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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 10, 2007 on GL
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Harley is helping Daisy register for school when she runs into Gus. At first she is happy to see him but soon sees that he is with Natalia and Rafe. Natalia tells Harley that they did not come there together. Gus says he showed up to be with both of his kids, Rafe and Daisy. When Rafe and Daisy go off to register for more classes, the adults argue. Natalia tells Harley that she is not her enemy. Harley points out that Natalia lost Gus when she was young, but that Harley is the one losing him now and it hurts. Natalia spends a few moments with the kids and tell them to ignore what is going on with the adults and concentrate instead on high school. Alone, Gus and Harley discuss telling Zach and Jude about their separation.

Gus returns to the mansion with Natalia and says they should sit down and talk about what is going on with them. Instead, Remy arrives to take Natalia on a date. Harley returns home to find Daisy wanting to help her. Harley says that Daisy should just be a kid and not worry about her mom. Daisy leaves to meet up with Rafe on Main Street where they argue a bit about their parents for a while. When Rafe's blood sugar drops, Daisy plays "mama hen" and makes him eat a granola bar.

Gus goes "home" to talk to Zach and Jude with Harley about the separation. Zach says that his dad left and never came back. Gus tries to assure him that he'll just be across town at The Beacon. Harley reminds Zach that Gus is taking him and Jude to the park the next day and he can ask Gus more questions then. Gus says he's not going to the mansion since Rafe and Natalia are there. Harley doesn't really want to hear any of it. As Gus is leaving, he kisses Harley and she pushes him away lightly. When the door is closed between them, neither one looks happy.

Ava tries to apologize to Coop outside his room, but he blows her off.

Ashlee meets up with her mom at Company. Although Doris insists she simply wanted to meet with a daughter she's been missing, it soon becomes evident that Doris has roped her in for a photo-op and interview with WSPR. When asked by the interviewer what she loves most about her mother, Ashlee surprises Doris by saying that her mother's courage is strong, and that while she doesn't always agree with her, she is impressed by how her mother never gives up. When it is pointed out that Ashlee is wearing a Buzz for Mayor button, Doris leaves the interview briefly. Coop arrives and invites a reluctant Ashlee to a movie. Ava looks on. Doris returns to the interview, saying she is proud that her daughter has her own convictions concerning the campaign. The interview turns ugly for Ashlee, however, when the interviewer points out that Ashlee had dropped out of high school. Ashlee leaves the interview. Ava has been eavesdropping. She follows Ashlee outside Company, giving her the excuse she wants Ashlee to help her get in good with Doris so she can help her with her campaign. Ashlee is less than enthusiastic. She instead goes to meet Coop at the movies. She finds that Doris has already arrived and is speaking to Coop. Doris has told Coop that there are things about Ashlee that he does not know about, but won't tell him what it is. Doris leaves and Coop goes to buy movie tickets, leaving a worried looking Ashlee behind. Ava approaches Stuart at Company, trying to get information about Ashlee's past from him. He is little help.

At Cedars, Billy and Lizzie are relieved to learn that Josh and Cassie are okay after the building collapse. Frank, however, wants to question everyone about the "accident." When Frank reveals that building inspectors found shoddy construction on the new home for the underprivileged, Josh says that he is responsible for the project. Frank says that he will have questions for them all later. Cassie and Lizzie meet with the press, effectively putting the media at bay for a while. They are proud of their meeting. Josh, however, confronts Billy about his drinking and it's involvement in the disaster. Billy swears he will make it good and leaves. Learning about Billy's pronouncement to Josh, Lizzie goes in pursuit of him. Cassie tells Josh it is a bad idea for him to protect Billy. Josh says that as his brother he must. He visits Reverend Rutledge, telling him that he has to hold off his ministry studies for a while so he can help Billy. Rutledge says that it is good that Josh is helping Billy.

