One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 3, 2007 on OLTL

Rex asked Adriana to move in with him. Todd made a decision to claim his son, but Blair was less than willing to support him. John arrested Todd for assault. Michael realized he had to tell Marcie the truth about their son. Marty was released from jail. Nash told Jessica the truth about the vineyard.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 3, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, September 3, 2007

Due to the Labor Day holiday, today's ABC Daytime lineup – All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital – featured the rebroadcast of episodes from earlier this year.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this scheduling change. The regular broadcast schedule will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, September 4th.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blair convinces a disbelieving Todd that Tommy McBain is really his son TJ. John and Blair stop a fired up Todd from racing out to claim his son from Michael and Marcie. John insists that the situation will be handled his way, but Todd is unrelenting in his insistence that he's not going to wait to take his son from Marcie. John takes action to stop Todd from ripping Michael and Marcie's life apart. Meanwhile, Marcie vows to do anything she can to help Lindsay. As a show of support for her friend, Marcie, along with Michael, Rex and Adriana, makes a video for Lindsay. Lindsay becomes emotional when Dorian visits and voices her unwavering support. Lindsay tries to keep a brave face while calling Will, but later breaks down. Clint is surprised to learn how strong the case against Lindsay is. Nora assures Clint she can put her personal feelings aside and won't be biased in her prosecution of Lindsay. Sarah sees that Jared has a picture of Jessica on his cell phone, but he disappears before she can tell Clint. After stalling as long as he can, Nash tells Jessica about losing all his money in the poker game, and how Antonio sold his shares of the vineyard. Jessica tells Nash she'll always be proud of him. Jared arrives at the cottage.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

John has Todd up against a wall; Todd threatens he'll have John's badge. John arrests him. Blair asks what Todd is doing. Todd says "Dirty Harry" has dreamed up a phony arrest to keep him away from his son and Todd promises to make trouble. Blair says John must be desperate. John says Miles wants to press charges for the assault and he's taking Todd in. Todd refuses to go, saying John has nothing, and it's just to keep Todd from going to the McBains' and yanking the kid out of there. John says that would be the worst thing to do. Todd says he has no proof, so John asks Blair to help him by giving a statement about the assault. Todd says no one cares what he did to Miles. John defends Michael and Marcie and says they took good care of Tommy, and that they didn't know Todd was the father, and that Marcie can't have children of her own. He just wants to tell Marcie himself. Blair says she's on the baby's side, and asks Todd to wait to talk to Marcie. Todd is still defiant and, looking right at Todd, Blair makes a statement about the assault that allows John to arrest Todd. Todd is put in jail and says John should have done the right thing. Todd wants to be Tommy's father; he's risked everything for the kid. Even John is sympathetic, and defends Michael and Marcie again. He says, with Spencer involved, it could have been much worse. John is only asking for one night. Todd thinks he will take Tommy and run. John leaves. Todd remembers showing Marcie his son's death certificate. Blair shows up on the other side of the jail cell. Blair tries to explain what she did. Todd isn't buying it. She encourages him to think about what's best for the baby. Blair says he knows his son is alive and that should be enough for one day. Todd doesn't appreciate the McBains, and thinks that earlier in the afternoon, in his office, will be the last time he'll see his son.

