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Family members feared losing their composure at Eric's impromptu soiree. Ridge revealed Eric's condition to Zende and to Thorne and Bridget when they arrived in town. Eric's poignant celebration took a turn when he realized he hadn't won the fashion challenge. Eric collapsed.
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Eric's night of love and laughter turned tragic when he collapsed
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Ridge helps Zende understand Eric's choices

Ridge helps Zende understand Eric's choices

Monday, December 4, 2023

In Eric's office, Ridge was with Brooke and upset because a party was the last thing he felt Eric should be thinking of. Ridge believed Eric should be at a hospital, getting tests. Ridge was hopeful that the tests could yield good news, and Eric could stick around longer.

Later, Ridge ended a call with Rafael at International who was inquiring about the launch. Ridge was sure it would be the last thing on Rafael's mind if he knew about Eric's condition. Brooke said there would be an outpouring of love and concern. Ridge griped that Eric wanted Ridge to dress in a monkey suit and pretend everything was fine.

Hope arrived and sensed that something was wrong. She guessed that it was Eric, but Brooke reported that Eric was in stable condition. Ridge quipped that it was so stable that Eric was throwing a party. Brooke added that Eric wanted his family around him for a night to remember.

Hope asked if the doctor might think it was too much for Eric, but Brooke said Eric thought his family was the best medicine. Ridge complained, saying honesty was also the best medicine, and they should tell Eric that they knew. Ridge thanked Hope for her support and left to see R.J.

Hope and Brooke talked about Eric's party. Brooke said they had to care about what Eric cared about, and the party was important to him. Hope wondered if Brooke, who had two children with Eric, could really pull off the charade of a lifetime in front of a man who meant so much to Brooke. Brooke said they had to be strong for Eric because it might be the last thing he'd ever ask of them. She insisted that they had to come through for him.

Neither Hope nor Brooke could imagine life without Eric, who'd been a fashion giant for decades. Brooke said his legacy would live on, and Forrester, though it would go on, wouldn't be the same. She didn't know how it could be when the heart and soul of the company would be gone.

Brooke and Hope talked about how great Eric was. Brooke said he'd stood by her when she hadn't deserved it, and it would be heartbreaking to think of a world without him.

In the design office, R.J. worked at the drafting table. Zende arrived, saying, "You know, this used to be my office." R.J., however, was under the impression that everyone used that office. Zende said every did use it, but it was where Zende had done most of his sketching. R.J. offered to sketch elsewhere. Zende gazed at the sketch R.J. had been working on. R.J. asked what Zende thought. "Honest opinion? You got a lot to learn," Zende responded.

R.J. replied that he'd never said he didn't, and he remarked that he'd been spending time with Eric. Zende asked if R.J. would throw that in his face again. R.J. said he'd never done that, but Zende replied that R.J. had never paid his dues around there. R.J. assumed Zende believed that Zende had. Zende asked what design school R.J. had gone to.

R.J. told Zende that he knew R.J. hadn't gone. Zende attempted to quiz his cousin on things one would learn in design school and said R.J. had to admit that the family had rolled out the red carpet for him, and it was all because he was the golden child, Ridge and Brooke's son.

R.J. asked if Zende thought R.J.'s parents had forced Eric to work with their son. Zende was sure it had been finessed and said R.J. was positioning himself for better things. R.J. was upset that Zende thought R.J. had ulterior motives in working with Eric and uttered, "If you only knew..." Zende asked what he needed to know.

R.J. decided that they were cousins and shouldn't be fighting. R.J. claimed that he'd been just as shocked when Eric had asked him. Zende believed Ridge had had something to do with it. R.J. swore it had been Eric's decision. Zende, who wasn't buying it, asked for R.J. to put himself in Zende's position and give one good reason Eric would choose to work with R.J. and not Zende.

Ridge arrived, saying he could give Zende a reason. Ridge said R.J. knew something Zende didn't, but it was time that Zende did. Ridge figured he should have told Zende awhile back, and he asked if Zende had noticed any changes in Eric. Zende described Eric as being as driven as ever and noted that he'd won the fashion challenge.

R.J. murmured that Eric hadn't won, and Ridge affirmed that he'd just told Eric that Eric had won. Zende looked confused. Ridge decided that there was no easy way to say it, and he announced that his father was dying.

