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Monday, October 1, 2007

Zach and JR were at The Comeback. JR propositioned Zach for money. Zach agreed, but only if JR got rid of Greenlee. Zach wanted JR to convince Greenlee to sell her Fusion shares. JR was not sure this was possible. So, Zach insinuated that he might have something to give Greenlee that she wanted more than Fusion. JR assumed that Ryan's child would be the one thing more important than Fusion. However, JR said this was impossible because Zach destroyed Greenlee's eggs in the blackout. Zach smirked and hinted that Greenlee's eggs might not be destroyed after all.

Ava and Jonathan were at The Comeback. Ava was very upset with Jonathan because he refused to fund JR's network. Ava felt that Jonathan was being controlling and unsupportive. Jonathan replied that he would always support Ava because he wanted her in his life forever. Then, Jonathan got down on one knee and proposed to Ava. Jonathan explained that he was scared of their connection at first, but was addicted to it now. Ava looked stunned and speechless. Then, after Jonathan pulled out the ring, Ava jumped up and ran away!

Kendall hid as Greenlee and Aidan entered the penthouse. Aidan and Greenlee began to kiss, but they were interrupted by a phone call from Ryan. Ryan wanted to warn Aidan that Richie was in town, but the connection was bad due to a storm on the private island where Ryan was vacationing. So, Aidan left to try to get in touch with Ryan again. Greenlee went into her bedroom to change, so Kendall came out of hiding and downloaded a disk onto Greenlee's computer. Then, Kendall left the penthouse, but Greenlee got a feeling that someone was there. When Aidan returned, Greenlee was carrying scissors in her hand for protection. Greenlee explained her fear that someone was in the penthouse, so Aidan volunteered to sleep on the couch. Then, they began to kiss again. Meanwhile, Kendall hacked into Greenlee's computer. Kendall wrote a fake note from Greenlee to Spike. In the note, Greenlee pledged her love to Spike and vowed to take him back from Kendall.

Ryan and Annie were still on the private island. When Ryan went to call Aidan, Annie sat alone in the room. Annie recalled growing up with Richie as a young child. Richie took Annie's doll and ripped its arms off. Then, Richie told their parents that Annie broke the doll. Then Ryan returned. Annie wanted to leave, but Ryan said they had to wait for the storm to pass. Annie was nervous that Richie would find Emma. Ryan assured her that Emma was with Julia and a guard, so Richie could not get to her.

Babe and Wes were still on their date. Babe was having a good time when Julia called. Julia asked if Babe could watch Emma because Kate was sick and she did not want Emma to get sick also. Babe agreed. Wes then asked if he could help Babe babysit the next day. Babe, not knowing that Wes was really Richie, thought this was sweet and accepted the offer. Then, they parted ways. Babe went home and called Julia to let her know that Wes would be joining her. Meanwhile, Wes broke into Annie and Ryan's apartment. Wes got a beer and stared at Emma's picture.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jackson tells Erica about his run-in with Aidan and Greenlee in the alley. Jackson says he is worried about Greenlee, who may be a bit unstable right now. Erica says they are always worrying about Greenlee's next months and it is not fair. Jackson tells Erica that Greenlee is trying to make peace with the people she has hurt. He even says that maybe Kendall will forgive Greenlee one day, but Erica says no one is that forgiving. She says Greenlee took Kendall's dreams away and he wants everything to be back to normal like magic. Jackson admits that would be nice, but just wants forgiveness to be possible for Kendall and Greenlee. Erica says she is late for a meeting at work, kisses Jackson and rushes off.

Jonathan comes by the house looking for Ava, but finds Lily instead. He tells Lily that Ava didn't come to Wildwind last night and wondered if she stayed at the house. Lily tells Jonathan that Ava was upset, but didn't want to talk about it. Jonathan tells Lily that he made Ava upset, and when he bends down, a ring box falls out of his pocket. Lily sees the box and immediately realizes he asked Ava to marry him. Lily gets upset, closes her eyes and starts counting until she is calm. Jonathan says he never meant to hurt Lily and when he tries to touch her, she backs away. Lily says she would be happy if Ava and Jonathan got married and then rushes inside. Jackson finds Lily rocking herself on the couch. Lily tells her father that Jonathan wants to marry Ava.

