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Chanel learned about Johnny and Allie's possessions. Gwen gave Xander the antidote. Jennifer and Abigail confronted Gwen about Laura's death. Leo "outed" Chad. Leo asked Craig for another chance, but Craig left town instead. Chloe warned Nancy not to date Clyde. Jack cut ties with Gwen. T.R. threatened Beth. Eli woke up and remembered the shooting. T.R. convinced Paulina to go away with him, but Abe stopped them. Susan used Johnny's twin connection with Allie to locate Ciara. Ciara gave birth, and the devil took her baby.
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The devil took Ciara's baby, Leo asked Craig for another chance, and Eli regained consciousness
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News of the devil's latest reign of terror begins to spread

News of the devil's latest reign of terror begins to spread

Monday, May 2, 2022

by Mike

Chanel and Tripp were both surprised when they realized that E.J. had just entered the hospital with Johnny. "Aren't you supposed to be in Italy?" Chanel snapped. "No, I never went to Italy --" Johnny weakly tried to explain. "Oh, of course -- you lied, because that's what you do!" Chanel translated before saying goodbye to Tripp then starting to rush off.

Johnny begged Chanel to stay and listen to the rest of the story. "You said enough on the phone the other night --" Chanel began to respond. "That wasn't me!" Johnny stressed. "Then who the hell was it?" Chanel countered. "Satan," E.J. interjected. "Do you really expect me to believe that?" Chanel wondered -- and Johnny collapsed just then.

Tripp moved Johnny to one of the available patient rooms for an examination. "Just needed to get some fluids in you -- you were seriously dehydrated," Tripp explained when Johnny regained consciousness sometime after being connected to an I.V. line. Tripp summoned E.J. to Johnny's room then rushed off. "You look better already," E.J. informed Johnny.

"I just want you to know --" E.J. sentimentally began to add -- but Chanel peeked inside the room just then, stealing Johnny's attention. E.J. forced a smile then rushed off, leaving Johnny alone with Chanel, who wondered if the earlier story about demonic possession was really true. "I never, for one second, stopped loving you -- I still haven't," Johnny assured Chanel.

Johnny started filling in the blanks for Chanel. "I get it -- you don't have to explain to me what you did with Allie...or Tripp --" Johnny eventually stressed, prompting Chanel to clarify that what had happened with Allie hadn't also happened with Tripp. "How do you even know about that? Have you been following me?" Chanel wondered. "No -- I would never do that," Johnny insisted before continuing to explain everything to Chanel, who was horrified to learn that the devil was still around and was using Allie as its host at that moment.

E.J. burst into Marlena's office and started to explain what was going on. "I know -- I just spoke with Belle," Marlena interjected, prompting E.J. to cut to the chase, insisting that Sami needed to be alerted immediately. Marlena gave E.J. a nod then tried to contact Sami, but the call went to voicemail. "Wherever she and Lucas have gone, they've got terrible cell reception," Marlena explained to E.J. after ending the call -- just as Ben and Jake arrived. Ben announced that "Allie" had likely kidnapped Ciara and that Jake needed to be hypnotized to hopefully unlock memories of what had happened earlier that night, prompting E.J. to rush off so Marlena could start the hypnotherapy session.

E.J. ran into Rafe at the nurses' station, and they took turns updating each other. "Everyone was horrified by [Johnny's recent behavior except me] -- I'm embarrassed to say that I was oddly proud of him [because] I thought he'd finally grew into the heir I'd always imagined -- and now...finding out that those qualities I thought he inherited from me were actually Satan's... I mean, what does that say about me, that I was finally proud of my son when he wasn't himself at all?" E.J. fretted before acknowledging the irony of sharing such concerns with Rafe, of all people. "We both care about Johnny -- [and, look], you still have a chance to do things differently," Rafe assured E.J.

Steve and Kayla decided to end their night with a round of drinks at the Brady Pub. "You know, I was thinking...maybe we should take a trip -- just the two of us -- to somewhere romantic..." Steve began to suggest while Kayla was distractedly fiddling with a knife and a fork that had been left out on their table. "Yeah, sure," Kayla responded. "Siberia? In January?" Steve continued, realizing that Kayla wasn't truly listening. "Whatever you want is fine," Kayla agreed. "All right -- I'll book the flights right away," Steve concluded, prompting Kayla to finally start focusing on the details of the conversation. "'Book the flights'? What are you talking about?" Kayla wondered. "Nothing, baby," Steve answered.

Steve guessed that Kayla still missed working at the hospital. "Yeah, I miss it -- and I'm angry; the board wanted me to fire Marlena, and I refused, so they hire Craig so that he will fire Marlena, and he refuses, so...he still has his job, Marlena still has her job, and I am still fired?" Kayla grumbled. "That about sums it up," Steve confirmed. "Maybe I should have done it -- maybe I should have fired Marlena," Kayla mused. "Come on, Sweetness -- you don't mean that," Steve argued -- and Kayla verified the suspicion. Steve proposed a game of darts as a way of lightening the mood, promising to finally paint the master bathroom if Kayla managed to hit the bull's-eye -- a challenge that was accepted and met.

Tripp entered the pub while Steve was challenging Kayla to a rematch. Kayla and Steve listened in shock as Tripp explained what was going on. "If Allie is really possessed by the devil, that means that she wasn't in control of her faculties when she cheated on you -- [I mean], doesn't that give you some comfort about your relationship?" Steve prodded Tripp during the tale. "As much as I wish I could blame what happened between Chanel and Allie on the devil...that was all Allie," Tripp clarified before finishing the story. "When does this end?" Kayla fretted, drawing a shrug from Tripp and a shake of the head from Steve.

Ciara finally stopped arguing with "Allie" about hiding out at the Horton cabin after the demonic presence faked another phone conversation with Rafe to make it clear that Evan was still on the loose. After arriving at the cabin, Ciara insisted on using Allie's cell phone to contact Hope, so the demonic presence made it look like they didn't have service there. "I'm afraid it's just you and me..." the demonic presence informed Ciara as Allie.

Meanwhile, Marlena, Jake, and Ben discussed what they had learned during the hypnotherapy session -- and they eventually realized that the devil had tricked Ciara into believing that Ben was dead.

Xander asks Gwen for help

Xander asks Gwen for help

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

At the DiMera mansion, Chad and Sonny talked over breakfast about the double wedding. Sonny relished hearing the details of Leo's humiliation. "I wish I could have seen what his face looked like when you showed up with his first husband," Sonny said. "My face looked just like this! Ready to kill," Leo yelled as he walked into the room. Leo argued that Sonny had been too cowardly to have confronted him at the wedding, unlike Chad.

