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Deacon and Mike professed their devotion to Sheila, but Bill's declaration of love changed her life. Steffy and Finn were gobsmacked when, without their testimony, Sheila walked free. Taylor offered to confess her crime, and she confronted Bill about the pain he was causing her family.
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Steffy and Finn did not testify at Sheila's hearing. The judge, a friend of Bill, released Sheila. Taylor contemplated turning herself in. Bill told Sheila he loved her.
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Bill secretly views the closed hearing

Bill secretly views the closed hearing

Monday, January 9, 2023

At the jail on the morning of her hearing, Sheila was surprised that she had a visitor. An officer let her into the visiting area, where Deacon, fresh from out of town, awaited her. He said he would have been there sooner, but he'd tell her about his trip later. Sorry to see her in jail, he said he'd been secretly hoping she'd beat the odds. "Maybe I have," Sheila whispered.

Deacon advised Sheila to look around her. He asked if she'd accepted the fact that she'd be in prison for a long time. Avoiding the question, she thanked him for visiting her. He thanked her for not ratting him out. She said she'd never be able to repay him for his help, but he insisted that she had by not ratting him out. He expressed worry about her, but she said she'd be okay. He assumed she was hoping for a miracle, and she said one would never know.

Noting her optimism, Deacon wondered if it was an act for his benefit. Sheila claimed it wasn't, and her answer prompted him to demand to know why she'd gone to Spencer's that night. Deacon assumed she'd had to know Bill would have called the cops on sight. Deacon guessed it didn't matter; what mattered was what happened going forward.

Assuming she was dreading seeing the judge, Deacon said Sheila didn't have to put on a brave face. He was sure Finn and Steffy would be out to make Sheila look horrific to a judge. Deacon told Sheila that she wasn't alone, and he wouldn't abandon her, even if everyone else had. He didn't know what he could do besides visit her on the downlow. Deacon recalled that she'd said the best had been yet to come, but he saw it as the end of the line.

Sheila stated that Deacon's concern was sweet; however, she repeated that everyone always underestimated her. Deacon said he hadn't visited to make things difficult. He'd just had to see her and tell her that he'd enjoyed their time together. He said he cared about Sheila.

Sheila seemed affected by Deacon's words and said she cared about him, too. She added that they might have had a chance if things had been different. The guard called time, and Deacon promised not to turn his back on Sheila.

At the cliff house, Taylor was excited about Sheila's hearing that day and certain that Finn and Steffy's testimonies would make the difference. Steffy and Finn frowned worriedly. Taylor left, and Finn and Steffy talked about the unthinkable options Bill had given them. Steffy said Taylor's future would be taken away if they testified against Sheila that day.

Later, Steffy had ended a call with Ridge, who was traveling and soul-searching. She'd told Ridge not to come home. She figured Ridge's presence would agitate Bill. Steffy said Ridge wasn't pushing it because he knew what they'd say at the hearing. Finn, who was still struggling with it, wondered if they did know. Steffy was sorry to put him in that position. Finn claimed Bill had done it by blackmailing Finn's wife. Finn didn't know how to look at Bill without utter contempt, no matter what. Steffy said there was still time for Bill to come to his senses.

Sometime later, Finn and Steffy had arrived in a judge's chambers. They were still fretting about Bill's ultimatum. Bill arrived and asked them to keep their voices down and watch what they were saying. Finn wondered, even if he and Steffy did what Bill wanted, what would happen with Li, who Sheila had run off the road. Bill said Li would have to be kept quiet. Bill reminded Finn that Li had sneaked him out of a hospital and falsified hospital records, which could have a negative impact on her career and freedom. "So, now you're threatening my mother, too?" Finn asked.

Steffy said Sheila had also escaped prison, so she'd do time. Bill stated that he didn't want to hear a word out of Finn and Steffy that day. Steffy told Bill it was impossible. Bill decided they should leave before the judge arrived. Before going, he said it would be Sheila's freedom for Taylor's freedom.

