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The heads of the Five Families plotted against Jason and Carly. Jason and Carly discussed their expectations as husband and wife. Jax learned that Sonny was alive and living in Nixon Falls as "Mike. " Curtis rescued Jordan and Portia from certain death. Trina confronted Esme, but Spencer stood by his girlfriend. Gladys learned that Brando had a side job stripping.
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The Five Families plotted against Jason and Carly, and Jax ordered Nina to tell "Mike" the truth
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ENCORE PRESENTATION: Nikolas takes credit for Ryan's attack

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Nikolas takes credit for Ryan's attack

Monday, September 6, 2021

Due to the Labor Day holiday, General Hospital did not air an original episode. In place of a new episode, ABC aired an encore presentation of the episode that originally aired November 18, 2020. A complete recap of that episode can be found in our Daily Recaps Archive.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 7, and picked up where the Friday, September 3, episode concluded.

The investigations into Hayden's shooting and Drew's disappearance collide..

The investigations into Hayden's shooting and Drew's disappearance collide..

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Dante met Jason in an interrogation room at the police station. He explained that since Jason had been in trouble just a few months prior, the district attorney wanted to review all of Jason's recent activities. Jason said that he didn't want special treatment. "It's too bad you just don't ditch the career criminal thing," Dante replied.

Dante hoped that Jason's wedding day would not be impacted by his detour to the police station. "I just gotta put a suit on," Jason replied casually. Jason wondered if his marrying Carly was difficult for Dante. Dante shared that he'd always known that Sonny, Carly, and Jason were all sort of joined together. Dante said that he believed that Sonny would approve of Carly and Jason's marriage. Dante reflected on his early days in Port Charles and how he had wanted nothing more than to take Sonny down. That, Dante added, was before he'd known that Sonny was his father.

Jason said that, aside from Carly, Sonny was the first person to have treated him with respect. He said that while he referred to Sonny as his "brother," there were also shades of a father/son relationship. As Jason recounted how Sonny had brought him into Sonny's line of work, Dante questioned how his life would have been different had he always known Sonny to be his father. Jason and Dante agreed that Dante's work as a police officer posed a challenge to Sonny, but Jason insisted that Sonny respected Dante. Dante looked at his phone and told Jason that he was free to go.

Later, Sam arrived at the police station and asked Dante if he had any leads because she couldn't stand around doing nothing. Dante wondered if Sam needed a distraction from the fact that Jason and Carly were getting married. Sam conceded that she'd like to be focused on something other than the wedding. Dante told Sam that he had an idea that might help.

Carly stared out the window with a cup of coffee. A giddy Josslyn and Trina wished the bride-to-be a happy wedding day. Later, as Carly thought about her wedding day, she was surprised when Monica showed up on her doorstep, wanting to talk.

Once inside, Monica said that it had occurred to her that she had not given Carly her blessing to marry Jason -- not that Carly wanted it or needed it. "You don't have to pretend to like me, Monica," Carly said. Monica said that Austin popping up had made her realize that the Quartermaines could be very cruel to one another. But somehow, she said, they always manage to move past it because they were family. And Carly, Monica added, was about to become family, whether she liked it or not.

Carly noted that it was not the first time that she was marrying into the Quartermaine family. Monica chuckled as she thought back to how Carly and A.J. had been so good at exploiting each other's weaknesses. Still, even back then, Monica said that it was clear that the bond between Carly and Jason was unbreakable.

Carly called Jason the best friend she'd ever had. Monica admitted that she and Carly would never be best friends, but Monica said she at least wanted to try being "civil in-laws." Carly replied that she'd really like that. As Monica rose from the sofa to leave, she mused that it was "interesting" that after all Carly had done in the past to "secure Jason's love," Carly had finally gotten it. Monica turned to leave, and Carly's face dropped.

Outside, Trina and Josslyn discussed the sauce Trina had brought back from Nixon Falls. Eventually, Trina confessed that she felt bad for not liking Esme. "You don't like her because there's nothing to like," Josslyn replied, before adding, "She's a bitch with a capital B." Trina told Josslyn that there was something that Esme had said that bothered her: she had called Kiki "Lauren." Josslyn said it was possible that Esme had read an article or seen a legal document that had referred to Kiki by her given name.

Josslyn returned inside to tell her mom that Olivia was running a little late, but Carly was nowhere to be found. Jason burst into the house to pick up his suit and assured Josslyn that he wasn't going to try to "mess with tradition" and see Carly. Josslyn revealed that Carly was gone.

At the Jerome Gallery, Ava angrily told someone on the phone that she was not yet ready to sign off on paperwork. Ava was startled when Esme quietly walked up from behind. Esme apologized for scaring Ava, claiming that her ability to sneak up on people was unintentional. The two women introduced themselves.

Esme claimed that, on the advice of her parents, she wanted to purchase a piece of art as an investment. When Ava surmised that Esme came from money, Esme explained that she and her siblings were all adopted. As Ava listened, she commented that it sounded like Esme had had a very happy childhood. Esme didn't immediately respond and looked around the gallery nervously. "I suppose everyone was happy enough," she replied.

Changing the subject, Esme told Ava that Spence, as she referred to Spencer, had told her all about Nikolas and Ava and their relationship. Ava told Esme that all the pieces in the gallery were spoken for. Esme told Ava that it was a shame that she would not be able to purchase anything then wished Ava safe travels before heading out of the gallery.

Once Esme was gone, Ava picked up her phone and called someone to tell them that they should move forward on "that thing [they] talked about."

