General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 17, 2007 on GH

Lucky returned home after sleeping with Sam. Lucky and Elizabeth decided to try to work on their marriage. Lulu was hurt when she learned about Maxie's bargain with Logan. Nikolas' violent outbursts began to concern those around him.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 17, 2007 on GH
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Sonny was tempted to shoot Jerry on the spot when he insisted that Kate was in danger. Meanwhile, Jax discovered Kate's crashed car and called for help. Kate was taken to the hospital, where it was determined she had a high level of alcohol in her system, but she denied that she'd had a drink. Jax and Sonny wondered whether it was Jerry or Trevor who had drugged Kate. Trevor arrived at Kate's hospital room while Sonny was with her. Sonny was angry with Jason for questioning his orders.

Lucky and Sam had no regrets after their night together. Liz admitted to Emily that she cared for Lucky, but the love they'd felt for each other was no longer there. Lucky returned home to face Liz. Emily encouraged Jason to go after Liz.

Georgie was surprised to find that Lulu had moved in with Logan but told Spinelli she thought that living arrangement would be short-lived. Patrick bristled when he saw Robin with Jason.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sam announced to Nikolas that she'd slept with Lucky. While she insisted it had been "just sex," Nikolas challenged that she'd seduced Lucky to sabotage his marriage. He told her that an affair would not help anything in the long run. Sam reminded him that Lucky was a grown man. Nikolas asked her to try to respect the fact that Lucky had a family.

Lucky went home and asked Liz if she wanted to know where he had been. He went ahead and told her that he had been with Sam. She didn't say anything at first but then wondered why he insisted on mentioning Sam's name. He questioned if she had a problem with his friendship with Sam. Liz told him she was just tired of fighting with him. He told her that since they had an open marriage, she should feel free to see Jason as much as she wanted.

When Liz responded that it was not safe to be associated with Jason, Lucky accused her of only being with him because it was dangerous to be with Jason. She told him that she wanted to give their marriage a try but wondered if it was too late. He told her that he was willing to give it a try, although it was going to take time to get back to where they had been.

Emily visited Jason and told him about the Spencer marriage that was on the rocks. She encouraged him to go to Liz. When he was hesitant, she asked him what he wanted. He responded that he wanted what he could not have. He could not be sure that Liz and the children would be safe with him, as Michael and Morgan had been kidnapped and had lost their nanny because of the violence that surrounded them.

Kate told Sonny what she remembered from the accident. He told her that he wouldn't let anything happen to her, and they started to kiss. Trevor walked in and told Kate he knew about her blood alcohol level at the time of the accident. He told her to do what he said, and nothing would happen to her. Sonny told Trevor to stop threatening her and accused him of drugging her. Kate asked if it was true.

Trevor appeared offended by the question but didn't answer it directly. Sonny asked her if being blackmailed by Trevor was how she wanted to live her life. She told him that Trevor had threatened to end her career if she didn't break up with Sonny. Kate reminded Trevor that he'd opened doors for her, but she had worked for what she had. She vowed to fight him, and he told her that might be hard from jail. Trevor walked out and received a phone call telling him that Johnny Zacchara was heading to town. Trevor was alarmed and told the other party that Johnny needed to be controlled.

Georgie told Spinelli about the attraction between Logan and Maxie. Spinelli continued with his Lulu worship. Georgie told him that it was just a matter of time before Lulu saw the real Logan.

In the meantime, Logan was happy that Lulu had moved in and told her that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Maxie showed up and welcomed herself into the apartment. When they told her that Lulu was living there, too, she asked Logan where they were going to pay off the bet. Maxie went on to tell a confused Lulu about the bet she had with Logan to get Lulu into bed. At first, Lulu didn't believe her, but Lulu realized it was true when Logan told her that it hadn't happened the way Maxie described it. Lulu took off, and Logan accused Maxie of twisting everything. He told Maxie that she was pathetic.

Jason went home and found Spinelli making a cocktail. Jason said Spinelli couldn't bury his pain in liquor. Jason said sometimes there was no cure for a broken heart. He tried to tell himself that Liz and the kids were better off without him. He gave Spinelli a pep talk by telling him that Logan was a screw up. In time, Logan would hurt Lulu, and Spinelli needed to be there to stand by her.

