Recasts, revenge, and rumors

by Tony
For the Week of October 8, 2007
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Joseph Mascolo and Stephen Nichols are amazing. Their conversations go from hate-filled to hilarious to heart wrenching and back again within seconds.

Wow! What a great week to become a Two Scoops Columnist! Lots of excitement, lots of action! If I'd seen some shoulder pads and feathered hair I would have sworn I was back in the 80's! Although I felt the conclusion to the Colleen/Santo saga was a little bit underwhelming, Days is definitely on the way to getting its groove back!

But, before I dive into Salem, I'd like to take a "Hallmark moment" to send out some gratitude. First, congratulations to Laurisa who was also "recast" as a "New Melissa!" She and I will be alternating weeks as Two Scoopers and I'm thrilled to be working with her (her audition piece was amazing)! Second, I'd like to thank all of the readers as well as the Soap Central staff who chose to take a chance on a newbie - it's much appreciated and, short of shadow puppets, I'll do my best to keep you entertained. Finally, I'd like to talk about Melissa. Even though she ruined my Monday's because I use to avoid work by reading her fun columns, I'd like to thank and applaud her for her fantastic tenure at Two Scoops. Best of luck Melissa - you will be missed!

So, without any further gushing, let's do this.

Live at Five ... (Stefano, Steve, Andre and the Brady Bunch)

Seriously, if NBC wanted to do a spin off with only Joseph Mascolo and Stephen Nichols locked in a room together, I would watch it! Those two are amazing. Their conversations go from hate-filled to hilarious to heart wrenching and back again within seconds. Steve's tearful reminiscing about Benjy was just tugging at my heartstrings. The poor guy! However, one of my favorite moments was the look on 'Ole Stef's face during the hijacked newscast. I was just waiting for him to yawn, say "Oh please!" then swat Steve away like a fly. And who could argue that the Phoenix could probably do it?

Then there's Andre! If they did a spin off, maybe he could be their wacky next door neighbor who stops in from time to time because he's so amusing in a total psychopath kind of way. Aside from J.R. Ewing of Dallas fame, I can't think of another character I love to hate so much. His lines are always a combo of side-splitting and creepy. Although, I think Stefano finally got the hint this week, which is simply, "Whoops! I did create a monster." Just a tad Big Guy. Just a tad.

Now, please indulge me on a tangent for a second because I gotta say ... poor Hope! I know everyone from Roman to Sami and E.J. were tortured this week, but this woman has been abducted and held hostage more times then Stephanie has dated a relative! Maybe I'm reading a little too many celebrity rags lately and caught up in nostalgic "girl power" as the Spice Girls are reuniting, but I was really wishing that Hope would have kicked Andre's butt! When she was a cop, she was a step away from being one of Charlie's Angels, yet she was drug around like a rag doll. I mean, how many times has she decked Billie? She's a tough cookie! My thoughts while watching these scenes drifted to the comical. I could only think of the Hope being interviewed for a new job ...

Interviewer: "Mrs. Brady, you have an impressive résumé. You've been a cop, fashion model, DiMera minion, but there're a lot of holes in your application. Like what where you doing from 1990-1994?"
Hope: "I was being held captive."
Interviewer: "And from here to here," he says pointing out some more dates.
Hope: "Oh, I was kidnapped."
Interviewer: "And here?"
Hope: "That," she laughs, "was a full fledged abduction. I'm talking being tied up in a cabin and everything."

Ok, sorry about the long rant! Moving on ...

So, Bo shot Andre and he fell off the roof! We know he's in serious condition, but I have a sinking suspicion that's going to take a grave turn. There are just too many people out there who hate him and, really, how many more times can he terrorize the same people? I think Days could be gearing up for a good, old-fashion murder mystery. I'd be up for that as long as the victim stays dead. Not to be morbid, but it's just a tad more interesting to see storylines like that being played out when you know the deceased won't be bouncing back anytime soon.

