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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 10, 2007 on GH
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Jason and Carly jump into action to try to help the first murder victim. Ric accuses Trevor of being behind the murder, but later questions Jerry. Sonny sends Carly and the boys off to the island where they'll be safer. Sonny squares off with Jax. Jerry suggests that Sam seduce Trevor to get information on Zacchara and use it to get revenge on Jason, but she has a plan of her own. Lucky arrives at Sam's penthouse to find her soaking in the hot tub, wearing a skimpy brain bikini. Liz is on pins and needles after learning of what happened. While alone in the house, Liz retrieves the gun to protect herself. Emily suspects Nikolas is lying about where he really was earlier in the day when he was supposed to meet Lucky at the Metro Court .

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lucky shows up at Sam's apartment to find her in the hot tub. He tells her about Leticia's murder, and thought he should check up on her. He tells her he would do anything to keep her safe as she embraces him. Later, Nikolas pays his cousin a visit and asks her if she would like to stay with him until the threat of violence dies down. She tells him that she is enjoying her alone time too much.

Emily questions Nik about his strange behavior over the last few weeks. She is afraid that he is preoccupied with Jerry. He tries to calm her fears. She is also worried about Lucky and Liz's marriage, and is disappointed that Sam is not coming to live with them. She thinks it would have been easier to keep Sam away from Lucky.

Jax tells Sonny he is out of line, and that Carly and the boys are no longer his to protect. Sonny reminds Jax that he put Carly in danger by going after his "deranged" brother. He goes on to acknowledge Jax's love for Carly, Michael and Morgan, but maintains that it's his problem to take care of. He tells Jax that Carly and the kids are on the island and that he is welcome to join them. Jax wants them to go to Australia with him. Sonny tells him this is a bad idea because the enemy is watching.

Trevor tells Kate about Leticia's murder, and asks if Sonny told her that he was responsible. She tells him that he represents Zacchara, whom Sonny believes is the murderer. He admits that he represents Zacchara, but that neither of them have anything to do with the murder. He tries to encourage Kate to intervene.

With Alexis standing in the background, Ric questions Jerry about Leticia's murder. Alexis walks in and claims to be Jerry's attorney, and is stunned to hear of Leticia's fate. Ric tries to assure Alexis that he will keep Christina safe, but she is not impressed. They argue, and are interrupted by Kate. Alexis warns Kate that there is a lot to love about Sonny, but that people around him get hurt. As she walks away, Sonny questions if she should take that advice.

Liz is frightened when she hears a noise outside, and takes Lucky's gun from the closet. She opens the door to find Lucky standing there. He is perturbed that she is carrying his gun, and questions why she did not call him first. She tells him that when she called the station, she was told that he was with Sam. She is not happy with the attention he is giving Sam. He apologizes and acknowledges that she could be in danger by her involvement with Jason. He tries to kiss her but she pulls away.

At Kelly's, Spinelli visits Georgie and tells her that Trevor may be more evil than Ric. Lulu walks in, returning from her cruise. Spinelli is thrilled to see her as Georgie looks on. Logan welcomes her home, and he fills her in on the happenings in Sonny's organization. At another table, Maxie looks disgusted to see the two of them together. Cooper asks if she is jealous, and storms out as he realizes that Logan is more important to her than he is.

In the meantime, Georgie casually suggests to Spinelli that she may have information about Logan, and wonders what he would do with it. She soon realizes that he would only use it to help his situation with Lulu. She encourages him to focus his time on someone who really appreciates him. He appears oblivious and insists that his heart is spoken for. Georgie looks disappointed.

Sonny beefs up security in his organization, and gets a visit from Mike. He is angry that he had to hear about his grandsons' nanny's murder by some cops at Jake's. He wants to help but Sonny tells him to back off. Later, Sonny talks to Kate about Leticia, and his conversation with Michael who asked him to seek revenge for her death. He was bothered by the conversation, as it was a revelation to him as to how he has impacted Michael's life. He questions if the boys would be better off without him, and Kate denies it. She asks him if he is positive that Zacchara is behind Leticia's death. Sonny tells Kate that Trevor has the truth he needs, and asks her to obtain it for him.

At the Metro Court, Jax warns Trevor to keep away from his family. Trevor tells him that he is misinformed and words are exchanged until Jerry breaks it up. Trevor tells him that he will let this pass once out of respect for mutual friends, but an incident like that should never happen again.

