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Bill dodged the police's lingering questions about his shooting and promised Taylor that he'd keep her secret. Liam confided in Hope that Taylor had shot Bill. After a heated exchange between Taylor, Hope, and Brooke, Hope revealed to Brooke that Taylor had shot Bill.
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Taylor worries Bill will send her to prison

Taylor worries Bill will send her to prison

Monday, November 26, 2018

At Forrester, Brooke was curious about whether Liam and Hope had chosen a baby name yet. The couple said they were making a list. Brooke expressed excitement about the list and the baby. The emotional Brooke was overjoyed about her granddaughter's impending arrival.

Brooke gave Liam and Hope a gift bag for the baby, and Hope cooed over the infant outfits tucked inside it. Brooke believed Liam and Hope would be exceptional parents. Brooke said Liam and Hope had been down a hard road and deserved happiness.

The topic turned to how things were with Brooke. Brooke still couldn't believe what Ridge had done with the judge. She was relieved that, thanks to Bill, no charges had been filed. Liam said it had been really unlike Bill not to file charges. Brooke stated that Bill was a different man, and he hadn't even pressed charges against Thorne and Ridge for the fall off the balcony.

Liam wondered if the "new Bill" would really take hold. Brooke believed it would and said Bill wasn't expecting forgiveness. Bill just wanted to be a better person and to grow and learn. Liam replied that Brooke had more faith in Bill than Liam did.

Brooke explained that it was because she'd seen what Bill had suffered and had watched him wrestle with the guilt about what he'd done to his sons. Brooke reminded Liam that, additionally, Bill had gone over his balcony and been shot in his own living room.

Bill had had a tough year, in Brooke's opinion. Hope said they were all trying to put the awful shooting incident behind them. Brooke couldn't fathom how they could when the shooter was still on the loose. Hope figured it was reasonable to worry about the shooter striking again. Liam didn't think it would happen, and Brooke asked if Liam didn't want the police to further pursue it.

Hope replied that the police had already tried. Brooke asserted that she'd like to see the shooter off the streets, and Bill probably needed a bodyguard. Liam doubted that there was any way Bill would hire a guard. Brooke reasoned that if the shooter had tried once, he could try again. She wanted the shooter to be arrested and face justice.

At the cliff house, Taylor visited Steffy and Kelly and noted that the portrait of Liam and Steffy was still on the wall. Steffy replied that it would stay there because Kelly enjoyed looking up and seeing her father. Taylor said Kelly should be able to see her father at home with her mother.

"Mom, please," Steffy responded. Taylor asserted that the truth was the truth, and Liam shouldn't be married to Hope. Steffy didn't want to rehash it, but Taylor insisted that there had to be a way to get Kelly's father to be there at the cliff house.

Steffy wanted Taylor to focus on her therapy and count her blessings that she wasn't serving time for shooting Bill. Taylor said that she did count her blessings, and Kelly and Steffy were among them. Even so, it still infuriated Taylor that Hope and Brooke had gotten away with "this." Taylor insisted that something had to be done to make it right.

Steffy didn't want to dwell on it, but Taylor ruminated on how Liam should be there with Steffy and his child. Steffy noted that Liam had another child with his wife. Taylor stated that she was sure the Forresters would give Hope's child plenty of love; however, Liam belonged with Steffy, and he would be with Steffy if it hadn't been for Bill.

Steffy tried to get her mother to stop talking about it. Speaking over Steffy, Taylor insisted that Bill was a blight on her family, and she would never forgive him. Steffy asked if Taylor was still in therapy. Taylor swore she was. She wanted to get her practice back, and she promised she was much better. Steffy wanted to believe it, but the way Taylor talked about Bill made Steffy skeptical.

Taylor said that Bill had been the source of great heartache for Steffy. Steffy quipped that it would have been even more heartache if Bill had turned Taylor in for the shooting. Steffy stated that Bill had changed. Taylor was sure Steffy had heard that from Brooke, who'd always had a thing for Bill. Steffy stated that Brooke wasn't the issue at hand.

Taylor insisted that it was always Brooke, and it had been ever since Taylor had met Ridge. Taylor claimed Brooke had stolen Ridge from her, and Brooke's daughter had done the same thing to Steffy. "But this is still all due to Bill and his obsession with you," Taylor persisted. Steffy told Taylor that Taylor needed to be grateful to Bill, who was keeping her out of jail.

Taylor didn't think that Bill's silence excused what he'd done to Steffy and "that little girl in there." Steffy countered that there was no excuse for trying to kill anyone, and she couldn't believe Taylor had done that. Taylor explained that it had been after Ridge had told her what Bill had done to her daughter. Sighing, Steffy snapped that it had been nothing like "that."

A flashback of the night of the shooting played as Taylor explained that, after the call with Ridge, she'd hopped right on a plane at Charles De Gaulle. She'd only wanted to talk to Bill, but then she'd seen that gold gun and the bullets beside it. Taylor didn't know what she'd been thinking as she'd loaded the gun. She'd just been upset about what Bill had done to Steffy.

Sobbing, Taylor recalled aiming the gun and pulling the trigger. She was ashamed of what she'd done, and she didn't perceive how she could have almost taken a life. Taylor said she was living in fear that Bill would change his mind, and she'd live the rest of her life in a prison cell.

Steffy tried to reassure Taylor that Bill wouldn't turn her in because he was a changed man. Taylor felt that she had no choice but to believe it. Taylor's future depended upon it. She wanted to see Kelly grow up. Steffy promised Taylor that she would. Steffy said that only she, Liam, Taylor, and Bill knew about Taylor's actions, and it would stay their secret.

Taylor began sobbing. Hugging her mother, Steffy promised that everything would be okay.

