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Jim turned the tables on Drew and Franco. Griffin realized that Peter August was Anna's son, Henrik Faison. Maxie received good news. Nelle stepped up her plans to rid herself of Carly.
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Drew and Franco are trapped together in an underground prison
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Drew and Franco decide to work together

Drew and Franco decide to work together

Monday, March 12, 2018

Anna plopped herself down at Valentin's table at Metro Court. He asked her to leave because he was waiting for someone, but she glared at him and mentioned that she'd been in Belgium to retrieve information on the birth of her child. She demanded to know why Valentin had lied to her and told her she'd given birth to a daughter. She had had a son and had seen the recorded information with her assumed name and the baby's vital statistics. Valentin stated that that couldn't be right, and he hesitated. He knew what he'd thought he'd seen, and that had been a baby wrapped in a pink blanket.

Anna couldn't understand how he could have made such a mistake. Valentin thought that maybe the pink had been used intentionally because of the illegal adoption and the desire to keep things secret. He asked her if she'd learned anything else, but Anna got up and stormed off.

Ava, Kiki, and Avery bonded in Ava's penthouse after the little girl had spent some time there. Ava was hopeful that maybe it would lead to a new and permanent arrangement. Kiki needed to leave to study, and Ava explained that she would keep her baby daughter for an extra night due to their long day and the craziness after the earthquake. She thought that Sonny would understand. Kiki couldn't believe it, and the two women began to argue.

Kiki thought that Ava was pushing Sonny, and it would destroy any progress that she'd made. Ava believed that things could change, and they already had. Kiki advised her mother that she needed to be more honest with herself and Griffin. Ava wrinkled her nose.

Sonny and Carly were at home. Carly revealed that she had been upstairs with Mike, who had asked several times whether Morgan would need his room. Sonny didn't want his father's condition to disrupt their lives, but Carly replied that they needed to look after Mike for Mike's sake -- and also, Avery who would see how their family stuck together. She agreed that the entire scenario was difficult.

Carly wondered if Mike had a will, and she was sure there were financial decisions to be made. Mike had already been having more memory issues. Sonny didn't want to discuss it but promised that they could talk about it the next day. He had to leave to pick up Avery, and Carly promised him that they would face the issues together.

Peter met with Griffin at the hospital and explained that he'd been told to see him to discuss some genetic testing. Griffin questioned Peter, who revealed that he hadn't learned about the disease until after his father's recent death. He told Griffin it was Huntington's disease. Griffin explained that they would only be able to treat the symptoms if Peter had the disease, and Peter admitted that he had been symptom-free so far. Peter definitely wanted to know if he had it. Griffin stated that he'd need Peter's medical history along with that of Peter's mother.

Peter informed Griffin that he hadn't known his mother, who had abandoned him after his birth. He'd heard she'd been a "working girl." Griffin agreed that he didn't need her history, and that Peter would still have a 50 percent chance of inheriting the disease from his father. Griffin began to say that he was a top executive, and Griffin cut him off to assure him that the information would be confidential.

Out in the hallway, Jason and Sam talked. Elizabeth saw them together and hid around the corner, eavesdropping. Sam admitted that she hadn't told Drew that she loved Jason, but Jason assured her that she didn't have to do anything. Sam disagreed. She had been lying to her husband, but she was confused. She didn't want to hurt anyone.

Jason urged Sam to trust herself and do what was right, which included doing nothing at all. He advised her to take care of herself and the kids and to call him if she needed anything. He left, and Elizabeth scurried away. Sam spotted her and called out to her.

Elizabeth jumped and said that she had been startled. Sam apologized, and Elizabeth thanked her for helping to save Franco. Sam retorted that she should have left him, and Elizabeth was shocked. Sam explained that Jim Harvey had told Drew the truth about Franco, who had tried to kill Drew when they'd been children. Franco had resented Drew and had pushed him down the stairs. Drew had been left at an orphanage for his own protection. Elizabeth was certain that Franco would have told her if it were true.

Sam added that Franco had gone to see Harvey to tell him to keep his mouth shut instead of going to his own wedding. Elizabeth snapped that Sam had no room to talk about honesty. Sam admitted she'd both lied and kept her "fair share" of secrets but both she and Elizabeth had done that. Elizabeth pointed out that Franco had had a brain tumor, but Sam quickly dismissed that he'd had it when he'd been four years old. Elizabeth insisted that Franco had changed. In Sam's opinion, no one had lied to Elizabeth more than Elizabeth had lied to herself. Elizabeth was disgusted and walked away angrily.

Drew found Franco in his office and demanded that he stop hiding things. Drew revealed that he'd heard from Harvey, who had made it clear that Franco had pushed Drew down the stairs. He wanted to know what else Franco had been hiding. Drew picked up a sharp knife-like artist's tool and began to play with it. Franco replied that Harvey was a liar, and he had been trying to piece things together. He wasn't sure that he had pushed Drew at all, but he recalled that Harvey had been there.

Franco remembered that he had been standing with Drew at the top of the stairs, and Drew had been holding his toy dragon. Franco had wanted Drew to go down the stairs, Drew had refused, and the next thing he remembered, Drew had been lying at the bottom of the stairs. It hadn't happened the way that Harvey had said it had. "I believe you," Drew said. He clarified that while he believed Franco, he didn't trust him. However, he trusted Harvey even less. Franco thought that Drew was being "rational."

Franco added that, originally, Harvey had told him that Drew had died, and his mother had told Franco only after he had confronted her. Drew concluded that Harvey had been in contact with Betsy. Franco declared that he had been trying to figure it out but couldn't find his mother. The guys felt that Harvey had paid Betsy to disappear because he had the money. "We can use him to find her," Drew decided. "Did you say we?" Franco asked incredulously.

Drew confessed that he didn't want to work with Franco, but he had no choice. Franco joked that he'd be more fun than Jason. Drew stated that they had a lot to lose, and he knew that Franco wanted to protect his self-interests, so yes, they would work together. Franco was worried that Harvey might have been telling the truth about him. Drew replied that that would mean Franco was a liar and a psychopath, and if that were the case, Drew would make sure that Franco never saw Elizabeth or his family again. "So, do we have a deal?" Drew asked.

Franco extended his hand to Drew to shake on it, but Drew ignored him. Franco said that they had a deal, but he would never hurt Elizabeth and the kids. Harvey was a liar, and they needed a plan. Drew informed Franco that he was working on something and would be in touch. Franco thought he'd sit around and wait to hear from Drew.

