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Cane and Lily were attracted to each other. Kevin refused to help Gloria. Victor began to have his property drilled near the Clear Springs project. Victor and Nikki agreed to divorce. J.T. proposed to Victoria.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 1, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, October 1, 2007

At home, Jack fumed about Sharon having kissed Nick and worried about the trouble brewing at Clear Springs. However, his mood lightened when Noah gave Jack a gift. When Sharon came home, together they all viewed a digitized photo album that Noah had personalized. Sharon and Jack watched as Noah described favorite moments of the family's special events recalled in digital snapshots. Jack's heart melted when Noah commented that his favorite photo was one of him, Jack and Sharon posing in the backyard with Fisher, the family's dog. After Noah left the room, Jack told Sharon that she'd broken his trust and deeply hurt him. Sharon insisted they discuss the issue, but Jack rushed out the door to take Noah to a friend's house.

Before he'd left the grounds of the prison, Nick learned from Sharon that Jack had heard about Nick and Sharon kissing, when they were locked in the bank vault. Sharon explained that Jack had overheard as she poured out her soul to Brad while the intercom was somehow left open. Phyllis was at first elated when she saw Nick again, thinking he'd come to talk to the warden about moving his wife away from Jana. However, Phyllis was angry and hurt when Nick told her about the kiss. Nick tried to explain that he was still confused at the time, and he recalled that nothing else had happened between him and Sharon in the vault, even though he admitted that he had removed his shirt because the vault was hot and stuffy. Even though Nick pledged his love and devotion to her, Phyllis lamented the fact that she will be imprisoned for six years while Sharon is out and available. Nick reminded Phyllis that they have an incredible connection, but Phyllis met Nick's assurances of devotion with cynical responses.

Later, an irate Phyllis phoned Sharon and demanded that she make an appearance at the prison the next day. When Sharon told Nick about the call, Nick said he felt that Phyllis would calm down by that time. Later, Nick told Victoria about the kiss. When he explained that Jack had accidentally heard Sharon and Brad discussing the kiss over an open intercom, Victoria recalled the time she and Brad had discussed his complicated past, when Brad had feared that Carmen had accidentally overheard the conversation over the intercom. Nick commented that it seemed that Brad would have learned to be more cautious after such an incident. Sharon continued to pour her heart out to Brad. Sharon insisted that she would work out her problems with Jack even though Brad reminded Sharon that she shouldn't feel guilty after everything Jack's put her through. Brad insisted that he didn't know that the intercom was open. A clueless Sharon agreed that there was no way he could have. Brad flippantly conjectured that it was best to have the truth out in the open, but Sharon worried about making things right with Jack, who she said, she and Noah loves. Sharon vowed to make things right because, she insisted, she would not break up her family. Brad didn't respond verbally, but he clearly was not pleased that Sharon remained devoted to Jack.

Jack sought solace from Phyllis, who explained that her feelings had yet to hit home. Jack on the other hand, explained that he was sick to his stomach about the kiss. Phyllis said that Nick told her that he was not in love with Sharon. Jack said that Sharon also swears her love to him, but he felt that he could never forgive her, although he needed her support in order to advance his political goals. Phyllis brought up the fact that neither she nor Jack should do anything that could push Nick and Sharon into each other's arms. Phyllis explained that she absolutely could not make it through six years of prison without her husband.

Phyllis continued to walk on egg shells as she listened to Jana lament the fact that she'd killed Carmen. Jana worried about losing control because, she explained, she'd murdered Carmen while she thought she was normal, as normal as she seems to herself at the present time. After Nick's return visit, Phyllis barely remained calm when an overanxious Jana, having overheard talk about the kiss, offered to help Phyllis take Sharon down.

Hard at work, Karen remarked sarcastically to Neil that she deserved a raise from Jack since she found herself working overtime to minimize, to prospective investors and developers, the fact that Jack's partly involved in Clear Springs. Neil didn't elaborate when Karen noted that Victor was astonishingly keeping his cool about Clear Springs' precarious predicament stemming from Jack's PR nightmare. Later, the couple went to the GCAC and worked out their frustrations with a strenuous kick-boxing session. Their workout, however, also served to bring them closer, physically, to one another.

