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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 1, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, October 1, 2007

Sami asks Lucas for a divorce so she can marry E.J. and save her father's life. Lucas warns Sami she's being played for a fool and he will never divorce her.

Kate visits Stefano at the hospital and learns that Sami will be out of Lucas' life for good. Lucas walks in as Kate kisses Stefano good-bye and flies into a rage, thinking his mother schemed with Stefano to ruin his marriage.

At the pub, Sami and E.J. are stunned when Andre arrives -- with Roman, who's bound and gagged. Sami is horrified to discover her father is strapped with a time-ticking bomb!

Steve tries to gain access to Stefano at the hospital. He tricks the guard outside the door into leaving and strolls right into Stefano's room. Steve pulls a gun and vows that Stefano is going to pay for Benjy's murder.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Andre returns Roman to Sami, but with a bomb strapped to his chest. E.J. and Sami try to convince Andre the vendetta is over now that they've agreed to marry each other. They attempt to get Stefano on the phone to confirm, but he doesn't answer. Andre starts the bomb's timer and tells Sami she has just minutes to say good-bye to her dad. Roman urges Sami to leave, but she insists there's time to save him. She calls Bo for help, but he's at a loss as to how to stop the bomb.

At the hospital, Steve holds Stefano at gunpoint and confronts him over Benjy's murder. Stefano swears he had nothing to do with it; Andre is out of control. Steve takes Stefano hostage, heads over to a television station and hijacks a live news broadcast. Back at the pub, Sami and E.J. are in a frenzy as Roman's bomb has less than a minute to go before detonating. Andre is about to exit the pub but stops in his tracks when he sees Steve and Stefano on the news. Turning up the volume, the group stares in shock as Steve sends out a message to Andre: return Roman Brady alive or he'll execute Stefano on live TV.

At the cemetery, Bo fills Hope in on Steve's reaction to Benjy's death. He's just thankful Stefano has police protection so Steve can't do anything stupid. Just then, the guard who was posted outside Stefano's door arrives and Bo realizes Steve tricked the guard into leaving. Bo and Hope rush to the hospital, but Steve and Stefano are nowhere to be found. Hope alerts Bo to the TV where they see Steve holding a gun on Stefano.

Believing Kate conspired with Stefano to break up his marriage, Lucas blasts his mother for once again ruining his life. She swears she had no part in it. An emotional Kate reminds her son how much she has sacrificed for him over the years. Lucas is tired of her excuses. He declares he's no longer her son, no longer Lucas Roberts. He's changing his last name to Horton. Kate is devastated. Lucas and Kate are stunned when they hear a radio report that Steve is holding Stefano hostage.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Steve has taken over a live newscast, holding a gun to Stefano's head and threatening to kill him if Andre doesn't deliver Roman alive and unharmed. Meanwhile, Roman has a bomb strapped to his body and it's counting down as a horrified Sami and E.J. look on. At the last conceivable second, Andre defuses the bomb and spares Roman's life. It looks like E.J. and Sami, however, aren't going to be so lucky. Before leaving for the TV station, Andre ties them up in the pub kitchen and turns the gas on.

Bo, Hope and Lucas hurry to the station, assuming Andre will arrive with Roman and Sami. But Andre shows up and declares Sami and E.J. are dead. Lucas freaks and takes off for the pub. Stefano is furious with Andre for killing his son, while Andre feels betrayed when Stefano says E.J. was going to inherit the empire. Bo tries to end the standoff by jumping Andre, but in the chaos, Andre takes Hope hostage. Meanwhile, E.J. and Sami manage to untie themselves, but E.J. passes out from the fumes. Fearing he's dying, Sami confesses her complicated feelings for him. She acknowledges his misdeeds, but believes he's still worth saving. Lucas arrives at the pub in time to find Sami cradling E.J. in her arms.

Chelsea and Stephanie are summoned to a meeting at the Alpha Chi Theta sorority. Morgan announces a competition: whichever team of two pledges raises the most money for charity wins instant admission to the sisterhood. Desperate to avoid six weeks of hazing, Chelsea and Stephanie vow to come up with an idea to raise tons of cash in the next forty-eight hours. Brainstorming at Aunt Adrienne's Cheatin' Heart, they hatch a plan to auction hunky Salem University guys to the highest bidder.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sammy and E.J. are recovering. E.J. is lighthearted about the ordeal but expresses jealousy over Lucas. Sammy professes love for Lucas. E.J. rubs it in that he will be her ex. E.J. wants to drive Sammy to the hospital but she says she can do it but she can't even stand by herself. E.J. helps but Sammy walks out on him. Sammy visits Roman in the hospital and they are relieved to see each other. He wonders about Lucas but Sammy doesn't know where he is. They move on to talking about the babies and she gives him a card. Sammy asks him what happened with Andre. Roman says that she is not going to marry E.J. and tells her that it won't end the vendetta. Lucas arrives and Roman is wheeled off. Sammy and Lucas embrace but something is wrong with Lucas. He's worried about Sammy but she says there is more. Lucas does not want his kids being raised by a DiMera. He says he will take custody of the kids. He wants her to leave Salem with him. He wants to leave and raise his family. Sammy says it would be nice but doesn't want to leave Salem. He says home is them being together, no matter where they live. Sammy wants to stay with her family and says that the deal with E.J. won't be for long. She wants him to consider that even if they leave, their family is in danger. She says once Stefano is gone, the vendetta will be over. Lucas knows that if she marries E.J., she will never be his wife again. Sammy wants Lucas to wait for her while she's married to E.J. He says she is being like Colleen and says maybe it is their destiny to be together. Will walks in just in time to ask if Sammy is really leaving them.