Zende disbelieved it at first but silently became on the verge of tears. He uttered that Eric had accepted him from the moment he'd been adopted. Zende sobbed that Eric had always pushed Zende to be a better man and designer. Zende claimed he'd wanted to be just like Eric.

Zende decided that he had to see Eric, but Ridge replied that he couldn't because Eric didn't want anyone to know. R.J. added that Donna, Katie, and Luna knew. "Luna?" Zende repeated. Ridge asked Zende to respect Eric's wishes. Zende agreed not to say anything. He sobbed, saying that he loved Eric very much. Ridge replied that Eric loved Zende, and Ridge held Zende as he cried.

At Eric's house, Eric was unconscious on the floor, and Donna shook him. Donna panicked when she couldn't find a pulse on his wrist or hear his heartbeat. She found a pulse in his neck, and Eric slowly came to. Donna cried with relief.

Later, Donna set Eric up with his oxygen tank. As he breathed into the mask, he asked what she was doing. She had her phone and wanted to call emergency services. He insisted that he was fine and that she shouldn't worry. Donna began to cry, saying she'd thought he'd been dead. He apologized for scaring her. She stated that she just wanted to take care of him. He said she could, but there would be no hospital and no doctors. "Now, the party. We need to do it right away. I don't have much time," he concluded.

Eric joked about having a martini, but Donna gave him water. He insisted that they had to do the party because he was winding down and running out of time. Donna covered him with a blanket, but he said he'd be better if she got him that martini. She didn't want to joke, but he said it was okay to joke. He didn't want her mourning him when he wasn't yet six feet under.

Donna yelled that Eric should stop saying those things and go to the doctor to get help. Eric replied that he'd go through anything if it meant spending more time with her, but he wouldn't end his life in treatment. He wanted to live and laugh and have a party. Donna cried that it was breaking her heart, and she didn't want to have a party.

Eric tried to get Donna to smile. He said her sad face made him realize how much he'd miss her. Donna cried more, and he took her into his arms.

Eric fondly remembers the past

Eric fondly remembers the past

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

At Eric's house, Brooke and Katie were in the living room with Donna, stunned that Eric wanted to have a party that day after he'd passed out the previous night. Donna explained that Eric had been sitting one moment and on the floor the next. She'd been afraid that it had been her Honey Bear's time. She'd moved him to the guest house because of his breathing treatments.

Brooke said they'd postpone the party, but Donna insisted that it would be that day. Katie figured they could wait until Eric felt better, but Donna said there had to be a reason he'd insisted upon moving it up. Donna became anxious to get back to Eric and begged her sisters to do as Eric asked because it could be his last request.

In the guest house later, Donna arrived with a garment bag for Eric, who was inhaling from his oxygen tank. He joked about not being dead yet, and she said it wasn't funny. He apologized and stated that he'd been imagining his party that evening.

Eric coughed and wheezed, and Donna said he should be resting, not hosting a party. He insisted that he could, but she told him that everyone would see that something was wrong. She suggested that he invite the family over to tell them the truth, but Eric wanted a celebration, not a wake. With a raspy voice, he explained that he'd reflected upon himself as a man, a father, and an artist, and he wanted to share his thoughts with everyone at one last soiree.

Touching his oxygen tank, which was stationed beside a nightstand littered with prescription pill bottles, Eric asked if the family knew and if the house was ready. Affirming it, Donna asked if he was sure he wanted to do it. Eric affirmed that he wanted to do it in the house where so many wonderful things had happened, from weddings to parties. He said Ridge and Brooke had met there. Eric wasn't afraid to move into a new house in the sky, but he wanted to look back and experience the things he'd done.

Flashbacks of Eric in his tuxedo the night of Caroline and Ridge's engagement party played. Scenes of fashion shows with Stephanie played. Eric stated that it had been an incredible journey, and he wouldn't change it for anything.

Donna and Eric's talk turned to Eric's choice in women. Eric told her that she was his love, and she replied that he was hers. She stated that the night was about everyone that he'd loved, even those that wouldn't be there that night. She thought of one in particular, Stephanie, who'd had a bigger impact on his life than anyone.

Flashbacks played of Eric and Stephanie together in good times and intimate moments through the years. He stated that he'd never forget about Stephanie, who'd have a lot to say to him when he saw her again. "But I have my angel right here with me," he added. He asked Donna to stay with him until the very end, and he pressed her hand against his lips.