Maxie begs Cooper not to give up on them. He tells her that her fixation with Logan is keeping them apart, and he walks away again. Maxie watches Lulu and Logan through the window. Later, she visits Sam and tells her she wants to rip Lulu's life apart.

Jax tells Jerry there is no way he can stay out of the situation. Jerry tells him he is out of his league and encourages him to go to the island.

Jerry tells Trevor to tell Zacchara to stay away from Jax, Carly and the boys if he wants to avoid an all out mob war.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

As Robin gets ready for work, Patrick sits down to work on the race track. He flirts with her and tries to get her to stay home. She goes to work instead. After consulting with Lainey on a particular patient, she tells Dr. Winters about the morning. She didn't realize he was flirting with her. Robin hopes she didn't miss an opportunity to connect with Patrick.

Epiphany sees Leyla on the elevator with some charts and tells her she won't be the first nurse making up stats for charts. Leyla insists she's not making stuff up. She's trying to help Jolene out. She's goes to the nurse's desk and is busy working on a chart when Patrick approaches. She asks him for help and he obliges. Later, he tells her he will help her study, if she ever needs more help. Epiphany comes over and tells Leyla to go give a patient their medicine. When she leaves, Epiphany tells Patrick to stop flirting with Leyla. He says he's not, but she says she knows his past. He says he's over that now. Epiphany warns him that if Robin makes it hard on Leyla and she quits, Epiphany will make it hard on Patrick. Patrick goes to leave and Robin asks him about information on a patient of his. He knows that she previously took his charts, so he is cold to her and tells her she has everything she needs if she has his charts. Leyla watches the exchange and smiles. Robin goes back and tells Lainey she needs her own therapist time. She wonders if she and Patrick will have a future. After all, she wants a baby and he does not. Back at home, Robin comes home and sees that Leyla is there playing with the race track with Patrick. She had come to study, but she was interested in Patrick's race track. She told him a story of how she helped build one when she was younger. Robin walks in and tells her to get out.

As Lucky is sleeping on the couch, he dreams about Sam in the hot tub and is awaken by Liz and the kids. They get ready for the day, and Lucky offers to drive her to work. She says she'll manage on her own. She doesn't want to make him late for work. Later, Lucky shows up and tells Liz that her grandma is going to watch the boys tonight so they can have some alone time. She tells him she doesn't think that is a good idea right now. When Emily shows up later, the two women talk about the Spencer's current relationship. Liz tells her that she knows Lucky wanted to have sex tonight, but she's not ready yet.

Jerry shows up at Sam's as she's using her kick bag. She wants him to do whatever she has to, including sleep with Trevor, to find out information. Sam says its bad enough she slept with Ric. She's not going to sleep with his father. Jerry tells her she doesn't have a choice. Trevor has a weakness for beautiful women, especially one that was with both Sonny and Jason. He grabs her and tells her she will do as he says, or else.

Trevor shows up at Sam's place, surprised that he got an invitation. She explains that she is worried for her sisters' safety. People who were allies are not anymore. If he can promise that her sisters will stay safe, she will return a favor to him. He says he will do what he can, but he makes no promises. She asks what she can do to repay him, and he tells her he will think of something.

Jason tries to get Spinelli out of his depression to start looking for information on Trevor. Lulu barges in and starts yelling at Jason about Logan losing his job. She says she has done favors for him, so he owes her. She asks for some privacy and Spinelli leaves to sit in the coffee shop. Logan shows up, and Spinelli blasts him for sending Lulu in to defend him. Logan is stunned, though. Meanwhile, Lulu tells Jason that Logan's error in showing up late to watch the kids was just a mistake. Jason points out that it was a mistake that could have gotten the kids killed. He tells her about Leticia being murdered. Lulu explains that Logan has done tours in Iraq and knows how to handle dangerous situations. Jason says that doesn't mean he can be trusted. Lulu vouches for Logan and says that he can be trusted. Jason says the decision is Sonny's, not his. Lulu tells Jason that no one could have prepared for Leticia being murdered, not even him. He's blaming Logan for something know one else knew of, either. She storms out and then yells at Spinelli for using his friendship with Jason to get Logan fired. Logan interjects and tells her she had no right to go behind her back. He appreciates her effort, but he doesn't need her help in getting his job back. Spinelli runs back in the office to tell Jason something, but he gets cut off by Diane. She storms in to see Jason and throws a restraining order on his desk. She tells him to make sure Trevor is the right man he's after, because she won't be able to get him out of jail if he violates the restraining order Trevor got against him. As they argue, the phone rings. It is Sam. She desperately needs his help.