Logan interrupted Jason and Spinelli when he was looking for Lulu. Spinelli freaked out and wanted to know what Logan had done to her. Logan finally told them about the fight, and Jason told Logan to stay away from Lulu.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas told Emily that Sam and Lucky had had sex. Nikolas wondered if he had any right to accuse Lucky, and Emily told Nikolas about her talk with Jason. Later, Nikolas flew into a rage over a phone call concerning Cassadine dealings. Emily walked in and found him standing over some things that he had broken.

Sam pondered her night with Lucky, and recalled him telling her he had no regrets. She got a visit from an upset Maxie who told her she had just done something stupid. Sam said she had done the same. Maxie told about the events of the evening and how getting revenge on Lulu had only felt good for a few minutes. Sam told Maxie about sleeping with Lucky, and she regretted that Lucky would be the one who got hurt out of all of it.

In the park, a distraught Lulu got into a car with someone named Johnny.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

As Liz and Lucky got the boys ready for the day, Jason showed up. He wanted to talk to Lucky alone. Liz told them to step outside. Jason wanted to know if Lucky had heard from Lulu. Lucky asked if that was what Jason was using as an excuse to check on Lucky's wife. Jason explained what had happened between Lulu and Logan. Lucky didn't understand why Jason was so involved.

Liz walked out and asked if something had happened to Lulu. Jason explained again, and Lucky said he would call in a few favors to see if they could get started on a search for her. He went to the station while Liz got on the phone, trying to get more information. Emily showed up and reminded Liz that she and Lucky had lived on the streets. Lulu would be fine.

Liz pointed out that she and Lucky had had each other. Lulu was all alone. She told Emily about Jason showing up. Emily wanted to know how Lucky had dealt with that. Liz said it had been uncomfortable because she had put all her faith and trust in Jason for so long. She'd married Lucky when she had been in love with Jason. Liz said that she missed the way she and Lucky had once been. Emily said Liz needed to take the final step.

Meanwhile, Lucky went to the station. He wanted Coop and Cruz to put an APB out for Lulu even though it hadn't been long enough according to protocol. Nikolas showed up and asked if Lucky was pushing so that he would be the one who found Lulu. They talked about Sam, and Lucky said that she'd changed him. He was not competing with Jason; he just wanted to find his sister.

When Scott showed up at the Quartermaines', he started to sit in Alan's chair, but Tracy directed him to the couch instead. It was more comfortable. Scott just wanted to know what they wanted from him. They wanted Scott to arrest Lulu for anything so she could be released into their custody. Scott didn't think that would work, since she was not a minor. Edward told him to make it work. When Alice pointed out how mad Luke would be if Lulu got arrested, Scott suddenly changed his mind and said he was in.

Emily and Nikolas walked in, and they all talked about what had happened with Logan and about Lulu taking off. Monica said to forget the DNA test. After Logan's antics, they all knew he was Scott's son. They all talked about where Lulu might be and what they should be doing to help. Tracy mentioned that it would be helpful if someone could fly around to look at her. She meant Alan, but everyone looked at her as if she were crazy.

Edward said they should have had Jason take out Logan a long time before. Everyone was shocked. He said with everything that Jason had put them through, they should get some benefits from his lifestyle. Tracy was worried because she needed Lulu to return home before Luke found out. Alan listened as she worried about Lulu. He told her that if she kept being so empathetic, he would fade away.

Maxie went to talk to Georgie and told her that it was not her fault, but everyone was going to blame her anyway. Georgie asked what had happened. Maxie explained, and Georgie asked why she'd decided that Lulu needed to be hurt. Maxie said she had been doing her a favor by letting her see what kind of guy Logan was. She was sure Lulu was fine. She was probably hiding out somewhere, enjoying everyone worrying about her.

Georgie pointed out that behavior like that was something Maxie would do, not Lulu. Maxie asked if Georgie wanted her to admit that she was wrong. Georgie said she just wanted Maxie to get the chip off her shoulder.

Spinelli desperately tried to find Lulu on his laptop, but he was interrupted when Milo stormed in and smashed the computer. Milo was furious with what had happened to Lulu. As Spinelli explained the situation, Milo got madder and madder.

Logan tried to call Lulu and left a message when she didn't answer. Maxie showed up at his place, and Logan told her that Lulu had never returned. Maxie told him that Lulu had plenty of places to go. She told Logan about everything Lulu had done, including stealing Dillon away from Georgie and having an abortion. Logan saw that she was just feeling sorry for herself. When he pointed that out to Maxie, she realized how he really felt about Lulu.