At the Metro Court pool, Spencer couldn't help but notice that his father was in a less-than-festive mood. Nikolas shared that before he had disappeared, he'd done some pretty bad things. While he declined to go into detail, Nikolas noted that it was Ava who had motivated him to change his ways. Esme arrived a short time later, and Nikolas stepped away to get a drink. Looking at Spencer's face, Esme inferred that he was having second thoughts about splitting up Nikolas and Ava.

Spencer said that his father had been "on some guilt trip that went way over" his head. Esme told Spencer that he would have to pick his poison because having an honest relationship with Nikolas could not exist in the same universe where Nikolas was also together with Ava. Trina arrived and heard the mention of Ava's name and wanted to know why the pair had been discussing Ava. Spencer explained Trina and Ava's connection, prompting Esme to remarked that Trina had to be like a daughter to Ava since Kiki's death. Trina pointed out that Esme had previously referred to Kiki as "Lauren," the same way her name had appeared on the hospital badge that had been found near Ava's burned car.

At the bar, a woman told Nikolas that she'd recognized him from articles in the Invader. She asked him to hold papers for her, and when he did, she told him that he'd been served. Nikolas opened the papers and saw that Ava had taken a restraining order out against him. He was stunned to learn that he would have to stay 100 feet away from Ava at all times.

As Ava was preparing to leave, Nikolas showed up at the gallery with the court papers still in his hand. Ava told Nikolas that he could not be there. Nikolas demanded to know why Ava had taken out a restraining order. "Because you're worried I won't stay away, or because you know you can't?" Nikolas asked.

In her office at the police station, Jordan and Shawn looked through the manifest of Naomi Dreyfuss' flight. Shawn refused to give up, arguing that his asking questions six years later had resulted in Naomi being killed. T.J. showed up for a dinner date with his mom and was surprised to see that his dad was there, too. Shawn explained that he was assisting Jordan with the investigation into who had really shot Hayden Barnes.

T.J. was caught off guard because he'd thought that Shawn had decided not to pursue the matter. Shawn said that one of the reasons for wanting to find the real shooter was because he had been robbed of time being T.J.'s dad. T.J. reminded Shawn that he had been a father to T.J. in all the ways that mattered long before they'd knew that he actually was T.J.'s dad.

Shawn left the room to get some drink refills, leaving T.J. and Jordan time to talk. T.J. asked Jordan when she had started allowing civilians to assist in police investigations. Jordan shrugged it off, but T.J. sensed that Jordan had bent the rules because she felt an obligation. With all the talk of how Shawn would fit into his life, T.J. did not want Jordan to feel left out. "I don't want you to forget how important you are... what a spectacular mom you are. You're my hero," T.J. said. Jordan told T.J. how proud she was of him.

Shawn returned and saw T.J. and Jordan hugging. T.J. had to dash, but he asked his mom for a rain check on dinner. Shortly after T.J. left, Jordan received a phone call with information that the person sitting next to Naomi on the flight hadn't been a stranger -- the pair had booked their tickets together. When Jordan revealed that she had the person's address, Shawn suggested that a road trip might be in order.

Jordan told Shawn that she would be going on the road trip alone. She explained that not only did Shawn have no standing to be on the case, but it also would compromise the investigation, since he was one of the last people to see Naomi alive. Shawn reluctantly agreed but pleaded with Jordan to be careful.

At the Savoy, Portia dropped by after receiving a text message from Curtis. Curtis was happy to see her but shared that he was working on a case that was unexpectedly taking up a great deal of his time. Curtis filled Portia in on Drew -- his disappearance and possible resurfacing. Sam arrived, and Curtis quickly brought her up to speed on his latest findings. He said that he'd spoken to a nurse who had cared for Nina at Crichton-Clark, who'd given her contact information for someone who had worked in the records department.

There were some minor complications to deal with, Curtis said. The worker wanted an in-person meeting, and there were all sorts of private and personal information involved. When she learned that some of the information could involve medical records, Portia, in a roundabout way, suggested that she might come in handy, considering that she was a doctor. When Curtis seemed opposed to the idea, Sam interjected that the person they were meeting might be more inclined to speak if a doctor were present. Curtis agreed that Portia going was a good idea, but he decided that it wasn't a good idea for a lot of people to show up at the man's door. Sam reluctantly agreed.

Jordan showed up at the house in the Finger Lakes and held her phone up in various positions. She rolled her eyes, presumably realizing that she had no phone signal. Jordan pushed on the door and nudged a nearby window, but neither opened. As she did, Curtis's voice called out her name in the distance. As Curtis and Portia approached, both Curtis and Jordan revealed that they were working a case.

In Nixon Falls, Nina recalled the conversation she'd had with "Mike" in which he'd told her that he was in love with her. When she walked into the Tan-O, she was stunned to see "Mike" instead with lumber, cans of paint, and other supplies. Prior to his passing, Lenny had ordered everything that had been needed to fix the Tan-O's roof. "Mike" figured that he would be fixing up the place for at least two or three months.

"Mike" told Nina that he didn't want her to feel pressured to feel the same way that he did. "How could I not feel the same way?" Nina asked. Nina told "Mike" that she hadn't expected to see him when she'd first walked through the doors of the Tan-O, but she took it as a sign that they "don't have to be stuck in the circumstances" of their lives. She told "Mike" that he had taught her that if one let go of the baggage of their past, they could find out who they really were. There were a million reasons why they could not be together, Nina said, but none of those reasons could keep her away from him. Nina took "Mike's" left hand and told him that she loved him, too.

"Mike" asked Nina to say it again. When she did, the two shared a kiss. Nina's knees buckled after the passionate kiss. Sonny said that they needed to "do it up" in Philadelphia to celebrate. They agreed to meet in a few hours. Nina left the Tan-O with a dazed smile on her face. The smile faded when she found Jax outside the bar.

