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Steffy finally remembered that Sheila had shot Steffy and Finn, but instead of calling the police, Ridge, Taylor, and Steffy set up a sting to catch Sheila in her lies. As Eric's affair with Donna continued, Quinn gave Eric a custom ring with special abilities.
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When confronted by Steffy, Ridge, and Taylor about the shooting, Sheila admitted everything
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Steffy remembers every detail about her shooting

Steffy remembers every detail about her shooting

Monday, May 9, 2022

At the cliff house, Steffy's memories of the shooting continued to rapidly unfurl. Taylor and Ridge helped Steffy focus on who she'd followed into the alley and if it was someone Steffy knew. Fragmented memories dashed through Steffy's mind."Sheila...Sheila..." Steffy fearfully uttered.

Steffy could clearly see Sheila in her memories. To Taylor, it didn't make any sense, and she suspected it was the shock of first seeing Sheila upon waking up at the hospital. Certain of her memories, Steffy insisted that Sheila had been in the alley. It was fuzzy and confusing to Steffy, and Ridge began to worry that Sheila was protecting the perpetrator.

"Oh, Ridge, she wouldn't protect her son's killer!" Taylor exclaimed. Ridge thought it was too late to turn back or stop because they had to know why Sheila had been there.

Steffy remembered that Finn hadn't been there yet. She flashed back to a grainy memory of meeting Sheila at Il Giardino. Steffy conveyed to her parents that Sheila had been happy to see her, but Steffy had been angry with Sheila. Sheila had gone into the alley, and Steffy had pursued her, telling her that she wouldn't get away with it.

Steffy remembered that Sheila had asserted that she'd stop Steffy. Steffy had told Sheila that Sheila wouldn't see Finn or Hayes again. "She reached into her purse! She reached into her purse! She didn't even hesitate! I'd only just seen him. He was suddenly there, and Finn just -- he just fell! He was there!" Steffy cried, seeing Finn's shooting happen in her mind. "It was Sheila! It was Sheila! She shot Finn! She killed her own son!" Steffy screamed.

"Sheila! Of course, it was Sheila!" Ridge rasped. Taylor asked if Steffy was sure. Steffy remembered Finn dying and that she'd told him to hang on. She said he hadn't been able to. She remembered trying to call for help, but Sheila had pointed the gun and shot Steffy. "She shot him, and then she turned the gun on me. She killed her own son!" Steffy yelled.

Steffy refused to let Sheila get away with it. She vowed to make Sheila pay for what she'd done.

At Il Giardino, Deacon said it was a little drastic for Sheila to choose to leave town because of Steffy's reaction to Sheila's earlier visit. He advised Sheila to give it more time, but Sheila asserted that, out of options, she needed to leave Los Angeles. Disbelieving that she was out of options, Deacon remarked that her new "BFF" could get her an invitation to see Hayes again.

Sheila stated that it wasn't going to happen again. She felt she'd lost her chance, and she believed that Finn's death was another excuse to keep her away from her grandchild. In her view, the walls were closing in on her. Deacon instructed Shella to take a deep breath. She complied, but she still insisted that it was best that she leave and never return.

Deacon couldn't understand why Sheila wanted to leave when it seemed like she was finally getting a chance to be a part of Hayes's life. Sheila muttered that it shouldn't be that way. She believed she should be holding Hayes. She said that Finn should be there and would be there if it hadn't been for Steffy.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Paris suspected that Quinn was the reason Carter wasn't on board with being with Paris. Quinn and Eric arrived, and Paris pressed Carter to affirm or deny. Carter gathered up some files and rushed Paris across the hall to "find an answer."

Alone with Quinn, Eric wondered what that had been about. Sure that Carter and Paris would work it out, Quinn said she and her husband had their own things to work out, like what they'd have for dinner. Eric conveyed that he had a meeting and Pickleball afterward, but he promised not to be late getting home. It seemed to Quinn that many wanted his attention, and she hoped he saved some for her. She attempted to kiss him but received a lackluster response.

