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Quinn vowed to stand by Eric through his challenges, but Eric decided to bring Carter in on the ED issue. Paris supported Finn when Sheila was hospitalized. Finn cut ties with Sheila. Sheila vowed to have her family and wished ill on Steffy if she got in the way.
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Finn ultimately chose Steffy over Sheila, and Eric had a proposal for Quinn and Carter
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Steffy is shocked to hear how Finn feels about Sheila

Steffy is shocked to hear how Finn feels about Sheila

Monday, September 6, 2021

At the cliff house, Finn told his "mom" that help was on the way. Sheila grinned as he unlocked the front door. When the paramedic arrived, Finn filled her in, and she asked his relationship to the patient. "She's my mother," Finn said.

Later, Finn and Sheila arrived at the hospital. Dr. Griffith greeted them, and Finn reported that Sheila had collapsed. Her heartbeat had been steady, and there was no head trauma. As they took Sheila into a room, Finn told his "mom" that he'd be by her side.

In Sheila's hospital room later, Finn watched her sleep and recalled the discussion he'd had with her before she'd fainted. Dr. Griffith asked what had happened. He explained that Sheila had fainted during an argument. He'd thought she'd had a heart attack.

Dr. Griffith saw no signs of cardiac arrest on the EKG. She asked how Finn knew the woman, and he revealed that Sheila was his mother. "But I thought -- " Dr. Griffith said. Finn corrected that Sheila was his birth mother. He'd finally found her. He couldn't lose her, not like that.

At Forrester, Brooke asked if the restraining order had been filed. Ridge said the order was with a judge, and Steffy added that security was staffed at the house. Ridge said none of it would work if they weren't on the same page. Steffy asserted that they all were, including Finn.

Talk turned to Jack's short-sighted decision to give Sheila what she'd wanted in hopes that she'd go away. Steffy was convinced that Finn knew his error and wouldn't see Sheila again. Brooke asked if the event had caused Steffy concern about the marriage. Steffy said it had, and she recalled that she'd been willing to protect Hayes from anything. "Even from Finn?" Ridge asked.

Nodding, Steffy affirmed it. Ridge didn't blame Steffy for her protective instincts. Brooke couldn't imagine how Finn felt about learning who his birth mother was but said it was important that Finn knew Sheila couldn't be in his life. Ridge feared that Finn didn't get it by just hearing about Sheila's misdeeds. Because Finn hadn't experienced them firsthand, Ridge suspected that Finn would still have a relationship with his mother.

Ridge wasn't saying it to upset Steffy or make her doubt Finn. Steffy got that Ridge wanted her to be realistic. Brooke said Ridge was trying to say that Finn finding his birth mother was huge, and there had to be a connection on some level. Ridge asserted that it wasn't on "some level;" it was on every level, and Finn might not even be aware of it yet.

Steffy replied that she and Finn had talked about it, and it was fine. "Yeah, and you had that same conversation before all that," Ridge added, and he wondered how Sheila had wound up back at the house. Steffy stated that Finn had been vulnerable once, but after he'd seen how Sheila manipulated, he wouldn't fall for it again.

Steffy received a call from Finn at the hospital. Steffy assumed he'd been called in and wondered if Donna still had the kids or if Amelia was at home with them. Finn explained that there had been an emergency with his mother. Steffy asked what was wrong with Li.

Finn replied that Li was fine. It was Sheila, who was unconscious after collapsing. Steffy asked how Finn knew about it. Finn admitted that he'd been with her at the house. "Our house?" Steffy said, startling Ridge and Brooke.

Finn explained that Sheila had shown up. He'd told her that she couldn't be there and that he couldn't see her again. She'd gotten upset and collapsed. Finn knew Steffy didn't want to hear it, but Sheila was his mother, and he didn't want to lose her.

Pretending to sleep, Sheila grinned to herself. In her head, she said no one would keep her and Finn apart, not even Steffy.