Jason shows up at Sam's, thinking she is in trouble. She admits that she lied just to get him over there. She shows him the hot tub and asks if he likes it. Lucky did. She says she knows what Lucky wants, and Liz isn't giving it to him. She's going to give it to him right there. Jason tells her that if this is supposed to hurt him, it isn't.

Alfred shows Alexis and the kids into Wyndemere, and Alexis jokes that she needs a butler, not a husband. Nikolas mentions that he has been overstepping his bounds after Alfred leaves to take the girls to see Spencer. Alexis tells him she is ok with that. The more people are around, the safer she feels. Jerry walks in and Nikolas pulls a knife on him and tells him to leave his family alone. Jerry ends up leaving, but not before he tells Alexis to call him sometime. Nikolas turns around and asks Alexis if she's going to get together with another psychopath. She asks him what the heck the matter with him is. They talk about Jerry's history and that he is a criminal. Alexis thinks he is overreacting. She's not dating him. He just asked him to call her. It didn't mean that she actually would call him. Later, Lucky shows up and asks Nikolas for advice with Liz. He tells him how he was trying to reconnect with Liz. He thinks she is still hung up on Jason. How is he supposed to remain faithful?

Monica talks to Edward about the losses ELQ has been sustaining. They talk about bringing Tracy back to the helm. Edward knows that she's good for business, but he hates to concede to her. Ned won't answer his phone calls, though, so he doesn't have a choice. Meanwhile, Tracy is packing her bags, having set up ELQ. Alan keeps popping in to give his opinion about her sabotaging the company. Scott shows up and tells her that Edward asked him to be there. He notices that she is packing and asks if she is getting out soon. Edward shows up and admits that he is letting her out, but only if Scott promises not to press charges against her for kidnapping Laura. After much bickering, he agrees for Lulu's sake. Scott and Tracy show up at the coffee house just as Spinelli, Logan, and Lulu are all arguing. Tracy tells Lulu she's coming home with her and she's forbidden to see Logan anymore. Scott backs her up and tells her that Logan is no good. Scott, Lulu, and Tracy leave. Spinelli tells Logan he should listen to them and leave Lulu alone. Logan points out that every time Spinelli badmouths Logan, Lulu ends up defending him. He's just doing Logan a favor.

Back at the Quartermaine's, everyone welcomes Tracy back. She is touched, even if some of their compliments are backhanded. After everyone leaves, Tracy and Scott tell Lulu that Logan is using her. Lulu still can't understand how Scott doesn't realize that Logan is his son. He is a good guy, and she tells them that they don't know him. She points out that her dad would be upset that they are teaming up together. Logan shows up and tells them that he is prepared to take the DNA test

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tracy, Scott, Lulu, and Logan argue about Logan being a bad influence on Lulu. Tracy decides that it is time to find out if Scott is really the biological father of Logan once and for all. She orders Alice to call the hospital and order a DNA test for Scott and Logan. Logan tells Scott that he wants nothing from him. Scott insists that he isn't the father of Logan but agrees to take the test to prove it. They all go to the hospital to have the test. Tracy tells Epiphany that Scott and Logan are there to have a DNA test done. Epiphany tells them to go to the waiting area to wait their turn. Tracy tells her that she is a Quartermaine and they don't wait. Epiphany asks Tracy if anyone there is having shortness of breath or pains in their chest. Tracy tells her there is no such emergency. Epiphany tells Tracy that she doesn't care who she is and that Logan and Scott can wait. A lab technician arrives shortly afterwards to get Scott and Logan to follow him to the lab for the DNA test. Tracy tells Lulu that she is going to stay away from Logan. Lulu refuses to listen to her. They all end up back at the Quartermaine mansion. Lulu curls up next to Logan on the couch. Edward isn't happy to see them together when he comes back into the living room. Monica enters the room looking for her medical journal. Alan's ghost tells Tracy to tell Monica where to find it in the desk. Tracy tries to ignore Alan's ghost but he refuses to leave since Monica is in the room. Edward and Tracy rattle off a number of people who have come to the Quartermaines' to try to get money from them, including Jimmy Lee Holt and Skye. Monica makes a comment that if Skye hadn't come into their lives, Alan would probably be still alive. Alan tells Tracy to tell Monica that there is no point in going into it since it doesn't change anything. Tracy listens to Alan this time and tells Monica what he told her to say. Monica asks Tracy where that advice came from since Tracy was just blaming Skye for being a free-loader just a few minutes ago. Alan says something to Tracy that bothers her and she turns around and points to her chair to tell Alan to stop. Edward and Monica are concerned about Tracy talking to Alan's ghost again. Monica tells him that she wishes Alan would talk to her. Alan tells her he wishes he could also. Logan insists he doesn't want their money and is only interested in Lulu. Nobody believes him and insist he leave Lulu alone. Tracy forbids Lulu to ever see Logan again and tries to kick Logan out of the house. Lulu tells her that she will just move in with Logan instead.