In the design office, Carter asked why Paris would do that. Paris suspected that she had her answer. She stated that if Carter had his way, he'd be with Quinn. Upset, Carter asserted that he wouldn't go back to betraying a friend, and that was also why he couldn't be with Paris. Unconvinced, Paris said it was only a matter of time before Ridge and Eric saw what Paris saw.

Paris decided that it wasn't going anywhere, anyway, with Carter and Quinn. Closing in on Carter, Paris reasoned that he knew he had to put Quinn behind him. He acknowledged that he did. "Then who better to move on with than me?" she asked, leaning in for a kiss.

Just then, Quinn opened the office door, and Paris backed away from Carter. Carter told Quinn that his meeting with Paris was wrapping up. Quinn decided she had something to go over with him, and he asked if Paris minded leaving.

Paris exited, and closing the door, Quinn asked if Carter knew she'd said that just to rescue him. He thanked her and conveyed that Paris was onto him about his feelings for Quinn.

Quinn stated that there was nothing going on between Carter and her. She hoped Paris knew that. Quinn couldn't have Paris walking around, thinking Quinn would ever betray Eric that way again. Carter said it only mattered what Eric knew, and Carter believed that Eric understood they would never hurt Eric that way again. Quinn asserted that they wouldn't. She said Eric was loyal to her after what she'd done, and she'd always appreciate that.

In a bedroom in Los Angeles, Donna let Eric in, and they passionately kissed. He said he felt guilty about what he was doing to Quinn, but he couldn't stop thinking about Donna. Something about being with Donna felt like home to him. Donna guessed it was the honey, but he said it was Donna -- it was laughing with her, kissing her, and holding her. "I cannot stay away from you. You bring me so much joy," he said, and they began kissing.

Steffy asks for the chance to confront Sheila

Steffy asks for the chance to confront Sheila

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

In the design office, Quinn was concerned that Paris would stir up trouble where there wasn't any about Carter and Quinn. Carter guessed he wasn't as good at hiding his feelings as he'd thought. Quinn said that she'd always care about him and be attracted to every single thing about him; however, she loved her husband, and nothing would change their commitment.

Carter admired the work Quinn had put into her relationship. Quinn felt that Eric deserved the credit for not giving up on his marriage or her. She said that things hadn't returned to the way they'd once been, but she had to own what she'd done by breaking Eric's trust. In her view, it was something Eric would never do to her.

Carter stated that Quinn was lucky to have Eric, but Eric was luckier to have her. Carter could think of 50 reasons any man would be grateful to have her. Carter wanted her marriage to succeed because she wanted it, and he wanted her to be happy. He asked if there was anything more that she could do for her marriage. Quinn said she'd been trying to be the woman Eric had fallen in love with, only better. Carter was surprised that she was still sensing distance from Eric.

Quinn was trying to be understanding because Eric was busy with work and Pickleball. She said Eric was also still trying to forgive her. She just couldn't wait for them to be close again. Carter advised Quinn to show Eric how much she cared. Carter left to give her privacy to call Eric.

In a bed with Eric, Donna wondered what was wrong. He said he was enjoying the quiet, but she suspected that he was thinking about his wife. Donna joked that she was thinking of Brad Pitt, her "fantasy hall pass." She offered to keep it a secret that she was Eric's fantasy hall pass. Eric agreed to it but couldn't help feeling guilty.

Donna said she didn't want to complicate Eric's life. Eric appreciated how uncomplicated she actually was. He thought that being with her was effortless. Donna desired to make his life easy, effortless, and happy. Eric told her that she was doing it, and she made him very happy.

Donna didn't want Eric to let it eat away at his conscience because, in her view, their being together was familiar, cozy, and beautiful. Eric replied that he didn't regret any of it. In fact, it was the best thing to happen in his life in a long time. He said Donna made him laugh until he cried. Her affection meant a great deal to him, and she wasn't bad to look at, either.