"I had a work call. Otherwise, I wouldn't have missed it," Sonny said. Leo laughed. Chad reminded Leo that Leo was not an innocent victim. "You keep telling yourself that this all stems from your desire to see justice done. I've known this entire time what your little crusade was all about. And it's rather pathetic," Leo said. Sonny and Chad exchanged a confused look. Leo argued that Sonny wanted Leo back. Sonny laughed out loud.

"I want you back? That's like saying I wish my IBS would flare up again," Sonny joked. "There's a fine line between love and hate," Chad said. Sonny argued that he hated what Leo had done to him, and he was glad to have played a part in stopping Leo from hurting anyone else. "What I have with Craig is nothing like the dreary time I had with you. I love Craig. I never even liked you," Leo said. Leo told Sonny that he was bad in bed.

When Sonny argued that the video of them had proven that Leo had been into him, Leo commented, "I faked it all." Sonny argued that Leo's motive for both him and Craig had been money. "In the beginning, maybe. But I fell in love with [Craig]. And now he hates me because of the two of you," Leo argued. Chad urged Leo to accept responsibility for his actions.

"Craig hates you because you lied to him. Over and over again," Chad said. "And you wouldn't even be legally married to him, even if we hadn't done anything," Sonny added. Leo asked why Sonny cared about Craig. "Now [Craig] is just as miserable as I am!" Leo shouted. "Trust me, Leo. It's not that hard to get over you," Sonny said. Leo disagreed. Leo argued that if he had cared about the money, he never would have signed the prenuptial agreement.

"What are you doing here? You're trying to convince the wrong guys," Chad said. "You're right. But since you were so intent on making me pay, I want you both to know that now it is my turn," Leo said. Chad called Leo melodramatic. "I am your worst nightmare. You will rue the day you screwed Mathew Cooper, a.k.a. Leo Stark," Leo said. Chad laughed. Leo muttered in French, and he walked out. Sonny mimicked Leo mockingly.

"After me, the deluge," Chad translated. "[Leo] probably just spent all morning googling threats in French, and then he found that," Sonny said. Sonny looked up the phrase online. "A nihilistic expression of indifference forecasting ruination," Sonny read aloud. "That's just what I need," Chad muttered. Chad argued that Leo was petty and vindictive.

"I thought the whole point of bringing [Leo] down was to get him out of our lives," Chad said. "Maybe I didn't think this whole thing through," Sonny said. Sonny's phone beeped with a news alert. "Brace yourself," Sonny said. Sonny showed Chad an article online with the headline, "Chad DiMera's Secret Life." The article was about Chad's "romantic" interactions with Leo, and it included a picture of Chad in drag.

In his hotel room, Craig changed the status on his dating app to "single." There was a knock at the door. "Whoever it is, go away!" Craig yelled. Nancy said it was her, and Craig opened the door. "Are you here for your 'I told you so' moment?" Craig asked. Craig ranted about what a fool he had been and how Nancy should rub it in. Nancy smiled.

"It's all true. But that's not why I'm here," Nancy said. "Then, why are you here?" Craig asked. "To say I'm sorry," Nancy said. "What do you have to be sorry for? You didn't do anything wrong," Craig countered. Nancy told Craig that she was sorry his relationship had crumbled.

"I know what it is like to love someone so much that you ignore the abundant evidence that is right in front of your eyes. It happened to me, and now it's happened to my best friend," Nancy said. When Craig mentioned Leo's husband, Nancy noted that Jackie had looked good in her dress. "Too soon?" Nancy said with a grin. Craig chuckled. Nancy added that Craig was still more handsome. "You are still quite a catch, Craig Wesley," Nancy said. "Right back at you," Craig said. With a sigh, Nancy noted that if the wedding had been sooner, she would have said that Craig had deserved what had happened.

"I suppose I did," Craig said. "No, Craig. You're a good man. You just made mistakes. You've gone through a lot to get to where you are today, and sweetheart, you deserve to be happy," Nancy said. "So do you, Nancy," Craig said. With tears in his eyes, Craig laughed. Craig asked Nancy about the man she had met. Nancy noted that her date had blown her off.

"Ain't we a pair?" Nancy said. Craig laughed, and he and Nancy clasped hands. Nancy asked Craig what he planned to do next. "No idea," Craig said. Nancy asked Craig if he was sure that his relationship with Leo was over. "The guy was going to swindle me out of everything I own," Craig said. "Yes, but Craig, he is the guy who after 30-plus years brought you out of the closet. Honey, that was life-changing for you," Nancy said. Craig asked Nancy if she was defending Leo.

"No. I'm thinking about you. Craig, he really got to you," Nancy said. "That is an understatement," Craig said. Nancy asked if it was possible that Leo had fallen in love with Craig for real. Craig shook his head in disbelief. Nancy told Craig that she knew how easy it was to fall in love with him. "Maybe you got to [Leo], too," Nancy said. There was a knock at the door. Craig believed it was Chloe, but Leo was at the door.

"I didn't realize you had company. Hello, Nancy," Leo said. Leo asked for a minute alone. "We were just in the middle of a conversation," Nancy said. "Please," Leo whispered. Nancy looked to Craig, and he thanked her for her visit. "I think I have to take care of this," Craig said. "If you need backup, call me," Nancy said. Craig kissed Nancy goodbye, and she left. "What the hell do you want?" Craig asked Leo.

Xander visited Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion. "I heard you were back. How's Sarah?" Xander asked. Maggie said that there were no changes to report. "Must be hard leaving her like that," Xander whispered. "They said it was better that I do," Maggie said. Maggie gasped, and she asked Xander why he was not on his honeymoon.

"There was no honeymoon, because there was no wedding," Xander said. "Are you all right?" Maggie asked. Xander told Maggie what Gwen had done and that he blamed himself. "I'm not blaming you for what Gwen did. But you did leave Sarah behind the moment you found out that she wasn't going to immediately recover," Maggie said. Maggie quickly apologized, but Xander told her that she was right.

"No, I gave you my blessing, even if I didn't really mean it. I shouldn't be taking out my anger at Gwen on you. I know that you had every right to get on with your life," Maggie said. Maggie suggested that they focus on Sarah's recovery instead. When Maggie noted that Sarah had never received the antidote, she gasped. "There's a chance that that antidote might work," Maggie said. Xander agreed.

