that he didn't know about.

Katie flashed back to the promise she'd made Steffy. Katie said Steffy and Liam had been through a lot, and it should be their time for their family. The couple had wanted it for a while. Katie claimed it hadn't been expected or planned, but "ready or not," they were having a baby.

To Wyatt, it sounded as if Steffy had shared a lot with Katie. Katie said it might not have been that way at any other time, and she was glad to have given Steffy someone to talk to. Wyatt remarked upon how Liam would pamper his pregnant wife.

Katie said the two loved each other and had been able to overcome much. Wyatt replied that the baby would be a whole new challenge. Katie wanted Steffy and Liam to enjoy it and be the happy parents they'd always wanted to be.

At Brooke's house, Ridge walked Brooke to the door for another surprise. She said it was no longer Christmas. Ridge reminded her that he'd pledged to give her heart's desire to her, and he promised that her heart desired "this."

When Ridge opened the door, Brooke exclaimed upon seeing Hope on the doorstep. They hugged, and Brooke asked what Hope was doing there. Hope said to ask Ridge, who'd been after her to return home for a while. Ridge noted that Hope had been too busy at Christmas, and Hope said it was because it had taken a week to pack her flat and wrap things up at work.

Hope had enjoyed being on her own in Milan. She'd also worked in the Paris office, and she'd done some volunteering. She'd missed home. Ridge's calls had reminded her of working with her mother back home, and she'd thought about revitalizing HFTF. Hope had enjoyed her time abroad, but she was ready for a new challenge. Hope was home to stay, and the delighted Brooke hugged her daughter.

Ridge, Brooke, and Hope discussed how nice it was to have Hope home, and Hope remarked that Ridge and Brooke would be married. Brooke said it wouldn't be for a while, but Hope thought that meant there was just more time to plan it.

Brooke said that Hope could have returned home at any time. Hope responded that it had been good for her to be on her own, find herself, and sort through everything. She'd met new people and had spread her wings. She'd felt it was time to take that new attitude home. Brooke hadn't expected Hope to be gone for as long as she had been and asked if Liam's marriage to Steffy had kept Hope away.

Hope had heard from Maya that Liam and Steffy had renewed their vows after Liam had almost died in the explosion. Hope thought Steffy had probably been terrified when he'd been trapped. Ridge remarked that it had shaken the couple up. Hope asked how things were for them, and Brooke relayed that Liam was having issues with his father. Ridge asked who didn't have Bill issues.

Brooke explained that Steffy had helped Bill and Liam to keep the family together. Brooke said that Steffy and Liam were committed to each other and complemented each other. Ridge added that almost losing a loved one put things into perspective, and after what Liam and Steffy had been through, Ridge didn't think anything could tear the couple apart.

Hope remarked that Liam's life was still dramatic. She had thought it would have settled down in her absence. Ridge believed that things finally had settled down. Hope thought it was good. Her time alone had helped her find herself and discover who she was apart from any man or relationship. She said that Liam was happily married, and he and Steffy had found a way to make it work.

Liam shares news with Wyatt

Liam shares news with Wyatt

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

by Pam

Inside at Liam and Steffy's cliff house, Bill visited. Steffy told him that she needed her husband, and she wasn't sure he'd ever return. She encouraged Bill to leave. She didn't want Bill there in case Liam showed up. Bill insisted Liam would return, and he praised Steffy as "incredible." Steffy advised Bill to leave.

Later, Steffy called and left messages for Liam on his cell phone. Katie arrived and asked about Liam. Steffy shook her head and said that she had been calling and text messaging Liam, but she was convinced that his cell phone was off.

Katie said it was understandable, but she encouraged Steffy. Katie didn't think Liam would abandon Steffy, but Steffy said she honestly didn't know what Liam would do because he had been so angry. "You and Bill?" Katie asked.

