The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 5, 2018 on B&B

Bill and Ridge brawled over Bill's obsession with Steffy. Katie found Bill with a bullet in his back, and as Bill struggled to recover in the hospital, the accusations mounted about who'd shot him. Justin took over Spencer. Thomas told Sally about the Caroline scam Bill had played on them.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 5, 2018 on B&B
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Logo Ridge and Bill brawl over Steffy

Monday, March 5, 2018

At Il Giardino after dark, the wind whipped around the bundled-up Shirley, Saul, and Sally during their patio meal. Shirley mumbled that Saul's check from his mother would go a lot further at a cheaper place. Saul said it was the place Sally had picked, so it was where they would dine.

Sally reminded Shirley that Shirley had wanted to check out the infamous murderer, kidnapper, baby-swapper, and poisoner Sheila Carter. "This is where she works?" Shirley exclaimed in a hushed tone.

Sally thanked Saul for spending his birthday money on them. Shirley didn't know what kind of place didn't have liver on the menu. Sally quipped that it was a place where regular people ate, and Shirley mentioned that she'd heard people could get strength from eating their enemy's liver. Shirley had planned to pretend that the liver on her plate was Bill's.

"Why are you the way you are?" Saul asked. Sally doubted Bill had any internal organs, but she thought it would be interesting if someone would crack him open so they could see. Sally believed it was about more than business for Bill, who she was certain wanted to destroy her.

Saul said Sally wasn't destroyed. "Yet," Shirley added. Sally wondered if she was dead and didn't even know it. The server arrived and took water orders. Saul asked if she was Sheila. The server said Sheila hadn't arrived for her shift because she'd had something to take care of.

Sally griped about the way Bill had treated her. Saul stated that he could kill Bill, and Shirley clinked her glass against Saul's. Sally said she'd never dream of murder unless she was awake and thinking of Bill.

Grabbing her gloves, Sally got up from the table and said she wasn't good company. She decided that instead of complaining about Bill, she needed to do something about him. Shirley said Bill was holding all the cards. Sally replied that someone needed to knock them out of Bill's hands. Sally left, and Saul grumbled, "Damn you, Bill Spencer."

At the cliff house, Steffy told Bill to get up, and he couldn't be there. Bill stood up from his proposing stance and asked if it was because she wanted to go back to waiting for Liam to walk through the door. Bill insisted that Liam, who dealt in absolutes, wouldn't be back because Bill and Steffy weren't clean enough for Liam anymore. Bill said that he could love her. He always had. He asked her to sign the annulment papers and become his wife.

Bill wanted to get married and start over elsewhere. Steffy refused, and he said they could remain there and take a stand. Steffy asserted that she didn't love Bill. Steffy loved her husband and wanted Bill to leave before Liam got there. She ordered Bill not to return.

Bill wanted Steffy to know that he was sincere. She claimed to be, too. Bill thought she knew deep down that it was possible, and that was the reason she kept declining and panicking each time she saw him. Steffy replied that she panicked because he wasn't listening. She stated that there would never be anything between them. It wasn't romantic to her; it was exhausting.

Steffy asked Bill if he heard her. Bill said he did. She asked him to leave before Liam got there. She knew that Bill was lonely, but she told him that she wasn't the answer. Bill believed she'd look back on that night one day and wonder how things had gone so wrong. Steffy sighed in relief when Bill left. On the stoop, he zipped up his jacket and walked away.

At Forrester, Brooke offered to call Steffy for Ridge. Dropping his gloves on the desk, Ridge decided that if Liam showed up at Steffy's house, then Steffy would call Ridge. Brooke didn't think Steffy would call while Liam was there, and she thought Bill had no choice but to stay away. Ridge said, "If he were honorable or sane."

Ridge couldn't wait any longer and decided to call Steffy. As she answered the phone, she heard what sounded like a tree branch cracking outside. She yelled that she wasn't letting him back in, and Ridge asked who Steffy was talking to and if someone was there. Steffy said a branch had fallen, and Ridge asked who'd been there.

Steffy revealed that Bill had been there, but she'd told him to go. Ridge started yelling that Bill thought Steffy was easy prey. Steffy said she'd handled it. She didn't want Ridge to make it worse because Liam would be on the way. Ridge told Steffy to get out of the house.