At Eric's house, Shauna thought it was beautiful that Quinn was standing by Eric, but Quinn had had a sexually charged, passionate relationship with Carter. Shauna asked if Quinn could make such a huge sacrifice. Quinn was resolute. Her love and commitment to Eric came first, and she'd give up that part of herself for Eric. She loved him.

"And I love you, too, Quinn," Eric stated, walking into the living room. He explained that his meeting had ended early. Shauna said she and Quinn had just been discussing how happy Quinn was to be home. Eric's and Quinn's reunion reminded Shauna that real love existed and that couples could push through real obstacles and get to the other side.

Shauna left, and Eric said Shauna was a good friend. Quinn didn't want there to be secrets between her and Eric anymore. She revealed that she'd told Shauna what was going on. Quinn hoped he wasn't upset about it. Eric understood that Quinn had needed someone to talk to.

Quinn didn't want Eric to be mad at her. Eric was mad at himself for not being truthful months back. She felt he didn't have anything to apologize for. Eric recalled that he'd been embarrassed and ashamed, and he'd pushed her away. Eric said it was because he'd let her believe that he'd rejected her and that he'd been no longer interested in being intimate with her.

Eric felt that he'd been unfair to Quinn. He should have told her about the issue before inviting her back and ripping up the divorce papers. Quinn flashed back to her and Carter expressing love for each other. Quinn asked if Eric had thought her answer would have changed. She insisted that she was committed and devoted to Eric. "But what if I can't? I can't," he said.

Eric claimed he'd been to doctors and psychiatrists, but nothing had been working. He'd hoped that opening up to Quinn would have caused a breakthrough, but he was merely letting her down. Quinn insisted that he wasn't. She said that, as a couple, they faced obstacles together.

"But I can't. I can't!" Eric said. He asked how he could ask Quinn to bury that part of her. He exclaimed that she was a beautiful, passionate woman. Quinn got it, but she urged him to believe that he'd fulfilled her before and could do it again. He uttered that he couldn't make love to her. Quinn hugged him and told him to stop saying that.

Steffy implores Finn to see that Sheila is manipulating him

Steffy implores Finn to see that Sheila is manipulating him

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

In the design office, Paris stood in the doorway, watching a flirty discussion between Zende and a model, Sakoya, about a belt for the gown she modeled. Paris disliked the belt and suggested a beaded, geometric pattern be sewn on the waistline. "Start sewing," Zende said.

Sakoya claimed to know Paris and Zende were on the "DL," but she said Paris was lucky to have a guy like him. Sakoya left, and Zende said her statement went both ways. He felt lucky, too, because, while working with Paris, he got to do a lot of "this." Zende kissed Paris.

Zende fielded a call for Steffy and then expressed his concern to Paris about his cousin, whose husband was sleeping in the guesthouse. Paris claimed it was what Steffy wanted, but he believed Steffy wanted Sheila completely out of their lives, not in the house, holding Hayes.

Paris defended Finn, who Jack had pressured. Zende got it and wasn't taking sides. He noted that the couple hadn't filed their marriage paperwork. Paris said Steffy had canceled it until the matter with Sheila was resolved. Zende assumed that was why Paris thought Steffy was overreacting. Paris admitted her view that Steffy was treating Finn unfairly and said Steffy had to realize how lucky she was to be married to a guy like that.

Zende was sure Steffy knew that. Paris hoped so, because guys like Finn were few and far between. "I am standing right here. You keep talking like this, I'm going to start thinking you have a crush on the good doctor," Zende quipped. Paris dismissed the idea, saying Finn was Steffy's husband. Paris decided to tell Zende one thing: if it were her husband, she wouldn't be treating him the way Steffy was treating Finn, who couldn't help who his birth mother was.

In the CEO's office, Steffy informed Brooke and Ridge that Finn was at the hospital with Sheila. According to Finn, Sheila had just shown up at the house. He'd taken her to the hospital after she'd fainted. Ridge wanted to know what the doctors had to say because faking it was classic Sheila Carter. Steffy said Finn had done the right thing and had asked Sheila to leave. Ridge guessed that was when Sheila had collapsed.