Jax confronts Nina -- and "Mike"

Jax confronts Nina -- and "Mike"

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

At the Jerome Gallery, Nikolas tore up the restraining order to let Ava know what he thought of it, but she reminded him that his stunt could land him in jail. Nikolas didn't care because he thought the court order was a joke. Ava told him that it had been eight months -- and one stalker -- since she'd been in the mood for jokes, and one call to the police would get him arrested. Nikolas stood his ground as he demanded to know why she had taken such a drastic action. "To protect us from the stalker, Nikolas, because you won't!" Ava shouted.

Nikolas was hurt, but Ava insisted that all he had accomplished had been to terrorize Spencer and drive his son out of Wyndemere. Nikolas conceded that he'd made mistakes, but Ava couldn't believe that he would suspect his own child was capable of using Ava's worst nightmares to terrorize her. Nikolas argued that he'd been trying to protect their marriage. "At the expense of your only child?" she asked. Ava couldn't live with that on her conscience, and she warned Nikolas that he could justify the things he'd done with good intentions, but it wouldn't get his son back.

Ava added that nothing Nikolas had done had appeased the real stalker. Nikolas promised to safeguard her, but she wondered who would protect her from Nikolas because his actions had put her in constant danger, and worse -- it had put Avery in peril. Nikolas asked why Ava had felt compelled to get a restraining order when she had already decided to leave Port Charles, so she admitted that it provided cover for more severe tactics. Suddenly, two burley men rounded the corner then flanked Ava as she revealed that she had dismissed Nikolas' bodyguard with a hefty bonus earlier that morning. Ava proudly introduced Bubba and Floyd.

"They're former UFO," Ava revealed. "UFC," Bubba corrected. Ava bragged that her new bodyguards had been expelled from the UFC for being too violent. To her bodyguards, she explained that her "ex-husband" had willfully violated the restraining order. She asked Bubba and Floyd to send Nikolas a clear message to ensure that it didn't happen again. After Ava left to take a call from a buyer in Geneva, Bubba restrained Nikolas while Floyd prepared to throw a punch. "Not the face," Bubba warned Floyd.

Minutes later, Ava returned just as Nikolas fell to his knees from the brutal blows to his stomach. Horrified, Ava ordered Floyd to stop. She had meant for her bodyguards to intimidate Nikolas, not to assault him. After she dismissed the bodyguards, Ava grabbed an ice pack then checked Nikolas' injuries. She asked if Nikolas had been hurt anywhere else. Nikolas pointed to his lips, and Ava smiled because she had seen the ploy in a movie. Unrepentant, Nikolas insisted that it had been a good movie. Ava nearly succumbed to temptation, but she pulled away from the kiss at the last moment.

Ava apologized to Nikolas then called for her bodyguards. She asked the men to escort Nikolas home. Ava reminded Nikolas that the six-week waiting period was almost over, so their divorce should soon be finalized -- if it hadn't been already.

At Metro Court's rooftop pool, Spencer suggested that Trina sounded like she had been accusing Esme. Undaunted, Trina thought that Spencer sounded defensive, which piqued her curiosity. Trina turned her attention back to Esme because she wanted to know if Esme had seen Kiki Jerome's hospital ID badge. Esme claimed that she hadn't even been to the hospital let alone seen a hospital badge, but Trina wasn't fooled.

Trina wondered why Esme had referred to Kiki as Lauren when no one else had. Trina suspected that Esme had seen Kiki's legal name on the hospital badge that had been found near Ava's torched car. Spencer insisted that Kiki's legal name had appeared in multiple newspaper articles about the murder, and Esme added that she had to have heard it mentioned when Spencer had talked about his father, which had been often. "Because you're so interested?" Trina asked. Esme admitted that she found everything about Spencer interesting.

Spencer reminded Trina that Esme had been in town for a short time, and it was unfair to expect Esme to know all the ins and outs of those around him. He wondered why it even mattered to Trina. Disappointed by Spencer's defense, Trina decided to drop it. As Trina stood up to leave, Spencer insisted that he and Esme couldn't just pretend that Trina hadn't insinuated something awful about Esme. Spencer believed that he and Esme were owed an explanation.

Trina acknowledged that she was protective of Ava, especially lately because Ava had been going through something horrible, but Trina had found it incredibly self-centered and tacky of Esme to show up at the Jerome Gallery to wish Ava well. It had made Trina question Esme's motives, but Esme wondered why it was any of Trina's business. Trina was curious why her defense of Ava bothered Esme. Sensing that things were escalating, Spencer suggested that both Trina and Esme leave things where they were.

Esme didn't think it was possible when Spencer's friend had practically accused her of being his stepmother's stalker. Esme suggested that the real problem wasn't Ava or even Kiki; it was Spencer. Esme thought it was time to address the elephant in the room -- Trina wanted Spencer for herself. Spencer warned Esme to stop, but Esme ignored him. She explained that Spencer was both rich and sophisticated, and he was very handsome, which Trina was fully aware of.

Esme didn't blame Trina for being attracted to Spencer, but she was disappointed because Esme thought that she and Trina had reached an understanding a few days earlier when the two young ladies had talked. Esme accused Trina of going the cliché route by hoping to turn Spencer against Esme rather than rising above it by accepting Esme's offer of friendship. Trina was confident that Esme would get over her disappointment because Trina certainly would. Trina conceded that Spencer was both rich and sophisticated, but she disagreed that he was handsome.

