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Passions Recaps: The week of September 3, 2007 on PS
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Monday, September 3, 2007

Due to the NBC Sports coverage of PGA Golf and the Labor Day holiday, today's NBC Daytime lineup – Days of our Lives and Passions -- were pre-empted today.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this scheduling change. The regular broadcast schedule will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, September 4th.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

At the hospital, Ethan is showing signs of waking up and that he realizes he has a son. Theresa is thrilled, all her dreams with Ethan are about to come true! A frustrated Rebecca observes from the hallway and continues trying to reach Gwen but to no avail. How can this new man in Gwen's life be more important than Ethan?!

Whitney says her final goodbye to Chad. Simone joins her sister to give her love and support and Whitney makes a decision about what to do next...

At the inn, Fancy and Luis make love. Through the window, a hurt and angry Sheridan sees them together and knows she has to act fast. When she interrupts the blissful couple saying she has important news, Luis puts her off, reminding Sheridan that he is with Fancy now. Meanwhile, a thrilled Fancy gets a call from Pretty, asking her to come home so they can make peace. But there's danger in store for Fancy and we see Alistair praising Pretty, ominously saying, she knows what she must to next...

Viki whispers to Esme that she doesn't want to be alone. Esme's admiration for Fox grows as Fox, Esme and her young niece settle onto the bed as Fox begins reading a bedtime story. Viki surprises Esme by whispering that Fox reminds her of someone special...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pretty drugs Fancy's lemonade, then helps Alistair take Fancy to yet another hi-tech room hidden in the bowels of the Crane mansion. Despite his rejection of her, Pretty continues to do Alistair's bidding in what appears to be a desperate attempt to gain his love. She watches on as unscrupulous medical personnel insert a small device up Fancy's nose. Alistair gloats that it will bring Fancy back to him and ruin her relationship to Luis.

At the Bed and Breakfast, Sheridan tells Luis that Marty is alive. At first he does not believe her. Then she shares her horrifying guilt at not being able to save both Vincent and Spike (who she does not call by name) and the split second decision she made to save him, because he had news of Marty instead of her cousin, Vincent.. Luis softens and tells her that it was not her fault and that Vincent had plenty to answer for. Sheridan worries about Eve and says that Eve will never forgive her. Luis feels otherwise. Before they go after Marty, he wants to know who gave Sheridan the information about Marty. She does not want to tell him that it was Spike, but does eventually. Luis is not pleased.

At the Blue Note, Eve is very drunk and bemoaning Vincent's death. Julian is with her. Eve is very angry with Sheridan and blames her. Julian is more understanding of Sheridan than Eve who drinks steadily as she deteriorates emotionally.

In the hospital, Ethan is still unconscious, but getting better. Theresa is happy because Ethan has acknowledged, by squeezing her hand, that he knows about his son and that he has forgiven Theresa for not telling him sooner. She hares her joy with Whitney who has news of hr own. Whitney tells Theresa that she is leaving Harmony and moving to New Orleans to get a fresh start away from all the gossip and bad memories. She is doing this for her own good and the good of her children. Theresa is sad as they reminisce, but she understands. They promise to email and telephone frequently. When Theresa returns to the hospital room, Ethan is beginning to wake up.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A joyful Theresa waits anxiously for Ethan to regain consciousness, sure that complete bliss is a heartbeat away for her family. Rebecca works to get her daughter back to the hospital, warning that if Gwen is too late, she'll lose her shot at revenge forever! Rebecca grows more frustrated as Gwen refuses to leave her "mystery man."

A desperate Sheridan begs Luis to believe her - Marty is still alive! Luis refuses to believe her source and gently tries to protect Sheridan from her own unrealistic expectations. Sheridan becomes her own worst enemy as her frustration leads her to lash out at Luis, reminding him that his lack of faith in her before cost them years with their son already.

Alistair continues to plot to control Fancy under any means necessary, going so far as to put his granddaughter's life in mortal danger!

Whitney feels no remorse when she hears news about Vincent and deals her devastated mother another crushing blow when she announces she's leaving Harmony to make a fresh start.

