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Accusations continued to flow in Bill's shooting case, and Bill awakened with an accusation of his own. Brooke doubted Bill could identify his shooter because he'd been shot in the back. Liam confronted Bill about proposing to Steffy. Maya began to worry about the dreary Pam.
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The police focus in on Liam Spencer

The police focus in on Liam Spencer

Monday, March 19, 2018

At the police station, Baker and Sanchez reviewed the evidence in Bill's shooting. The perpetrator had worn sheepskin gloves, and it hadn't been a burglary. They assumed that shooting someone in the back was an act of hatred and revenge. Baker factored in the secret fling Bill had had and decided that one name leaped off the suspect list -- Liam Spencer.

Baker felt that violence was the last thing one would expect from Liam. Sanchez reasoned that a betrayal like Bill's could set anyone off. There had been no signs of a struggle at the crime scene, and Baker wondered what the motive would be. Holding up the contract, Sanchez said if passion and geed weren't motives, he didn't know what was.

At the hospital, Caroline choked Bill, seething that he had corrupted her and ruined her life and that Thomas didn't trust her anymore. As Bill groaned, Caroline said he had no idea of the pain he'd caused or the lives he'd ruined. She stated that the doctors were trying to save him, but she might do everyone a favor and finish him off.

Caroline let Bill go, and he gasped in his slumber. She asked why she'd ever listened to him. She felt as if she'd lost Thomas forever, and he hated her -- but not as much as she hated Bill.

In the corridor, Liam, Steffy, and Hope discussed Bill's condition. Liam didn't think Bill deserved what he was going through. Liam believed that whoever had done it had wanted Bill dead.

A staff member arrived to briefly talk to Liam, Steffy, and Hope about Bill's condition. Liam wanted to know why Bill wasn't awake. The staff said Bill had suffered trauma and oxygen deprivation. She planned to check on Bill and let them know if anything changed.

As the group dispersed, Steffy saw the backside of Caroline, who'd slipped out of Bill's room and was retreating down the corridor. Steffy called Caroline's name, and Caroline did an about face to head toward Liam, Steffy, and Hope. Liam hugged Caroline and greeted her, and Steffy asked if Caroline was in town because of Bill.

Caroline spoke in monotone bits as she answered their questions. She affirmed that she was there because of Bill. Liam noted that she'd been in with Bill. Caroline said she hadn't been in there for long because she hadn't been able to stand it. Liam felt that it was hard to see Bill struggle, and she bitterly replied that Bill was still there, hanging on.

Liam asked if Bill had moved or awakened. Caroline said nothing had changed. Hope was sure Bill had known she'd been there. "I hope so," Caroline snapped. Liam wanted to see Bill. Hope believed Bill appreciated Liam being there under the circumstances, but Liam needed rest. From Hope's statement, Caroline gleaned that Liam and Bill were on the outs again.

Liam stated that his feelings for his father were complicated, and Caroline said to join the club. Liam couldn't forget who Bill was and what he'd done, but Liam wanted to look the coward shooter in the eye. Liam stared at Caroline, and she stepped back.

Caroline asked if Liam thought the shooter was afraid of Uncle Bill. Liam said the person had been too afraid to face him. Hope couldn't imagine hating someone that much. Caroline hoped Hope never had to, and Hope said that, luckily, none of them there had ever had to deal with it.

Steffy asked if Douglas and Thomas were with Caroline, and Caroline bit out that she'd had to do "this" on her own.

Detective Sanchez arrived and introduced himself to Liam. Steffy and Hope introduced themselves, and Liam introduced Caroline as his cousin. Sanchez recognized Caroline as being from New York. Caroline said she had to get going. Sanchez hoped she wasn't leaving town. He knew how close she was to her uncle and all her uncle had done for her. "I might have some questions about that," he said.

Caroline said that Liam knew how to get ahold of her if the detective needed her. She decided that she had to get going and asked Liam to keep her posted.

Caroline left, and Liam said asked Sanchez if there were any leads or suspects. Sanchez said that was why he was there. He and Baker had talked it over and agreed that they should talk to Liam. Sanchez wanted to talk in private. Liam said they could speak in front of Hope and Steffy.