After Trina left, Spencer sat down to compose a text message to Trina. Esme wondered why he bothered, but he reminded her that Trina had been right. Esme had set Ava's car on fire, and Esme had planted the hospital badge. Spencer pointed out that Trina had reason to be concerned, and Esme had slipped when she had referred to Kiki as Lauren. Spencer confessed that it felt like they were gaslighting Trina, so Esme offered to admit to her role in Ava's troubles, or they could tell Trina that Spencer had concocted the plan to break up his father's marriage.

Esme conceded that Trina might understand, but Trina could also turn against him and take everything public. Esme promised to support whatever Spencer decided because she only wanted him to be happy.

At the Corinthos mansion, Jason was curious about when Josslyn had last seen Carly. A worried Josslyn explained that it had been 15 or 20 minutes. She couldn't understand why her mother would disappear without a word when they were supposed to be getting ready for the wedding. Jason remained calm, but he left to look around. Meanwhile Josslyn called her mother, but Carly's voicemail picked up. After Josslyn left a message, Jason returned to report that the guards had seen Carly leave in her car on a quick errand.

Josslyn couldn't imagine what would pull Carly away, since Maxie had been in charge of everything, and Carly's wedding dress was already at the church. Josslyn also didn't understand why her mother hadn't sent a text message about the change in plans. Jason intended to find out. He placed a call to Spinelli to ask for help locating Carly, while Josslyn checked in with Bobbie.

Later, Jason questioned Josslyn about the last time she'd seen Carly. Josslyn revealed that Monica had stopped by, but Josslyn had gone outside to talk to Trina. Josslyn had no idea what Monica and Carly had talked about, but it had seemed amicable despite the history between the two. Jason was surprised when Josslyn admitted that she knew Carly had been married to A.J., and that the marriage had been a disaster. Josslyn added that Carly had made it clear that Carly had been partly to blame for the problems with Michael's biological father, but Carly had credited Jason for standing by her through it all.

A few minutes later, Spinelli called to give Jason an update. After the call, Jason assured Josslyn that he knew where Carly was and why Carly was there. Jason didn't elaborate as he rushed out the door.

A short time later, Josslyn was surprised when Trina stopped by for a visit. Trina apologized because she knew that Josslyn was busy getting ready for the wedding, but Josslyn could tell that Trina was upset. Josslyn glanced down when her phone vibrated with a text message. It was Jason reporting that he was with Carly and that everything was okay. Relieved, Josslyn focused on Trina. Trina admitted that Josslyn had been right about Esme -- and Trina had played right into Esme's hands.

Jason arrived at the location of the new branch of the Bank of ELQ. He walked past some construction equipment. "I figured you'd come back here," Jason said.

In Finger Lakes, New York, Curtis observed that Jordan was outside her jurisdiction. Jordan was equally surprised to see Curtis because she thought that he had given up the private investigation business to focus on running the Savoy. Curtis admitted that even though he had retired as a P.I., it was in his blood. He added that he and Portia had an appointment with the owner of the house, Roger Barstow. Jordan explained that she had notified local authorities that she was in town to interview Barstow.

Curtis decided to put his cards on the table by revealing that Barstow might have some records connected to Drew Cain, so Jordan shared that Barstow might be linked to Naomi Dreyfus' murder. Jordan didn't think it was a coincidence, and she wondered how Drew's disappearance might be connected to Naomi's death. Curtis reminded Jordan that everyone believed that Peter had been behind Drew's plane crash, but he couldn't imagine how Peter might be connected to Naomi or Hayden Barnes. Jordan asked if Portia was helping Curtis. Portia explained that she was there in a medical capacity because Barstow might be more inclined to turn over medical documents from Crichton-Clark to a doctor. Jordan hoped to unmask a murderer, but Portia feared they would all leave disappointed, since Barstow was not at home.

Curtis suspected their cases were connected, since both he and Jordan had ended up on Barstow's doorstep. Jordan agreed because Drew had been held at Crichton-Clark until Robin had intervened. Curtis was curious how Naomi fit in, so Jordan explained that Roger Barstow and Naomi Dreyfus had been seated next to each other on a flight to the United States and that the seats had been booked together. Jordan had hoped that Barstow could shed some light on how he knew Naomi.

Later, Portia and Curtis stood on the porch while Jordan looked around. Portia thought it was odd that Barstow hadn't been home when they had arrived. Curtis conceded that there might have been an innocent explanation, but it was also possible that it had been a ruse for Barstow to buy time to escape. Just then, the front door opened, and Jordan emerged from the house. Jordan revealed that she had found a broken window by the back door, and there had been shattered glass on the floor, indicating a possible crime. Jordan invited Curtis to look inside, but she added that she needed to secure the place and alert the police.

When Jordan failed to get a signal on her phone, Portia offered to walk to the road and call the police. Curtis entered the house, which had been ransacked. Jordan warned him not to touch anything, so Curtis decided to check in the back where he'd seen outbuildings including a garage. After Curtis left, Jordan noticed a door that led to the basement. She pulled out her gun, and she used the light on her phone as she made her way down the stairs.

Jordan quickly found Barstow's body. She confirmed that Barstow was dead then turned to leave. Suddenly, a man lunged from the shadows and struck Jordan from behind. Upstairs, Curtis returned to the house just as the man stepped out of the basement. The man claimed to be the homeowner, but Curtis knew what Barstow looked like. The man fled the house through the back door as Curtis gave chase.

Meanwhile, Portia returned to the house. She called out as she entered the house, but she was met with silence. Portia noticed the basement door was ajar, and she used her phone to light the way as she descended the steps. Moments later, Portia found Jordan near the bottom of the staircase. Jordan slowly roused, but she was weak from a head injury. Portia suspected that Jordan had suffered a concussion. Jordan pointed to the dead man as she let Portia know that Barstow had been found.