As our three resident witches struggle against the forces of darkness, Tabitha fears for the safety of her daughter as the evil forces in the basement make their heinous intentions clear!

Friday, September 7, 2007

The forces from the dark side lure Endora into the basement using a kitten that is really a demon. Kay and Tabitha are prevented from going after Endora. Tabitha tries to convince Miguel that an evil force is after Endora and he should go after her and save her. Miguel is confused because Tabitha keeps mentioning evil. Miguel finally figures out that Kay, Tabitha, and Endora are witches. The dark side is now in possession of Miguel and Endora. Tabitha and Kay follow suit, but the boys in the basement have relocated to places unknown leaving Kay and Tabitha in a panic.

Esme is crazy about Fox, and he is nothing like the men that she has chased. He is more caring and attentive. Fox points out that Esme is broke, but Esme doesn't care because she has found love. Fox never thought that he could find love again since he has been hurt by Kay, but he is sure that he has found it with Esme at this very moment. Fox and Esme make love. As Fox leaves the room to get more wine, he is shot by a mystery person.

Valerie's voice is heard from her apartment begging Vincent not to kill her. Vincent hears Eve coming towards the apartment and threatens Valerie not to tell Eve that he is alive or else he'll kill her. Eve worries about breaking the news to Valerie since she was so fond of Vincent before he was presumed dead. Valerie's cover story to Eve is that someone broke in her apartment and trashed the place. She even lies about calling the police. Eve breaks the news to Valerie about Chad and Vincent. She tells Eve that she doesn't care that Vincent fell off a cliff and died. Eve questions how Valerie knows all the details of Vincent's death since she did not volunteer the information. Valerie covers for herself by telling Eve that she heard it on the news. Vincent, who is disguised as Valerie, speaks out loud to himself that he is alive and wants Eve dead. Eve leaves, and suddenly Valerie's voice changes into Vincent's voice. She takes off her mask to reveal that she is really Vincent and states that even he has a hard time believing that he is gone for good. He laughs and evil laugh and speaks out loud to himself that he is alive and is mad as hell.

Sheridan holds a gun on Spike forcing him to tell her about Marty. Spike shows Sheridan a live video feed of Marty proving that Marty is alive. Sheridan is overjoyed and promises to go find Luis and tell him the good news. She states that she, Luis, and Marty will be a family, and Fancy will be out of the picture. Fancy is awaken from the operation. Alistair had doctors planted a device in her nostril in order to control her every move. Luis comes to visit Fancy, and Pretty exits the room to report back to Alistair. Luis and Fancy start making love, and Alistair presses the remote in order to control Fancy. Nothing happens, so he increases the frequency of the remote. Pretty warns Alistair that something is happening to Fancy as a result of his actions. Fancy is overcome by a terrible headache, and her nose starts to bleed. Alistair and Pretty are witnessing this since Fancy and Luis are under surveillance. Alistair is upset that Fancy is in pain, and he says "no, this can't happen to your beautiful sister!" Pretty reacts negatively to that since Alistair tells her that she is his favorite, even though it's a lie. Back in Fancy's room, Luis is worried about Fancy and wants to call a doctor, but Fancy tells him that the headache is a result of the alcohol she consumed. Luis goes to call a doctor, but Fancy collapses to the floor.

The doctor confuses Ivy and Julian for Ethan's parents. He tells them that Ethan should be coming out of the coma soon. Ivy wishes that Theresa was poisoned by the strawberries instead of Ethan. Sam goes to comfort a very upset Ivy and pulls her into a kiss. Ethan is awaken from his coma to see Theresa at his bedside, and he tells her that he loves her too much not to come back to her. Theresa is ecstatic and tells Pilar that she, Ethan, Little Ethan (LE), and Jane will be a family. Ethan remembers Theresa telling him, while in a coma, that he has a son and asks Theresa about it. Ethan asks to see his son, and Pilar goes to get LE, but before Pilar could walk into the room, Gwen walks in with a baby boy telling Ethan that it's his son, hers and Ethan's. Theresa's expression changes from happiness to sadness.

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