Sanchez explained that it hadn't been a robbery. Nothing had been taken from the house, and the shooter had been wearing sheepskin gloves. Holding up a tablet with a picture of the gun on it, Sanchez said Bill had been shot with his gold gun. He asked if Liam had ever handled or shot it. Liam said he hadn't and asked what the security cameras had shown.

Sanchez said the cameras had been knocked out due to a power surge. He asked who'd have motives, means, and opportunity to shoot Bill. Sanchez thought the shooter might know Bill's routines or movements. Liam asked if Bill was still vulnerable to the shooter and said he'd tell Sanchez whatever Sanchez needed to know.

Sanchez was surprised by Liam's helpful attitude. Sanchez hadn't expected it because of the problems between the father and son. He said he'd found papers on the scene that would have eliminated Liam from Bill's company and trust, and someone had made sure Bill hadn't signed them. Liam replied that the papers weren't news to him, and it was no secret that he and his father were going through a rough time.

"Because of betrayal," Sanchez responded. Liam said he didn't know what Sanchez had heard. Sanchez replied that he'd heard about Liam's father and wife. Steffy rolled her eyes in embarrassment and covered her face. Liam stated that it wasn't public knowledge, and he asked who'd told Sanchez about it.

Sanchez said that what mattered was motive, and Liam had a compelling one. Liam expressed surprise. Sanchez said Liam had been betrayed by a man who'd taken Liam's wife to bed, and Bill had been about to strip Liam of the fortune. "Oh, my...I'm a suspect," Liam uttered. Upset, Liam asked if Sanchez was really asking if Liam had shot his old man in the back.

At Forrester, Thomas flashed back on falling for Sally and leaving her in Monte Carlo. Ridge entered the CEO's office, excited to see his son. Thomas asked about the bruise on Ridge's face, and Ridge dismissed it not being a big deal. Thomas said he'd been there a few days, and Ridge was surprised he hadn't seen Thomas before then. Ridge asked if everything was okay with Douglas and Caroline, and Thomas revealed that Caroline had been lying to him.

Thomas said that Bill had put Caroline up to it, and Bill had stated that Caroline had been dying. "Caroline is dying?" the stunned Ridge repeated. Thomas said it wasn't true, and it had been a ploy to get him to follow Caroline to New York. Thomas explained that Bill had set it up so that Thomas could leave Spectra vulnerable for Bill to build his skyscraper.

Ridge asked if Caroline had gone along with the lie. Thomas said he'd been relieved when she'd announced a miraculous recovery, but the guilt had overwhelmed her. She'd wound up confessing. Thomas had thought he'd known Caroline, but he felt that there was no telling what she was capable of.

Thomas was angry that he'd been living a lie, and Bill had twisted a love for a son into a weapon. Ridge said not to let it taint Thomas' love for his son because Thomas was a good father. Thanking Ridge, Thomas said he'd always be a good father, no matter what happened between him and Caroline. Ridge asked if it was over. Thomas said it had all been tainted with Bill's darkness. "I'm gonna ask you something. Was it you? Did you shoot Bill?" Ridge asked.

Ridge claimed to be asking for Thomas' benefit and said it was hard to ignore the timing of Thomas' return to town without checking in with his family. Thomas asked if Ridge thought it was too much of a coincidence. Ridge stated that the police were questioning anyone with a motive. Thomas revealed that he'd been there for Sally's questioning. Thomas swore he'd take Sally to New York when it all was done.

Ridge asked what Thomas planned to say if the police questioned him. Thomas said it was like a knife in his chest, and he couldn't hide it. Ridge told Thomas that he didn't have to hide anything from his father, and he asked if Thomas had put Bill in the hospital.

Ridge didn't want his son to get caught up in things. Thomas said he was going to fix it. Ridge stated that he and Thomas would fix it together, but Ridge had to know what they were up against. Ridge just wanted the truth. Thomas shouted that the truth was that he didn't care if Bill got shot or if Bill might die.

It sounded heartless, Thomas was sure, but he said it was how Bill affected people. Bill didn't care about people, and Thomas didn't know why anyone should "give a damn" about Bill. Thomas screamed that Bill had had it coming. "Did I shoot him? No. It wasn't me," Thomas said.