Portia quickly helped Jordan to her feet, but the ladies found themselves locked in the basement when they reached the top of the stairs. Their situation turned dire when they realized the hissing sound they heard was from a leaking gas pipe. Portia wrapped a cloth around the pipe in an effort to slow the leak then searched for a tool to pry the door open. However, Jordan soon lost consciousness, and Portia raced to help her. Portia assured Jordan that Curtis would find them in time because it was not their time to die.

Portia insisted that both T.J. and Trina needed their mothers. Portia's eyes filled with tears as she made a confession. "I need to tell Trina the truth. The truth about her father," Portia said as her voice quivered with emotion.

Outside, Curtis caught up with the fleeing man in the woods. A brief struggle ensued, but the man warned Curtis that Curtis' "girlfriend" was in trouble back at the house -- and time was quickly running out. Curtis knocked the man unconscious then raced to the house.

At the Tan-O, "Mike" and Nina shared a passionate kiss. Afterwards, "Mike" suggested that they mark the special occasion with a trip to Philadelphia. He wanted to take Nina to a great restaurant then a place with music, so they could "do it up." Nina thought it sounded wonderful. "Mike" needed to clean up and get things organized, but he promised to pick her up in a few hours. Nina left the bar with a joyful smile that vanished the instant she saw Jax standing in the courtyard.

Jax noticed that Nina didn't appear happy to see him, but she demanded to know what he was doing there. Jax claimed it was a pressing issue, but she knew it wasn't about Crimson. Nina reminded him that they were no longer together. "My business is you," Jax told her. Nina tensed when Jax suggested that they take their conversation inside because he was eager to see the bar he had heard so much about.

Nina desperately tried to stop Jax, but he marched into the bar. She breathed a sigh of relief when there was no sign of Sonny inside. Jax looked around at the disarray as Nina explained that the bar was about to undergo renovations. She once again tried to get Jax to leave by insisting that her life in Nixon Falls was none of his business, but Jax questioned why she seemed very nervous. Nina denied it, but he didn't believe her.

Jax cut to the chase by asking about "Mike." Jax admitted that he didn't know much about the new man in Nina's life because Ava had been surprisingly protective of Nina when he had broached the subject with Ava. Ava had assured him that Nina was happy, but Jax had concerns. Annoyed, Nina reminded Jax that her life had been completely derailed when he and Carly had withheld Nelle's true identity from Nina. She insisted that "Mike" had helped her put the pieces back together by giving her understanding and the space that Jax hadn't.

Nina resented Jax trying to cast doubt on a relationship with a man that he had never met. "Where's this coming from?" she asked. "A jar of marinara sauce," Jax answered. He knew it sounded unbelievable, but he thought that "Mike" sounded too good to be true too. Jax offered to leave town in exchange for an introduction to "Mike." Nina refused.

"Is there a problem here?" "Mike" growled from the doorway. Jax's suspicions were confirmed when he saw Sonny. "You're alive," Jax said, but it quickly became clear that "Mike" only recognized Jax from the shooting at the firehouse dance. Nina cryptically told Jax that everyone would be better off if Jax left, but Jax could think of "a few dozen people" who would disagree. "For me?" Nina pleaded. Jax couldn't let Nina continue to live out a "twisted fantasy."

"Mike" bristled, and he warned Jax that he would not let Jax drag Nina back to her old life when she was happy in Nixon Falls -- with "Mike." Jax was shocked when "Mike" explained that he and Nina were in love. Jax argued that there was nothing about "Mike" that even remotely fit with the person that Jax had always known Nina to be. "Mike" insisted that it was time for Jax to accept that it was over and to let go. Jax acknowledged that there was no going back for him and Nina, but Jax warned "Mike" that what Nina and "Mike" shared was built on lies.

"And it's time for you both to face the truth," Jax announced.

Jax demands that Nina tell Sonny his true identity

Jax demands that Nina tell Sonny his true identity

Thursday, September 9, 2021

As the gas hissed in the basement of the house in Finger Lakes, NY, Portia held onto an unconscious Jordan. Portia lamented that she hadn't told Trina the truth about her father. Portia declared that she had to do something, and she gently laid Jordan's head onto the floor. She rushed up the steps and began to yell for help as she pounded on the door.

Curtis got back to the house and called out for Jordan. He heard Portia's cries for help and made his way down to the stairs, where he opened the locked door. Portia explained the situation quickly, and Curtis picked up Jordan and carried her up the stairs. Outside, he gently placed her onto the porch and pleaded with her to wake up.

Curtis informed Portia that Jordan only had one kidney, and they realized that she had suffered greatly from the gas leak and head injury. Portia declared that they needed to get her to the hospital.

At General Hospital, Maxie accused Brook Lynn of having ulterior motives in spending time with her post-appointment when Brook Lynn urged Maxie to follow Austin around. "Are you trying to set me up with Austin?" Maxie asked as Austin walked by. Brook Lynn thought he might be a distraction, but Maxie assured her that Austin would never be her choice. She realized that Brook Lynn had planned the ambush all along.

A frantic Ned showed up and exclaimed that he had been unable to find Leo. Brook Lynn called security, but as everyone panicked, Austin found Leo in the examination room where he'd last treated him. The little boy was playing with the fidget spinner that Austin had given him, and Leo admitted that no one knew he was there. Austin took Leo back out into the hallway, where Ned hugged him gratefully.

