One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 10, 2007 on OLTL

Jessica realized that she knew Jared, though she'd met him as Tess. Todd was frustrated. John was suspended from the police force. Todd received a court order to have Tommy's DNA tested. Marty's marriage to Miles was annulled. Marty and John shared a kiss, and Natalie and Miles both witnessed it.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 10, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Todd storms the courtroom, demanding his son be given to him. Marcie is shell shocked by Todd's claim, and is eventually led away by John and Michael. John tells Marcie that Todd is Tommy's father, and spins it to make it seem as though Michael is hearing this for the first time too. Marcie instantly goes into denial, but then realizes that Michael believes the story is true. Michael is in shreds when Marcie asks him to promise her that they won't lose their son. Blair warns Todd that he's only made things worse for himself. Todd suspects that Rex played a major role in the cover up, and warns he'll pay for what he did. Although under arrest, Todd refuses to leave the courtroom without his son. Bo takes Lindsay back to her cell, and she admits she knew the truth about Tommy all along. Bo doesn't want Lindsay to incriminate herself, but now knows what her real motive for killing Spencer was. Bo is concerned for Lindsay as he points out that Nora could now make a case for Murder 1, which could mean the death penalty. Jessica visits Marty, and the two friends get caught up. Meanwhile, Jared drops in on Nash, and the men seem to be getting along. Jessica pales when she finds Jared at the cottage with Nash.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Todd demands that his son be returned to him immediately, but the judge declares that proper legal procedures will be followed. Michael and Marcie breathe a huge sigh of relief when the judge allows them to take Tommy home for the night, and orders that Todd be returned to his jail cell. Michael and Marcie know they're facing a major battle, but remain determined to keep their son. Todd, meanwhile, vows that he will get his son back. Blair tries to make Todd see why she did what she did, but he turns his back on her. Jessica and Jared clearly have a shared past, and it isn't pleasant. Jessica wants Jared gone, and wonders what the emocialite is really after. Dorian admits to Clint that she's concerned about Langston because her parents don't seem to be a part of her life. Clint advises Dorian not to meddle, and Dorian returns the advice when he voices his worries about Jessica. Clint and Dorian's relationship is in a good place. Starr and Langston get ready to face the start of school, and write down their wishes for the year ahead.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Marty and Cole have breakfast together on the first day of school. They wonder why they haven't heard from John since Marty's release from jail. They see a report on TV about Todd's lawsuit against the McBains, and hear that John has been accused of conspiracy to keep Tommy's illegal adoption in force. They talk about the Tommy case and Miles', Todd's, and the McBains' involvement. They realize that's why they haven't heard from John. They try to figure out how Miles was involved. Cole heads over to Starr's house to see if she's all right before they have to go to school. Marty receives a registered letter containing papers. She looks really happy. Marty arrives at court to file the annulment papers and runs into Miles and gives him his copy of the annulment.

John calls Michael to find out how he and Marcie are doing. He goes into Bo's office, who shows him the front page of The Sun and asks him how long he's known about Tommy being Todd's son. John admits that he's known about it for a while and should have said something about it. Bo says he's an accessory after the fact to the crime that Truman committed in lying to Todd. Bo tells John he had a tough choice to make. Bo says John put his family first; John knows he let Bo down. Bo understands because he had a similar choice to make about Asa, who he was going to arrest the day he died. Bo asks John about Lindsay. John says he can't speak for Lindsay. John says Michael and Marcie didn't know about the secret. Bo says that people who knew about the secret but said nothing are culpable. John tells him to do what he has to do: he knows Bo doesn't have a choice. Bo sympathizes with John, but says the law was clear and there were two choices: to tell the truth or resign. Bo says he can't run a department when officers pick and choose when to follow the law, and suspends John effective immediately. Bo will talk to Nora and let him know if Nora intends to press charges. John hands his gun and shield to Bo and leaves. He heads immediately to court, where Todd is still being arraigned. Bo sadly puts John's gun and shield in his top desk drawer.