Steffy explained that the entire night had been a blur. She realized that she had been so angry about Liam kissing Sally that she had lost it. Steffy shook her head and said it all seemed frivolous in retrospect. She added that she'd never questioned Liam's love, but she'd been so upset about Sally that she'd let everything spiral out of control.

Steffy said it didn't excuse what she had done, and she took full responsibility. "I hate myself now," Steffy said. Katie said that Steffy had been hurt and put in difficult positions by both Liam and Bill. Steffy said that Bill had wanted to make everything okay when he'd visited. Katie sympathized.

In Bill's office at Spencer, Justin visited Bill and said he had found Liam, and Liam was in the building. Bill needed to know where Liam was. He insisted he had to talk to Liam and make things right. Justin urged Bill to stay away from Liam. "It might be best to give Liam some space," Justin advised. Bil insisted he would fix it.

In Liam's office at Spencer, Liam packed boxes. He flashed back to when he had told his father that Bill had ruined everything. Wyatt entered and asked Liam to review some numbers, but Liam said he was busy packing,which confused Wyatt. Liam shouted that he didn't want to explain.

Wyatt wondered if he had done something to upset Liam. He noticed the bandage on Liam's hand, and he asked what had happened to :Liam's sword necklace. "What did Dad do?" Wyatt asked. "Something I'll never forgive," Liam answered.

Wyatt continued to ask questions, and Liam answered that he didn't want to discuss it, but he was clearly angry. Wyatt tried to be sympathetic. "You're my brother; he's my father," Wyatt said. Liam shouted that their father had slept with Steffy. He repeated it, and Wyatt shouted, "No, no!"

Liam explained that when he and Steffy had been having problems, Liam had confessed to kissing Sally. He had told Steffy the truth, and that same night, Steffy had left him. Wyatt said they had reconciled and renewed their vows. Liam agreed, but he said that Steffy had lied to him about that night. She had gone to Eric's guesthouse, and Bill had visited her. "And they slept together," Liam said. Wyatt looked concerned, and Liam was devastated.

Wyatt couldn't believe it was true, and he wondered why and when Steffy had confessed. Liam flashed back to when he'd found the paternity test in Steffy's purse. He shared the news with Wyatt, and Wyatt was shocked. Wyatt questioned who the father was, and Liam said that Liam was the father.

Wyatt was shaken. Liam said he had been thrilled at the the thought of being a father. "My wife and my father ruined it," Liam said. "Whatever you need," Wyatt said. He offered Liam a place to stay, but Liam said he needed to disappear.

Wyatt was disgusted by what their father had done. Liam agreed, but he said Steffy and Bill had been consenting adults, and Bill had been consoling Steffy. Liam said it didn't matter. He couldn't even look at Bill or Steffy. "They did the most disgusting, heinous thing they could do to me," Liam said.

Wyatt reminded Liam that he was about to become a dad, and Liam said that was the tragedy because the baby was the real victim. Liam said he was sick to his stomach. Liam was headed to a hotel room, and he wanted to pick up whatever pieces he could and decide what to do next with his life.

Bill entered, and Liam seethed that he had nothing to say. Bill agreed he didn't deserve Liam's forgiveness, but he begged Liam not to leave Steffy. Liam was furious that Bill had mentioned Steffy's name, and Wyatt stepped between them.

Bill continued to make a case that Steffy didn't deserve Liam's hatred. Bill reminded Liam that he had never raised his own children, and he didn't want Liam to suffer the same fate. Bill advised that if Liam left Steffy, it would be "the biggest mistake of your life." Liam glared at his father.

At Brooke's house, Brooke, Ridge, and Liam discussed what Hope had in mind for her future because she had decided to remain in Los Angeles. Maya and RIck entered and noticed Hope. "What am I seeing here?" asked Rick. "The prodigal sister returns," Hope said. They embraced, and Hope and Brooke said that Ridge had encouraged Hope to return.