H is for Horton (Lucas and Kate)

Lucas Horton, that is. This guy hasn't caught a break in weeks! Ironically, Mama Kate really didn't have anything to do with trying to break up his marriage this time! Note, this time. Lauren Koslow and Bryan Dattilo certainly drove it home with their performances because, as much as Kate can be slightly intrusive when it comes to her kids' lives, I almost felt bad for her! Sure, she meddles, schemes, and lies to get what she wants, err, what she thinks is best for her kids, but ... wait ... never mind, she got what she deserved! I'd hate to see a family permanently split up, but I hope Lucas sticks to his guns and moves on for the time being. He needs a little alone time or at least a good talk with Aunt Maggie. I miss Big Red!

Mr. Wrong (E.J., Sami, Lucas and ... Will)!

It's hard to begrudge Sami for wanting to protect her family, but I felt so bad for Lucas this week and I'm not even one of his biggest fans. Aside from recovering from a bullet wound and disowning his mother, he had to try to process Sami's determination to end the vendetta by marrying Elvis J. and even witnessed her admitting she cared for the snake! Frustratingly enough, the only person gaining anything from all this is E.J. Ok, I have to admit, I was a big fan of Sami and Pre-Rapist E.J. Yet, despite the blatantly obvious on-screen chemistry between Alison Sweeney and James Scott, it's a little hard to cheer for a guy when you know how much of a slime ball he can be. What he did to Sami, and the rest of the Brady family for that matter, is s a huge red flag in my book and you don't get a second chance to make a first impression (see, there are lessons to be learned from deodorant commercials).

Since Sami and Lucas basically had the same conversation all week, to me the best part came with Will's return from Zurich. It was SO refreshing that he stood behind his mother's decision and even applauded her actions. Sure, it sucks, he admitted, but he thought what she was doing was noble. Wow - did I just see a teenager respect their parents? Wonders never cease! If E.J. and Sami do make it down the isle, I'd love to see Will move in with them just to wreak teenage havoc on the newlyweds. Judging from their past interactions, I think E.J. has resisted the temptation to backhand Will on more then one occasion so that could be interesting! Although, I do have a farfetched idea that during the wedding a much alive, elderly Colleen could be wheeled down the isle thus ruining the marriage anyway. Hmm, just a thought.

Fight and Flight (Belle, Shawn, Philip and Lauren)

Please note, Casting Spoilers Discussed

Lucas was shot in the leg, went home the same day on crutches, later that same day graduated to a cane, and by the end of the day was practically fine. Shawn had a small burn on his back and weeks later is still in the hospital. Ok, I just had to say that. I did love the scenes where Nurse Jillian was coming down on Shawn though. She was hilarious! More people need to talk to him like that in my opinion.

Back the big stuff - it looks like Lauren took two steps forward and about twenty straight down a flight of stairs. Ok, so, I'm guessing Lauren is dead, or will be soon. That leaves the tumultuous trio with one big question - where is baby Tyler? Hmm, could he be Pocket? I'm crossing my fingers that the writers surprise us and it comes out that Kayla and Steve's bundle of joy isn't baby Kiriakis. Initially, that would lead for less drama for the Johnson's, but be a really nice bombshell to loyal viewers! Patch and Sweetness need some happiness in their lives.

With that said, I think Sheffer is missing the mark on this one. I like the actress who plays Lauren and, if utilized a little more, she could have been a great villainess for the younger set to contend with. She reminds me of an early, money hungry Nicole with a mix of Bonnie's trashiness. It really could have added a little spark to the ongoing, blah-blah, humdrum Philip/Belle/Shawn triangle.

Finally, it's been reported that Chloe is returning. Oh boy! I'm not going to be popular here because I didn't really like the character, but I'm staying optimistic for two reasons. One, maybe Craig and Nancy won't be far behind because I loved them. Two, I'm crossing my fingers that she breathes new life into the Shawn/Belle/Philip storyline. Considering Kyle Lowder who played Brady is on The Bold and the Beautiful now, I highly doubt he'll be back anytime soon so it looks like Mrs. Black might be back on the market. I smell Belle being very jealous very soon!