Bill went to an unknown location and secretly watched the video feed from the judge's chambers via a tablet. Finn and Steffy were still trying to figure out if they should do the unthinkable thing Bill wanted them to do. Sheila arrived with a guard. She greeted Finn and Steffy and was surprised that they didn't even give her a "hi." Her lawyer arrived and advised her to keep her comments to herself, but she said she hoped Finn and Steffy did the right thing.

Judge McMullen, the judge from Will's custody case, arrived to preside over the hearing. Sheila's lawyer had no opening remarks. McMullen asked Finn to give his testimony first. He asked if Finn had recently learned that Sheila was his mother. Finn affirmed it. The judge asked if Finn was ready to get started with the case regarding Sheila Carter. Sheila gazed up at the camera in the corner of the room.

At Forrester, Taylor arrived and asked if Brooke had missed her. The two hugged, and Taylor announced that the day had come for Sheila to finally pay for what she'd done. Taylor was surprised that Bill had apprehended Sheila, and Brooke noted that he loved playing the hero. Taylor didn't think he was playing because he'd immediately turned Sheila in.

Brooke shared that Katie had told Bill how grateful they all were, but Bill had seemed surprised that he was more than an afterthought for them. Brooke said it wasn't true. Taylor replied that she was sorry about it, and she wasn't close to him, "given our complicated history and all." Taylor hoped things worked out for Bill, who'd gotten Sheila out of their lives.

Taylor and Brooke wished the hearing was open to the public, so they could see Sheila's face. Brooke said she was surprised they'd all survived what Sheila had put them through. Taylor said she'd treated even the untreatable, but Sheila didn't even think she needed treatment or that anything was wrong with her. Taylor guessed Sheila would get help when she was put away, thanks to Steffy and Finn.

Finn and Steffy are rocked by unexpected evidence

Finn and Steffy are rocked by unexpected evidence

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

At Forrester, Brooke treated Taylor to lunch at the conference table. They were optimistic that the hearing would be the beginning of the end for Sheila Carter. Brooke said they could direct the anger they'd had for each other toward Sheila. Taylor replied that Sheila was the real enemy, and she and Brooke had merely been caught in a toxic cycle and family drama. Brooke agreed, saying that Sheila had been the real threat to their safety and happiness. Taylor wanted to celebrate never being a victim of Sheila's again.

The topic turned to the women getting over Ridge, and Taylor asked how Brooke, who was used to having a man in her life, was doing. Brooke wondered why she'd been so needy, but she said she was happier putting herself first. Taylor and Brooke agreed that they were redefining themselves and evolving. Brooke asked if Taylor really wasn't waiting for Ridge.

Taylor replied that Ridge had left her at the altar for the last time. Brooke was sure it had been painful. Taylor said it had been painful all around, and Brooke added that it had been for Ridge, too. They thought it was about time that Ridge did some soul-searching, and Brooke said they were all re-evaluating their lives.

Taylor asked what was next in Brooke's dating life. "Bill Spencer, maybe?" Taylor asked. She said Bill had always had a thing for Brooke, and the two had been good together. Taylor referred to Bill as a lone wolf, but she thought he always liked to have a woman in his life. Giggling, Brooke said it wouldn't be her or Katie, and if he did have one, Brooke didn't know who it was.

Later, Taylor tried on a Forrester Original, and Brooke thanked Taylor for being her fit model. Scenes played of Brooke sizing Taylor up in the dress. Next, Brooke tried on a dress, and the ladies spun around, primped, and giggled together.

Brooke and Taylor complimented each other on how good they always looked. Taylor called Brooke every man's dream, but Brooke said, "Not every man's." Taylor replied that Ridge would be lucky to have either of them, and Taylor saw a bright future ahead. Brooke was glad for Taylor's energy and wanted more of it because it was hard to drum up alone.

