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Eric was rushed to the hospital. Finn revealed that a risky procedure could save Eric. Ridge insisted on ending Eric's life with dignity, but when Eric stirred, Ridge approved the surgery. Finn and Bridget operated on Eric, but Eric encountered Stephanie in the cosmos.
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Eric's loved ones were at odds when Finn revealed a risky surgery could save Eric's life. Stephanie appeared to Eric.
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Ridge refuses possible life-saving treatment for Eric

Ridge refuses possible life-saving treatment for Eric

Monday, December 11, 2023

At Eric's house, Bridget called the hospital and asked to speak to "my nurse" regarding Eric Forrester. Hope and Steffy sat together on the sofa with Katie and Carter huddled nearby. Zende, Thomas, and Thorne stood by the chaise as Luna and R.J. hovered by the fireplace.

Bridget informed the group that Eric had been admitted to the hospital but hadn't regained consciousness. Thorne and Thomas decided to go to the hospital, but Bridget asked them to give the doctors time and space to work on Eric. Steffy uttered that it couldn't be it for Eric. Hope touched Steffy's hand. Bridget said Eric's pulse was thready, and it didn't look good.

Near the front door later, Steffy still couldn't reach Finn and decided to go to the hospital. As time wore on, everyone grew restless, but Bridget kept asking them to wait and pray. R.J. asserted that the party had been a bad idea, and Eric should have been conserving energy. Hope replied that Eric had been happy and surrounded by family, just as he'd wanted.

Carter admitted that he'd been worried about Eric when Eric had learned he hadn't won the challenge. R.J. reasoned that Ridge had given up a lot to make Eric's win happen, and instead of feeling betrayed, Eric had realized how much his son had sacrificed for him.

The people waiting at the mansion all discussed how Eric had felt, realizing they knew his secret, and they concluded that Eric was always hard to read; however, he'd been laughing before he'd collapsed.

More time passed, and Thorne sobbed, unable to take it anymore. He said it couldn't be his father's last night alive -- it just couldn't. Everyone grew anxious about going to the hospital again, but Bridget reined them back in. R.J. asked what she thought Eric's chances were, and she said she didn't think there was anything the doctors could do.

Hope asked Thomas how they'd break the news to Douglas. Thomas hoped that there would be no news to break because the doctors would help Eric. She asked what would happen if the doctors couldn't help. Thomas said they'd get through it together.

At the hospital, the emergency room doctor struggled to keep a frantic Donna out of the treatment room as the staff wheeled Eric into it. She sobbed, saying she was Eric's partner, and she asked if he'd make it. Donna cried and prayed for a miracle.

After a while, Brooke and Ridge met Donna in the waiting area. The doctor approached, and Ridge asked if Eric would survive. The doctor said they were doing all they could, but Eric's condition was extremely critical.

The doctor allowed Donna, Ridge, and Brooke in to see Eric. Donna held his hand, pleading with him to come back to her. She said she needed him, and she kissed him. Donna walked away, sobbing, and Brooke sat beside Eric. She told him that they went way back and had created an incredible bond. She couldn't imagine him gone. She stated that he'd been beside her, championing her, and she'd do the same for him. She urged him to keep on fighting.

Ridge assumed Eric hadn't wanted crying at his bedside -- or pity. "Well, this isn't pity. This is love, and you brought it on yourself. The great Eric Forrester. My friend. I love you," he said.

Later, Ridge was alone with Eric, recalling a family trip to Ireland. Ridge had gotten lost in some woods. The ground had given way, and he'd fallen down a hill. He'd cried out in pain, and it had rained and gotten dark. Ridge had heard rustling in the bushes and had closed his eyes to wait for the wolf to get him. Instead, he'd heard Eric saying, "I got you, son." Eric whisked Ridge away, and Ridge didn't even know how Eric had known where he'd been. Ridge said Eric had become his superhero that day.