At Spencer, Justin was surprised to hear that Bill had other plans for the property he'd designated for Spencer Tower. Justin ordered Bill to walk around the desk and put his sword necklace back on. Bill asked if Justin thought Bill needed a necklace to remind Bill of what a "badass" he was. In a Mohammad Ali voice, Bill asserted that he was the greatest of all times.

Bill informed Justin that the necklace wasn't in the desk drawer because Brooke had it. Justin stated that she was the reason Bill had changed. Teasing, Bill asked if Justin was jealous. Bill hugged Justin, who murmured for Bill to get off him.

Justin noted that Bill hadn't denied the statement about Brooke being the reason for the change. Bill admitted that Brooke had been a big part of it. Justin said Bill could be with her if he'd put Ridge behind bars for all the things Ridge had done. Bill stated that he had considered it, but he refused to hurt Brooke by doing it.

Just then, Detective Sanchez arrived. Justin hoped Sanchez could talk some sense into Bill, but Bill insisted that he'd already decided not to press charges against the tag team fashion boys. Sanchez revealed that he was there about the shooting.

"Hasn't anyone else in L.A. been shot by now?" Bill asked. He'd thought it would be a cold case by then, but Sanchez said that it didn't have to be if Bill could help to heat it up.

Sanchez reminded Bill that he'd stated that he'd seen his shooter. Bill replied that he'd corrected his statement. Sanchez recalled that Bill had implicated Ridge Forrester. Bill responded that the suspect list had been long because Bill had a lot of enemies. Justin asked if there was a new lead, and Sanchez said he was hoping Bill could help him get one.

Surprised that Bill wasn't concerned about whom the perpetrator could be, Sanchez said that if he'd been the victim, he'd run down every clue until he found the person who'd shot him. Bill quipped that he was bulletproof like Wolverine, so he wasn't stressed about it.

Bill wished he had more to say, but he insisted there wasn't any more. Bill instructed Justin to take Sanchez by the café for coffee and doughnuts on the way out. Justin attempted to escort Sanchez out, but Sanchez wasn't ready to go. He asked why Bill wouldn't help him solve the crime.

Bill insisted that he'd helped all he could. Bill had thought he'd seen the shooter, but he guessed he'd been hallucinating. To Sanchez, it seemed like Bill didn't want anyone to get to the bottom of the case. Bill claimed he did want to know who'd shot him. He said he'd tell Sanchez more if he could, but there wasn't anything else. Relenting, Sanchez handed his card to Bill and told Bill not to hesitate to call if he thought of anything more.

After the detective exited, Justin was puzzled by why Bill didn't seem interested in stopping the shooter before the shooter had a chance to strike again. Bill remained silent, and the frustrated Justin exited the office.

Bill flashed back to telling Taylor that he hadn't hurt Steffy, but Taylor would hurt Steffy by going to prison. Looking at Sanchez's card, Bill recalled Taylor imploring him not to send her to prison.

Taylor pays Hope an ominous visit

Taylor pays Hope an ominous visit

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

At Forrester, Brooke, Liam, and Hope discussed baby names and how busy things would be once the baby arrived. Hope noted that Liam would be especially busy with two baby girls.

Liam announced that he was about to head for a visit with Kelly. As he stood to leave, he asked Brooke to work on Hope about the name Esmeralda. Liam kissed Hope and exited. Alone with Hope, Brooke approved of Liam spending as much time with Kelly as possible "now" because once the new baby was there, his focus would be on Hope and their new daughter.

Later, Brooke and Hope reviewed designs for HFTF. At times, Hope felt as if she was wasting her time. Brooke noted that HFTF was one of Forrester's most popular lines. Hope asked Brooke to remind Ridge of how successful it had been the last season. Advising Hope not to get discouraged, Brooke said Ridge would have to give other lines chances to flourish, and Steffy couldn't be number one all the time.

Hope stated that she was trying not to resent Steffy for what had gone on with the lines. She conveyed that she and Steffy had agreed to rise above it all for the holidays. Brooke remarked that it couldn't be easy to share Liam. Hope clarified that she was sharing him with his daughter, but Brooke discerned that Steffy saw a lot of him.

Hope thought it was normal for Liam to visit the baby at the baby's house. Brooke suspected that Steffy was exploiting it and reminded Hope that Steffy had found a way to get Ridge to fund the Intimates line. Brooke couldn't resist wondering if Steffy was actually happy alone.

Feeling that she and Steffy were in a good place, Hope asked Brooke not to make her second-guess things. Brooke, who claimed to have a terrible history with Taylor, wondered if she was just projecting. Brooke said that, in some ways, Steffy reminded Brooke of Taylor.

Hope didn't think it was fair to burden Steffy with the sins of her mother. Though Brooke agreed, she felt there were similarities and red flags. Brooke didn't want her daughter to be hurt the way she had been. Hope replied that she and Steffy had agreed not to repeat the mistakes of their mothers. Hope believed they'd handle their blended family in the best way possible and keep the peace for the sakes of the children.

Brooke admired the sentiment, but she didn't think it was as easy as it sounded. She believed Hope could do it, but if Steffy was like her mother, Brooke predicted many difficulties ahead. Hope asked Brooke to stop assuming the worst. Brooke said the constant battles and competition with Taylor had been tough. Brooke believed Taylor resented Brooke and blamed Brooke for all Taylor's problems. Brooke feared the same might happen with Hope and Steffy.

At the cliff house, Taylor agonized over shooting Bill. She was trying to get her life back together, but she feared Bill would change his mind about reporting her. Steffy said Bill wouldn't change his mind, but Taylor wondered what she'd do if he did.

Later, Taylor was gone, and Liam was there, visiting with Kelly. Steffy thought Kelly might crash soon because she'd had a busy day of visitors. Joking, Liam asked Kelly if she'd had boys over. Steffy said it had been her mother, who'd just left. Liam's face darkened.

Steffy put the baby down for a nap, and when she returned to the living room, Liam inquired about how Taylor was doing. Steffy reported that her mother was doing well and wanted to restart her practice. "Her psychiatry practice?" the surprised Liam asked. Steffy replied that Taylor just wanted to get on with her life.

