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Monday, September 10, 2007

Greenlee saw Aidan at the Comeback. Greenlee accused Aidan of telling Jack about her connection to Dr. Hilliard. Aidan explained that Greenlee had told her father when she'd been high on pain medication. Aidan also informed Greenlee that she had called him "hot" when she'd been stoned. Greenlee was embarrassed but smiled. Aidan stated that he actually liked Greenlee when she was heavily medicated.

Greenlee wondered if Aidan only liked her when she was on drugs. Aidan admitted that he liked her no matter what. They sat down together, and Greenlee showed Aidan the pocket watch she'd found on the beach. Greenlee felt it signified a great love story, but Aidan thought it symbolized something evil. They made a bet to see who was right about the story behind the watch. The loser had to watch a movie that the winner chose.

Babe entered the Comeback, looking for Krystal, but Krystal was not working. Wes asked Babe why she looked so happy. Babe explained that she had finally gotten her high school diploma. Wes was shocked that a woman of Babe's stature did not have an MBA. Babe was flattered. Wes then gave Babe a cupcake to congratulate her.

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Ava approached the bar. Wes flirted with Ava, and Jonathan looked annoyed. When Ava walked away, Wes apologized and explained that it was part of the job description to flirt with female patrons. Jonathan understood because he was a bartender also.

Babe saw that Ava looked sick. Ava felt nauseous and had to sit down. Babe asked if Ava was having safe sex because she might be pregnant. Ava became offended and told Jonathan she wanted to leave the bar.

JR walked into the Chandler mansion and saw Adam and Stuart both dressed like Stuart. JR laughed and wondered who Adam was trying to fool. Stuart began to explain, but Adam told Stuart to stop and made his brother leave. JR announced that he had a business proposition for Adam. JR explained his idea to start a beauty website with Ava as the star. Adam thought the idea was "inspired lunacy" because Ava was involved.

Adam stated that he was in the process of regaining everything Zach had taken from them. Adam asked JR to return to Chandler Enterprises. JR said he wanted to build his own empire, like Adam had. Adam said that JR did not know what it was like to be very poor and start from scratch. Adam felt JR had the brains but not the drive. JR declared that, when it was a big success, Adam would regret his decision to pass on the project.

Kendall and Zach were kissing when they knocked over a lamp. Spike began to cry, so Kendall assumed that he heard the crash. Zach was skeptical and called Dr. Norton because the baby would not stop crying. As Zach did so, Ryan and Annie returned home.

Erica was still with Dr. Hilliard. Erica was shocked that "Don" was the doctor treating Spike because they had been at the Betty Ford Center together. Erica called Dr. Hilliard a fraud. Dr. Hilliard wondered why Erica harbored ill feelings for him, since they had been friends in treatment. Erica stated that he'd had his medical license revoked for prescribing himself pain medication. Dr. Hilliard informed Erica that he'd become enlightened during treatment and had started on a new course of medicine. Dr. Hilliard asserted that his license was reinstated.

Dr. Hilliard received a phone call from Kendall, who claimed that Spike had heard a noise. Both Erica and Dr. Hilliard rushed to Kendall's home. Meanwhile, Dr. Norton arrived to see Spike. Spike had a rash and continued to cry. Then, all of a sudden, Spike became quiet and stopped breathing. Dr. Norton gave the baby a shot as Kendall, Zach, Ryan, and Annie watched in fear. Spike began to cry again, and everyone was relieved.

Joe arrived, and Dr. Norton explained that Spike had suffered an anaphylactic reaction due to an allergy. Joe asked if there had been any change in Spike's diet. Kendall told Joe about the vitamins. Then, Erica and Dr. Hilliard arrived. Ryan was furious with Dr. Hilliard for giving Spike the vitamins. Dr. Hilliard apologized and wrote down a list of all the ingredients in the vitamins.

After Dr. Hilliard left, Erica divulged how she knew the doctor. Erica warned everyone not to trust Dr. Hilliard. Kendall began to regret her faith in the doctor. Erica then announced that Greenlee had paid Dr. Hilliard to contact Kendall.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ryan left Jonathan and another employee to work on a research project involving hearing loss in children. Ryan saw Greenlee at the yacht club and said that he knew she'd referred Dr. Hilliard to Spike's case. Greenlee seemed confused, thinking the doctor was no longer treating Spike. Ryan told Greenlee that Dr. Hilliard's medicine had made Spike stop breathing, and she needed to stop trying to fix the problem she'd caused.