Talk turned to Rick and Maya's daughter, and Maya said that Lizzy was napping. Rick asked about Hope's plans, and she discussed the revival of Hope for the Future. Ridge encouraged Hope to take a breath and take a look at the market. Rick wondered if Hope had stayed away because Liam had married Steffy. Hope said she was fine with it, and Brooke said they had discussed that earlier.

Rick encouraged Hope to talk to Steffy about her career in Los Angeles because Ridge and Steffy were co-CEOs. Ridge looked angry, and Brooke looked uncomfortable. Hope said she looked forward to seeing Steffy, and she hoped they could have a fresh start. Ridge agreed and said Steffy could use a friend.

Sally fears "something terrible happened" to Liam

Sally fears "something terrible happened" to Liam

> Sally fears "something terrible happened" to Liam

Sally fears "something terrible happened" to Liam

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

by Pam

At Liam and Steffy's cliff house, Katie told Staffy not to give up hope. Steffy and Katie agreed that Liam was still in shock. Katie said she knew how much Steffy loved Liam and he loved her.

Steffy lamented that Liam would never forgive her for sleeping with his father, but Katie encouraged Steffy because there was a baby involved, Steffy admitted that Bill had been there to check on her, and Katie worried that Bill didn't know enough to leave Steffy and Liam alone because he wanted to "fix everything," but he had destroyed a marriage. Katie said it wasn't a bad business deal he could fix.

Katie encouraged Steffy to stay healthy and take care of herself and the baby. Steffy worried that if Liam wouldn't return home, she had to find him. Katie urged Steffy to stay home.

Katie acknowledged that Steffy had made a mistake, but Katie felt that Steffy's marriage would survive because Liam and Steffy loved each other. Staffy nodded.

Katie cleaned up the kitchen, and Steffy looked at her wedding picture. She noted that it was hard to believe it had had been less than a year earlier that the wedding had taken place in Australia. Katie said that one day, Liam and Steffy would take their son or daughter back to the site of their wedding.

"Don't hold it all in," Katie advised Steffy. Katie knew that Steffy was scared for her marriage and losing Liam when they should have been celebrating. Katie said that Liam had an incredible capacity to forgive, "more than anyone I've ever known." Steffy flashed back to when she and Liam had first learned that Steffy was pregnant. Then she flashed back to Liam's anger when he'd discovered that Steffy and Bill had slept together. Tears ran down her face, and she grabbed her stomach.

At Spencer, Bill, Wyatt, and Liam had a tense discussion. Bill repeated that he understood he didn't deserve Liam's forgiveness, but he begged Liam not to leave Steffy. Bill understood that Lam had felt betrayed, but Bill wanted him to stay in his marriage.

Liam looked at Wyatt and told him to walk away from Bill because he still had a chance not to be hurt by their father. Liam reminded Wyatt that both their mothers had kept them away from Bill. There was clearly a good reason.

Liam said he had to get away from Bill, but Bill didn't want Liam to leave his wife. Bill insisted Liam had to try. Liam was furious that Bill wanted to blame him for not trying hard enough to save his marriage.

Liam walked out the door of his office and ran into Sally, who said she needed to talk to him. He refused to talk to her and left. Bill wanted to follow Liam, and Wyatt argued with his father to leave Liam alone. Wyatt was furious with Bill, but Bill insisted that Wyatt didn't understand what had happened.

Wyatt said he didn't know where to start. "How could you even do that to your own son?" Wyatt asked. Bill said he was devastated. "I hate that I'm the cause," Bill said. Wyatt chastised his father for proclaiming Spencer loyalty and then taking his son's wife to bed. Bill said he hadn't been sneaking around with Steffy in an affair. Wyatt shouted that it didn't make it any less despicable. Wyatt wondered if Bill had gone insane.

Bill looked away. Bill explained that years earlier, he and Steffy had had a relationship and nearly ended up together, but Bill had stayed with Katie when she'd gotten sick. Bill stammered that he'd thought Steffy and Liam's marriage had been over. "Steffy and I -- we spent a lot of time together, and we got close. We have history ... Steffy and I had something special and very intense," Bill said.