Brook Lynn was accusatory, but Austin explained that Leo had been the one to find him because he'd been waiting for Austin. Brook Lynn began to shout at Austin, but Ned stepped in because he understood what had happened. Austin handed Leo a new toy and asked to speak to Ned alone. Ned explained that Leo's follow-up appointment had been at their own doctor, but the boy had wanted to see Austin. Brook Lynn and Maxie agreed to keep an eye on Leo.

Austin and Ned stepped into a room to speak privately. Austin suggested that Leo's behavior needed attention, although he acknowledged that all children were different. He thought that Leo needed an effective way to communicate and could benefit from seeing a specialist. Ned confessed that he'd discussed similar concerns with Olivia, who hadn't wanted to listen. Austin urged Ned to try again, because he thought that treatment could help. He thought that Leo wasn't necessarily just shy. Austin made it clear that his speech had nothing to do with anything other than Leo.

Out in the hallway, Brook Lynn suggested that Austin was interested in Maxie, but Maxie accused her of doing anything to protect the family business. Maxie maintained that she wasn't a Quartermaine, and she had no intention of getting mixed up in Quartermaine business. Brook Lynn suggested that Maxie invite Austin to Carly's wedding. Ned returned, and Brook Lynn asked if Austin had tried to "weasel" his way into the family business. "Something like that," Ned replied. He walked off, and Brook Lynn continued to harass Maxie into making plans with Austin.

Maxie thought that Brook Lynn was a plotter and schemer, but Brook Lynn thought that Maxie, as a master schemer, would know. She called Maxie, "Schemer McSchemerson." They told each other off until Maxie finally gave in. She promised to blame Brook Lynn if Austin's memory included them plotting in the woods after Louise's birth. Austin walked by, and he wanted nothing to do with Brook Lynn, who called out to him. Maxie began to stammer, and she invited him to attend the wedding with her. He replied that it wasn't his thing.

Just then, Curtis rushed in with Jordan in his arms, and Portia following closely behind.

Jason found Carly standing at the site where Jake's had once stood. Carly confessed that she had been thinking about Jake's and feeling nostalgic. She recalled having danced with Jason there. Jason suspected that Carly had been fighting with herself, and she wondered if Sonny would want them to marry. Jason reminded her that Sonny was gone, and it was about them. He emphasized that they had the ability to call the wedding off, and he would deal with the fallout.

Jason made it clear that what he and Carly were to each other was the most important thing. Carly didn't want Jason to put himself into a bad situation, but he declared that Carly had always believed in him and fought for him. He trusted her, and if she didn't think they should get married, then that was okay.

Carly knew that Jason would be a great husband, and she reminisced about falling in love with him at Jake's. She recalled that she'd slept with Sonny, and they had fallen in love. She had locked her feelings for Jason away, but she was beginning to have those same feelings again. She thought they should reconsider getting married, because she needed Jason's friendship more than anything.

Carly was worried that her feelings for Jason would continue to grow, but it couldn't happen when Jason didn't return those feelings. Jason asked why she assumed that she was alone in having those feelings. He had fallen in love with her, but after she'd gotten together with Sonny, he'd seen her as a friend he could love. His own feelings had been returning, and he thought they could get married for real and spend the rest of their lives together. He emphasized that it was true, and they shared a passionate kiss.

At the Tan-O, "Mike" told Jax off, but Jax told Nina that she was wrong because she knew that "Mike" wasn't really "Mike's" name. "Mike" declared that he didn't want to know his past, and Jax retorted that he had a family who loved and missed him. "Mike" wondered why they hadn't come looking for him. Words were exchanged, and Nina asked to talk to Jax alone. "Mike" reluctantly agreed to leave as Nina promised him that she would be okay. "Mike" threatened Jax before he left.

Once they were alone, Jax asked Nina how long she had been keeping Sonny from his family. She quickly told him about her arrival in Nixon Falls to see Phyllis after Jax and Carly had hurt her. She had run into Sonny, who had lost his memory, and he had called himself "Mike" after reading the inscription on his watch. Nina continued that she had called Carly and had tried to tell her, but Carly had ripped into her. Nina hadn't been able to say anything. She began to cry as Jax accused her of wanting revenge.

Jax asked about Nina's additional opportunities to say something, and he wondered how Nina could have held Wiley while keeping Sonny from his grandchild. Nina insisted she had tried to "come clean" again, but Carly had interfered with her visit with Wiley. She added that "Mike" was not Sonny, and he had enjoyed living the simple life. She hadn't told Sonny his true identity because she had been afraid that Sonny would research it and discover all of his crimes. She didn't think "Mike" would be able to stand it.

She exclaimed that "Mike" gave her honesty, and she wondered whether "Mike" or Sonny was a better man for the world. Jax argued that it wasn't her decision. It was Sonny's decision, and he was married to Carly. Nina retorted that she and "Mike" were happy. She wanted Jax to leave and forget what he'd seen, but he told her he couldn't do that. He stated that everyone had still been grieving for Sonny, and Josslyn was in danger.

Jax added that Port Charles needed Sonny, and Nina had no idea what problems she'd caused. He explained that the family was vulnerable, and he told Nina what had transpired since she'd left town. Carly would have to marry Jason, although she was already married. Nina tried to explain it away, but Jax assured her there was no rationalization for it. He demanded that Nina tell Sonny the truth because the wedding was scheduled for later that night.

Outside, "Mike" sat on a park bench and removed his watch. He thought about exchanges with Jax as well as conversations he'd had with Nina. He kissed the watch, stood up, and tossed it as far as he could.