Taylor stated that they were doing the right thing by choosing themselves, but it would always mean time alone. Brooke decided that they should have a girls' night and binge-watch some shows. Brooke said she was happy Taylor had visited that day. Taylor replied that it was good to have Brooke on the journey. Taylor thought Brooke was the only one who really understood what a liability Sheila had been. Brooke wondered what was going on at the courthouse. Taylor believed the case was a slam-dunk.

In the judge's chambers, Judge McMullen asked if Finn was ready to move forward with the case against Sheila Carter. Finn thought of Bill's ultimatum. The judge asked Finn if there was a problem. "Uh, your honor, I have nothing to say," Finn uttered. From his secret viewing spot, Bill said, "That a boy."

Confused, the judge asked if Finn no longer wished to testify or press charges against Sheila. Affirming that he didn't want to do either, Finn took a seat. Sheila asked to say a few words, though her attorney advised against it. The judge decided to allow it.

Sheila defended herself to the judge. She said they were there due to her actions and mistakes. She'd never meant to hurt Finn or Steffy, and she loved Finn more than anything. Sheila was proud of the man he'd become, and she knew how much he adored Steffy. Sheila felt forever indebted to Steffy for the love and joy she'd brought to Finn's life and for her grandson. Sheila said she was and always would be Steffy's mother-in-law and family.

Steffy cocked her head when Sheila said she knew how loyal Steffy was to her mother and what a great role model with an immaculate reputation Taylor was. Sheila said Taylor had been the one person to give Sheila a chance, and Sheila would never forget it. Sheila wanted the best for Finn and his family. Sheila thanked the judge for allowing her to speak.

The judge asked the tearful Steffy if she was ready to speak. Steffy stood. She said Sheila had said she was sorry and claimed to love them as family, but it was something Steffy tried to wipe from her mind. Steffy stated that Sheila wasn't her mother-in-law or a friend. Steffy said Sheila had no idea the pain she'd caused. Steffy brought up Sheila's feelings for Taylor.

Sheila stood and said she knew Steffy wanted Taylor's happiness. Sheila's lawyer objected, but the judge told Steffy that he was waiting. Steffy reluctantly said that she'd hoped to gain closure by being there. She was still hoping there would be closure, whether Sheila went to jail due to Steffy and Finn or not. Steffy felt that Sheila would always haunt Steffy's past but would never play a role in Steffy's future. Steffy said no words could erase what Sheila had done.

"That's all I have to say," Steffy uttered. The judge was surprised that Steffy had nothing to say about the charges brought against Sheila. Steffy stated that she was no longer pressing charges. The judge tossed his pen on his desk. Steffy sat down. She told Finn that it was fine because their charges weren't the only ones needed for a conviction. Steffy stated that there was enough evidence to put Sheila behind bars for years to come.

The judge clarified that Steffy and Finn weren't testifying and were rescinding their charges. Steffy affirmed it but said, due to other major charges, Sheila wouldn't be free for a long time.

"Actually," the judge said. He stated that new, compelling evidence had been brought to his attention. The judge informed everyone that Mike Guthrie had stated that he'd coerced Sheila Carter and forced her from her cell against her will. Steffy asked if he was saying Mike had kidnapped Sheila. "That is correct," the judge said.

Finn asked how one could be kidnapped from prison. The judge, who'd also questioned it, said there was indisputable video evidence corroborating Mike's story. The judge said that there were no further charges, and since Finn and Steffy refused to testify or move forward with charges, the judge had no choice but to release Sheila Carter. "Case dismissed!" the judge concluded.

As an officer unshackled Sheila, Steffy yelled that it was wrong, and the judge had to do something. Sheila grinned as she exited. Finn held Steffy.

Bill confers with Judge McMullen

Bill confers with Judge McMullen

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

In the judge's chambers, Steffy was outraged when the judge ordered Sheila released. Bill looked on from his secret room as an officer escorted Sheila out, and Finn asked if Judge McMullen would let Sheila just walk. McMullen reasoned that Steffy and Finn wouldn't testify, and no other evidence linked Sheila to the crime scene. He added that Mike Guthrie had forcibly removed Sheila from her cell. McMullen said he had no choice but to release Sheila.

