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Nelle stepped up her plan to gaslight Carly. Julian and Kim shared a passionate kiss. Betsy Frank was found. Drew and Franco escaped certain death. Drew walked out on Sam when she revealed that she loved Jason.
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Drew and Franco are in danger

Drew and Franco are in danger

Monday, March 19, 2018

by Nel

Anna met with Jason at the Metro Court bar. Jason said he'd do whatever it took to find Henrik. He gave Anna the manuscript written by P.K. Sinclair. Anna wanted to know where Jason had found the manuscript. Jason told her he'd found it in a fireplace in a hotel suite where Britt Westbourne had been staying with Faison. Britt had said it had shown up one day and that it had shaken Faison. Jason guessed that Faison had tried to burn it on his way out the door. Anna said it was very arrogant and ego-driven that the publishing house had the right to Faison's favorite non de plume.

Jason said especially if Henrik had written the manuscript. Anna agreed that Faison would've loathed the fact that he'd been upstaged by his own son. Since Faison was no longer a threat, she wanted to read the manuscript, page by page. Jason said that Spinelli had run the manuscript through a program, which had predicted the ending. If Anna wanted a copy of it, he'd ask Spinelli to send it to her. Anna declined because she needed to read the author's original words. She was certain it would lead her to Henrik.

Jason wanted to know exactly what Anna hoped to find. Anna said she was looking for clues to see if Henrik was anything like his father. Jason knew that Faison never left a trail. He and Sonny had located Faison because they'd traced Obrecht's phone call. Anna said that Faison had never been as cautious as he'd implied and had always made references to things he'd done or had wanted to do.

Anna said that if Henrik followed that formula, then it was possible that there was a message inside the manuscript intended to lead Faison to his son. Jason commented that Anna might have known Faison, but Henrik was a completely different person. He wanted to know why Anna was so invested in finding Henrik.

Anna claimed she needed to debrief Henrik about his father's disease. Jason said it seemed like it was more than that. Anna said that Faison's autopsy had revealed that he'd had a degenerative brain disorder -- a condition that was genetic, and any child of his had a 50/50 chance of inheriting it. She felt that Henrik needed to be told. Jason asked why it was her job to do that.

Anna promised that she wasn't holding back any information from Jason that would impede his search for Henrik. She hoped they'd continue working together. Anna asked Jason to trust her reasons, and Jason agreed to do that. Jason knew it was very personal for Anna, and he hoped the manuscript helped her find what she was looking for.

At Aurora, Peter had been reading the results of his tests when Maxie arrived to thank him for being there for her after she'd received the results from her amniocentesis. Peter admitted that Maxie had been right about Nina being very sensitive about him being around Maxie.

Maxie told Peter she intended to go home. Peter asked if she was going to her apartment or the hotel. Maxie claimed that if she chose to go to the apartment, she'd have to admit that Nathan was gone, and she wasn't ready to do that. Maxie admitted she wasn't mourning Nathan's death but rather the life she would have had with Nathan, their baby, and Georgie.

Maxie said that after she'd received the good results from the amniocentesis, she'd gone to the apartment and found a week's worth of mail. Everything had been addressed to Nathan, and she knew that he wasn't returning home. Peter comforted Maxie. She apologized for breaking down. Peter offered to go through the mail, but Maxie advised that Nina had taken it. Maxie pulled an envelope out of her purse and said she'd kept one piece of mail.

Maxie told Peter that Nathan had started a college fund for the baby. Nathan had been practical -- a planner and a saver. Maxie said the baby was stuck with her -- someone who lived beyond her means and screwed things up. Peter reminded Maxie that she'd risen from an assistant to a fashion executive at Crimson, she'd trained Nina, and she got things executed every month. Maxie claimed that that would take away from the baby, but Peter said she understood responsibility, and the baby would be lucky to have Maxie.

Before Maxie left, she told Peter she was sorry that he'd never gotten to know Nathan because she felt they would have liked each other. After Maxie left, Peter found the letter Maxie had forgotten and tried to catch her, but she'd already left.

A short time later, Peter spoke with his publisher and claimed he was ready to publish his manuscript because he knew how the story ended.

At the hospital, Griffin prepared the paperwork for the DNA testing. Brad arrived to pick up the requisitions. Griffin said the paperwork was ready, and the DNA samples were on file. He asked Brad to put a rush on the test. Brad refused because the requisitions required third party signatures, and he couldn't run a DNA test without one.

Griffin stated that he didn't usually delegate, but the test was important and he'd hoped the lab manager would help him out personally. Griffin said Brad had a reputation for asking forgiveness rather than permission. Brad claimed that that had been before he and Lucas had decided to adopt a child. Griffin had hoped that Brad would help him out as an old friend of Brad's husband.

Brad stated that he wasn't comfortable getting mixed up in that kind of thing anymore. Griffin assured him that by running the test, Brad would be on the side of the angels. Brad wanted to know why the test was so important to Griffin. Griffin said that the patients in question were high-profile members of the community, and they'd wanted the test done discreetly. Brad realized that the patients didn't want a paper trail. Griffin assured Brad that once he had the test results, he'd get the third-party signatures, and Brad's records would match up. He added that Brad would be helping a lot of people.

Sam and Elizabeth paid Ned a visit at the Quartermaine mansion. They told Ned that Franco and Drew were missing, and the police wouldn't help to find them because they'd been dealing with the earthquake. Ned defended Jordan's stand on the matter. He said that Jordan couldn't divert her disaster relief efforts to help them find Franco and Drew. Sam said that they had tried to contact Jim Harvey, but the calls had gone to voicemail. Sam asked if Ned knew how to reach Jim because she and Elizabeth knew that Jim was Ned's friend.

Ned snapped that Jim wasn't his friend. Elizabeth claimed that Jim had been one of Ned's biggest supporters, and they wondered if there had been a rift between Ned and Jim. Ned said that it wasn't a secret that Ned had favored option A and that Jim had supported his campaign, but the earthquake had become a sore subject. Ned told Sam that Jim had been staying at a motel on route 31, in room 304.

After Sam and Elizabeth left, Olivia asked why Ned had almost crawled out of his skin. Ned confessed that Jim Harvey had known about the natural gas deposit under Port Charles the whole time. Jim hadn't cared about the redevelopment of the Charles Street area -- he'd been after what was underneath. Ned said that drilling for gas was risky, even when it was properly regulated.

Jim had gone rogue. He hadn't had surveys or permits. Ned said that when he'd confronted Harvey, Harvey hadn't shown any remorse. Harvey had been motivated by greed and self-preservation. Olivia stated that Jim Harvey had to be held accountable. Ned claimed that he also had to be held accountable, but Olivia warned Ned not to blame himself because it was all on Harvey. Ned said he had let Jim drill, but Olivia said he hadn't. Ned had allowed Jim to start construction on a plan that the voters of Port Charles had approved, and Ned hadn't had any idea what Jim had been doing.

Ned claimed that Harvey saw it differently. Ned said that given the fact that they'd worked so closely together and that Ned had been advocating for the Charles Street redevelopment, no one would buy that he'd been completely in the dark. Olivia claimed that unless Jim had Ned on tape, discussing the drilling, Ned had had no idea what had been going on.