Eric's phone rang. It was Quinn on the line. He answered the phone, and when Donna saw that it was a video call, she dashed out of view. Quinn asked Eric where he was.

At Il Giardino, Deacon was thrown by Sheila's cryptic behavior and asked what she'd meant by saying Finn would be alive if not for Steffy. Sheila said Steffy was always causing trouble and didn't know how to keep her mouth shut. Sheila felt that Finn would still be there if Steffy had handled things differently. Deacon didn't know how Sheila could know that, and from the way it sounded to him, she was talking as if she'd been there that night.

Sheila complained that Steffy never listened and only considered herself, not Finn or anyone else. Deacon asked if Sheila suspected that Steffy had mouthed off to the shooter. Sheila was sure of it. Deacon replied that he'd never considered how the Finnegans had reacted to the shooter. Sheila didn't believe the shooter had planned to shoot two people.

Deacon didn't know if they'd ever know what had really happened. Sheila stated that she should have been there to protect Finn instead of Finn getting shot. Deacon asked her not to beat herself up for it. He said she wasn't responsible for what had happened to Finn, who would not want his mother punishing herself for it. Sheila wasn't so sure of that one.

Deacon believed that Finn would want Sheila to keep living. Sheila replied that every day and night, she thought about Finn and how he'd died. She was adamant that if Finn hadn't shown up in the alley and if Steffy hadn't given Finn a reason to worry --

Interrupting Sheila, Deacon told her that people couldn't control everything, and her issues with Steffy hadn't caused it. Sheila replied that she'd always feel responsible, and that was why it was best that she leave Los Angeles.

At the cliff house, the distraught Steffy told her parents that Sheila had pulled the trigger, killing Finn. Steffy realized that Finn had saved her life by jumping in front of the bullet. "I am going to make her pay for what she's done!" Steffy screamed.

Ridge wasn't surprised that Sheila had murdered her own son. Taylor asked how Sheila could have done it. Steffy added that Sheila had shot Steffy as Finn lay dead in the alley. Taylor was distraught that Taylor had let Sheila into their lives, but Ridge said not to do that because Taylor had been trying to give Sheila the benefit of the doubt.

Steffy said that Sheila had fooled Finn, too. "I should have seen it. I should have seen it. How could I not see this?" Taylor questioned. She realized that Sheila had been blaming herself because Sheila had been the reason that Finn had died. Steffy exclaimed that Finn was the reason that she was alive; he had taken the bullet meant for her.

"I'm gonna kill this woman," Ridge uttered. Taylor hopped up to call the police, but Steffy didn't want to handle it that way. "Invite her over here," Steffy said. Steffy wanted to look Sheila in the eye and watch her squirm once she was busted. Taylor and Ridge said that Sheila was too dangerous, but Steffy insisted that Taylor call Sheila.

Taylor asked what she was supposed to say. Steffy instructed Taylor to offer Sheila everything she wanted, acceptance and a place in Hayes's life. Ridge didn't think it was a good idea. Steffy persisted, believing that she needed it. She needed to feel like she was avenging Finn's death. Taylor worried about Sheila's weapons, but Steffy said Sheila wouldn't be armed around Hayes.

Taylor called Sheila, who was still with Deacon. Sheila apologized for upsetting Steffy earlier. Taylor made excuses for how Steffy had been feeling and offered to let Sheila return to see Hayes. Sheila was surprised to hear it. Taylor stated that she just wanted to see Sheila get what she deserved. Taylor was sure Finn would want it. Sheila replied that Taylor had no idea what it meant to Sheila. Sheila agreed to head right over.

Once the call had ended, Ridge asked Steffy if she was sure about it. Steffy asserted that Sheila had terrorized their family for too long, and it was time to put an end to it.