In the corridor, Pam was with Charlie. She was worried about Steffy and Liam and said Steffy was the closest thing to a daughter to her. Charlie stated that Pam hadn't answered his question. Pam said she'd called the pharmacy, and she wondered who or what could be making Liam and Steffy so unhappy.

Charlie gave Pam a pointed stare. Pam said her doctor would call the pharmacy for a refill because Pam was out of refills. Charlie asked how many times they'd discussed not letting the prescription lapse. He said she needed the pills and knew how wound up she got without them.

Charlie called the pharmacy and found out that the doctor hadn't responded to the store's fax about the refill. Charlie wanted to call the doctor. Pam continued to ruminate on Steffy and Liam's issues. Pam didn't want Steffy to be an old maid like Pam, who was all alone. "I'm sorry. Who am I? You're not alone -- only when you're like this," Charlie replied.

Pam believed there was something she could do, and Stephanie would want Pam to do something. Pam decided to ask Ridge, who'd know what to do.

Pam cracked the door to the CEO's office and heard Brooke asking Ridge what Bill had wanted. Ridge asked what Brooke thought Bill had wanted and said Bill had wanted to take advantage of Steffy again. Pam gasped and closed the door.

Back inside the office, Ridge grabbed his coat and gloves and told Brooke to get Steffy out of the house and take her to his and Brooke's house. Brooke gasped as Ridge took off.

Later, Pam dragged Charlie into the empty CEO's office. She was upset about what she'd just heard and said it was terrible. Rick and Maya entered with their picks for the Cape Town runway and immediately noticed how upset Pam was. Charlie said Pam wasn't herself. Pam asked if Rick knew about Steffy and Bill Spencer. Maya asked what she should know about them.

Pam sobbed that it was why Liam and Steffy were miserable and apart with a baby on the way. Pam said Ridge wouldn't have said it if it wasn't true. Pam revealed that Ridge had said Bill had taken advantage of Steffy, and they all knew what kind of "advantage" broke up marriages.

Maya and Rick thought Pam had misunderstood. Maya said Bill might be about to print a bad story, as he'd done about Maya. Pam asked why Steffy's husband had left her weeks back and why Bill would be at her house that night. Pam asked why Ridge had stormed out in a rage like he was going to do "I don't know what."

Back at the cliff house, Brooke arrived and said Steffy's father had sent her. Steffy said she'd told her dad that she was fine. Brooke asked to enter, and Steffy let her in. Brooke noticed that it smelled good in there, and Steffy said she was expecting Liam for dinner. Brooke didn't think it would be too much trouble to call Liam and pack the dinner up to take to Brooke's house.

"What?" Steffy asked. She said she wasn't leaving. Brooke suggested that she and Liam have a private dinner at Brooke's house and said Steffy's father didn't want Steffy alone in the cliff house anymore. "This is my house," Steffy said, but Brooke noted that it belonged to Bill.

Steffy figured that Ridge had told Brooke that Bill had been there. Steffy said she'd told Bill to go, and she wasn't afraid of him. Brooke replied that Bill had keys to the house. Brooke knew Bill, but Ridge didn't believe Bill wouldn't hurt Steffy. Steffy said the grown men could handle themselves, but Brooke said she always got worried when Ridge had a bloody look in his eyes. Brooke feared what would happen next.

Brooke tried to get Steffy to pack up as Ridge wanted, but Steffy insisted that she was fine. Brooke asked what Bill had been doing there earlier. Steffy said it would never happen again with Bill. Brooke replied that Bill seemed to have a very different idea and asked why he kept showing up on Steffy's doorstep.

Steffy said Bill wouldn't be back, but Brooke countered that he could be very persistent. Steffy stated that he'd gotten his answer finally, and Brooke asked what answer. Steffy said it was to never return. Brooke asked what the question had been. Steffy said it wasn't what Brooke thought. Brooke replied that what she thought was that Bill never gave up.

"He asked me to marry him," Steffy conveyed. Brooke gasped and stumbled in shock.

At Bill's house, Bill set his gun box on the table near the front door. He polished the gun and spotted an envelope on the table. In the envelope were the papers from Justin that would remove Wyatt and Liam from Bill's employ and will. Justin had attached a note that asked Bill to sign the papers as soon as possible.

