General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 24, 2007 on GH

Lucy and Liz decided to end their marriage, so Liz moved in with Audrey. Sonny blackmailed the judge to make certain Kate received community service. Lulu moved into Jason's penthouse.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 24, 2007 on GH
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Sonny believes that Zacchara is behind the threatening text message he received, and refuses to get the police involved. Sonny tries to bolster Kate's spirits before she's booked and sent to lock-up. Trevor warns Sonny to back off Johnny Zacchara at all costs. Trevor threatens Ric's life when Ric gets confirmation of his connections to Zacchara. Meanwhile, Jerry makes it crystal clear to Jax and Carly that they aren't safe on Sonny's island. Jax vows to protect his family, and he and Carly decide to return to Port Charles with the boys. Sonny enlists Spinelli's help in trying to trace the text message he received. Over Tracy's protests, Lulu decides to move in with Jason and Spinelli, and later gets a message from Johnny. Jason confesses to Liz that several people know the truth about him being Jake's father, and that Sam is one of them. Jason also tells Liz all about Sam's misdeeds and explains why she'll keep their secret. Emily and Lulu tell Lucky exactly what they think about the state of his marriage. Alexis is dismayed by Nikolas' behavior. Nikolas flies into a rage in front of Emily.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nikolas get angry when Emily calls him on his outburst towards Alexis. He backs off, but Emily demands to know what is going on with him. He brushes it off as being worried about Lulu. Emily tells him that they just received work that Lulu is safe, and she tells him that Lulu needs to live her own life. She insists on knowing what else is eating Nik. He tells her that he is working on something he cannot tell her about.

Lucky tells Liz that although he always believed that love would conquer all, it should not be this hard. He tells her that it's time to end their marriage. She agrees, and takes the blame for their problems. She admits that she re-married him even though she knew that what they had was over. He tells her that they will always be connected because of the children.

Lucky goes to see Nikolas and Emily to tell them about the divorce. Alone with Nik, Lucky talks about how Liz stood by him during rehab. Lucky tells him not to try to stop him about going through with the divorce, and Nik comforts him. In the meantime, Emily goes to see Liz. When she suggests that Liz and Jason now have a chance, Liz tells her it is not an option because of their incompatible lives. Later, Diane visits Liz in response to her message. She asks Diane to handle her divorce from Lucky.

While Lulu and Johnny Zacchara exchange text messages, Spinelli tells Jason about the text message that Sonny received about Leticia's murder. After Jason leaves, Spinelli and Lulu talk about her living with them at the penthouse. She gets a call from an unfamiliar number, and finds that it is Logan. He asks her if he can see her in person. Spinelli is distraught when she goes to see him.

On their private plane bound for Port Charles, Jax and Carly discuss where they should stay. Carly insists that they go home. They return with guards hired by Jax, and find Jason waiting for them. He asks to speak with Carly alone, and tells her that he must move in with Sonny if she intends to stay in Port Charles. She asks him to respect her marriage to Jax. Jason warns her that Jax does not know what he is dealing with.

At Kelly's, Logan becomes enraged as Maxie starts taunting him about Lulu. Cooper steps in and tells him to stay away from Maxie. The discussion becomes heated and Mike tells them to leave. Lulu walks in as this is happening. Cooper confirms that he knew about the bet. Lulu gets angry again and goes to leave. Logan begs her for another chance. As she tells him no, Spinelli arrives and chases him away. Lulu looks at her phone to see a new text from Johnny.

Carly asks Diane to intervene with Sonny so that she does not have to move in with him. In the course of their conversation, Carly learns about Lucky and Liz's divorce. She storms over to the penthouse and demands that Jason stay away from Liz.

Skye visits Ric and asks him to unfreeze Lorenzo's money so that she can move funds into Lila's account. She offers to give him a cut in the deal. Ric tells her that he will see what he can do, but tells her this could have been avoided if she was more cooperative in court. She warns him that revenge is a waste of time.

