General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 8, 2018 on GH

Jason and Sam signed divorce papers. Drew and Oscar bonded. Liesl confessed that Cesar Faison was Nathan's father. Kim and Julian struck up a friendship. Michael assured Carly that he was wise to Nelle's ways.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 8, 2018 on GH
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The search for Faison continued The search for Faison continued

Monday, January 8, 2018

In Sonny's office, Sonny and Jason talked about Spinelli's reaction to the fact that Faison would be related to his little girl, Georgie. Jason thought that while Spinelli had been in shock, he would eventually make it all okay for Georgie and Maxie. "He's odd, but he's a good guy," Sonny said. The men agreed that they needed to find someone else to help them locate Faison.

Jordan found Dante at the police station and advised him that everyone had been pleased that the Cassandra Pierce case had been closed. "Every once in a while, justice prevails," she said. Jordan wanted to find Anna and tell her because Jordan needed to clear the air with her after their last meeting.

Carly arrived home and found Josslyn dancing around in a beautiful new dress. Josslyn explained that she had bought the dress for the February Mad Hatter's Ball at school. She confessed that Oscar hadn't asked her yet, but he was on his way over to discuss something important. She ran upstairs to change. Carly was dismayed. "Oh, my God, my baby is growing up so fast," she whined.

Josslyn returned, and Carly began to pepper her with questions. When Oscar finally arrived, Carly left the room to give the young couple some privacy. Josslyn advised Oscar that his timing had been good, and she asked why he'd needed to see her. They sat on the sofa, and Oscar disclosed that he'd finished reading the book about the Quartermaines that Josslyn had given him for Christmas. He couldn't believe that he was related to them. He spoke about the book until Carly interrupted with a huge snack bowl, much to Josslyn's distress.

Oscar said nothing about the ball, and Josslyn was clearly annoyed. She kicked him out, and he was confused. He wondered if they were having a fight. Shortly after, the doorbell rang. Carly answered and opened the door wide. Oscar walked in wearing a huge Mad Hatter's hat and quoting some of the Mad Hatter's lines. He got down on one knee and asked Josslyn to attend the ball with him.

Oscar confessed that he'd been nervous and thought that Josslyn hadn't been interested, since she'd never mentioned the dance. He'd had second thoughts after leaving. Josslyn called him mad, but she accepted his invitation and donned the hat. Oscar asked for Carly's permission to attend with Josslyn, and he left.

At the Aurora office, Sam assured Drew that he knew his heart even if he didn't have any details of his past. They both agreed that they wanted to be married for the new year, and Sam was excited. Drew read the fine print and realized they'd have to wait for 24 hours after getting the license. He wondered if they knew any judges to speed things up. Sam figured that Alexis would know some, but she didn't want to tell her mother, who would then spread the word. Their documents were ready, and they headed to City Hall.

At Charlie's Pub, Maxie did her best to reassure Nathan that things would be okay after they learned that Faison was Nathan's father. She wasn't worried. Lulu walked by and overheard, and the couple had to tell her the news. Lulu revealed that she had been anxious to interview Faison, but Maxie suggested that she'd have a better chance with Beyoncé. Nathan was worried about the stress on Maxie as he announced that he had to get to the station.

As soon as Nathan had gone, Maxie admitted that she was terrified that her baby would have a sociopath for a grandfather. She was beside herself, and Lulu tried to calm her down. She reminded Maxie of how confident and sure Maxie had been in front of Nathan. "Positive spin bordering on blatant lies," Maxie declared. Lulu insisted that it didn't matter what the grandparent was like. "Yes, it does," Maxie retorted.

Maxie explained how she'd been through the same thing when she and Spinelli had tried to get information on Spinelli's parents. Lulu was confident that all of Nathan's good traits would be passed to the baby, not Faison's cruelty. Maxie wanted to believe her, though she recalled how recessive genes could be passed down. Lulu couldn't wait to meet the new baby, who would be raised in a safe and stable home. It was the same thing as Charlotte being in her house instead of with the Cassadines, who were a "nightmare," Lulu added. Maxie was grateful for Lulu and the fact that Nathan had been given up as a baby. When they realized that Faison didn't know about his son, Maxie grabbed her coat and fled the pub.

Anna caught Finn trying to leave his room at General Hospital. He was insistent that he had to talk to the police about his role in Cassandra's injection, and he wanted to go to them before they pursued him. Anna did not want him to do that, and as the two argued, Sonny arrived to see Anna. Finn assured Sonny that he wasn't interrupting more than their "circular argument." Anna ordered Finn to take a nap, and she left with Sonny.

Anna and Sonny found Jason out in the hallway. Jason confirmed that Faison had at least one son, Nathan. "How terrible for him," Anna muttered. The guys provided Anna with all of their clues and acknowledged that Nathan wasn't the son they'd been looking for. Sonny wondered if Faison might have had a child with another woman, and Anna disclosed that he'd had a henchwoman named Desiree. The woman would have done anything for Faison but she'd been dead for a long time. Anna doubted there would be any records of a child birth.

Anna was adamant that Sonny and Jason not pursue Faison because she didn't want Jason to lose any more years of his life. She would pass on all they'd told her to the WSB, and she thought it best that the WSB look for Faison. After Anna headed back to Finn's room, Sonny declared that there was something Anna had been hiding.