Grabbing her purse, Steffy said she intended to make sure Finn didn't get manipulated by that monster again. Steffy left, and Ridge wondered if he and Brooke should have gone to the hospital, too. Ridge raged that Sheila had tortured the Forresters for a long time, and she'd gone after his daughter and her marriage. When things didn't work for Sheila, though, Sheila tended to get desperate.

Brooke tried to calm Ridge down, assuring him that the doctors would find nothing wrong with Sheila -- nothing physically wrong, anyway. Ridge wondered if it was too much to ask that Sheila "rot in hell" for all she'd done to his family. Brooke felt that the stunt proved the lengths the vile Sheila would go to in order to be in Finn's life.

Ridge said it meant being in Hayes's life, too, and they had to deal with Sheila. Brooke thought they'd dealt with Sheila the last time she'd been in town, but she was back in a way none of them had anticipated. Steffy was more tied to Sheila than Steffy had ever been before. Ridge asserted that Sheila was obsessed with the Forresters. He said Sheila was wacked, and it would take the entire family to deal with her once and for all.

In Sheila's hospital room, nurse Emily checked the sleeping Sheila's vitals. She said most nurses liked working with Finn because he didn't hover. Finn apologized, but the nurse got why Finn was so concerned. Emily guessed Sheila was his aunt, but he said Sheila was his mother.

Alone with Sheila, Finn apologized. He was worried that what he'd said at the house had caused the collapse. He believed he needed to honor his wife's wishes, but he'd also just met the woman he'd wondered about his entire life. He couldn't lose Sheila.

Finn turned his back, and Sheila pretended to wake up. She called for Finn, her son. Calling her mom, Finn said that he was right there by her side. She was surprised to hear that she was in the hospital, and he asked if she recalled that she'd collapsed.

Sheila stated that she'd wanted to see Finn and Hayes. She loved them very much, but Finn had said she couldn't see him because of Steffy. Sheila's heart had been broken in two, and the thought of never seeing Finn and Hayes had been her last memory. She said Finn hadn't left her, and he'd stayed by his mother's side. She covered his hand with hers and grinned.

In the corridor later, Finn was looking for the doctor when Steffy arrived. He said she hadn't had to show up, but Steffy had wanted to for his sake. She asked how Sheila was. He indicated that Sheila had regained consciousness, and he thought she'd be okay. Steffy replied that there had been nothing wrong with Sheila in the first place.

Finn understood why Steffy would jump to that conclusion, but the debate had to wait because Sheila had just regained consciousness. Steffy wanted to see Sheila. Finn agreed to it, but he warned that Sheila was out of it. He asked Steffy not to upset Sheila.

Back in Sheila's room, Sheila was touching the monitor's wires. She heard Steffy in the hallway, saying that Sheila could fake that, too. Sheila closed her eyes as Finn and Steffy entered the room. Steffy observed Sheila and said she seemed fine to Steffy.

In Steffy's view, Sheila had faked it to get Finn to worry about her. Finn claimed that he was a doctor. He said, "And while you might think Sheila's collapse was all for show -- " Steffy was surprised that he didn't think so, too. He preferred to wait for the test results. Steffy yelled at Sheila, saying that was when they'd find out that it was an act.

"Come on, Steffy!" Finn said. Steffy asked why Finn didn't see that Sheila was manipulating him. Steffy said it was obvious, and he needed to let go and walk away. Steffy told him to do it for his family's sake and for his own sake, too.

As Steffy spoke, Sheila's mouth twitched, and she gripped her blanket. In her mind, she cursed Steffy and implored Finn not to leave his mother.

Sheila drops a heart-shaped bombshell on Steffy

Sheila drops a heart-shaped bombshell on Steffy

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

At Forrester, Paris told Zende that Finn understood that he'd made a mistake by letting Sheila see Hayes. She added that Finn was "pretty much perfect in every other way." Zende, who had been focused on a sketch, turned away from his drafting desk to ask Paris if she believed that Finn was more perfect than him. Paris smiled broadly and said that Zende was just a hair more perfect than Dr. Finnegan. After admitting that Finn was a handsome guy, Zende commented that it seemed like everyone had a thing for Finn.