Eric wished he could see all of his children. Donna said he might later. He told Donna that she made his life an adventure. He told her that they wouldn't get another year, and she said they had to make the moments they had left count. Flashbacks of Donna and Eric's relationship played on the screen. He smiled about the wonderful memories but said it hurt because there would be no more. He stated that he wanted more, and he loved her. She said she loved him, too. He beckoned her, and she lay her head on his chest.

In Eric's office, Steffy, Carter, Hope, and Ridge discussed a dual ad campaign with HFTF and the Forrester Foundation. Carter said the shift in priorities was only temporary. Readily, he apologized to Ridge, saying he'd only been referring to Eric's collection.

Steffy was upset that they had to pretend things were fine and throw a party. Ridge replied that Eric hadn't set a date, so there might be time to change his mind. Ridge suggested getting R.J. to talk to Eric, but Carter figured R.J. would have talked Eric out of it if he could have. Steffy wasn't comfortable celebrating and looking to the future when they didn't know how much time Eric had left. Steffy wondered why her grandfather wasn't fighting but instead planning to die.

Steffy mentioned that a lot of people knew Eric's secret, and Ridge informed them all that Zende knew. Steffy sighed and rolled her eyes. Ridge explained that Zende had been trying to understand why he, the one with experience, hadn't worked with Eric, and Ridge hadn't wanted Zende to feel as if he'd done something wrong. "This is getting out of hand. The whole design team knows?" Steffy asked. Hope asked how long it would be before someone slipped up, and Eric learned that they'd been lying to him the entire time.

Katie and Brooke arrived, and Ridge asked how his father was. Everyone was upset when Katie and Brooke reported that Eric was staying in the guesthouse because he'd fallen the night before. Brooke added that Eric was on oxygen and shouldn't be going up and down stairs. Ridge was exasperated and declared that they would not have the party. Katie and Brooke told him that the party would happen that very afternoon.

Steffy asserted that Donna had to talk Eric out of it, and Ridge asked if Donna had been pushing it. Brooke said it was all Eric, who was determined to go through with the party. Katie added that Eric felt as if he was running out of time. "And he could be," Brooke said.

Ridge pulled out his phone to make some calls. The first call was to Thorne, who was in an airport, flying into Houston to visit friends before heading to Los Angeles. Ridge instructed Thorne to get there right away because the party was that afternoon. Thorne said he'd talked to Eric before he'd booked the flight, but Ridge insisted that Eric had changed his mind and moved it up. Thorne said Kristen, Felicia, and Rick were still on safari and could not get to L.A. that day.

Ridge knew it and asked if Thorne could be there. Thorne offered to change his flight, but he asked what was going on and what the rush was. Ridge said he'd tell Thorne when Thorne got there. After the call, Ridge told Brooke that Thorne would be devastated once he knew.

Steffy noted that Rick, Kristen, and Felicia still couldn't make it. Carter reasoned that the fall had really shaken Eric up to make him move up the date. Hope asked why Donna was going along with it. Katie said Eric was the love of Donna's life, and it might be Eric's last dying wish. Katie added that Donna was afraid of the toll it would take on Eric.

Steffy didn't think she could pretend. Brooke stated that it was what Eric needed them to do. Katie assured Steffy that Steffy could do it. Ridge insisted that it would be hard, but they would give Eric a regal Forrester affair and celebrate him. "We have to," Ridge concluded.

Eric's family and friends gather for a night of love and laughter

Eric's family and friends gather for a night of love and laughter

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

In the executive suite at Forrester Creations, Ridge welcomed Thorne back to town. They both agreed it had been "too long" since they'd last seen each other. Looking around, Thorne remarked that it didn't look like a lot had changed since he'd been away. A smile formed on his face as he told Ridge that he was looking forward to their dad's party.

"About that," Ridge replied. Thorne knew Ridge wasn't telling him everything. Thorne questioned the abruptness of Eric's big party, especially since Kristen, Felicia, and Rick were on a safari in Africa and unable to make it to Los Angeles. Ridge's continued silence led Thorne to believe that something might be wrong with Eric.

Ridge nodded and revealed that Eric was dying. Thorne picked up an old photo of Eric from the display behind Eric's desk. As he stared at the photo, Thorne became slightly angry and demanded to know why he was just being told that Eric was dying. "He doesn't want anyone to know," Ridge responded. Ridge explained that he and Brooke had found out in a roundabout way.