Jordan is rushed to the hospital, and Nina gets an ultimatum

Jordan is rushed to the hospital, and Nina gets an ultimatum

Friday, September 10, 2021

Carly and Jason slowly leaned in and kissed each other. When their lips parted, Carly said that she wouldn't mind "doing that again." Jason leaned in, and they shared another kiss. Later, Carly said it was "scary" to think that they could remain best friends and also try to figure out how to fall in love and be husband and wife. Jason sighed before asking Carly if she would marry him. "With all my heart," she replied with tears welling in her eyes.

Carly said that she'd been "caught up in the politics" and somehow forgot that it was their wedding day. Carly made it clear that she was still very committed to the business aspect of their union. As for celebrating, Carly wanted to celebrate at Jake's, which Jason was quick to note no longer existed. That didn't matter to Carly. She wanted to dance with Jason, but she also knew that Jason didn't like to dance.

Jason received a call from Tony alerting him that Jordan had been taken to the hospital.

On the docks, Ms. Wu, Mr. Novak, and their respective affiliates arrived and asked why Buscema had called a meeting. Wu stated that they had all already agreed that the best time to target the warehouse was when Carly and Jason were "distracted" by their wedding. Buscema insisted that nothing had changed, but he did have a message to pass along from Cyrus Renault.

Wu and Novak were glad that Renault was no longer someone they had to deal with, and both reveled in the opportunity to take out the Corinthos organization so that they would finally have access to Port Charles. Buscema warned Wu and Novak that they had just one chance to strike.

At General Hospital, Maxie asked Austin if he would like to attend "the wedding of the century." As she prattled on about how she'd planned it, Austin shrugged and replied, "Weddings are just not my thing." Maxie seemed disappointed and asked Austin if he was sure he didn't want to go. Before he could answer, Curtis called out for help as he carried an unconscious Jordan into the emergency room.

Maxie and Brook Lynn walked over to check on Portia to see if she was okay. As she struggled to breathe, Portia asked Brook Lynn to find a doctor to examine her. Portia said that she didn't want Maxie to call Trina because she didn't want Trina to worry about her.

Portia was taken into an examining room and given oxygen. She asked for an update on Jordan's condition. Moments later, T.J. burst into Portia's room to check on her. Portia said she would be fine but told T.J. that his mom had been with her, and Jordan had "been injured."

As Austin emerged from Jordan's room, Curtis immediately began asking for updates. Austin shared that he was waiting on test results to see how much carbon monoxide was still in Jordan's system. He then told Curtis that he could not share any more information because Curtis and Jordan were divorced and no longer considered family. Curtis quickly corrected him: they were not divorced. "Mazel tov," Austin replied and gave Curtis permission to see Jordan.

Curtis sat by Jordan's side and begged her to wake up. "You have beat the odds so many times," he said softly, pleading, "I need you to beat them again." Austin poked his head into the room and asked if he could talk to Curtis. Curtis joined Austin outside, but he knew by Austin's face that the news wasn't good. Austin explained that the normal levels of carbon monoxide in an adult who didn't smoke were less than two percent; Jordan's carboxyhemoglobin levels were 58%. Austin insisted that he would do everything in his power to get Jordan's levels back to normal, including the use of a hyperbaric chamber, if necessary.

T.J. raced over to ask Austin for an update on his mom. When he learned that Jordan was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, T.J. worried that his mom's one remaining kidney could be compromised. Curtis told T.J. to sit with his mom. Austin told Curtis that the nephrologist had determined that Jordan would need to be placed on dialysis if her kidney function did not improve.

Seated beside his mom, T.J. begged his mom to pull through and said he was not above playing "the guilt card" to will her through. Curtis entered to check on Jordan, and T.J. excused himself. Curtis told Jordan that he'd never stopped loving Jordan. "Don't break my heart again," Curtis said. Portia walked into the examining room as Curtis was pouring his heart out to Jordan. Just then, Jordan began to wiggle her fingers, and her eyes slowly fluttered open. Curtis sobbed as he bent down and kissed her hand.

T.J. called Shawn to tell him that Jordan was in the hospital. When Shawn arrived, T.J. briefed him on everything he knew about how Jordan had landed in the hospital. Shawn said it was possible that the work he and Jordan were doing might have resulted in her getting hurt. Still, Shawn didn't know how Curtis and Portia had gotten involved. T.J. stated that Curtis and Portia had more than likely saved his mother's life.

T.J. was granted time off by his supervisor so that he could be with his mom. Shawn offered T.J. some encouragement by reminding him that Jordan was tough.

Jason and Carly arrived at the hospital and asked Portia what had happened to Jordan. Portia shared that she and Curtis had arrived at a house in the Finger Lakes at the same time as Jordan. She explained that she and Jordan had found a body that they believed to be Roger Barstow, a man who had worked at Crichton-Clark. As the twosome tried to put the pieces together, Carly received a text message from Josslyn informing her that she was officially late for her wedding. Carly smiled and told Jason that she'd see him at the altar.

Shortly after Carly left, Jason received a phone call. "I'm listening," he said cryptically to the person on the other end.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Maxie thanked Brook Lynn for buying her some coffee. Maxie then asked Brook Lynn to update her on Louise. The two women disagreed on whether or not the baby should be left to self-soothe. "Is it easier for you to ignore 'Bailey' because you're not really her mother," Maxie asked pointedly. Brook Lynn denied ignoring the infant and said that she loved "Bailey" and was doing the best she could.

Maxie said that she understood, but she said that she wanted to be the one making decisions for "Bailey." That prompted Brook Lynn to ask if Maxie wanted to claim the baby as her own. Maxie wasn't sure that it was safe to do that yet. Before they could discuss things in any more detail, Austin passed by in the corridor. Brook Lynn "just remembered" that she had to check in with Yuri, and she scurried off to let the two have some alone time.