Lizzie finds Billy in his room drinking. Billy says that he knows that he's an alcoholic and a drunk, but vows he will not let that ruin his brother's life. He leaves for the police station where he finds Cassie there already trying to take the blame herself for the accident. Billy tries to stop her. Cassie seems to convince Billy that the authorities will go easy on her if she were the project manager since she was an inexperienced woman who had just lost a daughter. Billy tells her that Josh won't stand for it. Cassie leaves in earnest to consult a "higher power." Frank tells Billy that he hopes by that she meant a lawyer.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cyrus is about to enter a room at the Beacon when he discovers Dinah waiting nearby for him. Dinah has deduced that he must have a room away from the mansions to serve as his base of operations. She is there to find out what his next move is, when she can expect more money from her blackmail. He tells her he is waiting for just the right opportunity because he only has one chance at the money, and at Marina. Dinah leaves, expecting to hear more from him later.

Cyrus returns to the mansion and overhears the end of phone conversation that Alex is having. Cyrus states that he thinks she's plotting behind Alan's back, but Alex clarifies, saying she will be chairing a diabetes benefit that will have national exposure, and that he will be by her side for this. At first he tells Alex that he doesn't know anything about these events, but when she says that it's about hosting a party for the richest people and charm them into opening up their checkbooks, he suddenly becomes more interested and asks how he can help. She tells him he can MC the event, which will give him a chance to shine. Cyrus notices how Alex has helped him in many ways such as staying in the country, opening her home to him, giving him opportunities, and he sincerely thanks her.

Later, Cyrus talks to Griggs and tells him he has a plan to make the big score he's been waiting for with this benefit party. He gives Griggs a key to a room and tells him that while he's in the room with a computer, Cyrus will be talking to him and reading the bank information that from the checks so that Griggs can withdraw money from those accounts. Cyrus also says that Griggs should take some from Alex so that it looks like a thief stole from all of them, so that no one gets suspicious of Cyrus.

Cyrus is at Marina's desk at the police station as she comes in to work. He offers her an invitation to go away with him. She tries to tell him that police work is her life; it's who she is. He asks her to do something that she wants to do, so that she won't have regrets at passing up the chance to be happy. But he leaves, believing that he already knows she's made her decision and she won't go.

Later, Dinah sees Matt just after she was done shopping. She invites him to lunch at the diner, but he declines. Suspecting that he is hesitant because of the kiss they shared before, she reassures him it was a mistake, then asks him again to join her so she can model what she bought, saying he makes a good audience. He accepts.

While Dinah and Matt are looking at jewelry on a computer inside the diner, Marina stops to say hello and notices what they are looking at. Marina jokes that she hopes Dinah's just looking because they are expensive, but she learns that Dinah is really shopping, Marina becomes very irate, telling Dinah how Mallet is working very hard while spends his money. During her tirade, Marina shifts her anger from Dinah to rambling about the situation she faces with Cyrus and the offer to leave Springfield to go away with him. Matt steps in and stops her confusing rant, then Marina leaves.

Later, Dinah and Matt are standing outside of her door and she wonders about her and Mallet. Matt tells her that Mallet is the kind of man that won't give up easily and that they will work everything out. Dinah isn't so sure, thanks Matt, then kisses him, and walks inside, leaving them both not sure about what to make of the kiss.

Marina drags Harley into the diner where they, along with Frank, will play cards in an effort to try to cheer up Harley. After Harley realizes what Marina and Frank were trying to do, they all settle in for a family card game and through chit-chat, they conclude that their high morals allowed them to end relations that were not good for them, then realize that each of them is alone too.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Harley excuses herself, saying she needs to call and check on the kids, then steps outside. Once there, she reflects about Gus as she twists her wedding rings, remembering happier times. Frank soon joins her outside, and tells Harley that although it may be hard, he's hoping that she and Gus can still complete the cases they were working on together, but that if she needs him to, he'll re-assign her if it will make her more comfortable. She responds that she and Gus are both professionals and they will see each other anyway because of the kids, so they will get the job done.

Gus goes to the Spaulding mansion to leave a scientific calculator for Rafe for school, and as he is leaving, Natalia enters. They say some awkward hellos and small talk about Gus wanting to get together with Harley and Natalia dating Remy. Just as Gus decides to end the visit and was about to leave, Rafe runs into the room frantically with news about Daisy.

While in between classes, Rafe and Daisy meet on Main Street. A police officer suddenly arrests Daisy for assaulting Jeremy, the Spaulding butler, and is taken to jail. Rafe rushes home to get help, and tells Gus and Natalia. Natalia sends Rafe back to class. Gus says he needs to call Harley, then Natalia says she will go with Gus, now that she is involved.