"Yeah -- no, I'm sure -- Just, I mean, can she do that after what she did?" Liam stammered. Steffy glared at Liam, but he said they couldn't pretend Taylor hadn't tried to kill his father. He still couldn't believe Taylor had done it. Steffy said she and Taylor couldn't, either.

Liam conveyed that it took a certain type of person to try to end another person's life. Steffy claimed that her mother had always been the pillar of stability and that Taylor had to be for her job. Steffy had never thought her mother would do anything like what she'd done. Liam asserted that Taylor had indeed done it, and it was scary. Though it horrified Steffy, she felt she knew her mother. She promised that Taylor wouldn't be a threat to anyone.

Liam seemed unconvinced. Steffy said she understood his reservations, but she believed Taylor was getting things back on track. Steffy explained that Taylor wanted to be around more, and the nanny wasn't always available to babysit. Liam countered that she could leave the baby with him, but she said he worked, too. Steffy also wanted Kelly and Taylor to bond.

Prefacing that he didn't want to offend Steffy about her mother, Liam said he just wasn't sure having Taylor around Kelly was a good idea. He was worried that something might set Taylor off. He reasoned that shooting his father was still a big deal, even though only they knew about it. Steffy asserted that Taylor would never hurt a child or do anything like she'd done to Bill again.

Liam asked Steffy to remember how Taylor had behaved at his wedding. Taylor had had a cake fight and had given a creepy toast. Steffy claimed it had been Brooke's fault as much as it had been Taylor's, because Brooke knew how to push Taylor.

Liam asked if Taylor would get violent if Brooke pushed again. Steffy promised that her mother wouldn't, but he said Steffy could not guarantee it. He wanted Steffy to be right, but he couldn't bank on it. He didn't think Taylor should spend "that much" time with Kelly.

"Liam, she's my mom," Steffy replied. Liam knew it, and he knew it was hard on Steffy. He just wondered if it was best to be careful due to what they already knew about Taylor's feelings toward Brooke and Hope. He thought it was best to keep Taylor as far away from Brooke and Hope as possible.

At Spencer, Justin tried to have a meeting with Bill, but Bill was preoccupied with the visit he'd had from Detective Sanchez. Justin was glad the police were still working the case. Bill replied that he'd thought they would have forgotten about it by then.

Justin assumed it had to be unsettling to have the shooter out there and said he'd even bet the person still had it in for Bill. Bill sarcastically thanked Justin for making him feel better.

Just then, Taylor arrived to ask for a moment of Bill's time. "Sure," Bill reluctantly bit out, and Justin exited. Bill asked what he could do for her. Taylor wanted Bill to know that she'd had a lot of therapy. She was moving forward with her life, but part of her wondered if it was even possible. She asked if Bill would keep his promise not to put her in jail.

Bill stated that Taylor had almost killed him. Taylor responded that she knew, and she was sorry. She didn't know what had come over her after Ridge had told her what had happened to Steffy. Bill asserted that he hadn't taken advantage of Steffy. Taylor knew that he "believed" that, and she just thanked God that he'd moved on. Bill said his life had been haywire back then.

Taylor figured Bill was saying he regretted going after his pregnant daughter-in-law. Bill claimed Steffy hadn't been pregnant at the time. Taylor told him that if he'd restrained himself, their lives would be very different. Bill asked why she was there.

Taylor was there because she didn't know if she could believe Bill's promise. She didn't want to lose her freedom or be separated from her daughter and granddaughter. Reaffirming his word, Bill said he wouldn't turn her in. Taylor thanked him for having the integrity to keep his promise.

Bill asked if Taylor felt better, and she replied that she had to express her feelings, even at the risk of him getting upset. Citing that she'd shot him with his own gun, Bill doubted it could get worse than that.

Taylor began to tell Bill what could have happened if he'd just stayed away from Steffy. Bill interrupted, assuming she thought Steffy and Liam would still be together. Taylor exclaimed that they would be, but Bill insisted that they would not be because Hope and Liam shared a tremendous connection, and it had been there for years.

Denying it, Taylor said it wasn't like the connection between Liam and Steffy, who'd created a baby together and were meant for each other. Bill thought it was a moot point because Liam and Hope were married and had a baby on the way.

Bill didn't even know why they were talking about it. In an accusatory tone, Taylor said he needed to feel some responsibility for ruining Steffy's life. Bill decided that Taylor was done, and it was time for her to go. Taylor and Bill began bickering with each other about her leaving. Bill said she could walk out or receive an escort. Taylor relented, but before she left, she told him to own that he'd robbed Steffy and Kelly of their family.

Back at Forrester later, Hope was working in the CEO's office when she was startled by a presence. She turned and said that Taylor had scared her. Taylor asked if Hope had taken enough from Steffy without taking Steffy's office, too.

Ignoring the remark, Hope said she hadn't known Taylor was in town. Taylor explained that she'd be there, visiting her daughter and granddaughter. Taylor hoped Hope planned to support Liam's relationship with Kelly even after Hope's baby was born. Hope gleefully affirmed it.

Taylor was glad to hear it and thanked "goodness" Kelly didn't know. Hope asked what Kelly didn't know. "How she and her mother were robbed of their family," Taylor replied.

Hope was sorry Taylor saw it that way and said that if they were being honest, Steffy had broken Liam's trust by sleeping with her father-in-law. Taylor blamed it all on Bill, saying that if it hadn't been for him, Liam and Steffy would be together at that moment.

Clearing her throat, Hope said she didn't mean to be rude, but she was in the middle of work. She stated that Steffy wasn't there. Cutting into Hope's sentence, Taylor responded that she knew Steffy wasn't there because she'd just been with Steffy. Taylor thought it was sad that a little girl was being raised alone by her mother, and all Kelly had was a photo of her parents on the wall after her family had been stolen from her.