Cristian tells Sarah she's doing a good job. Rex and Adriana arrive at Capricorn and are waiting for Layla and Vincent. They don't want to talk about Spencer's murder or Lindsay. Layla and Vincent arrive and Sarah surprises everyone by coming to the table and saying she expects a really big tip. They all talk about Sarah's new job, then they give her a very complicated drink order and are dubious when she doesn't write any of it down. Cristian says they should give her a break because if Sarah has a job, she can finally move out of his place. Sarah overhears him and is hurt. Cristian wishes she hadn't heard him. The girls aren't impressed with Sarah, but she gets the entire drink order perfect. They talk about the Woman of the Year awards. Sean is tired of hearing them gossip. Cristian apologizes to Sarah, but she's still mad. Sarah gives Jared a drink on the house, remembering that he drinks gin & tonic. Layla and Vincent talk about Lindsay while Rex and Adriana look uncomfortable. Then they talk about Marty, then Marcie. Layla asks them why they're not gossiping, then figures out that they know more than they are telling. They deny knowing anything, and Layla changes the subject back to Sean's love life. Sarah is still mad at Cristian. Sarah says she'll trade the table another round for Rex's loft. Rex says she can't afford the rent. Sarah says she'll get a roommate and asks Sean if he wants to move in with her. Sean declines. Sarah walks away mad. Rex gets up to go talk to a friend. Rex introduces himself to Jared and says he's Roxy's son. Rex says his friend Nash lost a lot in the poker game. Rex is suspicious that Jared won. Jared just wants the vineyard to be a success. Rex says he'll be watching over Jared's shoulder. Rex and Adriana dance; Cristian and Sarah clear a table; Vincent and Layla dance; Sean looks lonely.

Jared shows up at Nash's door for a tour of the vineyard. Nash is not happy to see him. Nash postpones the tour until tomorrow and asks Jared to call before he comes over. Jessica asks who's at the door. Nash says it's his new partner. Jessica and Nash talk about what they did while they were apart. Nash tells her what little he knows about Jared. Jessica changes the subject by telling Nash her dress is uncomfortable and asking Nash to help her take it off. They kiss. They start to make love, then Nash stops and says he will make her proud. Jessica says he already is her hero. After making love, Nash is preoccupied thinking about his new business partner. Jessica counts their blessings. Jessica and Nash play cards. They hug.

Michael asks Marcie how she's doing. Marcie says she can't stop thinking about Lindsay and wishes she could have done more for her. She doesn't understand why John is railroading Lindsay for the crime; John defends his brother. Marcie says there is more to the story. Marcie reminds Michael that John tried to pin Spencer's murder on Marcie. She says he's out of line. Michael wants to change the subject. He just likes being in their home, together with Tommy. Marcie says they will get through this. They kiss. Marcie is sad because even if they make love, they won't make a baby. Michael asks if sex is just a meaningless exercise, then tells her he needs her. They kiss again. Marcie is sleeping and Michael's cell phone rings. It's John and he needs Michael to meet him at the station. He tells him not to tell Marcie where he's going. Michael lies and says he has to go back in to the hospital. John looks at a photo of him with baby Tommy. Michael kisses Marcie goodbye.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rex asks Adriana to move in with him and is quite disappointed when he doesn't get the reaction he anticipated. She thinks he's teasing and doesn't quite understand since they haven't discussed it in a very long time. When he says he's thought about it for a while, she's willing to consider it but is afraid she'll get on his nerves and then they'll break up. He'll be upset when she moves in and cramps his style, she tells him. He compares the whole thing to the excitement that one gets when jumping out of an airplane. She finally agrees but makes him promise to let her know the very second she's getting on his nerves.

Vincent and Layla have planned a nice cozy evening at home but are unable to get Sean to leave. He's sensitive and alone and they feel bad so they let him stay. After a movie and popcorn and the three of them on the sofa together, it's time. As he sadly heads out, the couple is feeling guilty and they ask him to stay. The three fall asleep on the sofa.

Roxy stops by to see Marcie and fill her in on her latest plan to help Lindsay. She's had Free Lindsay T-shirts made and thinks they should have a rally. When they get arrested and have lots of publicity, Lindsay will be set free when an impartial jury can't be found. Marcie doesn't really care for the idea and thinks that Lindsay is just not herself, not pushing to get free and there must be something else they can do. Roxy will just sleep on it.

Miles is worried that he did the wrong thing and should have kept his mouth shut, if only for the baby's sake. As he doubts himself, Natalie tires to console him though she's shocked when she hears that it's Tommy who is Todd's son. When she thinks back to John's latest actions, she realizes that he probably knew. She's concerned that the news will now be out pretty quickly, but she still thinks that Miles did the right thing. They both feel a need to help though and she puts in a phone call to John, which goes unanswered.