Back at Il Giardino, Sheila was giddy about the development and told Deacon that she might have a chance to have a role in her grandson's life. Happy for Sheila, Deacon said she might not be leaving L.A., after all. The two hugged.

Steffy blasts Sheila as a cold-blooded murderer

Steffy blasts Sheila as a cold-blooded murderer

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

"I knew it! I knew I'd catch you!" Quinn said as she video chatted with Eric. Donna quietly ducked below the covers, hoping to not be seen. Seeing that Eric was shirtless, she surmised that he was at the Beach Club. A slightly panicked Eric claimed that he was just about to take a shower because he had had "quite the workout." Quinn said she wished she could be with Eric but looked forward to seeing him when he returned to the office. When the call ended, a giggling Donna popped out from under the covers. Eric joined her in laughter.

Later, Eric told Donna that he needed to get back to work because there was "a hole" in Forrester with Steffy and Ridge taking time off from work. Donna gave Eric a shoulder massage as he continued getting dressed. Eric called Donna "a breath of fresh air" and said that he looked forward to seeing her again. Donna worried that they were "playing with fire" by carrying on their secret rendezvous. Eric promised Donna that no one would get hurt. They kissed tenderly. "Until next time, my honey bear," Donna said softly.

Carter entered the design office at Forrester Creations just as Quinn's call wrapped up. He encouraged her to go to the Beach Club to surprise Eric. Quinn didn't see a need to go to the club, since Eric would soon be returning to the office. She reached into the drawer of her desk and showed Carter a custom smart ring that she had created for Eric. The ring, she explained, would keep track of Eric's heart rate and overall health.

Carter was impressed with the way that Quinn was involved in making sure that Eric remained healthy. He was also impressed by the way that Quinn had designed the ring. Quinn told Carter that she was not going to tell Eric that the ring was a fitness tracker because she knew that would make Eric feel as though she was unnecessarily worried about his health.

Eric opened the door to the design office and poked his head into the room. Carter stated that he was late for a meeting and left the married couple alone in the office. Quinn told Eric that she was very happy to see him taking care of himself. She presented him with the ring she had made as a "thank you for giving us a second chance" gift. Quinn slid the ring on Eric's finger and said it was a "perfect fit," just like they were to each other. "This ring is going to give us a long, happy life together," she said with a smile. Eric embraced his wife, but Quinn could not see the look of worry on Eric's face.

At Il Giardino, Sheila celebrated being asked to drop by to visit with Hayes. Deacon remarked that it appeared Sheila's luck had finally changed. Sheila wondered if it was too good to be true. Deacon told Sheila that she "deserved to catch a break" after all that she had been through. Sheila said that she wished Finn could be around to see her be part of Hayes's life, commenting that she would always "be haunted" by the night that Finn had been killed.

Later, Deacon poured himself some club soda and proposed a toast to Sheila "for finally getting" what she deserved.

Steffy paced around the living room at the cliff house, proclaiming that Sheila had shot her and "killed her own son." Taylor asked Steffy to pause for a moment to really make sure that what she was saying was true. Steffy became agitated as she told her parents that she could "hear the gunshot" in her head and see Sheila holding a gun. Ridge worried that confronting Sheila was not a good idea, but Steffy countered that it was the only option.

When Sheila arrived, she was surprised to see that Ridge and Steffy were there. Taylor explained that even though they all shared "a very painful and very disturbing past" with Sheila, she believed that Sheila had been trying to show that she had become a better person. Sheila interrupted Taylor and noted that Ridge and Steffy both refused to believe that she had changed.

"It's time for us to make it come to an end," Ridge stated. Steffy added that she and her parents were all in agreement about what needed to be done. Sheila was elated that Steffy seemed to have come around. Sheila remarked that she knew "how valuable" family had been to Finn, and she wished her son could have been with them. Hoping not to sound "insensitive," Sheila said that the "crushing pain" she felt was something that Steffy would never know.