Taylor noted that Liam's new wife was carrying his baby, but it wasn't real. It was only due to Bill's lies and manipulations. Hope decided it was best for Taylor to leave. Taylor asserted that her words were true, and she'd seen for herself that Liam had been sending Steffy flowers and cards to let Steffy know that he'd been about to return to her. Taylor explained that Bill had intervened again and had destroyed Liam and Steffy's marriage.

"Just like your mother. Brooke deprived my children of their family. And you're doing the same thing to my daughter and my granddaughter, and I'm not going to let you get away with it!" Taylor declared.

Bill tells Steffy he is worried about Taylor

Bill tells Steffy he is worried about Taylor

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

by Pam

At Steffy's house, Liam told Steffy that he was worried about Taylor's interaction with their daughter. Steffy tried to dismiss his concerns, but Liam was persistent. Steffy maintained that Taylor was protective of her granddaughter.

Liam was worried about Taylor's return to Los Angeles. He didn't want her to be a backup to babysitters for their daughter. Steffy was surprised at Liam's concern, but Liam asked Steffy if she believed that her mother was a stable person. Steffy paused. "My dad almost died," Liam said. He reminded Steffy that Taylor had shot his father.

Steffy defended her mother and said she was in therapy. Steffy promised that Taylor would never be a threat to her granddaughter. Liam disagreed and worried about more than Kelly. "I just feel like we should be really careful," he said.

At Forrester, Hope met with Taylor, and Hope told Taylor that she was truly sorry that Taylor blamed Hope for Steffy's situation. Taylor told Hope that she found Liam and Hope's marriage and baby on the way "hard to accept." Hope maintained that Steffy had accepted it. Taylor countered that Steffy accepted it because she'd had no choice -- the same way that Taylor had accepted similar circumstances when Brooke had destroyed her marriage to Ridge.

"Brooke was relentless, and in many ways, so are you," Taylor accused. Taylor maintained that Liam and Steffy would have remained married if Hope had not returned from Europe. Hope defended herself and reminded Taylor that Steffy had been involved with Bill. "You took full advantage of Bill's intervention to win Liam for yourself, didn't you, Hope?" Taylor accused.

Hope remained calm, but it was clear that Taylor was angry. Hope maintained that Liam and Steffy had a beautiful little girl and would always have a connection that Hope would never interfere in. Hope reminded Taylor that Steffy hadn't always played fair and had interfered in her marriage to Liam.

In spite of that, Hope insisted that she had not engineered a life with Liam at Steffy's expense. "Steffy made her choice, and she accepted accountability. That's the truth, Taylor, whether you want to hear it or not," Hope said.

Taylor went off on Hope and said that Hope had done the same thing to Steffy that Brooke had done to her. "The apple doesn't fall from the tree," Taylor said. She insisted that there was a pattern of lies among the Logans.

Hope reminded Taylor that she had not broken up Steffy's marriage. Taylor blamed Bill, but she also maintained that Hope took advantage and "took a page out of your mother's playbook."

Taylor mocked Hope and said that all the Logans were fake. Taylor was sick of the Logans taking from her family for years. Liam was outside the office door and heard Taylor's shouting and threatening tone. Liam burst into the room. "That's enough!" Liam shouted.

Liam told Taylor that he would not allow her to "berate my wife." He was furious. "Don't ever talk to her that way again," Liam warned. Taylor was shocked. Liam insisted that it was time for Taylor to leave, and he escorted her to the elevator.

When Liam returned, he apologized for Taylor. Hope shared that Taylor had blamed her for everything that had happened to Steffy. She added that Taylor stated that if Hope had stayed in Europe, things would have worked out differently.

Hope had been impressed by Liam's defense of her. Liam said he was protecting her because Taylor had a dangerous side. Hope felt Taylor was harmless, but Liam disagreed.

Hope wondered what Liam knew about Taylor that Hope didn't know. Liam deflected the questions and said that Taylor was in an emotional state. Hope agreed and said that Taylor was clearly "still at war with my mom." Hope felt Taylor's anger with Brooke had spilled over to Hope.

Liam felt Taylor's anger was dangerous, and Hope asked why. Liam didn't want to discuss it, but Hope pressed him for answers. Liam eventually spilled that Taylor had gone to extremes in the past. Hope asked when, and Liam sighed.

Liam reminded Hope that when his dad had been shot, "there were a million suspects because everybody hates Bill Spencer." But Liam maintained that one person had had a real motive because "she had been pushed over the edge and wanted to protect her daughter." Hope shook her head. Liam announced that it was Taylor who had pulled the trigger and shot Bill Spencer.

At Spencer Publications, Bill flashed back to being shot at his home. He picked up Detective Sanchez's business card then threw it aside and left his office.

At Steffy's, Bill showed up, and Steffy looked uncomfortable. She told Bill that his granddaughter was sleeping, but Bill maintained that he was there about her mother. Bill explained that he'd had an unexpected visit from Taylor. He was convinced she needed help. Steffy promised to keep Taylor away from Bill, but Bill wasn't personally worried about Taylor.

Bill worried that Taylor had blamed him and everyone for what had happened to Steffy. He was concerned about what Taylor would do, since she had returned to Los Angeles. Steffy maintained that her mother was not dangerous, but Bill said Taylor had shot him in the back. She was dangerous.

Steffy worried that Bill would tell the police that Taylor had been the shooter. Bill promised to keep his word and remain silent, but he ordered Steffy to rein in her mother. He felt she was "wound a little tight." Bill warned that Taylor's accusations were "trying my patience." Steffy said that Taylor was in therapy and making progress. She promised that she would take care of Taylor, but she looked concerned. So did Bill.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric, Quinn, and Ridge dined on leftovers, and Eric noted that the "next best thing about Thanksgiving is leftovers." Quinn noted that Pam had made sure Eric had enough leftovers for a week, and they had donated food to shelters. "And we have a chef, and I can cook," Quinn stated. Eric agreed.