In the main office at Forrester, Ridge told Brooke that he knew Sheila wouldn't leave town. He reiterated that it had been wrong for Finn to allow Sheila into Steffy's home. "She's been messing with our family for years," Brooke grumbled.

Brooke remarked that it was "unfortunate" that Steffy had been caught up in the latest Sheila drama. Ridge worried that Sheila's "latest stunt" could derail Steffy and Finn's relationship. Zende and Paris entered the office and were surprised to learn that Sheila had once again shown up at Steffy's house.

Zende sensed that Ridge and Brooke didn't believe that Sheila had truly suffered a medical emergency. He asked for an update on the restraining order. Brooke shared that "because of the family connection," getting the restraining order had proven to be "complicated."

Later, Zende told Brooke and Ridge that Paris had become very protective of Steffy and Finn's marriage. Ridge was angry that Finn had chosen to disregard the advice of his wife for a woman that he'd only recently met.

Steffy admitted that her claim seemed crazy, but she insisted that Sheila was faking her illness. "It's an act. She's manipulating you!" Steffy said angrily. In her hospital bed, Sheila's fingers began to fidget. Finn softly said that a few more tests were being conducted to make sure that Sheila was okay.

Finn told Steffy that he heard her and understood her feelings, but he had to make sure that Sheila would be okay because, after all, she was his mother. Finn's use of the word "mother" put a smile on Sheila's face. Steffy told Finn that they should have their discussion elsewhere, preferably somewhere out of earshot from Sheila. "Don't let her suck you in," Steffy urged. She added that the more Sheila was able to suck Finn into her lies, the more that Sheila would fixate on him.

A nurse stepped into the room to tell Finn that test results had come in for another of his patients. Finn left to check the results, leaving Steffy alone with Sheila. Steffy slowly approached Sheila and told Sheila that she could "drop the act" because Finn had left the room. Steffy stated that she knew that Sheila had been listening in on her conversation with Finn. She then instructed Sheila to open her eyes and listen to what Steffy was about to say.

Paris stepped off the elevator at the hospital and called out to Finn. Finn gave Paris an update on Sheila's condition. Paris wished that she had been at the house to help Finn. Finn thanked Paris for being concerned. Paris, her arms crossed, deduced that Steffy wasn't giving Finn much support. Paris said that Steffy had a legitimate reason not to trust Sheila, but she also understood that Finn didn't want to believe the worst about his birth mother. Finn said, "No matter how this plays out, I don't see how anybody wins."

Back in Sheila's hospital room, in her mind, Sheila told Steffy that she had to leave. "You are relentless, Steffy Forrester -- worse than your grandmother ever was." Sheila began to toss around slightly in the bed and haltingly asked for Finn. Steffy rolled her eyes. "W-who are you?" Sheila asked as her eyes fluttered open. Sheila asked for some water, and Steffy grudgingly obliged. Steffy shook her head and groaned that there was nothing wrong with Sheila -- at least physically.

Sheila claimed not to know where she was or what had happened. Steffy ordered Sheila to stay away from the cliff house and her family. "I wanted to see my son and my grandson," Sheila said softly. Steffy again stated that she knew Sheila's medical emergency was a scam. That prompted Sheila to accuse Steffy of having no sympathy. "I could have had a heart attack," she said. Steffy countered that she was sure that Sheila's "cold, empty heart" would be just fine.

Steffy added that once Finn realized that Sheila had been faking, he would undoubtedly want nothing to do with Sheila ever again. Sheila asserted that Finn loved her, but Steffy blasted Sheila's baseless claims. Steffy was floored when Sheila shared that she had proof. Sheila instructed Steffy to retrieve her phone for her. When Steffy looked at Sheila's phone, she saw that not only had Finn communicated with Sheila, but he had also sent Sheila a red heart emoji. Sheila smirked as she watched Steffy's reaction. "Like it or not, he loves his mother," Sheila snarled, insisting, "I will always, always be a part of my son's life."