Ned said that Port Charles was synonymous with crime, thanks to Sonny; the last mayor had stolen the election; and the present mayor had been in collusion with Jim Harvey. Ned told Olivia he would resign. Olivia wouldn't allow it, especially when the people needed him more than ever. Ned agreed to stay on as mayor until Jordan finished her investigation. Olivia wanted things to play out, so the people would know Ned's intentions had been pure. Ned said he'd wanted to make things better, but he didn't see how that would happen. Suddenly, Olivia said she knew how to save the city, and she walked out.

In Jim's motel room, Jim's goon asked what Jim wanted done with Franco and Drew. Jim didn't know, but Jim couldn't risk them exposing him. The goon wanted to know what Jim would do with the mayor because the mayor had Jim's number. Jim claimed the mayor wouldn't be a problem because the mayor had as much to lose as they did. Jim assured the goon that he had the mayor in his pocket.

The goon wanted to know about the guys in the basement. Jim said that he hoped the time in solitary would persuade Franco and Drew to keep their mouths shut, but Jim told the goon to eliminate them if they didn't. The goon said he'd signed on because Jim had said the payoff would be in the millions, but he hadn't signed up to kill anyone. Jim advised that they had no other options. He'd taken precautions, but they hadn't worked. Jim gave the goon a phone and told him to leave and wait for Jim's call. Jim hoped they wouldn't have to take drastic measures, but if they had to, the goon had to make sure that Franco and Drew would never be found.

Sam and Elizabeth paid Jim a visit. They told him that they'd been looking for Franco and Drew. Jim claimed he hadn't seen them. Elizabeth said that Franco and Drew had learned something recently, and they might have gone to see him. Sam reminded Jim that Franco had threated Jim to keep his mouth shut and added that he'd done worse to Drew.

Sam offered her phone number to Jim in case he heard from Franco or Drew. Jim grabbed the map off his desk and said that it was proprietary information. Sam was about to write down her phone number when she saw something on the floor and bent down to retrieve it.

While Sam wrote down her phone number, Elizabeth told Jim that Franco wouldn't hurt Drew. Jim said that Franco had hurt Drew in the past, and she had something to be concerned about. He said that before the earthquake, Franco had been in a rage. Jim wouldn't be surprised if Franco had hurt Drew again.

Sam gave Jim her phone number. Jim was sorry he couldn't help them. Sam practically pushed Elizabeth out of Jim's room, and after Jim closed his door, Sam showed Drew's wedding ring to Elizabeth. They knew that Franco and Drew had been there and that Jim had lied.

In his room, Jim was on the phone and said that too many people had caught on to what they'd been doing. He told the goon to take care of Franco and Drew.

Franco and Drew were trapped in the basement. Franco tried to recall how to pick a lock. Drew asked if Franco wanted to get anything off his chest, but Franco was focused on finding a way out. Drew asked why Franco had frozen up with Harvey. Franco stated that he'd had a bad moment. Drew admitted that it had been his fault that the plan had failed. Drew wanted to go back to when he and Franco had been friendly.

Drew suddenly noticed that he'd lost his wedding ring. Franco teased that Drew had taken it off and had put it in his pocket. Drew claimed that the ring never came off because it meant something to him. Drew found a rabbit's foot in his pocket and gave it to Franco because it probably meant more to Franco than to him.

Franco claimed that Jim had said that that Franco had been a bad boy and that his mother wouldn't believe him -- and neither would anyone else, because everyone knew what a liar Franco was. Drew asked if Jim's reference to Franco being a bad boy had to do with Franco pushing Drew down the stairs.

Franco said that he remembered seeing Jim at the top of the stairs and Drew at the bottom, but he didn't remember that he'd pushed Drew. Drew said that maybe Franco had pushed him, but they'd been kids. Harvey had lied, and he had to be the bad man. He cited where they were as proof. Drew said that what had happened in the past didn't matter. They needed answers, and they'd get them together.

At that moment, Franco and Drew heard heavy machinery starting up outside.

Time runs out for Drew and Franco

Time runs out for Drew and Franco

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

At the hospital, Griffin left Brad a voicemail message thanking Brad for putting a rush on the paternity test that Griffin had requested. Griffin asked that the results be sent by messenger to Griffin's residence then ended the call. Moments later, Griffin bumped into Kiki as she sat on a bench, looking at a medical book. He was impressed when he realized it was a first edition Grey's Anatomy, but Kiki clarified that it was an American first edition and a gift from Dr. Bensch. Kiki's expression turned thoughtful when Griffin remarked that the generous gift suggested that David held her in high regard.

A short time later, David approached Kiki and smiled when he saw that she'd been putting his gift to good use. Kiki greeted him as "Dr. Bensch" then admitted that she couldn't accept the book because it was far too expensive. David reminded her that he'd inscribed the book to her, but Kiki insisted that he take it back. David was equally adamant that she keep the gift because he knew that she had worked hard to get into medical school. He liked to think that he had helped her, so he wanted her to think of the book as a down payment on what he hoped would be a long and fruitful relationship.

Kiki assured David that she didn't need an expensive gift to strengthen their friendship, but David changed the subject because he had something important that he wanted to discuss with her in private. Kiki quickly tossed her books into her book bag as she explained that she had to get to work, but David knew that her shift didn't start for another hour. Kiki was taken aback that he knew her schedule, but David didn't appear to notice the change in her as he insisted that she join him in his office because he was confident that she would want to hear his news. Reluctantly, Kiki followed David.

In David's office, Kiki was shocked when he announced that he had recommended her for the hospital's shadow program. He explained that, if selected, she would be able to shadow any senior physician on staff, which would give her a tremendous advantage over her classmates. "Thank you," Kiki replied with sincerity. David frowned because he sensed that she was stressed. He walked behind her as he asked if she was still worried about her midterms, but before she could reply, he began to massage her shoulders. Kiki frowned as David expressed concern about the tight knot between her shoulders, but she remained silent as her gaze darted over the impressive degrees displayed on the wall.

David was startled when Kiki suddenly jerked out of his grasp and asked him to stop. She nervously explained that she didn't like to be touched, but David became defensive. He explained that he'd merely been trying to help because he believed in an overall sense of well-being in mind and body. He was disappointed by Kiki's reaction because he had assumed that they'd been on the same page. Kiki assured David that they were, but she admitted that she was sensitive about boundaries. David assured her that he wanted the same thing that she did -- for her to succeed.

Kiki pasted on a bright smile to let David know that she believed him then reached for the doorknob. David imagined that Kiki had a lot of questions about the shadow program, so he advised her to set up a time for them to discuss all that the program entailed. Kiki agreed, but in the hallway, her expression clouded with worry.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sonny and Mike arrived for Mike's appointment with Griffin. Mike resented Sonny accompanying him to the appointment, but Sonny gently reminded Mike that someone had to remember what the doctor told Mike. Mike argued that he wasn't an invalid, but Sonny stood firm. Moments later, Dante walked up. Sonny was surprised to see his son at the hospital, but Mike revealed that he had asked Dante to sit in on the appointment, since Sonny had never forgiven Mike. Sonny reminded Mike that they had forgiven each other long before, but Mike didn't see any forgiveness reflected in Sonny's eyes.

Griffin walked up to fetch Mike for some tests. Dante waited until he and Sonny were alone then explained that he had programmed his phone number into Mike's phone the night that Mike had spent the night in jail. Sonny smiled, but Dante realized that something was troubling his father. Sonny denied it, but Dante admitted that it seemed like Sonny was bothered by Mike's lack of trust. Dante urged his father to not take it personally and to try to see it from Mike's perspective. Sonny promised that he was trying, but it was important for Mike to trust him because Sonny had to handle Mike's affairs.

