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Jana was transferred to the state prison, where she became Phyllis' cellmate. Jeffrey arrived back in town with a parcel containing mementos of Will's life, including a container of face cream. Jack learned of the kiss Sharon and Nick had shared.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 24, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Nick angrily confronted his father about his attempt to bribe Phyllis into ratting on Jack about having owned Jabot in order to secure a position for her in a work-release program. Victor told Nick that asking a convicted felon to relay information to lessen a sentence is not unusual, but Nick still wasn't pleased that his father could treat a family member like a pawn in a twisted game. Nick insisted that if his father had the connections to get Phyllis into a work-release program then he had better help her immediately. An angry Victor reminded Nick that his wife was the same person who had lied about blackmailing Brad Carlton. After Nick left, Victor viewed the DVD of Jack and Ji Min discussing Jabot and the fact that Jack owned it. Victor remembered having confronted Jack with the audio tape of the same conversation some time ago, when Victor accused Jack of having betrayed him when he was ill. At that time, Victor also remembered telling Jack that if he wished to survive the fallout, he had better fully cooperate with him. Later, Victor spoke to an unidentified person on the phone concerning the DVD of Jack and Ji Min. Victor ordered the person not to disclose the source of the DVD.

Nick also visited Victoria and told her that their dad had tried to bribe Phyllis. Nick was so upset that he shut the door in Victoria's assistant's face when she tried to relay a message to Nick. The stressed Nick vowed never to treat his children as his father has treated him. Victoria agreed, saying that her priorities would become her baby and J.T. Nick was surprised to hear that Victoria was pledging a commitment to J.T. Nick said he couldn't imagine Phyllis spending six years in prison, but Victoria said that could change if Victor steps up to the plate. Victoria stopped by her dad's office and told her father that Nick felt that Victor's desire to oust Jack was stronger than his love for his own son. Later, Victor told Nick that he had made the call on Phyllis' behalf and that they'd have to wait to see how it turns out.

At home, with Sharon as his test audience, Jack rehearsed his speech. Jack professed his noble reasons for having lied about buying Jabot through Ji Min. Jack insisted that his motives were forthright, although misguided. Jack mentioned his deathbed promise to his father stating that he had wanted to make his father proud by doing everything in his power to return his father's dream to its former glory and to protect the family legacy by saving it from bankruptcy. Sharon prompted Jack to assert that his actions were never for personal gain. Jack offered his practiced apology, first to the people of Wisconsin and then, as he looked upward, to his deceased father. Sharon assured Jack that he was doing the right thing and that he would have to hope that people would understand. However, Jack's press conference was delayed when Sharon received a call from Noah's principal telling her that Noah had been suspended for fighting another boy who taunted Noah about Jack's very public faux pas. Jack insisted on delaying the press conference, so he could face Noah in person.

Noah, with his eye still swollen and bruised from his brush with a young dissenter of Jack's, was emotionally bruised as well when Jack explained that what the boy had told Noah about Jack was indeed true. Jack explained that sometimes people do the wrong things for the right reasons. Jack told Noah that he planned to admit to the entire state of Wisconsin that he had made mistakes and that he would offer his apologies and hope for forgiveness. Noah, however, crushed and hurt, told Jack that he would never forgive him. Later, Sharon told Noah that she had forgiven Jack and that she done so because everyone messes up sometimes. She told Noah that she was proud of Jack for being willing to step up and publicly admit that he had made mistakes. Jack also told Noah that he was most sorry that he had hurt him. Noah accepted Jack's apology and gave him a hug. While the Abbott family reconnected at home, Noah heard Jack's name on a televised new alert. As Jack, Sharon and Noah listened, a TV-news announcer described the mysterious DVD, which purported to prove that Jack Abbott once secretly and illegally owned Jabot. A worried Jack said that his confession would now seem prompted by the discovery of new evidence against him.