Someone knocked on Bill's door. Bill opened the door. Ridge charged in and said he'd told Bill to stay away from Ridge's daughter. Ridge asked if Bill was determined to put his hands on Steffy because she belonged to Ridge. Bill yelled that Ridge could asked Steffy -- again -- if Bill had hurt her or forced himself on her. Ridge roared that Steffy wanted nothing to do with Bill.

Ridge said a little kid would grow up without both parents because of Bill. Bill guessed that too much squinting while sewing had to be the reason Ridge couldn't see straight. Bill yelled that he wasn't in the mood and didn't "give a damn" if Ridge liked that Bill cared about Steffy.

Ridge ordered Bill not to care about Steffy because everything Bill cared about got used up and broken. "And you're not going to hurt my daughter anymore!" Ridge yelled, grabbing Bill.

Bill punched Ridge to the floor and said, "You and your B.S. Going around telling people that I'm a predator. Saying that I forced myself on Steffy when the truth is that it was completely mutual, and she has told you that herself!" Bill decided that if Ridge wanted to keep getting in Bill's face, Bill would give Ridge the whole story.

Bill stated that Steffy had wanted it, and she'd wanted Bill. "What she wanted, I was more than happy to give her," Bill said.

Shots are fires at Bill's

Shots are fires at Bill's

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

by Pam

At Bill's house, Ridge was on the floor after Bill had punched him. Bill maintained that Ridge could make all the accusations he wanted, but Bill maintained that Steffy had not been "violated" the night they had been together. "Your daughter wanted me," Bill announced. Ridge looked sick.

Bill persisted that he and Steffy had had chemistry they'd denied for years. Bill insisted that Steffy might have ignored his proposal that night, but she would eventually agree to marry him. "She will be with me," Bill said. Ridge shook his head.

"Steffy was mine before she ever met Liam," Bill said. There was a gun on the desk that both Ridge and Bill eyed.

At Eric and Quinn's, Quinn was furious with Bill for what he had done to Steffy and Wyatt. She was angry and called Bill an "egotistical monster." Eric worried that Quinn had been so worked up. She needed to be careful. Quinn refused to calm down and said that she would do anything to protect Wyatt. Eric warned her not to mess with Bill.

Quinn ignored Eric's warning and said that she had to take Bill down. She said that if anyone could do it, she could. Eric advised that Quinn had to be careful. She grabbed her purse and said she had to get some air.

At Katie's place, a delivery guy handed Katie some papers and announced they were from Bill Spencer. Katie closed the door and became upset when she saw them, while Wyatt looked sick. He reviewed the papers and said that Bill was clearly suing for full custody of Will. Wyatt vowed that no one would take Will from Katie, and he left.

At Forrester, Rick, Maya, Charlie, and Pam met to discuss what had transpired between Steffy and Bill. Pam was disgusted by Bill's behavior, and she noted that Stephanie would never have allowed such a dangerous man to get near a Forrester.

Charlie worried that Pam had overreacted, and he encouraged her to get back on her meds.

At Bill's, the power flickered on and off after Ridge left. A gate guard called to tell him that power outages had resulted in leaving the gate open so people could get out. Bill seemed unworried, but outside, a hooded figure appeared to walk up the driveway to the house.

Unaware, Bill poured himself a drink and flashed back to all the people who had argued with him recently. That included Sally, Brooke, Wyatt, Steffy, and others.

Bill walked outside, and a figure appeared in the living room, but the lights went out. Suddenly, shots were fired, and Bill fell to the ground.

EMTs take Bill to the hospital

EMTs take Bill to the hospital

EMTs take Bill to the hospital

EMTs take Bill to the hospital

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

by Pam

At Bill's house, the power flickered on and off, and Bill was on the floor. Broken glass was around him, and legal papers were next to him. Katie entered the darkened house and wondered why the front door had been left open. She called out to Bill and noticed the patio doors were also open. She walked toward the doors to close them and discovered Bill's body on the floor. She screamed and called 9-1-1.

At the hospital, Katie cried, and the emergency technicians and doctors treated Bill, who had not regained consciousness. The police asked questions and wondered if Katie had seen anyone or a gun. The doctors said Bill had been shot through the back.

