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Passions Recaps: The week of October 1, 2007 on PS
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Monday, October 1, 2007

Luis and Sheridan are on a quest to find Marty. They come up on the house that Sheridan has seen on the video surveillance. They have even seen the calendar that's showcased in the background. Sheridan states to herself that Luis will forget all about Fancy as soon as they find Marty. Both Luis and Sheridan are convinced that Marty was at that house at some point in time. They find more proof; a drawing Marty did. It's a drawing of a family picture. Luis and Beth are shown as his parents in the picture, which leaves Sheridan to believe that Marty thinks that Beth is his mother. They also discover an alarming drawing of Alistair as the devil stabbing Marty. Luis is disgusted and wants to go after Alistair, but Sheridan begs him not to do so because she wants to be able to find Marty.

Julian and Eve are having a private moment, but she can't help but feel that she has failed Vincent. Julian thinks Alistair is to blame for Vincent's woes. Eve tells Julian that Vincent is alive, but Julian thinks that it's a figment of her imagination. Eve throws Julian out for doubting her. Later on, she regrets lashing out at Julian and blames it on the booze. Meanwhile, Vincent is plotting to destroy Eve and Julian. He dresses up as Valerie and decides to find Julian to pick up where they left off. A flashback is shown with Valerie and Julian doing the deed in his office while Eve barges in and interrupts. Julian goes for a walk on the wharf to reflect on his relationship with Eve, and Valerie runs into him. She uses her charm to seduce Julian, and they kiss. Eve decides to go look for Julian and sees him kissing Valerie. She is flabbergasted because she always finds Julian in the arms of another woman each time they have a fight. She tells Julian that she has given up and them, and then she leaves. Julian follows her. Vincent, who is disguised as Valerie, says that Eve and Julian's misery is just the beginning. Eve receives a call from Vincent, which surprises her. She tells Vincent that he needs to go to the hospital to be checked out. In addition, Eve tells him that he needs to discuss his situation with an attorney. She also adds that she and Julian love him very much. Eve tells Vincent that Julian is with her, so she hands the phone over to Julian. Vincent then disguises his voice as Valerie. Julian gets off the phone and tells Eve that it's Valerie and not Vincent. Eve swears up and down that she was talking to Vincent and states that she is not crazy. Julian dismisses it as Eve wanting to get a good night's sleep.

Theresa pours her heart out to Ethan, who she thinks is in the hospital bed. She tells him that she was afraid to lose Little Ethan (LE) had she told him that LE is his son while in Rome. Moreover, she tells Ethan that Vincent was blackmailing her and threatens to have Luis executed if she did not keep quiet. In addition, she tells Ethan that she needs protection from Alistair and asks if he could help. Alistair then emerges from underneath the covers. A shocked Theresa demands to know what Alistair has done to Ethan. He tells her that he went for more tests. Alistair threatens Theresa and tells her that if she does not do what he wants, she will wish that she was never born. Theresa insists on telling Ethan the truth, so Alistair reminds her that she is his wife and tells her to keep her mouth shut or else he will make sure that she does not see LE ever again. In addition, Alistair tells Theresa that no one has ever left him and reminds her what he did to Rachel and Katherine. Theresa calls him a monster. Alistair tells Theresa that she can live happily with Ethan, LE, and Jane only if she keeps her mouth shut and not reveal the secret. Theresa agrees and tells Alistair that she will not tell Ethan the truth. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Gwen are having a mother daughter visit while Gwen waits around in the hospital. Rebecca cannot believe that she is a grand mother and questions Gwen about breast feeding the baby because he seems pale. Gwen tells her that the baby is just fine. Gwen realizes that having Ethan's son won't bring him back to her since she thinks that Theresa has told Ethan the truth. Rebecca reminds Gwen that she still has JT's memory stick which she can use against Theresa. Gwen asks if there is anything worthwhile on there. Rebecca seems to think so, and they want to make sure that Theresa is occupied while they try to decode the information. Gwen realizes that Theresa did not tell Ethan the truth about LE's paternity and is happy that Alistair was the one in the room with her. Ethan is on his way back to his room, and Gwen and Rebecca does not want Ethan to find Alistair with Theresa.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tabitha and Kay are in their kitchen trying to figure out how to get Endora and Miguel back from the dark side without giving in to the evil demands of their kidnappers. Tabitha resigns herself to doing evil in Harmony and pleads for Endora's safe return. When scenes of Fancy with Esme and Luis with Sheridan appear in her magic bowl, she takes it as a sign that she should cause distress and hurt for Fancy and Luis by breaking them up. Kay disagrees. She tries to overcome Tabitha's spells, but she is not strong enough to do so.