When Maxie left, Logan somberly recalled when he and Lulu had slept together. He got up to leave, but was stopped when Milo stormed in and slammed him up against the wall. Spinelli was not too far behind and told Logan that he was not even good enough to say her name. After they left, Logan put ice on his bruised face but was not left alone for long. Scott stopped in to visit him. He wanted to know where Lulu was. Logan said that he'd hurt her, and she was not going to be back.

Scott and Logan actually had a heart-to-heart over what Scott had done to Lulu with the guardianship hearing. He should have never dragged her through that. He told Logan that he knew what it was like. He'd found the girl of his dreams once, too, and he'd lost her with no one to blame but himself.

Later, Logan went to Kelly's. He and Georgie talked about Lulu, and he asked her if she blamed him. Georgie told him that it was none of her business. Logan asked her if there was someone they should be calling, like maybe Dillon. Maxie interrupted them and said that Dillon was Georgie's ex-husband, and Lulu had broken them up. Logan told her to shut up, and Georgie took to Maxie's defense. Logan and Maxie argued until Maxie finally made her point that Logan could have told Lulu the truth, but he hadn't. Lucky walked in and asked Maxie what she'd had to gain by deliberately hurting his sister.

Jason told Spinelli about everything they were doing to find Lulu. Spinelli said it was not enough. He called himself "the Grasshopper," and Jason told him to stop. He was "the Jackal." Spinelli agreed and got back to work. They looked for a security camera that might have footage of Lulu. They found an image of her crying on camera. She was hitchhiking. A car stopped, she got in, and they sped away.

Jason ran a trace on the license plate. While he and Spinelli waited for the results, Jason told Spinelli that Lulu and Carly were a lot alike. They both did bad things when they were upset, but there was nothing that could stop either one of them. The results from the license plate trace arrived. The car was registered to Johnny Zucchara.

At the Metro Court, Jax and Alexis talked about Sonny's business and the effect it had on their children. Jax couldn't understand why she was still in Port Charles. She'd had a great job before Stefan had gotten her to go to Port Charles. Alexis tried to explain that she couldn't take her girls away from Ric and Sonny. They did love their children, despite their faults.

Lulu ran toward Johnny's car. She got in and locked the door. Johnny ran after her and banged on the window. She reached over and locked the driver's door, too, and lay down in the seat.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kate asked Epiphany if there had been any reporters asking about her. Epiphany said that there had not been any reporters around asking her questions about Kate. Ric showed up at Kate's hospital room and informed her that he was waiting for a warrant for her arrest and that he planned to charge her with DUI to start with. Kate surprised Ric when she apologized for her past behavior when they'd had run-ins before at the police station and his office. She also told him that Trevor had set her up by drugging her iced tea.

Meanwhile, Jason and Spinelli showed up at Sonny's office to see him while he was talking to Diane about Kate's case. Spinelli went off about Lulu being in danger from Johnny Zacchara and said they needed to find her before harm befell her. Sonny couldn't understand what he was saying and asked Jason to translate for him. Jason said that Spinelli had hacked into some surveillance cameras on his computer, and they'd traced the car Lulu had gotten into as belonging to Johnny Zacchara. He said they needed Sonny to tell them what he knew about Johnny. Sonny only knew that Johnny was Anthony's son.

Diane reminded Sonny that Kate was going to be arrested soon, and he would need to go see Kate before that happened. Sonny left to see Kate. He showed up just as Ric was talking to Kate. Sonny insisted that Trevor had drugged Kate to make it look like she was drunk. He asked Ric to drop the charges against Kate. Ric pointed out that Sonny only treated him like a human being when he wanted something from Ric. Ric left the room.

Meanwhile, Diane asked Epiphany, Liz, and Emily to run interference with the reporters so that Kate could be released from the hospital and arrested without them seeing her. Diane joined Sonny in Kate's room. Diane told Sonny that it wouldn't be a good idea to be seen with Kate on the news while she was being escorted into the police station in handcuffs. She suggested that Kate voluntarily turn herself in to the police if there was time before they arrived to arrest her. Kate asked Sonny to go by himself and meet her at the station.

Mac showed up at Kate's room with Cooper to arrest her. Mac suggested to Sonny that he take one of the back exits out of the hospital so he wasn't seen with Kate when they escorted her out of the hospital. Diane noticed Liz was out in the hallway, waiting for her cue to run interference. Diane raised her voice to be heard and yelled at Mac for making Kate be escorted out the front entrance where all the reporters would be waiting to harass her. Liz, Emily, and Epiphany held the reporters off by having all the breakfast trays and gurneys block the front of the elevators to keep the reporters from seeing Kate be escorted out by the police to the elevator. Their plan worked.

