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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 10, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Belle and Philip arrived at the women's shelter in Tulsa, hoping to find Lauren and the baby. They tried to convince the shelter's director that they were married and that Belle was Lauren's sister. The director told them that the women there needed to remain anonymous and that they would not be allowed to enter. Belle continued to try to persuade the director when Philip became very frustrated and demanded to be let in. The director grew suspicious as they tried to explain the situation, and she threatened to call the cops.

Philip spotted Lauren and rushed past security to confront her. A security guard knocked Philip over the head with a club and threw him out of the center. Philip offered to let Belle fly back that night, but he was going to stay and track Lauren down. Belle decided to stay because Philip was injured. She called Shawn to let him know that she wouldn't make their dinner. Shawn was not happy, but she insisted it was just one more day.

As Bo reviewed the hospital crime scene, Shawn arrived to ask for his help. Shawn wanted Bo to put in a good word from him at the academy. Bo tried to talk Shawn out of police work, reminding him how dangerous it was. Bo asked Shawn if he had talked it over with Belle yet, but Shawn didn't want to disappoint Belle again and wanted to wait to say anything until it was a done deal. Shawn was upset because he believed that Bo didn't want to give him a recommendation because he didn't think Shawn could do a good job.

Bo told Shawn he just wanted him to be safe and for him to want to become a cop for the right reasons. Shawn explained that he didn't just want a job and paycheck, but he also wanted a career that he could be proud of and one that Belle and Claire could be proud of too. Bo finally agreed to put a word in for him. Just as Shawn was about to leave, Bo received a phone call from Chelsea letting him know that Jett had been shot and that it was very serious.

Rawlings gave Max and Stephanie the option of being shot or jumping out of the plane with a parachute. Max tried to convince Rawlings to let Stephanie go, and Max would get out of the plane, but when Rawlings threatened to make Stephanie one of his girls, they jumped out of the plane. They landed in the wilderness but managed to find a cave to spend the night. Stephanie showed Max her cell phone that she had stolen back from Rawlings, and they decided to wait until morning to get to high ground and find their way out. Stephanie had sprained her ankle on the landing, and while Max was looking it over, they kissed.

Kayla went to the police station to be with Steve while he was waiting to be booked. Steve was joking around, having a lot of fun with his part in the fake death of Stefano, but Kayla was very upset about the thought of Steve being in jail again. Steve reminded her that it was all necessary to draw Andre out into the open, and she had to pretend to everyone, including Stephanie, that he had done it. Kayla argued that Stephanie had been through too much to be lied to. Steve agreed.

E.J. arrived at the police station to question Roman about seeing his fathers' body. Roman explained that Stefano was in autopsy but would be released to the funeral home the next day. E.J. told Roman that he didn't believe his father was dead, and he felt the whole thing was a hoax. He threatened to challenge the autopsy in court and to put the entire conspiracy out in the open. Roman said that E.J. had better face the fact his father was dead. Steve was led through, and E.J. questioned him about who had put Steve up to faking E.J's father's death. Steve laughed, showed E.J. his bloody clothes, and gloated that the old man was dead.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bo and Kayla arrived in Las Vegas and informed Chelsea that Jett was doing just fine at the hospital. Chelsea reported that she hadn't heard from Max or Stephanie, who had last been seen heading for the plane.

Back in Salem, Jeremy, who was on the run, approached Nick and asked him for Steve's phone number. He wanted to seek help from Stephanie's dad. Nick called Kayla, who quickly gleaned that Jeremy was with him in Salem. Over the phone, Kayla blasted Jeremy for abandoning her daughter, making it clear that she and Steve had no intention of helping him. In fact, she wanted Nick to call Roman and report Jeremy to the police. A panicky Jeremy gave Nick an envelope to give to Stephanie then took off.

In Las Vegas, Chelsea confided in Kayla that Jett had told her he loved her, but she was not sure he'd meant it. After conferring with the FBI, Bo returned with sobering news. The Touch the Sky plane had landed in Mexico, but Max and Stephanie hadn't been on it. Rawlings had escaped, but the foreign girls had confessed that he'd thrown Max and Stephanie off the plane. Bo and Kayla took off to join the search and rescue team.

In the cave, Max questioned why Stephanie had allowed Jeremy to treat her so poorly. Recalling the hurt she'd felt when Max had dumped her, she declared he was no better than Jeremy when it involved using women. Max took strong exception, and sparks flew as Stephanie asked why he wouldn't let anyone in. Hating to be analyzed, Max shut her down, but Stephanie made clear she was "available" if he'd like to make love. Caught off guard, Max declined, citing her unresolved feelings for Jeremy. He said when she figured out who she wanted, she could let him know.