Sonny explained that things were fine when Mike was in the present, but all the pain and resentment returned when Mike became stuck in the past. Sonny added that there were times when Mike refused to listen to a word Sonny said, but Sonny also confessed that he didn't always listen to Mike either. The discussion ended when Griffin and Mike returned. Dante checked his phone then apologized because he had to leave because Rocco had a tee ball game. Mike smiled as he recalled the neighborhood kids playing stickball when Sonny had been young.

Mike told Dante a story about "one of the Falconeri girls" who had been a great hitter, and how he'd bet twenty dollars on her once and had walked away forty dollars richer. Dante smiled because he realized that Mike had been talking about Olivia. After Dante left, Griffin, Mike, and Sonny went to Griffin's office to discuss the results of Mike's latest tests. Griffin revealed that Mike had scored slightly lower than the last time, but Griffin quickly added that Mike was a perfect candidate for a cholinesterase inhibitor. Sonny was filled with hope that there was a treatment, but Griffin carefully explained that the medication would only slow the progression of the disease then added that not every patient responded the same.

Mike didn't see the point in taking a drug that would only delay the inevitable, but Sonny thought his father should give the medication a try. Mike argued that he didn't have insurance and couldn't afford the medication, but Sonny countered that he would pay for everything. Mike rejected the offer because he didn't want to be a burden. Frustrated, Sonny suggested that Mike reconsider taking the medication because he had become a "pain in the ass." Sonny immediately regretted his harsh words, but it was too late. Hurt, Mike told Sonny that he finally understood why Sonny had wanted power of attorney.

A short time later, Mike stood by the vending machines while Sonny talked to Griffin about Mike. Sonny admitted that he hadn't been prepared for the challenges of Alzheimer's, so Griffin reminded Sonny that there were resources available to help guide Sonny. Sonny assured Griffin that he'd spoken to Stella Henry, but Sonny was curious how long Mike had. Griffin admitted that it was difficult to say because there were three stages of Alzheimer's: mild, moderate, and severe. According to Griffin, patients lived an average of four to eight years after their diagnosis, but there had been cases of people living much longer. Griffin explained that Mike was in the moderate stage, which usually lasted the longest.

Sonny became choked up as he asked if Griffin was telling him that Mike would be a "confused, paranoid, moody son of a bitch" until one day when it all suddenly ended, and if Sonny would look back on "today" and thank God that he'd had it. Griffin reiterated that it could take years, but he gently advised Sonny to make the most of the moments that he had left with his dad.

Outside Jim Harvey's hotel room, Sam showed Drew's wedding band to Elizabeth. Elizabeth realized that Jim had lied about not seeing Drew, so Sam asked Elizabeth to take the ring to Jordan because it was proof that Drew had been in Jim's hotel room. Sam intended to remain behind to keep a close eye on Jim until Drew was found. After Elizabeth left, Sam sneaked onto Jim's balcony as Jim spoke on the phone.

In Jim's hotel room, Jim spoke to his foreman at the construction site. The foreman revealed that everything was ready, but he was uneasy about Jim's plan because it was an awful way to go. Jim didn't care because the foundation had been scheduled to be sealed off for that day, and he couldn't risk Drew and Franco talking. Jim instructed the foreman to make certain that the crew did their job because once it was over, both Drew and Franco would be buried forever. After the call, Jim pored over his paperwork until the hotel manager knocked on the door and asked if Jim had parked in the handicap spot.

Jim acknowledged that he had illegally parked, but he hadn't seen the harm, since he was practically the only guest at the hotel. The manager didn't care because someone had called in a complaint, and he didn't want the police to show up. Annoyed, Jim grabbed his keys and followed the manager out. Sam rounded the corner and made quick work of picking Jim's lock then slipped into his room. Sam sifted through the paperwork on his desk until she found a contract to seal off a foundation at a warehouse for later that day. Sam sent Elizabeth a text message then snapped photographs of the contract and Jim's plans.

At the police station, Jordan talked to Curtis on the phone. She knew better than to ask what he was doing, but she hoped that he found what he was looking for -- for everyone's sake. Curtis told Jordan not to worry because it would be a quick "in and out" job, but Jordan wasn't reassured. She asked him, hypothetically speaking, what a private investigator would be doing, so he admitted that he was checking Jim's home office. Jordan told Curtis to be careful because he wouldn't be in her jurisdiction, and she wouldn't be able to help him if he was caught. Curtis promised that he knew what he was doing then added that no one would know that he'd been there.

Jordan ended the call then entered the squad room just as Elizabeth arrived. Jordan insisted that she was too busy coordinating disaster relief and didn't have time to look for two grown men who had been missing for less than 24 hours. Elizabeth held up Drew's wedding band and revealed that Sam had found it in Jim Harvey's hotel room after he had denied seeing Drew and Franco. Jordan's interest was piqued. "I'm listening," Jordan said, prompting Elizabeth to add that she and Sam feared that Jim had done something to Drew and Franco. Jordan took the ring then instructed one of her police officers to have Detective Chase take Elizabeth's statement then pay Jim a visit.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth received a text message from Sam asking Elizabeth to return to the hotel because Sam had found something in Jim's hotel room.

In Buffalo, New York, Curtis picked the lock on a door into Jim's home. He silently entered Jim's office then sat down at the desk and turned on the laptop. Curtis smiled with satisfaction when he easily found proof of Jim's illegal activity. He plugged in a flash drive and downloaded the evidence. As he pulled the flash drive from the laptop, he heard a noise at the door. Curtis drew his gun and turned just as Jordan appeared in the doorway with her gun aimed at him.

Stunned, Curtis asked how Jordan had made it to Buffalo in such a short time, so she admitted that she had commandeered the police helicopter when she had failed to reach him on the phone. Jordan insisted that they needed to leave right away because there had been a new development with Jim. She filled him in about Drew and Franco's disappearance and Sam's discovery of Drew's wedding band in Jim's hotel room. Curtis assured Jordan that he'd gotten what he needed, but a sound from the hallway alerted them that someone was in the house. In unison, they turned toward the hallway with their guns raised and ready.

In the squad room, Detective Chase checked in with the desk sergeant because he couldn't find Elizabeth. The sergeant explained that Elizabeth had left in a rush, but he handed Chase the evidence bag with Drew's wedding band then shared what Elizabeth had told Jordan. The sergeant added that Jordan wanted Chase to have a chat with Jim about Drew and Franco's disappearance.

At the hotel, Jim returned to his room, but Elizabeth called out to him before he entered. Sam quietly restored order to the desk then silently left by way of the balcony. In the hallway, Elizabeth claimed that Jim's earlier warning about Franco had made her realize that perhaps she hadn't known Franco, after all. She asked if Jim really believed that Franco would kill Drew, so Jim feigned regret as he admitted that men would go to surprising lengths to hide their secrets.

Elizabeth saw Sam signal from down the hall, so Elizabeth thanked Jim for telling her what she had needed to hear. After Jim entered his room, Sam ran to Elizabeth and shared with her what she had found. Sam was certain that Drew and Franco were at the warehouse.

In the locked basement, Drew assured Franco that what had happened in the past didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was getting out of the basement then finding answers -- together. Franco nodded his agreement. Moments later, Drew and Franco heard a loud sound above them. Drew realized that it was the construction crew. Franco wondered if that was good news or bad news, but Drew didn't have an answer. A short time later, Drew realized that no one had checked on them, which meant that either the construction crew had no idea that Drew and Franco were locked in the basement or Jim intended to kill them. Franco conceded that Jim was flawed, but he doubted that Jim was capable of murder.