Ridge stated that he hadn't wanted Eric out of the company; he'd just wanted Eric to enjoy his retirement. Ridge admitted that seeing Eric behind the desk with his stapler had made Eric into Ridge's superhero all over again. He said Eric had taught him everything he knew about design, and being a man, a father, and a friend. Ridge decided that Eric had lived a good life. Full of tears, Ridge assured Eric that his family would be fine, and Eric could go if he wanted to go.

In the corridor, Steffy arrived, and the nurse informed her that there hadn't been any improvements. Finn called to her, and she asked if Finn had seen Eric and if Eric had a chance. Finn wished he could give her an answer. Though Finn didn't know with certainty, there was something he'd been working on for Eric that Finn felt she needed to know about.

Finn revealed that he'd been working on a treatment ever since he'd learned about Eric's condition. Steffy asked if that was why Finn had been working all those late nights for weeks. She asked if Finn had found a way to save Eric.

Donna, Ridge, and Brooke approached, and Steffy announced that Finn had been working on a treatment to save Eric. Finn said it was experimental and cutting-edge. Eric wasn't his first choice, and since Eric's condition was extremely grave, there were no guarantees. Finn, who'd been consumed with Eric's case for several weeks, disclosed that he'd found a treatment, but it was a big risk.

Ridge asked what it was, and Finn said it was a new blood-cleansing technology, and along with a transplant, it could make a difference for Eric. Donna asked if it was painful. Finn said there would be discomfort and a long road to recovery. Finn added that he'd spoken to Dr. Colby, who'd given Finn the case. Finn asked if Ridge, who had the medical power of attorney, wanted to pursue it. Finn asked if they'd pursue treatment with an uncertain outcome or transfer Eric to comfort care and let him go.

After a long pause, Ridge stated that he loved his father too much to put Eric through all that. "We gotta let him go. Let him die in peace," Ridge said, to everyone's amazement.

Ridge advocates for Eric's final wishes

Ridge advocates for Eric's final wishes

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

At the hospital, Ridge asked if Finn was suggesting experimenting on Eric, cleansing his blood, and giving him a transplant. Ridge said it might not work, and Eric could die on the table or spend his days hooked to machines. Donna stated that Eric could pull through. She begged Ridge to give Eric a chance.

Ridge stated that he didn't want to put Eric through more pain. He wanted Eric to go peacefully.

Donna was devastated by Ridge's decision. Steffy said they should fight for Eric. Ridge claimed Eric had made it clear that he hadn't wanted any extraordinary means taken to keep him alive. Donna acknowledged it but said it wasn't fair. She begged Ridge not to let it be the end of Eric.

Steffy asked Finn to explain the treatment again and say whether he would save Eric. Finn said he wasn't speaking just as a doctor, but also as a family member who loved Eric. Donna replied that Finn wouldn't be talking about the procedure unless he believed in it. Finn agreed that it was experimental, but he believed it could cause a change in Eric. Finn added that he'd be giving them false hope to think it would give Eric the quality of life he was accustomed to.

Ridge claimed that Eric had been specific about the quality of life he wanted. Donna asked if Ridge would play God and judge whether Eric lived or died. Ridge said that was unfair and asked if Donna thought he liked doing it. Ridge said Eric was hooked up to "thousands of machines," and if Eric could see himself, he wouldn't want it, either. Ridge yelled that Eric didn't have a voice, but he'd given Ridge the voice. Ridge didn't want Eric to be in pain anymore.

Steffy reasoned that she and Finn hadn't been left to die, but noting that it wasn't the same thing, Ridge said Eric wasn't a young man anymore. Donna acknowledged that Eric's chances weren't as good, but they couldn't ignore that he had a chance at all. Brooke claimed that no one was doing that, and it was difficult for Ridge, who was in a bad position.

Ridge went to see Eric, and the rest of the family members followed him into Eric's room. Donna sobbed over Eric. Ridge said it wasn't right and asked if the tubes were breathing for Eric and keeping him alive. In his mind, Ridge heard Eric asking Ridge to promise that Eric would go naturally and peacefully. "It's time," Ridge decided, declaring, "It's time to say goodbye."

