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Hope was disillusioned when Liam spent the night at Steffy's house. Sheila's risky visit to see Hayes backfired when it sparked Steffy's memory. Quinn and Carter reconnected as Eric and Donna played "Pickleball" in bed. Paris told Zende about her feelings for Carter.
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Steffy began to recall the night of the shooting, and Eric and Donna played "Pickleball" in bed
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Steffy asks Liam to stay the night

Steffy asks Liam to stay the night

Monday, May 2, 2022

In Brooke's cabin, Hope had poured wine for herself and Liam, who'd just read Beth to sleep. Douglas was at a friend's house for the evening. Liam was preoccupied with thoughts of Steffy's discharge. In his view, Steffy was raw emotionally and physically. He didn't know how it would affect Kelly, and he felt the need to be there to "preside over -- " Interrupting Liam, Hope told him to let "them" have their family moment that night, and he could see Steffy in the morning.

Liam was relieved when he saw Steffy calling him. He answered, saying he'd been about to text her. In a whisper, Kelly announced that her mom was at home. Liam asked if Steffy knew Kelly had Steffy's phone. Kelly wanted her father to be there, too, and begged him to pay a visit.

After the call, Liam told Hope that Kelly wanted him to go to the house. He knew that Hope had wanted to have a quiet night with him, but he couldn't decline his daughter. Promising to check in with Hope later, he rushed out of the house. Hope poured his wine glass into hers.

Brooke arrived. She'd seen Liam leave and recalled that Hope and Liam had planned a quiet night together. Hope replied that she'd thought they had, but he'd gone to be with Steffy.

At the cliff house, the living room was decorated with Kelly's drawings and balloons. Taylor, Hayes, and Thomas awaited Steffy's arrival. "Special delivery!" Ridge announced as he wheeled Steffy through the front door. Steffy hugged Kelly, assuring her that mommy was home.

Kelly gave Steffy a bouquet of her favorite flowers, and Ridge reminded Kelly to take it easy on her mother. Steffy whispered that she and Kelly would have a dance party as soon as they could. Agreeing, Taylor said they had a lot to celebrate. Steffy gazed sullenly at Finn's portrait.

Thomas and Ridge took the kids into the kitchen, and Steffy asked her mom how to do it without Finn. She asked how Hayes could understand that his father would never be home. Steffy tearfully thought of how unfair Finn's death had been. She couldn't imagine how scared Finn had been in his last moments. Taylor said she'd be there for Steffy as much as possible and urged Steffy to focus on the good. Steffy asked when she'd tell the kids. Taylor said they'd figure it out, just not that night.

Ridge brought the kids back to Steffy, but Kelly ran to the door when Liam arrived. He hoped no one minded that he'd stopped by. Liam said he liked seeing Steffy at home, surrounded by loved ones.

Back at the cabin, Brooke and Hope expressed how grateful they were that Steffy was on the mend. Hope figured that Ridge had probably thrown Steffy a party. "I love that about him," Hope said. However, Hope wished Ridge would start staying at home with Brooke. Brooke was hopeful that things would change, and she said Liam would be back home soon, too.

Hope stated that Kelly would love to see her father, and Steffy would appreciate Liam's visit. Hope believed that Steffy was putting on a brave face, but there was an empty space that Finn had left behind. Hope received a message from Liam that he'd be a little longer. Brooke noted that it was already late. Hope said it was fine, and he'd call her on his way home. Brooke believed it was admirable for Liam to want to be there, "but're his wife."

Hope replied that she accepted that Liam and Steffy would always be connected. Sighing, Hope admitted that she'd overheard something at the hospital. Brooke asked what it had been. Hope didn't want to say it at first, but she then stated that it was always the same stuff. "'Oh, Steffy, you're always going to have a place in my heart, and Hope is, too.' And sometimes, that can be hard to hear -- Hi, Thomas," Hope said as Thomas entered the house while she was talking.