While Anna spoke to Jason and Sonny, Jordan ended up in Finn's room, looking for Anna. She wanted to tell them about the Cassandra Pierce case. Finn tried to tell her that he wanted to make it easy and confess the truth. "Are you making an official statement about Cassandra Pierce?" Jordan asked him. Finn agreed that he was, but Anna walked in and interrupted. She told Jordan that Cassandra had been after her, and Finn had been drugged and incapacitated. Jordan noted that that checked out. The police knew who had injected Cassandra and left her to die in an alley.

Cassandra's bodyguard Eric had confessed, Jordan announced. He had claimed that he hadn't known Cassandra's intentions, and after he'd gone to Anna's house, Cassandra had attacked him with the syringe. He had turned the tables on her and had hidden when Anna had returned to the house. Jordan told Anna and Finn that they were free, and she thought they should see what the new year held. She looked thoughtful when she left.

Anna was happy that Finn had been cleared, and he was ready to leave the hospital. She insisted that he needed a doctor to sign him out, but she wouldn't fight him. Anna wanted Finn to go home with her.

Nathan arrived at the police station, and Dante could tell that he was feeling down. Nathan revealed that he'd learned his father's identity and told Dante, who couldn't believe it. Nathan admitted he felt sick, and he wondered how he could forget it. Dante advised him that he'd have to learn to live with it -- and Dante knew from personal experience. Sonny had a conscience, so he wasn't in the same league as Faison, but Dante revealed how he'd been filled with rage when he'd learned his own father's identity.

Dante explained how he'd had to choose, and he'd rejected some of Sonny's lifestyle while accepting other parts. He thought it was good that he and Nathan had both been grown men when they'd learned about their fathers. At least they had already chosen their life paths. He pointed out that Nathan was already a good man, and he wouldn't change.

Nathan vowed to find Faison and "shut him down." He couldn't have the man near Maxie and his baby, and he needed to see him behind bars. Lulu walked in and heard the men talking. She walked over to kiss her husband, who needed to take care of something, and Lulu remained with Nathan. She advised him that she was also looking for Faison, and she had some contacts. She suggested that she and Nathan work together and "bring him down for good."

Dante bumped into Jordan, and he asked about Anna. Jordan revealed that she thought that Finn had been ready to confess to attacking Cassandra but figured that had been impossible. He hadn't been in any condition to "swat a fly," much less move a body. Dante reminded her that they had a signed confession, and everyone was happy. They both looked doubtful.

Back in his office, Sonny spoke to Brick on the phone and asked him to track down information on Desiree. He proclaimed that he would love to shoot Faison after learning why he'd switched Jason and Drew. Jason felt that the reasons didn't matter because it wouldn't change anything. "Because Sam is staying with Drew?" Sonny asked. He wondered what had happened on New Year's Eve but Jason had nothing to share. Jason's phone rang, and it was Sam. She needed to see Jason, so he headed to Aurora.

Drew and Sam were disappointed when they returned to Sam's Aurora office. They would have to wait longer before getting married. Sam made a phone call to Jason, and she told Drew that Jason was on the way over. Drew wasn't sure whether to stay or leave, but Sam wanted to handle things alone. She wanted "minimum friction." Drew headed to his own office to wait. "Don't worry; I got this," Sam assured him. Shortly after, Jason arrived. "Hey," he said.

Maxie rushed into Sonny's office and apologized for her rudeness at Charlie's Pub. She was frantic as Sonny tried to get her to calm down and breathe. She asked Sonny to promise not to tell anyone about Nathan's father. He confessed that he'd told Anna but thought that the former WSB agent could protect her. Maxie couldn't believe that he'd already blabbed, but Sonny insisted that he and Jason wouldn't tell another soul. Maxie related that she'd already gotten Spinelli to promise, as well. She was fearful about what would happen if Faison learned about his son and new grandchild.

Ned and Laura decided to run for mayor

Ned and Laura decided to run for mayor

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Franco received a delivery of his twins painting at General Hospital and argued in vain with the delivery man to take it back. Franco took the painting into his office. "Why won't you leave me alone?" Franco asked. He continued to talk to it and said it was a "gruesome reminder" of pushing a kid down the stairs when he was young. He argued with himself and debated about telling Elizabeth. He was afraid she would react badly and turn to Jason. "I would just die," he said. He "apologized" to Drew.

Kevin wandered in and took a look at the painting. He mentioned how much he loved it and the fact that he'd had a twin also. Kevin noted that his deceased twin had been a "tortured soul," but he'd made peace with it all. He felt at peace when he looked at Franco's painting. Franco admitted that he had different emotions, and he planned on putting the painting into storage. Kevin suggested that he reconsider putting both the painting and his emotions into storage. "It's amazing what you can do when you face them head -on," Kevin advised. Franco was perplexed.

Laura stopped at Elizabeth's house to deliver Christmas gifts to the boys. Elizabeth was sorry to have missed the wedding due to the weather and asked for details. Laura admitted that she'd never thought she'd be married again because she'd been scared due to all of her previous experiences. Elizabeth joked that she had no idea what Laura meant. Laura loved the way that Kevin looked at her and made her feel.