Katie said that Bill was her ex-husband, and she had arrived at his house to talk to him when she'd found him on the floor in a pool of blood. She wanted to know if he would be okay, but the doctors said he was headed to an operating room. Police questioned if Katie had known anyone who would want her ex-husband dead, and she paused and cried.

Wyatt entered Katie's house and called out to her, but she wasn't home. He pulled out a bottle of whiskey, poured some in a glass, and drank it in one gulp. He repeated the process until he'd finished the bottle. Wyatt sat on the couch and fell asleep.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric called Quinn and left a message. He asked where she was because he was worried. Minutes later, Quinn walked in the door and removed her gloves. Eric greeted her, and she seemed shaken. Eric told her how worried he'd been.

Eric told his wife that she'd been so angry, it had concerned him that she had gone out and behaved like she had in the past. Quinn said she was angry with Bill. She was furious that Bill planned to disown Wyatt. "He's despicable. I despise him," she said. She had never hated anyone more than she hated Bill, and she promised she would do anything to protect Wyatt. Eric reminded Quinn that he cared about her and wanted her to calm down.

At home in her bedroom, Brooke worried that Ridge had not returned home. She sent him a text message and asked where he was. Hope knocked on the bedroom door and asked if Ridge was still at work. Hope and Brooke worried about Ridge. Brooke explained that she had discovered that Bill had asked Steffy to marry him. Brooke worried that Ridge had found out, and visited Bill.

At Steffy's, Steffy checked on pots on the stove after she'd made dinner for Liam. She heard the door close. Liam entered, and she prepared to hug him, but she stopped because his greeting was cool. She and Liam discussed that the weather had been cold and windy with tree branches down.

Liam said he felt awkward. Steffy just wanted them to enjoy some time together. Liam admitted he was confused.

At the hospital, Katie sat in the waiting room and called Wyatt but had to leave a message that it was an emergency.

Katie called Liam and said that Bill had been shot. "It's bad," she said. She added that the police were investigating, and she worried they might lose him. Liam listened intently and shared the news with Steffy.

At Il Giardino, Ridge sat at the bar, and Sheila showed up. One of the staff said that he'd thought she'd missed her shift because she'd shown up "super late." Sheila said she'd had something to take care of.

Sheila noticed Ridge had been sitting at the bar, and she greeted him but quickly noted he had been in a fight. She asked him what had happened, and he told her to pretend she'd never seen him. She reminded him that he had asked her to do something for his family, and she had taken it to heart.

Ridge said he didn't care, left cash on the bar, and told her to buy herself a drink. He left.

Later, Ridge arrived home, and Brooke told him she'd been worried about him. Brooke noticed Ridge had been punched. He told her that Bill had "had the audacity to propose to Steffy." Ridge wanted to know where Steffy was, and Brooke told him that she was having dinner with Liam.

Ridge angrily said that Bill couldn't have Ridge's daughter. Ridge added that some people had no decency and no boundaries. He called Bill sick and said that people like that "don't deserve to walk this planet." Brooke hugged him, and he had tears in his eyes.

Suspicion swirls after Bill's shooting

Suspicion swirls after Bill's shooting

Thursday, March 8, 2018

In the morning, a helicopter flew through the sky as reports of Bill Spencer being shot in the back broadcasted over the airways.

At the taped-off Spencer mansion, crime scene photographers documented the scene. The golden gun lay on the floor with a yellow exhibit one evidence placard beside it. Exhibit two was a large blood pool on the floor by the window. The contract beside it was exhibit three. Bill's broken scotch glass was exhibit four. The note that had been clipped to the contract rested on a table, and it had been marked exhibit five.

An officer at the front door let Detective Sanchez know that a man wanted to enter the house. The detective permitted it. Justin entered, looked around, and thoughtfully stated, "My God, someone really shot him."

Sanchez asked who Justin was, and Justin responded that he was Bill's right-hand man and attorney. Justin asked for Bill's prognosis. "He's going to pull through, right?" Justin asked.

Sanchez asked what Justin was doing there. Justin asked if Sanchez could tell him anything because Bill liked Justin to stay on top of business. Sanchez asked what the business was, and Justin explained that an important document needed to be filed that day. Sanchez had a tech carry over some evidence bags. Displaying the contract, which was in one of the bags, Sanchez asked if it was what Justin was looking for.