Robin isn't pleased when she finds Patrick in their apartment entertaining Layla, the new student nurse with his racecar track. She overreacts to seeing her with Patrick and asks her to get out of her apartment. Patrick takes exception to her rudeness and tells her she is acting very insecure right now. Robin asks him if he would do the same if he found her entertaining Jason or Nikolas in their apartment. Patrick tells her he wouldn't have a problem with her spending time with her male friends since he trusts her and thought she trusted him. Robin realizes Layla is still in the room listening to them fight. She asks her why she is listening to their private conversation. Layla picks up her books and things and tries to leave. Patrick tells her he is sorry for how Robin is treating her. Robin refuses to apologize and accuses Layla of hitting on Patrick all the time. Layla defends herself and tells Robin that she sees Patrick as a friend and mentor and that is it. She walks off after telling Robin off for being so territorial. Patrick tells Robin off for her behavior and asks her why she doesn't trust him and his live for her. Robin tells him that he hasn't given her a reason to trust him with the way he has been acting lately. Patrick asks her if she is talking about the baby situation. Robin tells him that she couldn't believe how he reacted when he found out she wasn't pregnant. They end up laying everything out on the table about their relationship. Robin feels that they are in two different places now. She tells him that she didn't think she would ever want or have a child of her own and now would like to but he is opposed to it. Patrick is honest with her and tells her he doesn't see himself being a father to her children ever and likes his freedom and being a world renowned neurosurgeon. Robin thanks him for his honesty and tells him she will come by sometime later to start picking up her things.

Jason shows up at Sam's new place after she calls him to tell him she is in danger and needs his help. When he gets to her place, he realizes that she lied to him about it. She tells him she asked him to come by so they could talk and leads him to her hot-tub outside her apartment. She tells him she plans to seduce Lucky and she wanted to let him know. Jason tells her he doesn't care what she does and now he realizes he can't trust a word that she says to him anymore. Sam can't believe he wouldn't help her if she truly was in danger. Jason tells her he would help her but he would have to see her in danger with his own eyes to trust it since he can't believe her anymore. Sam tells him that she hates him and that she wouldn't even call him to save her if she was crawling naked over a floor of broken glass. Jason leaves her alone. Meanwhile, Lucky talks to Nikolas about his marriage problems and how he doesn't know if he can stay faithful to Liz if she continues to push him away and not be intimate with him. Nikolas tells him about his own experience with Courtney after he had problems with Emily in their marriage. He brings up the fact that Sam is trying to seduce him and that she wants revenge on Jason and Liz and that sleeping with him would do that. Lucky tells him he knows that but he can understand her feelings better than Liz's lately. Meanwhile, Liz confides in Emily about the lack of intimacy in her marriage to Lucky and how she doesn't know how to get back the connection they once so easily shared before Lucky got addicted to pills and slept with Maxie. Emily asks her if she still is attracted to Lucky. Liz doesn't have an answer and evades the question. Later, she returns home to find Lucky has lit some candles around the house with a nice romantic evening planned. Lucky comes downstairs and tells her he brought the kids to Audrey's because he felt it was important for them to spend some time alone. Lucky reminds her how they once couldn't keep their hands off of each other and would spend weekends in bed together. Liz tells him a lot has happened since then and pushes him away. Lucky finally loses his patience with her and asks her how she thinks he can remain faithful to her and their marriage if she continues to push him away. Meanwhile, Nikolas shows up at Sam's to ask her to stay away from Lucky so he can try to work things out with his wife.