As Greenlee begged to know if Spike was all right, Ryan told her that Spike was not her child, and she needed to stop trying to torture his family. Greenlee said she would always care about Spike and Kendall, but Ryan was counting the many ways he could try to get Greenlee out of town. Ryan said Greenlee's life wouldn't be pretty if she stuck around because he would have someone watch her like a hawk. He recalled her events from the evening before, down to the type of tea she'd drunk, to prove he was not joking. Greenlee told Ryan she was not giving up her life just because that was what he wanted. He paid for Greenlee's bill as she stared him down.

Ava called Jonathan to check on Spike, but Jonathan wondered how she was doing, since she had run off so suddenly the other night. Ava claimed she was fine. Meanwhile, she pulled a pregnancy test out of a paper bag.

Annie told Amanda and Babe about Spike's allergic reaction to Dr. Hilliard's medicine. Babe and Amanda told Annie not to give Greenlee credit for trying to help Spike, considering she had done nothing but seek revenge on their lives since arriving in town. Amanda and Annie agreed that although Kendall had hated Greenlee when she had returned to town, she still wanted to be her friend. Babe said she understood, considering her past with Bianca and Miranda.

JR began working on his business adventure but discovered that some of his old contacts were not so keen on the idea. Thanks to a little bribery money, the waiter revealed that the fellow beside Jonathan was a new investor worth millions to JR. JR searched for Ava on the Internet and stumbled upon pictures of her lovemaking with Jonathan on the beach. JR immediately called Amanda and sent her a link to the web site. When Amanda saw the link, she showed Babe and Annie as Ava walked in the door. They showed Ava the photos, and she was just as shocked as they were.

Ava rushed off when she felt sick as Amanda, Babe, and Annie ranted about her sexual exposure. When Ava returned, the girls suggested Ava go home, but Ava said she was welcome to stay at work and rest. Ava threw the pregnancy test in the trash, saying, "I know what I don't need." Babe found the pregnancy test in the trash and asked Ava if it belonged to her after Annie and Amanda denied it was theirs. Ava began freaking out and ran away.

JR walked over to Jonathan and said that he had been working with the Fusion girls to get Ava more exposure. However, he said that he doubted anyone would want to invest in Ava anytime soon. Jonathan took the bait and asked what JR was talking about, so JR showed him the photos on the Internet. JR told Jonathan they should team together to direct Ava to the right career path, but Jonathan was not interested in partnering with him. JR went to Fusion, where he ran into Ava, who was gasping for air and having pains.

Kendall told Zach that she was not sure if Dr. Hilliard should continue caring for Spike. Zach told Kendall that the whole mess was all Greenlee's fault, but Kendall blamed herself. She told Zach that she had failed him because she had grabbed at anything she could to find a miracle. Zach told Kendall she was a wonderful mother who simply wanted the best for her children.

Kendall decided to listen to a CD but put in earplugs so she could try to understand how Spike felt being deaf. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she began to realize what her son had to be going through. Zach found Kendall and gave her a hug.

At the Comeback, Tad was hanging out with the band. Jackson walked in and asked Krystal if they could watch the news. When Jackson turned the news on, the crowd grew silent as newscasters recalled the events of September 11. The crowd observed a moment of silence in memory of the victims of 9-11. They talked about where they had been the moment everything had happened six years before. Most of the gang decided to go to a memorial, but one of the band members said he did not want to go. Music began to play on the television screen.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Erica was on the set of her new show, He Said, She Said. Pam was producing the show, but Erica warned her that she was on probation. Then, Jack showed up, and Pam explained the topic. The guests were an engaged couple with "cold feet." Erica and Jack were supposed to discuss marriage with them. When the show started, Erica and Jack spoke pleasantly and agreed with each other's opinions. Pam stopped the show and asserted that they were too boring when they got along.

Pam's words riled up Jack and Erica, and they began arguing. Pam had the cameraman tape their quarrel and decided that was the footage she wanted. Afterwards, Erica told Jack that she no longer wanted to fight. Jack suggested that they use the show to vent about their relationship. Erica agreed and called it "on-air therapy." They both believed it would help their relationship. They kissed.

Ava was writhing in pain when she told JR that she might be pregnant. JR did not care and turned to leave, so Ava threatened to tell everyone the baby was his if he ditched her. JR carried Ava to the hospital. Joe and Julia immediately admitted Ava. Ava explained to them that she might be pregnant. Joe ran some tests and determined that Ava was not pregnant, but she had appendicitis.

Joe and Julia informed Ava that she needed surgery, otherwise the condition could become fatal. Ava refused surgery because she did not want a scar. JR tried to talk Ava into having the surgery by divulging his big plans for her on his website. Ava still rejected the surgery. Then, Lily arrived. JR had called Lily because she was Ava's next of kin. Lily begged Ava to have the surgery because Lily feared that Ava might die.