Donna told Eric that he was strong and a fighter, so she would fight for him when he couldn't fight for himself. Brooke told Donna that Brooke wasn't sure that she agreed with Ridge, but Ridge was trying to do what was best. Upset, Donna said not to dare tell her what was best for Eric. She'd been with Eric 24/7 for months, and she knew what Eric wanted. She said Eric wanted to be there with his family and finish his collection.

Steffy uttered that Donna was right, and it was what Eric would want. Ridge agreed but said no one was offering that. Ridge said it could end up with Eric just as he was or worse. Steffy replied that they should at least try if there was a chance. Donna implored him to listen to his daughter. Ridge stated that he was listening to all of them because he was trying to figure it out.

Ridge stated that if it hadn't been for doctors and paramedics, Eric wouldn't be alive after the collapse, and Eric had been okay with that. Ridge noted that going after an experimental treatment was playing God. He said modern medicine saved lives, "but what if that life doesn't want to be saved?" Ridge said Eric had told them that he didn't want it.

Ridge was glad that Finn had tried, but Ridge didn't want Eric used as an experiment. Ridge said Donna had been with Eric 24/7 for months, but Ridge had been with Eric "forever" -- and Ridge wanted Eric to leave the earth with dignity. "Don't you?" Ridge asked. He announced, "That's my decision."

At Forrester, Thomas, Hope, Zende, and Carter waited for news about Eric. Zende asked if they'd heard from Thorne or Bridget. Hope said she'd wanted to give them a little bit of time, but they needed to prepare themselves because there wasn't much to be done for Eric. Zende asserted that Eric would fight until the end. "Unless there is no fight in him," Thomas said.

Zende admired one of Eric's sketches. Hope said Eric's legacy would live on. Carter remarked on the difficult position Ridge was in to have Eric's medical power of attorney. The others doubted Ridge had known about it beforehand because Eric preferred to focus on the living, but Thomas wondered if the doctors could be discussing end-of-life arrangements with Ridge.

Carter hoped it hadn't gotten to that. Thomas couldn't fathom Ridge having to decide whether his father lived or died. Zende said they had to fight for Eric's life, but Hope replied that it had to be a quality of life worth living, one that they knew Eric would want to live.

Thomas recalled that Eric had kept a jar of jellybeans in the desk just for him and his sisters. Hope found the jar, and grinning like a kid, Thomas ate one. Zende shared how happy Eric had been to reclaim his desk, and he said he was a designer because Eric had believed in him. Carter said the whole family had made Eric proud. Thomas remarked that Eric was proud of Carter, too. Carter uttered that Eric was a man no one wanted to lose.

Aside, Thomas was sad at the thought of Eric not being around. Hope said it wasn't the same, but she had him. She stated that she was there for him, and she hugged him.

Eric interferes with Ridge's decision

Eric interferes with Ridge's decision

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

In the design office, Luna comforted R.J. about Eric. Poppy arrived with coffee and her sympathies for R.J.'s family. Poppy noted that Luna thought highly of Eric, and Poppy had learned about Eric's compassion from her daughter. R.J. said Eric wanted to live until the end, and Poppy said Eric had lived a very full life.

At the hospital, Ridge was adamant about pursuing Eric's wishes, but the family tried to convince Ridge that Eric hadn't known he had a chance or that treatment was available. Ridge said they'd heard Eric. Ridge thanked Finn but decided to see Eric and turn off the life support.

Steffy said they couldn't give up when Eric had a chance. Ridge didn't know if it was one in a million or one in a thousand. Donna said it was better than no chance. Distraught, Ridge stated that he'd been given the power to make the decision to save Donna the pain of having to do it. He implored her to let him make it, and he said he was sorry.

Donna rushed into Eric's room, and Steffy tried to reason with Ridge about the procedure Finn had been tirelessly researching. Ridge insisted that he didn't want to cause Eric more pain. Finn got that it was an extremely difficult decision, but he said time was of the essence. Ridge yelled that he'd made the decision, and he decided to go see his father.