Starr asks Dorian if her dad's still in jail. Dorian says Langston is always welcome to stay with them. Blair comes in and Starr asks about Todd. Starr reads about Tommy being her brother in The Sun. Starr is annoyed that her family is front page news again, and Blair says that it's all good news this time. Blair and Dorian argue. Blair says she heard about it from Miles and tells Starr how she had Todd arrested to give Marcie and Michael time to hear the bad news and adjust. Starr doesn't blame Todd for trying to get the baby back, but she feels bad for Marcie. Then she realizes she's been babysitting her own brother. Starr asks if Todd can get the baby back. Dorian hopes it won't be a long custody battle. They all decided to keep Jack in the dark about what's going on. Starr says she's not going to school, she wants to go to court instead to support her dad. Blair and Dorian argue with her. Cole arrives at the kitchen door. He says he's glad her little brother is alive. Starr says Blair needs to call her if anything happens with Todd and Tommy. Starr and Cole leave for school. Blair is annoyed that Todd wasn't there to see Starr off on her first day of school. Dorian says Todd is only focused on his youngest child now.

Todd is in court with his new lawyer. Miles arrives, to Todd's surprise. Miles is not going to press charges against Todd. His lawyer tells Todd not to get in Miles' face. Miles apologizes and offers Todd a truce. Judge McClellan arrives and the charges are read. Miles stands up and refuses to press charges. The assault charges are dismissed. The prosecutor gives it a good try, but the new lawyer says Todd was suffering temporary insanity due to finding out about Tommy. John's is accused of railroading Todd and also of conspiracy. Todd is sentenced for the jailbreak, assault, resisting arrest, and contempt of court charges. He is the case is bound over for trial, but the judge finds mitigating circumstances and shows leniency. He is sentenced to two years in prison, with a suspended sentence, for which Todd has to plead nolo contendere and perform 1,000 hours of community service and pay a fine of $150,000. Todd's lawyer asks to meet the judge in chambers and Todd complains that the lawyer could have gotten him a better deal. John stops Miles on the way out of the courtroom, asking what he's thinking. Miles says he's trying to do the right thing, make up for his mistakes. John says what he's done is going to put everyone through hell. John says he hopes Miles is happy.

Marcie is working on list of questions for their lawyer. Michael is worried about her. Michael says they can't keep Todd in jail forever; Marcie is optimistic. Their new lawyer, Judy Schulman Brown, arrives, and they begin to discuss their case. Marcie asks if they can keep their son. Judy goes over the evidence about Tommy's parentage, and asks tough questions about who knew about the secret, and when. Michael looks uncomfortable. Judy says custody cases can drag out for a long time, and the advantage goes to the biological parents. Judy says it will be a long, brutal battle, and warns them any dirty laundry they have will come out. She asks about Margaret, then Todd. Judy says the case is one-of-a-kind. Marcie asks if there's any chance Tommy can stay with them. Judy says it won't be easy. John calls Michael and asks how it's going with the lawyer and tells him that Todd is back on the street. Michael tells Marcie that John called. A knock comes at the door. It's the police and Todd with a court order.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Marty runs into Miles at the courthouse and hands him the annulment papers. He still loves her and is sorry for the pain he caused, he tells her. He hopes she finds happiness. John is nearby, hidden and listening, glaring at Miles when he decides to show himself. Miles leaves and John and Marty make small talk. He acknowledges the note she left him. He's been busy, he tells her. She learns he's been suspended. She wants to celebrate her "new lease on life" and extends a dinner invitation for later in the week. They decide to grab a bite and head for the docks. While there, Marty decides to get rid of her marriage license (to Miles) and John turns it into a paper airplane. He talks about how he tried to do the right thing for Mike and Tommy but things turned out badly. He still considers Tommy a McBain. He gives her advice on flying the airplane; "just like darts" into the water.

Busy at work, Natalie is interrupted by an anonymous message online. She finally realizes it's an obnoxious Jared and she cuts him off abruptly. "Jackass," she says as Jess walks in. The girls have a reunion, talk about the latest in England and mention that Viki is away for her annual publishers' convention. The talk turns back to the person that Nat was referring to and Jess is shocked to learn it's Jared. She claims to have just met him the previous night. Nat fills her in on the fake who's tried to get a job, claimed to have known Asa and had a false resume. She's thinking about calling security. She even picks up the phone when she learns he's Nash's new partner but Jess stops her. She and Nash are working with him and they will handle it, she says. When she leaves, Nat is back on the computer asking Jared to meet her. On her way out, a depressed Miles arrives and she asks him to go for a ride.