In Sheridan's cottage, Luis and Sheridan discuss how to find Marty. As they talk, Sheridan thinks to herself about the future and the strong bond that Marty makes between she and Luis. She lets herself imagine a future that includes the three of them and excludes Fancy. Luis, does not reciprocate her feelings, and tries to call Fancy, but Tabitha puts a spell on the phone and Luis cannot get through to her. Tabitha then places a love spell on Luis and Sheridan and despite his initial resistance, both Luis and Sheridan are swept away by the passion that the spell has created between them.

Esme and Fancy arrive at the Blue Note after unsuccessfully searching Harmony for Luis and Sheridan. Esme continues to drown her sorrows over Fox's death while eyeing all the handsome men. As she watches them in the bowl, Tabitha is inspired to use Esme as a conduit to tell Fancy that Luis and Sheridan are at the cottage. She does so and Fancy leaves Esme in the Blue Note dancing her sorrows away. When she arrives at the cottage, she sees Luis and Sheridan on the couch, nearly naked, kissing passionately.

At the hospital a vengeful and vindictive Alistair tells Theresa that he will kill Ethan if she divorces him or tells Ethan that he is Little Ethan's father. Theresa tries to bluff, but she is intimidated by Alistair. Gwen, who is in cahoots with Alistair, keeps Ethan outside, because she still loves him and wants to be a family with him. Finally Ethan forces Gwen to take him to his room where he finds Alistair and Theresa. He tells Alistair that Theresa is going to divorce him. Alistair scoffs. Ethan tells Gwen to call the police. Alistair scoffs again. Ethan makes a lot of statements about his and Theresa's love, without noticing that Theresa does not back him up. Alistair leaves the room with Gwen. No one calls the police. Once outside, he asks her if she is cunning enough to win back Ethan. She tells him she is. Alone, Ethan declares his love and talks positively about their future together. Theresa thinks silently to herself that she will not be able to marry Ethan and that she will never be able to tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son. Once again, Theresa puts more faith in another than she does in Ethan. She caves in because she believes more in Alistair's threats than in Ethan's ability to protect her.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Though Tabitha says she'll break a million hearts to get Endora back, Kay knows Miguel wouldn't want her to turn bad in order to save him. Kay tries to prevent Tabitha from using her magic to force Luis to make love to Sheridan against his will. Kay struggles for Tabitha's wand and unintentionally breaks it, unleashing uncontrollable bolts of magic that threaten to kill them both! Meanwhile, Fancy is in agony as she watches Luis and Sheridan make passionate love...

Ethan presses Theresa to divorce Alistair so they can move on with their lives. He tells her he always wished Little Ethan was his real son and that he won't let the new baby change their bond. Gwen barges in on the lovers and pries them apart by pressing Ethan to give their child a bottle. Gwen tells Theresa that it's only a matter of time before Ethan returns to her.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fancy and Luis finally are alone together and pushing past their feelings of all that has happened that day, they make love, losing themselves in each other. But their lovemaking is cut short as Fancy gets a panicked call from Esme.

Sheridan can't sleep, picks up her computer search for Marty, promising her son she will find him. Gwen arrives at the cottage for a visit and Sheridan breaks down and tells her best friend about the search for Marty. Gwen wonders if Sheridan hopes that finding Marty will bring her and Luis back together. Gwen reveals her own news about her and Ethan's son and admits that she as well is hoping to be back soon with the man she loves.

Vincent once again is gaslighting his mother, using a projector to appear as a spectral image to her. In her drunken haze, Eve begs her son to show himself to Julian and prove he's alive. Vincent taunts Eve, blaming Julian for his death, saying his father never loved him, never wanted him around. Vincent vanishes just as Julian returns and Eve lays into him with a white-hot fury.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Thursday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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