Greenlee comes to Fusion as Babe, Amanda and Kendall get ready for Ava's photo shoot. Babe asks the girls if they can push up their meeting one hour because she has a date with Wes. Ava makes it to the office but gets upset when she sees Babe holding a wedding veil. Ava immediately thinks the girls are playing some sort of mean joke, but they insist the veil is just for a photo shoot. Ava throws the veil on the ground, stating that they want her to marry Jonathan so he can change her. The girls drop their mouths in shock when they realize Jonathan popped the question to Ava. Ava starts crying and says doesn't know what to say to Jonathan. Greenlee says she thinks it is odd that Jonathan wants to marry a girl that looks exactly like Lily. She apologizes for stepping out of line, causing Kendall to snap that apologies don't make everything right. Once the office is empty, Kendall apologizes for being so nasty, but tells Greenlee it had to be done to make everyone believe they are still enemies. Greenlee asks Kendall how Ian and Spike are doing. Greenlee is thrilled to hear Ian is gaining weight and Spike may get cochlear implants.

At ConFusion, Krystal tells Tad that Wes has been an outstanding employee and customers love him. Plus, he is making Babe happy, she adds. At the bar, Wes looks at a picture of Emma and says she has her mother's eyes. When Krystal and Tad come inside, Wes tells them that he is taking Babe and Little Adam on a picnic. Hannah and Adam come inside. Adam asks Krystal for a cup of coffee and a few moments alone but she refuses both offers. Adam claims he is there to talk to her about Stuart, who is heartbroken that he is no longer allowed to come near Colby or Jenny. Krystal said she had to do it because when she looks at Stuart, she sees him. Adam says Krystal never had a problem telling them apart before. While Hannah shoots pool, Tad puts $100 on the table for a game. Babe calls Wes and tells him she has to pick up Little Adam and Emma before coming to see him. Wes takes a knife from the bar and hides it in a towel. Babe comes to the bar and introduces Wes to Emma and Little Adam. Tad goes outside and Krystal agrees to give Stuart another chance. Babe, Wes, Little Adam and Emma to the picnic, but Babe tells Emma's bodyguard he is not needed for the trip.

Ava goes to Lily's home and finds Jonathan. She apologizes for running away and scolds him for breaking the news to Lily first. He tells her he loves her and asks her to hold onto the ring until she decides what to do.

Annie looks at a picture of Richie and says she will kill him if he comes near her family. When Ryan comes into the room, soaking wet, he tells Annie they can't leave yet because the storm is too strong. Annie says they have to leave today because she Emma is in danger. Ryan says the cops will find Richie and promises to give her a real honeymoon one day. Annie and Ryan decide to beg the authorities to get them off the island because Richie's life is in danger. Ryan tells Annie he is surprised by her con to the authorities, but Annie says she will do what it takes to keep Richie away from Emma. The authorities come back, ready to take Annie and Ryan home.

Erica goes to Fusion and finds Kendall typing a letter that says "Dear Spike, I think of you everyday and dream of being with you every night. I can't wait until I can be with you again. I love you so much." She tells Kendall the plan to shut down Greenlee has to be stopped.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Krystal congratulated Hannah on beating Tad in pool. Krystal then encouraged Hannah to return to the bar on Friday night because that was when the real "hustlers" were playing. Krystal warned Hannah that the hustlers would probably hit on her. Hannah laughed and stated she was not interested in being hit on. Krystal said she could relate because she just got out of a relationship. Krystal explained that although the relationship was over, she still was not over the man. Hannah understood and stated that she regretted ending a relationship. Krystal hoped that Hannah would hang out at The Comeback more. Hannah said she would return as she left the bar. Hannah then went to Zach's office. Zach was deep in thought. Hannah announced that she lied to Zach.

Colby invited the hip hop group to come to the mansion so they could play their demo CD on Adam's state of the art sound system. Adam, however, was not happy to hear the loud music. Then, Sean entered. Sean saw Adam and snidely remarked that Adam almost ruined his life. Sean also said that Adam was lucky because Colby forgave him. Adam looked uncomfortable and walked outside. Colby followed Adam and apologized that Sean insulted him in front of everyone. Then, Colby asked Adam how things went with Krystal. Adam stated that Krystal wanted nothing to do with him. Colby suggested that Adam take Krystal fishing. Then, Colby went back inside and Stuart entered. Adam asked if Stuart outed him to Krystal. Stuart denied telling Krystal anything. Adam then stated that Krystal would still see Stuart, but not him. However, Adam suspected that Krystal really wanted to see the fake Stuart because she still had feelings for him. Stuart was ecstatic that Krystal might still love Adam. Meanwhile, Colby, Sean, and the music group looked at the photos Sean took for the demo CD. The picture had a shadow over Dre's face. Colby asked if there was a picture that showed Dre better, but Dre claimed that he wanted people to know him by his music, not his picture.