Sonny has his goons bring Jerry into his office. Jerry tries to be entertaining with his dry wit. Sonny ignores his comments about Max and Milo and asks him point-blank what business does he have with Anthony Zacchara. Jerry explains to him that he wanted to meet Zacchara personally for a meeting face to face after Trevor Lansing approached him about making a deal. He tells Sonny that he isn't interested in doing business with a third party and so he set up the meeting, unaware that telling Jax would be such a mistake. Jax tried to intercept the meeting and his car blew up. Jerry points out that he wants to make sure that Jax and his family stay out of danger and that Sonny wants the same thing. Later, Jerry shows up at Sam's place unannounced and threatens to kill her if she doesn't get close to Trevor Lansing and sleep with him to find out what secrets he has. After Jerry puts Sam in a choke-hold, she agrees to do what he wants. Meanwhile, Jason pays Kate a visit out on her patio after she conducts business on the phone. She is scared when he comes over to her quietly and she doesn't hear him approach. Jason asks her to tell him everything she knows about Trevor Lansing. He asks her to tell him if he ever mentioned anything about his business to her. She admits that he told her that he represents Zacchara but insists he had nothing to do with the murder of Leticia. She tells Jason that she has recently found Trevor to be more sinister than she thought he was and warned Jason to be careful around him. Sonny has Trevor brought to his office. Trevor reminds Sonny that he has a restraining order against him and he will have him arrested for ignoring it. Sonny demands that Trevor tell him about what Zacchara is up to and what he wants from him. He accuses Trevor of having his kids' nanny murdered. Trevor denies having anything to do with the nanny's murder. He starts to bring up the past again about Sonny's mother to trigger Sonny's temper. It works but Sonny tells him that he can get a message to his client about watching his back because there will be payback for what he has done. Trevor warns him to watch out. Jason shows up at his office to talk about what he found out from Kate. Jason wonders if Zacchara was responsible for Leticia's murder after all and if Trevor was behind it. Sonny insists that Trevor is behind it and reveals that this is more than just business when he tells Jason to kill Trevor for him. Jason realizes that Sonny has emotional reasons for wanting Trevor dead and asks Sonny if Kate has something to do with it. Later, Trevor shows up at Kate's house to find her working on her patio talking on her cell phone. She takes a call while he is there. Trevor looks at her work on the table and smiles a sinister smile like he is up to something. Kate gets disturbing news over the phone and tells Trevor that one of their biggest advertisers pulled out of this month's issue of her magazine for no apparent reason and looks like others may pull out also. Trevor doesn't act surprised and tells her that he had something to do with it. He reminds her he has powerful connections with some advertisers and that he will continue to cause problems for her in her job. Kate is shocked by his actions but asks him what he wants. He tells her to stay away from Sonny or else. Sonny shows up and asks her what is going on. Later, Jerry pays Jason a visit and tells him not to kill Trevor.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Nikolas and Sam talk about Lucky and Liz. She wants to know why Nikolas wants his brother to remain faithful to a frigid wife like Liz. Nikolas reminds her that Lucky has a family. If she has her fun with Lucky, she won't lose anything. Lucky will lose his family, though. Sam makes it obvious that she is just out to get revenge on Jason and Liz. Nikolas sees through her words to her bitterness.

Lucky doesn't think he's out of line for wanting to sleep with his wife. She tells him that he is coming on to her as a substitute for Sam. He tells her she is forcing him to be the one that leaves. He walks out. Lucky goes to Sam's house just as she and Nikolas are arguing over her wanting to sleep with him. She opens the door and tells him he's just in time. Nikolas was going to see him to tell him what an "evil bitch" she is. Lucky asks Nikolas what he's doing. He tells his brother that he was there to remind Sam that he is a married man. He reminds Lucky that he and Liz were going to work on their marriage. Lucky tells him to stop defending Liz. Nikolas says if he can't keep his pants on, then go ahead and he leaves. Lucky apologizes to Sam. She says Nikolas thinks she's seducing Lucky. He says maybe he's ready to be seduced and they kiss. They pull away. Lucky says he came there because he wanted company after his fight with Liz. It's not fair to Sam, though. She points out that she's not complaining. She says she's going to get in the hot tub to relax. He can join her if he wants. He goes outside, takes his shirt off, and joins her in the hot tub with his jeans on. They start to kiss again.