Thomas had arrived to bid a good night to Douglas. Hope said she'd messaged Thomas that Douglas was at a sleepover. Thomas hadn't gotten the message and guessed he'd see Douglas in the morning. Thomas admitted that he'd overheard what Hope had just said. Claiming not to want to be a jerk, he stated that he wasn't surprised because Liam would always love Steffy.

Later, Brooke had gone, and Hope noted to Thomas that she hadn't heard from Liam in a while. Thomas figured Liam was busy with Kelly. Hope said she'd just thought Liam would be back by then. Thomas claimed not to want to bring Hope down, but he said Liam had always loved Steffy. Thomas thought Hope was compassionate and wanted to be cool with it, but it didn't change the fact that Liam was taking care of his ex and their child.

Hope sighed. Thomas added that he was worried about Hope. He didn't want her to be hurt or in the same position that Brooke was -- with a man whose heart was split between two women.

Back at Steffy's house, Liam had read Kelly to sleep. Steffy wished she'd been able to put Hayes to bed. Taylor and Ridge stated that Steffy was still healing. Steffy remarked that she hadn't expected Liam to visit, and he revealed that Kelly had stolen Steffy's phone and called him. Steffy called Kelly a stinker, and Taylor and Ridge said it was just like Kelly's mom and grandma. Steffy added that they had strong genes.

Steffy wondered who'd done it to her and Finn, and her parents tried to redirect her toward looking on the bright side. Steffy decided that her parents needed rest. She said she'd see them in the morning. Taylor went upstairs, and Ridge took off for the guesthouse.

Kelly sneaked out of her room and expressed her happiness to see her parents together. Liam took her in to read her another story, and Steffy flashed a look of agony.

After a while, Liam returned, saying that Kelly was conked out. Steffy had the feeling that things had affected Kelly more than they thought. Liam suggested that Steffy get some rest. He decided to take off. "Please, don't go. I don't want to be alone tonight," Steffy tearfully said. She cried, thinking of her first night without Finn. She thought of all the other firsts like it ahead.

Sobbing, Steffy said she kept thinking she'd hear Finn's car outside. She felt as if she was suffocating or that her heart was being ripped out of her. She implored Liam not to go because she didn't want to be alone. Liam promised not to go. He said there would never be another Finn, but Steffy should focus on all the other people she had in her life to lean on. Liam said he'd always be there for Kelly, which meant he'd always be there for Steffy. Steffy kissed his neck and held onto his wrist as his hand cupped her face.

Eric claims to be off playing Pickleball

Eric claims to be off playing Pickleball

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

In the morning at Forrester, Quinn sat on the desk, talking to Eric, who sat behind it. They discussed Steffy and the senseless back-alley robbery gone wrong. As Quinn expressed her thoughts about it, Eric zoned out and checked his phone. She refocused his attention on her, but Carter arrived. Seeing Eric and Quinn together, Carter offered to return later.

Eric waved Carter into the office, and the conversation continued about Steffy, who they all thought had a long road ahead of her without Finn. Quinn said the couple had shared something intense and passionate. Carter and Quinn exchanged glances.

Eric stated that Liam had stepped up, and Carter, gazing at Quinn, said it was no secret how much Liam cared for Steffy. Carter asked if Steffy's kids knew about Finn. Quinn figured Hayes wouldn't understand, but Kelly might. Eric said it was lucky that Liam would be around to help.

Eric received an alert. He began collecting his things, saying he had to go. Surprised, Quinn asked if he had a meeting. "Pickleball," he replied. Glad that he was staying active, Quinn suggested that they do lunch later "Yeah, we'll see," he murmured, abruptly leaving.

"Okay," Quinn meekly said as the door closed behind Eric. Carter asked if everything was all right between her and Eric. Quinn wasn't sure how to answer that. She said that things hadn't been the same between Eric and Quinn since she'd gotten involved with Carter. She said she never should have been unfaithful to her husband. Carter defended her needs at that time, and Quinn said she'd let it go too far. Carter claimed that they'd paid the price.