At Jax's request, Trevor pays him a visit. Jax threatens a corporate takeover of Anthony Zacchara's companies if he harms his family. Trevor threatens he will block his attempts at purchasing stock and Jax reminds him that he cannot do that they are public companies. He reminds Trevor what happened to Al Capone.

Lucky returns to the house, and Liz tells him that Diane will be handling the divorce. She tells him that she and they boys will leave the next morning.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Liz brings home boxes to pack up her things. When she sees Lucky, she tells him that she's leaving some clothes and toys for the boys when they come over. He's surprised that everything is moving so fast. She says their marriage has been over for a while. They decide to talk to the boys together about the divorce. Liz tells him she's only going to take what she brought into the marriage, and he can see the kids any time he wants. Lucky holds Jake and talks to him, and Liz tells him she knows how much he loves the kids. She tells him she'll only be staying at Audrey's until she can find a place of her own. He tells her he will help her with alimony and child support. She says she told Diane that she doesn't want any money from him. He asks what kind of man he would be if he didn't take care of his boys. Liz goes to get Cameron and they both talk to him about mommy and daddy not living together anymore. He claps his hands when she tells him they are going to live with Gram. Lucky tells him he will always be loved, no matter what.

Emily walks in just as Nikolas is yelling at Alfred about the coffee. Nikolas tells her he was having a bad morning, but it will get better since they have plans together for the day. Emily says she can't do anything right now. Liz called and asked for help moving, and she doesn't ask for help on a whim. She asks if they can move back their plans and maybe have a sunset sail. They kiss, but when she leaves, Nikolas kicks the table. Alfred comes in and Nikolas asks him if he thinks Emily suspects anything. He says no. Nikolas says it's a bad time for anyone to find out. Jerry comes in asking to speak with Alexis. Nikolas acts cordial at first, but when he walks behind Jerry, Nikolas attacks him. Alexis walks in and sees the two men fighting and Alfred not knowing what to do. Nikolas yells at Jerry and tells him to get out of his house. Alexis also asks Jerry to leave. When he's gone, Alexis asks Alfred who was the instigator in the fight. Alfred just says that Nikolas was defending himself, but she knows he is covering for Nikolas. Nikolas yells about all the bad things Jerry has done. If Alexis can't see what a bad person Jerry is, then he'll throw her out, too. Alexis is stunned. She asks him if he's changed his mind about inviting her there. He says she is welcome to stay, but he won't tolerate Jerry in his house. She agrees, but asks if she has to tolerate his abuse. He still doesn't believe her that he threw a glass at her and asks if he has to apologize again for NOT throwing a glass at her. She asks if that's like how he DIDN'T throw the first punch against Jerry. Nikolas tells her that he has limits. He loves his family and just wants them safe. He doesn't want Jerry in his house, regardless of her relationship with him. She asks if that justifies killing him. If he comes back, will he kill him? Nikolas says that Jerry is psychotic. Alexis comments that it's amazing what people are capable of when they aren't in control of their emotions. Nikolas is upset that she's taking sides with Jerry and says she's delusional. He suggests that maybe she's more Cassadine than she thought. Funny, she was going to say the same thing about him. She tells him that she will tell Jerry not to come back, but she wants him to take a long look in the mirror. Something is wrong with him. After she leaves, Nikolas calls Alfred in. He says he puts a lot of trust in him. He asks if what Alfred told Alexis was true. Did he attack Jerry because Jerry attacked first? No. Nikolas asks why he covered for him. Alfred explains that Nikolas has been having incidents that he isn't aware of. Nikolas asks if Alfred thinks there's something wrong with him.