Steffy and Finn left the judge's office. After a few moments, Bill strode in. Bill said it was good to see McMullen in person, and Bill asked about McMullen's family. McMullen said they were reaping the benefits of the two weeks they'd spent on Bill's yacht, and the McMullens would always be indebted to Bill for the vacation. Bill said they could take the yacht anytime.

McMullen said he appreciated Bill's generosity. Bill said McMullen could count on it, and Bill would count on McMullen's. McMullen invited Bill over for dinner sometime. Bill thanked the judge for the invitation and for "today." McMullen replied that, with the evidence Bill had provided, McMullen hadn't had another choice. Bill and the judge shook hands, and the judge left for another meeting.

Later, Bill was exiting the chambers as he finished a call, and he encountered Finn and Steffy, who were on the threshold. Steffy shouted that it had been Bill who'd been behind Mike Guthrie's affidavit. Finn stated that Bill owned the judge. Bill replied that they'd done the right thing that day. Steffy demanded to know if Sheila was blackmailing him. Finn yelled that Bill had bought a judge to free Sheila.

Bill said there was no point in fighting. He stated that they'd lose, and Taylor would lose. He added that Sheila was free, so Taylor would be free. Steffy begged Bill to find his senses and see that Sheila was using him. In Bill's silence, she guessed he didn't care about her, Finn, Beth, or Kelly. Steffy said Sheila wasn't above using the kids to get to Hayes or Finn.

Bill said Steffy had his word that she'd have nothing to fear from Sheila. Steffy yelled that she hated Bill. She shouted that she'd never forgive him, but he walked out without a word.

In the visitation room, Sheila had changed into street clothes. An officer said he'd get her personal effects, and she'd soon be free to go. After he left the room, another officer buzzed in on the prisoner's side and placed Mike Guthrie alone in the room with her.

Sheila assumed Mike was there to say goodbye. Mike asked if she was really getting out while he'd be left in there. He guessed his memories of them together would get him through the long nights, but he was happy for her. He stated that he'd miss her. She replied that they had a habit of running into each other. He thought it had been a clever move to get Bill Spencer on her side.

Sheila replied that it had just happened. Mike insisted that she'd made it happen, and it had been genius. He asked her to visit him. Her face darkened. He figured she wouldn't want to voluntarily return to that place, but he said it would mean a lot. She claimed she'd try, depending upon where her life would take her. He asked her to at least think about him, and he revealed that he'd never stopped having feelings for her. Asking for one more thing, Mike puckered his lips.

Sheila moved in to kiss Mike, but instead, she smacked him in the face. "You bad boy!" she said, chuckling, and he agreed that he was that. The guard arrived to get Sheila. She thanked Mike for everything. He announced that he loved her and would wait a lifetime for her.

Later, an officer took Mike back to his cell and told him to get used to hearing the clinking sound. Mike stated that he'd at least have his memories. A flashback montage played of moments between Sheila and Mike. He remembered her siccing the dog on him and kissing him.

At Bill's house, Bill and Sheila arrived, and she found it unbelievable that no one had pulled them over or tried to stop them. She said he'd come through for her, and he replied that she was worth it. It felt incredible to her to finally be seen and to be out of the "hellhole." She praised Bill for his plan and called him "one hell of a man."

Sheila exclaimed that she was free, and she'd warned people who'd told her that there was no way back. She was grateful and felt lucky for Bill's kindness and support. She said the way he worked inspired her. "The way you blackmailed Steffy and Finn into not saying anything about the shooting, and the way you masterfully manipulated your own judge onto my case!" she said.

Bill replied that he'd put a lot on the line for Sheila. He needed to know he wouldn't regret it and that she would never let him down. Sheila assured him that he never needed to worry about that. She uttered that she'd be his partner for life, and they kissed.