Quinn noted that Eric had moved past it for Carter. It gave her hope that it would happen for her and Eric, too. Carter reasoned that Eric was Quinn's greatest champion. Carter believed she had a wonderful husband and that the rest would work itself out. Agreeing, she said she had to remember how lucky she was to have an honest man who was completely committed to her.

In a bedroom, Eric lay in bed. He picked up a bottle of honey. "My sweet, adorable honey bear," Donna, who was in bed with him, said, and she kissed him.

In Brooke's cabin, the concerned Hope left Liam another worried message asking him to get back to her. Brooke arrived. Noticing Hope's mood, Brooke asked what was going on. "I don't know where he is. Liam didn't come home last night. He didn't come home," Hope responded. Brooke was in disbelief as Hope said she'd waited up for Liam, fallen asleep on the sofa, and woken up to Liam still not being there.

Thomas arrived to see Douglas, but Hope said Douglas still wasn't back from his sleepover. Upset, Hope decided that Thomas might as well know that Liam wasn't there, either, and had spent the night at Steffy's house. Thomas wasn't surprised to hear it. He began to say something but decided that he wasn't going to get in the middle of it.

Brooke urged Hope to call Liam, but Hope didn't want to get his voicemail again. Thomas began to speak, but Brooke scowled at him because he wasn't helping. He decided he wouldn't say another word, "except that -- we all know how Liam feels about Steffy," Thomas said. He stated that it was just Liam and it was how it was when it came to Steffy. Brooke called Thomas a broken record, but Thomas asserted that it was the truth.

Not wanting Thomas to undermine Hope's marriage, Brooke said they were all aware of Liam and Steffy's history, a history Thomas tried to take advantage of. Hope stated that she knew of Steffy and Liam's bond more than anyone, and Hope had advocated family unity. "However, there is a way to go about doing this that is respectful to both of the families -- Liam's with me and his with Steffy," Hope stated. Thomas advised Hope to tell Liam that.

At Steffy's house, Liam awoke on the sofa with Kelly on his chest. He grabbed his phone, which was out of battery. "Hope," he said. Steffy squatted by the couch, asking when Kelly had returned to the room. He said it had been after Steffy had gone to bed. Steffy thanked Liam for spending the night. "It meant a lot to the kids. Their mom, too," she added.

Liam and Steffy discussed Steffy's recovery, and she promised to follow Bridget's instructions. Kelly awakened, glad that Liam was still there. Liam said he'd always be there for her and for her mother. Liam spent time with Kelly, who was glad her mother was home. Steffy said she'd never leave Kelly or Hayes again. Steffy wanted Kelly to go back to bed. Kelly asked if Liam would be there when she woke up. Kelly uttered that she didn't want Liam to go.

Later, Liam, who'd put Kelly to sleep in her room, told Steffy that Kelly hadn't asked about Finn, but Liam believed Kelly could tell something was wrong. Steffy reasoned that Kelly was used to Finn spending long hours at the hospital, but Steffy was sure Kelly had realized something. Liam stated that they'd tell Kelly together and find the right way to do it.

Liam's phone rang. It was Hope on the line. She expressed her worry. "I am so sorry. Kelly was scared last night. She wanted her daddy, and then I fell asleep with her on the couch. And then my phone died," Liam claimed. Hope decided to let it go and asked if Steffy was settled in. Liam said he thought so. Sure he'd been a big help, Hope said Steffy's parents were there, so it would be nice if Liam returned home. Liam stammered that he was on his way soon.

"You're not in trouble, are you?" Steffy asked. Liam claimed that Hope understood. "Does she? Really?" Steffy questioned. Liam didn't want Steffy to worry about Hope, who was aware of the horror Steffy had gone through. Steffy didn't want Hope to think anything, but Liam was insistent that, regardless of their history, Hope was supportive of Liam's relationship with Kelly. "And she knows I was here for Kelly, too," Liam said.

Crying, Steffy said she was sorry. She said she was trying to be strong. She began sobbing about how much she missed Finn, who was gone forever. She said she had to keep moving forward for the kids. Liam said she had to heal herself first, process it, and mourn Finn. Liam stated that her family would do anything for her, and so would he.