Sanchez interviews more murder suspects

Sanchez interviews more murder suspects

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke kissed, and Ridge thanked her for reminding him that he had been neglecting her. She teased that he could pay her back later that night. "It's a date," Brooke said.

Ridge reported that Thomas had visited him, and Brooke was surprised because Thomas had not contacted them. Brooke assumed things had not gone well. Ridge said that he and Thomas had discussed who had shot Bill. He added that Thomas could be a suspect too.

Brooke was surprised that Ridge had suggested Thomas would be angry enough to kill Bill. Ridge explained that Bill had coerced Caroline into lying to Thomas to get Thomas away from Sally and Spectra. Bill had convinced Caroline to tell Thomas that she was dying and needed Thomas to join her and Douglas in New York, and of course, it had worked. It had destroyed Thomas' relationship with Caroline, and Sally had lost Spectra over the deal.

Brooke was surprised to learn that Caroline was sick, but Ridge corrected her -- Bill had convinced Caroline to tell Thomas that she was dying. There was nothing wrong with Caroline.

Brooke was shocked that Caroline would agree to "such a huge lie," but Ridge pointed out that Bill was a master manipulator. He added that all she had wanted had been to put her family back together. She'd eventually admitted the truth.

"Poor Thomas. Poor Sally," Brooke said. "So many victims," Ridge responded. Ridge added that there was a long list of people who wanted to kill Bill. Brooke acknowledged that Bill had done some terrible things, "but I don't want him to die." Ridge called her a good person who didn't hold a grudge. "I'm not like that. I don't care what happens to Spencer," he said.

At the hospital, Sanchez told Liam, Steffy, and Hope that Liam was a suspect, but Steffy and Hope said it was impossible. "You think I tried to kill my own father?" Liam asked.

Sanchez said Liam's father was prepared to cut him out of his company and had slept with Liam's wife. Steffy and Liam looked embarrassed. Sanchez asked where Liam had been that night.

Steffy stepped up to answer that Liam had been with her until 7:30, when Liam had gotten the call from Katie Logan that Bill had been shot. Liam added that he hated guns and would never shoot his father. Sanchez pointed out that Liam would lose everything if he were cut out of his father's life, but Liam reminded Sanchez that he'd quit the company. "He didn't fire me," Liam said. Sanchez noted that Liam had had a life of privilege, but Liam stated that he'd spent most of his life without knowing Bill. He wanted Sanchez to "find the person who shot my father." Sanchez promised to keep looking, and he planned to interview Wyatt next. Liam looked bewildered.

After Sanchez left, Steffy, Liam, and Hope discussed that Sanchez had to do his job and check out all leads, but none of them believed that Wyatt could kill Bill. Liam noted that plenty of people hated Bill, but he didn't think they would want Bill to die. They all agreed they hoped Wyatt had an alibi.

Later, at Brooke's, Steffy showed up to talk to Brooke, who encouraged her to take care of herself for the baby's sake. Steffy promised she would, but she had to discuss something with Brooke. She asked why Brooke had told Hope about Bill's proposal. Steffy said she had confided in Brooke, and Brooke said it had just slipped out. Steffy worried that Hope would tell Liam, and Liam didn't need that.

Later at Liam's, Hope and Liam picked up clothes so Liam could return to the hospital. Hope confided that Liam needed to know something that she'd found out. She announced that the night of the shooting, something had happened, and she didn't want to hurt him, but he deserved "to know the truth."

Hope hesitated, and Liam told her she was scaring him. Hope blurted out that Bill had proposed to Steffy. "You're kidding me?" Liam was incredulous and shook his head.

At Spencer Publications, Justin was on the phone, and Wyatt interrupted and ordered Justin to hang up the phone. Justin ignored him, but after Justin had hung up, Wyatt said he wanted to discuss "trust or the lack thereof." Justin tried to dismiss Wyatt and said he had been busy running the company.

Wyatt wanted to see the papers that put Justin in charge, and Justin was surprised. Justin insisted he had drawn up the papers as Bill had wanted them, but Bill hadn't signed them because someone had shot him before he could. Justin wondered if Wyatt was the shooter.