Franco turned away. As he finished talking, he turned back around and looked up. Elizabeth was standing there instead of Drew. She announced that Sam had told her all about Franco's secret. She was angry because Franco had gone to see Harvey instead of showing up at their wedding.

Kiki found Dr. Bensch in his office and told him about a library book she'd wanted that he had taken from the library. He told her to grab it off the shelf, but she was distracted by another book instead. She couldn't believe it was a first edition Grey's Anatomy. Bensch admitted it was American, so not as old as she thought. He explained that he collected old books. Kiki grabbed her book, and the doctor asked about one of her classes. He offered to help her study.

Later, Dr. Bensch quizzed Kiki on the work, but she got agitated over her lack of knowledge. The doctor told her to remain calm because she was in her own head. He suggested they go out for some food and even drinks. "You want to get drinks?" Kiki asked him. "And food," the doctor replied. He suggested Charlie's Pub, where they could split a bottle of wine.

Kiki hesitated and told Dr. Bensch that she didn't have the time. She would listen to a podcast in her car to clear her head. Bensch inscribed the first edition and gave it to Kiki to keep. She didn't know what to say. "Thank you," Bensch urged. She thanked him and left.

Sam waited for an elevator and thought back to her conversation with Jason when they had declared their love for each other. She stepped onto the elevator when it arrived.

Anna saw Griffin at Metro Court. He told her how busy he'd been since the earthquake. Anna explained that she'd been in Brussels with Andre to find out about Faison's son. Griffin thought she was over Faison, and Anna insisted that she wasn't obsessed. She wanted to know if Henrik had been a friend or a pawn. Griffin thought she was hiding something, and Anna revealed that Faison's son might have a genetic disorder. It was also possible that Maxie's child could have it. Britt had tested negative.

Griffin couldn't believe that Anna would be trying to find Henrik to tell him about the possible disorder, but she thought Henrik had a right to know. Griffin asked about the disease, and Anna told him that it was Huntington's disease.

Nearby, Peter met with Valentin and announced that he'd had the genetic test. Valentin thought it had been the right thing to do. Peter advised him that it was important to have his medical history, and he wondered if his mother had ever thought about him. Peter decided that perhaps she didn't, because she'd turned him over to his father and disappeared. That had been after his father had paid her to sleep with him. Maybe she'd thought she'd get paid for having him, Peter continued.

Valentin suggested that Peter leave it all in the past and end the story as he saw fit. Peter declared that his story might be over sooner than expected. Valentin assured him they'd work through it, and he would have Peter's back as he always had.

Jason arrived to visit with Carly, and he could see that she'd been crying. She told him about the situation with Mike and the fact that he'd forgotten that Morgan was dead. She said that Sonny was angry, and Jason explained that it was easier than being sad. Carly added that it was killing Sonny that Mike would lose all of his memories, but Jason was sure that Carly could get Sonny through it. He hugged her. Carly announced that she needed a distraction, and she asked him what had happened during the earthquake.

Carly revealed that she had been stuck in the gallery with Nelle, who had stolen a dress for Josslyn, and she'd wanted to tell Nelle off. Jason noted that Nelle had mentioned that Carly had helped her. Carly admitted that she had only calmed Nelle down and given her a bottle of water, but Carly still hated her. Jason disclosed that he'd saved Franco, but it didn't mean that Jason "hated him any less." Jason told Carly all about what had happened at the trailer. Franco would have been dead if he'd left him like he'd wanted to. He admitted that Sam had talked him out of it.

Carly was excited to hear as Jason explained that they'd barely gotten out of the trailer alive. "Did she say it?" Carly wanted to know. "Say what?" Jason asked. He finally admitted that Sam had expressed her love, and he'd done so, too. Carly was ecstatic. "You were right, Carly," Jason said. It didn't mean that he and Sam would be together, though. Carly thought that they could figure it out later.

Sonny arrived at Ava's to pick up Avery, and Ava told him that the little girl was asleep. Sonny reminded her that he was there at the agreed-upon time. Ava begged him to allow the girl to remain behind for another night. They'd had a long day. She would take the little girl home in the morning. Sonny accused her of putting their daughter to bed early on purpose, and they began to argue. Sonny accused her of exploiting his father's illness.

Ava asked about Mike, and Sonny laughed. He didn't want to discuss his father with her. Ava reminded him that she was familiar with Mike's condition, and Mike was her daughter's grandfather. Sonny relented and told her that Mike would be staying in Port Charles to spend more time with Avery than Ava would and to receive treatment. Sonny stated that his son was dead because of Ava, and he would never forget it. He went into the bedroom to get Avery and emerged carrying the half-asleep little girl.

Sonny advised his daughter that "Mama Carly" missed her. Ava snapped that she would be sending Sonny a bill for the lock he'd broken on the art gallery door when he'd saved Nelle and Carly. "Daddy can fix anything, right, baby?" he asked the little girl. She sleepily nodded her head. "Do what you got to do," he said to Ava as he left.

Franco finally tells Elizabeth the truth

Franco finally tells Elizabeth the truth

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

In his hospital room, Curtis told someone on the phone that he was handling the investigation. As he ended the call, Jordan entered and wondered who he'd been talking to. Changing the subject, Curtis asked if he was being released from the hospital. Jordan confirmed that he was, but she also reminded him that he was still in police custody. She had hoped that Jim would have dropped the charges, but he'd been too busy "trying to make himself look good" by offering up his equipment for the cleanup.

Jordan continued that she knew Jim was "dirty," but she needed concrete evidence from the geology professor she'd contacted from Port Charles University. She wondered how Curtis' leg was feeling. He replied that it was feeling good, but he would be "two-hundred percent better" once they got Jim. "Right after you post bail," she teased.

Jordan and Curtis returned to the police station, and Detective Chase offered to take Curtis back to his holding cell. She informed him that Curtis was a private detective working with the police to investigate the cause of the earthquake. "Shifting tectonic plates?" Chase questioned. "Debatable," Curtis answered. Just then, Jim entered and approached Jordan and Curtis. He revealed that the earthquake had caused him to scrap his project as a "total loss." He figured that, because of that, it was fair for him to drop all charges against Curtis.