Michael is summoned to John's office where he discovers that Todd knows about his son. He's furious with his brother who promised not to say anything. John explains that Todd was told by Blair, who in turn got the news from Miles via Spencer. Right now Todd is locked up on an assault charge that won't stick but they have a little time to get to Marcie first and tell her. No, he doesn't know the motives behind Miles' disclosure of the news, John responds to Michael's question. He tries to get Mike to see that it's over, that he can no longer run interference for him. Michael breaks down and John offers to be the one to tell Marcie, but Michael declines at first. He's her husband and he has to be there to take care of her, he explains. John doesn't think that Mike should let Marcie know that he already knew about this for the sake of their marriage; Mike feels he should come clean. Let Marcie hate him if someone has to take the blame, John offers. Mike is persuaded to head home and spend some time with Marcie; John will come by in a bit. He appreciates John putting his reputation on the line and thanks him profusely. The teary detective gruffly gives orders to never thank him again. Downstairs, a very loud and obnoxious Todd creates a scene, demanding his son, a lawyer, a phone. He realizes that Lindsay is in the cell opposite and he complains about the dirty cop McBain who is keeping him from his son. Lindsay accuses him of fishing and of being insane. Tommy is his son and Marcie and Michael will pay through the nose, Todd vows. Doing her best to convince him that his story is pretty unlikely, Lindsay points out that he's gotten his information from an "insane, dead murderer." John confirmed that he's right, Todd responds, and that's why he's in jail, so that John can be the one to break the news. Tommy is where he belongs, Lindsay retorts, with his mother and father who he loves and has bonded with. Maybe a shared custody would work, she suggests. When Todd gloats that the McBains will have to start over, Lindsay states that she will lay her life down before he takes Tommy from them. Todd refuses to be stopped. He won't be kept away, he growls. Lindsay threatens to ruin Jack's life by disclosing what Todd did when the boy was born, pretending he was dead and giving him away. He made those moves on purpose and DNA doesn't make a dad, she continues. Todd accuses her of playing dirty but he can too. He asks about Will in Los Angeles and suggests she worry about her own child. He will have her son hurt if she messes with his, he threatens back. Which family does she value more? A frantic Lindsay cracks when she hears that her own son could be in possible danger. She'll do anything to protect him, she pleads. Suddenly, Marcie and Tommy arrive to say goodnight to Lindsay!

Michael gets home and Marcie isn't there. When John arrives they wonder where she can be.

Friday, September 7, 2007

As Bo solemnly sits in his office reading a letter from Paige, Nora gleefully enters and begins to discuss prosecuting Lindsay. Bo is upset that Nora is so anxious to see Lindsay put behind bars and reminds her that he considers Lindsay a friend. Nora has no sympathy for Lindsay and tells Bo that Lindsay is going to pay for her crimes and despite what he may think, she does not feel good about it.

Marty and Cole return home. Marty compliments Cole on how he has erased all memories of Miles from the apartment. She explains to Cole why she moved them back to Llanview. Marty begins telling Cole she finally feels they belong there and is happy to have good friends. Cole questions her about her friendship with John and where it will lead. Marty hesitates but tells Cole that she and John are only friends. Marty makes a call to her lawyer to inquire about her annulment to Miles. Marty happily tells Cole that her marriage to Miles will be over within the week.

Rex and Adriana lie in bed and discuss moving in together. Adriana admits to Rex that she has nightmares about the secret concerning Tommy being revealed. She tells Rex that so many lives would be destroyed in the process. Adriana feels they will all go to prison. Rex reassures her that the truth will not come out and they will be happy living together. Later, Rex awakens from a nightmare of he and Adriana behind bars.

Starr questions Blair concerning Todd's whereabouts. Blair admits to a shocked Starr that Todd is in jail and that she (Blair) helped put him there. Starr is furious with Blair for having Todd arrested. Blair attempts to explain that the situation is temporary and Todd will be released soon. Starr is not receptive to Blair's explanation and Blair is forced to tell her that "TJ" has been found alive. Starr is elated but cannot understand why the family will not be reunited with her little brother immediately. Blair explains that she cannot tell Starr everything but inadvertently reveals that she has seen Todd's son. Blair refuses to give Starr anymore information. Starr has one last question for Blair - Will they all be a family, once TJ returns? Blair tells Starr that she will help Todd raise his son if that is what he wants. Blair doesn't know if Todd will forgive her for betraying him. Blair realizes that she needs to go to Todd and make things right. She intends to convince Todd that she will help him bring his son home - when the time is right. Blair leaves to go to the police station to talk to Todd.