"Kayla thinks there is a good chance that the antidote can still work. I asked Chad to reach out to Rolf again," Xander confirmed. With a shrug, Xander noted that Rolf had been sent to solitary confinement, so they would have to wait until Rolf was available. "We have got to get a hold of that drug," Maggie said.

At the police station, Gwen was handcuffed to a chair in the interrogation room. The door started to open. "Xander?" Gwen said. "Guess again," Jack said. "I sure wasn't expecting to see you. Last thing you said to me was that you were done with me," Gwen said. Jack confirmed that Jennifer had sent him.

"Don't joke. Nobody is that wonderful," Gwen said. Jack gritted his teeth. "Don't you dare say anything about her," Jack growled. Gwen apologized. "Like you're ever going to believe I'm sorry. Like you're ever going to believe a single word that comes out of my mouth again," Gwen said. Jack reminded Gwen that he had repeatedly forgiven her.

"You forgave the unforgiveable, and I threw all that forgiveness back in your face," Gwen whispered. With a nod, Jack told Gwen that he had meant what he had said, but Jennifer had said that Jack could not forget that Gwen was his daughter. "I can't be done with you," Jack said.

"Why? My mum managed to pull it off. Why can't you? I mean, God, haven't I given you enough bloody reasons?" Gwen asked. "More than enough. When I think about what you did to Abigail, my family, I can, in some weird, dark, Deveraux way understand why you did it. But this? What you did to Sarah? Is unfathomable," Jack said.

Gwen told Jack that she had been unable to sleep because when she closed her eyes, she had envisioned the looks of disgust on Xander and Jack's faces. "I just tried to understand, how did I get here? How did I make it impossible that the only two people I care about in the entire world, how did I make it so impossible for them to care about me?" Gwen said. Gwen averted her eyes from her father, and he pointed that out.

"Last night, I thought about all the things I did to you and to your family, and to my sister, and to Xander, and Sarah and her mother, and I realized I did all that to get what I wanted. But I have nothing I want. Nothing," Gwen said. Gwen added that she had convinced herself that Kristen had pushed her into a corner, but that was not true. Gwen noted that, like her mother, she had sabotaged herself.

Jack asked Gwen if she had considered telling Xander and Maggie the truth when Kristen had first blackmailed her. "If I told Xander the truth, I knew I'd lose him. I knew that he loved Sarah more than he loved me," Gwen said. "You didn't know that. You feared that. What you should have known was that you were carrying all the risk," Jack advised. Jack argued that aiding an escape had repercussions.

"So does murder," Gwen said. Alarmed, Jack asked Gwen what she meant. Gwen said that her actions to switch the syringes showed premeditation and attempted murder. "I could have very well killed Sarah," Gwen said. "Thank God, you didn't," Jack whispered. Gwen noted that regardless, she had taken Sarah's life. "The Sarah that Xander knew and fell in love with no longer exists," Gwen said. Jack glowered at Gwen.

"You knew what that drug did to Abigail. Not to mention what it did to Sarah when Kristen gave it to her the first time," Jack said. "And yet I did it with full knowledge and malice aforethought," Gwen said. Gwen stared into her father's eyes, and she asked him if he wished that she had never existed.

"No, I don't," Jack said. "Yes, of course, you do. How could you not? Xander does," Gwen said. Gwen noted that though Xander had been the only man she had ever loved, she had not been the only woman that Xander had loved. "I'm not even the woman that he loved best. Do you know how that feels?" Gwen asked. "I do," Jack whispered. Gwen told Jack that Xander had left her in limbo for weeks while Xander had waited to see if Sarah would recover.

"This is no excuse, but I think during those weeks, something inside me hardened. I just kept telling myself, over and over again, that I cannot lose Xander. I cannot, but now it's all my fault that he's gone, and I've lost him. And I don't even know how I can live with myself," Gwen said. Xander walked in, and Gwen gasped.

"Trust me, this is no romantic rendezvous," Xander muttered. "How could it be? Go on then. Let me have it," Gwen whispered. Xander asked Gwen if she still had the syringe with the real antidote. "Right. You want me to help you get Sarah back," Gwen said. "I wanted to give you a chance to act like a human being," Xander countered. "Why start now?" Gwen grumbled. Jack urged Gwen to drop the act.

"I don't care how she acts. I just want an answer. Do you know where it is?" Xander asked. Gwen said she still had the antidote. "What's it going to take to get you to tell me where it is?" Xander asked. "Gwen, you just spent the last half hour telling me how much you love Xander. Now, look at him. He's miserable. He's suffering. For God's sake, just tell him where the antidote is," Jack stressed.

"I was just thinking," Gwen said. "There is nothing to think about! You have the chance to maybe, maybe undo the harm that you have done. For God's sake, just tell him!" Jack yelled. Gwen studied Xander's face. Gwen pointed out Xander's phrasing. "It's like it didn't even occur to you to just ask me for it, because telling you would have been the right thing to do, yeah? But you know me well enough by now to know that I don't do anything unless there's something in it for me," Gwen said. Xander shifted his eyes away from Gwen as she leaned forward to look at him.

"You don't think there's one good bone in my body, do you?" Gwen asked. Gwen sighed and nodded her head yes. "You're right. There isn't," Gwen whispered as she looked at the table. After a moment, Gwen regained her composure. "I want you back. Deal?" Gwen said. "No," Xander said. "You hate me," Gwen said. "That's right," Xander agreed. With tears in her eyes, Gwen noted that Xander hated her so much that he could not even lie to protect Sarah.

"No! Don't, Gwen," Jack pleaded. "Just needed to know where we stand," Gwen said. Gwen sniffled back her tears. "Despite all the lies, I still and I will always love you," Gwen whispered. After a moment, Gwen promised to help.

At the Horton house, Jennifer talked on the phone to Shawn about Ciara's kidnapping. Abigail walked into the living room, and she asked if there were any leads on the case. Jennifer ended her call, and she lamented that the "world has gone mad." With a sigh, Abigail noted, "Maybe this isn't a good time." Jennifer insisted that Abigail tell her why she was there to visit. Abigail thought about what Gwen had whispered to her before the police had hauled Gwen away.

"Gwen said to me, these are her exact words, 'I killed that bitch on purpose'," Abigail told Jennifer. "Gwen told you that she killed my mother on purpose?" Jennifer asked. Abigail nodded yes. Jennifer wondered aloud why Gwen would change her story about Laura's death. Abigail agreed that Gwen had previously never wavered in her claims of innocence.