Victoria and J.T. worked out also their frustrations at the gym. J.T. begged Victoria to accompany him to Clear Springs, and she agreed. Brad showed up and requested security work from J.T. However, J.T. turned the job down, and Brad was surprised to learn from J.T. that he planned on becoming a laborer at Clear Springs. When J.T. stepped away to take a call, Brad asked Victoria about the baby. Victoria joked that the baby kicked like a soccer player. Victoria said nothing about her plans when Brad offered his assistance while J.T. works out of town. Later, Victoria made plans keep her visit to Clear Springs discreet by staying at a private estate while the owners are away. After Victoria returned to the office, J.T. made arrangements to have scented candles and flowers readied for Victoria's visit to Clear Springs, going so far as to explain that he planned to surprise his lover with a proposal of marriage.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jack confronts Nick, saying that he gets why Nick kissed Sharon, but can't stop thinking about why Sharon kissed him back. Nick takes responsibility, saying that he initiated the kiss. They start to argue until Noah comes out and yells at them to stop fighting. Meanwhile, Sharon spills everything to Neil about her kiss with Nick, and how she may have been trying to grab onto a piece of her past that isn't there anymore. Neil comforts her, and Sharon feels a little better. Cane helps Lily work on her lifting form at the gym. She tells him that she's lived here and in Paris her whole life, and Cane tells her about some of his adventures in Australia. He suggests that he be her "trainer," and they agree to meet up for some ‘non-date' dates. When Brad arrives at Adrian & Colleen's apartment, Colleen gives him a quick tour of the place. They sit down for dinner, but Adrian and Brad can't seem to find a topic to discuss rationally. At the end of the dinner, Colleen apologizes to Brad and Adrian separately, saying that she wishes they could all just get along.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sharon tells Jack that she doesn't want to fight with him. He asks her if she's still planning on visiting Phyllis. He tells her she should play it safe and take a bodyguard; he says that maybe Nick's available. Jana tells Phyllis that she heard her tossing and turning all night. She tells Phyllis she heard her on the phone yesterday. Phyllis tells her to forget that she heard the conversation. Jana says it must be hard that her husband kissed his ex and that there's nothing she can do about it. Jack keeps making snide remarks to Sharon about Nick, then leaves for work. Colleen and Lily talk about the time Lily and Cane spent together. Lily says she's not ready for a relationship but that she can't stop thinking about Cane. They discuss Lily and Cane's kiss at Indigo and wonder if Cane is interested in Lily. Lily says she needs to figure out a way to hang out with Cane without being too obvious.

Victoria bumps into Brad and Abby while they're having breakfast. Abby tells Victoria that Ashley has gotten engaged to Ridge Forrester. Victoria tells Abby that she'd like to do something with her before she leaves. Abby asks Victoria when the baby is due. Then she asks Brad where the baby will be when it's at Brad's house. Abby is excited when Victor shows up and runs off to talk with him. Victoria tells Brad that they're going to have to explain to Abby that the baby is not his. Brad says it's hard to explain infidelity to a child. Victoria tells him that she wasn't unfaithful to him, he was unfaithful to her. Colleen tells Lily to pretend she has to do an interview for a class in order to spend time with Cane. Cane and Nikki discuss money issues with the Clear Springs project. She then tells him they need to hold off for a few days before she has to borrow any more money. Phyllis tells Jana that she doesn't want to talk about her personal problems. Jana says it's good to confide in a friend, but Phyllis tells her that just because they're living in close quarters doesn't mean they have to be close friends. Phyllis tells her that she understands that Jana is in need of a friend and lonely, but that she needs personal, private space and asks Jana to give her that space. Just then the guard comes in and tells Phyllis that Sharon is there to visit her.