Jordan got Jim to sign some papers and asked if no project meant he was leaving town. He answered that he was going to stick around to help rebuild the city. Curtis walked away to answer a phone call as Jim continued that he wanted to help any way he could. He left, and Jordan overheard Curtis talking to "Professor Stone." When he hung up, she accused him of hijacking her geologist. He told her that he knew why Jim could afford to be so generous. He revealed that Jim was about to be a billionaire, as he was "sitting on a gold mine in the form of natural gas."

At the hospital, Alexis answered her phone to Finn, and she wondered if he needed a sponsor. He answered that he needed a lawyer. A short while later, Alexis arrived at Charlie's to "confer with my client" as Julian hovered. Finn explained that Julian had tried to throw Finn out of the restaurant because Roxy was with him. He continued that he'd returned to his hotel room after the earthquake and found Roxy cowering in a corner, so he needed to spend time with her.

Julian insisted that he'd familiarized himself with all the relevant laws and regulations. He wasn't obligated to allow reptiles, but he had to let in service dogs and miniature horses, if they were tame. Finn insisted that he was going to order food for himself and Roxy, and he refused to leave until he got the food. Both Finn and Julian threatened legal action on the other. Julian threatened to take Roxy out of the restaurant if Finn wouldn't. He reached down to pick up her tank, and Finn punched Julian.

A short while later, Julian left a message for Scott as he iced his face. Alexis demanded to know why Finn was being so stubborn, and she advised him that reptiles weren't designated service animals. Chase entered the restaurant, and Finn stood to meet him. "Hamilton?" Chase said. "Harrison?" Finn replied. Finn admitted that Detective Chase was his brother. They caught up on their whereabouts until Julian demanded that Chase arrest Finn. After a short pause, Chase placed Finn under arrest.

Olivia entered the living room of the Quartermaine mansion and found Nelle and Leo playing together. Nelle explained that Leo had woken up while Olivia had been asleep. Nelle had figured Olivia needed the rest after spending the night, helping all of the people displaced by the earthquake. Carly entered and wondered why Nelle was there. Nelle gushed that, thanks to Monica, she was living there after the earthquake had damaged her apartment building. Olivia added that the family was "delighted" to have Nelle there, and Carly was horrified.

Olivia asked Nelle to go with Leo to get a snack. When they were gone, Carly warned Olivia to "tread lightly" around Nelle. Olivia assured Carly that she was well aware of what Nelle was capable of, but she remarked that Nelle did have a knack with kids. As Nelle listened from the hall, Carly informed Olivia that kids were Nelle's "way in." Olivia refused to let Nelle use Leo and found Carly's claims "unsettling." Carly also mentioned that Nelle had been implicated in the murder of her "wealthy fiancé," which concerned Olivia. Carly worried about the fact that Nelle would be a part of their lives for a long time.

Nelle entered the room and told Olivia that Leo's nanny had returned. Nelle promised to tell Michael that Carly had stopped by. Carly congratulated Nelle on her new living arrangements, happy that the baby would be surrounded by love and family. Olivia wanted to see how Ned was doing at City Hall, so she and Carly left. Nelle told the baby that she had to "step it up." Nelle proceeded to print a picture of Morgan off of his MyFace page in which he was wearing a gray scarf. She clicked around until she landed on a page to buy the same exact scarf.

Michael entered the hospital and asked the young nurse at the station where Oscar's room was. She pointed out where the room was, and he thanked her. She introduced herself as Francesca and walked away. Smiling, Michael watched as she walked away.

Josslyn returned to Oscar's room with sodas for them, and she asked how he was feeling. He assured her that he was fine. She related that he'd been so pale, she'd been afraid that he was dying. She'd felt wrong leaving him, but she realized that she'd only been in the way. The two started to play another game of "never have I ever" when Oscar said, "Never have I have been in an earthquake with someone I love." Smiling, they both took sips of their drinks.

Michael entered the room to check on "the guy who saved my sister's life." Oscar laughed at the idiocy of taking Josslyn to a freezer, and Michael jokingly suggested a fire escape or store room for "next time." Josslyn wondered if Michael were also at the hospital to see Nelle, but Michael informed her that Nelle was at her new home, the Quartermaine mansion. The news excited Josslyn, who liked Nelle and Michael together. She turned to see that Oscar had fallen asleep, so she and Michael quietly left the room to let him rest.

Josslyn urged Michael to give Nelle a chance, but he countered that he'd already given her many chances. He didn't want to go into specifics, but he related that Nelle had pulled "a lot of stunts" that had proven her untrustworthy. A few minutes later, Michael bumped into Francesca while waiting for Josslyn to return from the vending machine. He introduced himself to the pretty nurse.

Carly arrived at the hospital and scolded Michael for forgetting to tell her that Nelle was living with the Quartermaines. Michael insisted that it hadn't been his idea; he wasn't happy about it, but it was Monica's house. Just then, Francesca approached and handed Michael a piece of paper with her number on it. He promised to text her. "Who was that?" Carly asked happily. "Bye, Mom," Michael said as he left.

In Oscar's room, Josslyn vented to Oscar that Michael and Nelle belonged together. Oscar reminded her that he was in the hospital after suffering a near-death experience. Amused, she sensed that Oscar wanted all of her attention, so she lay down next to him in his hospital bed. "I hope this feeling never goes away," she said. "Me, too," he agreed.

Elizabeth revealed to Franco that Sam had shared Franco's secret, and Elizabeth needed to hear it from him. "Did you try to kill Drew?" she asked. Franco explained to her what he'd learned from Betsy and what Jim had told him the night before. He believed that Jim was a liar, even though he only had "bits and pieces" of memories from that night. He told her where he'd been the previous night. He strengthened his claims against Jim by informing her that Jim had left Franco for dead after the earthquake in order to "cover his tracks."

Franco added that Drew believed him, but the only person whose thoughts he cared about was Elizabeth. She thought that his brain tumor had made him do bad things, and once it had been taken out, she believed that he wanted to be a good person. He breathed a sigh of relief and wondered, "Are we good?" "Not at all," a tearful Elizabeth said in disbelief.

Elizabeth realized how much earlier Franco had found the picture of him and Drew and accused him of lying to her since then. She demanded to know why he hadn't told her the truth sooner. He explained that he'd wanted to find out everything he could before he said anything, because he was afraid to lose her. She confirmed his feelings. "We're done?" he asked. "You're not who I thought," she replied. He maintained that he'd been scared and selfish, and he begged for her forgiveness. She asked for some alone time, because she had "some decisions to make." "What decisions?" Franco asked reluctantly.