Ava admitted that she was scared to have the surgery due to an incident from her childhood. Ava had cut her head, and her mother had dropped her off and left her at the hospital to fend for herself. Ava worried that she would die alone. Lily assured Ava that she was not alone as Lily gently touched her sister's hand. Then, Ava passed out. Lily began to scream as Joe and Julia rushed to Ava's side.

Annie was working, but continued to have horrible flashbacks of her sordid past. Babe could tell something was wrong and asked if Annie wanted to talk. Annie thought that telling Ryan the truth would free her from the past, but her anxiety was getting worse. Babe suggested that they go to the Comeback to relax and have a drink. Annie agreed, and they left work together.

Aidan was at the Comeback, recalling his passionate night with Greenlee. Greenlee then entered and immediately slapped Aidan across the face. Greenlee accused Aidan of being one of Ryan's spies. It hurt Greenlee's feelings because she had really believed that Aidan had liked her. Aidan grabbed Greenlee by the face and looked into her eyes. Aidan sincerely affirmed that he was not working for Ryan.

Greenlee realized that Aidan was telling the truth and apologized. She explained that Ryan had her on constant surveillance. Aidan looked around the bar and noticed a private detective he knew. Aidan told the man to stop watching Greenlee and kicked him out of the bar. Greenlee was appreciative. Aidan strongly disagreed with Ryan's scare tactics. Aidan promised Greenlee that he would make sure the other detectives were stopped as well.

Aidan and Greenlee began to talk about their bet over the pocket watch. They both began to flirt and laugh as Babe and Annie arrived. Babe and Annie were surprised to see Greenlee and Aidan hanging out. Then, Annie saw Aidan holding the pocket watch. Annie freaked out and left.

Meanwhile, Greenlee and Aidan made plans to meet on the beach for a picnic in an hour. Greenlee was going to get the food while Aidan started researching the watch's origins. Soon after, Greenlee arrived at the beach with a picnic basket. As Aidan arrived, an unidentified person knocked him over the head and stole the pocket watch.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kendall and Zach went to visit Ian in the hospital. When Zach encouraged Kendall to hold the child, she said she was not worthy because she had not protected either of her sons well enough. Kendall said her desire to make Spike well again had nearly killed him, and she was worried she would hurt Ian too. Zach assured Kendall that she would never hurt Ian, but Kendall still felt like she couldn't take care of her children properly. Finally, Kendall got the courage to hold tiny Ian in the hospital room. Overwhelmed with happiness, Kendall began to cry and told Zach that she felt like a mother.

As Joe and Julia tended to Ava, Lily began yelling at her sister to wake up if she could hear her. When Ava did not respond, Lily asked Joe if Ava was going to die. Joe and Julie agreed that they needed to immediately remove Ava's appendix. Joe told Lily that as Ava's family member, she had a right to sign release forms, but Ava moaned that she did not want any scars. JR told Ava not to be stupid and to let the doctors operate. Joe told Ava that if her appendix was not removed, it could burst and shoot bacteria into her body.

Lily begged Ava to sign the forms, and JR agreed to share more of his business ideas if she signed the forms. As Joe tried to get Ava to grasp what was happening to her, all she could focus on was JR's business plans to make her a star. When Jonathan arrived at the hospital, Ava told him that she'd thought she had been pregnant and had been too scared to tell him. Ava told Jonathan she was too scared to get the surgery, but he said he would be right beside her the entire time. Ava agreed to let Lily sign the form as she screamed in pain.

Nurses wheeled Ava away to prepare her for surgery. Lily told Jonathan that JR had been with Ava when she'd collapsed, and he'd taken her to the hospital. Jonathan said JR hadn't wasted any time in trying to scheme his way into Ava's life. JR said that Jonathan should be thankful because JR had saved Ava's life. Jonathan only thanked JR for taking Ava to the hospital.

As JR walked out, photographers and reporters bombarded him. One reporter broke through the bodyguards and told JR they were going to publish more pictures of Ava and Jonathan having sex on the beach soon. JR encouraged the magazine to print the pictures, adding that Jonathan had once been married to Ava's half-sister, Lily. The reporter seemed pleased with the new information and left.

Adam received a call from an informant, but it was not good news. Adam told the caller he would remember all the people who had crossed him once he was in charge of Chandler Enterprises. A hospital worker told Adam he needed to end his call because phones were not allowed in that area of the hospital.