Victoria was swamped with work, but J.T. tried to entice her home for an afternoon of lovemaking before he headed off to Clear Springs. To prove Victoria's point, Karen and Neil barged in with more business decisions for Victoria. However, while Victoria met with her constituents, J.T. sent provocative text messages to his pregnant girlfriend. When Victoria snickered, a surprised Karen asked what was wrong. Seeing that Victoria was indeed busy, J.T. left. However, as he waited to step into an elevator at Newman Towers, J.T. was stunned by two young women who whispered to each other that they couldn't believe that he was the guy Victoria Newman was dating. Later, as Neil and Victoria worked on plans for Clear Springs, Neil noted that Victoria was burning her candle at both ends. However, the haggard Victoria was thrilled and somewhat rejuvenated when Neil announced that the Clear Springs condos were selling well, and she ordered Neil to begin phase III of the project. Before he left her office, Neil advised Victoria to take it easy because she just might be surprised by giving birth earlier than expected. Later, however, Neil visited Victor's office and showed him the information related to the condo developments at Clear Springs. Victor couldn't believe the exorbitant expenses and flatly observed that Victoria and Nikki could lose by investing in such a risky venture, especially after the negative PR from Jack hits the news. Neil told Victor that Victoria was pleased with the progress at Clear Springs. A conniving Victor told Neil that he was ready for his private company to begin drilling on the properties at Clear Springs.

At home, J.T. discussed what he'd overheard in the Newman Towers elevator with Paul. As J.T. hurled darts into a photo of Victor affixed to a dart board, J.T. told Paul that he, himself, couldn't understand what Victoria saw in him. Paul appeased J.T. by telling him that the gossiping women were probably jealous. J.T. admitted that he feels inferior to Victoria because he's not rich and powerful like Victoria. Paul reminded J.T. that he would need to put aside his personal problems while he's working undercover at Clear Springs because he could face dangerous and violent people. Paul added that he wouldn't be able to bail J.T. out of trouble if something were to go wrong during the sting operation at Clear Springs. Later, Victoria came home and fell happily into J.T.'s arms. Paul left, and Victoria told J.T. that she had come home for her "appointment," which turned out to be special time scheduled to be home alone with him. However, both of their cell phones rang and rang, so Victoria shoved them into the oven and joked that she was baking a special dish, but J.T. reminded Victoria that work was important to her. However, Victoria admitted that she feared she might turn into her father where business is concerned.

Karen and Neil, both busier than they wished to be handling Newman projects, discussed ways to prevent becoming bogged down with work. Neil told Karen that Indigo was his outlet. Karen later decided that her creative outlet would include cooking classes, as cooking was a skill she wished to further develop. She made plans to cook pot roast for Neil, and he gladly accepted the invitation.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nikki and David tune in to see the TV news reporter play the audio tape of Jack and Ji Min's deal. As Jack helps set up for his press conference, Kay enters and demands that Jack state she had no knowledge of him owning Jabot, since she did him a favor by bailing him out. Phyllis calls Jack to wish him luck at the press conference. When he hangs up, he notices the GCAC is filling up with reporters, and sees Traci and Colleen enter. During Jack's speech, he states that no member of his family, or his wife, had any knowledge of what he did. Sharon stands by him and states that Jack had scheduled this press conference before the footage was leaked as a way to be courageous and do what is right. Later, he notices Gloria and Victor do a champagne toast and he wonders if they leaked the tape. Some of Nikki's Clear Springs investors start pulling out. Kay tells Gloria that she needs to speak with Michael and with the man whose wife died from the Jabot skin cream. Kevin receives a call saying that Jana's been moved to the state prison. He goes to see her and she says that at least with her being there, Kevin won't be able to get close to her again, which is the punishment she knows she deserves for trying to hurt him. Jana comes up to Phyllis in prison, tearing up to see someone she knows there.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jill accuses Kay of suspecting her of tainting the Jabot cream and having security cameras installed. Katherine doesn't want to argue about the cameras but to find out how the video of Jack and Ji Min was leaked to the public. Kay tells Jill that the in-house network of cameras have been shut down. Jack thinks the press should focus on the fact that someone stole the video from Jabot as opposed to worrying about him owning Jabot. Sharon encourages Jack and tells him she supports him. Jack tells her that if he gets through this, it will be because of her. Kevin leaves a message for Jana at the prison. Gloria tells Kevin that they're confiscating all the company computers and she questions if there is anything on his computer to link him to the video. He tells her that he does his personal work on his laptop. She then hands him his laptop and tells him that he left it in his car. Kevin freaks out yelling ‘why' and tells her that he didn't forget the laptop in his car, he left it so it wouldn't be confiscated. He tells her if they get the computer and try to look at what's on there. . . (he doesn't finish the sentence.) Kevin puts the laptop down his pants and Gloria tells him that he looks like he has a laptop in his pants. He holds a file folder in front of his pants and walks into the hallway to leave, but then goes back into his office. He tells Gloria that he's going to wait until the traffic gets heavier.