Justin saw that the golden gun was also in a bag. He stated that it was Bill's gun, and he asked if someone had shot Bill with Bill's own weapon. Assuming that Justin knew his boss very well, the detective asked if Justin knew who'd want to see Bill dead.

Later, Justin stood by as the detective told Bill's security company that the power to the house had gone out the previous night. The security cameras had probably been down because the backup generator hadn't kicked in, for some unknown reason. Sanchez wanted the person from the security company to hand over whatever footage there was.

After the conversation, Sanchez noticed that Justin was still there. Justin said he'd been hoping he could file the document that day. Sanchez said Justin knew it couldn't happen because it had become evidence. Chuckling, Justin said it hadn't hurt to check if the detective was in an accommodating mood. Justin asked where the document had been found.

Sanchez informed Justin that it had been where Bill had fallen. Sanchez assumed Justin knew what was in the document. Justin said it was legal paperwork to disinherit Bill's sons. Sanchez wondered if Justin thought one of them had shot Bill. Justin didn't want to presume anything, but he said it wouldn't hurt if someone took a look at Wyatt and Liam Spencer.

Sanchez assumed Justin was accusing the sons, but Justin clarified that he was saying to throw their names in with the others. Sanchez gleaned that Bill had many enemies. Justin said Dollar Bill "was" a cutthroat businessman, and any number of people might want him out of the way.

At Spencer later, Emmy entered Bill's office and asked whoever was in the chair facing the window if there was any word about Bill. Justin spun around in the seat, and Emmy said he was making himself very comfortable in there. Justin announced that he was the new CEO. Emmy looked shocked. With a smug look on his face, Justin explained that the papers she'd sent to Bill's house had severed Wyatt and Liam from the company. "And I am his successor," Justin stated.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn was in bed, hugging the covers with her eyes wide open. Eric entered with coffee. He thought she'd need it after the night she'd had. He said she'd been tossing and turning and mumbling in her sleep. She asked what she'd said. Eric hadn't been able to discern her words. He said he'd heard on the news that Bill had been shot.

Observing Quinn's reaction, Eric determined that she didn't seem surprised. Quinn wasn't. She said a lot people had it out for Bill Spencer. "Including you," Eric responded.

Quinn got out of bed. Eric said she'd been gone awhile the other night, and he'd never seen her so upset as when she'd left. He didn't think she'd been herself when she'd returned. Quinn asked if he was asking her a question. Though Eric really didn't want to, he felt he had to ask. "Did you do it? Did you shoot Bill?" Eric asked.

Quinn couldn't believe Eric had asked her the question. Eric said it had been the darkest he'd ever seen her. She told him that it was what happened when someone messed with her son. Eric recalled that she'd said she'd do anything for Wyatt. Eric stated that he'd believe her if she looked him in the eye and stated that she hadn't shot Bill.

Quinn didn't believe she had to do that for Eric to trust her, and she was offended by the question.

At Forrester, Maya didn't like how quiet Rick had been ever since they'd found out about Bill and Steffy. Maya noted that Rick had also arrived home late the previous evening, and she wanted to know what was going on. Rick stated that there was a special place in hell for Bill Spencer, and the sooner Bill got there, the better.

Maya took a call from her father. Afterward, she told Rick that it was all over the news that Bill had been shot, and Bill might not make it. "Crazy," Rick expressionlessly said.

In the corridor, Charlie saw a dazed Pam limply holding a coffee cup as she sat on a bench that was against the opposite wall of her desk. He stated that she looked "like hell," and she was still wearing her outfit from the previous day. Pam mumbled that she hadn't wanted to be late. Charlie replied that he'd called her twenty times the previous night. He'd been worried, and he asked where she'd been. "I don't know," Pam replied.

Pam thought she'd had an episode. Her brain had been murky, and she hadn't been able to focus. Charlie had been afraid it would happen. She said it was hard to remember anything. Charlie insisted that she needed to call the pharmacy for her meds.

Later, Charlie wished Pam had told him that she'd been having an episode. Pam said she hadn't wanted to worry him, but he stated that he couldn't help her if she shut him out.

A delivery person arrived with a pharmacy bag, and Pam quickly took her medication.