When Zach walked out of Ian's room, Adam greeted him. Adam got straight to the point, saying that he wanted his home back, and Zach agreed. Zach said the Chandler mansion was only worth one dollar to him, so Adam handed over his one dollar to get his home back. Adam said it was good that he meant so little to Zach because Zach would never see him approaching until it was too late.

When Ryan got home, he was surprised to find the door locked. Annie immediately let him in and said that she had seen Aidan with her mother's locket. Ryan said that Aidan jogged on the beach often, so it was not strange for him to find the locket. Annie worried that the locket returning to her was a sign that her past was returning to haunt her. Ryan said her memories kept returning because she had kept her feelings hidden inside for so long.

Greenlee grew upset when Aidan did not show up for a romantic dinner on the beach. As she walked away with her picnic basket, she found an unconscious Aidan lying behind a rock. As Aidan awakened, he told Greenlee that when he'd bent down to pick up her locket, someone had to have hit him on the head from behind. Aidan picked up the rock that had been used to knock him out to have it run for fingerprints. Greenlee told Aidan that one of Ryan's goons had to have followed her and hit Aidan. Aidan seemed doubtful, but Greenlee explained that it was another warning from Ryan for her to leave town.

Greenlee took Aidan to the hospital and immediately called Ryan to give him a piece of her mind. She accused Ryan of being involved with Aidan's beating, but he denied knowing anything about the incident. When Ryan asked if Aidan was okay, she hung up on him. Ryan told Annie that Aidan had been hurt, and he rushed to the hospital. Greenlee found Julia stitching the cuts up on Aidan's head. When she blurted out that she and Aidan were supposed to have met on the beach before he'd been attacked, Julia became silent.

Julia walked out to get Aidan's paperwork processed. Greenlee apologized for the incident, but Aidan said it was not her fault. Aidan asked Greenlee if she had any dinner left over, but Greenlee shyly admitted that she'd fed some of his dinner to the birds. As Greenlee and Aidan got ready to leave the hospital, Ryan stopped by to check on Aidan. Ryan said his guys had not hurt Aidan, but he was more surprised when Aidan said it was a bit drastic having people follow Greenlee around.

Annie went to the hospital and overheard Greenlee, Ryan, and Aidan trying to figure out who had really attacked him. Annie walked over and asked Aidan if he knew who had attacked him. Aidan said he was not sure but would find out soon. Greenlee pointed out that the attacker had not taken his watch, and his wallet had had very little cash in it. Ryan looked at Annie as they said that the attacker had stolen the locket.

Annie pulled Ryan aside and said that her brother or father might be involved in Aidan's attack. Ryan suggested they use Aidan's private investigator skills to find the attacker, without giving Annie's past away. Ryan told Aidan that the locket was connected to Annie's mother but refused to get into many details. Aidan agreed not to involve Greenlee in the incident more than needed but still disapproved of having her followed. Ryan told Annie that he wanted to go see her brother, but Annie had an uneasy feeling.

Greenlee looked through the window in Ian's room and saw Kendall holding him.

Friday, September 14, 2007

As Kendall held her premature son against her chest, she spotted Greenlee looking in on them from the hall. Her immediate reaction was to make a mental note that if Greenlee did anything else to hurt her or anyone in her family, she would retaliate with a force unlike anything her former best friend had ever seen. Then, she closed her eyes and thought back on the things she and Greenlee had been through over the years, causing her emotions to flow wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other. When she opened her eyes again, she realized that Greenlee had disappeared from sight.

Moments later, Zach showed up to check on Kendall and Spike and heard of what had just happened. Dismissing it, Kendall thanked him for convincing her that holding Ian had been the right thing to do. She informed him that once she turned their son back over to the nurses, her plan was to meet up with Rachael and the kids at the carnival then head home. Zach told her that he had some business to take care of at the office, and he quickly exited the room.

One of Ryan's hired hands dragged Greenlee into a main area down the hall from the NICU. He reminded her that his job was to make sure she stayed away from Kendall and any member of Kendall's family. Greenlee, bolstered by Aidan's assertion that no one had the right to run her out of town, refused to back down in the face of his demands. He told her that if she didn't want to see him, all she had to do was follow Ryan's directives. He left quickly, but Zach soon replaced him and took his turn warning her that she had caused enough pain and that she needed to leave.

Enraged that she had to deal with more bullying, Greenlee told Zach directly that he was in no position to judge her, given that he was the reason that all of her embryos had been destroyed. Zach caustically told her that the situation was all about her, not him. She agreed but said that the difference was that she was trying to gain forgiveness for what she'd done, whereas he felt no remorse at all. He told her that he was all out of forgiveness, but she couldn't care less -- her sense of atonement was directed only at Kendall, and she noted that she would not stop trying to fix what she had broken until she convinced her former best friend how sorry she was. She then stormed away, leaving Zach alone to stew in his own juices.