Sheila pleads with Finn not to walk out on her

Sheila pleads with Finn not to walk out on her

Thursday, September 9, 2021

At Forrester, Eric and Quinn were with Ridge, discussing what had gone on with Sheila. When Carter strode in, he revealed that there was a hearing date for the restraining order. He was surprised Sheila had gone to Finn's house again. Ridge said Sheila would keep doing it because she wanted relationships with Finn and Hayes.

Eric wondered how long Sheila would be hospitalized. Quinn figured Sheila would milk it for as long as she could. Eric believed that Steffy would confront Sheila, and he was worried about Finn and Steffy's relationship. Quinn added that Steffy would not hold back if provoked. Eric wanted to believe Finn would do the right thing, but Eric figured that it was a huge sacrifice for Finn not to see his birth mother again. Ridge said it was what one did for a person one loved.

Eric and Ridge left for a meeting. Carter asked how Quinn was doing. He said that, even though she was with her husband, she could still open up to him. She said it was kind of Carter to be concerned. Carter said Quinn knew how much he loved her and missed her. He knew she was in a different place. He wanted her to be happy and was sure Eric couldn't get enough of her.

In the hallway, Eric was about to enter the office when he heard Carter ask Quinn to say if something was going on. She wished she could tell Carter. She admitted that she missed him and what they'd had, but she loved Eric. She was committed to Eric. Carter thought Eric was lucky to have her. She replied that Eric told her that he loved her every day.

At the hospital, Finn thanked Paris for being there. Paris figured it had been upsetting to see his birth mother collapse. Finn felt guilty about his treatment of Sheila prior to her fall. He conveyed that he and Steffy had patched things up, and all he'd been thinking about had been getting Sheila out of there. Paris claimed it was great news and advised him not to blame himself.

Paris lauded Finn for getting Sheila help, even if Steffy didn't believe Sheila needed it. He said he'd promised Steffy no contact, and he refused to do "that" to his family. Paris reasoned that he hadn't invited Sheila to the house, and his emoji hadn't said anything specific. Finn revealed that he still hadn't told Steffy about the emoji because he hadn't wanted to upset Steffy more.

Paris was sure that, with a doctor like Finn, Sheila was getting the best care. Paris was worried about him, though. Finn said seeing Sheila go down had shaken him up. Paris offered to be there if he needed someone to talk to. She opened her arms and grinned as he hugged her.

In Sheila's room, Steffy insisted that the heart emoji wasn't real. "My son loves me, Steffy. That text proves it," Sheila said. Sheila stated that she'd been leaving town, but Finn's heart emoji meant that he'd wanted her to stay. The way her son had taken care of Sheila that day had told Sheila more than any text ever could. Steffy insisted that Finn wanted nothing to do with Sheila.

Sheila countered that it was what Steffy wanted, not Finn, who'd saved Sheila's life. Steffy replied that he'd done his job, and Sheila wasn't special to him. Insisting that she was, Sheila didn't think Steffy got how much it was hurting Finn. Steffy said Sheila knew nothing about him.

Sheila replied that she'd given birth to Finn, and he was a part of her. Steffy yelled that Sheila was manipulating him, but Shelia noted that Steffy was the one controlling him. Sheila stated that Finn wanted her in his life, and the sooner Steffy accepted it, the better.

When Steffy's back was turned, Sheila twisted a dial on her monitor. She said she and Finn shared a bond that Steffy and her family could never break. Steffy dared Sheila to try to get near Steffy's family again and yelled that it ended "now." Sheila seethed that the Forresters were always telling people what to do. "It's 'my husband,' and it's 'my son.' Like I'm not here, like I don't even exist, but I do!" Sheila argued, secretly slipping a device off her index finger.