In the CEO's office, Taylor finished up a call as Eric arrived. Taylor was sorry for taking over his office. Giddy about her lunch with Brooke, Taylor said it had been a good day all around, and Sheila would be back in jail, thanks to Finn and Steffy, who'd bring Sheila down. Taylor added that it would be good to know they never had to worry about Sheila again.

At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy were at home, still disconcerted about Bill, who'd once promised to never reveal Taylor as the shooter. Steffy said that Bill wasn't above using anything to get what he wanted, "but not against us! For Sheila?" To Steffy, it was unthinkable. She was sorry she'd put Finn in the middle of it, but he said they were a team. Finn stated that they'd made the best of a terrible choice, but he wondered how they'd explain it.

Just then, Taylor whisked in, praising Steffy and Finn as the heroes of the day. Taylor asked how it felt to know that they'd caused Sheila to spend the rest of her life behind bars. "About that..." Steffy replied. Finn stated that it hadn't ended as Taylor had expected. Steffy informed Taylor that Sheila was free, and all the charges had been dropped.

Taylor exclaimed that it didn't make sense that the judge would let Sheila walk after they'd testified that she'd shot them. Steffy explained that they'd never testified. Taylor didn't get it and asked what was going on. "Bill said..." Steffy started. Taylor asked what Bill had to do with it.

Finn replied that Bill had everything to do with it. Steffy revealed that Bill had said that if they testified against Sheila, then Bill would reveal that Taylor had shot him.

Taylor offers to sacrifice herself to get Sheila

Taylor offers to sacrifice herself to get Sheila

Thursday, January 12, 2023

At Forrester, Katie and Brooke worked together. Katie assumed someone was keeping Ridge in the loop while he traveled. Brooke said Steffy mostly did that. Katie figured Brooke had heard from him. Brooke, who'd heard from him a few times, said the time away had been good for him. Katie replied that it had been for Brooke, too. Katie observed how at ease Brooke was.

Katie and Brooke discussed Brooke's relationship with Taylor. Brooke said that without Ridge in the equation, she and Taylor saw how much they had in common, notably how protective they were of their families. Katie said that, after that day, Sheila wouldn't be a threat.

Katie admitted she hadn't realized how stressful the Sheila threat had been for her. Brooke said that Katie could go back to focusing on her love life, but Katie stated that she didn't want to overthink it. Brooke remarked that their intelligent, luscious COO had been thinking of Katie. Katie asked if he'd said something. Seeing him enter the room, Brooke prompted Katie to ask him herself.

Carter seemed visibly upset. He announced that he had shocking news: Sheila had been released from jail. "Sheila attempted murder!" Katie exclaimed, saying they couldn't just let Sheila go. Katie and Brooke were confused because Finn and Steffy were supposed to testify. Carter stated that Sheila had walked out of the courthouse, totally free.

At Bill's house, Bill stated that freedom looked a lot better on Sheila than her disguise. Sheila said she appreciated that he was the reason she was free. Touching a photo over the fireplace of Finn, Steffy, and the kids, Sheila said Finn and Steffy had seemed to believe the judge would have kept Sheila locked up without their testimonies.

Sheila noted that Mike had changed his story and said he'd forced her out of prison. She stated that the judge had video evidence, "or was that just the way he was supposed to interpret it?" Sheila asked. Sheila chuckled because people had thought she'd be locked up, but there had been no video footage of the shooting, no forensics, and the only witness had refused to testify. Touching his sword necklace, Sheila said Bill was her hero, and the two kissed.

Sheila asked if Bill was happy for her, and he affirmed it. She was amazed that she could walk around without a disguise or fear of being caught. She stated that she wasn't a fugitive -- or a monster. She claimed to know she'd made mistakes; however, she hadn't meant to hurt her loved ones. She'd acted out of fear. She believed that Bill knew that. She said he'd looked into her heart and seen the woman that she truly was. Bill kissed her again.