Later, just as Harley is about to enter her home, Gus appears and says they have a situation with daisy. Harley is happy to see Gus, until she sees that Natalia is right behind him. When Gus tells Harley that Daisy is in jail because of Alan, Harley tells him to call Alan to clear it all up, saying he'll probably be so happy that Gus is with Natalia that he'll drop the charges quickly. Gus tells her that he isn't with Natalia. As Harley and Gus discuss what can be done to help Daisy, Natalia adds criticism, which adds more tension. Then Harley gets a call from Frank letting her know that Daisy is gone, as in escaped, and that Rafe is the one who used keys to let her out.

At the police station, Daisy tries to explain to Marina what happened, and then Frank appears. He reads the complaint and says helping her won't be easy because it was pushed through by Doris, the District Attorney. After Frank and Marina step away to makes some calls to help Daisy, Rafe appears. When Rafe hears that her situations doesn't look good, he spots the keys to the cell and asks Daisy "Do you trust me?" She says yes, and he opens the door and they leave the police station together.

Later, they show up at the mansion, where Rafe wants to talk to Jeremy in hopes of trying to get him to drop the charges. Before Rafe has a chance to say much, Frank shows up with other police officers to arrest Rafe for letting Daisy out of jail. When Rafe resists, Frank rustles and gets control of him and is just about to put the cuffs on him, when Rafe pleads to allow him to just say one thing. Frank allows this, and in a touching, eloquent scene, Rafe calmly asks Jeremy to reconsider, and asks to give daisy a chance to have a good life. He defends Daisy further by saying that she wants to do really good this year in school and that if she goes back to juvie, it'll ruin her life, and that she's a good person who deserves a good life. Jeremy drops the charges, however, there is still the matter with breaking out of jail. Frank says that he can't be sure exactly how that happened, so there will be no further charges. Daisy tells Rafe in a private moment how what he did was so special. She says that when other girls look at boy for their looks or their car, she says what's important is what Rafe showed her, that he is someone she can count on, who will be there for her through tough times. Harley overhears this and thinks about her own situation with Gus. Then she turns back to the room and hears Gus tell Natalia that he'll always be there for her. Gus then turns to Harley and says that they should go to the police station to wrap everything up, she agrees, and Gus and Natalia leave, as does everyone else. While Harley is standing alone, Frank walks over to her and asks if she's ok. Using much strength, she says she is, then Frank says "All's well that ends well." then also leaves. Now alone, Harley again twists her wedding rings as she remembers a time with Gus when they discuss how things aren't going well with them. As if she has reviewed the situation and came to a conclusion, Harley removes her wedding rings.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Inside the Light: First Time's the Charm

Daisy contemplates whether or not to have her first time with Rafe. Between scenes Harley, Gus, Dylan and Natalia sit in what seems like a confessional, talking to the camera about their first times. Daisy tries to ask Harley about Dylan, but Harley mistakes her motives as trying to match-make her and her father. Later Dylan arrives to see Daisy and offers Harley an ear about Gus. Harley thinks that inappropriate. When Daisy comes down, she says she's going to a friend's to study. Harley tells her that she has to be back in an hour for dinner.

Meanwhile on Main Street, Natalia, Gus and Rafe are going to the movies. Natalia says Gus doesn't have to do it, but he thinks it's the best way to keep Rafe out of trouble and away from Daisy. Natalia thinks that movies can be surprising. They share a smile. In Gus's confessional, he talks about how the movie he and Natalia went to see as kids sparked their relationship. They wound up having their first time on a rooftop.

Daisy and Rafe call each other, expressing how they can't wait to be together. Rafe goes to a convenience stand to buy condoms. In his confessional, he talks about what he knows about sex. It's fun, free and fast. As he tries to buy the condoms, Natalia interrupts him and he shuffles her way from the stand. In Natalia's confessional, she talks about her strict religious background and how, after the movie, she and Gus went to the rooftop and had their first time.