Sheila told Steffy that she was sorry for what had happened to Finn. Steffy began to cry as she recalled that when she had first woken up, she had forgotten about Finn and Hayes. "I must have just blocked it out. I kept it buried," she said. Steffy's tears stopped, and the expression on her face turned cold. Steffy took a few steps toward Sheila and commented that "on some level," Finn had cared about Sheila, despite all the pain that Sheila had caused. "It shows what a kind, caring man he was," Steffy added.

Steffy asked what kind of "sick animal shoots someone in cold blood." Sheila replied that they would probably never find out who had taken Finn's life, and she felt it was best to honor Finn's life instead of his death. "How could you stand here and talk about loving and honoring him when it was you?" Steffy asked. Steffy suddenly let go of all the emotions she had been bottling up. "You killed your own son -- and then you shot me and left me to die," Steffy yelled. She declared, "You're a murderer!"

Sheila blames Steffy for Finn's death

Sheila blames Steffy for Finn's death

Thursday, May 12, 2022

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Hope sat down for tea. Deacon arrived, greeting Hope with, "Hey, Lulu!" He'd thought about stopping at the cabin first, but he was thrilled that he'd found them both at Brooke's house. He knew that he shouldn't just waltz in, but he hadn't seen Ridge's car out front. Brooke replied that Ridge wasn't there.

Hope said she and her mom had been discussing Steffy's progress. Deacon figured that Brooke was hoping that Ridge would return to her once things improved with Steffy. "I guess unlikelier things have happened," Deacon quipped. Brooke replied that Ridge was focused on Steffy.

Deacon apologized for undermining Brooke and Hope's faith in their spouses. He didn't mean any harm; it was just that he wanted to be around Brooke and Hope all the time, so he figured Liam and Ridge should, too. Hope said they got it. Deacon, who hadn't arrived to upset anyone, said he was there with mind-blowing news. He stated that it was crazy how tragedies affected relationships people had, namely with Sheila.

Hope said Deacon was supposed to keep his distance from Sheila. Deacon agreed, but he'd empathized with Sheila after she'd lost her son. Brooke admitted to feeling sorry for Sheila. Deacon said Brooke wasn't the only one, and he revealed that Taylor had invited Sheila to the cliff house for what Sheila was hoping would be a chance for her to be in her grandson's life.

At the cliff house, Sheila purported to be confused. She claimed they were family, and she didn't get why they'd invited her there. Steffy yelled that Sheila had shot and killed Finn. "The truth is out, Sheila! I remember now! It was you! You're a murderer!" Steffy yelled.

Sheila asserted that Steffy's words were crazy. Recalling that she'd been invited to see Hayes, Sheila looked at Taylor, asking if Taylor had tricked Sheila. Sheila grabbed her purse, but Taylor said Sheila would stay and answer for what she'd done. "I haven't done anything," Sheila contended. Taylor stated that Steffy had remembered.

Sheila said that Steffy was wrong, and everyone was delusional. Sheila was disgusted because Taylor had once sympathized with Sheila in her grief. Sheila asserted that she'd loved her son; she'd given him away to give him a good life, and she'd never deliberately end it.

"You're calling Steffy a liar?" Ridge asked. Sheila replied that Steffy didn't know what she was saying. Steffy accused Sheila of having a gun and shooting Steffy and Finn. Sheila asked why she'd be at the hospital or speak to the police. Steffy insisted Sheila had done it. "Yeah, and when you were in the hospital, you also thought that Liam was your husband," Sheila added.

Sheila stated that Steffy's memories were not infallible. Turning to Taylor, Sheila said Taylor knew that. Sheila wasn't surprised that while Steffy was piecing it all together, she'd chosen for the shooter to be Sheila, the one who'd shot Steffy's mother. Sheila accused Steffy of looking for someone to blame for losing Finn, but Steffy insisted that she knew what she was saying.