Laura thought that Kevin might be in the midst of printing out campaign material because he thought she could do anything. Her advice was to let go of what was safe and just go for it. "Just go for it," Elizabeth repeated after Laura departed. Shortly after, Franco returned home with his painting in hand. Elizabeth greeted him with an embrace and a kiss. She reminded Franco that they hadn't set a wedding date, and she didn't want to wait. She wanted to "rock the boat."

After discussion, Franco and Elizabeth agreed on a wedding in February. She tried to think of a place but was distracted as she watched Franco chug a carton of milk. Franco decided to run out to buy more milk for the boys.

Alexis found herself at Charlie's Pub to ask for Julian's help. She was worried about Molly and her unsavory landlord. Julian promised to keep an eye out on the apartment building across the street from the pub, and while Alexis was grateful, she reminded him that they weren't getting back together. "Yeah, what she said," Molly said as she walked over to them.

Molly and Alexis sat at a table together, and Alexis informed her daughter that Curtis hadn't obtained any useful information on the landlord yet. Molly revealed that she and T.J. were going to expose their greedy landlord by doing such things as hanging banners to let everyone know about him. She thought a rent strike would be good too. Alexis ordered Molly not to do any of that, and Molly couldn't believe it. Alexis explained that she wanted to hear from Curtis first. Alexis left, and Julian advised Molly that her mother was right. "Nobody asked you," Molly snapped. Julian declared that Alexis was worried about Molly, but the young woman announced that she would call anyone else if she had any problems. She didn't want Julian anywhere near her.

Jim Harvey from Niagara Equities walked in to see Julian. He handed Julian his card and announced that he wanted to buy the bar for more than what Julian had paid. Julian declined the offer and told him that Charlie's was "staying put."

Laura wandered in and picked up the business card on the bar. Julian pointed Jim out to her, and she walked over to his table. She wanted to speak to him about the redevelopment project on Charles Street, and she wondered how the children and families would benefit. "Growth comes at a cost," Jim uttered. Laura didn't agree and offered to take him on a tour. He declined and noted that the "struggling neighborhood can reach its full potential." "Don't hold your breath," Laura retorted. Jim got up and left, and Kevin walked in at the same time. He took one look at Laura's face and wondered what he had missed.

Laura told her husband that Jim Harvey's project would be disastrous. She didn't think that anyone would be able to stop him. Kevin thought differently and told his wife that she'd be able to do just that. It would be her chance to be a champion. Laura agreed to run for mayor.

At the Metro Court, Michael found Carly "cleaning and organizing" the bar, and he asked her what was wrong. Carly was furious that Nelle had gotten a job with Ava. Michael agreed that he wasn't happy, either, but it had been Nelle's decision after he'd told her to get a job. Carly wanted him to end it, but Michael assured her that his eyes were open. He was playing a game, just like Nelle, and he couldn't tell her what to do. He had to play along and make Nelle think that she was winning him over. Carly was concerned that he always just saw the good in people and would be vulnerable. Michael clarified that he had learned something from his own childhood experience in the "tug-of-war." Michael assured his mother that every decision she had made had been right, though she was worried that "what goes around comes around." Nelle wasn't the same person as she had been.

At a nearby table, Olivia tried to convince Ned to run for mayor, but he wanted no part of it. He spoke to Jim Harvey on the phone and advised him that he was no longer with ELQ, and the man would have to deal with Michael. Just then, Michael wandered over, and Olivia excused herself. Michael sat down. He advised Ned that their company's strength was derived from the fact that they were family, and he had really wanted Ned to work at ELQ.

Michael apologized for the previous misunderstanding and asked Ned to reconsider his decision. Ned was appreciative and impressed that Michael had decided to go along with his way of thinking. Michael quickly advised him that the Charles Street project was off the table, but Michael wanted Nedhim to run the South American division. "Unbelievable," Ned proclaimed. He wondered if Michael had been intimidated by him and wanted to get him out of the country. Ned thought that maybe he should be the one running ELQ.

Olivia stopped to chat with Carly, who told her the latest about Nelle. The young woman had played the family previously and was about to be a part of the family, much to Carly's dismay. Olivia offered her help with the "skeevy skank."

In the Aurora office, Jason arrived to find Sam sitting at her desk. She informed him that she needed a divorce because she and Drew had to get re-married. Their first marriage hadn't been legal, since she was technically still married to Jason. Sam advised him that it was important to her and her family, Sam advised him. Jason understood and said that he would sign the papers.

Sam explained that they needed to have a reason for the divorce, and there were only certain terms that they could use. Jason walked over and looked down at Sam's computer screen. "None of those are us," he said as he mostly looked at her instead. Sam agreed and was sorry about New Year's Eve. She admitted that she wouldn't have changed the past if she'd known what would happen to them, and Jason felt the same way. He wanted to make her happy, though, so he had no problem with getting a divorce.

Sam thought it was strange to say thank you for ending the marriage, and she wanted him to know that he'd made her happy and had shown her the way to be whole. She would never be able to repay him. "Just live," Jason said. He was happy that she would be getting the life that he couldn't give her. "Irreconcilable differences," he said as he headed to the door. "Because I love you and you love him."

Alexis arrived after Jason left, and Sam told her she wanted help with getting a divorce. She also mentioned that she and Jason had kissed on New Year's Eve. Sam thought it felt like she'd gone back in time, but she had to let it go. Alexis was willing to help with the divorce if it was for the right reasons. She thought that maybe Sam shouldn't remarry right away because her emotions were high. She added that Sam should make peace about Jason before marrying Drew.