Nikolas shows up at Liz's and apologizes for coming over so late. He tells her that he went to Sam's to get her to back off of Lucky. Lucky showed up, though. When he left, Lucky was still there. Liz guesses that they are "going at it". Nikolas is surprised that she sounds so calm about it. She's not surprised at the news, though. She just has to figure out what to do now.

Sonny asks Kate whys he lets Trevor put words in her mouth. She tells him that she won't let either one of them put words in her mouth. She tells Sonny that she can't be in the middle of the two of them anymore. She tells him she's ending her relationship with him. He asks her if Trevor is threatening her. She says no and asks him to leave. After Sonny leaves, Kate tells Trevor to call her advertiser and get them back on board. He says he can't trust her yet. As soon as he leaves, she will go running back to Sonny. They will talk when she gets back to Manhattan.

Jerry tells Jason that Carly, Jax, and the kids are a priority to him, too. He wants Trevor to remain alive, though. Sonny can't see past his emotions right now. They need Trevor alive to get information on Zacchara. If Trevor is killed, Carly and the kids will be a target. He warns Jason that Zacchara will strike and go for the jugular, and he walks out. Sonny comes home furious from Kate's. He tells Jason that he wants Trevor dead now. He explains what happened. Jason tells him that Trevor must remain alive for now. He explains that Trevor has information that they need. Sonny says he's not going to ask again. Do what he says. Jason says fine. He will start setting it up. He will let Sonny give the final word. Jason leaves and Sonny calls the boys. He tells Michael he's going to buy him a jet ski next summer. Michael asks if he knows who killed Leticia yet. Sonny says not yet. Sonny says to give Morgan his love and they hang up.

Jerry goes to talk to Kate. He wants information on Trevor. She's on the phone, but she tells him she can't be involved anymore. He leaves. Kate decides to go see Sonny. She tells him there was an explanation for her behavior earlier. He knows Trevor is blackmailing her, but she won't let him help her. Her career is her life and she can't ruin it. She went after her dream and she's not going to lose it because of him and she leaves. While she is gone, though, Jerry comes back to her place. He looks at the glasses that she and Trevor were drinking from. He goes back to Sonny's after Kate leaves. Sonny pulls a gun on Jerry, but Jerry tells him he doesn't have time for that right now. Sonny needs to find his girlfriend. He thinks Kate may be drugged. Meanwhile, Kate is having problems driving and staying awake. She screams while she swerves and crashes her car.

Robin and Epiphany talk about a patient. Patrick approaches and tells them that he thinks the patient needs surgery. Robin says he doesn't need it yet. Let her treat it with drugs. Patrick thinks she is bringing their personal problems into the hospital. They argue until she finally relents and lets him do the surgery. Later, Epiphany and Robin talk about the patient. Epiphany is still surprised that Robin backed down to Patrick. After the surgery is over, Patrick tells Robin that it was a success. He asks her to consult on another patient. She says she can't. She has someplace she has to be. She ends up at the coffee shop. Jason is surprised to see her. He orders her a favorite of hers. She tells him not to be nice to her or she may cry. He tells her it's ok; crying is allowed. Robin talks to her about Patrick and how they broke up over a child she may want some day. Jason tells her if she wants a child, then she should have one. If Patrick doesn't want one, that's his problem. She says he makes it sound so simple. He explains that simple doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.

The Quartermaines continue to argue over Lulu and Logan's relationship. Alan tells Tracy to use Luke as an excuse. She tells them that if she lets Lulu move in with Logan, Luke will divorce her. Edward tells them to take the money and run. They all start to argue more, but Monica shuts them up. Scott tells Lulu she can stay with Bobbie or Leslie, but not Logan. Lulu and Logan leave together. They get back to his house, which is a mess. He apologizes and offers to fix her something to eat, even though he doesn't have much. She says she's just glad to be out of the Quartermaines'. He says the only reason why they throw such fits is because they care about her. She asks him to just be honest with her. He says always. They go to get food and when they come back, Lulu notices Logan checking out the closet. She asks if he's hiding girls in there, and he laughs nervously. She offers to go somewhere else, but he says he wants her there.

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