Maxie asked Austin for an update on Jordan's condition, but Austin reminded her that confidentiality rules prevented him from telling her anything. As Brook Lynn listened from around the corner, Maxie again asked Austin if he'd go to the wedding with her. Austin said that he didn't understand why Maxie would want him to go to the wedding with her when she had previously said that seeing him was a reminder of the baby she'd lost.

At the Metro Court, Gladys apologized for being late but said she had fallen over the paint cans that Brando had left in the hallway. She then complained that the baby's things were in her way. Gladys quickly realized that Brando was going to ask when she was planning to move into her own place. She restated her belief that the baby could share Brando and Sasha's room. Besides, Gladys did not want Brando to be lonely. He replied that he would not be lonely -- especially when Sasha moved in with him. Gladys swiftly turned her head in Sasha's direction.

Gladys claimed that Brando and Sasha barely knew each other, and for them to move in together made no sense. Sasha said that they were getting to know each other, and Brando stated that he and Sasha were family. Gladys countered that she, too, was family, but that didn't stop Brando from wanting to kick her out. Sasha suggested that Gladys' friend Mr. Novak might be able to help her find a place to live.

Again, Gladys stated that she was not moving out -- especially since Brando was barely home. Sasha smiled and mused that Brando has been busy entertaining people with his side gig. Gladys nearly choked on her drink when Brando announced that he was a stripper. Gladys asked why "Miss Face of Deception" Sasha couldn't "cough up the cash" that was needed. Sasha explained that she and Brando had decided to split all their costs equally.

As Gladys was voicing her disproval, Vincent Novak approached their table. The two exchanged pleasantries before Gladys introduced Vincent to Sasha and Brando. Gladys invited Vincent to join them, but Brando and Sasha said that they had an appointment and had to leave. Before leaving, Brando urged his mother to "be careful."

After Sasha and Brando left, Novak asked Gladys if Brando had a problem with him. Gladys claimed that Brando had a "short fuse" because he had been working long hours. Novak stated that "circumstances can always change." He then urged Gladys to stick with him because "good things will be coming" to her and her family.

In a wooded area of Nixon Falls, Phyllis stumbled across "Mike," who proceeded to tell her that he'd told Nina that he loved her. Phyllis was overjoyed when "Mike" shared that Nina had told him that she loved him. Phyllis gave "Mike" a hug and said she'd known he and Nina loved each other -- she'd just needed them to figure it out for themselves. Phyllis wondered why "Mike" wasn't with Nina. "Mike" grumbled that Jax was back in town, and Nina wanted to talk to Jax alone. Phyllis was about to head to the Tan-O to confront Jax, but "Mike" asked her not to.

Phyllis and "Mike" sat down to talk, and she noticed that he was not wearing his watch. "Mike" recalled throwing the watch into the woods and told Phyllis that he had "decided to let it go" and focus on the future. "Mike" expressed his frustration with trying to remember a past that he could not remember. "I am so glad that my two favorite people found each other," Phyllis gushed. Phyllis told "Mike" that it was time he went to see if Nina was okay. Unbeknownst to "Mike," he left his cell phone behind.

At the Tan-O, Nina was surprised that Carly and Jason would be getting married later that day. When Jax said that Jason and Carly wanted to present a "united front," Nina saw that as an indication that everything would be okay. "There's no life waiting" for Sonny, she said as she begged Jax to walk away. Jax couldn't mask his outrage at Nina's suggestion that Sonny could stay dead. He was further enraged when Nina referred to Sonny as "Mike."

Nina insisted that the two men were totally different. "'Mike' is free from the violence that has haunted Sonny his entire life," Nina said, insisting, "'Mike' can be the good man that he is inside, that he always has been." Jax likened what Nina was doing to the way that Valentin had tried to pass off Sasha as Nina's daughter. Nina argued the two things were not the same. Jax stated that it was inevitable that "Mike" would learn the truth. Nina burst into tears as she exclaimed that she could not loss "Mike." "You won't lose 'Mike,' because he doesn't exist," Jax replied, declaring, "He never has."

Nina explained that "Mike" had brought her back to life after losing her daughter and losing Jax. Jax, though seemingly moved by what Nina said, told Nina that she had to allow "Mike" to know who he was and to choose the life he wanted to live. Nina argued that the people in Sonny's life would not give "Mike" a chance. Jax countered that by saying that Sonny -- not others -- had chosen who he wanted to be over and over again. Jax then snapped that he didn't think Carly should be marrying Jason in order to take control of Sonny's territory when Sonny was alive and could manage the territory himself.

Nina took several steps back and announced that she understood why Jax had been so insistent -- it wasn't about Sonny; it was about Carly. Jax denied it. Jax asked Nina to consider Sonny's kids, who were grieving his death. When she thought about Wiley never having a chance to meet his grandfather, Nina suddenly realized that she had to tell "Mike" the truth. She asked Jax to let her be the one to tell "Mike." Jax had no issue with that, but he told Nina that he would not be leaving Nixon Falls until he knew that "Mike" had been told the truth. Jax agreed to give Nina some space, and he walked off.

Alone in the Tan-O, Nina looked a photo of her and "Mike" on her cell phone. She dialed "Mike's" number and was surprised when Phyllis answered the phone. Phyllis explained that "Mike" was on his way to the Tan-O, but he had left his phone behind. The front door opened, and Nina told Phyllis that "Mike" had just arrived. Nina hung up the phone and turned around, but she was greeted not by "Mike" but by a scowling Peter August.

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