Bill noted that Wyatt and Liam loved Steffy but he had loved her first. Wyatt shook his head. "Are you saying you're in love with Steffy?" Wyatt asked.

Wyatt was furious. He accused Bill of being a monster and reminded Bill that he had set fire to Spectra, nearly blown up his son, and then slept with Steffy. Wyatt reminded Bill that he had always said he would never hurt his family. Wyatt said he would stand with Liam this time. "You crossed a line that should never have been crossed," Wyatt shouted.

Bill ordered Wyatt to "dig deep to find some kind of understanding." "I need you," Bill said to Wyatt. Bill said he needed all his boys and would not let his family fall apart. "I won't. I won't," Bill said with tears in his eyes.

In a hotel room, Liam removed the bandage on his hand and heard a knock on his door. He opened the door, and it was Sally. "I followed you," Sally said. She said she had been worried, and she asked to talk to him.

Liam let Sally in, and she asked what had happened. She had never seen him so upset. "Something terrible happened," Sally noted. She wanted to be a friend. Sally assumed it was about Steffy, or he would never have been in a hotel room. Liam was quiet but calm.

Liam returns to home to make decisions

Liam returns to home to make decisions

Thursday, January 11, 2018

At Spencer, Wyatt didn't know how Bill could do it to Liam. Bill hadn't intended to "do" anything to Liam. He wished he could take it back. For the baby's sake, Bill vowed to fight for his son's marriage. Wyatt murmured that he hated to say it, but it might be too late.

Later, Bill was alone when Katie arrived. Bill said he'd been wondering how long it would take her to make her way over there, and he welcomed her to say what she had to say. Katie guessed she'd become predictable and asked what she hadn't said to him over the years.

Bill asked why Katie was there. Swiping a tear off her face, Katie said she had one question that wouldn't let go of her. "Why, Bill? Why would you do this to your son?" she asked. Bill asked why the reasons mattered, and Katie responded that she had a son to protect. Bill expressed confusion about her need to protect Will from the father who loved him.

Katie was aware of how Bill loved all of his sons and would lay down his life for them. Bill affirmed that he would. She replied that it didn't matter because he sacrificed his sons and everything important to him for things he wanted. Katie needed to know why. Bill replied that there was no reason why. It had just been a horrible mistake.

Katie asked if it was because Bill had always wanted Steffy. "You don't have to answer that. I was there. It almost ruined me," Katie conveyed. She recalled that Bill had been willing to leave her, and he'd loved Steffy. Bill said he'd locked the feelings away awhile back, and Steffy had been off-limits. "Until she wasn't," Katie added. Bill stated that he hadn't targeted his son's wife.

"But you wanted her," Katie said. Bill affirmed that he had wanted Steffy that night, but Katie didn't think it had been for merely that night. Bill admitted that Katie was right, and Katie asked what he'd do to fix it. Bill vowed to find a way and said that if Katie wanted to help, she'd work on getting Liam to come to terms with it.

Katie, who'd just been with Steffy, said that Liam was gone and not returning messages. Feeling that he knew his son, Bill believed Liam would cool off. Katie hoped Bill was right, but she asked if he got that he'd destroyed his own son. Katie didn't think Liam would ever forgive Bill.

Bill said Liam didn't have to forgive his father, but Liam had to forgive his wife. For the sake of the baby, Liam had to rise above it. "The priority has to be this child -- period," Bill said.

At the hotel, Sally apologized for following Liam there; however, she'd done it because he'd seemed troubled earlier. Liam's phone rang with a call from Steffy. When he didn't answer, Sally asked if Steffy knew he was there and if something had happened between the spouses. Liam said it wasn't a good time. Sally didn't want to push and said she was merely concerned.