At the hospital, Liam and Steffy entered the waiting area with water bottles, and Steffy asked Katie if they had missed anything. Katie said they hadn't, and Bill, who'd just gotten out of surgery, was still sleeping. Steffy wondered how it was even happening, and Katie said the remaining question was who had done it.

The doctor arrived in the waiting area to let Liam, Katie, and Steffy know that the bullet had penetrated Bill's lungs. They'd removed it, and Bill was unconscious but in stable condition. The doctor said someone would let them know when Bill could have one-at-a-time visitors.

At Katie's house, Wyatt awakened from his sleep on the sofa. He checked his phone and saw nine missed calls and seven text messages from Katie.

After making himself some coffee, Wyatt called Katie, who told him that she'd been trying to reach him. Wyatt apologized and said he'd crashed on the couch. Katie said she had to tell him something. After a pause, she stated that his father had been shot.

After the call, Wyatt opened the patio window and flashed back to his argument with Bill over Wyatt's engagement to Katie.

At Brooke's house, Brooke wound her hands together to smooth on lotion and thoughtfully eyed her husband. She asked if he was okay and noted that he'd hardly said two words. Ridge was still upset about Bill proposing to Ridge's little girl, and Ridge said Bill didn't get to obsess about Steffy anymore.

Later, Ridge was staring out the bedroom window when Brooke rushed in and said she'd just heard on the news that Bill had been shot the previous night. Ridge said Bill destroyed a lot of lives, and it was the way to make enemies. "But to shoot him?" Brooke asked. She couldn't believe Ridge wasn't upset about it. Ridge said Bill had had it coming, and it had only been a matter of time.

Brooke had a call with Katie about Bill's condition. It ended as Ridge gathered some accessories and put them into his pockets. "I can feel your eyes on me, baby. What is it?" he asked. The camera panned to Brooke, who was staring at him. She said she was thinking about how upset Ridge had been the previous night. She understood that Ridge wanted to protect his daughter. Ridge had fought with Bill and had stopped off for a drink. Brooke said Ridge hadn't been the same since.

"And now I'm finding out that Bill was shot last night," Brooke continued. Brooke said that she was Ridge's wife, and what they said was between them. She needed to know the truth. She asked if Ridge had tried to kill Bill Spencer.

Back at the hospital, the doctor said that Bill could have a visitor. Liam decided to go in first. Shortly after that, Wyatt arrived, and Steffy and Katie briefed him on Bill's condition.

Aside with Wyatt, Katie said that Wyatt was quiet. Katie recalled that Bill had been at his worst the previous day with his threats, and Wyatt had been angry. Wyatt said she had been, too, but she replied that they weren't talking about her.

Wyatt admitted that he'd been furious. He felt he'd had every right to be. Katie didn't disagree, but she wondered if he'd been furious enough to shoot his father.

In the hospital room, Liam stared at Bill, who was asleep with respiratory tubes around his mouth. He asked for a moment alone with Bill, and an orderly exited. Liam let Bill know he was there and asked if Bill could hear him. Bill didn't respond.

Liam stated that he needed Bill to pull through it. Liam didn't want Bill to die. Liam only had one father, so he needed Bill to fight harder than he'd done before. Liam said that Bill Spencer didn't give up, and he'd better not that time. Liam stated that he'd find who did it, and he'd get justice for Bill. Liam promised to find the person.

Ridge confronts his suspect in the shooting

Ridge confronts his suspect in the shooting

Friday, March 9, 2018

At the hospital, Liam was in Bill's recovery room. Bill stirred a little, and Liam asked if his father could hear him. Bill continued to sleep, and Liam promised that they'd make the culprit pay.

In the waiting area, Katie felt reluctant to ask Wyatt if he'd shot his father, but she wondered if maybe it had happened during an argument. Wyatt understood where Katie was coming at him from, but he said that, as angry as he was with Bill, he'd never shoot his father.

Steffy strode up and said Bill hadn't deserved the shooting. Hope arrived. She'd heard about the shooting, and she asked if Bill was okay. Wyatt said Bill was still recovering. Hope asked how everyone else was doing, and Wyatt replied that everyone was shocked. She inquired about the reason for the shooting and if there had been a robbery.