Sam related that Jason was her first love, and she'd always love him. She had chosen not to act on it. She wanted to marry Drew because she loved him and their life together. Alexis agreed to help.

Olivia headed back to Ned's table. Ned informed her that Michael had reinforced his decision to leave ELQ. He and Michael wished each other well, and Michael mentioned that his door would always be open. He got up and left. Ned called him an "ice-cold shark." Olivia thought it could all be for the best, and she returned to her plea for her husband to run for mayor. Ned thought that Olivia would make the perfect politician's wife, and he agreed to run.

Jason found Carly in the restaurant, and she was happy to see him. She thought that Jason would be the only person to be able to reason with Michael. She wondered where he'd been when she called, and Jason told her about Sam's request for a divorce. Carly felt that Sam was rushing into marriage. Carly added that Sam wanted Jason even if she didn't admit it, Carly added. She was worried about Sam, and Drew couldn't have a wife who loved someone else. She compared the situation to her love for Jax and Sonny and reminded Jason that Sam had been happy with him in the past, along with Danny.

After Franco left, the doorbell rang. Elizabeth answered it, and it was Jim Harvey, who wanted to speak to Franco. He handed her a card and revealed that he thought he had known Franco in the past when he had gone by the name of Bobby Frank. He admired Elizabeth's home. Franco returned and saw Jim. Elizabeth made the introductions. "Man, have you grown," Jim said as he greeted Franco.

The truth about Cassandra's overdose emerged

The truth about Cassandra's overdose emerged

> The truth about Cassandra's overdose emerged

The truth about Cassandra's overdose emerged

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Jim Harvey from Niagara Equities showed up at Elizabeth's house, looking for Franco. He mentioned that he thought he had known Franco as a kid, though he'd gone by the name of Bobby Frank then. Franco arrived home from the store, and Jim exclaimed, "Man, have you grown!" He claimed to have dated Franco's mother and recalled Franco using finger paints. Franco stated that he didn't know Jim. "What are you doing here?" Franco asked.

Elizabeth teased Franco for arriving home with milk and Champagne, and she told Jim that they had just begun to plan their wedding. She invited Jim into the house. "You've come a long way, Bobby," Jim said as he looked around. He added that he still kept in touch with Franco's mother, Betsy, who was very proud of her son. Franco was annoyed and asked if his mother had sent Jim. "You're still a tough nut to crack," Jim joked. He thought that trait made Franco a great artist. He spied the twin painting and asked about Franco's inspiration.

Franco replied that life was his inspiration. Jim announced that he wanted to buy Franco's art studio, as well as the additional storage areas. It was a prime location, and he would make a generous offer. Franco responded that he liked his studio, and Elizabeth added that Franco felt inspired there. Jim challenged their answers, noting that Franco's recent art show had only displayed old works. "Change is good," Jim said. He thought that a new location would go hand in hand with a new name and a wedding.

Again, Franco declared that he liked his space. Jim handed him a card with an amount written down, and he left. Sarcastically, Franco said that his mother had kissed a lot of frogs, but he didn't remember Jim, though he appeared to know Franco. He ripped up the card and noted that he wouldn't do business with anyone who called him Bobby. He was ready to celebrate and set a wedding date.

At a table at the Metro Court, Olivia convinced Ned to run for mayor. Ned thought that she would make the perfect politician's wife. Olivia was thrilled. She knew that the man she'd married could do anything, and she would be his campaign manager. She didn't think that anything could stop them. The couple had a Champagne toast. Ned thought that there might be more candidates, but Olivia thought that he'd be the best one with his pedigree. Also, Jim Harvey would need an ally, she added. Olivia thought it would be a good idea to set up a "buzz" at "Ground Zero," so they headed off to Charles Street.

At Charlie's Pub, Kevin successfully convinced Laura to run for mayor, though she had realized on her own that someone would need to "push back" against Jim Harvey. "Madame Mayor," Kevin teased. Just then, Nina and Charlotte arrived, and the little girl was excited to see her grandmother. She showed off her new skating costume and mentioned that Nina had made her return the costume she'd received from Cassandra. Laura stuttered a bit and suggested that maybe that costume hadn't fit properly. Nina stated that it had been inappropriate and from a nice lady who hadn't been nice. She took Charlotte off to get some hot chocolate. Laura and Kevin were confused.

Kevin wondered if they should tell Charlotte that her grandmother would be running for mayor. Laura seemed distracted. She admitted that the "weight of responsibility" had hit her, and it was all about making Port Charles a better place for their children and grandchildren. Laura thought that they would have to work fast before Jim found a corporate partner.

At their nearby table, Charlotte asked why Nina seemed to be mad at Cassandra. Nina had a flashback to her run-in with Cassandra at the Metro Court and told Charlotte that she wasn't mad. She added that Cassandra would no longer be a problem. After Nina spotted a cop and grew jumpy, she and Charlotte quickly left the pub.

Kevin and Laura were surprised to see Ned and Olivia arrive. Laura asked about the redevelopment and ELQ and was happy to hear that Ned no longer worked for his family's company. Ned announced that he was running for mayor, and he asked for Laura's endorsement. She quickly advised him that it wasn't possible because she planned on running for mayor, also. Coincidentally, Laura and Ned said the exact same words in unison. They were both running for mayor "because I love Port Charles, and I want to do what's best for everyone who lives here." The press showed up, called by both camps. Laura declared that she wanted to fight the redevelopment while Ned vowed to take the community into the 21st century.