The sounds of the machines grew louder as Franco noticed a thick substance oozing into the room from under the door. Drew realized that the construction crew was pouring cement to seal off the basement, so he and Franco went to work on a vent, hoping to pull the cover off and escape through the duct work, but the vent cover didn't budge. Franco began to panic, but Drew remained calm as he searched for another way out.

Drew and Franco escape death

Drew and Franco escape death

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

At the Jerome Gallery, Nelle picked up the tattered replica of Morgan's scarf and cradled her belly as she asked her unborn child if it approved of her "special present" for "Granny Carly." Just then, Ava entered the gallery and saw the scarf as Nelle shoved it into a bag. Ava realized that the scarf had something to do with Nelle's plans for neutralizing Carly, but Nelle thought it best that Ava didn't know the details. Ava agreed that the less she knew, the better, but she advised Nelle to consider calling off the vendetta before Nelle dug a hole too deep to get out of.

Nelle claimed there wasn't a high road to be taken, but Ava wondered what Nelle's endgame was if the plan should miraculously succeed. Nelle explained that she wanted Michael to be in a position where he had no one to turn to except her, but Ava warned Nelle not to get her hopes up because Ava knew firsthand that it was impossible to manipulate people into feeling something that they didn't. Nelle pointed out that Ava had a gallery and a relationship with a man who had restored Ava's beauty, but Ava argued that she'd only gotten those things after she had stopped trying to manipulate people. Nelle reminded Ava that Ava stood to gain a lot if Nelle's plan succeeded, but Ava admitted that she couldn't risk being implicated in Nelle's scheme because it might jeopardize any chance she had at custody down the road. Plus, Ava didn't want to shake Griffin's faith in her because it would cost her their relationship.

Ava and Nelle were startled when Griffin appeared in the doorway and asked why Ava would think that she'd lose him. Ava pasted on a smile and claimed that Nelle had been pushing for an avant garde exhibit that Ava believed Griffin wouldn't approve of. Nelle backed Ava up. Stung, Griffin hoped to redeem himself by judging the pieces for himself, but Nelle agreed that the exhibit had been out there then excused herself and beat a hasty retreat. After Nelle left, Griffin kissed Ava and apologized for interrupting her talk with Nelle. Ava assured him that he had helped her dodge a bullet, prompting Griffin to smile and ask if she thought he brought out the best in her.

"Yes," Ava answered, but she admitted that she wanted more. Griffin frowned and asked her to explain, but Ava insisted that he disregard what she had said because she tended to want too much. Griffin realized that she was upset, so Ava asked if he recalled when she had told him that she loved him. Griffin smiled because it had meant the world to him that Ava had valued his honesty, but Ava confessed that she had lied. She admitted that she wanted his love, and she had noticed that he'd been spending every waking moment at the hospital.

Griffin explained that he'd been busy because of the earthquake, but he also revealed that his home had been damaged, so he'd been sleeping in the doctors' lounge. Stunned, Ava asked why he hadn't mentioned anything sooner because she would have insisted that he move in with her, but Griffin confessed that he hadn't wanted to impose. Ava was curious what he would have done if their roles had been reversed. Griffin realized that she had a point and apologized because he was still learning the intricacies of dating.

At Kelly's, Michael fidgeted with his tie as he waited for his date to arrive. Moments later, the young nurse from the hospital breezed in, took off her coat, then sat down across from Michael as she teasingly thanked him for the job interview. Michael grinned as he and Francesca bantered flirtatiously and talked about their interests. Their conversation turned to music when Francesca mentioned that a band she liked would be performing at a benefit concert for the quake victims. Michael wasn't familiar with the band, prompting Francesca to invite him to the concert.

Nearby, Nelle was furious as she eavesdropped on Michael and Francesca's conversation, so she pasted on a smile and pretended to bump into Michael. Michael frowned as Nelle smiled sweetly and asked if she and Francesca had met before because Francesca looked familiar. Michael introduced Francesca Cavallo to Nelle then revealed that Francesca was a nurse at the hospital. Nelle realized that she'd likely seen Francesca at the hospital during one of Nelle's prenatal appointments. Nelle seized the opportunity to let Michael know that she had moved their childbirth class to the following day.

Michael assured Nelle that it was fine. Satisfied, Nelle told Michael that she would see him at home then left. "That was," Francesca began. "Deliberate," Michael finished. Michael and Francesca left the diner then strolled along pier 54 as Michael explained that he hadn't learned about the baby until after he and Nelle had broken up. Michael assured Francesca that his relationship with Nelle was over and that there wouldn't be a reconciliation, but Francesca reminded Michael that he and Nelle lived together. Michael clarified that his grandmother owned a mansion, and she had invited Nelle to stay because Nelle's place had been damaged in the quake.

Francesca pointed out that Nelle had wanted Francesca to believe that Michael and Nelle lived together. Michael agreed and admitted that Nelle had a talent for spinning things to her advantage. He had believed that Nelle had changed when they had started dating, but he'd been wrong. Michael promised that he had intended to tell Francesca about the baby, but he had been waiting for the right time -- and a second date. Francesca sighed because she was looking for an "uncomplicated" relationship, which seemed unlikely with Nelle in the picture. Michael was disappointed that he wouldn't get a second date with Francesca, but he understood.

Francesca asked Michael to keep her number in case anything changed. After she left, Michael gazed out over the water, his expression troubled.

At Kelly's, Nelle sat at the counter and glared at the empty table where Michael and Francesca had been seated earlier. She imagined the couple sitting at the table, happily smiling at each other and sharing a romantic kiss. The vision faded as Nelle vowed that Michael would not be someone else's happily ever after. "You're mine," she insisted.

A short time later, Nelle entered the Jerome Gallery in time to overhear Griffin agree to move in with Ava until his apartment was repaired. Nelle stepped forward, greeted the couple, then explained that she'd forgotten her charger. Ava smiled when gratitude when Nelle offered to lock up. After Ava and Griffin left, Nelle pulled the scarf from the bag she'd been walking around with. "Michael, I'm so sorry about your mom," she whispered with false sincerity as she stroked the scarf. She smiled with pleasure at the idea of Michael having no one to turn to except her.

At Jim Harvey's home in Buffalo, New York, Jordan filled Curtis in on what Elizabeth and Sam had uncovered in Jim's hotel room, and the women's suspicion that Jim was responsible for Franco and Drew's disappearance. Curtis assured Jordan that the flash drive had all the proof they needed to take Jim down, but Jordan reminded him that she couldn't know about any of it until he anonymously sent the flash drive to the police department. Curtis and Jordan froze when they heard a noise inside the house. They drew their guns then turned to the hallway.

Curtis decided to investigate, but Jordan didn't want him to go alone. Curtis reminded her that she couldn't risk being caught in Jim's house if anything went wrong, so Jordan reluctantly remained in the office as Curtis silently entered the hallway. A short time later, Jordan holstered her gun as Curtis returned with a frightened woman. It was Betsy Frank. Betsy was terrified that Jim would return and hurt her, but Jordan and Curtis offered her assurance.

Jordan fetched Betsy a glass of water while Curtis gently questioned Betsy about her disappearance. She was surprised when he mentioned Franco's name because she hadn't realized that he knew her son. Curtis revealed that both Franco and Drew had been worried sick about her, so Betsy asked where "Bobby" was. Jordan returned with the glass of water and assured Betsy that everything would be okay, but Betsy remained uneasy because Jim had imprisoned her in the house. Curtis wondered if it had had anything to do with the pockets of natural gas in Port Charles, but Betsy had no idea what he was talking about.