Elizabeth needed to figure out if any part of their relationship had been real or if Franco had only been showing parts of himself that he wanted her to see. "I love you. I would never do anything to hurt you or your boys. I would lay down my life for you," he insisted. She wanted to believe him, but all she knew for sure about him was all of the "terrible, twisted, violent things" he'd done. "How different can you be?" she wondered. "Please don't go. I need you," he pleaded. "Don't call. Don't come home. Leave me alone," she said, and she left.

Franco and Drew put their plan into motion

Franco and Drew put their plan into motion

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Finn and Chase updated each other on their whereabouts over the previous few years. Julian wondered if Chase was going to arrest Finn or if it was just a family reunion. Chase put Finn under arrest as Kim entered Charlie's. "Is this necessary?" Alexis asked Julian indignantly.

Before Chase took Finn away, she asked about the charges. "Public nuisance," Chase replied, and Finn cracked that the charge sounded made up. Chase added that Finn's punch was also assault in the third degree. Finn argued with Chase on the way out, and Alexis pleaded with Finn to stop talking. Alexis promised to take Roxy to the police station for Finn. She reluctantly picked up Roxy's tank and followed the brothers out.

A short while later, Alexis entered the station with Roxy and found Finn cuffed to a table. She glared at him and asked about his brother. "Half-brother," Finn clarified. He explained that his father had remarried after his mother had died, and they'd had Chase. Alexis wondered what had happened between them. Finn claimed that they just didn't know each other well, as Chase had been a child when Finn had gone off to college. Alexis approached Chase and informed him that Finn was a "stand-up guy" who had helped many people in Port Charles. "When he says Roxy is an emotional support animal, he means it," she concluded.

Chase explained to Alexis that he was brand new at the department, so he couldn't start giving out favors. Alexis returned to Finn and asked why he hadn't just left the restaurant. Finn answered that he wasn't "the type," and he added that he just didn't like Julian. She valued their unexpected friendship and implored him not to be another person in her life who lectured her about Julian. As Finn smiled about wiping the "stupid smirk" off of Julian's face, Chase listened in and typed Alexis"™ name into a search engine.

Alexis told Finn that she was aware of Julian's shortcomings, but he couldn't fight her battles for her. Finn admitted that there had been another reason he hadn't left. "Anna," Alexis stated quickly. She remarked that he'd been looking for a fight, and he'd found one. Alexis confided that, "for a doctor, you have a mean right hook."

At Charlie's, Kim expressed how nice it had been to have a friend to lean on. Julian admitted that it was nice to have a friend "in general." As a friend, Kim honestly told Julian that he and Alexis were "far from over each other." Julian countered that he'd recognized how hung up Kim was on Drew.

Just then, Chase returned, wanting to double-check Julian's statement. He wondered if Julian wanted to be "that guy" who was in court because he'd been punched in the face for "beating up on a lizard." Kim agreed as Chase explained that it would be an embarrassing hassle for Julian. He finally agreed to drop the charges against Finn, which made Kim happy. "For the record, your brother's a real ass," Julian called after Chase. "Copy that," Chase said as he left.

Continuing their previous conversation, Kim laughed over how "sad" she and Julian were. She said through snorts that she had feelings for a man who didn't remember knowing her, and Julian had had a fight over a lizard. "At least Alexis remembers what you were to her," a sobering Kim said. "She'll never let me be that again," Julian sighed. Kim thought there had to be more to life for both of them than unrequited feelings. They toasted their coffee "to more."

Chase returned to the station and informed Finn that Julian had dropped the charges against Finn. He uncuffed his brother and said that he was free to go. Alexis advised Finn to leave before Julian changed his mind. She nudged Finn toward Chase, and Finn reluctantly said, "See you around." He left, and Alexis followed.

Valentin entered Nina's office to take her to dinner, but she told him that she was too busy. Peter entered with Ned, who was there to thank Nina for the idea to reach out to Aurora's major advertisers for relief donations. Nina coolly replied that it was her pleasure to give back, but she was "on a deadline." Peter informed Ned that Aurora was lucky to have Nina, and the two left. Valentin commented on Nina's "chilly" reception of Peter. She dismissed it as "business as usual."

Peter returned with a new budget proposal, and Nina snapped at him to "respect personal boundaries," as she was on a deadline. He assured her that he would call her assistant to schedule a meeting, and he left. Valentin asked what had happened with Peter. Nina told Valentin about bumping into Peter at the hospital while he'd been with Maxie. She thought it was weird and wondered why he'd been hanging around Maxie.

Valentin asked why Nina had been at the hospital, and she divulged that she'd been told by another doctor that she'd never be able to get pregnant. She tearfully assured him that he and Charlotte made her life full, and he urged her not to apologize for wanting a child of her own. She thought that helping Maxie through her pregnancy had stirred up some old feelings, especially knowing that the child would never meet Nathan. She added that it had hurt seeing Peter in "the void that my brother left." Valentin advised her to assume that Peter was doing something nice.

Nina figured she should apologize to Peter for biting his head off, but Valentin thought that Peter would be fine. Her phone went off, and she announced that she had to approve something in the graphics department. She told him to wait in her office, and she left. Valentin took out his phone and texted Peter to meet him at the Crimson offices.

In Drew's office, Sam called Drew and wondered where he was. "Dealing with Franco," Drew replied. She wondered when he'd be back. He only promised to call her later, and he hung up. There was a knock on Drew's office door, and Jason entered. He was there to update Drew on the search for Henrik. He revealed that he was traveling to Europe with a list of banks that Faison had done business with in hopes of finding the criminal's safe deposit box. She wondered if he was going to Europe for information or because he thought that she needed space. "Both," he answered honestly.

Sam confessed that Jason returning was the "greatest gift" she could have received, and she was having a hard time living in denial about it. He advised her to take time to figure out her feelings. She thought that her first order of business was to be honest with Drew. As Peter listened from the hall, Jason thought that, if there was a safe with information about Henrik, he was "sure as hell gonna find it."

Peter entered the office and asked Sam for the contact information for all of Aurora's major advertisers. She walked away to get the file. Peter admitted that he had overheard Jason and Sam's conversation about Henrik and related that it would be a huge story for Aurora. Jason divulged that he had some leads to go on. Sam returned and gave the file to Peter. He wished Jason luck and left.