Sheila said she'd always considered Sheila to be a threat, and that was why Steffy had placed Sheila in the alley. Sheila, who'd merely wanted to be a part of the family, felt torn apart by Finn's death. Sheila reminded Taylor that Sheila had wanted to take her own life. Sheila said Taylor knew that Sheila wasn't violent anymore and that Steffy's mind was tainted by anger and fear. Sheila asked Taylor to believe Sheila, who'd saved Taylor's life.

Steffy asked what that was about. Taylor explained what had happened on the hospital roof. Ridge asked if Sheila wanted a loyalty cookie. Sheila yelled that the accusation was sick and wrong. Ridge bellowed that Sheila was a killer and had killed her own boy. Sheila admitted that she'd lost control in the past. She'd lost control before, but in her view, she was not evil.

Sheila was sorry about what had happened, and she was sorry for what it meant for Hayes. Taylor told Sheila that it was enough. Taylor, who'd opened up to Sheila and insisted that Steffy let Sheila into the home, said she'd defended Sheila to her family and told them to try to understand the pain Sheila was going through.

Sheila said Taylor knew that Sheila was a different person. Sheila owned her choices, but she insisted that they didn't define her. Sheila said she'd served her time, and Finn had seen how hard she'd tried to make amends. Sheila stated that she'd lost her son in a senseless act of violence, and she'd never have the chance to truly redeem herself again.

Ridge, Taylor, and Steffy could hardly look at Sheila, who noted that they'd turned on her. Sheila insisted that it hadn't happened the way Steffy had said. Sheila urged Taylor to say something. "They'll believe you. They'll listen to you," Sheila said. Taylor asked if Sheila wanted Taylor to make Steffy doubt her own memory. Taylor said that Sheila was good, but not that good.

Taylor asserted that she believed her daughter, who'd remembered Finn's killer. Sheila uttered that she wasn't that person. Steffy told Sheila to stop lying. Steffy recalled that they'd been arguing, and Sheila had taken out a gun with the intention of killing Steffy if it hadn't been for Finn, who'd jumped in front of the bullet. Steffy said her husband had died in her arms, and when she'd turned to call for help, Sheila had shot her, too.

Steffy said that Finn's blood was on Sheila's hands. Sheila tried to claim that she wasn't the enemy and that Steffy's memory was hazy. Sheila felt that Steffy hated Sheila and wanted Sheila to be punished. Ridge raged that Sheila never got punished, and if she had, she'd still be in prison. He claimed Sheila never would have made it back there to shoot Finn and Steffy. Ridge vowed to spend his life putting her behind bars like the filthy animal she was.

"Yes! I did it!" Sheila screamed. She claimed it had been an accident that haunted her every moment of every day. Steffy hoped that Sheila would rot behind bars. Sheila uttered that Finn shouldn't have been there, and she wouldn't have hurt Finn, her last chance to have a loving relationship with one of her children. "But you couldn't let that happen, could you?" Sheila asked.

Sheila recalled that Steffy had threatened Sheila and vowed to get between Sheila and Finn. Steffy said Hayes would hate Sheila for the rest of his life. "You're the one who took his daddy away from him. You," Sheila replied. In Sheila's view, it never would have happened if Steffy had shown compassion, understanding, and kindness; however, Steffy had been too selfish and cruel for that. Sheila said Steffy could blame Sheila, but Steffy knew what had really happened.

"I didn't chase after you. You came after me. Finn would still be here if it weren't for you! You'd still have your husband. And Hayes would still have his daddy, but no! You had to come after me. You had to attack me! I was defending my relationship with my son! This is on you! Finn's blood is on your hands, Steffy! Yours!' Sheila screamed.