Wyatt maintained that his father had not signed the papers, so Justin wasn't in charge. Justin tried to insinuate that Wyatt had had reasons to shoot Bill, but Wyatt said that Justin was a master at trying to deflect blame from himself to Wyatt.

Justin reminded Wyatt that he had plenty of motive to kill Bill -- especially after Bill had disowned Wyatt after Wyatt's announcement of his engagement to Bill's ex-wife.

Wyatt was angry, and he and Justin argued and spewed accusations at one another. Sanchez showed up and asked if he'd interrupted something. Justin and Wyatt reported that they'd had a business disagreement. Sanchez wanted to speak to Wyatt alone, and Justin left.

Wyatt asked if there had been any change in his father's condition. Sanchez said he wanted to talk to Wyatt about attempted murder. Wyatt wondered if he was a suspect, and Sanchez said it was clear that Wyatt and Justin weren't getting along. Sanchez added that he knew Bill had been planning to cut Wyatt out of the company and his life.

Sanchez also congratulated Wyatt on his engagement to Katie Logan which would make him stepfather to his half-brother, since he was marrying Bill's ex-wife. Sanchez wondered if Bill's plan to cut Wyatt out of Spencer and disinherit him would make Wyatt mad enough to kill his father. Wyatt looked surprised.

Bill finally awakens

Bill finally awakens

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

by Pam

At the hospital, the doctor and nurse checked on Bill and agreed the wound was healing nicely. Bill reacted and moved his head. The doctor spoke to him, checked his eyes, and said his pupils were normal. She asked Bill to squeeze her hand, and he did. The doctor said they needed to call his family.

At Spencer, Sanchez confronted Wyatt and pretty much accused him of shooting Bill. "You're really asking if I shot my own father?" Wyatt asked. Wyatt maintained that Sanchez had the wrong guy.

Sanchez said he knew that Wyatt and Bill had had a fight, and while fathers and sons disagreed, Wyatt's engagement to Bill's ex-wife and Bill's actions to cut Wyatt out of his will and his life amounted to a lot of anger.

Wyatt argued that no matter what Bill had done or said, there was no way Wyatt would shoot his father. Sanchez reminded Wyatt he'd lose his position, car, house, and trust fund -- all strong motives.

Wyatt argued that he, his brother, and his father might make each other angry enough to kill one other, but none of them was capable of something like that. Wyatt received a phone call from the hospital that Bill had regained consciousness. Sanchez said they could finally find out who'd shot him.

At Forrester, Ridge walked in on Steffy and Brooke during a discussion about Brooke telling Hope about Bill's proposal to Steffy. Brooke and Steffy were worried about Ridge's reaction, but Ridge had already known.

Steffy understood because she realized Bill had told Ridge. However, Steffy was worried that Brooke had told Hope and that Hope would tell Liam. Brooke maintained that Bill did not deserve to die, but Ridge said he did for what he'd done to Steffy.

Steffy reminded Ridge that she and Bill had been consenting adults, but Ridge didn't want to hear it. Steffy said she had to leave because she wanted to be the one to tell Liam about Bill's proposal before he heard it from someone else.

At Liam's, after Hope told him about Bill's proposal to Steffy, Liam called Bill a bastard. Liam added that it was funny because Ridge had warned him that Bill wanted to try to live Liam's life.

Liam realized Bill wanted to step in and raise Liam's child as his own. Liam thanked Hope for telling him because she was the only one who had been honest with him. He said he had to talk to Steffy. Hope left.

Later at Liam's, Steffy and Liam discussed that Steffy had planned to tell Liam everything about Bill, but they hadn't had the chance. She apologized that she hadn't been the first one to tell him.

Liam was understanding. He couldn't believe what his father had done. Steffy said Bill had wanted to raise Liam's baby. "It makes me sick," Liam said.

At the hospital Wyatt and Sanchez showed up and wanted to see Bill. The doctor reminded them that Bill was in a fragile state. Wyatt asked if his dad could hear him, and Bill's eyes fluttered. He saw Wyatt, and he opened and closed his eyes several times. Sanchez asked if Bill knew who had shot him. Bill shook his head slightly. The detective asked for a name,' and Bill struggled to say something.