Jason made sure that Sam was physically all right after the earthquake. She revealed that going through that had helped clarify life. She needed to figure out what she wanted to do, and Jason assured her that there was no rush. He added that he wanted the best for Sam, "whatever that turns out to be." They wished each other luck, and he left.

Peter met Valentin in Nina's office and informed him that Jason was going to Europe to chase down Henrik. Valentin revealed that there was a "pressing issue close to home." He knew that Maxie was beautiful, vulnerable, pregnant, and Peter's brother's widow, but he knew that things would get a lot worse if people found out who Peter really was. He advised Peter to "disentangle" himself from Maxie because she had plenty of people to care for her.

Jordan and Curtis discussed the natural gas underneath the Charles Street district, and how much richer it was going to make Jim. Curtis vowed to "bring him down. Period." Jordan promised that she was with him completely. She warned him not to do anything "arrest-worthy" while they were investigating. "No promises," he replied.

Curtis talked about what a "dicey" issue fracking was and figured that Jim would have to have political help in order to do it -- like Ned. Jordan got her phone out and put in a call to Ned's office. A short while later, Ned arrived, and Jordan and Curtis broke the news to him about the natural gas. Ned insisted that he'd had no idea, and he couldn't believe that he'd fallen for Jim's act. Curtis assured Ned that Jim was a "smooth talker," so Ned shouldn't beat himself up. Jordan advised Ned that he needed to use his power to stop Jim. However, Curtis added that it wouldn't be easy, since Jim owned the land.

Drew and Franco sat in Drew's car in front of a motel, which Drew informed Franco was the location of Jim's temporary office. Drew listed for Franco his conditions for working together, which included the fact that they weren't friends, Drew wasn't there to protect Franco, and Elizabeth would hear about everything they found. Franco agreed and replied, "Let's do this. Let's find out the truth."

Drew laid out the plan for Franco, which involved Franco going up to Jim's room when his meeting was over and baiting Jim with the news that he'd found Betsy. If Jim had been lying, he would contact Betsy as soon as Franco left. Franco fidgeted with the rabbit's foot as he told Drew about his conversation with Elizabeth. Drew wondered where Franco had gotten the rabbit's foot. "You gave it to me for luck," Franco replied. He remembered feeling like he'd had a friend.

Drew saw that Jim's meeting was over, so he instructed Franco to plant the bug, bait Jim, and get out. Franco got out of the car, and Drew put an earpiece on. Franco knocked on Jim's door, and Jim happily greeted him. Franco stuck the bug on a desk as he accused Jim of leaving him to die after the earthquake. He continued that he'd found Betsy, so he was interested in hearing her side of the story. Jim looked startled. Meanwhile, Drew said from the car, "Take the bait, you son of a bitch."

Jim informed Franco that he'd always told Betsy crazy stories, so she"™d never believed his side of events. He yelled that no one would believe Franco because Franco was a liar and always had been. Franco yelled back that he was going to figure out why Jim's story kept changing. Jim replied that Franco had been born rotten, and he was a liar; he sent a text message on his phone.

As Jim repeated that Franco was a liar, Franco kneeled on the floor with his hands on his ears, repeating, "Go away." Jim revealed that he'd seen Franco be a "very bad boy," and Betsy had believed Jim because Franco was a liar. Drew burst into the room as Franco began to whimper. "It's like old times, the three of us," Jim said. "Or five of us," he added as two of his goons appeared in the doorway.

Franco and Drew are prisoners

Franco and Drew are prisoners

Thursday, March 15, 2018

At the police station, Jordan and Ned discussed the post-earthquake situation in Port Charles. Jordan noted that the cell phone service was almost totally back up, and Ned mentioned that he had been waiting to hear from FEMA for some aid. Curtis arrived. Jordan stated that they had to prove that Harvey had known what he was doing prior to the earthquake, and Ned declared that Harvey had picked on the wrong town.

Curtis declared that Harvey had messed with the lives of the people of Charles Street, and Ned wanted to cite the man for negligence. Jordan's plan was to "watch him like a hawk." Ned felt that Harvey had taken advantage of him and his political desire to run for mayor, but they would use Harvey's greed against him.

After Ned had gone, Jordan pointed to the pins on the map on the wall. She told Curtis that they represented all that people had lost because of Jim Harvey. It would take them years to get back on track. Curtis tried to comfort her, and he told her that he trusted her. He thought that someone had to pay. "Someone will," Jordan replied. They agreed that Ned wouldn't be able to take down Harvey alone, but Jordan suggested that she needed someone to take a risk and "bend the law" a little bit.

Curtis thought they needed someone who could prove what Harvey had done in his "get-rich-quick" plan. "I think I know the man," he said. Curtis headed for the door, but Jordan stopped him for a kiss. Curtis planned on getting the proof needed to destroy Harvey.

Drew opened his eyes and found himself on the floor in an unknown location. He saw Franco lying nearby and, after several attempts, managed to wake him up. Drew figured their location was in a sub-basement level six. They both tried to figure out what had happened, but they were fuzzy on the details. Drew suggested that they'd been tased. Franco thought that maybe they were dead and in hell. They both noticed that there was no way out of the locked room where they found themselves.

Both Drew and Franco shouted loudly, to no avail. Franco assumed they were in one of Harvey's buildings scheduled for demolition, and Drew agreed, much to Franco's surprise. They also suspected that if more hard-hats showed up, they'd be in trouble.

Drew found a package of food in his pocket and gave it to Franco, who stated that Harvey had been lying to him. Drew admonished Franco for not sticking to their plan when he'd visited Harvey, but Franco argued that there had been too many points to remember. Drew wondered why Franco hadn't left Harvey's room after planting the bug and getting him to respond to questions, but Franco said that Harvey had kept talking. Drew revealed that he'd found Franco curled in a ball and wondered what had happened.

Franco took some deep breaths but didn't want to talk about it. Drew recognized that Franco had PTSD and asked what Harvey had done to him. Franco flashed back to Harvey's accusations and insinuations and announced that he couldn't talk about it. Franco pounded and kicked on the door, without luck, and he grew agitated when Drew touched him. Drew wondered if Bobby was going to try to kill him again.

Franco played with his rabbit's foot and tossed it to Drew, who tossed it back. Franco recalled that Drew had given it to him for being best friends and repeated that he hadn't pushed Drew. He thought that Harvey was covering up, and they'd need all the luck they could get.