Ridge learns the truth about New Year's Eve

Ridge learns the truth about New Year's Eve

Friday, May 13, 2022

At Brooke's house, Brooke scoffed at the idea that Sheila would actually believe she'd be welcomed into Steffy and Taylor's family. Deacon remarked that Taylor seemed to be the peacemaker in the family, and it might be a new beginning for Sheila. Hope wondered if there was more to the story, and Deacon said that Taylor and Sheila had bonded.

Brooke laughed and called it ridiculous. Deacon told Hope and Brooke that Sheila had saved Taylor's life. Later, after Deacon recounted the details of what had happened between Sheila and Taylor on the rooftop, Brooke found it to be incredible that Sheila, who was more likely to take a life, had actually saved one.

Brooke asked what exactly Deacon's relationship with Sheila was, and he joked that Brooke was jealous. Brooke asked why he kept defending the terrible Sheila. He reasoned that people said the same thing about him, but he guessed that Hope and Brooke didn't think he was so bad. Hope replied that he wasn't like Sheila.

Deacon asked if there could be a better tribute to Finn than letting Finn's mother into the family Finn had left behind. Brooke admitted that she felt bad for Sheila's loss. Deacon replied that it only took one person to reach out. "Well, it can't be me. It can't," Brooke stated. Brooke asserted that even if she wanted to, Ridge would never allow Sheila into their lives.

Deacon confessed to being jealous of the way Brooke defended and supported Ridge, who was in the house with Taylor. Hope said Ridge was in the guesthouse, but Deacon said it was still too close. Brooke stated that Ridge had left because Brooke had betrayed Ridge's trust "with you." Deacon was sorry for it. Brooke said she didn't blame Deacon; it was her own fault, but after all that time, she still didn't know what had made her drink.

At the cliff house, Ridge and Taylor were outraged that Sheila blamed Steffy for Sheila's actions in the alley that fateful night. Sheila explained that Finn had jumped in front of a bullet. Steffy said the bullet had been meant for her. Sheila replied that Steffy had refused to let Sheila take her rightful place in Finn's life, and therefore, Finn's blood was on Steffy's hands. "He'd still be alive today if it weren't for you," Sheila seethed.

Ridge asserted that Sheila had put a bullet into her own kid. Taylor was disillusioned because she'd given Sheila a chance, despite warnings, to prove she was capable of love and being in the family. Contending that she was capable, Sheila brought up how grateful Taylor had been when Sheila had saved her life. "But the whole time, you knew!" Taylor screamed. Taylor said Sheila had known she was the reason Steffy had been fighting for her life. Taylor concluded that Sheila was "the same heartless bitch" she'd always been.

Ridge said he'd thought he'd known what Sheila was capable of, but he hadn't imagined she'd shoot her son in cold blood. Sheila asserted that she hadn't meant to do it. "That's how you justify that? You were trying to kill somebody else? What the hell is wrong with you?" Ridge raged. Sheila uttered that none of it would have happened if Steffy had given Sheila a chance to prove herself. Steffy claimed she had, and Sheila had proven herself psycho.

Sheila claimed that the night was hazy in her mind, but in her view, Finn had suddenly been where he shouldn't have been. She said it had been too late, and she hadn't been able to think. Ridge thought she'd been thinking enough to stage a robbery. Sheila replied that they acted as if she'd planned it out, but she'd merely been reacting.

Ridge yelled that Sheila had left his daughter to die in an alley, and Taylor added that Sheila had arrived at the hospital with her fake grief. Sheila replied that Taylor had seen how terrible Sheila had felt, but Taylor responded that Sheila had felt that way because she'd murdered her own son. Taylor accused Sheila of lying to everyone and playing Taylor for a fool, acting like the grieving mother and grandmother when Sheila was actually responsible for Finn's death.

Ridge told Sheila that she was sick. Sheila asked if it was sick that she'd wanted a place in Finn's life and to see Brooke finally lose to Taylor. Taylor and Steffy asked what Brooke had to do with it. Sheila said Brooke had taken Ridge from Taylor and Steffy. Sheila claimed she had been trying to right a wrong. Sheila told Taylor, "You have no idea how far above and beyond I've already gone for you." Steffy said no one knew what Sheila was talking about, but Sheila said Steffy did.