After Emily leaves Wyndemere, she goes to the Spencer house. Liz tells her that they broke the news together to Cameron. She doesn't know how much he understood. Emily reassures her and tells her that he knows both of his parents love him. She asks what is left to do. Liz tells her there's still the closet to clean out and she needs to decide what to leave there for the boys. Emily asks her if she's having second thoughts. Liz says she just hurts right now. She's packing up all the reminders of the dreams she and Lucky used to share. Its better that they're ending things now, though. There's nothing worse than lying to yourself that everything is ok when you know it's now. Emily decides to use that opportunity to talk to Liz about Nikolas. They both comment on his moodiness and anger. It must be the Cassadine genes. Liz tells him that Emily's love will get him through it. Emily says that it's important to have someone to rely on. She asks if she will be alright at Audrey's. Liz thinks Lucky will be keeping an eye on them. She's going to get her own place soon, though. It will be hard, because she doesn't have very much money. Emily offers to help out with money, but Liz declines. She tells her that she and Lucky already had that argument. She hopes that once the divorce is final, Lucky will stop feeling guilty and they can be parents together. Emily leaves to take a load over to Audrey's house. Lucky comes back and asks if there's anything he can do to help. Liz tells him that she left a pan in the oven for making brownies when the kids come over. He says it won't be the same. She says they won't know any different. He didn't think she would be gone so soon. She says she hopes he spends lots of time with Cameron. He will be confused. She asks to keep a set of keys if that's ok. He tells her no. He says don't go.

After the kids leave for school, Carly tells Jax that she can still see Leticia's body lying there in the floor. Jax tells her that she doesn't have to worry about Zacchara anymore. He's taken care of it. She's worried. What did he do to make a man like Zacchara back off? He tells her about his conversation with Trevor and that he would take over one of their companies. The FCC would get involved and start looking around. Carly thinks he is brilliant, smart, and brave. She kisses him and tells him she loves him. They go to the hotel together and when they get there, Carly tells Marty that she wants Trevor kicked out of the hotel. Jax disagrees with this. He tells her to let Sonny fight his own battles with Trevor. After Carly leaves, Jerry comes to visit Jax and asks why they came back. Jax tells him of his conversation with Trevor. Jerry warns him that he may have backed off Zacchara for now, but he will find another way.

Meanwhile, Sonny is at the courthouse and everyone thinks it's a bad idea for him to be there. Diane tells him to follow her advice and leave. Kate tells him that his presence won't help, and Jerry shows up and agrees. Sonny tells him he better have something that will help Kate, or he's going to kill him. Trevor and Ric both show up, they both say that the judge won't be so lenient with Sonny there to support Kate. Sonny asks Ric if he's going to allow his dad to use him to prosecute innocent women. Ric replies that Kate broke the law. Sonny says she was set up. Ric tells him that he can only go with the evidence. Sonny tells him he really is just like his father, and that's not a compliment. Sonny leaves before the judge gets there. While Diane and Ric talk, Trevor tells Kate that she will lose everything. She tells him she will know who to blame. She built her career up once and she can do it again. She never expected him to become such a bully. After all this time, it's still all about Sonny. When Diane comes back over, she tells her to be remorseful and humble and to make it count. The judge comes in and Ric gives him his recommendation: Full jail sentence. Kate admits to the judge that she had driven recklessly in the past, but she has learned her lesson. She is well known and is an influential person. She would like to use that influence to help others. The judge notices that she is sincere, but says it is too late. He wants to make sure she realizes she is not above the law.

Spinelli has prepared a strange breakfast, but doesn't let Jason have any of it. He explains that it's for Lulu. When Lulu comes downstairs, she opts for just coffee. He starts to get it for her, but she tells him to stay and talk to Jason while she gets it. Spinelli tells Jason that Lulu just isn't used to being pampered. Jason says that maybe Lulu just doesn't eat breakfast. Jason wants Spinelli to focus. They need to find out who killed Leticia. Spinelli mentions that it may be hard to do from the text messages. Lulu walks back in and asks if they're really getting text messages from the killer. Spinelli starts to talk, but Jason interrupts him and says that this doesn't concern Lulu. Lulu wonders aloud why the cops aren't involved. Jason says that Lulu is welcome to stay there but she can't ask any questions about the business. He also says that Spinelli can't tell her anything that will put her in danger. Spinelli tells Lulu to not ask questions and to not eavesdrop and she won't have to pay rent or go back to the Quartermaines. Lulu tells them they should know by now that she can keep her mouth shut. If she hears anything, her lips are sealed. When she leaves, Spinelli tells Jason that he traced the text messages back to Mike's phone. Jason leaves to go talk to Sonny and Spinelli sees that Lulu gets a text message. It's from Johnny. "You don't get rid of me that easy." Spinelli is stunned that she's still in communication with Johnny Zacchara. Jason won't be pleased about this. Lulu begs him not to tell. He says he can't let her charms get to him. He must tell Jason. It's too dangerous. She says she can't live there if he doesn't respect her privacy. If he doesn't promise not to tell Jason about the text messages, she's going to move out.