Lulu and Dante sat at the bar at Metro Court and made small talk about the earthquake. They hadn't been able to see much of each other lately, so they were happy for the time. Lulu got up when she saw Maxie walk in, and she wanted to go over to her. Dante thought it was a bad idea, but Lulu insisted on taking the first step.

Maxie met Peter for breakfast, and they sat down at a table. Maxie was happy for the distraction because she had been anxious while waiting for her test results. Peter said he understood "more than you know." Lulu walked over to them and begged Maxie to talk to her. Both Peter and Dante agreed that it wasn't a good idea, but Maxie said it was okay. Dante wanted to talk to Peter about a "police matter," anyway, so the men walked away.

Lulu sat with Maxie and told her how much she thought about what had happened. She'd only wanted to set a trap for Faison, but the price for it had been high. Maxie was sarcastic and noted that Lulu had just been doing her job, no matter who got hurt. Lulu began to say that she quit, but Maxie declared that she'd just seen one of Lulu's recent stories. Lulu clarified that she'd tried to quit, but Peter had talked her out of it.

Maxie accused Lulu of not really wanting to quit her job but instead just wanting to say she'd tried as a way to make herself feel better. She snapped that Lulu had always thought that nothing was her fault. Lulu talked about how much she missed Maxie, but Maxie retorted that she missed Nathan. He wasn't there to help with the baby. She told Lulu about the test she'd taken for Huntington's disease and the possibility that the baby might suffer from it. Lulu thought that the baby wouldn't have it, and still being sarcastic, Maxie asked if it was because Lulu said so.

Maxie continued that she would not be able to do anything if the baby did have it. Lulu suggested that Maxie just love the baby and teach it about Nathan. Maxie angrily ordered Lulu to never say Nathan's name. They also could never be best friends again because everything had been Lulu's fault. Lulu wanted to be with Maxie when she received her test results, but Maxie would not allow Lulu to do anything to ease her conscience.

Nearby, Dante accused Peter of pressuring Lulu to write the article and talking her out of quitting her job. Peter wondered if Lulu was able to make up her own mind.

In Drew's office at Aurora, Sam attempted to reach Drew several times on the phone, without luck. She was worried but was momentarily distracted when Alexis showed up to report on Molly's progress. The young woman had been ordered to be still to allow her broken rib to heal, but she hadn't been staying still, Alexis complained. Alexis wondered why Sam was in Drew's office.

Sam told Alexis that Franco and Drew had known Harvey when they'd been kids, and she revealed all that Harvey had said about Franco pushing Drew down the stairs. Sam only knew that Drew had been headed to see Franco, and he was missing. She admitted that she wouldn't have been so concerned about Jason if he'd been in the same spot. Sam also disclosed that she hadn't been honest with herself or anyone else.

Sam told her mother what had happened at the trailer and how she'd spent time with Jason. Alexis' first response was to hope that Sam hadn't slept with Jason. Sam quickly assured her mother that she hadn't. Alexis also reminded Sam that she had two children, and she had always done things with Jason that had turned out to be dangerous. Sam admitted she'd told Jason she loved him. She actually loved both Jason and Drew, and she cried that she didn't know what to do. She had to tell Drew but had no idea how he would react. She grabbed her coat and left.

Elizabeth sat on a bench in a hallway at the hospital. Kim handed her a cup of coffee, and they asked each other about their children. Kim noted that Oscar had been released from the hospital, and he'd wanted to thank Franco for helping to rescue Drew. Kim was also sorry about Elizabeth's wedding, and she asked if a new date had been set.

Elizabeth stated that her wedding was on hold because of a secret that Franco had kept from her. Kim noted that people always kept secrets, sometimes to protect themselves or others. She hadn't told Oscar about his father, and she regretted it. Elizabeth insisted that it had been an important secret about Franco's past, and it had also involved Drew. She wondered if Kim had known anything about Drew's childhood.

Kim declared that she didn't know much of anything, and Elizabeth replied that she didn't want to share the secret, although she felt bad about that. Epiphany stopped by and shouted that Franco had not shown up for any of his appointments, and she would be reporting him.

Elizabeth advised Kim that she had told Franco not to be at their house, and she felt responsible.

Elizabeth was not able to reach Franco, and Kim suggested that perhaps Franco had been doing what Elizabeth had asked him to do. Elizabeth didn't think that was true. Kim received a page and had to leave. She offered to be there for Elizabeth if she needed a friend. Sam stormed up after Kim left and demanded to know where Franco was because Drew was missing.

At the motel, Harvey finished up on the phone and opened the door for one of his henchmen. He confirmed that the situation was "under control" and complained that he was a businessman, not a thug. He wished that Franco and Drew had just left the past alone. He would figure things out and ordered that the area where the men had been contained be sealed off. He told the man he'd done good work just as Ned arrived.

Ned announced that he was there to do something for Harvey after Harvey had helped him to win the election, but Harvey clarified that the people had voted Ned in. Ned noted that all that Harvey had done to revitalize the area had been destroyed by the earthquake, but Harvey confessed that big risks didn't always pay off. Ned thought Harvey was taking it rather well after losing so much, but Harvey said he wasn't really feeling that good inside.

Ned offered to buy back all of the property that Harvey had purchased and to give him a fair price. He wrote the amount down on a piece of paper. "Deal?" Ned asked. He handed the paper to Harvey, who looked at it and folded it. "Sorry. No deal, Mr. Mayor," Harvey replied. Ned laughed and asked why. "You know why," Harvey stated.

Ned explained that the Charles Street Redevelopment Project was over because no one would build on the area again. Harvey disagreed and pointed out that San Francisco had done that very thing. Ned thought their town was too unpredictable, and it would take years to get the area back to what it had been. "One man's disaster is another man's blessing," Harvey declared. "Cut the crap," Harvey quickly added. The earthquake had revealed that natural gas was there, and Harvey had no plan on selling the land back.

It was Ned's turn to tell Harvey to "cut the crap" because Harvey had used him. Harvey had known about the gas before the earthquake. Suddenly, Ned realized that Harvey had been the one to leak the article about Alexis. Harvey thought they were both winners, and they'd both gotten what they'd wanted. He offered Ned a cigar.

Ned snapped the cigar in two and threatened to go to higher government officials in order to go after Harvey. Harvey didn't think anyone would believe Ned. They'd all think he'd known about the gas before the earthquake had happened. He suggested that Ned use his cut from the profits to help the people if that was his concern. Ned headed out, and Harvey announced that no one would stop him or get in his way.