Meanwhile, Trevor tried to make Kate's life worse by arriving at the television studio to talk to Amelia about running a piece on the show about Kate and her drunk driving arrest. Amelia questioned Trevor about why he would want to do that. Sam showed up, greeted Trevor warmly, and asked him what she could do for him. Trevor made a comment about going to bed with them -- professionally speaking. Trevor told her about how he wanted them to do a piece on their show about Kate, her drunk driving arrest, and how she was a celebrity who expected to get a slap on the wrist. Sam thought it was a great idea and pushed Amelia to cover it.

Amelia thought that it was too harsh on Kate and questioned Sam's motives. Trevor told Sam that he would make sure that she would be glad she'd helped him with that -- and she would be generously rewarded. After he left, Amelia accused Sam of going after Trevor like she did with most men with money and power. Sam pushed Amelia to cover the story for Trevor.

Later, Ric showed up at his office and found Trevor sitting in Ric's chair at Ric's desk, looking at Kate's file. Trevor taunted Ric about his ineffectiveness as a D.A. and how prosecuting Kate would win him back some level of respectability after Jason had gotten acquitted. Ric noticed how smug Trevor was acting about Kate's case and suspected that Sonny and Kate were right about Trevor drugging her. He mentioned that to Trevor. Trevor told Ric that if he dropped the charges against Kate, he would be doing a favor for Sonny, and that would bother him very much. Trevor left Ric wondering what he should do.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Sonny and Diane talked with Kate after her arrest. Diane explained what they were up against as far as the charges were concerned. Kate insisted she had been drugged and hadn't been drunk. Diane said she believed Kate but couldn't prove it, since there was no glass with residue back at Kate's place. There was nothing that proved Kate hadn't gotten drunk. Sonny asked if there was any bright side in her case. Diane pointed out that they could plea bargain, but that was up to Ric.

Later, Sonny showed up at Ric's office to ask him to drop the charges against Kate and sentence her to do some hours of community service, since it was obvious that Trevor had drugged Kate to set her up. Ric refused to listen to Sonny because he asked him to do him a favor. Trevor stopped by the police station to taunt Kate and let her know that he couldn't do anything to help her, since momentum had taken place with her case being in the media. Kate told him that he was a bastard. Trevor told her that it was her fault for what had happened and that she shouldn't have sided with Sonny over him.

Emily and Liz discussed Lulu's disappearance. Emily thought that Lulu had just taken off because she was just like her father, Luke. Liz was worried that Lulu would do something reckless and get herself in trouble. Liz told Emily about how Jason had shown up at her house to talk to Lucky about Lulu's disappearance and how he had gotten upset over Logan. She said that Lucky was very hostile toward him. Emily mentioned the possibility that Jason might have wanted to have an excuse to stop by the house to see her.

Meanwhile, Lucky and Nikolas showed up at Kelly's while Maxie and Logan were there. Lucky accused Maxie of trying to hurt Lulu to get revenge on him for sleeping with her a year before to score pills. Georgie stepped in and told Lucky that it wasn't about him and that Maxie hated Lulu because she'd slept with Dillon while he had been married to her. Maxie told Lucky off for blaming her for Lulu's disappearance. She laid the blame for what had happened on Logan, who she claimed had slept with Lulu as part of a bet. Lulu had found out he'd slept with her as part of the bet and had gotten upset.

Maxie reminded Lucky and Nikolas that Lulu was an adult and had the right to hide out somewhere to lick her wounds if she wanted to. Maxie rushed off, so Logan was left there to defend himself. Lucky asked him if he had heard from Lulu and if he did hear from her to give Lucky a call. Logan agreed to do that.

Lucky left, and Nikolas said he would catch up with him later and stayed behind. Logan didn't get a chance to defend himself before Nikolas grabbed him and started choking him. Georgie tried to stop Nikolas from seriously hurting Logan. Nikolas backed off and apologized to Georgie if he'd upset her. He told Logan that if anything happened to Lulu, he was going after Logan.

Later, Georgie started her volunteer shift at the hospital and approached Liz and Emily at the nurses' station. She told them about how Nikolas and Lucky had stopped by Kelly's to question Logan about Lulu's disappearance. She apologized for Maxie's bad behavior. Emily stopped her from blaming herself for what Maxie did or didn't do. She pointed out that Logan was also to blame for it, as well.