Betsy became increasingly agitated because she was eager to talk to her son. Jordan and Curtis wanted to take Betsy to the hospital to be checked out, but Betsy insisted that it was imperative that she talk to Franco. Betsy added that it was long past time, and she owed both Franco and Drew the truth.

Outside Jim's hotel room, Elizabeth thanked Jim for opening her eyes about Franco. He invited her into his room to continue their discussion, but Elizabeth admitted that she needed to be alone. After Jim disappeared into his hotel room, Sam stepped out of hiding and raced over to Elizabeth to show her the contract to pour concrete that she had found. Sam was certain that Drew and Franco were locked in the warehouse's basement.

A short time later, Elizabeth and Sam arrived at the construction site, but the construction crew had left. Sam was horrified when she realized that the concrete had been poured, so she pulled out her phone and called 9-1-1. Sam reported that two men were trapped in the basement at a construction site and that she could hear them calling for help. Sam implored the operator to send the fire department and ambulances. Elizabeth and Sam anxiously waited until help arrived, but their hopes were dashed when they were told that a rescue attempt was impossible -- it would be a recovery mission that would take time because they had to drill through the concrete.

In Jim's hotel room, Jim realized that something was missing from his desk, but a knock at the door distracted him. It was Detective Chase, who wanted to question Jim about Franco and Drew's disappearance.

Later, Detective Chase and Jim entered the squad room as Jim repeatedly denied seeing Franco or Drew. Chase invited Jim to sit then confronted Jim with Drew's wedding ring that had been found in Jim's hotel room. Jim claimed that he had no idea how it had gotten there, but he implied that perhaps Sam had planted it. Chase said little as Jim accused both Elizabeth and Sam of being in denial about their rocky relationships. Jim implied that Drew might have walked out on Sam because her ex-husband had returned, and Franco had left Elizabeth standing at the altar.

Jim confided that there had also been bad blood between Franco and Drew because of an incident when the boys had been children. Jim painted Franco as a bad seed who had shoved his brother down the basement steps, but Chase doubted that a child of four would have homicidal tendencies. Jim decided that he'd answered enough questions and announced his intention to leave. Chase couldn't hold him, but he warned Jim not to leave town. After Jim walked out, Chase picked up the phone to get a search warrant.

In the harbor, Drew swam to pier 54 then dragged himself out. He flopped on his back and took deep breaths between bouts of chuckles until he realized that Franco hadn't joined him. Drew sat up and called out Franco's name as Franco's head cleared the surface of the water. Drew reached out to Franco and hoisted him onto the pier. Both men took a minute to catch their breath after escaping from the basement through a sewage line. Franco thanked Drew for saving his life, but Drew reminded him that they had to find Jim.

In the squad room, Chase took a call from Jordan. Jordan was curious if Jim was at the police station, but Chase explained that he hadn't had any reason to hold Jim. However, Chase assured her that he'd been working on a search warrant. Jordan told him to put it on hold because she wanted Chase to arrest Jim and charge him with unlawful imprisonment. After Chase ended the call, he issued a BOLO for Jim Harvey and an APB for both Franco Baldwin and Drew Cain. Seconds later, Elizabeth and Sam entered the squad room to ask for Chase's help mounting a rescue attempt for Franco and Drew.

Chase looked past the ladies then told them that it wouldn't be necessary. Elizabeth and Sam turned and were relieved when they saw Franco and Drew. Sam ran to Drew as Elizabeth ran to Franco. After the couples kissed, Drew and Franco filled everyone in on how Jim had imprisoned them and about their escape through a sewage line. Chase was curious why Jim had wanted both men dead. Drew admitted that it had something to do with the past, but he was careful not to share the details.

Elizabeth and Sam decided to take Franco and Drew to the hospital to be checked out, so Drew asked for a private word with Franco. After Elizabeth and Sam stepped outside, Drew asked if Franco still had the lucky rabbit's foot. Franco smiled and pulled it out of his pocket. It was battered but intact. Drew grinned because the charm had worked its magic.

Nelle moves to the next phase of her plan

Nelle moves to the next phase of her plan

Thursday, March 22, 2018

At the hospital, Finn approached Sam and Elizabeth. He assured both women that Drew and Franco were fine, but he had prescribed the men antibiotics and given each a tetanus shot as a preventative measure because Drew and Franco had crawled through the sewage system. Sam and Elizabeth were grateful when they saw Drew and Franco walk up.

Later, Finn entered Kelly's and surprised Alexis with a cup of coffee when he saw her working at a table. The two chatted amicably for several minutes until Julian walked up. Tensions quickly mounted when Julian suggested that Finn send a bottle of single malt scotch to thank Julian for dropping the charges. Finn resented Julian's attitude because Finn had been arrested for defending Roxy's honor. Julian was skeptical that Finn even needed a support animal because Finn didn't have his pet with him. Julian suspected that it was because Finn wasn't interested in sticking it to Kelly's owner.

Finn angrily accused Julian of pressing charges against him because Julian was jealous of Finn's relationship with Alexis. Disgusted, Finn paid Alexis' tab, told her he'd see her later, then marched out. Alexis was curious if Finn had been right. To her surprise, Julian admitted that it was true. He acknowledged that he didn't have any right to feel the way that he did, but he couldn't help it. Julian asked Alexis to be careful because Finn was a recovering addict, but Alexis resented Julian trying to give her advice.

Alexis pointed out that she was a recovering alcoholic and Julian was an ex-con. She added that Finn had only ever been kind to her; she didn't have an ugly history with him nor had he threatened her -- as Julian had. Julian asked how serious Alexis and Finn were, but she refused to discuss it. Julian implored her to be honest so he could stop holding out hope. Alexis opted to lie and told him that she and Finn were getting "quite serious."

On pier 54, Andre and Anna stopped for a break during their morning run. Andre was surprised that Anna needed to rest because she usually ran an additional mile. Anna admitted that she hadn't been sleeping well because she'd been consumed with thoughts of all the regrets she had. She was also worried because she knew that Jason would kill Henrik if it was revealed that Henrik had helped Faison or Henrik had continued his father's work. Andre reminded Anna that she didn't even know if Henrik was her son, but Anna disagreed.

Anna's voice filled with emotion as she promised that she had been led to believe that her son had gone to a good family, so she had no idea how he had ended up with Faison. Andre was curious if she had considered what it would be like to meet Henrik and tell him that she was his mother. Anna didn't expect a tearful reunion, but she felt it was important to tell her son that he might be suffering from a genetic illness. She believed that she owed it to him after rejecting him as a baby. Anna told Andre that she had pored over The Severed Branch to glean whatever clues she could.

According to Anna, the main characters' names had been anagrams for Henrik and Faison's names, and there had been a mention of a school in Switzerland, so she intended to check the school's records for Henrik's alias. Andre assured her that he would help her, prompting Anna to thank him for being her friend because he was the only person that she could confide to. Andre reminded Anna that Finn would help her -- unless Finn was one of the regrets that had been keeping her up at night. Anna explained that she didn't want to get Finn involved because she didn't want to put Finn in harm's way if Henrik turned out to be like his father.