Laura promised to run a clean campaign, and Ned said it would be a fair fight. Both looked to the community to decide. Kevin advised Laura that their next stop would be the mayor's mansion, while Jim Harvey showed up and declared his support for Ned. "Game on," Laura said.

At Anna's house, Finn advised Anna that he didn't need to stay there because he didn't need a babysitter. Anna showed him the flowers she'd bought because she wanted a redo of New Year's Eve. She said that they would be able to say a "proper farewell to our partnership." Finn made a toast to the "glamorous life of a secret agent" and realized that while they'd learned about each other a little, it wasn't very much. They chatted about their childhoods, and they both raised their hands meekly in admitting to sleeping naked. They teased each other a lot.

Anna rose from her chair, and Finn grabbed her hand as she walked by. He pulled her into a passionate kiss, and they started to remove each other's clothing. Suddenly, Anna spotted her clock on the floor under the table, and she ran to pick it up. The time on the stopped clock proved that the wrong man was in jail, she told Finn. She put on her coat and grabbed her gun. She questioned Finn about New Year's Eve, though she was aware that he'd been drugged and had a lapse in memory. Finn was in disarray and disbelief as Anna headed for the door. She promised to return soon and asked him to stay.

Valentin was at Wyndemere and about to look at a laptop when his doorbell sounded. He shoved the laptop out of sight and answered the door. It was Jordan, who said that she wanted to "tie up some loose ends." She also asked why Valentin had visited Eric in jail so soon after the confession. Valentin ran down a list of Eric's bad deeds and informed Jordan that he'd wanted to look Eric in the eye; he'd told him to enjoy prison and mentioned that he'd be waiting for him. Jordan thought that Eric had confessed rather quickly, and she felt that either the man had been feeling guilty or he'd had something to gain. She thought it possible that someone had paid him off. Valentin reminded Jordan that he'd agreed to help Anna with the case.

After Jordan had gone, Valentin retrieved the laptop and looked at the photo of Claudette that Cassandra had shown him previously. He was interrupted again when Anna walked in. She showed him the clock and said that she wanted the truth. She said that the clock had been on her foyer table, and Finn didn't remember what had happened after he'd been drugged. The clock had obviously fallen off the table during a struggle, though there'd been no signs of a struggle. The time had stopped at 12:47 a.m. Eric had been with Anna and Valentin at that time, but she believed that Valentin had gone into her house and wiped it down after she had taken Finn to the hospital. Valentin denied that that was a possibility.

Nina and Charlotte arrived home, and Charlotte excitedly showed her father her new skating costume. Nina glared at Valentin and Anna as Valentin spoke to his daughter in French and sent her off to bed. Nina followed Charlotte without uttering a word. Valentin asked Anna if they were finished, and he asked if she thought that Finn had been the one to put Cassandra into a coma. She replied that the case had been closed. They both laughed and agreed that it had been "a pleasure doing business with you," though it was a strange thought.

Jordan went to Anna's house but found Finn instead. She told him that Cassandra's laptop was missing, and Finn suggested that Eric had destroyed it. Jordan advised him that with everything on the cloud, they would find the information eventually. She commented on the fake relationship between Finn and Anna and suggested that after all of the excitement, things would return to whatever was normal. They would find out that they didn't know much about each other. Jordan was familiar with the same scenario, but she hoped things would be different for Anna and Finn.

Anna arrived home and called out for Finn. She found a note instead that advised her that he and Roxy had moved to a suite at the Metro Court, and things were back to normal, whatever that was. Anna was clearly disappointed.

Nina returned to Valentin, and he told her that Anna had had questions about New Year's Eve. Nina gasped and had a flashback. She recalled searching for Valentin and knocking on Anna's door. The front door had been unlocked, and Nina had wandered inside. She had encountered Cassandra, who had been holding a syringe. The drug queen had announced that she was ready to kill Nina and her daughter, and the two women had begun to struggle. They had crashed into the table, a lamp, and the walls. The syringe had landed in Cassandra, who'd fallen to the floor, unconscious. Valentin reminded Nina that the nightmare was over. "What if the nightmare is just beginning?" Nina asked.

The flashback continued. Valentin had found Nina at the Metro Court and had been very happy to see her. He'd said he never wanted to let go. After he'd heard what she'd been through, he had wanted to call the police. He said it had been self-defense, but Nina had begged him not to call them. She had been in a mental institution and was afraid that would be used against her. He had told her that he would take care of everything, and they'd gone back to Anna's house. Nina had waited outside while Valentin had gone inside to check that the coast was clear. Cassandra had still been on the floor and barely alive. No one else had been there. Valentin had cleaned up the place to remove signs of the struggle, and he'd put some things in a trash bag. He'd picked up Cassandra, and they'd left. He had regretted his past, but he'd had certain skills. He would always protect Nina.

After Nina left the room, Valentin once again retrieved the laptop. This time, he successfully deleted the photo of Claudette holding the recent newspaper.