Sheila added that Bill hadn't held her past or reputation against her, and he'd never seen her as a villain. She said she was forever grateful that he'd given her another chance but wondered how long it would be before "they" showed up with pitchforks and torches. Bill replied that he didn't know or care, but he'd told security to let them through, so they could get it out of the way.

Sheila said that Bill was in for it, too, once people learned his role in her freedom. She said she hadn't wanted any of it to happen. The shooting in the alley had been a horrible mistake. She claimed she loved Finn and Steffy. She wished things could have been different. She snuggled into Bill's arms, and he held her.

Sheila said she'd wanted to get through to Steffy and Finn and show them that they could coexist. She felt that she, Finn, and Hayes were connected, but she might have been asking for too much and being na´ve. Bill remarked that it was hard to give up on family. Sheila recalled that she'd begged Steffy to try to accept her. "Now, all I want is to be forgiven," Sheila uttered.

Sheila guessed that day would never come. Bill said he couldn't promise that she'd be part of Finn and Steffy's life, but Bill gave his word that Sheila would have her freedom. He vowed to protect her and keep her out of prison. Sheila said Bill had given her more than money could buy. "I owe you my life," she said and rested her head on his chest.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn told a shocked Taylor that on the stormy night, Bill had prevented them from turning Sheila in, tying Sheila's freedom to Taylor's. Taylor was stunned to learn that Bill and Sheila had a romantic thing going, and through blackmail, Bill had coerced Finn and Steffy not to testify. Taylor yelled that it couldn't be happening after Sheila had left Finn and Steffy in an alley to die, held Finn hostage, and almost killed Li. Taylor was outraged that Sheila was free to go on with her life.

Steffy explained that she and Finn had thought Sheila would get hung up on other charges. Taylor exclaimed that Sheila had escaped from jail, but Finn and Steffy revealed that, according to Mike Guthrie's bogus story, he'd kidnapped Sheila out of jail. Steffy asserted that Bill had bought and paid for the judge and orchestrated the whole thing.

Steffy said Bill, who'd lost his mind, would do anything to protect Sheila. Taylor panicked, crying that the grandkids needed protection. Taylor was adamant in her belief that Sheila would go after Hayes and said there had to be another way to make Sheila pay for what she'd done. "There's only one way that I can think of, and we both know what that is," Taylor concluded.

Steffy refused to let Taylor do it. Taylor expressed sorrow that she'd given in to her most violent instincts and committed a crime. She was sorry Finn had come to know it. Finn said he knew why she'd done it. Steffy added that Taylor hadn't been herself when she'd shot Bill.

"No, that wasn't me," Taylor said, adding, "So much for him keeping his word about what happened that night." She stated that it was all to defend a psychopath, but if she confessed, Bill would have nothing over them. Taylor said Finn and Steffy could then testify and put Sheila in jail where she belonged. Taylor refused to let Bill and Sheila get away with it.

Taylor decided to go to Chief Baker and tell him exactly what had happened the night Bill had been shot. "I was in a maternal rage," she said. A flashback played of the night Bill had been shot. Taylor spoke over it, saying she'd lost it, and all she'd thought about had been wanting Bill out of their lives permanently. She said she'd tried to make peace "for" what she'd done, but she couldn't. She said she had to say what she'd done.

Steffy replied that it might not even help because Bill owned the judge. Steffy stated that Taylor could confess, and Sheila might still remain free. Finn said that Taylor needed to help keep Sheila away. Taylor yelled that she wanted Sheila to go to jail, but Steffy said the family couldn't lose Taylor. Steffy asserted that Taylor's freedom wasn't worth Sheila' imprisonment.

Taylor confronts Bill and Sheila

Taylor confronts Bill and Sheila

Friday, January 13, 2023

At Forrester, Brooke and Katie were furious at the news that Sheila had been "set free." Carter suggested that someone might have stepped forward with new evidence. They all tried to figure out how a judge could hear Steffy and Finn's testimony and still decide to release Sheila out into the world. Katie and Carter decided to visit Steffy to work on putting out a statement regarding Sheila's release. Carter asked Brooke to notify security and ask that they be on heightened alert.