Anna added that Finn was also seeing someone new, but Andre was skeptical. Anna assured him it was true because she'd seen the woman the morning after in Finn's hotel room. Andre admitted that Anna had tremendous strength and courage, but he believed that she was running scared from Finn. Anna insisted that she had backed off because Finn had moved on, but Andre wasn't fooled. He suggested that Anna was trying to protect herself because Finn had stirred something inside her that had truly terrified her. Anna resented Andre psychoanalyzing her, but Andre had seen the way that she looked when she talked about Finn.

Andre urged Anna to go to Finn, but she admitted that Finn had been a bit of a surprise because she hadn't thought she could love after losing Duke. Andre offered his professional opinion by suggesting that perhaps she was afraid that what had happened to Duke would happen to Finn, or she felt guilty for loving someone other than Duke. Just then, Andre spotted Finn approaching. He gave Anna a heads-up then excused himself.

At the hospital, Michael asked how Nelle was feeling as she took a sip of water. She admitted that the birthing video had been intimidating. Michael agreed that it had been intense, and he wished that he could do more for her than rub her back and tell her to breathe. Nelle smiled and assured Michael that he'd been very supportive. She steered the conversation to his date by asking if his date had ended early, because she'd heard him prowling the house the previous night.

Nelle innocently added that she hoped it wasn't because of her, but Michael made it clear that he had no intention of sharing details of his private life. He stunned her by announcing that he intended to move out of the Quartermaine mansion. Michael explained that the events of the previous evening had made him realize that their living arrangement didn't work for him. Nelle argued that it didn't matter where Michael lived because she and the baby would always be a part of his life. Michael assured her that he looked forward to fatherhood, but living under the same roof with Nelle complicated things. Nelle's eyes filled with tears as she sullenly asked if he intended to move in with his parents.

Nelle's mood soured when Michael revealed that he planned to stay at Metro Court until he found a place of his own. Nelle was furious that she would have to deal with Carly whenever she paid Michael a visit, but he was confident that Nelle would find a way to get through it. "No, Michael, I can't," Nelle told him. Nelle claimed that Carly was irrational and paranoid because she refused to let Nelle be a better person. Nelle accused Carly of always trying to sabotage her, but Michael reminded Nelle that his mother had helped Nelle during the earthquake.

Nelle insisted that Carly had recently shown up at the Quartermaine mansion then swooped in and poisoned Olivia against her because Olivia had been giving Nelle the cold shoulder ever since. Nelle thought it was horrible that Michael couldn't see how his mother treated her, but Michael refused to keep talking in circles, so he advised Nelle to either deal with Carly or not. Nelle's eyes filled with fresh tears because Carly would always get between them, but Michael quickly clarified that Nelle's lies had led to their breakup. He added that the only person who had gotten between them was Nelle herself.

Michael advised Nelle to accept it and move on -- or not. It was her problem. After Michael walked away, Nelle glared at him. "No, Michael, it's not my problem. It's yours," she said with promise.

In Carly's Metro Court office, Carly thanked Kim for stopping by. She explained that she had wanted to talk to Kim about Oscar and Josslyn. Carly invited Kim to sit then fetched each of them a cup of coffee from the sideboard. Carly admitted that she normally wouldn't allow Josslyn to skip school, but she had made a special exception because Oscar had saved Josslyn's life. Kim was grateful because Oscar had been determined to go to school to see Josslyn even though he was still recovering. Kim's eyes welled up with tears as she recalled the terrifying moments following the earthquake when she and Drew had found Oscar and Josslyn in the freezer.

Kim admitted that she couldn't imagine losing her son because he was her life. Carly's expression clouded with grief, prompting Kim to ask if she had said something wrong. Carly picked up a photograph of Morgan and showed it to Kim as she shared that Morgan had died fourteen months earlier in a car explosion, and his death had put a tremendous strain on the family for quite some time. However, she assured Kim that the family had emerged from the tragedy, stronger than ever. Kim felt awful for Carly, but Carly promised that she hadn't called Kim to talk about herself.

Carly praised Oscar as a hero, but she was curious if Kim knew why the kids had gone to the freezer. Kim smiled with embarrassment as she confided that Oscar and Josslyn had wanted to be alone. Alarmed, Carly hoped that the kids weren't sexually active. Kim agreed, but she also recalled how powerful first love could be. Carly seized the opportunity to ask if Kim would have followed Drew to the freezer, but Kim frowned and reminded Carly that he didn't even remember their past. Carly was certain that Kim and Drew had gotten closer in recent months because of Oscar.

Kim admitted that things had been rocky at first, but finding Oscar in the freezer had put things into perspective for both Kim and Drew. Kim smiled as she revealed that Drew had been as fearless and selfless as she had remembered, so if her son was a hero, it was because of his father. Carly confessed that it sounded like Kim had strong feelings for Drew, but Kim was quick to remind Carly that Drew was married. Carly argued that things could change then added that Drew was in an impossible situation through no fault of his own. Carly felt bad for him, but she believed that Jason and Sam belonged together, so it was only a matter of time before Drew was free.

Kim promised that she hadn't been sitting around pining for Drew then revealed that she had a "friend." Intrigued, Carly was curious if it was serious. Kim explained that it was easy and uncomplicated, prompting Carly to ask who Kim was talking about. "Julian Jerome," Kim answered. Shocked, Carly immediately tried to warn Kim to stay away from him, but Kim assured Carly there was nothing to worry about because Kim knew that Julian wasn't over his ex-wife. Kim politely added that she didn't want to talk about her private life then steered the conversation back to Oscar and Josslyn by praising Josslyn as a spirited young woman who made Oscar happy.

Shortly after Kim left, Michael stopped by to tell his mother that he had decided to move out of the Quartermaine mansion. Carly was delighted. Meanwhile, Nelle had silently slipped into the outer office then ducked out of sight as Michael and Carly emerged from Carly's office. Carly locked her office door as she assured Michael that she had a suite available in the hotel that would be perfect for him and the baby. After Michael and Carly disappeared down the hall, Nelle pulled out a set of keys then unlocked Carly's office door.

Nelle smiled when she saw the photograph of Morgan on the desk because he was wearing the scarf that matched the one she had ordered online. Nelle pulled the ruined and bloody scarf out of her purse then placed it prominently on Carly's desk.

At the hospital, Elizabeth warned Franco and Drew that Jim Harvey remained a fugitive at large, but she promised that the police were eager to capture him -- especially in light of the additional charges. Elizabeth revealed that Jim had kidnapped Betsy and had kept her imprisoned at his home in Buffalo. Worried, Franco asked where his mother was, so Elizabeth assured him that Jordan had taken Betsy to a hospital to be checked out. Sam was curious why Jim would kidnap Betsy and try to kill both Drew and Franco. Drew carefully explained that it went back to when Drew and Franco had been children and Jim had dated Betsy. Elizabeth wondered what kind of secret would drive someone to do the things that Jim had.

Franco admitted that it was something horrible, but Drew added that they weren't quite clear on the details because Jim's version of the events had been a lie. Drew explained that he and Franco had suspected that Jim knew where Betsy was, so Drew and Franco had hatched a plan to plant a bug in Jim's hotel room. Franco took over the tale and was careful not to mention the traumatized state that Drew had found him in when Drew had entered Jim's hotel room. Moments later, a nurse fetched Drew and Franco to complete some paperwork.