Erica pleaded with Kendall to stop plotting revenge on Greenlee. Erica believed that Kendall was too focused on Greenlee. Erica encouraged Kendall to put her energy into rebuilding her family, instead of getting Greenlee back. Kendall was furious and told Erica to leave her alone. Then, Erica stated that times like these made her want a drink. Kendall begged Erica not to drink and offered to take her to a meeting. Erica then admitted that she really did not want a drink, but pretended she wanted one to prove a point. Erica felt there were many forms of addiction and that Kendall was addicted to revenge. Kendall agreed and promised to give up her revenge plans. However, when Erica left, Kendall called Bianca. Kendall said she needed a break from Erica and asked Bianca to invite her to Paris. As Bianca agreed, Kendall continued to write in Greenlee's fake journal.

JR met Zach at the hospital to discuss their possible alliance. JR wondered if Zach truly did save Greenlee's eggs. Zach would not answer the question. JR was unclear how Zach would make Greenlee believe she could still have a child with Ryan. Zach handed JR some papers. JR read them and stated that he underestimated Zach. Then, JR asked again if Zach really had Greenlee's eggs, but Zach refused to answer. This annoyed JR, which prompted him to reject the deal with Zach. Zach reminded JR that Kendall asked for JR to be spared after JR almost killed Kendall and Spike. Zach believed that JR owed Kendall his life. JR looked sheepish and agreed to get Greenlee's shares of Fusion.

Greenlee and Aidan were at The Comeback. Greenlee asked Aidan if he received a photo of Richie yet. Aidan told Greenlee to lower her voice because Richie could be in the bar listening to them. Aidan also said that he did not want Greenlee to work on the case anymore because it was too dangerous. However, Greenlee refused to give up on the case. Aidan explained that he did not want Greenlee involved because he cared about her. Still, Greenlee thought that Aidan did not want her involved because of Ryan. Greenlee suspected that Aidan felt she was still in love with Ryan. Aidan said nothing, so Greenlee claimed that Aidan was jealous of Ryan. Aidan denied this and left for work. Then, JR entered. JR approached Greenlee and asked how the most unpopular girl in town was doing.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

At The Comeback, JT thanks Greenlee for making him not top person on Kendall's "hate list" anymore. He thinks they have so much in common because they both hurt Kendall, who used to be their best friend. Aidan comes in the bar, surprising Greenlee who thought he was working. Aidan says he is working and walks off. JR tells Greenlee they should team up against Zach because he has screwed both of them over. Greenlee is not interested in his offer, claiming she is very close to getting her life back together. JR

Hannah tells Zach that she is not OK with him not wanting to have a child with her. Hannah thanks Zach for the most wonderful night of her life, but Zach wants to pretend it never happened. Zach remembers Hannah begging him for a child the night she asked him to make love to her. Zach apologizes for hurting Hannah and not protecting her so many years ago. He tells her that he would give her back her son if she could. In the present, Hannah tells Zach that when they made love, her whole world changed that night. Zach remembers differently he recalls telling Hannah he loves Kendall and will not give it up to be with Hannah. Then, Zach begins packing Hannah's bags and she leaves the hotel room. At the present, Hannah admits that is how it happened it reality, but in her mind, they made wonderful love. She had hoped he would have followed her, realizing she really wanted him, not a child. Hannah knows Zach would never leave her for Kendall, but had somehow hoped it was possible. She apologizes for her behavior, starts crying. Josh and Kendall walk in and find Zach comforting a sobbing Hannah.

As Kendall looks at Ian through the hospital window, Josh brings Spike over to cheer her up. Kendall tells Josh that one of the other premature babies did not make it and the mother must go home without her child. Kendall talks about the child, Gina, and her parents, a young couple. Josh tells Kendall that Ian is improving, but she finds it hard to hang out to hope when so many bad things happen. A nurse comes out to tell Kendall that Ian is ready for his first bottle now. Kendall is a bit nervous about feeding Ian without Zach, but Josh is confident she can handle it on her own. Kendall hands Spike to Josh and goes to Ian's room. Kendall feeds Ian, saying she loves him so much. Afterwards, Josh and Kendall decide to go visit Zach at Cambias Industries.