Steffy cried, thanking Liam. She said it meant a lot that he had stayed. She admitted she'd felt alone the night before, and it had meant a lot that he'd stayed for her as well as Kelly. Liam said she didn't have to thank him ever. They were a family and always would be. Liam pulled Steffy in and held her.

Back at the cabin, Hope told Thomas and Brooke that Liam was on his way home. Hope said he'd stayed the night because Kelly had been scared, and he'd been there for his daughter the way a good father should be.

Eric tells Donna that Quinn can never learn of their trysts

Eric tells Donna that Quinn can never learn of their trysts

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

At the cliff house, a grieving Steffy repeatedly told herself that she needed to "hold it together." She questioned how she could ever be okay after "some monster" had killed her husband and "stole" their future. Liam, who was seated next to Steffy on the sofa, encouraged Steffy to let herself grieve. "Being tough, being strong, it's not the same as being a robot," he said softly as he promised that he and Steffy's loved ones would be there for her.

Taylor and Ridge returned home with breakfast and thanked Liam for spending time with Steffy. Once Liam left, Taylor and Ridge told Steffy that they were there for her and would do whatever they could to help. Steffy went to her bedroom to get some rest.

Ridge told Taylor that he could not imagine "getting through this" with anyone other than her. Taylor regretted being away from her family so long and missing out on so many things. Seeing that Taylor was getting worked up, Ridge looked her in the eyes and reminded her that she was "here now," and that was all that mattered. They both pledged to help Steffy together. Ridge pulled Taylor close and kissed her tenderly.

In the cabin, Hope admitted to Brooke that she didn't like the idea that Liam had spent the night at Steffy's house. Hope, however, understood that Steffy was dealing with a life-altering situation. Brooke, meanwhile, proffered that Liam also had an obligation to Beth.

When Liam returned to the cabin, he offered a brief update on Steffy's condition. Brooke quickly noted that Steffy had a "huge support system" and urged Liam to refocus his attention on Hope, Beth, and Douglas. Hope's jaw dropped in shock, and she flashed her mother a scolding glare.

Privately, Hope asked Liam how much time he wanted to spend with Steffy. Liam admitted that he was not sure. Brooke asked Liam how Ridge was doing. Liam said that Ridge was struggling, but he'd observed that Ridge and Taylor seemed to be "pulling together as a family." Brooke claimed not to be surprised but admitted that it pained her to know that Ridge would not be returning home to her.

Brooke returned to the main house and looked at the photos of her and Ridge on the mantel. "Why won't you come home, Ridge?" she asked aloud. She plopped onto her sofa, looked toward the front door, and pleaded with Ridge to return home.

In the executive office at Forrester Creations, Quinn shared with Carter that she wished Eric was around more. Quinn insisted that she was not "feeling neglected" and understood that Eric was a busy man and someone who apparently loved Pickleball.

Quinn and Carter both agreed that they were glad that their friendship had endured. "What we have is more than just physical," Carter stated. Quinn commented that she had never had to "play a part" when she'd been with Carter. Quinn wondered how Eric, the "most eloquent man" she had ever known, had been unable to express his feelings to her.

Quinn continued talking through her relationship issues by saying that she and Eric had never had to work at their relationship because it had always been easy. Quinn promised to be "patient and positive," two things that she was not particularly good at.

Carter said that if he were Eric, he would take a sabbatical and head on a long, romantic vacation with Quinn. Carter shared that he was grateful for his time with Quinn but vowed that he would never again try to have a relationship with a woman who was involved with someone else. Quinn said that she, too, had learned a lesson. She promised to "be as faithful to [Eric] as he has always been" to her.

Enjoying their time in bed together, Eric told Donna that she made him feel "lighter." Both wrestled with the notion that Eric was a married man. Donna confessed that she had never thought that she would get the chance to be intimate with Eric again.