In Eric's room, Donna called to Eric, asking if he could hear her. She didn't know what was happening, but she knew that he was still with them. She sobbed, saying that Ridge had decided that they had to let Eric go; however, she wasn't ready. She exclaimed that they'd fought hard to be together. She'd waited and been patient. She stated that she would have waited forever. She hadn't given up on him then, and she wouldn't give up on him "now." She asserted that Eric couldn't give up on them.

Donna asked Eric if he remembered saying that he wasn't ready to give up on their adventure together. She told him that she wasn't ready, either, and she asked him to return to her. She kissed his forehead and stroked his cheeks above the respirator mask.

Ridge entered the room with Brooke, Finn, and Steffy and said that it was time. He advised them to talk to Eric and tell him that they'd be okay, tell him goodbye. Donna told Eric that his family wanted to spend time with him, but he'd always be the best thing that had ever happened to her. Steffy begged Ridge to take the chance to make it better.

Ridge asked how it could get better than having a party to celebrate Eric and see him happy. Ridge said Eric had said it was his time and for them to be kind to each other. Ridge asked what Finn and Steffy were proposing and if they wanted to cut Eric open and clean his blood and do some kind of transplant with no guarantee but pain and suffering. Ridge insisted that they respect that Eric wanted to go out on his terms.

Steffy told Finn that he'd done everything he could. She sobbed at Eric's bedside, wishing she'd talked more to him and asked more questions. She'd always thought he'd be there for her kids, but she was sure he'd be there to watch over them.

Brooke sat down next and told Eric how much everyone loved him. Losing him would leave a huge hole in their hearts and lives, but they'd fill it with love for him and each other. She figured it would be hard to say goodbye, but Ridge believed he was doing what Eric wanted. Brooke recalled the first night she'd walked into the house and met the love of her life and soul mate. She said she'd me Eric, too, the kindest man ever. Brooke told him that he was light from the sun, and she didn't know what she'd do without him.

Ridge sat beside Eric. He said he'd give Eric what Eric had asked for, and it was time for them all to be strong for him. He told Eric to be with Stephanie and Phoebe and be at peace. Ridge stated that it was okay for Eric to let go.

Ridge nodded, and everyone began sobbing. Finn strode over to the machine, and his finger hovered over the red button to stop the machine. Donna cried out, and Steffy asked if Ridge had seen that. Eric's eyelids fluttered, and Donna and Steffy cried that they had to stop because Eric was trying to open his eyes.

Eric's condition takes an unexpected turn

Eric's condition takes an unexpected turn

Thursday, December 14, 2023

At Forrester, R.J. talked to Luna and Poppy about his grandfather, the showman, businessman, and entertainer. R.J. said that Eric was actually quiet and funny, and R.J. didn't think a lot of people got to see that. Poppy loved all the kind things he'd said about his grandfather.

Poppy stated that she hadn't meant to interrupt the night, but R.J. was glad for the company. He didn't know how he'd make it through without Luna. Luna said she'd always be there for him.

Later, R.J. got word that Thorne and Bridget had headed to the hospital. Luna offered to take R.J. there. R.J. said the family would tell him if anything was going on, and he didn't want to be in the way of the doctors. R.J. wanted to go to the hospital, but he couldn't accept that the party was the last time he'd see Eric. He wished someone could save Eric.

R.J. and Luna spoke more about how special Eric was and how Eric made everyone feel seen and heard. Luna stated that Eric made everyone feel the same, from interns to countesses, and he'd made her feel included and comfortable there. She said he could have been intimidating with his stature, but he wasn't. Poppy appreciated anyone who was kind to her daughter, and she couldn't wait to meet him. Luna said R.J. reminded her of his grandfather.

Poppy prepared to go, saying she had some work to do. She said she'd be near if they needed anything, and she'd light a candle for Eric.

As Luna walked her mom out, R.J. flashed back to designing with Eric. Luna returned, glad her mom was around, but she hoped Poppy wouldn't steal Luna's clothes. R.J. smiled, and Luna was glad to see it. She knew he couldn't help but worry about Eric, and she pledged to be there.