Ridge said that Charlie and Pam had outdone themselves on the dinner. Eric offered pumpkin pie, but Ridge and Quinn declined. Discussion turned to Steffy, and Ridge noted that it had to have been hard on her to see Liam and Hope together. Eric agreed, and he said they all had to support her.

Ridge hated that Bill had hurt Steffy and the entire family. Quinn and Ridge agreed they both hated Bill because he had caused so many people so much pain. Quinn and Eric had to leave for an appointment, and Ridge promised to clean up.

Later, Taylor showed up at the Forrester mansion, and Ridge answered the door. He wondered what Taylor was doing there, and she said she'd wanted to visit Eric. Ridge invited her in. She said she was "grateful to see a happy face." They hugged, and Taylor was tearful.

Ridge and Taylor discussed family. They had hoped Thomas would return for the holidays. Ridge wanted to see his grandson. Taylor agreed but noted that they had Kelly. They both gushed about how beautiful Kelly was.

Taylor said she was proud of Steffy and how she had put her future and her daughter's future ahead of everything else. But then Taylor turned the conversation to how unfair it was that Steffy had to be alone. Taylor blamed Bill and said Steffy's life would have been very different if Bill had never been involved in it.

Taylor tells Brooke she won't let history repeat itself

Taylor tells Brooke she won't let history repeat itself

Thursday, November 29, 2018

At the Forrester mansion, Taylor and Ridge discussed their feelings about Bill taking "a blow torch" to Steffy's life. In their view, it was remarkable the way that Steffy had recovered and pulled her life back together after Bill had caused her to lose Liam. "To be fair, with a gene pool like this, how could she miss?" Ridge asked.

Taylor believed Bill's machinations had turned Liam to Hope, making Steffy the loser. Though Liam was spending plenty of time with Kelly, Taylor was sure that once the new baby was born, all his focus would be on his wife and his newborn. Kelly and Steffy would be alone. Sobbing, Taylor said she was tired of it, and it was wrong. "My family loses out again," she cried.

Later, Ridge was saying that it had been humbling to watch Steffy grow into an amazing mother. Taylor said she wanted everything for Kelly, especially for her father to be with her under one roof. Ridge replied that Liam wouldn't abandon Kelly. Taylor hoped not. Ridge believed that Liam was a good guy and wouldn't put his daughter through growing up without a father.

Taylor didn't think Liam would do it intentionally, but she predicted that he'd be spread thin after the new baby was born, the baby who'd be living in the same house with him. Ridge stated that as Kelly's grandparents, they would pick up the slack, as they were supposed to.

Agreeing that they would, Taylor said it still wouldn't be the same. It angered her when she thought of all of Bill's flattery and manipulation. In her mind, those things had created an opening for Hope, and Hope had crawled right in. Taylor sniped that Hope was certainly her mother's daughter. "Hey, hey, hey," Ridge replied, becoming uneasy.

Taylor claimed she wasn't trying to say anything bad. Instead, she was indicating that Hope had positioned herself to be the place where Liam landed. Ridge replied that Hope wasn't his favorite, either, but he didn't believe Hope had planned it. Ridge believed that Liam had just landed in a place that had seemed natural to him due to his and Hope's history.

"At our daughter's expense," Taylor insisted. Ridge said he knew it and hated Spencer with every breath Ridge took. Ridge wasn't one to want people dead, but he felt that whoever had shot Bill -- "I just think our lives would be a lot simpler if Spencer wasn't around," he concluded.

In the studio, Steffy arrived, and Brooke announced that they needed to talk about Hope and her baby. Nervous, Steffy asked what was wrong and if something had happened. Brooke said Hope would be delivering the baby before they knew it. Smiling, Steffy said Hope was excited about it. "And I just don't want you to spoil it for her," Brooke added.

"Excuse me?" Steffy said, her blissful expression fading. Brooke explained that she wanted Steffy to respect Hope and Liam's family. Steffy said that, of course, she'd do it, and she asked what Brooke was getting at. Brooke explained that Liam would be there for Kelly, but once the new baby was born, Liam would be focusing his attention on his wife and new child.

Steffy said she'd gone out of her way to support Liam and Hope, and Steffy didn't get Brooke's sudden concern about it. Brooke claimed she just wanted to make sure it continued. Steffy asked why it wouldn't. Brooke suggested that Steffy might feel jealous or as if in a competition for Liam's time once the baby was born. In Brooke's view, it wouldn't be good for the children.

Steffy asked if Brooke was projecting her history with her mother onto Steffy. Brooke thought it was ridiculous; however, Steffy persisted in saying that she was not her mother, and Hope wasn't Brooke. Steffy asserted that she and Hope respected Liam having children with each of them, and they'd work it out without Brooke's "well-meaning" interference.

Brooke insisted upon saying that Hope was happy and living the life she should have lived a while back. Brooke refused to let anyone destroy it. She asked that Steffy give Liam and Hope space. Steffy replied that she was giving them space.

"Are you kidding me right now?" Taylor bellowed, striding up to Steffy and Brooke. Taylor said Brooke couldn't dictate the time Liam spent with Steffy and Kelly. Taylor stated that they'd been his family first -- in case Brooke had forgotten.

Steffy told Taylor it was okay, but Taylor insisted that it was an effrontery that Brooke would try to restrict Liam's time with Steffy and Kelly. Steffy said she could handle it. Taylor didn't think Steffy should have to, especially when Brooke was sticking her nose where it didn't belong.

Brooke said she had every right to protect the interests of her daughter and granddaughter. Taylor suggested that Brooke have her talk with Liam, and Brooke quipped that she would.

Steffy told Brooke that Hope was having her baby with Liam at her side because Steffy had let him go, and all Steffy had been doing since then had been promoting being a family for the children's sakes.