Annie leaves Julia a message saying that they need to know Emma's exact location so they can get her home. Annie says something is wrong because Julia would not take Emma out in the bad weather. As they prepare to go to the Miranda Center, Julia calls Annie and says that since she had to work a late shift at the hospital, Babe took Emma on a play date with Little Adam. Julia says the guard is with them and calms down. Ryan points out that Emma's picture has been moved, but Annie says she did not touch it. They immediately assume that Richie has been in the house, even though nothing else is missing. But Annie finds the picture hidden in a basket, assuming she must have moved in when she was cleaning the house. When Annie walks away, Ryan calls Aidan, saying Richie has been in there house and he needs to be found immediately. Ryan and Aidan agree to meet at The Comeback after Ryan checks the house for any bugs Richie might have placed. Annie suggests they keep Emma with Babe, but Ryan admits he would rather have Emma home.

Babe, Little Adam, Emma and Wes find an abandoned cabin to hide to wait out the storm in. Babe is amazed at how well Wes plays with the children as the rain pours down outside. He even tells them a story about the "House Eating Bunny." As Babe is distracted with the children, Wes turns toward the fireplace and looks at the knife he stole from The Comeback. Wes starts thumbing through the picnic basket, immediately going for the ingredients to make smores. Babe and Wes put the children to sleep, giving them a chance to talk about their families. Wes says his mother died, but he and his father are still friends. However things are not so great with his sister, Wes says. Wes says they used to be very close, but they grew apart. He says he still loves his sister, but just needs the right time and way to show her. Babe gets a call from Annie, but the connection is very bad. Babe hands the phone to Emma, who tells her mother she had a fun day. Emma asks Annie if she has ever heard of the "House Eating Bunny." Annie immediately asks Babe to get Emma back home as soon as possible. After the conversation, Annie hugs Ryan and Babe asks Wes if he wants to meet Emma's mommy.

Ryan and Annie go to The Comeback with a picture of Wes. Greenlee sees the picture and tells them that her brother is the bartender at The Comeback. Annie says that Babe, Emma and Little Adam are all with Richie.

Wes comes inside, soaking wet from the rain. He says the roads are washed out and they should stay at the cabin for the night.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Kendall and Josh show up at Zach's Cambias office and break up the hug that he was sharing with Hannah. Josh quickly questions if they were interrupting something but Zach simply tells them that Hannah was having a hard day. In her glee, Kendall easily accepts his words and explains that they are celebrating because she got to feed Ian from a bottle. As she gushes, Hannah painfully takes it all in, knowing that she will never again experience that joy with Zach's child. Kendall then takes a break and as they eat, she asks after Hannah's life away from Pine Valley. Hannah tells her that she mostly traveled and tried to get her life back together, but eventually decided that she needed to come back to work. Shortly thereafter, Josh remembers that he has pictures of Ian on his phone. Kendall demands that he show them off and the gushing begins again. The proud mom then realizes that by sitting off to the side, Hannah hadn't been able to see her youngest son. She passes the phone over and Hannah reviews the images, telling them that they are very lucky to be so blessed. She then excuses herself and Josh quickly follows. When finally alone with her husband, Kendall asks what the real deal is between her brother and Zach's ex. He tells her that it's probably just an office romance. She then asks him what is going on between the two of them. Zach tells her that when Hannah was last in town, she wanted something from him a child.

Across the hall, before Josh can ask again, Hannah tells him that nothing happened between her and Zach on the night that she left town, and nothing happened tonight. She then tells him that she doesn't need him to be her knight in shining armor and that he should go. Refusing to do so, Josh plants a kiss on her as if no time had passed since they last made love. She gives in for a short while and then, without explanation, breaks away from his embrace and runs out of the office.

At the Comeback, JR is irate that Babe is in parts unknown with a recently released, violent criminal. Greenlee offers to make calls to try to track them down, and Annie tries fruitlessly to get through to Babe's cell phone.

Trapped by the storm in the cabin, Richie tries to convince Babe that even though Annie is worried, it would be more dangerous to try to brave the torrential rain. She tries to get in touch with Annie a few more times but can't get through. She leaves her cell phone behind and runs out to see if there is any hope for a safe escape. While she is gone, the phone rings and Richie answers it wordlessly. He hears his sister pleading for Babe to answer, but refuses to speak up. Annie finally realizes that there is a possibility her brother might be listening. She warns him that she won't stop in her pursuit to make him pay if any harm comes to her daughter. As a way of hanging up, Richie tosses the phone to the floor. The battery pops out and he attempts to put it back together. Babe returns at that moment, and he apologizes, explaining that he accidentally dropped her phone, and feared it was irreparable.