Georgie made a comment about how Nikolas had stepped on Logan that time. Emily gave Georgie a confused look about what she was talking about. Georgie realized she didn't know and explained that Nikolas had practically choked Logan and could have killed him if she hadn't stepped in. Emily became concerned about Nikolas' increasingly violent behavior lately.

Meanwhile, Maxie stopped by the television studio to talk to Sam. She told Sam that she was starting to feel guilty about what had happened with her confrontation with Lulu and Logan, since Lulu was actually missing, and no one had heard from her. Sam became concerned. She headed to the police station.

Meanwhile, Jason showed up at the police station with Johnny Zacchara's license plate number written on a piece of paper to give to Lucky, who was very hostile toward him and resented his involvement in searching for Lulu. Jason asked if Lucky wanted the information or not. Lucky didn't take it and said he would find the information on his own. Lucky got into Jason's face about how he didn't trust Jason's motives in finding Lulu. Jason said that Lulu was his friend, and he wanted to help find her.

Lucky saw Sam walk into the police station then he looked at Jason. He told Jason that he and Logan had a lot in common -- they both liked to love them and leave them. Jason saw Sam when he left the room. He glared at her. Sam approached Lucky and told him she'd heard about Lulu from Maxie. Lucky blamed Maxie for hurting Lulu to get revenge on him. Sam didn't defend Maxie, but she understood Maxie's motivation.

Meanwhile, Jason dragged Trevor into Sonny's office at the coffee shop at gunpoint. He ordered Trevor to tell everything he knew about Johnny Zacchara. Trevor said that Johnny was crazy and that he'd witnessed his mother's murder at a young age. He warned Jason that if anything bad happened to Johnny, no one in Jason's family would be safe because Anthony cherished his son very much. Jason really started to worry about Lulu's safety.

Later, Lucky stopped by the television station and asked Sam if she would be willing to show a picture of Lulu on her show and let the public know she was missing. Amelia told them that it was too late, since she'd sent the taped show out already. Sam said that it wasn't too late and that she was going to air Lulu's picture without Amelia's consent either way. Amelia put her foot down and told Sam that she would not allow Sam to kiss up to Lucky for her show.

Meanwhile, Logan showed up at the coffee shop and found Spinelli busy on his laptop, trying to find something to help find Lulu. Spinelli blamed Logan for Lulu being missing. Logan got angry with Spinelli, grabbed him, and threw him up against the wall. Spinelli dropped his laptop on the floor and worried it was broken. Logan told Spinelli that he wasn't the only one who loved Lulu. Spinelli said that Logan didn't love Lulu, since he'd slept with Maxie and hurt her. Jason showed up, grabbed Logan, and pulled him away from Spinelli. He yelled at Logan to leave right away. Logan said that Jason could kill him if he wanted to, but he was still going to look for Lulu.

Spinelli got a lead on Johnny's car. A cop found the car abandoned off the highway and issued a parking ticket, since the yellow car was parked in a no parking zone. Spinelli found out about the ticket being issued to a car with the same license plate as Johnny's. Jason and Spinelli headed out to find the car. They found the car abandoned, also. However, Spinelli recognized Lulu's necklace was lying broken on the passenger seat inside the car. Jason checked under the hood to see if the car had been disabled. They both heard Lulu's scream and ran toward the source.

Lulu ran into the barn and hid up in the hayloft. Johnny chased her inside the barn and noticed a movement up in the hayloft. He smiled and yelled to Lulu that he knew where she was because he could smell her. Johnny headed over to the hayloft and was ready to climb up it when Jason entered the barn, took his gun out, pointed it at Johnny, and told Johnny to stop and put his hands up where Jason could see them. Spinelli ran into the barn, jumped in front of Jason, and yelled at Johnny to leave Lulu alone. That distracted Jason enough to give Johnny time to pull out his own gun. Jason told Johnny to drop his gun, or Jason would shoot. Lulu jumped down from the hayloft and pleaded for Jason not to shoot him.

Meanwhile, Logan grabbed Maxie as she was ready to go inside Kelly's. He pushed her and told her that he had warned her to leave Lulu alone, but she couldn't. He said that he was going to make sure she paid. Maxie told him he was to blame for what had happened to Lulu, since he had been the one who'd made the bet and couldn't handle the fact that he had gone through with it and hurt Lulu. Logan got physical with Maxie again. Cooper showed up, grabbed him from behind, and told Logan to leave Maxie alone or Cooper would kill him.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Carly was surprised to see Jax, but they were both very happy to be back together. They talked about what had been going on in Port Charles and how Kate had been poisoned and set up. Carly was worried about Sonny. Trevor caused a lot of emotional baggage for Sonny. Jax pointed out that he was not concerned over her obsession with her ex-husband. She said she was not obsessed, just concerned.