Steffy entered the office and immediately walked over to embrace her uncle. Thorne sobbed as he said that he was not ready to let go of his dad.

Down the hall in the design studio, Katie, Hope, and Brooke donned their "fun, festive" party attire. Brooke shared that Bridget was on her way from New York. Brooke confessed that she was not looking forward to having to tell Bridget that Eric was dying.

A short time later, Bridget burst into the design studio and gave Brooke and Hope a big hug. She excitedly asked about the reason for the party before saying that she assumed that it had something to do with the launch of Eric's new line.

Bridget was devastated by the news that her dad was dying. She asked if Eric had seen any specialists or gotten a second opinion. Brooke replied that Eric's case had "been reviewed by many oncologists" and that there was no known cure for his condition. Bridget struggled with the idea that she would have to attend Eric's party and act is if everything was okay. Hope shared that everyone else felt the same way. Bridget burst into tears, and Brooke did her best to comfort Bridget.

In the runway room at Forrester, Thomas, Zende, R.J., and Luna gathered to talk about the party. Zende apologized for his treatment of R.J. and said that it was "really cool" that R.J. had been helping Eric. Carter joined the group as Zende admitted that he'd thought he -- and all of them -- would have a lot more time with Eric.

A little while later, Bridget, Brooke, Hope, Steffy, and Thorne joined the gathering in the runway room. Ridge was the last to enter the room and remarked that everyone was ready to "go to a party that we shouldn't be having." He said that he knew the evening would be difficult for everyone. He urged anyone who might be unable to hide their grief to consider not attending the party.

"How is this world of make-believe healthy?" Bridget snapped as tears flowed down her cheeks. Bridget blasted the idea of "a fantasy land where everyone is supposed to pretend that everything is okay." Ridge assured Bridget that he didn't want to have to pretend, either, but he noted that there would be plenty of time to mourn Eric when Eric wasn't around to watch them.

At the Forrester mansion, Donna and Eric spent some quiet time together ahead of the party. When Eric began coughing, Donna asked him if he was sure that he was well enough to host a party. He assured her that he was. Donna continued helping Eric get dressed and said that he looked as good as Harrison Ford. Eric smiled warmly and said that he was looking forward to "one last family gathering."

Fully dressed, Eric and Donna headed to the parlor of the manse. Katie arrived and saw Eric seated on the sofa, breathing oxygen through a mask. Katie pleaded with Eric to allow her to take him to the hospital, but Eric vehemently refused. "The party is a go... it's a party that I've been dreaming about... a party that we'll never forget," Eric said, his voice labored.

Donna told Eric that she'd found the bottle of wine that he had been saving from his wedding to Stephanie. Eric felt a new sense of vigor as he talked about how he could not wait to see his home filled with the people he loved and "memories etched into [his] soul."

As everyone arrived at the house, Eric's face lit up. Eric embraced Bridget and told her how glad he was to see her. Eric then turned his attention to Thorne and remarked that Thorne had made it "just in the nick of time." Eric's voice cracked as he announced that his kids were the best thing he had ever done "in this life." Eric continued to beam as his "talented grandsons" R.J., Thomas, and Zende arrived. "My cup runneth over," Eric said with a broad smile.

Champagne was passed around as Donna announced that Eric wanted to waste no time in getting the party started. "This is to all of you... I'm so glad to have you here in this big old house," Eric said in what he admitted would be the first of many toasts. Eric promised a night of "love and laughter and music and positive energy." Eric raised his glass, as did his family and friends. Things became markedly tense when everyone noticed that Eric's hand started trembling.

Important work delays Finn from the party

Important work delays Finn from the party

Thursday, December 7, 2023

In Finn's office, Finn concentrated on files and notes. Steffy text-messaged to ask where he was. Li entered and asked why he wasn't at the party with Steffy. Li smiled, thinking of the food, the clothes, and the music. She wondered what the occasion was. Finn said Eric just wanted a special evening with his family, and Li advised Finn to call it a night and be with his wife.

When Finn didn't leave, Li insisted that Finn get his priorities straight. He said he did have them straight. Li reminded him that it was an important night for Steffy's family. Finn stated that he knew that, and by his tone, Li began to wonder if he was keeping something from her.

Later, Finn was alone when Steffy called to see what was keeping him. Finn told her that he had important work and would get there as soon as he could.