Jack leaves a message for Paul to give him a call. He tells Sharon that he thinks Paul can do things for him that the police can't. Sharon tells Jack that if Katherine finds any theft at her place, she'll notify the police. Jack worries that someone hacked into Kay's computers to get information on him and that the authorities won't care. Sharon says this whole hidden camera thing has her freaked out. She hears a noise and freaks out. Jack explains it's only the wind. She asks Jack who may have done this to him. Jack doesn't think it's Kay or Jill. He says he knows that Victor released the first tape but doesn't think he got the second tape. Jack then wonders why Gloria was at the press conference. He then mentions Kevin being a computer whiz and says he wishes he would have gotten Ji Min to fire those two when he could. Jill tells Katherine that Jack deserves what he's getting. She explains that Ji Min was a good man. Katherine reminds her that Ji Min was working with Jack and that the police found the missing money in Ji Min's hotel room. Jill then asks Katherine who hates Jack more than anyone else. Just then Gloria comes in and tells them that they have her sympathy and support (as Kevin sneaks out with his laptop). After she leaves, Jill wonders if it's Gloria, and Kay says she wouldn't put it past her.

J.T. gives Victoria a tape of him singing for her to play for their unborn baby while he's away. Sharon is startled when someone knocks on the front door. It turns out that it's Daniel. He explains to Jack that surveillance cameras are everywhere. Jack then asks Daniel if Kevin is capable of hacking into a sophisticated security system. He says that Kevin is pretty good. Sharon then explains how Jack and Gloria don't get along. Daniel tells Jack that Kevin has always had a computer solution for any problem he's brought to him. Daniel promises that he'll let them know if he sees or hears anything that makes him believe Kevin may have been behind the video. As security is taking the computer from Kevin's office, he jokes with his mom about being a spy; then Katherine walks in. Kevin tells Kay that he could take a look at the company's server to see what he can find. She says she'll consider it and leaves. Gloria thinks that Katherine looked at her accusingly. Kevin tells her she's overreacting and tells her to stay cool. He also tells her to stop saying things out loud since things can be recorded. Gloria says she's going to go ask if they need her help, but Kevin tells her it will make her look suspicious. Kevin tells her the best thing for her to do right now is to go home and go to sleep. Jack wants Traci to spend the night but she says she has to leave, that she has a meeting the next morning. Jack starts to cry and tells her that whatever happens, he appreciates her coming to her press conference. They hug, then Traci tells Sharon to try a little harder to keep her brother out of trouble. After Traci leaves, Sharon tells Jack that no other videos have been released. She explains that out of all the hours of videotape, only his video was released. They then think that someone may be secretly targeting them. She considers pulling Noah out of school, but Jack says not to. Daniel gets a security firm on the phone for Jack. Jack wants them to check out his office in the morning, but he wants them to check his home right now. Sharon says she wishes they could live life without secrets. She says that's the only way they can live in this world where everything is monitored. She doesn't know why everyone accepts this. Victoria teases J.T. about giving her a cassette tape and tells him that she'll now have to find a tape player. He says he wants the baby to hear his voice while he's gone and that he'll love him, even if he turns out to be an evil little Bradley. He says he was just joking but she tells him to go on. Jill and Katherine discuss how Gloria is acting. As they're speaking Gloria drags Kevin into their office and says that Kevin will help in any way possible. She then tells them that she has so many ideas about Perfume On The Globe that she thinks people want to steal them. Jill tells Gloria that she has an appointment and Kevin rushes Gloria out of the office. Jill shuts the door and tells Katherine that no one can see the tapes. She tells Katherine to stop the viewing of the tapes or she'll throw them out. Jill tells Katherine specific dates that she needs to see the tapes from. She doesn't explain to Katherine why she needs to see them. She finally breaks down that she and Ji Min made love in various rooms around the building. Katherine is surprised at all the times they've made love at work.