Lulu and Nathan agreed on a plan

Lulu and Nathan agreed on a plan

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sonny promised Jason that Brick was on Faison's trail. Jason suggested that they use Faison's son to draw the criminal out. Diane entered to get Jason so they could finalize his divorce from Sam. Jason just wanted to give Sam whatever she wanted. "That's where I come in," Diane piggybacked. She intended to safeguard Jason's best interest.

Sam and Drew made a date for the approaching weekend and shared a kiss just as Alexis entered. Alexis summoned Sam to the courthouse, which Sam thought would just be signing paperwork. Curtis arrived just as Alexis and Sam left. Curtis informed Drew that he'd found something for Drew. He revealed that Drew had graduated from high school in Sawyer, NY, and he produced a yearbook from when Drew had been in school. He'd flagged important pages for Drew to look through.

Drew opened to his class picture, and he remarked on how much he'd looked like Jason. Curtis revealed that Drew had been a leader academically, athletically, and in student government. Drew realized that both he and Jason had run track, and Curtis marveled over how similar twins were, even when they'd been separated. Speaking of separation, Drew confided that Sam and Jason were finalizing their divorce so that Drew and Sam could remarry.

Curtis congratulated Drew, and Drew made sure that Curtis would be there as his "one true friend." He began to stammer nervously, and Curtis assured Drew that he would be Drew's best man. Curtis got a text, and he said it was about another case. Before leaving, he told Drew that answers from the past hardly seemed to matter, since Drew and Sam had a "wonderful future lined up."

In the conference room at the courthouse, Alexis made sure that Sam wasn't having any doubts about her divorce. Sam was frustrated that Alexis seemed to be sending her mixed signals, but Alexis insisted that she only wanted Sam to be happy. Jason and Diane arrived, and they sat at the table.

A few minutes later, Diane argued for Jason to keep the penthouse, but Jason wanted Sam to keep it. Sam wanted her and Drew to find somewhere else to live, and Alexis suggested six months for them to find a new home. Both Sam and Jason thought about some of the good memories they'd had in the penthouse.

Diane revealed that Jason wouldn't contest his ELQ stocks, and that Drew and Sam would pay Jason back for Aurora, including interest, in exchange for full ownership. Sam agreed, but Jason refused payment. Alexis reminded him that giving Aurora as a gift would cause scrutiny from the SEC. Jason and Diane agreed to waive the interest. Diane continued that all of Jason's offshore accounts, holdings, and properties would remain his, as well as his half ownership of Corinthos coffee and his Quartermaine trusts. Sam and Alexis agreed.

Diane added that Sam and Drew had been living off of Jason's money for two years, so they would need to pay that money back. "No, they won't," Jason interjected. Diane rattled off Sam and Drew's lack of jobs and money, and Sam exploded that she knew that everything she had was because of Jason. "Enough," Jason stated. "What are you doing?" Diane demanded. Jason grabbed a pen and signed the divorce papers. "There. It's done," he said. Both Sam and Jason remembered happy times in their relationship, including their engagement and wedding.

"The money never mattered. I just want you to be okay," Jason told Sam as he handed her the paper to sign. "I know," she replied, ready to sign. Alexis advised Sam not to sign until they talked about a custody arrangement for Danny.

Nathan and Maxie were in bed, and Maxie woke up when she heard the door creak open. She shook Nathan awake as she watched Faison take their crying baby out of the crib. "Don't take our baby!" she screamed as Nathan ran after Faison with a gun. She heard a gunshot, and she awoke with a start in Nina's office.

Peter entered the office and asked if Maxie was all right. She made Peter promise not to tell Nina she'd been sleeping, and then she babbled on about the "fun side effects of pregnancy." He asked Maxie to tell Nina that he would find her later. Before he left, Maxie wanted to thank him for giving Lulu a chance. She vouched for Lulu's instincts and drive.

Just then, Mac entered, and Maxie introduced him to Peter, who excused himself after the introduction. Mac gave her a thermos of "green juice" that Felicia had made and remarked that Maxie didn't look great. Maxie explained her and Nathan's lack of sleep due to finding out about Nathan's father being Faison. Maxie didn't feel safe in Port Charles, so she asked Mac to contact Robert and Frisco and help her and Nathan "disappear."

Mac reasoned that, since Faison didn't know that Nathan was his son, he wouldn't show up. He insisted that Port Charles was the safest place for Maxie to be, especially with Sonny after Faison. A few minutes later, Mac hung up from a call with Robert. He assured her that Robert and Frisco would be keeping an eye out for Faison. In the meantime, he advised her not to stress because, with any luck, Faison would never find out that Nathan was his son.

Julian threw some broken glass into a trash can as Dante entered Charlie's. He explained to the detective that someone had thrown a brick through his kitchen window. He thought that someone was trying to send him a message, and he believed that it was Sonny. Dante informed Julian that, without surveillance, there wasn't much that the police could do except send a patrol car.

A short while later, Dante was gone, and Julian was cleaning up when Sonny entered. "I got your present," Julian said. Sonny answered that he didn't have time for "petty vandalism," but he was there for repayment. He informed Julian that Charlie's would be selling Corinthos coffee. They argued for a minute until Sonny demanded payment "on time and in full." Julian said that next time, Sonny only needed to ask, not throw a brick through the window. When Sonny was gone, Julian glumly opened a box of the coffee.