Before anyone could answer, Wyatt spotted Liam emerging from Bill's room. Hope promptly went to Liam's side to tell Liam that she was sorry about what had happened. She was sure Bill, who was a strong man, would get through it. Steffy looked away from Hope and Liam, and Wyatt frowned.

The group at the hospital began to discuss the incident. Steffy wondered if Bill had known the shooter and had let the person in. Katie stated that the door had been open when she'd found Bill. Steffy inquired about what Katie had been doing there so late. Katie revealed that Bill was seeking custody of Will, and Liam asked why Bill would start doing that.

Katie explained that she and Bill had settled custody during the divorce, but new developments had changed things. Liam sighed knowingly. Wyatt announced that he and Katie had been in a relationship for several months, and they were engaged. Hope said it was amazing. Wyatt quipped that Bill hadn't thought so, and Bill had threatened to cut Wyatt and Liam out of Bill's life and to take Will from Katie.

Steffy and Hope each stated that it wasn't cool of Bill to hold Katie's child over her head like that. Steffy and Liam expressed their happiness for the couple. Katie and Wyatt thanked them, and Wyatt said he should probably visit Bill.

When Wyatt entered Bill's room, the orderly exited. Wyatt slowly approached the bed, and in a bitterly despondent tone, Wyatt said, "It's me, Dad...Here I am." Wyatt stated that he couldn't lie, and after everything Bill had done to Katie and Wyatt, things had gotten out of hand, way out of hand. Wyatt uttered that he was sorry.

Back in the waiting area later, Hope noted that Wyatt had seemed out of it after seeing Bill. Steffy said it had to be hard to see one's father that way, no matter what had gone on before. Liam had figured Bill would flip out about Wyatt and Katie. Hope replied that they all knew Bill sometimes said things he didn't mean.

Steffy said the incident could make Wyatt and Bill closer. Liam looked as if he were crying or had been crying. He said they had to hope Bill awakened first. Steffy replied that Bill would. Liam thought it was good that Wyatt had gone to the office because Bill would want someone minding the company.

At the police station, Sanchez congratulated Lieutenant Baker on his promotion to Deputy Chief of Police. Bill's shooting was the first attempted murder case for Baker as chief, and he wanted it solved. Baker informed Sanchez of the longstanding friction between Ridge and Bill.

Sanchez received a call from Justin about the papers Sanchez had in evidence. Sanchez asserted that he'd told Justin that they were evidence and that Justin would get them whenever he got them. An officer arrived with footage of the last car to leave the Spencer mansion before the blackout. The plate had returned as belonging to Ridge Forrester.

At Brooke's house, Brooke hated to ask Ridge if he'd shot Bill, but she needed to know. Ridge reveled in the thought of Bill being dead. With a moan, Ridge said he couldn't get it out of his head. Brooke asked what he was saying. Ridge stated that he hadn't shot Bill, but he'd love to shake the hand of the perpetrator.

At Forrester later, Brooke and Ridge had arrived at work. Brooke was trying to contact Hope for news about Bill. Ridge quipped that with Ridge's luck, Bill would live to be one hundred.

A disheveled Pam stood in the crack of the office door to announce that a detective was there to see Ridge. Ridge agreed to see the man, and Sanchez entered. Pam left and closed the door. Sanchez explained that he was there about Bill's shooting, and he noted that Ridge had quite a shiner on his face.

Sanchez stated that he had reviewed security footage of Bill's estate. "I was there," Ridge volunteered. Sanchez continued that he'd identified Ridge's plates on the footage. Ridge asserted that he'd already said he'd been there, and he figured they'd seen his car leave the estate, as well. Sanchez had done his research, and he knew that Ridge and Bill had a contentious relationship. Sanchez asked if Bill had bruised Ridge's face. Ridge affirmed it. Sanchez asked if Ridge had retaliated or tried to end Bill's life.

Getting no answer, the detective asked if Ridge had fired a gun in the past twenty-four hours. Ridge roared that Sanchez could swab Ridge's hands, but Ridge wasn't going to play games. Sanchez told Ridge to calm down because Sanchez was merely asking questions. Ridge pointed out that Sanchez had asked his questions, and Ridge had to get back to work.