At Eric's house, music played in the background as Eric's guests chatted. Ridge and Brooke looked on as Bridget and Thorne told Eric that they wouldn't be anywhere else in the world. Ridge hoped that his siblings could keep their composure. He said he couldn't imagine the house without Eric, but Brooke urged Ridge to focus on the moments they had with Eric.

Steffy and Hope approached, admitting that they were struggling with their emotions. They observed Bridget and Thorne with Eric and noted that they seemed iffy, too. Everyone agreed to make sure they all stuck to the program.

Later, guests discreetly side-eyed the scene across the room as Eric's hand wobbled, and he almost lost control of his Champagne glass. Donna helped him steady his hand.

Steffy approached, and Eric complimented her. Steffy said she had great genes. Grinning, Eric replied that Stephanie had always looked better and better, and Steffy reminded him of her grandmother. Eric felt Stephanie's presence in the room and was sure he'd see her in due time.

Later, Zende was in disbelief about the vital Eric's condition, but Ridge said if Zende looked closer, he'd see that Eric was failing. Zende asked if they still had time, and Ridge replied that he wouldn't waste any.

Eric took time out to talk to Carter and Katie, who assured him that there was no other place they'd rather be. Eric informed them that they were more than friends and employees. To him, they were family.

Nearby, Thomas noted that it might be the last time he could be with his grandfather. Hope reminded Thomas that they had to give Eric what he needed, and Thomas said that it helped having Hope with him. She said she had him.

Eric approached and complimented Hope's dress. She said it was one of his. Eric loved to see the family all dressed up. He told Hope and Thomas that their relationship wasn't a scandal, and he thought it was terrific. He decided that they should go with it if they made each other happy, and life was too short not to.

Eric sauntered over to R.J. and Luna, his "partners in crime." Luna noted that she'd never been to anything like that party. Eric said it was "your world now," and she'd earned it.

In the foyer, Bridget was telling Thorne that there had already been a second opinion, but there was another person she wanted to call. Brooke and Ridge approached, and Bridget wished she could use her knowledge, expertise, and connections to help her father. Thorne stated that he and Bridget had been gone a long time, and he asked if they should let their father go with so much unsaid. Bridget wanted to tell Eric what he meant to her and how grateful she was for what he'd done for them. Brooke hugged her scared daughter.

In the middle of the room, Eric told Donna how beautiful she looked. He felt lucky to have her by his side. He told her that she didn't deserve it and hadn't signed up for it. Donna replied that she'd signed up for him any way that he came.

Eric stumbled, and everyone in the room watched as he needed to sit down. Eric assured them that he was older and just needed to rest a moment. Steffy sat with Eric and said she was so sorry -- that Finn hadn't made it. Eric said it happened with doctors, and Finn was a remarkable man. Eric could see how happy Finn made her, and it was all he wanted for his granddaughter.

Aside with her sisters, Brooke told Donna that she was brave and doing Eric proud. Donna said she was terrified, and Katie said no one could tell. Brooke added that Donna was giving Eric what he needed to make the transition as smooth as possible. Donna asked what she'd do when he was gone, and they all hugged.

Donna found Eric and was ready to call it a night. Instead, Eric kicked the party up a notch. He called for Thomas to make martinis and for Zende to turn up the music. Turning to Donna, Eric said he wanted to have her in his arms one last time. Everyone in the room looked on and held back tears as Eric and Donna danced.

The other couples began to dance, too. Thomas thanked Hope for being there, and she said they were helping each other. Thomas wanted to cry, but Hope stated that they had to stay strong for Eric. "And each other," Thomas added, and she agreed.

Katie and Carter danced, remarking on how they'd given Eric what he'd wanted. As Luna and R.J. danced, he said no one had wanted the party, but it was just what they'd all needed. Nearby, Ridge told Brooke that Eric was the best man Ridge knew, and Ridge would make sure Eric got everything he needed.

Eric twirled Donna, and he stumbled. Every eye in the room darted toward him. He joked that he needed to cancel his martini order and asked Zende to turn off the music. He told them all that they wouldn't get away without one of his speeches.

Eric said he was happy to see his family members all there, smiling. He loved them for showing up at the last minute and giving him an evening he'd never forget for as long as he lived.

Eric collapses after learning he did not win the fashion challenge

Eric collapses after learning he did not win the fashion challenge

Friday, December 8, 2023

After some time had passed, Li returned to Finn's office and was surprised to see that he still had not left for Eric's party. Li wondered if Eric knew how "blessed" Eric was to have such a loving family. "I'm envious. Eric has so much to live for," Li remarked.