Rafe ditches Natalia and Gus at the movie, saying that he has a lab project that's due Monday. The two teens meet at the lake house. They are terribly awkward about what do to and how to do it. Rafe explains to her that they don't have to do this, but Daisy's ready. She wants to show him how much he means to her.

In her confessional, Daisy wishes she had someone to talk to about it to know if she's doing it right or if it hurts etc. She keeps telling herself that she's not a prude and she thinks she's ready.

Inside the lake house, they undress and kiss. Rafe finds out it's Daisy's first time. He implies that this isn't his. He tells her that he really cares about her, but they don't have to do it tonight. Things won't change if they don't. He starts to leave, but she says they still have time left and they kiss again. After watching TV and letting things flow, they start kissing again.

Meanwhile, Harley shorts out the power in the house. Gus comes over to fix it. Harley gets him to stay by telling him that the lawyer told her that they have to split up everything. Gus is taken aback that she called a lawyer already. Harley claims to want the break up quickly-like ripping off a band-aid. At the sound of that, Gus gets an attitude and is ready to hurry it up for her.

He starts dividing up stuff, but they fight over who gets what thing because Harley doesn't cooperate. Arguing over a blanket they used on their honeymoon, he tells her that she can't have it both ways. Harley snips that he tried to have it both ways with Natalia. Gus expresses that he loves Harley. He snatches a blanket and decides to leave. Harley won't let him leave with the blanket and they tussle over it. Harley winds up yelling at him why did it have to be her-why Natalia. Gus threw away everything for one night with her. Gus retorts that Harley is throwing it all away right now. She yells that she can't trust him anymore.

The conversation turns into a physical war as Harley tosses things a trash bag, ready to get him and everything about him out of the house. Gus grabs her and throws her against a wall, kissing her. They wind up going upstairs and having angry sex together. Meanwhile at the lake house, Daisy and Rafe admit that they love each other and then make love.

As Rafe and Daisy bathe in the afterglow, Gus and Harley roll their backs to each other in the bed. They express their love for each other, but Harley tells him that this is still good-bye. Harley vows it will never happen again. Gus tells her that he still needs her. Her phone rings. She receives a trespassing call from the station. She tells him that she has to go. Staying there with him is breaking her heart.

Gus goes to the mansion to visit Rafe and finds Natalia in the study. Meanwhile, Harley barges into the lake house on the trespassing call. She is devastated to find Rafe and Daisy together half naked. She tells them to get in the car now. She brings them into the Spaulding parlor. To her surprise Gus is there. He says he came to see Rafe. Harley forces Rafe to tell Natalia what he and Daisy have done.

Natalia is upset further when Rafe blurts out that he's done it before. The two teens think they know what they are doing and they are different from the adults before them. Harley comments that they just think they are different. They love each other and Rafe wonders what else it is that they need to know.

A cut to Harley's confessional reveals that, for Harley, after her first time, things were very different. She had thought that sex was a guarantee that they would always be together. That's not how it works.

Gus (with his shirt still half-tucked from earlier) separates the kids. The parents all agree that Daisy and Rafe can't be trusted together. Daisy argues that they will find a way to see each other. Rafe tells Daisy not to bother because the parents just don't understand.

In Natalia's confessional, she talks about how sex can bring people closer together. Some people have their first times and boom: that's it. But for some other people it becomes their one and only love. That's what she claims happened to her with Nickie.

Back at home, Daisy claims that Rafe is the only one who picked her. He didn't give her up or take her back in because he couldn't have another child. Harley is crushed that she thinks this. Daisy sobs that Rafe isn't going to hurt her. She asks if she can just have this one night. Harley pets her hair, telling her how much she hates it that one day, Daisy will see that she's right. Harley tells her that she has lost her now because she's in love. Daisy apologizes, but Harley tells her that she knows she's not sorry. Harley wasn't sorry for her first time either. They share a poignant smile and hug.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Marina receives a package. It's a bikini that came from Cyrus - to wear in France when she runs away with him. Buzz visits her to hide from people hounding because of the campaign. He finds the bikini. Marina stutters her way into a corner. Buzz figures out it came from Cyrus. Marina tells him she may love Cyrus. Marina runs into Lizzie on Main St. Lizzie tells her she's working for Lewis. Marina makes a strange comment about it being nice not having to worry about your family when you make a decision. She tells Marina that love is too messy. Marina agrees.