Sally guessed that it was all her fault because of the kiss. She exclaimed that she'd ruined Liam's marriage. Liam said it wasn't Sally's fault, but she should know that he'd left Spencer for good. He'd promised to help relocate Spectra, but he didn't think he could make good on the promise at that time. He said he would when he could, just "not now."

Sally became even more concerned and asked why Liam wasn't at home. Liam said Steffy had done something, and he couldn't get beyond it. Sally asked if she could do anything, and he replied that she couldn't. Sally believed that Steffy loved Liam and was committed to the marriage, and the proof was that Steffy had forgiven the kiss and renewed her vows.

Sally advised Liam to call Steffy, talk to her, and try to forgive her for what she'd done -- just like Steffy had forgiven him. Liam agreed that he probably did need to talk to Steffy. Glad to hear it, Sally told him that she was around if he ever needed a friend.

At the cliff house, a solemn Wyatt arrived. Steffy was crestfallen when she realized it was Wyatt, not Liam. "I think you can guess why I'm here," Wyatt knowingly uttered. Gasping, Steffy began whimpering about how she'd messed up and didn't know what she'd been thinking.

Trying to wrap his head around it all, Wyatt asked how Steffy could do it with his father and how she could do it to Liam. Steffy said it was a lot to handle. She couldn't take Wyatt hating her, too. Wyatt didn't hate her. He didn't want to make her feel bad, either, but he wanted to know why she'd turned to his father. Wyatt wouldn't put anything past Bill, but Wyatt didn't get it about Steffy doing such a thing.

Steffy said she'd expected more from herself, too, and so had her husband. Wyatt wanted to know if Bill had taken advantage of her or pressured her. Steffy replied that Bill hadn't pressured her or talked her into it. She didn't know why she'd done it and wouldn't make excuses.

Steffy was upset that she and Liam had the family they'd always wanted, but Liam didn't want anything to do with her. It killed Steffy to think that she'd ruined things for her child, whom she wanted to have what she claimed she'd never had. Wyatt replied that Liam was rightfully distressed. Steffy was upset with herself for allowing herself to be so disconcerted by the kiss between Sally and Liam and to betray Liam on that level.

Wyatt said that Steffy had been going through a terrible time, but Bill hadn't been, which was what Wyatt didn't get about why Bill had done it. Steffy said it hadn't been just Bill's fault, and she and Bill both had to take responsibility.

Wyatt didn't see Liam working beyond it with Bill. Wyatt recalled that the men had already had their differences and said the newest problem might destroy their relationship for good. Wyatt believed that Liam adored Steffy, and though it would take some time for Liam to come around, Wyatt wanted to believe Liam still desired a future with Steffy.

At Katie's house later, Wyatt and Katie were in bed, and Katie said she'd really needed "that." He replied that he had, too. She was grateful for their "uncomplicatedness." Even though he wasn't sure it was a word, he liked it and said life could be crazy at times. She asked what would make him say that. Wyatt had no reason and mentioned seeing Liam.

Katie sat up, wondering when Wyatt had seen Liam and how Liam had seemed. Wyatt and Katie both responded conspicuously to each other as Wyatt said Liam was stressed about having a baby, and Katie asked what else it could be. Wyatt remarked that she'd been spending time with Steffy, and Katie said she'd seen Steffy that day. Wyatt asked if Steffy was good, and Katie asked why Steffy wouldn't be. "I don't know. You tell me," Wyatt said.

Katie asked what she was supposed to tell Wyatt. "Katie..." Wyatt knowingly said, and in the same tone, Katie said, "Wyatt..." He asked if she knew. "About Bill?" she asked. Wyatt grimaced and asked who'd told her. Katie replied that she'd found out a couple days earlier at Steffy's. Wyatt asked if Katie had known then and said nothing.

Katie hadn't wanted to break Steffy's confidence and explained that she'd seen a paternity test that she shouldn't have seen while in Steffy's house. Wyatt relayed that he'd just seen Liam at the office, and Liam had been packing his stuff and having a breakdown. When Wyatt had pressed Liam about what was going on, Liam had said that Bill and Steffy had slept together.