Brad tells Victoria that he's hoping by the time Abby gets back to LA that she'll forget about the baby. Victoria tells him that she won't forget. Brad agrees but says they don't need to tell Abby that the baby isn't her brother. Victoria says not until it's necessary. Brad says whoever turns out to be the father of the baby, he just wants the best for them both. Phyllis asks Sharon if kissing Nick was payback for her having an affair with Nick. She asks Sharon if she seduced him. Sharon tells her that Nick was confused and that she and Nick are just friends. Sharon tells Phyllis that if she had to give up her friendship with Nick for Jack that she would. But she says they all four need to learn to deal with each other better or the next fifty years are going to be miserable. Victor tells Jack about the story he's reading in the paper about how Jack secretly bought Jabot. Jack tells him that he needs to stick to the comics section. Victor then tells him about an article about the ethics committee possibly finding Jack guilty of fraud. Victor suggests that he sell him the casino in case he needs the money for legal fees. Jack tells him that he'll keep his casino and Victor tells him to prepare to lose it. Jack tells Victor that he feels sorry for him because the only joy he gets is reveling in the misery of others; and while he's wallowing in that joy he doesn't realize that he's losing his wife and his children. Jack says that at the end of the day he gets to go home to his family, he asks what Victor has. Jack then tells him that he needs to get some help with his obsessive-compulsive behavior and try to figure out what's really important to him in life, or he's the one who's going to end up with nothing in the end. He tells Victor that there's one big difference with him; Jack says he learns from his mistakes but that Victor has too much pride and ego and would never admit that he's wrong. Victor tells him to remember one thing; that he doesn't forget and that he always gets even. Colleen asks Brad what's up with him and Victoria. Brad says they're being civil. They discuss that they won't talk to Abby about the baby until they find out who's it is. Colleen asks him what he wants, and Brad says he'd be happy if the baby were his. Nikki tells Victoria that she'd like to visit Clear Springs to check on things but that she's way too busy. Victoria offers to go for her since she's already going up there to see J.T. Nikki worries that she shouldn't travel while she's pregnant. Victoria tells her that she's doing well and is taking care of herself. Nikki says not to overdo it because she's waited so long for this baby. Nikki shows Victoria the clothes she has bought for the baby, but Victoria says she doesn't want them. She tells Nikki that she gave away the clothes to charity after she lost her other baby and that she can't bear to give away any more. Nikki says she understands and that when Victoria is ready, she'll have the clothes for her. Sharon tells Phyllis that she doesn't have to worry about Nick, that he loves her. Phyllis says that she's trust Nick and that she knows he loves her; that she's worried about Jack. She asks Sharon if she knows how much she's hurt him. She tells Sharon that Jack never expected her to go behind his back and do something like this. Sharon reminds her that Phyllis cheated on Jack also. Phyllis says that she knows how much she hurt Jack and that's why she doesn't want him to go through that again. Sharon tells Phyllis to worry about her marriage, and she'll worry about her own. Sharon says that she made a mistake and that she always takes responsibility for her mistakes. She says that Jack is a wonderful man, that Jack loves Noah very much and Noah loves him, and that they will have a wonderful life together and grow old together. Phyllis tells her that she's not buying it because not once in their entire conversation has Sharon said that she loves Jack.

Lily runs into Cane at the coffee shop and asks him if she can interview him. Cane says he'd love to help her. He says he's got a conference call in a half hour but can talk to her right now. Colleen tells Brad that she was thinking about how much they missed while she was growing up because he wasn't around, but she says that she always knew that he loved her. He then tells her about the night she was born. She tells him that she hopes Victoria's baby is his son. Victoria goes back to the conference room and looks at the baby clothes Nikki got for her and cries. Cane tells Lily about the differences between the United States and Australia. He tells her about the stars he could see at night in Australia, he says he misses that most. Cane tells Lily that he'd really like to read her paper when she's done. She says she gets shy about people reading her stuff. Lily suggests they have lunch but Cane says he has the conference call. She thanks him for helping and leaves. Sharon returns home and tells Noah that she has a great gift idea for Jack and that she needs his help. Noah asks if it's Jack's birthday. Sharon tells him that Jack has been having a really hard time lately and that she thought they could get him a gift to cheer him up. Nikki starts in on Jack about how he's ruining the Clear Springs project. Jack tells her that Victor is responsible for this whole mess by leaking his conversation with Ji Min to the press. He tells her that he wouldn't be surprised if Victor is the one who bugged the boardroom. He tells Nikki that if she wants to point a finger that she should point her middle on to her husband. Victor watches a news report on the businesses that are pulling out of the Clear Springs project and smiles.