At the Forrester mansion, the temperature of the room cooled down as Eric's loved ones became increasingly alarmed by his health. Ridge and Thorne tried to convince Eric to sit down for a while, but Eric rejected their efforts. "Why would I want to sit? Look at this beautiful family surrounding me," he remarked. Eric told everyone that they couldn't possibly understand what it meant to him to have them all there. "I think we do," Steffy replied.

Steffy stepped toward her grandfather and said that the evening would be one that they'd always look back on. Steffy's composure cracked as she was no longer able to hold back her tears. "You're always going to be our leader. Here at your home and at Forrester. So tonight, we celebrate you," she continued.

Later, in a corner of the room, Thomas admitted to Steffy that he'd thought she was going to tell Eric that they all knew that he was dying. Steffy shook her head feverishly from side to side and swore that she'd never do that. Still, Steffy wondered if Eric might have caught on that she knew the truth. Hope, Brooke, and Ridge took turns assuring her that Eric didn't suspect a thing.

On the other side of the room, Eric thanked Bridget and Thorne for showing up for the party. Thorne told his dad that he would not have missed it and encouraged Eric to throw family gatherings more often.

Once Thorne and Bridget stepped away, Carter walked over to Eric to thank Eric for having always made him feel welcome. "You're family," Eric replied. "You're more than a boss. You're more than a friend. You're like a surrogate father to me," Carter said softly. Eric stated that if it were up to him, they would not "be surrogates." Eric reached out and shook Carter's hand.

Later, Eric told Katie and Donna that the party was "a little more emotional" than he'd expected it to be. Eric joked that it was almost as if everyone knew that he was dying. Katie asked Eric how long he planned to keep things a secret from his family. "As long as I can," he responded.

Eric took time to praise R.J. and Zende's talent and touted them as the future of Forrester Creations. Eric lauded Zende for overcoming adversity to become one of the most talented designers he'd ever seen.

As Donna went to get Eric a drink, she overheard Ridge, Brooke, Thomas, and Hope discussing how Eric had not won the fashion challenge. Donna became frantic and made them promise that Eric would never find out that he had not won. Brooke tried to explain that what Ridge had done had been a gesture of love. Donna did not seem to agree.

A short time later, Eric told Thomas that he saw "a great many good things" in Thomas' future and urged Thomas not to take any of those things for granted. Eric told Hope that she was "so lovely and so smart" and a wonderful reminder that one "must never lose hope" in life. "If there is something I have learned from having this name, it is to never, ever give up -- even in the darkest of times," Hope said before giving Eric a big hug.

Steffy walked over to her grandfather to share a moment with him. Eric called her "the jewel of the Forrester family," something he knew that Stephanie had felt about Steffy, as well. "I may have inherited her name and some traits -- good and bad -- but the things I've learned from you, the inspiration you have given me... you're always gonna live through me," Steffy told her granddad.

As Steffy embraced Eric, Brooke walked over and asked if she could get in on the hug. Eric was happy to oblige. Brooke told Eric that he had always been her champion. Eric struggled to hold back tears as he told Brooke that she and Ridge were going to be the ones to lead the company and family into the future.

Eric took to the center of the room to acknowledge the angel that had been by his side and on his shoulder: Donna. Donna told him that she loved him. Eric then turned to focus attention on Ridge. He acknowledged that they had locked horns over the years but that their love for one another had always come out on top. Eric then quipped that Ridge wasn't a bad designer. In fact, he was a good designer -- "but not the best!" Eric confessed that winning the showdown might have been more important to him than it should have been.

Looking at the expression on Ridge's face, Eric questioned if he had, in fact, won the challenge. Ridge said nothing. Eric looked frantically around the room before asking if Ridge had lied to him. Eric asked why Ridge had lied to him. Eric's voice trailed off as he looked around the room and saw nearly everyone staring back at him with tears in their eyes.

Eric cleared his throat and refocused his attention on Ridge. "That's about the nicest thing anybody's ever done for me," Eric said as he smiled. Eric and Ridge shared a laugh. Eric started to cough. Within the blink of an eye, he collapsed to the floor. The partygoers gasped and raced to Eric's side. As Eric lay on the ground, he looked up and said, "It's okay. It's my time. I'm at peace with it. Be kind to each other."

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