Steffy wanted Taylor to meet her at the cliff house after Steffy's meeting, but Brooke said she needed to have a word with Taylor. Steffy asked why that was necessary. Happy to have a word with Brooke, Taylor instructed Steffy to go ahead.

In the CEO's office, Hope was shocked to hear Taylor had shot Bill. Hope asked if Liam was certain. Liam knew it seemed unbelievable. He said Taylor felt a certain way about Brooke and about his marriage to Hope, and it scared him to see Taylor lighting into Hope. Although he wasn't supposed to tell anyone about Taylor, he strongly felt that Hope needed to know.

Finding it unbelievable, Hope asked if he was absolutely sure that Taylor had been the shooter. Liam was positive. Hope asked why Taylor had been running around with a gun, and Liam reminded Hope that Bill's own gun had been involved in the incident. Hope started to ask if Taylor had broken into the house, but interrupting herself, Hope asked how Liam knew any of it.

Liam revealed that Steffy had told him back when he'd thought he'd been the shooter. Hope gleaned that Liam had known the whole time. She asked if Bill knew. Liam indicated that Bill did. Hope was puzzled by why Bill wouldn't go to the police but then realized Steffy had asked Bill not to. Liam said that the last thing Steffy had wanted was to see her mother in prison.

Hope assumed Bill had granted the request because he'd been in love with Steffy at the time. She asked who else knew. Liam stated that it had been just Bill, Steffy, Taylor, and himself, and he wouldn't have burdened Hope with it if he hadn't seen Taylor in Hope's face earlier.

Hope still couldn't get a grip on the idea that Taylor, a woman she'd known her whole life, would shoot someone. Liam guessed that Taylor had been a mess and had thought Bill had been taking advantage of Steffy. Hope asked if Taylor had been drinking. Liam didn't know. His understanding was that Taylor had been there merely to confront Bill until she'd seen the gun.

Hope said that Bill could have been paralyzed or killed. What concerned Liam the most was Taylor becoming violent upon impulse. Hope was glad Liam had told her about it. Liam repeated that he'd had to because Taylor had been in her face.

Hope could only imagine Steffy's reaction to learning about Taylor being the culprit. Liam described Steffy as being mortified that her mother had done it and could go to jail. Hope understood that Taylor wanted to be near her grandchild, but due to Taylor's deep-seeded issues with certain family members, Hope questioned the wisdom in letting Taylor be around. Hope said that if Taylor was that unstable, no one would know what would set her off.

Later, Liam was alone with Steffy, whose meeting had just been rescheduled. Liam asked how his daughter was, and Steffy asked if he meant from when he'd just seen Kelly earlier that day. "Even cuter," Steffy concluded. Liam replied that one could blink and miss it.

Steffy said Liam's father had had to learn that, and she hoped Liam wouldn't have to. Liam asked why Steffy had said that. Steffy noted that he had a new baby on the way with Hope. He stated that it didn't mean he'd neglect Steffy and Kelly. Steffy had been sure he'd say that, but she'd needed to hear it. He asked what he was missing.

Steffy said it was fine; Brooke had just gotten in her head, but she was over it. Liam decided that he'd just drop it, and he asked if Taylor was moving back to town. Steffy believed so and said it would be fine. Liam wasn't so sure. He explained that he'd just walked in on Hope and Taylor, and Taylor had been really upset. "I mean -- really upset," he emphasized.

Steffy inquired why. Liam guessed Taylor was worried about the past repeating itself. Taylor believed that Brooke had deprived Taylor and her kids of the family life they'd deserved, and Taylor thought Hope was doing the same thing to Steffy and Kelly. "Oh, no," Steffy replied. Liam added that he'd had to escort Taylor out.

Steffy became apologetic, but Liam said he didn't blame her for her mother. He stated that he'd had no choice, and he'd had to tell Hope about Taylor shooting Bill. "What?" Steffy exclaimed.

Back in the studio, Brooke remarked that it was strange to see Taylor around. Taylor didn't know why and said her daughter and granddaughter were there. According to Brooke, visiting didn't seem a priority to Taylor. Taylor doubted that Brooke knew anything about Taylor's priorities, but Taylor did agree that she'd been away for a long time. In fact, after seeing Brooke bully Steffy, Taylor had realized that it had been too long.

"Bullying?" Brooke said with a scoff. Taylor accused Brooke of trying to get Steffy to relieve Liam of his fatherly duties to Kelly. Brooke asked if that was what Taylor thought she'd heard. Taylor said that if she was wrong, Brooke should set her straight.

Brooke replied that Hope and Liam were married. Their baby would be there soon, and they were living the life they should have had all along. Brooke asserted that no one should interfere with it. Taylor responded that Kelly was already there, and Brooke couldn't wish her away.

Brooke denied doing that and said Liam should spend time with Kelly. Taylor guessed that it was as long as it didn't encroach upon the time Brooke felt that Liam should be with Hope and her baby, which Taylor was sure would be twenty-four hours per day. Taylor said that Brooke hadn't changed, and she'd passed the torch to her daughter.

Brooke didn't know what Taylor was getting at. Taylor replied that she was saying that Hope and Brooke thought they were better than Taylor and Steffy, and Brooke thought her and Hope's needs were more important. Taylor quipped that all the attention needed to go to the privileged blondes in the room while the crumbs went to the dark-haired peasants. Taylor declared that history wouldn't repeat itself, and she and her daughter would not take Brooke's crumbs.

Brooke stated that Hope and Liam were married and starting a family. Taylor didn't think it was that simple and said Steffy and Liam hadn't broken up because they'd stopped loving each other. It had been due to Bill. Brooke replied that everybody wanted to blame Bill, but she wondered if Bill would have been effective if Steffy and Liam's bond had been stronger.