The Prada Pack (Chelsea, Stephanie, the Sorority Fembots and Max)

I tend to agree with Laurisa's comments last week that anything up against the Vendetta storyline just fails in comparison. Yet, I tried to approach the Prada Pack sorority scenes with an open mind and focus on the good parts. Those parts - Chelse and Steph talking about things other then Jeremy, Max and/or Nick (for the most part)! Sure, we did hear those names a few times, but it was only a slight rumble on the Richter Scale and not a full-blown annoying catastrophe. Actually, I enjoyed them acting like normal college girls. The two of them were pretty funny together and had great comedic chemistry. Chelsea kept cracking me up with her eye rolling and snarky comments about the sorority girls.

The most exciting part of their underage beer fest at The Cheatin' Heart - seeing Adrienne! I just love Judi Evans so any time I get the chance to watch her, I'm happy. Also cool is the fact she's fronting free pizza and beer for the fundraiser! Stephanie needs to remind Chelsea that Adrienne's married to a Kiriakis so, really, money isn't a problem! However, if I was nitpicking, I would point out that giving alcohol to college freshmen whose ages normally range between seventeen and nineteen isn't the best idea ever. But, in a world where most of the characters have come back from the dead at least once, suspension of disbelief is about as important as flossing after a poppy seed bagel.

Then there's former racing superstar Max Brady. I love happy hour so I'd never consider being a bartender a bad thing, at all, but he needs get out of the teen scene. I know they're setting things up so he's at The Cheatin' Heart where Stephanie can pine after him, but, come on Max, be a grown up and lay off the nieces. I know they're not related by blood, but if you grew up with someone's school pictures hung on your refrigerator throughout the years it might be a little, I don't know, ewe! to date them. With a fresh new crop of young ladies available, let's hope the Max/Stephanie pairing is ending soon.

Rumors ... Major Spoilers Discussed!

Ok, I guess this could officially be called a "spoiler" now because NBC and NBC Online have played previews for next week of John getting run over! It doesn't look good Hogestyn fans, it doesn't look good. I'm sort of on the fence about this. On one side I'm trying to have to have faith that the writers are doing what's best for the show. I mean, twenty plus years ago fans were outraged that Wayne Northrop left, but look how good that turned out - we got two decades worth of eyebrow raises and classic Days storylines! On the other hand, Salem without John B. is just kind of surreal. Despite the fact he's barely been seen this year, he's sort of like Alice Horton. Even though you don't see her often, you know she's around somewhere and that makes everything ok. In the meantime, I've decided to live in denial and wait to see what happens.

Extra Scoops

Hot and Not

Hot: I know this is lukewarm now, but I really wanted to share these thoughts with other Days fans. I'd be all shades of tickled pink to see Kate and Anna square off again. From the moment I heard Anna was returning, I was dying to see how those two would interact. The scenes between them happened weeks ago, but I can still hear the meows of their catty jabs echoing through the pub! More please!

Not: I'll try not to harp on this too often, but, really, it must be so easy to get into the Salem P.D. When the top graduate of the academy is tricked so effortlessly by Steve, how can little old ladies with oversized purses and kids with kittens caught in trees rest at night? If you're a criminal the streets of Salem seem like the safest place to be.

Line of the Week: "That was wrong of him. He was angry. Not that I blame you, [but] you did kill his son." - Bo trying to negotiate with an agitated Andre who was upset that Stefano turned his back on him. Unintentionally funny, but humorous nonetheless.

The Milk Carton:

Miss some of your favorite Days characters? Yah, me too! This section highlight's a person(s) who needs the Salem P.D. to put out an A.P.B. for.

I'm taking into consideration that a lot of the Brady Bunch are scattered around the world, but during the entire Vendetta saga you'd think they would have mentioned Kim, Eric, Frankie, etc. Umm, even Caroline barely popped up! In fact, the day Stephanie was babysitting and handed off Pocket to her, she wasn't even seen on-screen! Not to mention her husband told a life changing secret that he's kept bottled up inside for fifty-plus years and she wasn't there to support him. I know things are happening pretty fast and furious lately, but at least a warning call or a "check in" to the other family members would have been nice to hear about! Let's hope Kayla at least calls Kim with the gossip!

So friends and Days fans, that's "Two Scoops" for the week of October 1st, and, as John Black would say, "That's a fact."

Thanks again!

Tony S
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