After the men walked away, Elizabeth remarked that at least they knew that Franco hadn't wanted to hurt Drew. "Do we?" Sam asked. Sam was taken aback when Elizabeth suggested that Sam was the one who would hurt Drew. She was tired of Elizabeth's cryptic remarks, so she invited Elizabeth to speak her mind. Elizabeth saw how desperate Sam had been to find Drew, and she'd been there when Sam had found Drew's wedding ring. "But it's not a secret that Jason is waiting for you," Elizabeth said.

At the nurses' station, Franco thanked Drew for not saying anything to Elizabeth about Franco's breakdown in Jim's hotel room. Drew pointed out that it wasn't his secret to share, but he advised Franco to tell Elizabeth the truth.

After Drew and Sam left, Franco asked if Elizabeth was ready to go home, but she took him to an exam room instead. Elizabeth acknowledged that she'd been worried about Franco when he'd been missing, and she'd been overjoyed when he had walked into the police station. Franco insisted that the universe had given them a second chance, but Elizabeth knew he was hiding something, and she didn't want any more secrets between them. She advised Franco to be honest because it was their last chance.

Franco slowly told Elizabeth about what had transpired when he'd gone to Jim's hotel room and how Jim's accusations of Franco being a liar had triggered a flashback of Jim tousling Franco's hair and saying the same things. Franco became increasingly agitated as he recounted curling up into a ball and shutting down as Jim stood over him and yelled. Elizabeth's expression filled with compassion as she gently asked what he remembered. Franco knew there was more, but he explained that he wasn't ready to face it. "Can we go home, please?" Franco implored. Elizabeth's phone chimed with a text message. It was Jordan letting Elizabeth know that Betsy was on her way to Port Charles and wanted to see Franco.

At the penthouse, Drew and Sam entered the living room after getting the children settled down. They sat on the sofa and talked about Jim Harvey. Drew confided to Sam that something had gone wrong in Jim's hotel room, and he had walked in on Franco curled up in a ball and completely incapacitated. Drew admitted that Jim's men had gotten the jump on him because he'd been distracted with concern for Franco. Drew explained that something had clearly happened to Franco as a kid, but Drew had no idea if he had witnessed it or if he'd been a part of it. However, Jim was at the center of it, and Jim was so freaked out about it that he'd been willing to kidnap and kill to keep it buried.

Drew regretted that he hadn't communicated better with Sam. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she assured him that he had nothing to be sorry for, but Drew disagreed. He held up his hand and revealed that he'd lost his wedding band somewhere along the way. Sam quickly fetched the ring and slid it onto his finger as she told him how she had found it and how she had figured out where Jim had taken Drew and Franco. Drew smiled and kissed his wife because everything was right again. Sam pulled away from the kiss then tearfully confessed that they needed to talk.

Drew walks out on Sam

Drew walks out on Sam

Friday, March 23, 2018

At Kelly's, Alexis told Julian that things were getting "quite serious" with Finn because he was a decent, dependable, and sensitive man who made her very happy. Alexis hoped that Julian could accept that, but he refused to believe that Finn "does it" for her any more than the previous guy she had dated, "Dr. Belch." "Bensch," Alexis corrected. She assured Julian that he was wrong. Finn did it for her -- quite well. According to Alexis, Finn even liked going on daily walks in the woods with her, which Julian hadn't. Alexis assured Julian that she had moved on, so she advised him to do the same.

After Alexis walked out, Julian turned and saw Kim seated at the counter. She had overheard the exchange. Julian and Kim sat down at a corner table with a slice of apple pie and two cups of coffee. Kim reminded Julian that he had promised to help her eat the pie, but he admitted that he wasn't the type to eat his feelings. At Kim's insistence, Julian picked up a fork then took a bite, but he wasn't impressed. Kim was disappointed, but she continued to enjoy the pie as Julian began to talk about Alexis' latest rejection.

Julian admitted that he'd been holding out hope that Alexis would forgive him, but no more. He shared that it was liberating because he no longer had to measure his words, always wondering if he'd said too much or too little. Kim smiled as she pointed out that he was also free from working on being friends with someone he wanted more than friendship with. Julian smiled, which pleased Kim because he seemed to be taking things well. She warned him there might be a few more ups and downs before he was completely over Alexis, but Julian didn't seem worried.

As Julian and Kim left together, Kim tripped. Julian caught her as Kim laughed, but the laughter died as Julian leaned down and kissed her passionately.

On pier 54, Anna confessed that she hadn't thought she could love anyone after Duke, so Finn had been a bit of a surprise. Andre saw Finn approach and let Anna know. After Andre left, Finn smiled at Anna then asked about her trip to Brussels. Anna admitted that the trip had been eye-opening, but she quickly realized that Finn assumed the trip had been a romantic getaway. She clarified that the trip had been business, not pleasure, and that she and Andre were just friends.

Finn seemed relieved, prompting Anna to admit that she hadn't backed away from him because of his relationship with Alexis. She conceded that it had stung when she'd seen Finn and Alexis in his suite, but she'd been guarded around Finn for another reason. Anna tried to explain that she'd been afraid of her feelings for him, but she couldn't find the right words and ended up babbling about various types of courage. Eventually, Anna blurted out that Finn made her laugh -- a lot. Finn smiled when she rushed to assure him that it was a good thing.

Bolstered by Finn's positive reaction, Anna admitted that he made her want to dive into a relationship, but something had been holding her back. Anna realized that she was starting to make a mess of things again, and she acknowledged that she knew he was with Alexis, but Finn cut her off to clarify his relationship with Alexis. However, Alexis chose that moment to run up and tell him that she desperately needed to talk to him. Alexis was embarrassed when she realized that Finn had been talking to Anna, so she apologized and started to leave, but Anna assured Alexis that it was fine because Anna sensed that it was important. Finn watched helplessly as Anna explained that she had to get to the hospital then left.

Alexis felt bad. Finn conceded that her timing could have been better, but she warned him that his mood wouldn't improve when she shared her news. Alexis confessed that she had told Julian that she and Finn were serious, but she offered to return to Kelly's to tell Julian the truth. Finn told her not to because the lie would help her stay away from Julian. Alexis warned him that Julian wouldn't be the only one who would think they were in a relationship, but Finn's mind was made up.

In Carly's Metro Court office, Nelle placed a bloody and torn gray scarf on Carly's desk then slipped out of the office.

In the hotel's restaurant, Carly smiled with satisfaction because the suite she had picked out for Michael would be big enough for him and the baby. Michael reminded her that his stay at the hotel was temporary, but Carly didn't care, as long as he was far away from Nelle. Moments later, Jason walked up. Michael greeted his uncle then excused himself because Michael had to get to a meeting. After Michael left, Carly told Jason that Michael had moved out of the Quartermaine mansion and away from Nelle.

"Now, Sam just needs to admit that she belongs with you, and all will be right in my world," Carly declared. Jason sighed with exasperation, but Carly reminded him that Sam had recently admitted that she had feelings for him. Jason asked Carly to drop it because Sam needed space to figure things out. Carly saw Spinelli enter the restaurant and warmly greeted him. Spinelli explained that he was in town because he and Ellie had hoped that Maxie might benefit from some time with Georgie. Carly smiled at the thoughtful gesture then dashed off to get back to work.

Jason and Spinelli sat at the bar. Spinelli set his briefcase down then revealed that he had devised a more effective way to get into Faison's safe deposit box that didn't involve breaking into a bank -- Spinelli would pose as Henrik Faison. Stunned, Jason asked how Spinelli intended to pull off the daring deception, prompting Spinelli to adopt a Swiss accent as he retrieved a copy of Faison's death certificate, a forged birth certificate for Henrik, and a signed copy of Faison's will from his briefcase. Jason insisted on accompanying Spinelli to Europe, but Spinelli was adamant that Jason stay behind to provide a strong shoulder should "the fair Samantha" need one.