"Either she was lying back then, or she's lying now," Abigail said. With a sigh, Abigail lamented that she had told Jennifer when she did not know if Gwen's confession was true. "I don't understand why she would lie about saying it was deliberate. It doesn't make any sense," Jennifer noted. "It was the way that she said it. The words she chose," Abigail said. Abigail wondered aloud if Gwen had said it to torment Abigail. "There is only one way to find out," Jennifer said.

When Xander returned to the Kiriakis mansion, he gave the antidote to Maggie. "[Gwen] had this stashed in our hotel room the entire time," Xander said. "She told you. Oh, thank God," Maggie whispered. "Maybe we can save Sarah yet," Xander said.

At the police station, Jack told Gwen she had done the right thing. "I know. Do you think it will work? Do you think Sarah will be Sarah again?" Gwen asked. Jack shrugged. Gwen said she hoped the drug would work. "I don't expect you to believe me when I say this, but I am sorry for what I did to Sarah," Gwen said. Jennifer and Abigail walked in. "So, you're sorry for what you did to Sarah. Are you sorry for what you did to my mother? Are you sorry that you murdered her?" Jennifer asked.

Leo tries to work things out with Craig

Leo tries to work things out with Craig

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

by Mike

At the police station, Jack wondered why Jennifer and Abigail had just accused Gwen of having murdered Laura. "Did you want to tell him, or should I?" Abigail challenged Gwen.

Gwen didn't respond, so Abigail shrugged then forged ahead. "Was last night not enough fun for you, Abigail? Did you wake up this morning and think, 'Oh, how can I hurt Gwen more? How can I make her pay even more?'" Gwen snapped at the end of tale before saying a few more things that further implied that Abigail was lying, prompting Jennifer to remind Jack that they had both seen Gwen whisper something to Abigail after being arrested the previous day.

Gwen dropped the act with a shrug of defeat. "It's a problem I have -- I don't like someone else having the last word," Gwen explained before insisting that the statement had been yet another lie. "Why would you say something like that if it wasn't true?" Abigail wondered. "Can you not comprehend that I wanted to hurt you? I mean, really, are you so perfect that you can't understand a base impulse?" Gwen responded.

Jennifer and Abigail each expressed skepticism then exited the police station, leaving Jack alone with Gwen again. Gwen stuck to the story but guessed, while fighting back tears, that what had just happened had reinforced Jack's decision to end their father-daughter relationship. "I will always be your father -- but after what you did to Sarah and to Abigail...I honestly don't know what kind of a family we could ever be," Jack admitted before saying goodbye to Gwen.

Jack found Jennifer at the Horton house -- and they both agreed that they didn't know what to believe anymore. Meanwhile, Abigail rejoined Gwen at the police station and demanded the truth. "Not knowing is killing you, isn't it? And, knowing that, I'm never going to give you an answer," Gwen spat at Abigail. "Payback's a bitch, isn't it?" Gwen added, giving Abigail a smirk.

At the DiMera mansion, Sonny struggled to keep Chad calm after they saw the article that had just been posted on the Intruder's website. "How am I supposed to calm down when this is on the front page of the paper?" Chad snapped, directing Sonny's attention to the image that accompanied the article. "Chad, it's a picture of you in drag, okay? It's not that big of a deal -- [well], it does make you look pretty busty, [but]..." Sonny teased, annoying Chad.

"This is not a time to be funny! [But] right now would be a good [time] for us to reflect upon the fact that all of this humiliation and degradation that I am going through and continue to go through in this little gay fantasia is your fault --" Chad argued. "It's not 'degrading' [or] 'humiliating' --" Sonny protested. "The story is!" Chad clarified for Sonny, who had assumed that the article was simply context for the accompanying image.

"When I first met Chad DiMera in Phoenix, there was an instant attraction between us," Chad began reading aloud to Sonny before stopping to stress that Leo had dreamed up that part of the story. "Even though he was a married man, he insisted we go out to a gay club -- and after a wild night of drinking and dancing, the two of us ended up in bed together," Chad continued reading aloud to Sonny before stopping to stress that Leo had left out key details of that part of the story. "It was clear that since that fabulous night to remember, Chad could not forget about me. When I returned to Salem, he left his wife and small children at home and came knocking at my hotel room door, drunk and begging me for sex," Chad continued reading aloud, ignoring Sonny's attempts to apologize. "But I rejected Chad's desperate pleas for a one-on-one liaison because I was engaged and in love with another man," Chad finished reading aloud to Sonny.

"I'm gonna kill him -- I'm gonna find Leo Stark, and I am gonna kill him...and then I'm gonna get Rolf to bring him back from the dead so I can kill him again! [I mean], the little creep outed me -- and I wasn't even in!" Chad spat before producing a cell phone and starting to contact a lawyer to begin the process of suing Leo and the Intruder for libel, prompting Sonny to warn that it wouldn't be wise to do that because everything in the article was technically true.

"Well, then, if I can't sue 'em, I'm gonna give my own interview -- I'll tell everyone that Leo Stark is a bigamist --" Chad backpedaled. "You really want to sink down to his level?" Sonny objected. "Yes -- he hit me below the belt; it's time to return the favor!" Chad insisted. "I'm telling you, I really just think you should let this go, okay? Stories like this, they tend to just fizzle out on their own -- you would just be adding fuel to the fire --" Sonny advised.

"Easy for you to say -- you're not even mentioned in the article!" Chad snapped at Sonny. "Wait, what?" Sonny responded before snatching Chad's tablet computer and taking a closer look at the article to confirm the claim. "Why is that? Why didn't Leo come after you? Maybe Leo was right -- maybe that's why you didn't come to the wedding --" Chad challenged Sonny. "Don't even infer that, okay? I told you -- I had a business meeting!" Sonny assured Chad before pointing out that Leo had ended their earlier conversation with a vow of revenge against everyone who had played a part in pushing Craig away. "I have a sickening feeling you were just the first one on the list," Sonny fretted to Chad.

Nancy contacted Bonnie while exiting the Salem Inn, eager to talk about what had just happened with Craig and Leo -- and what hadn't happened with Clyde. "I never heard from him!" Nancy complained to Bonnie while passing through the town square. Before Bonnie could respond, Nancy bumped into someone -- then realized, while trying to take responsibility for the collision, that Clyde was the person who was receiving the apology.