"Oh, God, don't say it! It's disgusting!" Katie complained, scowling. She felt bad for Steffy, Liam, and the baby. Wyatt hoped the couple would work it out and get back together someday.

Back at the cliff house, Steffy sulked on the sofa. Liam quietly entered the house. When she heard the front door close, she turned, saw him, and called out his name, relieved that he was home. She began sobbing and apologizing. She said her body was changing as the baby grew, and it was a reminder of the future they'd wanted.

Liam asked if the baby was okay, and Steffy affirmed it. Liam had needed time away to think. He couldn't understand why she'd done what she'd done and probably never would. He'd also thought about the good stuff and the baby inside her. He'd realized that it wasn't just about them anymore, and there was a child to consider. It was the reason that he was back. He said they needed to make some decisions about their future.

Sally and Hope want to be there for Liam

Sally and Hope want to be there for Liam

Friday, January 12, 2018

At Forrester, Hope saw an empty plate as she approached Pam's desk. Hope said it wasn't the homecoming she'd been expecting. Pam exclaimed with excitement upon seeing Hope and said she would have made an entire tray of lemon bars if she'd known Hope would be back. Pam explained that Charlie and his team had "vacuumed up" what she'd made, and Pam hoped that what she'd heard was true. Hope affirmed that she was there to stay.

Sally showed up, and Hope stared around as Sally interrupted, asking Pam if Steffy was in. Pam said Steffy wasn't in the building. Sally felt Hope's eyes on her and looked Hope's way. She asked if Hope was Hope Logan, and Hope asked if she knew Sally. Sally apologized for being star-struck and said she'd been a huge HFTF fan. Hope thanked Sally for the admiration.

Pam asked if Sally wanted to leave a message for Steffy. Sally said she didn't, but getting an idea, she asked if Hope had a minute to talk. The women went into the CEO's office, where they began talking about Spectra. Sally said the business had had hardships, but it was still hanging on, thanks to a Spencer man that Hope knew.

Later, the ladies were sitting at the conference table, and Hope concluded that Liam had been quite the helper to Sally, who had to care about him. "As a friend, yeah," Sally replied. She asked how she could not and remarked that Hope knew how wonderful he was. "I do; wonderfully married," Hope responded. Sally scoffed and asked if Hope was insinuating something. Hope replied that Sally was practically gushing.

Sally admitted that she might have kissed Liam, but it wasn't like it sounded. She said they'd been trapped and dying when she'd told him her feelings. She joked about going for it because she'd been dying. Hope replied that Sally had kissed Liam and lived to tell about it. Sally said the telling was the problem.

Hope stated that Liam didn't lie, and Sally explained that it was the reason he'd told Steffy when he probably shouldn't have. Hope assumed that Steffy had unleashed herself upon Sally. Sally said Steffy had supposedly forgiven Liam, but Sally was starting to think Steffy hadn't forgiven him at all. Sally revealed that Liam had moved into a hotel.

Hope was surprised to hear it. Sally added that Liam was also leaving Spencer and believed something had to be terribly wrong for Liam to leave his wife and Spencer. Hope wondered what Steffy had done.

Sally asked Hope not to think Sally was gossiping. Sally had just realized that Hope was someone who cared about Liam as much as Sally did, and Liam needed all the friends he could get. "Yeah, friends..." Hope said. Hope stated that she and Sally would be there for him, but it didn't make any sense to Hope because Steffy finally had the marriage she'd fought so hard for. Hope wondered why Steffy would jeopardize it.

Hope figured it had to be about the kiss. Sally said she'd thought so, too, but Liam had said the issue had nothing to do with Sally. Hope assumed the couple would get through it. "This is Liam and Steffy we're talking about. They can get through anything," Hope concluded.