At the hospital, Thorne and Bridget got the attention of a nurse who said she'd been instructed to start comfort care on Eric. After the nurse left, Bridget told her brother that they were taking Eric off life support. "They're just gonna let him die?" Thorne asked.

In Eric's hospital room, Steffy and Donna noticed Eric's eyelids move and insisted that he was still in there. Finn asked Ridge what Ridge wanted to do. Steffy, Donna, and Brooke begged Ridge to give Eric a chance. Brooke asked Ridge to let Finn do what he could, and if it didn't work, they'd know that they'd done all they could. "Do it. Do the procedure," Ridge decided.

Finn hopped into action. The women hugged each other, and Ridge asked Eric to forgive him.

Later, Thorne joined his father in the waiting area. Steffy assured everyone that Eric was in good hands with Finn, and Brooke said Bridget had joined Finn in the operating room. Disconcerted, Thorne wondered what had happened; one moment, he'd been summoned; the next, Eric was going on comfort care; and then, Eric was in surgery. Thorne begged to be filled in.

Ridge explained that Eric had given Ridge medical power of attorney, and Eric had made it clear that he'd wanted to die with dignity. Donna said Ridge had been about to take Eric off life support. Stunned, Thorne asked if Ridge had been willing to let Eric die. Steffy said that Ridge had been under a lot of pressure, but Thorne didn't care. Thorne said Eric had been under the assumption that he'd been untreatable.

Ridge maintained that Eric hadn't wanted to be around doctors and hooked to machines. He said it was Eric's worst nightmare. Thorne reasoned that it could be Eric's greatest blessing, but Brooke said that there were no guarantees. Steffy asked them to hope for the best. Willing to do that, Ridge added that if Eric came out covered in tubes and monitors, Ridge would have to live with that decision, not them.

Brooke noted that Thorne had just gotten there, but they'd been dealing with it for a long time. Thorne replied that Ridge should have told Thorne sooner, but Ridge raged that Eric was the one who didn't want anyone to know. Thorne understood that, but he was still shocked that Ridge had been willing to just let Eric die. Thorne added that their other siblings hadn't seen Eric and hadn't been able to say goodbye.

Ridge stated that the fact was that Eric could die on the operating table. Ridge also asserted that Eric wanted quality of life -- to sing and to dance and to create. Ridge told everyone to hope that the man walking out of surgery would be someone they recognized.

As time wore on, the family grew anxious. Steffy had apprised Zende and Thomas of the situation. Brooke said she was going to tell R.J., Hope, and Katie but wished she had good news. Ridge said there were no guarantees.

Thorne asked if the surgery was dangerous. Donna said Finn hadn't had time to explain anything. Thorne remarked that it was experimental. Steffy said part of it was rebuilding Eric's blood using healthy cells, "kind of like immunotherapy." Thorne remarked that Eric's life was in Finn's hands, but Donna was adamant that Eric would pull through.

In the operating room, Bridget suited up and thanked Finn for letting her participate. "All right. Let's see if we can create a miracle," Finn replied.

During the surgery, Finn explained that the cells produced unique receptors on their surfaces and regenerated T-cells infused back into the patient. He hoped that combining the stem cells and the transplant would give them something to celebrate. Bridget said it was cutting edge, and she wondered how Finn had even discovered it as an option.

Finn explained that he'd spoken to hematologists overseas who specialized in immunotherapy, and after making sure he had the right equipment, Finn said they were off on a wing and a prayer. Bridget said it was incredible that the manipulated cells might attach to a particular protein. She appreciated Finn's efforts, and he said he'd do anything for Steffy.

Just as they were closing Eric, up, a problem occurred, and Eric began hemorrhaging. Nothing seemed to be working, and Eric became hypoxic and tachycardic. Bridget panicked, saying she couldn't lose her father.

Eric receives a visit from Stephanie

Eric receives a visit from Stephanie

Friday, December 15, 2023

In the design office, Luna was anxious to give R.J. something. It was a framed picture she'd taken of Eric and R.J. working together. She hoped it wasn't inappropriate. She said she hadn't realized at the time how special the photo would be. The photo seemed to be of the first time R.J. had drawn with Eric. R.J. said she always knew exactly what he needed.