Ridge is arrested for the attempted murder of Bill Spencer

Ridge is arrested for the attempted murder of Bill Spencer

Thursday, March 22, 2018

At the hotel, Steffy was with Liam, who ranted about the nerve of Bill to even ask Steffy to marry him. Liam asked what kind of father would do such a thing to his son. Steffy said she didn't want Bill, and she couldn't believe Hope had even told Liam. Liam was glad Hope had done it. Steffy replied that she'd wanted to be the one to tell him.

Liam recalled that Bill had warned Liam that it would be Liam's biggest regret if he didn't take Steffy back. Liam felt that it had been a threat, and Bill had been biding his time until he could make Steffy his. Steffy warned Liam that anger could rip him apart, but he said it might have done so already. Liam had been stressing himself out at Bill's bedside, trying to find a way to forgive. "Only to find out that he proposed to you in my home," Liam said.

Correcting that it had once been his home, Liam asked how many times he could be Bill's fool and fall for Bill's lies. Steffy reminded Liam that he might not have to do it much longer if Bill didn't survive. Liam replied that he'd thought about that. She wondered if Liam could put it all behind him and return to her and the baby.

"I gotta talk to my dad," Liam said, and he walked out on Steffy.

At the hospital, Bill wheezed and coughed, struggling to answer Detective Sanchez's question about whether Bill knew who'd shot him. Bill seemed distressed, so the doctor said it was enough. Sanchez kept pressing, asking Bill who had done it, and again, the doctor called for Sanchez to stop. Wyatt also asked Bill to tell them what Bill knew. Continuing to strain, Bill hissed out the name, "Forrester."

The doctor insisted that the questions cease, but Sanchez wouldn't leave. Wyatt asked if Bill was sure. Bill had another coughing fit. Sanchez said he had a good circumstantial case against Ridge, and Sanchez needed to know if Bill was sure Ridge had shot him. Under labored breath, Bill asserted that it had been Forrester, and Sanchez took off from the room.

In the corridor later, Wyatt called out to Liam, who'd just stepped off the elevator. Wyatt had planned to call Liam, but Wyatt's cell phone had died. Wyatt stated that Bill was awake, and Liam asked if Bill knew what had gone on. Wyatt wasn't sure if Bill knew everything that had happened; however, Wyatt said Bill had named his shooter. Liam looked expectantly at Wyatt, and Wyatt announced that it had been Ridge.

Liam went into Bill's room and asked the attendant for time alone with Bill. The attendant left, and a groggy Bill thanked Liam for being there. Liam said he'd been there a lot, as had Wyatt. Liam was glad that Bill was awake and said Bill would hopefully be better soon. Liam didn't think Bill would continue to feel thankful once he knew why Liam was there.

Liam asked if Bill had really asked Steffy to marry him. In Bill's silence, Liam asked why Bill would do it. Bill coughed and spoke three words at a time. He whispered that he'd wanted Steffy to know that she and the baby would be protected if Liam didn't return home. Bill lapsed into a coughing fit, and Liam got Bill to settle down and breathe. " her...too, son..." Bill uttered.

Liam rolled his eyes. Bill added that, more than anything, he wanted Steffy to be with Liam. Bill struggled as he apologized. Liam shed a tear. Bill said he was very sorry and promised never to do anything like that again.

Liam couldn't believe Bill had had the gall to propose to Liam's wife. Bill started to speak, but Liam stopped him and said it figured that something like "this" would happen when he'd been wanting his father to get better.

Changing the subject, Liam said Wyatt had relayed that Bill knew who shot him. "Ridge?" Liam asked. Bill nodded.

At Forrester, Ridge was with Brooke and Hope as he ranted about Bill's advances on Steffy. Ridge asked if anyone had thought for a second that Steffy would leave Liam for that pompous old man. Brooke empathized with Steffy, and Hope readily said she felt for Liam. Though Hope hadn't reveled in telling Liam about it, she'd felt that Liam had deserved to know the truth.

Brooke tried to calm Ridge down, but he went on about Bill's interference in people's lives and relationships. Ridge concluded that it had finally caught up to Bill, who finally had to pay the price. Ridge's tirade continued as he explained how Bill had rubbed it in his face. In a mocking tone, Ridge quoted, "Hey, she wanted to be with me! She wanted me!'"