When Jason gets to Sonny's office, he tells him about the text messages coming from Mike's phone. Sonny thinks Spinelli is on drugs. Jason explains that it's piggybacking. The messages didn't actually come from Mike's phone, but when traced, it appears that way. They talk about who it could be. Jason says that Johnny acts like he has a death wish. Sonny thinks it could be Trevor. Jason leaves before Carly comes in to talk to Sonny. She's upset that the school called about the kids going to his house. Sonny says they are safe in his house. Carly tried to get Diane to talk to him about this. Jax is going to take care of them. Sonny says no, he will deal with it. Besides, don't bother Diane. She's busy helping Kate right now. Carly is mad by that comment. She asks if Kate is more important than their family. Sonny tells her it's all her fault for leaving the island in the first place. She points out that she' not his wife anymore and her husband can keep her and the boys safe. Sonny says he's not going to trust Jax to keep his kids safe. She doesn't realize what they're capable of.

Jason goes home and tells Spinelli to keep trying to find out who is responsible for the text messages. He tells him to hack into whoever is close to Zacchara. Spinelli hesitates, which causes Jason to get suspicious. Spinelli won't spill Lulu's secret, though. She comes in and tells Jason that she has been texting Johnny and that she asked Spinelli to keep it a secret. Jason tells her that she doesn't get to use Spinelli's feelings against him. Jason takes the phone and asks Spinelli if Lulu's text messages are from the same phone the messages about Leticia were from. Lulu asks if they think Johnny killed Leticia.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lucky has second thoughts about the divorce and suggests to Liz that she and the boys stay. Liz is surprised by his change of heart and tells him that she doesn't think it is a good idea for them to stay and work on a marriage that is over. Lucky tells her that he can move out and she and the boys can stay and live in the house. Liz turns down his offer and tells him that this home belongs in his family and he should live there. Lucky tells her that he has always wanted her to be happy. Emily shows up and asks Liz if she is done packing and ready to leave. Liz tells her she is ready and they drive off. Lucky watches them leave and can't help but be sad. Meanwhile, Nikolas goes to the hospital to have some blood work done. Robin is at the nurses' station and asks him if he is o.k. Nikolas asks her if she could handle the blood work personally for him to help keep things more private. Robin asks him what is going on. Nikolas tells her that he wants to make sure that there is no lasting side-effects to the drug Jerry poisoned him with. Robin starts to become more concerned about him and starts asking him a bunch of questions. Nikolas doesn't want to tell her what is going on with him and snaps at her to just get the blood work ordered for him. Robin backs off and tells him she won't ask him any more questions. Nikolas keeps things under control and changes the subject to Emily and wanting to make sure everything is o.k. with him before he takes the next step with Emily. Robin tells him that she wishes him happiness with Emily and gets going with the blood work. Later, Emily helps Liz with her things and getting moved in with Audrey. Liz is still sad about the divorce and feels like a failure. Emily tries to reassure her that she isn't a failure because her marriage to Lucky failed. Liz can't believe that she has so little belongings left from her marriage and doesn't know what she is going to do next. Emily tells her that she should think about being with Jason now that she is divorcing Lucky since he makes her happy. Liz tells her she can't be with Jason because it wouldn't be safe for her children. Nikolas comes by to see Lucky at his home. He offers to be a shoulder for Lucky to lean on if he needs it. Lucky tells him that he will miss not having the boys there living with him but that he is surprised that now he feels a sense of relief that his marriage is over. Later, Nikolas shows up at the hotel and leaves a voice message for Robin to call him as soon as she gets results on his blood work. Jerry shows up at the hotel. Nikolas tells him he wants to talk to him. Jerry asks him if he plans on beating him to death this time since he failed to last time. Nikolas asks him what kind of poison did he inject him with and if there are any lasting side-effects he doesn't know about. Meanwhile, Lucky goes over to Sam's place and invites himself in to go in her hot-tub. The door opens suddenly and a towel is thrown in his face as an unspoken answer to his question. Liz plays with the baby and tells him she will take care of him from now on and make sure he is always safe.