A panicked Michael tells John that he has no idea where Marcie has gone. Michael lashes out at John for wanting to reveal the truth to Marcie. He tells John that he cannot lose his son and begins to consider the idea of running off with Tommy. Michael wants to take Marcie and Tommy to another state, but John quickly tells him that his idea is ridiculous and that the police are now involved. Michael realizes that his plan is preposterous but still wants John to help him prevent the truth from coming out. After much convincing, Michael agrees to locate Marcie and have her return home to learn the truth. Michael is unable to contact Marcie by telephone.

Marcie is at the jail with Tommy, attempting to persuade the guard to allow them access to Lindsay. Todd and Lindsay are in cells within earshot. Todd realizes that Marcie is there with his son and begins to scream, "That's my son. Give me my son". Marcie cannot see Todd but hears his screams. She tells the guard that she can understand why Todd is going crazy; he has lost his son. Marcie feels she would be in the same state if she were ever to lose Tommy. Marcie continues to beg the guard for permission to see Lindsay, but finally retreats with Tommy. Lindsay tells Todd that Marcie has left. Todd tells Lindsay he will get his son back and continues to yell for Marcie to return his son. Marcie finally calls and tells Michael she is at the police station, but Michael is unable to convince her to return home. Marcie is on a mission; she is determined to help Lindsay. Michael and John head to the police station to try to prevent Marcie from running into Todd. Bo continues to question Nora's motives concerning prosecuting Lindsay. Marcie interrupts to ask Bo if he could help her see Lindsay. Marcie is concerned about Lindsay's mental state and wants to convince her to fight the charges. Nora leaves, but returns to tell Bo that Lindsay's arraignment will take place within the hour.

Lindsay and Todd continue to argue. The guard comes to take Lindsay to her arraignment. Todd begs the guard to allow him to see Bo, but is told no. After Lindsay is taken away, Todd begins to consider all who will be present at Lindsay's arraignment. John and Michael arrive at the police station, but cannot locate Marcie; the two split up to find her. Nora and Bo both arrive at the arraignment. Marcie is trying to get into the arraignment with Tommy, but is refused admittance by Bo. He will not allow her into the courtroom with the baby and tells her to wait outside; he promises to tell Lindsay that they are both there for her. John questions the guard about Marcie's whereabouts; Todd tells him that he wants to be released. John refuses and leaves to continue looking for Marcie. Todd fakes sickness and lures the guard into his cell. Once there, Todd tackles the guard and holds him at gunpoint. While tying up the guard, Todd tells him that it is nothing personal; he just needs to get his son. Todd takes off to attend the arraignment. Rex receives a phone call that Lindsay's arraignment has been moved up. He and Adriana leave to go to the courthouse to attend. John tells Michael that Marcie did not run into Todd and that she will probably show up at Lindsay's arraignment. The two head to the courthouse to find her.

The arraignment begins and Nora gives her opening testimony and asks the court to consider the charges for involuntary manslaughter. The defense attorney asks that Lindsay be released and all charges be dropped. Rex and Adriana arrive and quietly take their seats. The judge rules to proceed with a hasty trial. Michael and John find Marcie and Tommy outside the courtroom and attempt to convince her to return home. Marcie refuses to listen to them and abruptly walks into the courtroom. Michael and John follow her inside. As Lindsay begins to enter her plea, she turns around to see Marcie and Tommy in the courtroom. Blair arrives at the police station with a prison guard, to find Todd missing. Michael begins to beg Marcie to leave the courtroom immediately and she sternly tells him no. Todd rushes into the courtroom and begins screaming that Lindsay and everyone else in the courtroom are guilty. Bo wants to know what he is ranting and raving about. Todd stuns everyone as he points at Tommy and says, "That's my son".

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