Nancy said a quick goodbye to Bonnie then ended the call and glared at Clyde. "I take it back -- when I stepped on your foot, I wish I had broken every one of your metatarsals!" Nancy spat before shoving past Clyde then starting to storm off. "Wait --" Clyde begged, stopping Nancy. "I have waited for you, Clyde -- I waited all day yesterday for you to call, like you said you would --" Nancy countered. "I'm sorry about that," Clyde interjected.

"But there was a reason..." Clyde added before starting to elaborate -- and Nancy was sympathetic at first but soon grew incredulous, finding the story too outrageous to be believable. "You know, Clyde, if you don't want to date me, you don't have to recycle old Tales from the Crypt --" Nancy began to object, prompting Clyde to produce a cell phone and launch a browser app. "I swear, on the life of my unborn grandson, that I am telling the truth -- but if you don't believe me, take a look at this..." Clyde declared before navigating to the Intruder's website then handing Nancy the device while the page was still loading.

"You really expect a picture of Chad DiMera in drag to convince me that the devil made you not call me?" Nancy challenged Clyde. "Wrong story," Clyde explained before directing Nancy's attention to another one of the tabloid's articles. "Crypt-Captive Baby Daddy Rescued; Pregnant Wife Now Missing!" Nancy, who apparently believed that the publication was credible, read aloud from the headline before surprising Clyde with a hug of comfort. Clyde pulled away from Nancy with a hint of discomfort and apologized again for having blown off their dinner date -- then offered to make things right with a lunch date, reasoning that meals were important, even in times of crisis, and that it would be nice to have something else to focus on for a while. Nancy started to follow Clyde to the Brady Pub -- just as Chloe entered the town square with Brady.

Chloe and Brady both tried to warn Nancy that it wouldn't be wise to date Clyde, of all people, but they were quickly silenced. "Men can change who they are -- and Clyde says he's changed, and I believe him," Nancy declared before continuing to walk away with Clyde -- and Chloe gave Brady a groan once the coast was clear. "Déjà vu -- I just spent the last few months trying to stop one parent from dating the wrong person, and now I have to do the same with the other parent..." Chloe fretted to Brady, who promised to help again. "At least I know I'm dating the right person!" Chloe raved before thanking Brady with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Clyde tried to talk to Nancy about what had just happened. "I know what my son means to me, and the last thing in the world I want to do is come between you and your daughter, so if you'd like to back out now, that's totally cool with me --" Clyde began. "I love my daughter, but I'm a grown woman, and my days of pleasing other people are over," Nancy responded. "I deserve my happy ending," Nancy added while grasping Clyde's hands.

At the Salem Inn, Leo responded to Craig's glare with a nod of understanding then sighed and shrugged before starting to speak in a calm but sad tone. "You asked what the hell I wanted [just now, and] the truth is...I've spent my whole life wanting things -- money, power, Alamainian emeralds -- but now, I've come to realize there's only one thing I want, and that's you," Leo stressed. "You were lying to me from the second we met. I don't know why I would believe you now," Craig countered. "Because of your feet -- [see], when they hurt after a long shift at the hospital, I rub them for you," Leo answered before declaring that just one of many little ways that true love had been expressed to Craig throughout their relationship.

"But there's also a big way -- you should know that I love you because, for the first time in my life, I admitted that I did something wrong...and I apologized," Leo continued. "There is one thing I am not sorry for, [though] -- even if we are through, I am not sorry that I fell in love with you, because our time together has been the best days of my life," Leo continued while fighting back tears. "I've always been a player, but in this particular moment, I'm being perfectly straight with you," Leo continued before joking that there were probably better ways to word that statement. "You are actually gay, aren't you?" Craig interjected. "Now, that would be quite the con, huh? But you, more than anybody, should know...I am gay," Leo responded before concluding that Craig had started out as just another mark but had turned into much more somewhere along the way.

"I do believe you love me," Craig decided after some thought, drawing a hopeful smile from Leo. "But I don't trust you, and trust is something that matters to me," Craig continued, causing Leo's smile to fade. "We're done. I left your stuff downstairs," Craig concluded, prompting Leo to release a sigh of defeat.

Leo started to exit the hotel room then turned to face Craig again. "Do you hate me?" Leo wondered. "No, Leo, I don't hate you...but I cannot be with you," Craig responded. "But because of you, I can now be myself, [so] I don't regret loving you," Craig added before giving Leo a smile and a farewell kiss on the cheek.

Leo rushed off -- and Chloe arrived a short time later. Craig reassured Chloe that there were no hard feelings between them. Chloe was disappointed to learn that Craig was planning to move back to New York right away. "I already gave Seth Burns my resignation. I didn't feel good about taking that job away from Kayla. The hospital will run much better with her in charge," Craig explained to Chloe. "That's not true," Chloe insisted before dropping the subject and sharing a tearful goodbye with Craig.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad was being hammered with phone calls from reporters around the world, each of whom had gotten wind of the Intruder's article and wanted a comment for their own spin on the story. Meanwhile, Sonny ran into Brady while passing through the town square -- and Leo emerged from the Salem Inn with a suitcase just in time to hear them discussing the article. "Don't worry -- you're next," Leo assured Sonny before turning to Brady. "Once I'm done with Sonny Boy here, you and your vacuous little girlfriend will then be next," Leo continued. "Craig and I are done, but I'm not going anywhere. This may have started as a scam, but it became very personal to me, and you all cost me the man that I love, [so] I'm coming for you -- I'm coming for all of you -- [and] hell hath no fury like a gay man scorned," Leo concluded before storming off.

Susan tries to help Ben track down Ciara

Susan tries to help Ben track down Ciara

Thursday, May 5, 2022

by Mike

At the hospital, Paulina joined Lani in Eli's room -- and T.R. arrived a short time later, while Lani was thanking Paulina for all the help with the twins. "Any change?" T.R. wondered. "Unfortunately, no...but I keep talking to him -- telling him how we all cannot wait for him to come back -- and...I don't know, maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I really feel like he's listening this time," Lani responded.

T.R. squirmed as Paulina echoed Lani's suspicion that Eli was going to emerge from the coma at some point that day. "Eli's doctors -- do they think he has a chance to wake up?" T.R. stammered. "Oh, forget those doctors -- this wonderful man with a smile that lights up the world, he's coming out of this, I am sure of it," Paulina maintained.