Taylor asked if Brooke was really defending "that man." Brooke said she was noting that it was easier to point fingers at outside influences on that marriage than to look at inside problems with it. Brooke didn't think it even mattered because Hope and Liam were married with a baby, and Liam's focus would have to be on Hope and the baby.

Taylor assumed Brooke wanted Steffy to step aside gracefully so that Hope could have the sun and the moon. Taylor asked how Brooke had become so entitled.

Nearby, Hope was entering the area. She heard the arguing and stopped behind a silk tree. Her eyes bulged as she heard Taylor yelling that Brooke had destroyed Taylor's family. Brooke said to get over it, but Taylor screamed that Brooke had to be kidding.

Taylor accused Brooke of destroying every chance at happiness Taylor had ever had in life, and Taylor said Brooke had stolen her children's father, "not once, but every time Ridge came back to me." Taylor got in Brooke's face, bellowing that Brooke wanted Hope to reign supreme. Taylor hated Brooke more than anyone else in the world.

Hope flashed back to Liam's revelation about Taylor. Hope commanded Taylor to back off. Slipping between the two women, Hope declared that Taylor was accusing Brooke of things, but Taylor wasn't that innocent herself. "And you know it," Hope said as she and Taylor stared at each other.

Hope tells Brooke what Taylor did to Bill

Hope tells Brooke what Taylor did to Bill

Friday, November 30, 2018

In the Forrester design room, two models arrived with a surprise visitor for Zoe. A man entered the room, and the confused Zoe asked, "Dad? You're here?" Dr. Buckingham joked with the models, saying that Zoe was in shock, and the models exited. Zoe's father said he'd traveled a long way to see her, and he asked if she was glad to see him.

Zoe asked what her father was doing in Los Angeles. Dr. Buckingham revealed that he'd become part of an exchange program with a local hospital. He was working at a clinic in Catalina, and the hospital had also given him the opportunity to further his "research."

Zoe became surprised upon realizing that it meant her father wasn't visiting -- he'd moved there. Her father guessed that she wasn't happy about it. Zoe replied that it was a good opportunity for him, a very prestigious one.

Xander arrived to invite Zoe to lunch and was also surprised to see Dr. Buckingham. Zoe said that her father was apparently living there. Dr. Buckingham said seeing Xander was like old times, but he hoped that Xander and Zoe had learned something after their breakup.

Zoe's father hadn't been happy when Xander had abandoned his daughter. He'd been even more unhappy when Zoe had chased Xander to L.A. Dr. Buckingham told Xander that Zoe was an ambitious and intelligent woman who hadn't had the most stable upbringing. He said that it was his fault for being busy, but he intended to start spending a lot more time with his daughter.

Later, Xander was gone, and Zoe's father inquired about the status of Zoe and Xander's relationship. Zoe said her father didn't have to be there to take care of her, and she could do it herself. Dr. Buckingham said he knew, and he was proud of her.

Zoe turned the topic to how happy the hospital had to be to have a renowned physician join their OB/GYN team. Her father said he was just trying to make a fresh start in the city. It had worked well for her, and he hoped it would for him, too. Zoe flashed a skeptical look, and he asked if he could just get a hug. Zoe walked into his embrace and meekly hugged him.

In the studio, Hope stood protectively in front of Brooke as she and Brooke asserted that they hadn't stolen anything from Steffy or Taylor. Hope believed that Liam would be a good father to both of his children, and she wanted everyone to focus on that, not past grievances. Hope said that it was what Steffy wanted, too. Taylor just shook her head.

Brooke told Hope that it was okay, and Taylor was just defending her daughter -- as usual. Hope insisted that arguing wasn't productive. In Hope's view, Brooke and Taylor always seemed to set each other off. Taylor asked if Hope didn't think Taylor had a right to get upset about what happened to her family and daughter.

Hope understood Taylor's need to protect her family; however, Hope reasoned that if being back in L.A. would only upset Taylor and cause her pain, then L.A. might not be the best place for her. Hope said it might be better if Taylor left. Indigence spread across Taylor's face, and Taylor asked how Hope dared to tell Taylor to leave L.A.

Brooke said that Hope was just expressing concern for Taylor. Taylor replied that Hope wanted Taylor to abandon her family, but Taylor wouldn't do it. Taylor claimed that she'd gotten out of the way before. She'd moved to Paris. She'd thought everything had been fine with Steffy's marriage, but apparently, she'd been wrong. Hope said Steffy's marriage hadn't ended because of Taylor's absence. Taylor insisted that her daughter had needed her and still did.

Taylor began talking about the cards and flowers Liam had sent to Steffy, but Hope tried to get Taylor to see that Hope and Liam were the ones who were married, and Steffy wanted everyone to be a family. Hope began to say what should happen if it was too difficult for Taylor to be in town. "Then I shouldn't be?" Taylor concluded.

Agreeing, Hope said that Taylor should not be there, not if it triggered her. "Excuse me?" Taylor replied. Hope stated that Taylor wasn't the same. Taylor asked if Brooke had heard the arrogance of her own daughter, who'd told Taylor to rip her family apart even further by leaving.

"Like I'm not supposed to be with my own daughter and my own granddaughter? I'm not putting up with that. No one is going to tell me that I have to get out of my daughter's life, and anyone who tries to push me out of it will regret it," Taylor warned and marched off.

In the CEO's office, Steffy was livid that Liam had told the secret he'd agreed to keep about Taylor. Liam said he'd agreed to keep it when they'd believed it wouldn't happen again. Steffy claimed it wouldn't, but he said she didn't know it and hadn't seen the way Taylor had lit into Hope earlier. Steffy replied that her mother could get worked up but wasn't dangerous.

Liam stood by his decision to tell Hope, who'd deserved to know that Steffy's mother had shot his father. Steffy conveyed that she and Liam had been over it, and her mother wouldn't jeopardize her relationship with Kelly by losing her temper. "And shooting someone else?" Liam added knowingly. Steffy claimed that he wasn't being fair, and Taylor had changed a lot.