Dorian and Blair figure that Todd is now going to target everyone who he feels went against him in some way. Blair insists she's not afraid of him. Dorian feels that he's afraid to experience joy and is always looking for the wrong and the bad in life. Blair has tried to justify her actions to herself regarding the McBains and Todd and Dorian accuses her of being worried that it will cost her Todd. She's an enemy to him now. Blair admits that they still love each other but realize they can't be a couple. She wants to fix things.

Todd is at the McBain's door with a court order. As Marcie orders him to stay away from her son, he pushes inside. Judy looks at the documents; it's legitimate but it's for a DNA sample. The doctor accompanying Todd takes the swabs as Todd advises everyone there's a hearing tomorrow after the results are in. He will take the kid then, he promises. Marcie assures him that she will never hand Tommy over and both she and Todd swear they would die for the baby. Todd appears bored as Marcie shares their life with him, through pictures. You can know him, but not take him, she tells him. Todd thinks the boy deserves his real father. After he's gone, the McBains learn that the only hope they have is if they can prove that Todd is an unfit parent. Marcie knows just how to go about it.

Nash pays a visit to Jared, claiming to have some questions regarding his proposal. He actually only comes up with one, which the guys talk about and rectify. Jared reminds him that he's only a numbers guy, that all of the ideas for the vineyard are Nash's. He also mentions that all of his liquid assets are tied up in the vineyard, except for what he needs for food and his motel room. Nash mentions that he's sacrificed a lot as well. He also slips and mentions Tess. In the meantime, Jess has headed to Jared's room and bangs on the door. She's ready to have it out with him but to her surprise, Nash answers the door.

Todd arrives home and finds Blair waiting for him. She wants to make things right.

Marty thanks John for saving her life. They share a kiss as Nat and Miles walk onto the dock and see them.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Marcie barges in on Rex in the steam room and request that he returns home with her; she would like for him to find damaging information on Todd that would help she and Michael keep custody of Tommy. Roxy visits Michael and would like to know exactly how Rex is involved in keeping Tommy's paternity a secret. Roxy threatens to contact her "friends" who will take care of Todd Manning. Michael tries to explain to Roxy that he knew nothing about Todd being Tommy's father. Roxy realizes that Rex forged the death certificate; she knows that Todd will be able to get the same information and is worried about Rex's safety. Marcie has dragged Rex back to the apartment and Roxy confronts her about involving Rex. Roxy tells them if they all plan to take on Todd Manning that they will need her help. Roxy leaves and the McBains enlist Rex's help to make a case against Todd. Michael and Marcie want Rex to prove that Todd is an unfit parent. Rex offers free help, but the McBains tell him that they will need to hire him; they want any dirt on Todd that Rex is able to dig up. They do not care if the uncovered information destroys Todd; Michael and Marcie want to keep Tommy at all costs. Rex promises to prove Todd is unfit but questions Michael and Marcie about whether or not they really want to do this. Rex is concerned about the adverse affect this would have on Starr and Jack. The McBains feel Todd is out of control; they offered to give Todd visitation but he refused and wants full custody. At this point, they are only concerned with what is best for Tommy. Rex tells Michael and Marcie that he is sure he can find enough evidence that will convince the judge to allow the McBains to keep Tommy for now. Marcie screams at Rex uncontrollably that they want to keep Tommy forever. Rex tries to warn them that Todd will fight back. Marcie confronts Rex about knowing the truth about Tommy and not telling them. She understands why he did it but feels they could have been better prepared if they had known all along. As a nervous Michael looks on, Rex admits to knowing for a long time. Marcie becomes angry with Rex after learning this.

Blair tries to convince Todd that she wants to help him. Todd wants nothing to do with Blair and attempts to throw her out of his apartment. Blair refuses to leave until Todd understands why she had him thrown in jail. Blair talks playfully with Todd, but he is unreceptive. Blair tells Todd that she did everything she could to help find him while he was missing and that she will always be there for him. Todd is unconvinced; he blames Blair for Tommy still being with Michael and Marcie. Blair urges Todd to work out an arrangement with the McBains or to let the courts make a decision; she doesn't want Todd to take the law into his own hands. Todd vows to Blair that he will get his son back. Blair is convinced that Todd has plans to run off with Tommy. She tells him that Starr and Jack would be hurt and questions what kind of life Tommy will have on the run. After being unable to reason with Todd, Blair angrily tells him that she understands what Marcie is feeling because she knows what it is like to lose a child. Blair reminds Todd of how he hurt her and Jack, when he kept Jack away from her.