J.T. explains to Victoria that he was joking. She wants to know what he meant by ‘an evil little Bradley'. Paul walks in and is on the phone with Jack. Jack wants him to look into how the tape was obtained. Paul tells Jack to tell Sharon that he's sorry she has to deal with this but that he's not going to help Jack. He then tells Jack ‘good luck with the fallout.' Sharon tells Jack that there are a lot of other detectives to call. Jill is looking over the tapes and gets upset each time she sees Ji Min on them. Jill worries tapes of her and Ji Min will show up on some sicko's web site. Gloria tells Kevin that they are good people and that Jack's karma is finally catching up with him. Just then Jeff, William's twin, walks in. Katherine tells Jill that the reporters have arrived. She tells Jill that she needs Jill to be with her for the interviews. They head out to the lobby to speak with the reporters. Katherine tells them that she didn't know Jack owned Jabot when she bought it back. They then question her about the surveillance of the workplace. Katherine says they don't record answering machines or voicemail and that they run video but do not record the sound. Jill explains they record video to ensure the safety and security of their employees.

Gloria tells Jeff that she thought he left town after the memorial party. He explains that he got a package from William that arrived while he was here for the memorial. He flew to Bangkok to get the package. Gloria wants to know what was in the package. Jeff tells Gloria that William sent the things to him because William had a premonition of his death. He says he's convinced that William knew he was dying. Victoria tells J.T. that every joke is a little half-truth. J.T. says it's not true. He says he's not jealous, but that he can't help but think every once in awhile about she and Brad being together. He says he's sorry that it comes out as a bad joke. She tells him that he doesn't have to apologize and that she's actually relieved because he acts so confident all the time. She tells him that there are always problems and doubts in relationship, but that he walks around like everything is perfect. She says that when he acts like this she loves him, because she knows that it's him. Kevin gets a phone call from Jana but Daniel interrupts and wants to talk to him. When Kevin gets off the phone, Daniel asks him if he hacked into the Jabot computer system. Kevin brushes him off and leaves. Daniel phones Jack and tells him that he doesn't think Kevin did it, but that he'll keep his eye on him. Maggie shows up and they invite her in.

J.T. and Victoria are still talking at the coffee house as they close. She confesses that she sometimes gets nervous about all of this. She says that everything with them and the baby happened so quickly. J.T. then admits that he gets a little worried, too. They kiss. Gloria again asks Jeffrey what was in the box from William. He explains when they were little they would get a signal to each other when one of them was in trouble. Their signal was a box of matches, and Jeffrey explains that the box contained matches. He also says there was a picture of their parents, a picture of Gloria, William's D.A. ID, a set of keys and some cream. Gloria tells Jeffrey that when she first met William that he told her she had a fragrance that reminded him of his late wife. She tells him that Jabot doesn't make it anymore and that she'd love to have the cream to remember William. Jeffrey tells her he hopes he didn't leave it in Bangkok or throw it away. He then tells her that he loves the perfume she's wearing. Jack and Sharon tell Maggie that there are more important crimes than his to investigate. She then tells them that she's only there to ask for a simple favor. She says that with all the coverage to the security hacker that there's very little mention of Ji Min, who was going to go to the press and talk about Jack's fraud, and that he's now dead. Maggie asks Jack to get in touch with her if he ever finds anything that leads him to believe that the timing of Ji Min's confession and his death were not a coincidence.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sharon tells Jack that she slept peacefully not having to worry that people were lurking outside their home. Jack picks up the paper, almost afraid to see the headlines. His face looks glum. It's a piece about Sharon, cutting on her as a bad mother and a wife who follows rich men. Jack angrily calls to complain about the article. He throws the paper out the door. Jack tries to make Sharon feel better. He says that it's his turn to support her and Noah.

Brad calls Sharon on her cell phone. She tells him that it's not a good time. Sharon wonders if he read the article. Brad says that it's not about the Sharon he knows. Jack comes downstairs, so Sharon hangs up. Brad thinks about telling Sharon that they are meant to be together.

Jack tells Sharon that they should go to work to show that the news doesn't affect them. Brad isn't happy to see that Sharon is doing everything Jack tells her to. Brad says that lets hope no one finds out about her and Nick. Meanwhile, Jack is in another office, listening in. Jack comes in the room, and Sharon and Brad immediately change the conversation. Jack just stands there, hurt and amazed.

Victoria and Victor have lunch together. Brad interrupts them, asking how his ex-wife is doing. Victor asks that he kindly leave. Victor sees the reporter who wrote the article about Sharon. He says that if she mentions Sharon one more time in an article, it will be her last. However, if it's anything about Jack, that's not a problem.