Liam countered that Taylor's opinions of certain people and relationships hadn't changed. Steffy defended her mother's right to have an opinion, but he stated that Taylor didn't have a right to lay into his wife. Steffy told him that he didn't have to worry. Liam asserted that he was worried. He was worried about everyone, including her mother, and he believed Hope had had a right to know that Taylor was capable of murder.

Steffy persisted in believing that Hope hadn't had to know. Liam insisted that Hope had a right to know what could happen when "this woman" got pushed to the brink. Scoffing, Steffy said that her mother wouldn't fly into some blind rage just because Hope had pushed her buttons.

Liam told Steffy that Taylor had accused Hope of ruining Steffy and Liam's lives and getting between him and Kelly. Steffy figured that Taylor was just disappointed in how things had worked out. Liam stated that Taylor had been out of line, and he'd told her so. He started to believe setting Taylor straight might have made things worse.

Steffy refused to consider what Liam was saying. She felt that, by telling Hope, Liam had put a target on Taylor's back. Steffy didn't think Hope was in any danger. Instead, Steffy believed that because of what Liam had done, her mother was the one in danger. Steffy was certain Taylor would freak out when she found out that Hope knew. "Don't tell her," Liam responded.

Steffy flashed Liam a stern look, and he elaborated that it didn't make sense to tell Taylor if it would make her fears even worse. Steffy saw his point, but she wasn't sure that keeping silent was the answer. Liam explained that Taylor was struggling, and it wasn't a good idea for her to spend time with Kelly. He reminded Steffy that she and Hope were trying to work on building a foundation for their children, but Taylor wasn't on board with that.

Just then, Taylor whisked in. She was glad to see Steffy and Liam together because she wanted to talk to them both about something. Liam was surprised that Taylor was still on the premises. Taylor sensed she'd interrupted something, but Steffy said Taylor hadn't. Taylor insisted that something was wrong, and she wondered if she even had to ask what it was.

Steffy wasn't sure what Taylor had already heard. Scoffing, Taylor bet that whatever it was, it couldn't be worse than the hateful nonsense she'd just heard from Hope and Brooke.

Steffy was surprised that Taylor had spoken to Hope again. Taylor said she knew Liam wasn't happy with the way her last conversation had gone with Hope. "But you confronted her again?" Liam asked. Taylor explained that Hope had interjected herself into Taylor and Brooke's conversation.

Steffy decided that Taylor needed to give Hope some space. To Liam, Taylor said she was sorry that he thought she was being unfair to Hope, but she'd been trying to express her feelings. Taylor was sorry Hope had taken it personally. Steffy stated that Hope's baby would be Kelly's half-sister, and Taylor couldn't argue every time she was in a room with Hope.

Taylor apologized and said she hadn't arrived to cause problems. She just wanted to be near her granddaughter. She didn't want to miss any milestones or waste time arguing with everyone. She felt that she'd be lying if she didn't express how heartbreaking what had happened to Kelly's family was.

Taylor told Liam that he might not want to hear it, but it wasn't the life he'd wanted for his little girl. She believed that he'd been committed to raising Kelly with Steffy, and he'd be doing it if it hadn't been for Bill and if Hope had just let Liam and Steffy work out their differences. "And if Brooke had just stayed out of it -- " Taylor said.

Steffy told her mother to stop. Waving her finger, Taylor said she was sure Steffy would say it was all her choice, but it hadn't been. Taylor continued, saying Brooke and Hope could pretend it was the way things were meant to be, but they were wrong. "They're wrong!" Taylor repeated.

Back in the design studio, Brooke wondered if her daughter had known Taylor was in town. Hope hadn't known before that day. Brooke thought the whole thing was ridiculous. She said one would have thought Taylor would have learned how to behave after the wedding fiasco. Brooke thought it was absolutely crazy, the things Taylor had just been saying.

Hope replied that Taylor hadn't been herself. Brooke asserted that it was indeed the same Taylor. It was just who Taylor was, and Taylor always blamed all of her disappointments on the Logans. "And Bill, too," Hope added. Hope was really worried about Taylor.

Brooke wanted Hope to only focus on herself and the baby. Hope stated that she could not have Brooke getting into it with Taylor, and Hope certainly didn't want Taylor going after Brooke. Brooke believed that she could handle Taylor. Hope replied that Brooke could in the past when Taylor had been more in control.

Agonizing over her words, Hope conveyed that she hadn't wanted to say anything, but after hearing Taylor say that she despised Brooke more than anyone in the world, Hope believed that Brooke needed to know. Brooke asked what she needed to know. Hope revealed that Taylor had done something terrible, and Brooke would never see Taylor the same way again.

Hope said she still couldn't process it herself, and Brooke became concerned about what Hope was about to say. Hope began to explain the way things had been when Bill had been shot. Brooke asked why Hope would pick that moment talk about the shooting. Hope stated that they'd never found out who'd shot Bill. Brooke replied that it still worried her. "It should..." Hope uttered.

Brooke asked why, and Hope relayed that she knew who'd shot Bill. Hope revealed that Liam, Steffy, and Bill had been keeping it a secret to protect the shooter. Brooke asked why anyone would want to protect the shooter. She demanded to know who it was. Hope said that Brooke couldn't say a word. Brooke again demanded to hear who it was.

"It was Taylor," Hope revealed. Brooke's face crinkled in confusion, and she said Taylor wouldn't pick up a gun and shoot someone. Hope replied that Taylor had done it. Brooke said Taylor had been in Paris. Hope replied that that was true, too, but after hearing that Bill had allegedly taken advantage of Steffy, Taylor had flown to L.A., gone to Bill's house, picked up the gun, and shot him. "Taylor? Taylor. Taylor shot Bill?" Brooke exclaimed in disbelief.

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