As John and Marty share a passionate kiss on the docks, Natalie and Miles solemnly watch nearby. After realizing that they have been observed, Marty walks away as Natalie approaches John. Natalie wants to know how Michael and Marcie are doing; John is very cold and this angers Natalie. Meanwhile, Miles questions Marty about moving on with her life. Marty tells Miles that her life is none of his business. A sadden Miles tells Marty that he wishes her the best and walks away. Natalie quips at Marty about being rude to Miles and then runs after him. Miles tells Natalie that he needs to be alone and leaves. Before leaving, Natalie takes a painful look back at John and Marty. Marty apologizes for placing John in a bad situation by impulsively kissing him. John tells her there is no need for her to apologize because she has done nothing wrong. John tells her it would have been interesting to see what she would have done if they had not been interrupted. John and Marty have a meaningful talk on the docks. Marty values their friendship and hopes she has done nothing to damage it. John answers by affectionately stroking her hair and then gently caressing her face. Marty tells John that she actually feels sorry for Miles and inadvertently mentions that Miles threatened to hurt John. John is surprised by this revelation and tells Marty to next time inform him of threats made against him. Meanwhile, Miles sits in the steam room deep in thought.

Nash opens Jared's hotel door and finds an angry Jessica there. Nash questions her about why she is shouting and pounding on Jared's door. Jessica quickly covers and tells Nash that she has come to warn Jared about harassing Natalie. Jared explains that he was merely trying to get Natalie to hire him. Jessica tells Nash that Jared is a liar and has an agenda. Jared asks Jessica why he would have an ulterior motive since he has never met her before. He then questions Jessica about whether or not they do know one another. Nash stares confusingly at them both. Jessica tells Jared that he knows nothing about her and she is used to people trying to scam her family. Nash receives an important business call and is unsure about leaving the two alone. After Nash leaves to take the call, Jared turns his attention to Jessica. He angrily yells at her, "Why did you try to ruin my life?" Jessica tells Jared to come to her if he wants revenge but to leave Nash and Natalie alone. Jessica wants to know why Jared is playing cat and mouse games with her; why hasn't he told Nash the truth? Jared questions Jessica about why she hasn't told Nash about their past. Nash walks in and interrupts before Jessica is able to answer. Nash and Jessica leave and moments later there is a knock on the door. Jared opens the door and there an angry Natalie stands. Natalie angrily lashes out at Jared for causing trouble for her family. As Jared offers her a drink, Natalie begins to take her obvious frustration with John out on Jared. Jared realizes that he is not the one that Natalie is upset with and calls her on it. Natalie admits that she is upset with her ex. Natalie accepts a drink and begins to give Jared the sordid details of her encounter of John and Marty on the docks. Jared begins to get a buzz from the alcohol. After Natalie rants and raves about John, she begins to get a little out of sorts from the alcohol. Jared tells her that maybe she should take it easy on the alcohol. Natalie continues to gulp down alcohol and take out her frustration on Jared.

Nash is convinced that there is something that Jessica is keeping from him concerning Jared. Jessica quickly takes Nash's mind off of Jared with a kiss. Jared tells Natalie that most women would be concerned drinking in a strange man's motel room. Natalie continues to drink and tells him that she is not most women. Jared slyly watches Natalie as she drinks. John puts Marty fears to rest concerning the kiss. Rex continues to explain himself. Michael tells Marcie that Rex put himself at risk to protect them. Marcie realizes he had good intentions but is still upset; she leaves to check on Tommy. Michael thanks Rex for keeping his involvement from Marcie; he feels that if she ever found out the truth she could never forgive him. Rex promises to take care of Todd. Blair leaves Todd apartment and tells him she will see him at the hearing tomorrow. Todd asks her not to come. Blair tells him she will be there to the end.

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