Maxie shouted at Lulu to stay away from her. When Alexis happened to walk over to them, Maxie demanded that Alexis get a restraining order against Lulu. Dante didn't think that was necessary because it was a personal matter. Maxie said to keep it that way, and she got up from the table. She planned on returning to work. Lulu decided to go back to work, also. Maxie received a call from Kim, who said she had the results of Maxie's test.

Mike makes a life-changing decision

Mike makes a life-changing decision

Friday, March 16, 2018

On the patio outside Sonny's house, Mike let out a deep breath. As he looked off into the distance, Michael joined him outside to make sure that he was okay. Mike declined to return inside, saying first that he was "busy" and then later saying that "the atmosphere's getting a little thick inside." Mike turned his attention to a bunch of bushes in the corner of the yard. Michael told Mike that the plants were rose bushes that grew from cuttings from Lila's roses.

Mike smiled, saying that Lila "has a heart of gold. Everything she touches blossoms -- except that son of a gun she's married to." Mike went on to call Edward a "pisser of a guy" and laughed as he said he didn't know how Lila was able to put up with Edward. Michael appeared uncomfortable and paused for a few moments when Mike asked how Edward and Lila were doing. Michael told Mike that Edward and Lila had passed away. Mike nervously laughed and said that he knew that Edward and Lila had died.

Inside, Sonny looked out the window at his father. Carly called out to him and announced that the social worker she'd told him about, Stella Henry, had arrived to talk to them. Stella introduced herself and stated that she was very sorry for their family's difficulties. Promising not to sugarcoat anything, Stella warned that "an Alzheimer's diagnosis is completely life-changing -- and not just for the diagnosed." Stella assured Sonny and Carly that she would do everything in her power to help Mike. Stella stated that she'd met with many families in situations similar to Sonny and Carly's, noting that she was up to date on the latest coping strategies.

Before getting too involved, Stella asked Carly and Sonny to tell her a little bit about how Mike had been doing. Sonny was silent and barely acknowledged Stella's remarks. Carly stepped in and offered a bit of a recap: Mike had been living in Brooklyn until recently, and they were not sure how long Mike had been experiencing symptoms. Sonny eventually spoke up, admitting that he had not had contact with his father for some time. Stella thought it might be best to focus on Mike's long-term care.

Sonny walked outside and told Mike that he had someone that he wanted Mike to meet. Mike returned inside and talked with Stella. Stella explained that she wanted Mike to help make decisions about his future care with "the clarity you have now." Mike asked what would happen if, down the road, he did not like the decisions that were made that day. Carly and Sonny said that they would be there for him.

Sonny handed Mike a paper that he wanted Mike to sign, one that would allow them to help Mike. "It's a power of attorney," Mike snapped, asking, "You want me to sign my life away?" Mike angrily stated that Sonny had cost him everything -- a job he was good at and a woman he loved. Michael finally stepped in and stated that Sonny was not to blame -- Alzheimer's was. Michael compared the situation to having to pick a guardian for his child in the event that something were to happen to him. Mike asked, "So, who am I in this situation? Am I you... or am I a helpless, unborn child?" Mike angrily stormed off. Both Michael and Carly wanted to chase after him, but Sonny stopped them. "This is on me," Sonny explained.

Outside, Mike urged Sonny to try to see things from his perspective. Sonny questioned if Mike was afraid to trust him. Mike said that wasn't the case. The two men, sobbing, shared an embrace. Meanwhile, back inside, Carly grumbled that she and Sonny should have been better prepared for the meeting. Stella consoled her, saying that it was impossible to prepare someone "to lose control of their life."

Stella stepped out to get some pamphlets from her car. While she was away, Michael and Carly had a brief chat. He told his mother that he was moving on from Nelle. In fact, he had a date. Carly remarked that Nelle would probably lose it when she learned of Michael's date. Michael explained that the date might help Nelle understand that, other than the baby, they no longer had a future together.

Stella returned with some literature just as Mike and Sonny reentered the house. Without saying a word, Mike walked over to the power of attorney papers and picked them up. He looked around for a moment before declaring that he needed a pen. Michael walked over to hand him a pen, prompting Mike to ask Michael if he could turn around for a moment. Mike then used Michael's back as a makeshift desk so that he could sign the paperwork. Mike then made Michael promise him to "live a long, full life" but to "never get old."

Before leaving, Stella privately told Sonny that Mike's Alzheimer's was going to take its toll on the entire family. She then urged him to seek out support if he needed it. "I'll be fine," Sonny replied. "I see. You'd rather die than accept help," Stella replied with a smirk. Sonny laughed heartily. "Alzheimer's doesn't bend to anyone's will. Not even yours," Stella said then added, "You can't help your father if you can't help yourself."

At the police station, Anna arrived looking for Jordan. Jordan showed up and apologized for running late. Anna offered to help Jordan, and a straight-faced Jordan handed her a manila folder and announced that Anna could help her "deal with Henrik Faison." As the pair entered an interrogation room, Jordan ceded that she had nothing on Henrik -- just allegations that Henrik had paid Dr. Klein to keep Jason in a Russian clinic. On top of that, Klein had vanished.

Jordan stated that she didn't have the time or resources to find Henrik or to even prove that Henrik existed. Jordan said that the WSB had been asking her for information. Anna apologized, saying that the WSB's demands for information were all her fault; Anna had been asking the WSB for information, and the organization, in turn, had then been pressing Jordan for information.

As he looked over Peter August's medical records, Griffin recalled a conversation he'd had with Anna about Faison's "other son" and that child's risk of having Huntington's disease. He then remembered that Peter had approached him with concerns that Peter's father had Huntington's disease. His deep thoughts were interrupted when Peter knocked on Griffin's office door. Peter wanted to know if his test results were in. Griffin nodded and replied that Peter's genetic workup showed that Peter did not have Huntington's disease.

Griffin urged Peter to go back to living his life because there was no chance that Peter could pass Huntington's disease on to his children, if he should choose to have them. A relieved Peter thanked Griffin for all that he'd done. Before Peter could leave, Griffin explained that while Peter was in the clear, other members of Peter's family could still be at risk for Huntington's disease. Peter replied that what remained of his family had died with his father. He also noted that he'd had a brother that he'd never met who had also died.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Nina read a magazine article about childbirth and some of the positions in which women choose to deliver their babies. One, which suggested that women preferred to kneel so that they could catch their baby, prompted Nina to ask, "Really? Is that a thing?" Maxie had been lost in her own thoughts and didn't hear a word Nina had said. Maxie apologized for being elsewhere, saying that she just wanted everything to be over so that all of her questions could be answered and all of her fears calmed. Maxie also expressed her sadness that she'd be raising a child alone.