"And, I suspect she will," Spinelli quietly admitted. Jason confided that Sam had been so busy taking care of everyone that she had forgotten to take care of herself. Spinelli nodded in understanding because it was a common thing for mothers to do. Jason agreed, but he explained that Sam needed time and space to sort things out for herself.

In Carly's office, Carly was puzzled when she saw a gray scarf on her desk. Her confusion mounted when she picked it up and realized that it was torn and smudged with dirt and blood. Carly looked around the outer office, but she didn't see anyone, so she returned to her office then stopped short when she saw Morgan's photograph. She realized that the scarf she was holding looked like the scarf that Morgan was wearing in the photograph.

Meanwhile, Nelle approached a fire alarm, looked around, then pulled it.

Carly heard the alarm, set the scarf on her desk, and ran out the door just as a security guard arrived to let her know that the hotel was being evacuated. Carly closed the door and followed her security guard.

Later, Carly entered the restaurant as the alarm stopped blaring. She explained to Jason and Spinelli that it appeared to have been false alarm. After her security guard reported that they'd been given the all-clear, Carly admitted that it had been a "weird" day. Concerned, Jason asked if something else had happened. Carly told Jason and Spinelli about the scarf she had found in her office then took them to her office to show them the unsettling item. She was stunned when she discovered that the scarf had vanished.

Rattled, Carly assured Jason that the scarf had been in her office when she had left, and that the door automatically locked when it closed. "First the phone calls, and now this," Carly muttered as she paced around her office. Spinelli was curious what Carly was talking about, so Jason filled him in about the strange phone calls that Carly had received from a phone booth located at the bottom of the cliff where Morgan had died. Carly was certain that someone was trying to freak her out, but Jason cautioned her not to jump to conclusions.

At the hospital, Brad explained to Sonny that Mike's lab results had been sent to Griffin, and Griffin would decide which prescriptions were necessary. He added that Deanna would be along shortly to fetch Mike for some tests. After Brad left, Sonny returned to the waiting area and Mike. Mike insisted that he needed to get back to Luke's Place to take in a shipment, but Sonny gently reminded Mike that they were waiting for Mike's favorite nurse. Restless, Mike began reminiscing about the past and how he had watched Sonny play kick-the-can at a corner lot in the old neighborhood. Sonny frowned because he didn't recall Mike ever being there, but Mike resented being called a liar and asked how he could remember something if he hadn't been there.

Just then, Michael arrived. Mike was thrilled to see his grandson and thanked Michael for meeting them. Sonny realized that Mike had invited Michael. Michael sat down as Mike asked about the baby. Sonny smiled as he listened to his father offer Michael advice on parenting until Deanna arrived to collect Mike. After Mike and Deanna left, Sonny thanked Michael for taking care of Mike.

Michael acknowledged that it was easier for him than for Sonny because Michael had a different relationship with Mike than Sonny did. Michael recalled growing up and always feeling like he was the most important person in the world to Sonny. Sonny assured Michael that it was true -- for both Sonny and Carly. Michael promised to never forget it, and to pay it forward with his own child. Sonny thought about all the special moments he had enjoyed with his children and admitted that he couldn't imagine losing those memories. Michael felt bad for Sonny, but Sonny reminded him that Mike was the one suffering from Alzheimer's. Michael agreed but also pointed out that eventually Sonny, not Mike, would be the only one who knew what was going on.

Sonny told Michael about Mike remembering something that Sonny didn't recall happening. Sonny wondered how that was possible, but Michael suggested that perhaps the truth was somewhere in the middle. After Michael stepped away, Sonny saw Andre pass the nurses' station. He approached the doctor and asked how it was possible that Andre was a free man. Andre explained that his freedom was a matter of perception because he'd been released from jail on the condition that he continue his research on memory mapping. Sonny hoped that Andre got things right the second time around, so Andre assured him that if he could restore what he'd taken from Jason and Drew, he would do it in a heartbeat.

After Andre walked away, Mike returned and asked where Michael was. Sonny promised that Michael would be back in a moment, but he took the opportunity to tell Mike that Mike had been present when Sonny had played kick-the-can as a child. Mike smiled. Michael returned, but Sonny declined to join Michael and Mike for lunch because Sonny had some business to take care of.

Meanwhile, Anna tracked down Andre and told him about her disastrous attempt to tell Finn how she felt. She blamed Andre for giving her bad advice. A short time later, Andre bumped into Sonny again. Sonny informed Andre that there might be a way for Andre to make amends.

At Kelly's, Nelle saw Brad at the counter. She warmly greeted him then asked about his and Lucas' efforts to adopt a baby. Brad happily reported that they were "cautiously excited" because they were in the review process. Nelle congratulated him and admitted that it would be nice when the cousins could play together. Brad smiled because he realized their children would be cousins. Nelle chatted about her pregnancy and assured him that she was doing everything possible to take care of her child.

At Drew and Sam's penthouse, Sam tearfully told Drew that they needed to talk. Concerned, Drew asked her what was wrong. Sam admitted that her first impulse had been to wait, but she'd done too much of that lately, which had made things worse. Drew realized that Sam was genuinely distraught and assured her that she could tell him anything. "I have feelings for Jason," Sam quietly confessed. She began to cry as Drew asked her to explain.

"I still love him," Sam admitted. Stunned, Drew pulled back from Sam, but she rushed to assure him that she loved Drew, too. Sam promised that the love she and Drew shared was real, and it was painful for her to tell him that she loved both Drew and Jason, but Drew was left reeling. He wanted to know why they had gotten married if she was still in love with his brother. Sam promised that she had married Drew because she was in love with him -- and that hadn't changed. Drew disagreed, but Sam insisted that they had built an amazing life with the children, and she desperately wanted to hold onto that.

Sam realized that she should have acknowledged her feelings from the start, but she promised Drew that she had meant their vows. However, Sam could no longer commit herself to Drew until she figured out who she was. Drew was devastated because he'd thought what they'd had had been real. Sam realized that she had handled things in the worst possible way, but she promised Drew that it was real. Sam wished that she could make things okay for everyone, but she couldn't until she figured out who she was and learned to trust herself again.

Drew demanded to know how far things had gone between Sam and Jason. Sam was hurt by the question, but she admitted that she and Jason had kissed on New Year's Eve. Drew wasn't surprised because he had sensed that he had walked in on something when he had arrived on the boat. Sam was filled with remorse and assured Drew that she had known as soon as it had started that the kiss had been a mistake. Drew was crushed because he'd thought what he and Sam had shared had been enough for her, but he had been wrong. Sam wept when she realized that Drew planned to leave her.

Sam begged Drew to stay, but Drew admitted that it would be too painful to stay while she figured things out, knowing that she loved his brother. Drew told her that she might be able to love two people at the same time, but he only loved her. Sam cried as she grabbed his hand and reminded him that he had promised that he would always be there for her if she needed him. Drew looked at his wedding band and told her how frantic he'd been when he'd lost his ring. It had been all that had mattered to him, but he realized that, like everything else, it hadn't been real.

Sam insisted that it had been real and reminded him that they shared a beautiful daughter. Drew assured Sam that Scout would always be his daughter, but he couldn't stay. Sam was heartbroken as she watched Drew slide the ring off, set it on the desk, and walk out.

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