Later, Eric sat on the edge of the bed and got dressed, but his mind was elsewhere. Donna noticed and asked him what he was thinking. Eric said that Quinn would be devastated if she were to ever find out that he and Donna were sleeping together. Eric said that Donna brought "positivity" to his life, something that he needed. Donna sat on Eric's lap and told him that she enjoyed bringing a smile to his face because he had always been "the great love" of her life. Donna said that she wanted to savor every moment that she got to spend with her "honey bear."

Steffy has a flash of a memory involving Sheila

Steffy has a flash of a memory involving Sheila

Thursday, May 5, 2022

In the CEO's office, Quinn asked for Carter's opinion about two bracelets. He was fond of the one Quinn liked, and she thanked him for confirming her good taste. As she turned to leave, he asked how things had gone with Eric the previous night. Quinn said talking about her relationship with Eric had been what had gotten her and Carter in trouble before.

Carter asked if he was trouble. Quinn indicated that he could be, but she believed that she was trouble cubed. He didn't see her that way, but he did believe he was trouble. She assumed that he felt that way because of Paris, who'd appointed herself judge and jury and torn their lives apart by outing them to Brooke. Quinn asked why he'd be with his ex-fiancée's sister.

"When you put it that way..." Carter stated. He admitted that he might have been on the rebound after Quinn had returned to Eric. Quinn assumed Paris had taken advantage of Carter. Denying it, Carter stated that it had just happened, and it shouldn't have because of Zende. Carter conveyed that it had happened because he'd had to forget about him and Quinn long enough to heal; it was over for him and Paris, and Zende was none the wiser about it.

"When I ended things with Paris, I told her the same thing. I told her to go forward with Zende," Carter claimed. Quinn assumed that Paris didn't feel that way about Zende, even though he did "tick all of the boxes." Quinn admitted that she had reasons not to like Paris, but Quinn didn't understand why Paris had fallen in love with Carter.

Quinn said she knew what it was like to be alone with Carter and up close and personal with his charisma and sexual energy. She said she was a "grown-ass" woman and had lost her mind. Carter chuckled, saying he hadn't been the only one. She joked that she was familiar with his "superpowers" and knew why Paris had fallen in love with him.

Quinn, however, could hear what Carter wasn't saying, which was that he didn't feel the same way about Paris. "You don't even have to say it. I know I'm right," Quinn decided.

In the design office, Paris arrived. Zende got up to kiss her, but she deterred him. He asked her to share what was on her mind. Paris said she loved how he'd always encouraged her to be open and honest with him. He asked what she had to be honest about, and she indicated that it was about her feelings for him.

Paris praised Zende for being an amazing guy who'd own the fashion world one day. She said he was an amazing guy, and they'd been through a lot together. Zende paused, saying it was starting to feel like she was ending things between them. He said he felt as if he was playing catch-up on the status of their dating relationship. Though they'd decided to be casual, he'd never given up on a future with Paris. To him, it didn't sound like she wanted the same thing.

Paris didn't know how to explain it, but somewhere down the line, her feelings had changed. Zende claimed he got the message loud and clear. She apologized, but he said he was grateful that they'd spent any time together at all. The only thing he wanted to know was if there had been someone else. Feeling that honesty was the least he deserved from her, Paris revealed that she had feelings for a man Zende knew very well: Carter.

In Sheila's hotel room, Sheila held Finn's hospital ID, which she'd gotten from his wallet on the bed. She slipped his wedding ring on her finger and flashed back to crying as Finn had died. Deacon frantically knocked on her door, and Sheila put the items away in her suitcase before answering the door. He said he was there in case she did something she couldn't take back.

Deacon handed Sheila a bag of breakfast food and advised her that she looked terrible. He wondered if she was getting any sleep. Sheila asked if Finn's death was karma for her. Deacon replied that Sheila hadn't had anything to do with the random attack. Turning away in frustration, Sheila said she missed Finn and would never see his face again. For her, only one thing could ease the pain. "Hayes," she uttered. She felt she needed to see her grandson.