Ryan arrived at the jail, and because he was a friend of the mayor, he scored a private meeting with the warden. However, a man soon joined them and identified himself as the prison psychologist. He noted that Ryan really wanted to talk to him. The warden left the two of them in his office, and Ryan immediately started making demands for information about Richie, irate that the prison had released him without notifying his sister. The psychologist thought that Ryan's rage was unjustified and insisted that Ryan had gotten faulty information from his wife.

Believing that Richie was truly one of the innocent people that had been wrongly convicted, the psychologist admitted that he'd found a lawyer for the inmate, and they had been able to work together to present an appeal. Ryan insisted that Richie was the person behind the events that had been terrorizing Annie and wanted the doctor to divulge Richie's whereabouts. The doctor refused, saying that even if he knew, it would be unethical to release the information, especially to someone who intended to do Richie harm.

Ryan tried to regain his composure, thinking that a calmer and more rational approach might win him points. However, his attempts were short-lived when he realized he was getting nowhere. The warden ended up interrupting Ryan and the psychologist and calling an end to the meeting when he realized how volatile the situation had gotten. Ryan tried to stay despite the declaration, but he found himself faced with a two-against-one situation. He had no choice but to offer threats before leaving, saying that when he found Richie, he would prove both of them wrong and deliver the ex-con back to their doorstep.

Kendall showed up at the carnival, and Rachael said that she had promised Emma that she could go on a special ride, since she was finally tall enough. Kendall happily took over watching her son while she observed the girls going off to have fun. Hoping that the vibrations of her voice were soothing, she talked to Spike about all he'd been through in his young life, and she promised him that things would only look up from that point forward. She mentioned Greenlee and how she had been a best friend but wasn't any longer because best friends didn't hurt their best friends or their children.

Kendall thought back on her history with Greenlee as she had done countless times before then told Spike that she knew what she had to do. She asked the unwitting child to forgive her because she had no choice -- and insisted that she had to do it that very night. Rachael returned with Emma, and they prepared to leave. Kendall checked in with Zach by phone, told him that she felt better than she had in a long time, and said that after a quick stop, she would meet back up with Rachael at the house.

Aidan escorted Annie home, determined to find out more information about who had mugged him. At that moment, Annie discovered that someone had managed to put the locket -- wrapped in a handkerchief that had also belonged to her mother -- into her purse. Aidan demanded more information on whom she thought could have pulled a stunt like that, but Annie pretended she didn't know anything more than she'd already told him. He called her on her lie, so she told him that she'd already told Ryan everything he needed to know. He pointed out to her that they could save a lot of time if she would just be forthcoming, but she refused, saying that if he were meant to know, Ryan would tell him.

Aidan wouldn't take Annie's cop-out of a response, and even though she pointed out how tired she was, he refused to let her leave the room. He pushed her to the point of near hysteria with the idea that perhaps she was the so-called mugger, based solely on the information that he had. Agitated, Annie announced that she was going to call Ryan so that he could be in the know about Aidan's most recent outrage. Aidan warned her off, saying that Ryan might be at a crucial point with the lead he was pursuing and that if she interrupted him, Ryan would return immediately, and they would lose the ground they had worked so hard to gain. Seeing reason, she ended the call before its completion.

Annie wandered over to the window and, almost as an aside, said that she knew "he" was responsible because things were always the same with "him". Aidan tried to get her to open up one more time, but she continued to maintain her walled-off demeanor. She then claimed that she saw someone outside the house, looking in, and sent Aidan off to check it out. He returned a few minutes later and told her that he hadn't found anything.

Just then, Annie and Aidan saw headlights approaching the house, and Annie tensed up once again. As the vehicle drew closer, Aidan was able to determine that it was Rachael's car and that she had to be taking the children home. He went out to help the nanny, and while he was gone, Annie's auditory memory haunted her with the last conversation she'd had with her brother.

Zach returned to Cambias and stopped briefly to pick up the mail piled on the desk outside his office. Looking at the correspondence that had arrived, he absently opened the door to his inner sanctum and was surprised when he found Hannah Nichols sitting behind his desk. They both instantly recalled their last conversation wherein she had told him that while she knew that she couldn't replace one child with another, she needed the one she had.

Greenlee started to settle in with a drink when she heard a knock at her door. Dreading who she would find on the other side, she slowly cracked the door and was surprised when she saw Kendall.



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