Abe arrived just then -- and glared at T.R. while noting that the room was getting a bit crowded. "I'll go -- I gotta use the little girls' room, anyway..." Paulina conceded before saying goodbye to everyone then rushing off. "Was it something I said?" Abe joked. "More like something you did..." T.R. suggested before elaborating that Abe had hurt Paulina more than once recently. "That is rich, coming from you..." Abe responded before arguing that T.R. had hurt Paulina even worse in the past. Lani interrupted and reminded Abe and T.R. that fighting within earshot of a comatose person wasn't appropriate. Abe and T.R. each conceded the point and apologized to Lani.

T.R. soon rushed off to take a phone call from an investor -- and Abe seized the opportunity to advise Lani that work, not family, seemed to be the producer's top priority. "I know -- I should keep my opinions to myself," Abe backpedaled. "I understand your concerns about him -- and why wouldn't you have them, given what you know about the man -- [so]...I will keep my guard up, [and] I would never leave Jules and Carver alone with him, [but] I do not think that he's a threat anymore," Lani responded. "Men like that rarely change," Abe warned. "'Rarely' is not 'never' -- what if T.R. is the exception?" Lani argued. "What if he's not?" Abe countered. Meanwhile, T.R. ended the phone call after promising to pay the "investor" very soon.

Chanel ran into Johnny at the nurses' station. "I'm all rehydrated and good to go," Johnny explained. "Are you sure? You've been through a lot," Chanel argued. "Eh, it wasn't that bad -- I mean, sure, I was possessed by the devil, held prisoner in a crypt, almost strangled to death by my dead uncle...but, hey, everyone's got their problems, right?" Johnny countered.

"Way to put things in perspective..." Chanel muttered. "Okay -- to be honest, all that did do a pretty good number on me...but I'm fine now," Johnny backpedaled. Chanel hoped that Johnny was en route to the DiMera mansion and was planning to rest there for the remainder of the day. Johnny dismissed the idea with a scoff and insisted that finding Allie was more important. Chanel warned Johnny that it probably wouldn't be easy to accomplish that task because Allie was still possessed -- and had kidnapped Ciara. "Every cop in town has been looking for them -- oh, G, what if they shoot first and then ask questions later?" Chanel fretted, prompting Johnny to offer a hug of comfort -- just as Paulina approached.

"Keep your filthy hands off my daughter!" Paulina ordered Johnny, who pulled away from Chanel then rushed off with a vague explanation about needing to take care of something important. "Damn coward..." Paulina spat, prompting Chanel to clarify that Johnny really did have something important to take care of -- and that it was actually a matter of life and death. "All the more reason for you not to go anywhere near those evil twins -- I don't want Satan jumping into you next!" Paulina declared at the end of Chanel's tale. Chanel dismissed the concern then said goodbye and rushed off, but Paulina was clearly still unsettled.

Tripp entered an examination room and greeted a patient -- Beth, whose face was badly bruised. "I tripped -- landed on my face," Beth claimed, drawing a nod of skepticism from Tripp, who explained the hospital's confidentiality policy then tried to get the real story. "Look, I'm in a lot of pain -- I just need a prescription for painkillers," Beth begged, and Tripp complied with a sigh of concern.

Beth took the prescription then started to rush out of the hospital -- and ran into T.R. on the way. "You can't be seen like this!" T.R. insisted. "You think I want to be? I spent the entire day in my room, trying to bear it -- waiting for my ears to stop ringing, my eyes to stop throbbing, for it to stop hurting just to breathe... I finally had to come get some painkillers," Beth explained.

T.R. ordered Beth to fly back to Los Angeles right away. "But what about the movie?" Beth protested. "You can't do a movie looking like that," T.R. reasoned. "You did this to me!" Beth stressed. "You're lucky that's all I did -- [and] if you stick around Salem and anybody sees you like this, [then] I'll kill you," T.R. declared. "I'm leaving," Beth promised.

Paulina approached T.R. as Beth boarded a nearby elevator. "What was she doing here?" Paulina began. "Looking for me -- she decided to drop out of the movie and go back to California," T.R. responded. "Why?" Paulina wondered. "She didn't really say, [but] cold feet would be my guess," T.R. claimed before changing the subject, vowing to talk to Chanel later about rejoining the movie. "I just saw her. I think she's headed for the bakery -- you could track her down right now," Paulina advised. "There's a higher priority I have to take care of first," T.R. insisted. "What is 'a higher priority' than your movie?" Paulina sputtered. "You are, Paulina -- and I have an important question for you..." T.R. began to elaborate.

While passing through the town square, Beth received a phone call from Lani, who wanted to follow up on their recent conversation. "You said you had something to tell me -- [and] it was something I deserved to know," Lani reminded Beth. "It wasn't important, [and] I'm sorry I made you feel like it was. Listen, I have a plane to catch, so I have to run, [but] I wish you and your husband the best, and I pray that he wakes up," Beth declared before ending the call, leaving Lani confused. "I got the feeling that Beth was hiding something...but she's leaving town now, so I guess we'll never know..." Lani explained to Abe, who had encouraged the follow-up call due to a hunch that Beth might have been trying to reveal something about T.R.

Abe soon rushed off to the Horton house to relieve Julie of babysitting duties, leaving Lani alone with Eli -- whose eyes suddenly opened.

Susan rushed over to the Brady-Weston apartment after receiving a text message from Ben. "I am freaking out -- nobody has seen or heard from Ciara since yesterday --" Ben began to explain. "That's hardly surprising..." Susan argued. "And I really hope that we can use your powers to help me connect with her again, just like you did before -- please," Ben concluded.

"You know the drill," Susan agreed, drawing a nod from Ben, who rushed off to another room in search of one of Ciara's belongings -- then returned to the living room a short time later, carrying a helmet. "I gave this to Ciara as an anniversary gift," Ben revealed. "It's...a little small, isn't it?" Susan observed, recognizing that the helmet could probably only be worn on a child's head. "It's symbolic -- the bike is what brought us together!" Ben defensively clarified. "That's...real sweet..." Susan sarcastically muttered before shrugging then starting the process of trying to get psychic readings from the item.

Susan's efforts weren't successful at first, but when Ben joined in, they managed to connect with Ciara, who was asleep on a couch at the Horton cabin at that moment -- but the demonic presence, which was circling the couch like a vulture, soon severed the connection. "I think you were having a nightmare," the demonic presence declared as Allie. "No, that wasn't a nightmare, Allie -- it was Ben!" Ciara responded.