Sheila was upset that Li hadn't let Sheila pay her respects to Finn, and Steffy wouldn't let Sheila near Hayes. Deacon assumed that it might change once Finn's killer was found, but he asserted that going to Steffy's house at that time would be a mistake. Bitterly thanking him for the advice, she said she had to see her grandson, and "facing Steffy might be the risk I have to take."

At the cliff house, Taylor found Steffy mourning as she gazed at photos of Finn. Steffy still couldn't fathom that Finn would never walk through the door again, and she couldn't do anything about it except to find the monster who'd shot them. Taylor assured Steffy that her memory would return once Steffy was ready. Steffy was frustrated about her fragmented memory.

Taylor believed that Steffy's mind was just protecting Steffy; however, Steffy didn't want protection. She wanted to see the face of Finn's killer. Taylor insisted that Steffy was still in recovery, but Steffy's memory would return. Steffy was frustrated that the answer was in her head, but she couldn't get to it. Taylor said Steffy's memory could be triggered when Steffy least expected it.

Steffy went into the nursery to check on Hayes. Taylor strode to the door when someone knocked on it, and she was surprised to discover that it was Sheila, asking for Taylor's help to see Hayes. Taylor said that Sheila's visit was a bad idea, and Steffy didn't need more stress. Sheila argued that Hayes was the only connection to Finn that Sheila had left.

Taylor said she understood but wished Sheila had called her. After a moment, Taylor invited Sheila inside. Sheila confessed that it had torn her heart out when Li had shut her out. Sheila didn't even want to open her eyes in the morning, knowing she'd never see Finn again. Taylor asked if Sheila was thinking of harming herself again. Sheila said she wasn't. Taylor was sorry for Sheila's pain but asked Sheila not to blame herself for something that wasn't her fault.

Steffy returned to the room and became upset to see Sheila in the house. Taylor said Sheila shouldn't have just shown up, but Sheila wanted to see Hayes. Steffy replied that it wouldn't happen. Taylor understood it but said it was all Sheila had left of her son. Though Steffy got that, she said it didn't mean her door was open to Sheila. "And you know it," Steffy said to Sheila. Sheila decided it was a bad idea and said she'd go.

Before leaving, Sheila stated that she was terribly sorry for Steffy's loss -- and for Sheila's. The words resonated with Steffy in an unusual way, and Steffy halted Sheila, who was on her way out the door. "You're not going anywhere, Sheila!" Steffy exclaimed, and a memory fizzled, struggling to spark off, in Steffy's mind.

Steffy recalls a critical memory

Steffy recalls a critical memory

Friday, May 6, 2022

In the design office, Zende was blown away by Paris' admission that she'd been seeing Carter, and he asked if it had been going on the entire time. "This seems really weird to me," Zende said. He felt that he'd been up-front with Paris about his dates, and he was upset that she'd hidden her and Carter. Paris said it was why she was telling Zende. She revealed that she hadn't been dating Carter, but she wanted to.

Zende took a deep breath. "So, you should," he stated. Zende wanted Paris to be happy. He wished she could be happy with him, but he said that she had to give it a shot if she thought her happiness was elsewhere. He told her to go where her heart led her.

In the CEO's office, Carter wasn't sure why he'd gotten caught up with Paris. Quinn reasoned that Paris was cute and likable "to most people." Chuckling, Carter said he felt bad for ever going down that pathway, and it wasn't fun to tell anyone that it was over, especially if they didn't want to hear it. Quinn understood why Paris was having a hard time getting over him. "I'm just glad that the feeling isn't mutual," Quinn added.

Quinn reasoned that, in another life, Paris might have been Carter's perfect match, but after the things that Carter had gone through, and due to his friendship with Zende, it wasn't meant to be. Quinn felt that there was a much better match out there for Carter. Quinn said she didn't know how he could get past what Paris had done to him and Quinn -- plus, Paris was Zoe's sister.

Carter said he knew it. He claimed it had felt good to have a woman look at him that way again. He insisted that it was over. Feeling that it was a wise choice, Quinn told him that there were plenty of women with less baggage than Paris. Quinn was sure he'd find the right one.