The kids walked in and asked when they were going to get to go home. Jax couldn't believe they wanted to go home from such a wonderful place. Carly explained that Michael had island fever and was anxious to see his father. Jax reassured them that they would get to go home as soon as possible. The kids rushed off to play, and Jax and Carly took the opportunity to kiss and make out.

Kate, Sonny, Ric, and Trevor argued over Kate's possible charges. Sonny couldn't believe that Ric was actually thinking about doing what his father wanted and pressing charges against Kate. Trevor was trying to use his influence over Ric to get his way. Ric saw the truth in his father and realized he held a grudge over Sonny for something that had happened when Sonny had just been a child. Trevor thought that Ric was weak. Ric apologized to Kate for getting mixed up in the situation.

After Ric and Trevor left, Kate told Sonny that her situation didn't even compare to what he and Ric had had to go through. He told her he would make sure her career wasn't ruined. They were interrupted when Sonny received a text message. It read, "Your kids' nanny was just the start."

Coop told Logan to never touch Maxie again. He said they weren't in Iraq anymore, and he wouldn't cover Logan's butt. Mike walked out and broke up the fight. They all went into Kelly's, where they talked about the whole Lulu, Logan, and Maxie fiasco. Logan admitted to Coop that he was a screw up, but when he was with Lulu, he felt like a better person. Maxie had ruined his chance with her.

Maxie pointed out that Logan wouldn't ever see Lulu again. When Logan left, Maxie told Coop that it had been just too good between the two of them. She had to ruin the good stuff in her life. She missed him and wished he still believed in her. He said he wished he did, too, and left.

Lulu told everyone to stop, and Spinelli pulled her back with him. Jason held a gun on Johnny. He told Jason to go ahead and kill him. Lulu tried to reassure them that Johnny hadn't done anything to her. They had just broken down and spent the night there. Johnny had called for help as soon as he'd found a phone.

Johnny's guards showed up and told him that his father wanted to see him. Lulu was shocked to learn that Johnny had mob ties. He told her it was his father's business, not his. Johnny tried to scare Jason by pulling a gun on him, but his men pulled him off. When Lulu, Spinelli, and Jason got back to the penthouse, Spinelli and Jason explained how everyone had been looking for her after Logan's betrayal had been revealed. She was mad at them because they'd embarrassed her by revealing her foolishness to everyone.

Jason was concerned and asked for more details about Lulu's time with Johnny. After finding out that Lulu was back, Logan tried to visit her at the penthouse. Spinelli and Jason stopped him from entering. Lulu told Logan she didn't want to talk to him right then. After Logan left, Jason decided he wanted to go back to the barn to check it out. While Spinelli and Lulu watched television and ate cereal, she apologized to him and thanked him for finding her.

Epiphany yelled at Emily for making a mistake. She told Emily to start acting like a doctor and not an intern. Liz walked over, and Emily asked for her help. They talked about Nikolas and his temper lately. Nikolas showed up and told them that he was there for a board meeting. He asked if anyone had heard from Lulu. They hadn't, so he went to his meeting.

When Emily saw Georgie, she talked to her about the fight between Logan and Nikolas. Nikolas returned from his meeting and apologized to Georgie for what she'd witnessed. Georgie said that it hadn't been much, but Logan had deserved what he'd gotten. Nikolas wanted Emily to go home with him, but she told him she had work to do.

Nikolas went home and overheard Alexis making an appointment to see Jerry. He was upset with her and started yelling at her. She was stunned that he was taking out his frustrations on her. He said he was tired of her dating psychopaths and him having to clean up the messes. She started to walk away, but he threw a glass at her.

When Emily and Liz were about to get off work, they met up to see if either one of them had heard from Lulu yet. Liz checked her messages and found out that Lulu was in a barn. Liz decided to go get her. She showed up as Jason was there, looking around. He apologized for showing up at her place earlier. He commented on how big Jake was getting. He asked how she and Lucky were. She said that Lucky was sleeping with Sam. He apologized and told her that Sam knew he was Jake's father.

Johnny talked on the phone and said he hadn't started a mob war. He got on the ledge. The guards told him to get down, but he went over the edge.

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