Sanchez advised Ridge not to travel anywhere. After the detective had gone, Brooke exclaimed that the predicament was insane. To her, it was as if Ridge was on the detective's suspect list. Ridge suddenly got an idea. He couldn't believe he hadn't thought of it sooner. Claiming to know who'd shot Bill, Ridge raced out of the office.

Later, Katie arrived, and Brooke hugged her. Katie said she'd had to get out of the hospital. Brooke asked about Bill's condition, and Katie said it was the same. Brooke wondered how it had happened. Katie didn't know and said no one had any idea of who'd done it.

Brooke shifted thoughtfully on her feet. Katie noticed and asked if Brooke knew something. Brooke uttered that Ridge believed he knew who'd shot Bill.

At Il Giardino, Ridge approached Sheila. He said that it was she who'd tried to kill Bill.

At Sally's apartment, Sally was surprised to open her door and find Thomas on her doorstep. In her silence, he gleaned that he should have called first. Sally let him in and awkwardly asked him how New York and Douglas were. Thomas said the city was cold, and the child was big.

Thomas could see how much he'd hurt Sally. Sally replied that it had been complicated, and he'd been in a tough spot. She asked how Caroline was, and Thomas replied that it was why he was there to talk to Sally. Sally got upset, but Thomas said Caroline was shockingly healthy.

Sally said it was good, and Thomas told her that they'd been manipulated. Sally was confused about what he meant. Thomas explained that Bill had lied about Caroline dying. Bill had wanted to keep Thomas and Sally apart so Bill could get rid of Spectra and build his skyscraper.

Sally called it insane. She didn't know what to say or think. Thomas, who'd just found out, said he was still processing it all. Sally reviewed what Thomas had told her, which was that Bill had led Thomas to believe that Douglas would be without a mother in the hopes that Thomas would dump Sally, causing Spectra to go under and Bill to get his stupid building. Thomas nodded.

Sally said the building wouldn't happen unless Bill could do it from his hospital bed -- or grave. Thomas guessed she knew about the shooting, and she said it was all over the Internet. It was hard for Thomas to feel sorry for Bill after all that had happened. Thomas said he'd always be grateful for the time he'd spent with Douglas, and he'd always be there for Douglas. "But I hate Bill. I hate him," Thomas stated. Sally said he didn't as much as she did.

Sally ranted about Bill's misdeeds in setting fire to the building and later blowing it up with her and Liam inside. She said Bill had promised to help relocate Spectra but had done nothing. "And now this?" Sally asked, referring to lying about Caroline's illness. Thomas asked how Sally thought he felt as the one who'd fallen for it like an idiot.

Sally said Thomas had been doing the right thing. Beginning to sob, she said she'd loved Thomas, and Bill had taken Thomas from her. She yelled that Bill had taken everything from her. Thomas explained that Justin had shown Thomas the model she'd shot up. Sally quipped that Bill shouldn't have left the gun on his desk. "Was it you?" Thomas asked, clarifying, "Did you shoot him?"

Back at Spencer, Wyatt arrived. Seeing Justin, Wyatt asked if there was something wrong with Justin's office. Justin said he'd been awaiting Wyatt's arrival and had assumed Wyatt had been at the hospital. Wyatt stated that he was there at the office "now" because he had to take care of business, seeing as he was next in line and all.

"Not anymore. I am," Justin replied.

"Excuse me?" Wyatt rejoined in a huff.

Justin recalled that Bill had been furious about Wyatt and Katie, and Bill hadn't been bluffing. Justin claimed that Bill had signed the paperwork cutting Wyatt and Liam out of the company. Wyatt asked when that had happened. "Right before you shot him," Justin frankly replied.

Wyatt asked if Justin had even seen Bill yet. Justin claimed that he knew Wyatt's father, who'd want Justin right there. "In his chair?" Wyatt asked. Shrugging, Justin replied that someone had to run Spencer Publications. Wyatt perceived that Justin was the one to do it. Justin replied that it was so, according to the succession.

Wyatt noted how cozy Justin was, and Justin arrogantly straightened his tie. Wyatt said Justin's best friend was fighting for his life, and Justin was there, practically putting his feet up on Bill's desk. Swiveling in the chair, Justin propped his feet on the desk and glared at Wyatt.

"You did it, didn't you? You shot my father," Wyatt decided.

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