Cassie meets with Billy and Lizzie about the accident at the site. She offers to take the blame for Billy. Cassie tells them she's going to talk to Reva about backing her up. Billy admits to Lizzie that his drinking has gotten him into trouble again. He doesn't want Cassie to take the blame, but Lizzie tells him it would be career suicide.

Jeffrey tells Alex he did not find Alan and Reva in Mexico. She tells him she doesn't know where they are. Jeffrey tells her he will get even with the Spauldings if anything has happened to Reva. Cassie goes to Cross Creek to talk to Reva. Jeffrey tells her he doesn't know Reva's whereabouts - that she's been missing. Cassie joins with Jeffrey to look for Reva. Jeffrey and Cassie meet with Lizzie and she agrees to help them find Reva. She calls and leaves a voice mail for Alan that she needs him and asks him to call her back. Cassie gets Shane to leave a 911 message for Reva to call him back.

Alex tells Cyrus she's canceling the charity event. She doesn't want there to be a scandal because of Jeffrey, so they're reschedule. Cyrus talks her out of canceling the party. He tells her this is her opportunity to become the head of the family. Lizzie goes to Alex to ask what's going on with Alan and Reva. Alex gets annoyed by the fact that Lizzie is on Reva's side instead of Alan's. Alexandra wants Lizzie to come back to the family and the company. Lizzie tells her 'no thanks'. Alex tells Lizzie her marriage to Cyrus has turned into more than a green card.

Billy goes to Company and sees Marlin. He confronts him about the accident. Marlin tells Billy not to blame him for things because Billy was too drunk to remember.

Marina is checking out a reported break-in and Cyrus finds her. He tries to convince her to run away with him. He tries to tell her not to have regrets. He wants to have great memories, like their time together. She questions what he's telling Alex. Marina doesn't know if she can trust him. She's worried about what happens to her when Cyrus hurts her. Cyrus tells her to take a chance, to live her life, turn off her brain and listen to her heart.

Cyrus returns home to find Alexandra hard at work making plans to run Spaulding. She's giving Cyrus credit for sparking her drive. She tells him it's their future together.

Marina goes back to her room and puts on the bikini.

Lizzie goes back to meet with Billy. He's rambling and Lizzie realizes he's drunk. She finds his bottle and dumps it.

Reva didn't respond to anything. She tells Jeffrey to call in whoever he needs to find Reva - something is definitely wrong. Jeffrey has a gun. They're at the Spaulding cottage and Alan walks in. Cassie grabs the gun and holds it on Alan, demanding to know where Reva is and what he's done with her.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Josh is at the police station to give his statement on the building collapse. Frank informs him that the case has closed-Cassie already admitted that it was her fault. Josh tries to tell Frank that is not true but Frank accuses him of covering for Cassie like he did the last time. Josh then goes to find Billy and confronts him about letting Cassie take the blame for his mistake. Billy tries to defend himself by stating that Cassie made some really good arguments. After all, she's not a professional, so people would be more forgiving. An incredulous Josh asks Billy what is wrong with him and points out that Cassie might not be able to handle the stress when the press begins asking questions. As Josh is ranting at Billy, Billy tells him to hit him if it will make him feel better and is then surprised when Josh actually does it. As Josh helps Billy up, Billy talks about how Josh was the one who put him in charge. Josh replies because he thought he could trust him; he will not make that mistake again.

Ashlee on Main Street eyeing a dress in a store window when Coop approaches her. He states that it would look good on her and then tells her about a charity ball that Buzz wants them to go to elicit campaign funds. When Ashlee agrees to meet him there, Coop states that he was actually talking about her being his date. Ashlee is reluctant and makes the excuse that she does not want to rush into things. She then hurries off and says she will call him. Later, Coop shows up at Ashlee's door. He wants to watch her televised interview. Ashlee tries to discourage him but finally allows him to stay when she wonders if he is playing games with him. As they watch the interview, an unsettled Ashlee kisses Coop.