Andre has Hope at gunpoint with everyone surrounding them. Andre sneaks out the back way as Bo runs after them. Stefano scolds Steve for getting Hope killed. Steve wants Roman to get to the hospital but he refuses. Roman tells the cops to throw Steve in jail. Stefano threatens Steve that he will have him thrown in an institution for the rest of his life. Roman is wheeled away on a stretcher and Stefano dismisses Steve. Stefano continues to threaten Steve and they go back and forth with angry words. Steve accuses Stefano of being egotistical and Stefano replies that no one talks to him that way....for very long. E.J. comes in and Stefano thanks God they are ok. Steve chimes in with some jokes. Stefano insists on hearing what happened and E.J. complies. They are both happy about the marriage. Stefano misses Benji and expresses hatred for Andre. E.J. wants to take Stefano home to rest and now Stefano is regretting his mistakes. E.J. tries to cheer him up. E.J. says this is the beginning of a new DiMera destiny. Stefano and E.J. chat about Sammy and Lucas and Stefano fears Lucas will not just turn over the children. E.J. has wild dreams of him with Sammy and the kids. E.J. promises to raise them as DiMeras and says its time for Lucas to be silenced. Kayla runs in and comforts Steve. He drops the bomb about Hope and Andre. Kayla yells at Stefano. Steve apologizes to Kayla for worrying her. Kayla professes her love as the cops drag Steve away in handcuffs. E.J. and Stefano resume their private conversation. He wants Stefano to separate Lucas and Sammy by making sure the divorce goes through. Stefano says the vendetta and violence is over and asks what is E.J.'s plan for Lucas is. He says it's Santo's plan. He knows he can make Sammy forget about Lucas over time as he chuckles. Stefano wonders what kind of persuasion will be effective to make the divorce final.

Andre, Hope, and Bo followed by cops arrive on the roof in a stand down. Bo relinquishes but orders the exits to be covered. Now it's just Bo, Hope and Andre and Bo tries to convince Andre to give up. Andre threatens to jump over with Hope. Meanwhile, Hope is now trying to convince Andre to help end the vendetta. She uses inheriting the DiMera fortune as an incentive. Andre backs closer to the edge as we hear police sirens in the background. Andre wonders if there is a swat team coming but Bo denies it and offers immunity if he testifies against Stefano. Andre thinks he's lying. Bo tries to convince him that he will go free but Andre threatens Hope as they almost fall over the edge. Hope tells Bo to shoot and Andre encourages him. Hope slips. Hope elbows Andre, Bo shoots, then Hope falls over the edge. Bo is able to grab her wrist and pull her up. Cops show up and ask if she is ok. Andre has fallen but is still alive and receiving emergency help. The cops congratulate Bo for his work. Bo tells Hope that he knows the vendetta is far from over.

Chelsea and Stephanie are out with a laptop looking up a list of names for "Bid on a Bod". Chelsea suggests giving up on the project but wants to put guys on the auction just as Max walks in. They discuss Max losing the garage because of Jeremy. Stephanie tells Max that she and Jeremy are over as Chelsea brings up the fact they need volunteers but don't reveal why. Max tries to get the details out of them but they aren't talking. Chelsea does tell him it's a charity auction and Max finally gets the picture. He has no interest in meeting new girls and leaves the table but it just turns Stephanie on. Max meets Adrienne at a table and they discuss the job. He tries to convince her he can do it and suggests a trial run. She agrees. Chelsea says it would be easy for Stephanie to get Max. Chelsea comments on how much Stephanie is looking at Max. Stephanie gets a bright idea to offer beer to get more volunteers. They start their ad. Adrienne come over and gives them free beer and offers to donate the beer and pizza for the auction. Chelsea isn't comfortable with that as Stephanie and her discuss it when Adrienne leaves. Stephanie tries to convince Chelsea its ok as Adrienne quickly grabs Stephanie and drags her off to talk. When Max comes to talk to Chelsea, Stephanie comes back over with the news of her dad.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Sami is floored to see Will back in town. Will rips into her for planning to leave their family for E.J. Sami and Lucas catch their son up to speed on the situation. Once Sami explains she's marrying E.J. to save their family, Will changes his tune and thinks his mom is a hero for making such a sacrifice. He thinks his dad should be grateful, too. Will leaves, and Sami and Lucas have a heart-to-heart about E.J. He tells Sami he saw them in the kitchen and suspects there's more to her marriage with E.J. than just stopping the vendetta. Lucas walks out on Sami, both of them heartbroken.

Philip tells Belle he's lost Lauren's trail. Defeated, he admits he might have to accept the fact that his son is dead. Belle encourages him not to give up, and they grow closer. While recovering from his burns at the hospital, Shawn spots Lauren lurking around. He calls Philip and Belle and tells them to get to the hospital immediately. Shawn corners Lauren and holds her long enough for Philip and Belle to arrive. Philip goes wild on her, demanding to know what she did with Tyler. Lauren manages to extract herself from Philip's grip, but then takes a nasty fall down a stairwell.

Kayla updates Adrienne on Steve, and admits she doesn't know what they're going to do. At the police station, Stefano vows to Bo that he'll make sure Steve spends the rest of his life behind bars. Bo storms out past an arriving Kayla. Kayla takes the opportunity to speak with Stefano alone. She urges him to drop the charges, for Benjy's sake. Stefano refuses, and Kayla loses it, threatening his life. Stefano senses the cold sincerity in her threat.

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