Lily tells Colleen that she feels like a dumbass for doing the fake interview with Cane for the fake paper she has to do. Lily says that when she suggested they get lunch that Cane didn't have time. Brad finds Ashley in the conference room crying. She says it's her hormones. Brad asks her what's going on. She explains that Nikki bought her baby clothes and that she froze. She says that she thought that if she keeps them that she'd jinx the pregnancy. He says that's understandable because of what happened last time. She holds up an outfit and Brad says that he remembers them buying that same exact outfit for their baby. She says that when she saw the outfit it reminded her about how empty she felt. Brad hugs her. Jack comes home and wants to go lie down, but Sharon asks him to stay downstairs with her. She says that she knows he's had a rough time but that she thinks things will get better for all of them. She hands him a gift and tells him to open it. It's an mp3 player. Sharon says that Noah helped her download music, that it's music for a romantic evening, a morning run or to get him pumped up before a business meeting. Jack asks her how she knew all his favorites. She says that he told her when they first started dating. She says she remembered because it was important to him and that he is very important to her. They hug. Jana tells Phyllis that the doctor says that everything looks good. She then tells Phyllis that she's dying to know what Sharon said. Phyllis tells her that Sharon gave her some garbage about she and Jack growing old together. Jana asks if Sharon loves Jack. Phyllis doesn't answer and Jana figures out that Sharon didn't say that she loves Jack. Jana says that Jack really needs Phyllis but that she's stuck here behind bars. Cane is sitting in the coffee shop when Heather walks up to him and flirts. He then asks her why she thinks Ji Min may have been killed. He says that his mom is anxious to find out what happened. Heather asks how Jill is doing. He then asks her if she has any suspects. She says it's an ongoing investigation. He asks again and she tells him that people who show lots of interest in a murder investigation are sometimes the person who might be guilty. He asks her who has been pressing her about the investigation and she tells him that it's him.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

As they work out at the Athletic Club, Colleen tells Lily that Cane is checking her out. Lily says that Cane thinks she's too young. Colleen says that she is relived that her age didn't matter to Adrian. Colleen suggests that Lily go up to Cane and say hi. Lily goes up to Cane and gives him a mixed tape of the music they talked about previously. Neil shows up and asks Cane if he would like to join them for dinner.

As Lily and Devon set up dinner, Neil and Karen come back. When Cane arrives at the door, Lily is nervous and shocked. They hold each other's hands and say a prayer. Cane gives Lily a look from across the table. Lily calls Colleen and begs her to come over. Colleen is too busy working on a project. Neil jokes about not having cell phones at the table when Devon also runs off to take a call. When Neil goes to show Karen some pictures, Cane and Lily are left alone. Cane tells Lily that she's really attractive and if she was older. Lily interrupts and says it's okay. There's an uncomfortable silence. As they clean up after dinner, Devon wonders why Lily is in a bad mood. Devon thinks it has something to do with Cane, and Lily gets upset. She admits that Colleen has this idea that her and Cane should go out, but when it came up, Cane wasn't interested.

Karen thanks Neil for inviting her to dinner. She says that being there with the family humanizes him. Neil playfully gets offended. He asks Devon if he is a different person at the office. Devon says that Neil is awesome all the time. As Devon takes off for the night, he says goodbye to Lily and Cane. Cane thanks Lily for her hospitality.