Sheila invited Steffy to tell her parents about New Year's Eve and what Sheila had put on the line for Taylor and Ridge. Ridge asked what Sheila was talking about. Sheila told Taylor that Sheila had been on Taylor's side. It had been what New Year's Eve had been about. Sheila had done it because "I love you. I love you all." Steffy called Sheila insane.

Sheila said she'd just wanted to be a part of the beautiful life Finn and Steffy had created, but doors had been slammed in her face. Sheila stated that Brooke had hurt her, but Steffy had hurt Sheila the most. A flashback played of Steffy yelling at Sheila in the alley. Sheila said Steffy had refused Sheila a place in Finn's life. Sheila asked how she should have reacted to that.

Sheila said she would have forgiven it if Steffy had given Sheila an inch of compassion; however, Steffy had instead chosen to defend Brooke over Sheila. Taylor asked why Sheila kept talking about Brooke, and Sheila told Steffy to tell her parents.

Steffy experienced a flashback of talking to Sheila about the secret Thomas had been keeping about Brooke and the bottle labels. Gasping, Steffy said Brooke hadn't been able to make sense of her drinking out of nowhere. Steffy said it made perfect sense because Sheila had sabotaged Brooke and set her up to drink on New Year's Eve.

Steffy didn't remember it all but said it had to do with switching bottles. Ridge asked if Sheila has switched Brooke's non-alcoholic champagne with the real thing. Sheila admitted to switching the labels. She said she'd done it for his family. Sheila stated that Brooke and Steffy had threatened her and told her she wouldn't have a place in Finn's life. While Sheila had had to put up with Steffy due to her status in Finn's life, Sheila had refused to let Brooke judge her. Sheila said it had been insulting and none of Brooke's business.

"You made my wife drink?" Ridge asked. He figured everything that had happened after that had been because of Sheila. Sheila said she'd wanted to give Ridge and Taylor back what Brooke had stolen, but the events afterward had been all Brooke. Sheila claimed she'd been trying to help and said Ridge could just ask Thomas.

Taylor said Thomas would never keep what Sheila had done from his parents. Sheila replied that he had because she'd been bringing his parents back together. Steffy stated that Sheila was right, and Steffy had overheard him on the phone with Sheila. Deciding he'd deal with Thomas later, Ridge asked what was wrong with Sheila for playing with people's lives.

Ridge recalled that Brooke hadn't been able to figure out why she'd done what she'd done, and she'd concluded that she was just a horrible person. Ridge said it had been Sheila all along, and Sheila didn't deserve to live. He stated that no one would forgive Sheila for what she'd done to them all. He wanted Sheila locked up, and he asserted that he'd make her suffer every chance he got.

Steffy asserted that there was a "special place in hell" for Sheila, and that was where Sheila would go after she died in prison. Steffy declared that Sheila's reign of terror ended that day.

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B&B brings Emmy winner Ted King back as Jack Finnegan
B&B brings Ken Hanes back as Sheila's cohort Mike Guthrie


The Bold and the Beautiful: The Best and Worst of 2022 (so far)
B&B brings Emmy winner Ted King back as Jack Finnegan
B&B brings Ken Hanes back as Sheila's cohort Mike Guthrie
Monday Shocker: B&B's Finn is alive and Li knew all about
Victoria Konefal exits DAYS
Popular DAYS couple chooses to walk
Lucas Adams wraps his time as DAYS' Tripp
Real-life DAYS couple announces engagement
Lexi Ainsworth brings Kristina back to GH
The Young and the Restless: The Best and Worst of 2022 (so far)
Y&R grants Peter Bergman a new five-year contract
Powerhouse Y&R stars team up for Christmas film
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