The beeping from her monitor accelerated. Sheila said Finn and Hayes were her family, too. Steffy told Sheila not to dare say Hayes's name. An alarm sounded. Steffy asked what Sheila had done. "Mom!" Finn exclaimed as he rushed to Sheila's bedside.

Later, Finn was by the bed, asking how Sheila was. Steffy noted that the doctor had said Sheila was stable. He stated that Sheila was supposed to be resting. She claimed she'd awakened, and Steffy had started attacking her. Steffy's eyes bulged, and she said she'd never touched Sheila. Sheila stated that Steffy had said the most terrible things.

Insisting it was another manipulation, Steffy asserted that Sheila wasn't sick. Finn had seen Sheila collapse for himself and stated that Sheila had just had another episode. Steffy claimed Sheila was fine and had just gotten Finn in there to make Steffy look bad. Sheila didn't think she'd be fine if Steffy was trying to cut Sheila out of her son and grandson's lives.

Steffy asked Finn to see what Sheila was doing, but Sheila asked if she wasn't supposed to be upset by Steffy's actions. Steffy asked if Sheila had forgotten her crimes against the Forresters. Sheila assumed it wasn't about that. Instead, it was about what was on Sheila's phone.

Apologizing to Finn, Sheila said she'd had to show Steffy that he really cared about Sheila, and if it weren't for Steffy, Sheila would be in their lives. Sheila revealed that she'd shown Steffy the text. Steffy asked if Finn had sent Sheila a heart emoji, and Sheila grinned.

Steffy was upset that Finn had replied to Sheila when Steffy had told him not to have contact with Sheila. Finn said he'd just wanted Sheila to know he'd gotten her message. "By sending her a heart?" Steffy responded in disbelief. Finn thought saying "okay" wouldn't have been the right response, but he hadn't communicated with Sheila further. Steffy argued that sending the heart had given Sheila an in. Insisting she wanted to protect him and their children, Steffy urged Finn to walk away from that terrible human being.

Sheila was sorry for causing Finn trouble but said Steffy had kept saying that Finn's feelings were all in Sheila's head. Sheila said Steffy was the one making demands, not Sheila. Sheila knew she'd done terrible things, but the Forresters had always bullied her and turned people against her, like Steffy was doing right then.

Sheila asked Finn not to let Steffy do it. Finn was Sheila's son, and she'd hated giving him up. She'd thought of him every day and asked if it was a crime to love him. Taking Finn's hand, Sheila said she'd always loved Finn and always would. She wanted to know the boy she'd brought into the world. She believed that Finn wanted to know her, too. She asked him not to walk out the door: "Don't leave your mother."

Eric hints to a stunning proposal for Carter and Quinn

Eric hints to a stunning proposal for Carter and Quinn

Friday, September 10, 2021

At the hospital, Sheila told Finn that they had the same blood in their veins. Steffy ordered him not to listen to Sheila and said they could leave and never see Sheila again. Sheila asked why Steffy couldn't let Finn make his own decisions. Steffy reminded him that he had a family to protect from Sheila. Sheila asserted that she was not a threat to Steffy or the kids.

Dr. Griffith arrived, and everyone pretended that things were fine. Griffith had Sheila's test results. They'd all come back normal, and Sheila's discharge would start. Steffy chuckled as the doctor exited. Steffy gloated, sure that there had been nothing wrong with Sheila to begin with. "Sheila played you, Finn. Oh, did she play you," Steffy said.

Later, Sheila was dressed. Steffy and Sheila began bickering, but Finn didn't want to do that. He didn't know if Sheila had faked the collapse or not, but he was glad she was okay. He conveyed that meeting Sheila had had a profound effect upon him, but he couldn't have a relationship with her when his wife was so against it. He was sorry, but he couldn't see Sheila again. She couldn't be a grandmother to his son. He wished her the best, and he walked out.