Nikki and David are shocked at the article about Sharon. Nikki says that there were plenty of things they could have said about Sharon without bringing Cassie into it. As they plan to meet about Clear Springs, Victoria and Lauren discuss how many stores they will have. They want to propose a huge marketing campaign to promote Fenmores. Nikki and David discuss how she will give her speech on Clear Springs. When the press appears at the meeting, they continuously ask if Jack has anything to do with it. Nikki says that Jack is removed from it. Nikki and Victoria try to sell their plan.

Gloria goes to the Baldwin's and happily greets Fen. Lauren doesn't seem to happy to see her. Gloria thinks Lauren's attitude has something to do with seeing her mother. Michael says it has to do with his mother. He wonders if it was Gloria who released the tape. Gloria says it was Victor. Lauren returns from putting Fen to sleep and says to Gloria that they should have shipped her away to Detroit when they had the chance. Lauren says that when she married Michael she didn't sign up for the Baldwin-Fisher scheme of the month club. She tells Gloria and Michael that they need to grow up and leaves angrily. Gloria tells Michael that Jack got what he deserved.

Michael goes to see Victor to voice his opinion about releasing the tape on Jack. Victor tells him that he will not protect them.

Lauren comes to see Michael. She tells him that they are supposed to be able to tell each other anything. If they can't, what kind of marriage do they have?

Jeffrey goes to see Gloria to show her the things William sent to him. As they look through old pictures and childhood letters, Gloria anxiously wonders what else is in the box. Jeffrey feels uncomfortable with Gloria putting her fingerprints on the letters. When he requests that she put on gloves, she is reminded of when she contaminated the cream.

Jana is thrilled to see Phyllis in jail. Phyllis is uncomfortable around Jana's enthusiasm. Phyllis tells her that she's not looking to make any friends. Jana says they are practically friends already. Jana says that they both know what it's like to love a man so much that they would do anything for them. Phyllis sneaks aside and asks the warden to not allow Jana to be near her. As soon as Phyllis sits down, Jana starts talking about the books she's read. Jana says that he favorite book is about a serial killer. Phyllis goes to call Michael to see if he can help her. The warden tells her to pack her things; she is going to be moving to a new cell. The warden says that she is not any more special than any of the other inmates. He says that she is not allowed to carry around money and use calling cards. He says that he's going to show her that he doesn't approve. He takes her to see her new cellmate, Jana.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Jack calls for his father for advice after hearing Sharon and Brad talk about the kiss between Nick and Sharon. When Sharon stops by she senses Jack is being distant towards her. He tries to call the prison to speak with Phyllis but can't get through. He later confronts Sharon about what he heard; he's angry at both her betrayal with Nick and her confiding in Brad. She insists that it "just happened" -- and it only happened once. Jack snidely remarks that a lot of indiscretions with her happen only once -- like sleeping with Brad). Jack finds Brad at the elevators and warns him to stay away from Sharon. Later, Sharon and Brad talk in the parking lot about how she's hurt Jack. They share a hug.

Phyllis asks the warden to get her a different cellmate because Jana who makes her "nervous." Jana, meanwhile, tries to be friendly and offers to use her unlimited phone privileges to call Nick for her. Jana later confesses to Phyllis that she's bothered by what she did in the past and that she is creeped out that her actions will be the subject of criminal psychology book.

Kevin and Daniel argue over Jana and Phyllis being cellmates. Noah gets upset when he overhears Daniel mention that his mom is bunking with a killer. They try to downplay it but he doesn't buy it and wants to protect Phyllis. Nick volunteers to go visit her for him along with Daniel. At the prison, Phyllis asks Nick to help get her a new cellmate.

Maggie talks with Jill, Katherine and Cane about the Ji Min case. The coroner's report indicates that his trachea was crushed in what could have been an attack or an accident. They will re-interview everyone from before to see about possible new leads. Jill is horrified that Ji Min died this way and insists that Jack should be the main suspect. Maggie says Jack seems to be handling the scandal about Jabot well, which is not indicative of a person who snapped into attacking like the killer would have with Ji Min. Maggie interviews Cane about his public fight with Ji Min but he swears he never saw him again. Jill privately asks him if that's really true and he promises it is.

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