Kate stands before the judge to hear his judgment on her case. The judge worries her when he tells her that he feels that celebrities aren't above the law and shouldn't think they should get away with things because of it. He reminds her that she has previous charges of reckless driving on her record and that he is seriously considering accepting Ric's suggestion that she get the maximum penalty for the charge against her. The judge, however, surprises everyone in the court including Trevor, when he sentences her to complete six months of community service at the hospital and that she will have to wear an ankle monitor for that time. Diane is outraged for Kate and tells the judge that she objects to the fact that her client will have to wear an ankle monitor with her fashion career being in jeopardy for having to wear something like that. The judge asks Kate how she feels and tells her she has a choice, wear the ankle monitor or spend 6 months in prison. Kate tells Diane that she is o.k. and tells the judge that she will wear the ankle monitor. Ric argues with the judge over his lenient sentence. The judge is firm on his judgment and leaves the courtroom. Trevor approaches Diane and Kate after the sentencing and accuses Kate of bribing the judge by promising to buy his wife a designer dress to get off with a slap on the wrist. Kate denies she did anything such thing and tells him he is just angry because his plan to hurt her backfired in court and that he didn't ruin her career. Trevor warns her that it isn't over with yet and her career isn't a guarantee anymore. Meanwhile, Sonny argues with Carly about the boys' safety and how he wants her and the boys to move back in with him so he can make sure she is safe, which she is not going to be if she stays at her home where Leticia was murdered. Carly tells him that Jax can protect them and that she needs to stay at her home with the boys and Jax. Sonny suggests that she invite Jax to stay with him also. Carly refuses to listen to Sonny and storms off. Meanwhile, Jason tries to get Spinelli to focus on finding out who sent Sonny that text message while Spinelli obsesses about why Lulu wouldn't eat the breakfast he made her. Jason tells him that he doesn't want him to get hurt by hoping that if Lulu lives with them long enough she will fall in love with him. Spinelli tells him that he hopes that would happen but that he is happy with her just living with them. Sonny shows up at Jason's place and orders Spinelli to leave the room. Spinelli tries to tell him he is working on the text message for him. Sonny doesn't care and tells him to leave. Spinelli refers to Sonny as the "Godfather" which irritates Sonny, who asks him not to call him that ever again. Spinelli leaves the penthouse and heads to Sonny's coffee shop instead. Sonny tells Jason about his argument with Carly and how she is being really stubborn about leaving her house to take the boys with her to live with him. Jason tells him that Carly has a right to decide how she wants to be protected and that she knows she needs to be safe. Sonny disagrees with Jason and tells him that he may want to keep his son away from him to keep him safe but he wants his boys with him right now. Sonny heads back to his office where Kate shows up to run into his arms in excitement after getting community service instead of a jail sentence. Sonny greets her with a kiss and is happy she is free. She tells him about her ankle monitor and how doing community service at the hospital will be a walk in the park after thinking she was going to be incarcerated. Later, she shows up at the hospital and tells Epiphany about her community service sentence at the hospital. She doesn't understand why Epiphany starts laughing hysterically when she assumes that she will be able to work in public relations to complete it. Later, Trevor accuses Ric of persuading the judge to go lenient with Kate in an effort to sabotage him. Ric tells him he had nothing to do with Kate's judgment and that he was just as surprised as he was. He tells him that he can't help but be perked up by the fact that this upset Trevor as much as it did. Later, Trevor pays Sonny a visit. He warns him that Kate's problems are far from over. Jerry also comes by to see Sonny at his office to tell him that Kate got off easy this time