Lulu arrived at the police station and wondered if Nathan had thought about her plan to lure out Faison. "I'm in," he told her. He thought the best way to draw Faison out would be to use himself as bait. "The sooner, the better," he added. He promised to talk to Jordan, who would notify the WSB if she felt that it was necessary. Dante entered and wondered what they were talking about.

Lulu and Nathan explained their plan to Dante, who was the opposite of thrilled. He advised the two to know the risk of drawing Faison out. Lulu insisted that she was going to write the article whether he liked it or not, because it was too important. If Lulu and Nathan went through with the article, Dante demanded to be in on every step. "I wouldn't have it any other way," Lulu agreed, and they shared a kiss.

Dante reiterated that he didn't like the idea, and Lulu commented that she still had to run the idea by Peter. She promised to keep Dante and Nathan informed, and she left. Dante assured Nathan that he wasn't angry with his partner, but it frustrated him when Lulu "leaps before she looks." Dante thought that Maxie wouldn't be thrilled about Nathan using himself as bait. Dante hoped Nathan knew was he was doing, but he promised that he'd always have Nathan's back.

At Metro Court, Lulu sat at a table with Peter, who asked about the status of her interview with Faison. She revealed that she had the "next best thing: an interview with his son." Peter nervously said that he'd thought Britt was Faison's only child. Lulu confided that Faison didn't know about his son, who was her husband's partner, Nathan.

Jason, Sonny, and Spinelli contacted P.K. Sinclair

Jason, Sonny, and Spinelli contacted P.K. Sinclair

Friday, January 12, 2018

At Charlie's, Julian tried to figure out how to work his new coffee machine. Kim sat down at the bar and ordered a coffee, commenting on the "Corinthos Coffee" sign. Alluding to his trouble with the machine, he admitted that the food service industry was "alien" to him. She wondered how he'd gotten involved, and he confided that he was lonely. She wondered if he was less lonely. "I'm talking to you, aren't I?" he joked.

Julian continued that he didn't know what he would be doing if he didn't have the bar. He cracked that his ex-wife had gotten all the friends in the divorce. Kim related that the combination of her crazy work hours and living alone with her son meant that she was "in the market for new friends." Kim and Julian introduced themselves and shook hands.

Jason gave the divorce papers to Sam to sign, but Alexis stopped Sam from signing them to discuss Danny's custody arrangement. Alexis thought that, while Jason was Danny's father, Drew was the father that Danny knew. Diane threatened to take Sam and Alexis to court, but Alexis countered that Jason had decided not to be a part of Jake's life because of the danger. "Stop it," Sam shouted. She explained that she, Drew, and Jason had already talked to Danny about his paternity, and she refused to sign anything that limited Jason from seeing Danny.

Diane agreed with Sam and handed her the papers to sign, and she did. Alexis took the signed papers and told Sam and Jason that they were "free to move on." "Good luck with that," Diane scoffed on her way out. Sam promised Jason that she would never keep Danny away from him, and he thanked her. Jason's phone went off, and he had to go. "See you around," he said, and he was gone. Alexis insisted that she was just doing her job by wanting to discuss Danny's custody. "Not anymore. You're fired," Sam replied angrily.

Sam told Alexis that she wouldn't let anyone take Jason away from Danny ever again. Alexis wondered if Sam trusted Jason to have custody of Danny if something ever happened to Sam. Sam did, but she knew that Alexis didn't. "This is my life, my kid, and my divorce, and I'll handle it how I see fit. Stay out of it," she said. Sam added that she didn't appreciate Alexis using her as a distraction from Julian, and she stormed out of the room.

Diane returned, and Alexis maintained that she was just doing her job. She reminded herself not to represent family, as Sam had gotten personal by trying to make things about Julian. Diane wanted to take Alexis out, so she suggested lunch.

"Why here?" Alexis asked Diane a short while later when they arrived in front of Charlie's. She didn't want to eat there because Julian owned it. Diane hoped that familiarity would "breed contempt." They entered the bar as Kim helped Julian with the coffee machine. He marveled at her getting the machine to work, and she replied that she had only turned it on. Alexis and Diane watched as Kim and Julian laughed together.

Oscar met up with Drew at the boxing gym, and Drew wondered why Oscar had wanted to meet here. Oscar revealed that he wanted Drew to teach him how to fight. Oscar turned to leave, thinking himself a bother, but Drew insisted that Oscar wasn't. He told Oscar to get changed, and they were soon in the ring. Drew instructed Oscar on how to throw punches and how to protect himself. "What if the other guy is bigger?" Oscar wondered.

Drew wanted to help, but he implored Oscar to talk to him. Oscar explained that he had a friend who was getting picked on by a group of guys at school, and Oscar was sick of it. Drew wondered if the "friend" was actually Oscar, but Oscar denied it. Drew thought it was admirable of Oscar to step in to help someone who couldn't defend themselves, but he advised Oscar to use fighting as a last resort. As Sam watched and smiled, he promised to teach Oscar everything he knew, but he hoped that Oscar would never have to use it.

Sam entered the gym as Oscar was leaving, and Drew wondered how Sam's meeting had gone. She revealed that she was officially divorced, so they could get married. She added that money didn't matter to Jason, but Drew said paying Jason back for Aurora was about honor. Sam told Drew about the disagreement over Danny, and Drew agreed that they could figure things out themselves with Jason.