Ridge said he should have picked up the gun and ended it right then. Brooke reminded her husband that he was still a suspect. Ridge quipped that he was one along with everyone else. Hope tried to explain that Brooke meant he'd better watch what he said in front of the police. Agreeing, Brooke said Ridge's attitude and anger made him more suspicious.

Ridge asked if he had a right to be upset about Bill ruining the marriage of Ridge's daughter. Hope and Brooke tried to reason with Ridge and felt that Liam and Steffy would get beyond it. Ridge said he couldn't as long as Bill was breathing.

Pam entered, and Ridge yelled at her, asking what she wanted. Pam was there to remind Hope of a meeting she had, and Hope left with Pam. Brooke urged Ridge to get control of himself.

Pam returned to the room, and Ridge apologized for the way he'd treated her. Pam said it was okay, and he had some visitors. Detective Sanchez entered with another officer and stated that he had more questions for Ridge. Sanchez opened by saying he knew about Bill's proposal to Ridge's daughter. Ridge replied that they weren't going to talk about it.

Sanchez suspected that it had made Ridge as "mad as hell." Ridge advised Sanchez to question Bill, who was the predator in Ridge's eyes. Sanchez noted that Ridge was getting upset, and Brooke asked what the detective was suggesting.

Sanchez reviewed that Ridge had been at the house and had fought with Bill. Ridge added that the security cameras had also shown Ridge leaving. Sanchez reasoned that Ridge could have gone back after the power surge had knocked out the cameras. Ridge replied that he hadn't, and he dismissed Sanchez from the office.

Sanchez stated that he had new, indisputable evidence. Sanchez explained that Bill had awakened, and Sanchez had been able to ask a few questions. Bill had made it clear to Sanchez that Ridge had shot Bill. "Me? That's ridiculous!" Ridge exclaimed.

Sanchez announced that Ridge was under arrest, and as Sanchez read Ridge his rights, the accompanying officer cuffed Ridge. Upset, Brooke exclaimed that Ridge was innocent, and Ridge said things would be okay. Pam watched from a crack in the doorway.

In the backstage area of the photo studio, Hope was having a meeting when Steffy arrived. Sensing tension, the two people in Hope's meeting silently walked off. Steffy charged up to Hope and asked if Hope had told Liam about the marriage proposal. Hope asked if Steffy didn't think he'd had the right to know.

Steffy asserted that it should have been from her. Hope didn't feel it was right to talk to Liam but not tell him what she knew. She felt that it would be dishonest, and he'd hold it against her. Steffy sarcastically huffed that they wouldn't want that. Hope asked if Steffy wanted Hope's help or not. Hope decided that, either way, she wouldn't lie to Liam, who had every right to know what his father had done.

Steffy didn't buy why Hope had to be the one to tell Liam about it at a time when Liam had been keeping vigil at the hospital and nearing a place of forgiveness. Hope said Steffy wanted that forgiveness to extend to her, too. Steffy replied that she was under the impression that it was what they all wanted. Hope agreed that it was. Steffy asked why Hope would cause Liam a setback by telling him about the proposal.

Hope claimed it hadn't been her intention, and Steffy questioned what Hope's intentions were. Hope wanted to be honest and truthful, traits Liam valued in her and Steffy, and Hope said that he couldn't forgive without knowing the entire truth. "From me. Unless you're trying to incite him," Steffy rejoined. Steffy wondered if she was a fool to believe in Hope's support and asked if Hope was just trying to stir the pot.

Hope asked what Steffy was getting at. Steffy said that if Hope valued honesty, she should give it to Steffy. Steffy asked if Hope was going after Steffy's husband.

Ridge rages about being unduly arrested.

Ridge rages about being unduly arrested.

Friday, March 23, 2018

At the entrance to the Forrester CEO's office, Pam watched from the crack in the doorway as Brooke panicked over Ridge's arrest. Brooke said Ridge was innocent, but Detective Sanchez replied that it wasn't so according to Bill. Ridge called Bill a liar, and Sanchez told Ridge to convince a jury. As the officers hauled Ridge out, Ridge told Brooke to call Carter.