Sharon tries to set up a romantic night but Jack tells her that he's not in the mood. Sharon sadly blows out the candles. Jack returns to apologize to Sharon. He tries to rekindle what Sharon had initially tried to set up. Sharon says that although she had originally planned a special dinner, she is really in the mood for pizza. Jack calls for delivery. As they happily eat pizza together, Sharon gets a phone call. It's Brad, telling her not to read the Chicago paper. Sharon says that she can't talk right now, and hangs up the phone. When Sharon turns off her phone, Brad calls Sharon again. He tells her if she needs anything at all to call him. Brad then makes a phone call to a reporter, stating that the Senator's wife is having an affair with her ex-husband.

Jack and Sharon lie on the couch and relax. Jack says that he's really happy they decided to have a special night together.

Gloria tells Kevin about the package William sent to Jeffrey. Gloria is worried that Jeffrey will find out about the cream contamination. She begs Kevin to steal it. Gloria tries to devise a plan where Kevin will distract Jeffrey and she goes up to his room to find the cream. Kevin doesn't want to have anything to do with it.

Michael informs Gloria that Jeffrey is trying to go about getting some of William's money. Michael is worried that Gloria won't stay away from him. He's right, because Gloria calls Jeffrey immediately.

Jill runs into Jeffrey at the hotel. He asks her a few questions about William's projects when he was alive. He invites her to have some coffee with him. Jill tells Jeffrey about the contaminated cream. William calls Gloria back and she asks if she can meet up with him. She pretends that the cream was a scented cream, and asks Jeffrey if she could have it. He says that he may have thrown it away. Gloria says she would still like to come and see him. When Gloria shows up to see Jeffrey, he excuses himself to answer a phone call. He is upset to hear that Gloria gets every time. Gloria says that they should make a toast to William's generosity. Jeffrey mutters "maybe too generous" under his breath. When Jeffrey pulls the cream out of his pocket and passes it to Gloria, she is reminded of when William confronted her about contaminating the cream. She smiles at Jeffrey and thanks him for it.

When Gloria returns to Michael's, Michael wonders what happened to his poetry book. Gloria says that he will get it back later. She shows Michael the jar. He tells her that she'd better destroy it.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey sits at the bar with the other container of contaminated cream. The bartender asks him what happened to the other jar and wonders if his game is up. Jeffrey says that it's only just begun.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Lily and Cane share an awkward good-bye when he mentions that he has a date with Heather at the coffee shop. She claims to also have plans and he encourages her to go on lots of dates. Lily later calls Colleen to complain about the bad date and they meet up at the club. They decide to show up at the coffee shop and ‘nonchalantly' bump into Cane. Amber is upset when she spots Cane and Heather together. Heather wonders if she's following them. On the way home, Cane listens to the CD Lily gave him.

Gloria tells Michael that she got Jeffrey to give her the tainted cream and all their problems are solved. At the club, Jeffrey has the real cream in his hands; the one he gave Gloria was a fake.

Victoria and J.T. share a romantic dinner in the hotel where he talks about how lucky he is to have found her. She understands him like no one else and he knows how special she is. He chides her when she wants to answer her phone when she gets messages. Unknown to her it's him sending her a text message. He makes a show of returning the room service cart letting her sneak a peek at her message. The message reads, "Will you marry me?" She's stunned speechless and he formally proposes. He doesn't care if the baby is his or not – he wants to marry her anyway. They jokingly lay out each other's good and bad qualities. She's taken aback when she spots the ring, which is the baby's birthstone. She tells him that she's superstitious about getting anything related to the baby until he/she is born. She agrees to wear it after the baby is born.

David finds out and tells Nikki what Victor has been up to. He owns the mineral/drilling rights to Clear Springs. No matter if the project succeeds or fails he'll make a fortune. She's livid that he hedged his bets against her. She heads to the ranch and lays into him for his lack of support. He couldn't care less about her project since she ignored what he wanted. When she takes a call from David he grabs the phone away and throws it, yelling at her to never throw <>i>him in his face ever again. They calm down a bit and talk about their past. They both agree that it's over now: Victor will have divorce papers drawn up.

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