Nina quickly promised that Maxie was not alone. Nina said that Maxie needed a distraction, but clearly the magazine wasn't helping. Nina then looked off into the distance and nudged Maxie with her elbow. A possible distraction had just landed in their laps. A doctor showed up to discuss Maxie's test results with her.

Elizabeth questioned why Sam was so anxious to find Franco. Sam explained that Drew was missing and that she believed Franco was somehow involved in the disappearance. Sam then vowed that if Franco had done anything to Drew, she would take Franco out herself. Elizabeth questioned why Sam would think that Franco would do anything to harm Drew. "Because he's Franco," Sam replied. Elizabeth insisted that she cared for Drew, adding "probably more than you do." Sam was outraged at the comment and demanded an explanation.

Elizabeth recalled Sam telling Jason that she hadn't yet told Drew that she was still in love with Jason. To Sam, Elizabeth claimed that she'd meant that she wanted to help but that Sam was complicating things. Sam apologized before telling Elizabeth that Drew had not returned home the night before and that she couldn't find him. Elizabeth asked if Sam had checked to see if Drew had checked into the hospital. Sam said she'd already asked Epiphany, and Drew was not answering his phone. When asked why Sam thought Franco was involved, Sam explained that when she'd last spoken to Drew, Drew had said that he was "dealing with Franco."

Elizabeth admitted that she hadn't seen Franco, but she didn't expect to see him because they had gotten into a fight. She assumed that Franco would be holed up in his studio. The two women bickered over who might be in more danger, Franco or Drew, before Elizabeth started to walk away. Sam called out to Elizabeth, who turned and told Sam that she didn't care who went after whom... she wanted to find Drew and Franco.

Peter found Maxie finishing up a phone call. He asked her if everything was okay. Maxie smiled and said that the test results had been negative; her baby did not have Huntington's disease. Peter embraced her and celebrated the good news. "Once again, I am blubbering all over you" Maxie said, and she smiled as she stepped away. Maxie mentioned that Nina had been with her, and Peter quickly suggested that he should be on his way because Nina was very protective of Maxie.

Later, Griffin found Nina sobbing in a waiting area of the hospital. Nina said that Maxie had just gotten back the results of her baby's test for Huntington's disease. Nina poked fun at herself for crying over good news. "Honestly, I feel like now is the first time that I can breathe," Nina said. Nina recalled that night and how she had run past Peter toward Faison's room. Griffin stopped her and asked why Peter had been at the hospital that night.

Elizabeth and Sam arrived at the police station to talk to Jordan, but she brushed them off because she was busy. When the two women said that Drew and Franco were missing, they captured Jordan's attention. Sam and Elizabeth were light on details but said they know that Jim Harvey had told Drew about "some sort of an incident" that had happened between Drew and Franco when they'd been kids. Jordan wondered how Jim Harvey was connected to Drew and Franco. The only way to find that out, Sam said, would be to locate Franco and Drew.

Jordan said that she could not waste the department's resources on two men that had only been missing for a few hours. Jordan did, however, have advice for Sam and Elizabeth: they should watch out for Jim Harvey and not believe a word out of his mouth. After Jordan walked away, Sam and Elizabeth exchanged worried looks. Sam hinted that she'd felt something wasn't quite right with Jim Harvey's story but admitted that she'd been too distracted by other matters to give it any thought. Sam started to walk off, but Elizabeth announced that she was going with Sam. Sam shot her down, saying that she worked alone. "You don't have to like it, but we're on the same side," Elizabeth countered. Sam grudgingly accepted Elizabeth's help but said that once they found Franco and Drew, Elizabeth was on her own.

At the gallery, Nelle had the MyFace tribute page to Morgan Corinthos opened on her laptop as she opened up a package. When Ava showed up, Nelle quickly closed the laptop so that Ava could not see what she had been working on. Nelle noted that business was really slow but offered a bit of an upside: the damage from the earthquake wasn't as bad as it could have been. She handed Ava a binder with some reports. Ava looked over the reports and praised Nelle for her hard work.

Ava made her way toward the box that Nelle had been opening, but Nelle cut her off. The package, Nelle announced, was part of her plan to "neutralize Carly." Ava was surprised to learn that Nelle and Carly had had some sort of "reconciliation" over the baby. "Wonders never cease," Ava replied with a sour look on her face. Ava asked if Nelle had ever considered that Carly might back off if Nelle backed off. "Carly can be a very formidable adversary," Ava warned, noting that if Nelle's plan failed, there could be trouble for Nelle. Ava suggested that Nelle not rock the boat because Nelle was so close to getting everything that she wanted. "I'll have what I want when Carly is out of the way once and for all," Nelle responded.

Later, Nelle removed a gray scarf from the box on her desk. She then used scissors and dirt to distress the scarf before ultimately using the scissors to cut herself so that she could add blood to the scarf. "This is gonna hurt you much more than it hurts me, Carly," Nelle growled.

At Metro Court, Andre found Anna sipping tea. Anna vented that she was going to fire off a stern email to the director of the WSB for not doing any research of their own into Henrik. "This ding-dong... this genius... he decided to push for an update from the PCPD, who, incidentally, don't even have any proof that Henrik Faison even exists." Anna labeled the highly placed officer "bloody incompetent or criminally lazy." A stern Andre silenced Anna and told her that he didn't care about the WSB -- he cared about her.

Anna explained that she felt a need to track down Henrik in order to tell him that he might be suffering from a fatal genetic illness. Andre, however, felt Anna needed to take a step back. Finding Henrik, he said, could also put Anna and her entire family in danger. He also asked if Anna would turn Henrik in if it were determined that Henrik was just as criminally involved as Faison. Anna blamed herself for the path that Henrik had chosen. Had she not given Henrik up without looking back, Faison might never have found him. However, Anna admitted that she did not know what she would do if she did manage to track down her son.

Back in his office, Griffin paged through Peter's medical file. He then placed a call to Brad, saying that he needed a rush on a paternity test.

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