Philip and Belle enlisted the help of a police detective, who arranged for Lauren to talk to them. Lauren angrily reminded Philip that he hadn't wanted his baby and showed the detective the legal document Philip had signed, giving up his rights. The detective told Philip he'd have to leave. Belle convinced Philip to return to their hotel to give Lauren time to think.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Andre sneaked into Sami's hospital room, dressed as a clown, and held a knife to her throat. He demanded to know if the cops had staged Stefano's death. Sami pointed out she hadn't been there, but as far as she knew, Stefano was really dead. Andre didn't believe it. He was sure Roman had faked Stefano's death to lure him out of hiding. He told Sami if he was right, he'd kill her and her father.

Lucas interrupted but didn't realize the clown was Andre. Once Andre left, Sami blurted out who he was, and Lucas went after him. Lucas returned, having been unable to catch the clown. Roman arrived and admitted Andre was right. Sami warned that the plan wouldn't work and that Andre would seek revenge.

At the cave, Max opened up to Stephanie, admitting that he'd suppressed his feelings for her because she had been with Jeremy. Stephanie said Jeremy had blown his chance. They were starting to make love when Kayla and Bo arrived to rescue them. Kayla told Stephanie that Steve had been arrested for Stefano's murder, but it was a trap for Andre. Stephanie explained that she had feelings for Max, not Jeremy, who had run out on her. Kayla informed her that Jeremy had gone back to Salem, wanting Steve's help, which left Stephanie feeling confused.

Shawn surprised Belle by showing up in Tulsa with Claire. He was displeased to find Belle and Philip sharing a hotel suite with just one bed. Shawn told Belle he'd decided to become a cop, and she was angry that he'd made such a huge decision without consulting her. He fired back that she had a decision of her own to make -- she need to decide if she wanted him or Philip. He left Claire with Philip and Belle and flew back to Salem alone.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bo, Roman, Hope, and Tony prepared to trap Andre at Stefano's fake funeral. They all met at the pub, where Kate arrived, refusing to spend the day alone for fear of being attacked. Kate met Anna, and the two women got catty over Roman. Roman headed over to the funeral parlor. As Stefano lay "dead" in the coffin, Roman considered killing him for real but couldn't do it. A bouquet of flowers showed up for Roman, and when Tony, Anna, Bo, and Hope arrived, they discovered the card contained a death threat from Andre. Back at the pub, Kate was all alone when Andre showed up and tried to break the locked door down.

E.J. tricked Sami into admitting that Stefano wasn't really dead, but she made him swear not to say anything. She and E.J. read more Colleen/Santo letters. Sami connected with Colleen on such a strong emotional level that she and E.J. found themselves in the Irish inn with Santo and Colleen. Sami and E.J. "watched" as Santo proposed to Colleen. Colleen was still torn between Santo and the church, but he pressured her for an answer.

Shawn filled Hope in on what had happened in Tulsa. She told Shawn he needed to get over it before he lost his family. Meanwhile, Philip and Belle grew closer over her fury about Shawn's jealousy. The shelter's administer, April, showed up at the hotel room and informed Philip that Lauren had taken off, leaving a note saying he'd never find his son. Alone, Philip and Belle were close to kissing until she pulled away.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Andre forced his way into the closed Brady Pub and told a frightened Kate she was going to help him lure Roman into a trap. Shawn exited the kitchen, saw Andre, and went on the attack. Andre knocked Shawn out and dragged him, unconscious, to the back. Then, Belle arrived. Upon seeing Andre, she frantically dialed Bo at the funeral parlor, but Andre took the phone from her. He warned Bo not to alert anyone to the call, or he'd kill Shawn and Belle.

Andre gave Bo a cryptic message, hinting that E.J. was involved in their kidnapping. After he hung up, Andre locked Belle in the walk-in cooler with Shawn. Belle and Shawn reconciled, and he devised a plan to blow the locked door open. Meanwhile, Andre forced Kate to call Roman. She told him she was alone at the pub and had just seen Andre outside.

Guests arrived for Stefano's fake funeral, and the cops prepared for Andre to strike. Still recovering from surgery, Benjy signed to Lexie that he was going to make sure Stefano stayed dead -- he didn't know it was all a hoax. Unbeknownst to everyone, Benjy concealed a gun. Grandpa Shawn showed up and recalled memories of his sister and Santo. Per Andre's orders, Bo left the church without telling anyone about the call, but a suspicious Hope followed him.

While reading the letters, Sami and E.J. imagined themselves watching Colleen and Santo in the past. Santo wanted Colleen to be his wife, but she was still torn between him and the church. She asked for one more day to make her decision, and Santo agreed. Lucas arrived at the hospital and interrupted Sami and E.J. He blew up over finding his wife with E.J. yet again.

Bo barged in and grabbed E.J., demanding to know where Belle and Shawn were. E.J. swore he had been with Sami the whole evening and suggested Andre's call had been meant to create a distraction for Bo. Bo realized he'd been had. On his way out, he ran into Hope and admitted that the kids were in trouble -- but he had no idea where they were.

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