Despite Steffy's objections, Taylor argued that confessing was the "only way to take away Bill's power." A visibly upset Taylor said that she could not live with the threat of Bill turning her in and knowing that Sheila was free. Steffy noted that Taylor going to the police might not have any impact on Sheila's case. Taylor countered that if she were to be arrested for shooting Bill, it would free up Steffy and Finn to testify against Sheila.

Finn said that he wasn't sure that their testimony would matter to a corrupt judge. Taylor backed down and stated that she would not go to the police. Steffy let out a huge sigh of relief. Taylor remarked that she was going to take a different approach to neutralize the threat that Bill posed.

Later, as Finn and Steffy discussed everything that had happened, Steffy came to the realization that Taylor had probably headed to Bill's place to confront him. Steffy tried to use the location services on Taylor's phone to track her, but Taylor had blocked the service. A panicked Steffy headed out in search of her mother.

Katie and Carter arrived at the cliff house with questions they wanted answered. Finn told the pair that Steffy probably did not want to speak to the press. When Katie asked how Sheila had been released from jail, Finn replied, "You can thank your ex-husband."

As they snuggled on the couch, Sheila asked Bill how it felt "to have someone forever in debt" to him. Bill claimed he wasn't concerned if anyone were to be upset by his decision to vouch for Sheila. They two shared a brief kiss before Sheila stepped away to get freshened up.

Taylor burst through the unlocked front door at Bill's house and demanded to know why Bill was standing behind Sheila. Taylor labeled Sheila as "manipulative" and "dangerous." Taylor noted that an unremorseful Sheila had almost left Bill's granddaughter Kelly motherless. Taylor proclaimed that she would not allow Bill to keep Sheila from going to jail.

Sheila stepped out of the shadows and greeted Taylor. Sheila noted that Taylor was angry and shaking, and she claimed to be concerned about Taylor's well-being. Taylor claimed to be disgusted by Sheila and Bill's actions. Sheila argued that Bill had finally found someone that understood him and wanted to put him first. Bill stood silent, prompting Taylor to ask Bill if he was really willing to stand by and let "a murderous psychopath" speak for him.

Sheila referred to shooting Finn and Sheila as "a terrible accident." She then lashed out at Taylor and the Forresters for casting her aside, shunning her, and refusing to give her a chance. Taylor started to address the still-silent Bill, but Sheila interrupted. Sheila said that she knew her whirlwind romance with Bill might take a lot of people by surprise. "I know how difficult this must be for you because, let's just face it, Ridge never put you first," Sheila said calmly.

Sheila claimed to have never loved a man the way that she loved Bill, and she asked that Taylor celebrate the happiness that she and Bill had found. Taylor told Sheila that she had once believed in Sheila, but then Sheila had "put a bullet" in Steffy and lied about it. "You're gonna have to forgive me if your happiness isn't something I particularly care about," Taylor replied icily. Taylor repeated her desire to see Sheila behind bars. "I don't wish that you for you," Sheila responded.

Taylor acknowledged that what she had done to Bill "all those years ago... was really awful." Taylor added that Bill blackmailing her was equally repugnant. Taylor pleaded with Bill to do the right thing. Bill told Taylor and Sheila that he wanted to tell them both the truth. As the three talked, Steffy quietly entered through the front door and approached her mom.

Bill walked over to Sheila and faced her. He looked deeply into her eyes and said that he'd thought he'd known what it was like to be in love, but he had been wrong. After meeting Sheila, Bill said that he finally knew what love was supposed to feel like. Bill told Sheila that he loved her. Taylor and Steffy exchanged shocked glances. "That's all I ever dreamed of. That's all I've ever wanted -- to be loved," Sheila said softly. She wrapped her arms around Bill. As she did, she fired off a smirk in Taylor and Steffy's direction.

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