Quinn got the bright idea that Carter should expand his dating pool outside of Forrester Creations, but Carter joked that he was addicted to office drama. As they laughed, Paris arrived and wondered if she was interrupting something. Carter replied that he and Quinn were sharing a much-needed laugh. Claiming she'd decided to get back to frowning, Quinn left the office.

Alone with Carter, Paris announced that she'd done something she should have done from the moment they'd started seeing each other. "Zende knows now. I told him about us," she said. Carter got upset, but she said she felt as if she'd owed Zende the truth -- or at least a partial truth. She stated that she had merely said she was interested in Carter, and it was worth exploring. She believed that left them free to explore their relationship.

Carter stated that he and Paris were just friends. Paris began to tell him how it was when she set her sights on something, but he told her that it wasn't happening. Paris asked why. He said he'd told her already. Disbelieving his previous reasons, she determined that he was still hung up on Quinn.

At the cliff house, Steffy ordered Sheila not to take another step. Sheila asked why she couldn't leave and if there was something Steffy wanted to say. Steffy said she wouldn't let Sheila waltz out of there, thinking it was no big deal to show up whenever she wanted to.

Sheila apologized, saying she'd been hoping that she could hold her grandson. "Like it or not, Steffy, we are always gonna be connected because of Finn and Hayes," Sheila stated. Steffy instructed Sheila to leave. Before going, Sheila asked Steffy not to think about Sheila at all.

Alone with Steffy, Taylor apologized for letting Sheila in and asked if Steffy was okay. Steffy wondered if she was ever okay with Sheila around. "No," Taylor responded.

Ridge arrived through the patio door, and Taylor informed him that Sheila had been there. Steffy stared with a far-off look in her eyes, and Ridge took Taylor aside to tell Taylor that Sheila couldn't show up whenever she wanted. As Taylor agreed, she noticed Steffy zoning out.

In Steffy's mind, Steffy saw a blurry image of her phone in her hand. Steffy saw another flash. It was Sheila's silhouette in the darkness. Steffy said that something was very wrong. More images flooded back to Steffy, but she couldn't discern what she was seeing.

Suddenly, Steffy announced that it was Il Giardino. "I can see Finn!" she exclaimed. Steffy envisioned the alley and a Dumpster. "Finn..." she uttered. She could see him enter the alley through the restaurant's back door. She realized that she and Finn hadn't arrived together. She said she'd gone to the restaurant alone.

Steffy saw herself in blurred flashes at the bar. She said she'd gone to see someone. "No, I went there to confront them. I was -- I was angry," Steffy decided. Taylor asked why Steffy had been angry. Steffy realized that someone had done something. She said she'd tried to stop the person and had followed the person into the alley. She'd grabbed the person.

In her head, Steffy heard herself telling Sheila that everyone would know what Sheila had done. Steffy gasped. She recalled telling Sheila she'd never see Hayes and Finn. "Oh, my God," Steffy said, transfixed by her memories. Ridge asked if Steffy knew who'd shot her.

At Il Giardino, Sheila arrived as Deacon set up the dining area. She admitted to him that going to Steffy's house had been a bad idea. "And way too risky..." she added. She said he'd been right about her deluding herself. He noted that she seemed more freaked out than normal.

Sheila claimed that she'd only wanted a chance to be a mother. She said Steffy hadn't allowed it, and Finn was gone. Sheila said she would never see him again. "And that's all Steffy's fault," Sheila concluded. Weirded out by the statement, Deacon reminded Sheila that Steffy was a victim, and none of it had been Steffy's fault. Deacon asked if Sheila thought Steffy could have saved Finn.

Sheila asked Deacon not to mind her while she was hurting. He claimed to understand, but she said he couldn't possibly. Sheila uttered that it was time, and she couldn't be there anymore. She'd arrived in Los Angeles to be with Finn. With Finn gone and Steffy blocking Hayes, there was nothing left for Sheila. "I have to go," she said, as if resigned to the inevitability.

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