but won't be so lucky next time. Sonny tells him that his investigation into the judge's niece's arrest for DUI being buried by the judge helped him convince the judge to go easy on Kate. Carly gets irritated when Jerry shows up at her house to warn her about how it isn't safe for her to live there with Jax and the boys. Carly tells him that Jax can protect them and that he has already taken care of Zacchara by threatening to get the IRS involved in his business if he doesn't leave them alone. Jerry tells her that the threat won't keep Zacchara away very long and she will be in even more danger than ever. Carly starts to worry that Jerry may be right. She gets scared when she comes into the living room and finds the front door is ajar. She closes the door and locks it and jumps out of her skin when she sees someone in her house. She realizes it is Jason but gives him hell for scaring her like that. Jason tells her he was doing that to prove a point to her, that she isn't safe at the house. Carly guesses right when she tells him that she figured Sonny would go running to him to complain about her and how he would order him to come talk some sense into her to persuade her to move herself and the boys into Sonny's mansion. Jason asks her how she thinks she is safe. Carly tells him that Jax is going to take care of her and the boys. Jason tells her he doesn't see Jax around so he wonders how he is protecting her and the boys. She tells him about how Jax sent a message to Zacchara, threatening to get the IRS involved in investigating his shady business. Jason points out that Jax's plan will only anger Zacchara more and won't hold him off for long before he targets her and the boys again. Carly tells him she is staying at home. Jason tells her he will come around more often and check on her and the boys. Carly tells him he can come over and hang out at the house anytime he wants to. However, she gets him angry when she tells him that if he comes to her house more then Liz won't get the chance to come to his penthouse and try to claim him now that she is divorcing Lucky. Jason keeps his mouth shut at first until Carly goes on about how Liz will try to use her baby to get to him. Jason yells at Carly to shut up about Liz and to never talk about Liz like that again. He tells her that he would love it if he could have someone like Liz and her boys to come home to but he can't because he could never put them in danger like that. Carly is left speechless after hearing Jason reveal his feelings for Liz. Meanwhile, Spinelli meets up with Georgie at the coffee shop. She thanks him for helping her use the internet to help plan her trip abroad to Europe. Spinelli is pleased to help her but his continual mention of Lulu bothers her. He upsets her more when he tells her that Lulu moved in with Jason and him after he talks about how Sonny and Jason will have to be gentler with her when they ask her to leave the penthouse when they are conducting business. Georgie asks him why Lulu is living there. Spinelli explains why Lulu is living there. Georgie asks him if it is a little crowded with them all living there together. Spinelli tells her it is fine. Georgie makes an excuse to leave but Spinelli pleads with her to stay a little longer. She buys him an orange flavored Latte while he is working on his computer. Spinelli goes on about Lulu again. Georgie asks him what he would do if Lulu didn't fall in love with him ever and asks him if he could ever consider finding someone else to love, meaning her. He upsets her by telling her he can't ever imagine never loving Lulu anymore.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Lucky objects to Diane handling the divorce because she's Jason's lawyer, and asks Alexis to take over. Diane and Alexis spar over who is going to be overseeing Lucky and Liz's divorce. Liz bristles when Lucky tells her he replaced Diane with Alexis. Carly lends Lulu a sympathetic ear over her break up with Logan. Logan refuses to give up on Lulu. Carly makes a risky move when she contacts Johnny. Nikolas violently attacks Logan, and later admits to Alfred he's been having blackouts. Kate reports for her first day of community service at the hospital and is clearly out of her element. Trevor drops a bomb on Kate.

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