Sheila asked Steffy to talk to Finn, and Steffy asked why she'd do that. Sheila said she was his mother, and she wasn't there to battle. Sheila had goodness in her heart and asked Steffy to give her a chance. Sheila just wanted to know her son and her grandson. "Goodbye, Sheila," Steffy said and walked out. Sheila growled and swiped a table clean of utensils.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn put the kids down, and Finn apologized for sending Sheila the emoji. He should never have responded to Sheila at all. Steffy was glad he'd realized it. Finn had believed that Sheila had been out of their lives, so he hadn't told Steffy about it. He knew now that it had been the wrong call.

Steffy didn't want Finn to beat himself up. He'd had a normal reaction to Sheila, but Sheila was far from normal. The faked fall proved that Sheila was still a twisted, obsessive woman. Steffy was glad Finn had put his foot down, but they still needed to be vigilant because Sheila wouldn't walk away quietly. Steffy was proud that he'd put their family first. "Always," Finn replied.

In her hotel room, Sheila ranted, saying it would be a mistake to count her out. "I will be a part of this family!" Sheila vowed. "...And you'd better not try to stop me, Steffy, or you're gonna pay. You're gonna pay dearly."

At Forrester with Ridge, Carter said he planned to talk to the judge about moving up the hearing date because he knew Ridge was worried about Steffy. Ridge conveyed that he was also worried about Eric, who'd taken Quinn back. Carter said no one was more surprised than Quinn. "She should be surprised after what she did," Ridge bit out.

Carter claimed that Eric and Quinn belonged together, and he wanted what was best for them. Ridge wasn't buying that, and decided that he'd wait to see how Eric's romantic night with Quinn went. Ridge left for the night, and Carter received a text alert on his phone.

At Eric's house, Eric and Quinn were dressed up, having dinner at a table for two in front of the fire. She loved the romantic surprise, but he quipped that she could have done without one surprise. She claimed that he'd see that sex was overrated. She refused to believe the ED was permanent, and that night could be the night to change everything. Eric was counting on it.

Eric invited Quinn to dance. She seemed to enjoy it, but Eric looked upset. He claimed nothing was wrong. He was dancing with his beautiful wife, and her beauty was incomparable. She kissed and hugged him, and he looked sad.

Later, Eric returned after taking care of something and found Quinn admiring her portrait. He knew it was significant to her. She said it reminded her of how far she'd come. She was Mrs. Eric Forrester. She lived in that home, and she had a successful jewelry line. It was all because of Eric, who'd opened his heart to her.

Quinn told Eric that he wasn't alone in his challenge, and she'd always be right by his side. There wasn't one challenge they couldn't face together. Eric stated that when she said it, he believed it. She claimed that her commitment to him was a thousand percent. Eric knew that more than ever. He wanted to be realistic. He said that she was a sexy woman with needs that he might no longer be able to fulfill, things that can only be expressed by "making love."

Quinn didn't know what the future held. She said no doctor had said the condition was permanent. She didn't want Eric putting extra pressure on himself by worrying about her needs. Just being with him made her happy. Quinn's well being would always be his concern.

Just then, Carter arrived. He'd received a message from Eric. Eric said he'd asked Carter to join them. Carter didn't want to intrude on the romantic evening, but Eric said there was no intrusion. He knew how close Carter and Quinn had become. Upset, Quinn asked why Eric was bringing up the painful past when they'd moved on from it.

Eric hadn't asked Carter there to rehash the past. He said his wife had moved home, but he couldn't be the husband she deserved. It wasn't comfortable for Eric to talk about, and he hadn't had any success with the doctors. Carter said Quinn wouldn't tell him when he'd suspected something was wrong. Eric loved Quinn for keeping his confidence.

Quinn asked why Eric was going there. Eric explained to Carter that he'd blamed Quinn for the shortcomings, but he'd just been covering his shame. Eric confessed that he was unable to satisfy his wife. Carter didn't know what to say. He was sorry.

Eric had hoped for a breakthrough when Quinn had moved home, but it hadn't happened. Quinn asked why Eric was telling Carter that. Eric had come to the conclusion that just because his sex life was over, it didn't mean Quinn's had to be.

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