"I almost felt her -- I swear to God, I was so close, then...I don't know, something happened..." Ben fretted. "The devil is messing up the signal," Susan guessed.

Ciara reminded "Allie" that Rafe had mentioned the previous night that cops were going to be guarding them around the clock while Evan was on the loose. "Where the hell are they?" Ciara wondered. "At the dock," the demonic presence claimed as Allie. "I want to talk to them," Ciara insisted. "The cops made it very clear that leaving is not an option -- for your safety and for your baby's safety, you need to stay here," the demonic presence responded as Allie.

Susan dismissed the helmet as a poor conduit for a psychic connection, prompting Ben to retrieve a book of Shakespeare's works -- including Romeo and Juliet. Ben started reciting some of Romeo's lines -- and Ciara heard at the cabin and responded with some of Juliet's lines. The demonic presence severed the connection again, just as Ben was trying to determine Ciara's location.

Johnny arrived at the Brady-Weston apartment just then and greeted Ben and Susan then begged for an update. "I just came up with a brilliant idea!" Susan exclaimed before elaborating that Johnny and Allie, like Ben and Ciara, shared a psychic connection. Meanwhile, Ciara started to rush out of the Horton cabin, convinced that Ben was actually alive. "I'm not letting you go anywhere --" the demonic presence insisted as Allie. "'Letting' me? You have nothing to say about it, Allie! I'm not your prisoner, [so] I'm gonna go find Ben -- and there's nothing you can do to stop me!" Ciara countered.

The demonic presence smirked -- and then Ciara gasped. "What's wrong? What happened?" Devil Allie wondered. "My water just broke!" Ciara responded.

The devil delivers Ciara's baby

The devil delivers Ciara's baby

Friday, May 6, 2022

Abe went to the Horton house to pick up the twins. When Julie offered to wake up the babies, Abe said he was not in a hurry to leave. "How are things at the hospital?" Julie asked. Abe confirmed that Eli's condition was unchanged. Abe told Julie about his argument with T.R. over Abe's kiss with Paulina. "[T.R.] told you off? After everything he has done to her? The nerve of him!" Julie said. With a shake of her head, Julie said she did not understand why Paulina had let T.R. back into her life.

"I think there is something romantic between them," Abe said. "Give me a break," Julie groaned. Julie argued that Abe still loved Paulina. "It's time you got over yourself, Abraham, and won her back," Julie said. Abe stressed that trust was the problem, not love. "[Paulina] has lied to me too many times," Abe said. Julie argued that Paulina did not have anything else to lie about. Julie asked Abe if he was afraid to compete with T.R.

"Love, that's a young man's game," Julie teased. Julie told Abe that she had been with Paulina when Abe had been in surgery after his shooting. "[Paulina] loves you fiercely. Do you really want to let a woman who loves you like that slip away?" Julie asked. "No. I don't want to lose her," Abe admitted. "The twins are fine. You go to Paulina now," Julie said. With a smirk, Abe agreed.

At the hospital, Eli's eyes fluttered open. Eli nodded in response to Lani, and she raced out to find a doctor. Down the hallway, T.R. convinced Paulina to go to her apartment to talk. As Paulina boarded the elevator with T.R. Lani called out to her mother, but Paulina did not hear Lani before the doors closed. Lani grabbed Tripp, and they rushed back to attend to Eli.

Tripp extubated Eli. "How are you feeling?" Tripp asked. "Why am I at the hospital?" Eli asked. Lani told Eli that he had been in a coma after he had been shot. With a shake of his head, Eli said he could not remember the shooting. Tripp confirmed that the memory loss was normal. "Who shot me?" Eli asked. Lani suggested that they discuss the details after a full exam by the doctor.

After Tripp completed his exam of Eli, he offered to call the family so that Lani could stay with Eli. Once alone, Lani sat next to Eli. "How are the kids?" Eli asked. Lani confirmed that she had been a mess, but the family had helped with the kids. "Even T.R. He pitched in," Lani said. "You didn't let T.R. near our kids, did you?" Eli asked. Lani sighed.

"Like you said, you missed a lot," Lani said. Lani assured Eli that she had never left the children alone with T.R. "But babe, [T.R.] did help me with all of this," Lani said. Lani told Eli that even Paulina had started to believe that T.R. was a changed man. "I guess I did miss a lot. Last thing I remember is I had the ISA check him out," Eli whispered. After a moment, Eli frowned.

"There's something else," Eli said. Eli remembered that he had talked to Beth. Lani reminded Eli that Beth had confirmed that T.R. had been sober and non-violent when T.R. had dated Beth. "You sure that's what she said?" Eli asked. Lani confirmed that she had talked to Beth. Eli asked about the shooting.

"What we know is that you left Beth at the station. She said that you told her you would be right back, but you didn't say where you were going or why. And somehow, you ended up at the park. The drug dealer was already there, and somehow, he ended up shooting you," Lani said. "Why?" Eli asked. Lani told Eli about the crime scene. "I really thought that I was going to lose you," Lani said. Lani broke down in tears and hugged Eli.

When Lani calmed down, Eli asked to see a picture of the shooter. Lani showed Eli a photo of Frank. "He doesn't look familiar," Eli said. "You don't remember why you went to the park?" Lani asked. As Eli shook his head no, he remembered struggling with someone. "It's starting to come back to me," Eli said. Eli confirmed that he had struggled over his gun. "With Frank?" Lani asked. Eli furrowed his brow, and he remembered that he had attempted to arrest T.R. "Baby it wasn't Frank who shot me. It was T.R.," Eli said.

Paulina returned to her apartment with T.R. "I want you to know how much these past few months have meant to me," T.R. said. T.R. thanked Paulina for having given him a second chance with her and his family. "Spending this extra time together, it's made me realize that, Paulina, you are the love of my life," T.R. said. T.R. reached across the table and took Paulina's hand in his.

"I was hoping you might do the honor of becoming my wife," T.R. said. "Have you lost your damn mind?" Paulina asked. T.R. suggested that they go away for the weekend, but Paulina was unsure. "We're talking about one weekend. What's the harm in that?" T.R. asked. Paulina noted that she could not leave Lani alone at the hospital.

"It looks like it's going to be awhile. And I don't think [Eli would] want you to put your life on hold till he gets out," T.R. said. T.R. promised that they would stay close to Salem and only go for a couple days. "You can come back refreshed and ready to help Lani again," T.R. said. "I have been stretched pretty thin lately. Okay, why not," Paulina said. T.R. laughed and hugged Paulina. "You have no idea how happy you've made me," T.R. said.