Luna offered to make Eric a framed copy. R.J. said it would be perfect. They talked about how much fun it had been to work on the collection in Eric's living room. Luna had loved seeing R.J. rise to the challenge and come through for Eric. R.J. replied that Eric had helped R.J. find his calling. R.J. hadn't felt as if he'd belonged before, but everything had clicked since he'd met Luna. He didn't think that had been an accident.

Luna stammered, wondering if "this" was okay. R.J. wondered if she meant their relationship. Luna admitted that all she thought of was him kissing her. Nervous, she said she hadn't had a serious boyfriend, and she'd always been focused on school, figuring that if she waited, the right guy would come along. She uttered that R.J. was the right guy.

Luna decided she was making a fool of herself, but R.J. said she wasn't. He admitted that she'd taught him how to love someone in a way he hadn't before. He said he loved his family, but "this" was new to him. He never wanted to lose it. "Ditto," she replied, and he laughed.

Luna recalled when she'd first met R.J., and she'd sworn she'd lost her breath. The feeling hadn't gone away, and she didn't know what people called it. "Actually, I do. I love you," she said, and they kissed.

During surgery, Finn and Bridget worked to save Eric as his vitals dropped. Bridget urged Eric to keep going, and she cried out that they couldn't lose her father. Intense music played as Bridget worried about getting the bleeding under control. Another nurse called for extra support.

In the waiting area, Ridge was anxious about his decision. He said he'd only been doing what he'd thought Eric would have chosen for himself. Donna and Thorne were adamant that it was because Eric hadn't known about the procedure. Ridge said Eric might never be the same, and if one was willing to do anything, one had to be prepared for anything.

"Maybe we should have just let him go," Ridge uttered. Steffy tried to assure her father that he'd done the right thing, but Ridge wondered if he'd been too cowardly to give Eric what Eric had asked for. Steffy held faith in her husband and believed Eric would pull through. Donna and Thorne hoped so because they weren't ready to say goodbye. Brooke added that Bridget was with Eric, too, and they had to stay positive.

Time wore on, and the family grew restless. Thorne saw extra support rushing by and figured that it wasn't a good sign. Ridge snagged a nurse, and she revealed that there was a complication with unexpected bleeding. The nurse rushed off, and Ridge yelled that it was exactly what he didn't want, Eric struggling and fighting on an operating table.

Back in the OR, Bridget applied the last clamp, and all was still. Moments passed. Eric's heart monitor beeped, and Finn said Bridget had done it. Bridget thanked Finn for finding the procedure. "Now we wait. The rest is up to him," Finn concluded.

Finn and Bridget sewed Eric up, and Bridget told Eric that he'd done a great job. Finn warned Bridget not to make any promises. He said Eric had survived surgery, but the recovery might be difficult. Bridget understood and was grateful Eric had his chance. She said they'd see Eric soon, and they had good news to share.

Back in the waiting area, Thorne wondered what "bleeding complications" even meant, but Steffy asserted her faith in Finn. Brooke said Eric would survive. Donna prayed that they got to see Eric again.

Finn and Bridget arrived, and the family approached them with concerns about Eric's complications. Finn announced that Bridget had stopped the bleeding, and Eric had survived the surgery. Ridge asked if Eric was no longer in danger. Finn repeated that Eric had survived the procedure but that, from there, it was a waiting game. Bridget stated that all they could do was to send Eric love and light.

In recovery, Eric was back on the respirator. He could hear Bridget telling him to stay with them. He saw the surgery lights, and he flashed back on moments at his party. A light appeared, and Stephanie called to Eric. She said she'd missed him, and everything would be okay. "Everyone's been waiting for you," Stephanie uttered.

Eric saw himself dancing with Stephanie. A white light surrounded Eric in the bed. A growing view of the cosmos played. Stephanie cried that she couldn't believe Eric was there. He was home, and he was safe.

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