Josslyn tried on a long dress for the dance and showed it to Carly and Sonny. She thought it was hideous, but Sonny and Carly thought she looked beautiful. Josslyn went upstairs to try on a dress that her friend had loaned her. Carly thought that dressing provocatively would be followed by provocative behavior. However, Sonny advised Carly to give Josslyn a little freedom, because kids had to figure things out for themselves sometimes. Sonny got a text message and excused himself to meet with Jason. He thought it would give Carly some time to compromise with Josslyn.

A few minutes later, Carly was reading a copy of Crimson when Josslyn descended the stairs in a shorter black, glittery dress. Carly put Josslyn in front of a mirror and asked what Josslyn saw. "Me in a beautiful dress," she replied. Carly thought that the boys at the dance would see something other than the dress. Josslyn refused to let anyone shame her for wearing what she wanted to wear. Carly explained that, while it wasn't right, the way a woman dressed sent a message that could be taken wrong.

Carly continued that Josslyn's dress could cause a reaction that Josslyn wasn't ready to handle. Carly promised to back whatever decision her daughter made. Getting an idea, Carly grabbed her magazine and showed Josslyn a dress that Carly would get for her if she would wear it. A wide-eyed Josslyn recognized it as a Cartullo. She hugged Carly and thanked her profusely.

A short while later, Carly let Oscar into the house and wondered if he had a suit for the dance. He admitted that he thought "nice jeans" would be enough. Josslyn descended the stairs in street clothes and told Carly that she and Oscar would be at the library. They left, but Carly realized that Josslyn had forgotten her backpack. Carly grabbed it, but stopped when something fell out of it. She was shocked to find a box of condoms.

Nathan met with Lulu at Charlie's, and she was glad that he hadn't changed his mind about doing the interview. She turned on her recorder and opened her computer. She asked her first question, which was about Nathan's feelings upon learning that his father was one of the most wanted criminals in the world.

A short while later, Nathan and Lulu finished the interview. She joked that his quote about Faison being a "nicotine-stained relic not fit for a family" was overkill, but Nathan needed to get Faison's attention on the article. Lulu advised him to look for the article the next morning. He clarified that he wanted Maxie's name kept out of the article, but Lulu reminded him that everyone knew they were married after the Man Landers debacle. She promised that if Faison showed up, it would be to Nathan.

Nina arrived at her office after having missed a meeting with Peter, and Maxie recognized that Nina didn't want to be there either. Nina gave Maxie permission to take off for the day if she wanted, but Maxie didn't think it would help her stress. She added that she just wanted to protect her family. "From what?" Nina wondered. Maxie claimed that there were many poisons out in the world that could harm the baby, so Nina suspiciously advised her to read labels.

"How far would you go?" Maxie asked Nina. "All the way. I know you would too," Nina replied. She asked what was wrong, and Maxie spilled the news about Faison being Nathan's father. Just then, Peter entered, and Nina informed him that she and Maxie were in the middle of something. Ignoring her, he handed her a piece of paper with a new budget for her. Without looking at it, she threw it in the trash. As Nathan entered and asked for a minute with Maxie, Peter got a text from Lulu saying that she was almost done writing the piece. He left with hardly a goodbye.

Nathan wanted to tell Nina about his paternity. Nina admitted that she already knew, and she vowed that no one else would know. "Until they get the paper tomorrow," he said. He explained about the interview to Maxie and Nina, and they didn't take it well. Maxie informed Nathan that he'd made their family a target. He explained that he wanted to deal with Faison and put him in jail. Maxie replied that, even if he thought he could handle it, she was asking him not to.

At Charlie's, Peter read Lulu's article and called it "gold." She hoped that Faison would approach her in order to tell his side. Just then, her phone rang, and she answered it to Nathan. He asked her to pull the interview no matter what she had to do to get it done. She informed him that her editor already had the story, but he told her that he didn't want to go public as Faison's son. When she was off the phone, she informed Peter that Nathan wanted her to pull the interview.

Nathan apologized to Maxie for not telling her and reassured her that Lulu would pull the article. Lulu entered the office a short while later, and Maxie demanded to know what her friend had been thinking. "I tried," Lulu managed to say. She divulged that, by the time she'd gotten to her editor, the article had already been posted on the website. Peter thought there was no point in taking it down, so there was "no going back."

Jason arrived at Sonny's, and Spinelli was already there. Spinelli explained that he'd finally gotten a hold of P.K. Sinclair's email address, for which the account was still active. He'd created an email account to contact the author that could in no way be traced back to them. They speculated on how to get a response. Sonny thought the author was too intelligent to respond to a threat or a challenge. Spinelli suggested that they bait the author with what they knew he wanted: Faison.

Sonny thought it was too risky to pretend to be Faison, just in case the author was in contact with Faison. He only wanted to let the author know that he was on their radar. A few minutes later, Spinelli finished writing a short email, and Jason and Sonny approved it. Spinelli sent it and hoped for the best.

Elsewhere, someone was looking at a computer screen with multiple windows open: one of Faison's mugshot; one with a document of The Severed Branch by P.K. Sinclair; the article about Nathan, entitled "Son of Faison Reveals Himself"; and an email inbox. Suddenly, an email popped up from "" which read, "Love your new book. Can't wait for the sequel."

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