While Paulina went into her room to pack, T.R. answered Paulina's phone. Tripp told T.R. that Eli was awake. "We have every reason to believe [Eli] will make a complete recovery," Tripp said. Stunned, T.R. asked Tripp if Eli had talked about the shooting. "No, he doesn't seem to remember what happened before the shooting. That is normal with trauma like his," Tripp said. Tripp added that Eli could regain his memory.

"Thank you for the good news. I'll tell Paulina right away," T.R. said. T.R. ended the call and stared at the floor in stunned silence. "Damn," T.R. whispered. From the bedroom, Paulina asked T.R. if he had called Lani at the hospital to tell her about their travel plans. T.R. lied and said, "[Lani] thinks it's a great idea for us to get away for a few days."

T.R. was frustrated when Paulina continued to pack in the other room. "You don't need a lot of clothes where you're going," T.R. muttered. There was a knock at the door, and T.R. reluctantly answered it. It was Abe.

In the Horton cabin, an emotional Ciara insisted on leaving the island. As Ciara walked to the door to leave, her water broke. "I need Ben. I can't do this without Ben!" Ciara shouted. "You can and you will, but you need to calm down for your baby's sake. I know you want Ben, Ciara, but you need to think of your baby," devil Allie said. In the devil's mind, he added, "Think about how long I've waited." Ciara wanted to get on a boat for the mainland, but devil Allie argued that it was too late to leave for the hospital.

"I need Ben to do this with me," Ciara pleaded. "I promise, you and your baby are in good hands," devil Allie said. Devil Allie settled Ciara on the floor to prepare for the birth. Worried, Ciara dumped out the contents of her purse to grab a photo of Ben. "If [Ben] can't be here, I want him here somehow," Ciara said. Ciara had a contraction and cried out.

In Ben and Ciara's apartment, Susan insisted that they could use Johnny's bond with his twin to find Allie. "I don't think trying to make a connection with Allie is going to work right now. Not the way things are," Johnny said. Susan stressed that although Allie was possessed by the devil, Johnny could reach his sister. "You need to use your love to reach out and let her know [that you love her more than anyone else in the world]," Susan said.

"You know I would do anything for Allie, but I don't know what to do," Johnny said. Susan suggested that Johnny focus on a photo of him and Allie on Susan's phone. "I want you to remember what was happening, what you both were saying. Like it was happening right now, right in this room. I want you to see what she sees," Susan said. Johnny concentrated, then grimaced.

"I can't," Johnny said. "Please. This is our only chance," Ben begged. After a moment, Johnny tried again. Susan told Johnny to think about Allie. "I want you to get [Allie] to think about her son and how much she loves him. And how much Ben and Ciara are going to love that baby. I want you to think of the first time that Allie was holding that baby," Susan said. Johnny concentrated, then said, "Allie, I want you to think about Henry. He needs you. You've got to get back to him." Johnny's eyes flew open.

"I see her! I can see Ciara!" Johnny said. Johnny said that Ciara was in labor. "No, she's not due for another couple weeks," Ben said. Johnny closed his eyes again. "I think I'm seeing Ciara through Allie's eyes," Johnny said. Susan encouraged Johnny to keep talking to Allie.

At the Horton cabin, Ciara breathed through her contractions. Devil Allie stared into the corner, distracted. "Allie, look around the room. Show me where you are," Johnny's voice said in Allie's head. "That sneaky little bastard," devil Allie muttered. Confused, Ciara asked Allie what was wrong. "Get out of here!" devil Allie yelled at the air.

At Ben and Ciara's apartment, Johnny fell off the couch. "The devil, he figured out what was happening," Johnny said. "Did you see where they were?" Ben asked. Johnny said the room had appeared to be a cabin. Ben wondered aloud if Ciara was at his cabin at Mammoth Falls. Ben grabbed his jacket, and he ran out of the apartment.

At the Horton cabin, devil Allie continued to coach Ciara through the birth. "I can see his head. One more big push!" devil Allie shouted. Baby Bo started to cry. Tired, Ciara asked for her son. Devil Allie wrapped the baby in a blanket and held him.

After Ben left his apartment, Johnny told Susan that he wanted to reach out to Allie again. Susan helped Johnny, and he saw through Allie's eyes that she was holding the baby. "Allie, it's me. You have to fight! Don't let the devil take Ciara's baby," Johnny pleaded. At the cabin, devil Allie narrowed her eyes. "I said get out!" devil Allie screamed. Concerned, Ciara asked what was wrong. Johnny pushed Allie enough to get her to look around the room, and Allie looked at the ferry ticket that had fallen out of Ciara's purse.

Devil Allie assured Ciara that everything was fine. "Or it will be soon," devil Allie said. Devil Allie closed her eyes and touched her temple. At Ben and Ciara's apartment, Johnny cried out in pain. "I don't know what he just did, but I don't think we're going to get back in," Johnny told Susan. With a grin, Johnny told Susan about the ferry ticket to Smith Island.

"They're at the Horton cabin. Oh, my God, Ben went to the wrong cabin," Johnny said. Susan frantically called Ben's phone, but it went to voicemail.

At the Horton cabin, devil Allie cooed over the baby across the room from Ciara. "Give me my baby!" Ciara shouted. "No, Ciara. This is my baby," devil Allie said. "Is this some kind of a sick joke? Just give me my baby," Ciara said. Devil Allie cradled baby Bo in her arms.

"Sorry, Ciara. But I have other plans for him," devil Allie said. Ciara demanded that Allie hand over the baby. Devil Allie looked over at Ciara, and in the devil's voice said, "I'm not Allie." Devil Allie's eyes turned yellow. "It can't be. I thought you were in Johnny," Ciara said. "In my business, you need to learn how to pivot. Taking on this particular corporeal identity was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing," devil Allie explained. Ciara pleaded for the life of her innocent baby.

"No one can stop me now," the devil said. "No! I won't let you do this," Allie said inside her head. Devil Allie winced. At Ben and Ciara's apartment, Johnny called Rafe and told him that Ciara and Allie were at the Horton cabin. "Ciara's had her baby. You've got to get there right away," Johnny said.

When Ben arrived at the Horton cabin, Ciara was struggling to get to her feet. Ben ran into Ciara's arms. "Thank God you're okay," Ben said. Ben looked around the room. "She's gone. Ben, that wasn't Allie. That was the devil, and he took our baby," Ciara said through tears.

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