Ava is at Doris's delivery some campaign flyers. Ava starts gushing about how she supports Doris's campaign and brings up how supportive Doris has been of Ashlee. She then volunteers to help work on Doris's campaign by working on her bio. When Doris leaves the room to take a phone call, Ava leafs threw some files and discreetly steals one amid the voter registration packets she has. Later, Ava finds a business card in the file for a Jack Summers. She locates and asks if he knows Ashlee. He admits he does, very well.

In San Cristobel , Cassie is holding a gun on Alan demanding to know where Reva is. Jeffrey is trying to get Cassie to calm down but Cassie keeps focused on Alan, accusing him of killing Reva like he killed Tammy, Jonathan and Sarah. Suddenly, Reva bursts out of the villa and tells Cassie to put the gun away and insists that she is fine and everything is good between Alan and her now. Cassie and Jeffrey do not believe it and point out how worried they were when Reva just disappeared and the cabin was in disarray. Reva points out that she and Alan did have an argument and she followed him to the island. Alan admits that when he found Reva skulking about, he grabbed her and they began arguing about what he did to Jonathan and she to Lizzie. Reva states that after all that arguing they realized that they had one thing in common-they were both committed to their families. She goes to say that they talked for a while and finally decided to call a truce. Neither Jeffrey nor Cassie buys this story. Cassie tells Reva that she called her repeatedly and Reva states that there was no signal. When Alan and Jeffrey both leave, Cassie points out how convenient it was for Reva to disappear when Josh discovered they were not divorced. Suddenly, Josh calls Cassie to talk about her covering for Billy later. Cassie tells Josh she found Reva and Josh asks to speak with her. Josh tells Reva that they need to talk about their divorce. Reva tells him she will not fight him; just send her the papers. Later, Cassie gets a call telling her there is trouble.

Cassie is back in Springfield meeting with Billy at CO2. Billy tells her that he let Josh down and Josh lost all faith in him. Cassie assures Billy that this is the best thing; her taking the blame will protect the company. Suddenly, Billy asks Cassie to sip his drink. She does and is shocked to find it contains whiskey. Billy admits that he let the problem get away from him. Cassie admits to him that she has done things that others, particularly Josh, do not approve of. Cassie states that she will not give his secret away but wants him to get help. Billy promises to find a meeting and leaves.

Billy is at the police station, standing outside the door where an AA meeting is being held; when Frank approaches him, Billy states that he has decided to go to a meeting closer to his office and leaves.

Alan is now at home and gets an unexpected visitor-Jeffrey. Jeffrey wonders if Reva is being forced to be nice to Alan against her will and warns Alan that if he hurt her.. Alan assures Jeffrey that their new friendship is genuine and accuses Jeffrey of being jealous; if not about him and Reva, than his father-like relationship with Ava. Jeffrey states that he is not jealous. He might not be a great father but he knows Alan is a disaster. Alan tells Jeffrey during their talk he and Reva realized if they kept on fighting someone else would get hurt.

Reva and Josh are at the cabin ready to sign the divorce papers. Reva calls the failed divorce a sign but Josh states it just means they had a bad lawyer. Reva tells Josh that although her life is okay without him in it, one day he will figure he made a mistake. After Josh admits that they did have some good times, Reva signs the papers and tells Josh she loves him. He says he does too and leaves. Josh then finds Cassie and informs her that Reva signed the papers. He then tries to talk her out of covering for Billy. Cassie is determined to do it. She tells Josh that she wants to give something back to him by protecting the reputation of his company. Josh warns her that she could be open to lawsuits but Cassie is certain the lawyers can handle that. They then discuss Reva-Josh cannot believe she signed the papers so quickly. Cassie points out that is not the only surprising thing and points out that Reva and Alan are friends now.

Jeffrey goes home and starts asking about her new truce with Alan. Reva cannot figure out why he is so concerned and Jeffrey admits that when she disappeared he launched a full-fledged investigation. Reva assures Jeffrey that she is okay and admits that she is hungry and tired. Jeffrey offers to get something and tells her to stay put. After he leaves, Reva sneaks out to see Alan. She tells Alan that she has convinced Jeffrey of their story and had to sign the divorce papers to get Cassie off her tail. As Reva says they cannot draw attention, Alan assures her that their secret will stay buried.

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