Back at the bar, Annie flips out at the possibility that her brother could hurt her most precious possession. Ryan tries to calm her down as Aidan tells him that he was able to locate an address on Richie. Ryan kisses his wife and promises her that he will do everything he can to bring Emma back safely and the two men take off to follow their lead. Tad shows up and offers comfort and support to JR while Adam arrives in short order and makes a beeline to Krystal. She is busy berating herself for not knowing the truth about Richie before singing his praises, and assumes that Adam is there to cut her down as well. He looks at her longingly and she is surprised that he isn't blowing his stack. He assures her that he only came over out of worry for Babe and his grandson. Krystal looks at him oddly and knows that he has more to say. Colby comes over and gives him support, and Adam finally tells her that seeing the pain his son is over not knowing where Little A is brings home what he did to her when he tried to give Jenny away to adoptive parents. He apologizes and tells her that he doesn't expect forgiveness. She thanks him for it but says that things won't magically be okay between them because he confessed to his wrongdoing. Adam starts to protest but then, realizing that she has a valid point, silently slinks away to another part of the bar.

Across the room, Greenlee tries to be an attentive friend and to help Annie in any way that she can. Annie asks if Greenlee had ever spoken to her brother and she admitted that she had, a few times when he was behind the bar. Annie asks about the impression he made on her, and Greenlee relates a time when she gave him some sort of sob story about being upset when she was little and having some extravagant meal for lunchtime made by the house staff as comfort food. He said he understood and proceeded to go back to the kitchen and bring her a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk something that she would have appreciated as a little girl. Hearing that, Annie tells her that Richie would do that kind of thing to set himself up as a good guy. Greenlee then apologizes for all of the cracks that she made about the perfect life she believed Annie had growing up. Julia shows up then and immediately apologizes to Annie for her part in Emma's predicament. Shortly thereafter, an officer arrives and tells them that they have put an APB out on Annie's brother and that they have their best men working on it. He then wants to talk to Annie about her assessment of her brother. She quickly tells him that Richie is dangerous and should not be left alone with a woman and two small children. Then, her phone rings and she finds the bodyguard on the line. Annie is elated that he finally got back to her, but that joy is short lived when she realizes that he didn't accompany Emma on the picnic.

Back at the cabin, Babe and Richie give in to the idea that they need to stay put and ride out the storm. While gazing upon the sleeping children, Babe is inspired to tell him about what an amazing mom Annie is. Richie takes it all in and initially seems like he wants to tell her the truth about who he is. She tells him that she hopes that they have lots of time to spend together, so he shouldn't feel pressured to let her in until he is ready. He tells her that he doesn't want to mess up the process because he really likes her and doesn't want to scare her away. However, before he can confess anything weighing on his soul, the kids wake up. Babe tells them that they just have to wait for the rain to stop before they can leave and Emma astutely notes that the adults managed to miss the rain's end. Babe then tells them that they can go home but Richie mysteriously says that he's not sure he wants to.

Aidan and Ryan arrive at the Pine Cone and talk briefly to manager about the man who had been staying in the room rented to Richie. The man tells them that the tenant was always quiet and always paid his rent on time. The two men thank him and send him on his way. Aidan notices that for a single guy, the room is a little too neat. They realize that it's a message from Richie he knew they were coming and he made sure that they wouldn't find anything that could help them find him. While Ryan rants on about how much he will make Richie pay for what he'd done, Aidan finds a picture tucked away from plain site. He shows it to Ryan it's a picture taken of Emma running on the beach. They know that it was planted specifically for them but are amazed at how perfectly Richie was able to execute his plans, all while living right under their noses. Ryan admits that Emma represents all that Richie believes Annie stole from him. Aidan notes that his next move will be to check in with his men while Ryan says that he will head back to the bar so that he can be with his wife.

A short time later, Babe shows up at the Comeback with her son in her arms. Everyone rejoices that both she and Little A are safe and crowd around her to wrap her in their loving arms. The young woman is confused and begs someone to tell her what she missed. At the same time, Annie realizes that her daughter hadn't followed Babe in. She runs outside and looks around wildly, screaming Emma's name. As she takes the next deep breath, Richie interrupts her by delivering a low greeting to his sister. Annie turns fearfully and sees her long lost brother with Emma in his arms.



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