Pam backed away from the door and stood behind her desk as the officers marched Ridge out of the office. The protesting Brooke followed them, and as she passed Pam, she told Pam to contact Carter. Pam nodded, and sinister music played.

At Il Giardino later, Maya was waiting for a takeout order when she noticed a dazed Pam sitting at a table. Maya joined Pam at her table. Sheila was waiting on the table beside Pam's as Maya asked Pam what was going on. Pam bleakly replied that Ridge had been arrested for shooting Bill. Sheila's head perked up when she heard the statement.

Maya believed that Carter would get to the bottom of it. Sheila approached the women and said she'd overheard that Ridge had been arrested. Pam replied that it had happened right in front of her. Sheila wasn't surprised. Maya scoffed. Sheila said that Ridge hated Bill.

Maya shook her head as if she had an attitude, and Sheila introduced herself. Maya said she'd heard all about Sheila. Maya introduced herself, and Sheila gleefully said she'd heard all about Maya, too. Sheila recalled knowing Rick when he'd been very young. Maya cut off Sheila's statement and said Ridge's feelings for Bill didn't make Ridge the shooter.

Sheila remarked that she'd seen Ridge that night, and he hadn't been himself. "Well, we all get off track every once in a while," Pam uttered. Deciding to get back to work, Sheila asked Maya to give Sheila's best to Rick. Touching Pam's hand, Sheila asked her to give it to Ridge, too.

After Sheila had gone, Maya seemed unsettled by the interaction. She stared at Pam, and Pam asked why Maya was looking at her that way. Maya said she was worried. Pam replied that Ridge would be fine, but Maya clarified that she was worried about Pam. With an eerily somber expression and sunken eyes, Pam replied that she'd be fine, too.

In the photo studio at Forrester, Hope couldn't believe that Steffy was asking if Hope wanted Liam. Steffy said Hope had wanted to be the one to console Liam about the proposal, and Steffy felt that Hope had figured the revelation would make it harder for Liam to forgive. Steffy ordered Hope to look her in the eye and say Hope wasn't going after Liam.

Hope apologized for not seeing it from Steffy's point of view and for taking away Steffy's chance to tell Liam first. Hope said she had only been thinking of letting Liam know what Bill was capable of -- even against his own children. Steffy replied that Bill never did seem to learn. Hope apologized for not thinking it through. Steffy indicated that Hope really hadn't thought it through, but Steffy didn't think she should be the one to judge impulsiveness.

Just then, Brooke rushed in, glad she'd found Steffy. Steffy asked what was wrong. Brooke exclaimed that Ridge had been arrested, and the police believed he'd shot Bill. Hope and Steffy were shocked that there was even evidence of it. Brooke explained that Bill had awakened, and after the police had questioned him, they'd arrested Ridge.

Brooke decided to get answers out of Bill. Steffy urged Brooke to talk some sense into him. Brooke intended to do just that and insisted that the shooter had to be someone else.

At Spencer, Jarrett arrived and thanked Justin for agreeing to the meeting. Jarrett wanted Justin to rehire him and said Justin was the one in charge. Justin reasoned that it was so for the time being, but Jarrett indicated that it could be months. "If ever," Justin reasoned.

"I'm not surprised someone shot him. Are you?" Jarrett asked.

Later, Jarrett offered to have five stories on Justin's desk by the day's end. Justin appreciated the enthusiasm and said he would be in touch. The men shook hands, and Jarrett said Wyatt and Liam could vouch for him. Justin wasn't interested in the Spencer brothers' opinions. Jarrett stated that he had other offers. "Like I said, I'll be in touch," Justin repeated.

As Jarrett headed for the door, Justin asked what Jarrett had meant about not being surprised by the shooting. Jarrett remarked that quite a few people wouldn't mind seeing Bill dead. "Including you?" Justin asked.

At the hospital, Liam tried to ascertain whether Bill understood what he was saying by implicating Ridge in the shooting. A groggy and pained Bill indicated that he did. Struggling to speak, Bill conveyed that he'd thought Ridge had left after the fight. Liam said Bill had thought Ridge had left, but Ridge had returned. Bill nodded. Liam stated that Ridge had returned and shot Bill. Again, Bill nodded.