At Katie's house, Wyatt and Katie languished in bed. She pitched the idea of having Liam and Steffy over for dinner to help the couple talk it out, but Wyatt didn't think it was a good idea. He said Katie was forgetting that "we" didn't invite people over because "we" weren't a thing.

Agreeing, Katie proposed inviting all three Spencers over for dinner. Wyatt was sure Steffy and Liam would get a hint because Wyatt would be undressing Katie with his eyes all night. Because of the marriage problems Steffy and Liam had, Katie didn't think the couple would notice a vibe between Katie and Wyatt.

"Steffy and my dad," Wyatt distastefully murmured, and Katie grimaced. Wyatt didn't think the issue would be resolved over pasta, and he wondered if it could even be resolved at all. He didn't know how one could get beyond that kind of betrayal.

Katie decided to tell Wyatt like she'd told Steffy -- Liam had a big capacity for forgiveness. Wyatt thought it was asking a lot of Liam, but Katie reasoned that Liam really loved Steffy, and a baby was involved. Wyatt said that a young family was at stake, and it could be enough reason for Liam to stay.

Katie wondered if Bill's remorse would help, and Wyatt said Bill had vowed not to let it tear the family apart. She replied that Bill usually got what he wanted, but Wyatt didn't look so convinced. She asked if Wyatt would be okay. Wyatt wanted his brother to be okay and believed it was the only way the family would heal.

At the cliff house, Steffy asked what decisions Liam intended to make. Liam, who had realized that there was more than just the two of them involved, said he and Steffy needed to figure out how to move forward as a family.

Steffy said she hadn't been thinking of anything but their future. Liam replied that he should have stayed to work things out, but he hadn't been able to even look at her at the time. Steffy stated that he'd had every reason not to want to talk to her. "Every reason but one," he replied. Steffy asked if it meant he was returning home.

Liam claimed he'd downplayed how much he'd wanted to be a father and to go through the whole pregnancy experience. He'd kept his mouth shut about it because he hadn't wanted to burden her. Steffy admitted that she'd dreamed about it, too, and the look Liam had had on his face upon learning about the pregnancy had been exactly how she'd pictured him.

Steffy expressed regret. She wished she could take it back or make him see how sorry she was. Liam believed her regret, but that didn't mean he could get beyond it, move back in, and play the husband role. Steffy asked if it wasn't the reason he was there, and she asked him to reach down deep inside and think of their baby. Liam replied that the baby was why he was there.

Liam shared his musings about fatherhood and what kind of father he'd be. He didn't think he'd be like his own father. He'd imagined that his mother would be proud of him if she could see him with his own child and strong, loyal wife. For the first time in his life, he felt relieved that his mother was dead.

Steffy started to get upset as Liam said his mother was dead and didn't have to witness her son being betrayed by the man she'd tried to protect her son from. Liam believed that his mother had been right. He wondered if Kelly would have warned him about Steffy and if Kelly would have seen something in Steffy that he hadn't.

Liam didn't think Steffy understood what it felt like to go from the highest he'd ever been to the lowest when the two most important people in his life had betrayed him together. He didn't think Steffy knew what they'd taken from him. Steffy replied that they hadn't taken anything, and the family was still Liam's if he wanted it.

Steffy said that Liam could still be there for the baby from the moment it was born. Steffy had broken his heart, but he could still be the father he'd always wanted to be. She asked him not to give up on her or their family. She didn't think he'd be there if he'd given up.

Steffy said that Liam could take all the time he wanted, but he could do it at home. She suggested that he could live there, experience the pregnancy, and prep the nursery. She said that his forgiveness could arrive by the time the baby did, and the baby would grow up happy and loved. A happy family was all Liam wanted, but he didn't see how.

Steffy told Liam to just do it. She said it wasn't a choice. Liam replied that there was always a choice, and one either slept with her husband's father or one didn't. She urged him to remember how they felt and to remember who they were. She begged him to do it for the baby. She said she might not deserve it, but their child did. She begged him to return home and forgive her.

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