Because Bill had been shot in the back, Liam asked how Bill could possibly know that Ridge had done it. "Ridge..." Bill murmured. Liam asked if Bill had seen Ridge pull the trigger. "Because if not..." Liam said with a scoff.

Liam told Bill to think very carefully and asked if there was any possibility that it could be someone else. Liam warned Bill that if he was wrong, the real shooter could try again, and Liam insisted that Bill could not have any doubt. Liam asked if Bill was positive that it had been Ridge. "Forrester..." Bill murmured and coughed.

Later, Bill was alone when Brooke entered. He uttered that he knew why she was there, and she said she was guessing that he did. Brooke asked why Bill was lying. He said that he wasn't. She replied that Ridge wouldn't do it, but Bill whispered that Ridge had. Brooke concluded that something was wrong with Bill's memory. "I'm telling you, Bill, it couldn't have been Ridge," she said.

Bill said Ridge hated him, but Brooke rejoined that it hadn't been enough to kill Bill. Bill stated that Ridge had threatened him. "Argued...very angry..." Bill said. Brooke replied that of course Ridge had been angry, and she told Bill to look at what he'd done to Steffy. "Came back. Took my gun. He shot me," Bill persisted, but Brooke kept denying it had happened that way.

Brooke believed that Ridge had confronted Bill and left. Bill began murmuring about the power going out, and, gleaning that it had been dark, Brooke asked how he could have seen anything. Bill said Ridge had been there. "Earlier, Bill!" Brooke yelled. Bill struggled as he called Ridge a coward who couldn't fight and who had shot Bill in the back.

"In the back in the dark," Brooke stated. She concluded that there was no way Bill could have seen the shooter, and she asked if Bill was setting Ridge up. Bill denied it. Brooke told Bill to admit that he had no idea who'd shot him. She asserted that Ridge hadn't done it, and she believed that Bill knew it.

At Liam's hotel, Liam received a call from Steffy, who was upset about Ridge's arrest. Liam said he'd just been with Bill, talking about it. Steffy exclaimed that her father hadn't done it, but Liam stated that his father had seemed certain. "You believe him?" she incredulously asked.

Liam didn't know what to believe. Steffy said that she needed him. "Steffy..." Liam responded. Steffy wished they could just push things aside and make it work. She said they were having a baby together but living separate lives. She reminded him that they'd been about to have dinner before Bill had been shot, and she implored Liam to try again. "Yeah, maybe," Liam replied.

Steffy felt lost without Liam or her father. Liam said he got it. "...But...umm...I should probably go," Liam stated. Steffy said it was okay, and Liam ended the call.

At the police station, the police booked an ornery Ridge, who didn't plan to spend the night in jail. An officer told Ridge that it would be a few nights, and Ridge yelled that he hadn't shot Bill. Chief Baker entered and advised Ridge to keep the yelling down. Sanchez said the evidence pointed to Ridge, but Ridge bellowed that it was the evidence of a lying madman.

Baker stated that Ridge's hatred was starting to show. Ridge agreed that he hated Bill, just like plenty of others in town; however, the person who hated Bill enough to shoot him was still running around.

The inmate processing began. Ridge kept shaking his head and glaring at Sanchez and Baker. The officers fingerprinted Ridge and took his picture by the height board. Ridge wanted to know if his lawyer was there yet and said the arrest was a waste of time. Sanchez was sure Bill thought lying in a hospital bed was a waste of his time. Ridge quipped that Bill was lying all right, and Ridge insisted that the police find out who had really done it.

A montage of scenes played on the screen. Justin received a news app alert that Ridge had been arrested, and Justin grinned. Jarrett received the same alert and stared at Bill's picture in the Spencer corridor. Sheila received the alert and grinned to herself. At Forrester, Pam picked up a magazine with Ridge on the cover, and she slid it into the trash.

The camera panned over the attempted murder suspect board at the police station. Caroline and Quinn's pictures had been added to the board at some point. Sitting down, Sanchez ordered an officer to get Ridge out of there. Ridge sarcastically yelled that Sanchez was really going to find the shooter by sitting down. "Who was it? Who was it?" Ridge yelled as the officer took him back to lockup.

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