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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 10, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, September 10, 2007

At Henry and Vienna's diner, Henry asked Winston what was wrong with the crowd Noah had previously hung with. Winston brushed the concern aside, telling Henry not to worry and that he felt Maddie had been a good influence on Noah. Luke showed up, and Henry asked if Luke and Winston had met. Winston very abruptly excused himself to make a phone call. Henry wanted to know what that had been all about, and Luke said that he apparently rubbed the colonel the wrong way.

Henry went over to refill Winston's coffee and mentioned Katie's upcoming bridal shower. Winston seemed to be suspicious when Henry stated that Katie -- a woman -- was his best friend. Winston asked Henry to suggest a healthy choice off the menu, as he was watching his weight. Henry remarked that Winston seemed to be in good shape, which drew another suspicious look from Winston. Winston said he needed to stay in shape so that when the day arrived that Noah got married, he could wear his dress blues.

Winston went on to say that when they had moved to town, he and Noah hadn't known anyone and that he was very glad that his son had Maddie. Henry, who had grown suspicious of Winston's motives, pointed out that Noah did have other friends, like Luke, and that the three were very close. Henry asked Winston if Luke had done something to offend him. Winston replied that he knew Luke's "type" and didn't want his son to have anything to do with him. He then left rather abruptly.

In Old Town, Noah told Maddie that his father had paid for all their new bedroom furniture. Maddie questioned Winston's quick approval of her and Noah's living arrangements.

Henry bumped into Noah and Maddie. After a brief introduction, Noah left to go to the apartment. Henry told Maddie that he needed to talk to her. He told her that he could finally afford to pay her tuition at Wesleyan. He didn't want her to give up on her dreams. Maddie told Henry that dreams changed; she had registered for classes at Oakdale University and was going to have a job at WOAK. Henry asked her who she was trying to convince, him or herself. She asked him what was wrong and questioned if he liked Noah.

Henry told Maddie that Winston seemed to have a problem with gay people. He told Maddie that Winston had made it clear that he didn't like Noah and Luke hanging out together. Maddie didn't understand what the problem was, but Henry told her that he suspected Winston thought there was something going on between Noah and Luke. Maddie told Henry that was ridiculous. Henry agreed and offered to help her and Noah in any way he could.

Back at WOAK, Maddie confronted Luke and asked him if there was something going on with him and Noah. He told her that he couldn't answer her question. Maddie replied, "You just did." Luke tried to apologize and explain why he hadn't told her, but a devastated Maddie backed away, saying that she needed to talk to Noah about it. Luke agreed that she should do do that.

At Emma's, Meg told Craig that she was okay with them living there, but Craig told her that he wasn't. He told her that he could handle the lack of luxury at the farm, but he couldn't handle being a disappointment to her. Meg told him everything was fine and for him to go shower while she did her chores. When Craig went upstairs, she left.

At Fairwinds, the maid delivered to Paul a framed photo of him and Meg. He asked her where she'd found it. She told him it had been in the guest room where Meg had been staying. A perplexed Paul asked her if that was where she always stayed -- not with Craig, which the maid confirmed. Meg then stormed in and told him that if he had a problem with her, he needed to leave Craig out of it.

Paul asked if Craig had sent Meg there to fight his battles. She told him again how sorry she was for hurting him but that he wasn't sorry at all for allowing her to think he had been dead. Paul reminded her that she had moved on. Meg told him that she had done so because she'd thought he'd been dead. She told him that he was the one who had moved on -- just like that. Meg told him that if he, in fact, loved Rosanna, she didn't understand why he couldn't leave her and Craig alone.

Paul told Meg that he couldn't just let her and Craig live in Rosanna's house and spend her money. Meg asked Paul where Rosanna was. He replied that she was busy handling her affairs. Meg questioned how Paul could have fallen back in love with Rosanna so quickly, to which he replied, "... too sudden? That's quite an accusation from a woman who changes partners as often as you do." She told him that he was trying to convince himself that he didn't love her anymore, which he denied.

Meg admitted that she still loved Paul. "You're a married woman," he told her. "What if I weren't? Would that make a difference?" she asked. He asked her if she was thinking of leaving Craig. She asked him if that was what he wanted her to do. He told her it didn't matter because she was married.

Paul reminded Meg that Craig's last wife had ended up in a coma for two years, and he said that he didn't want that to happen to her. Meg told him that was proof that he still cared about her. Paul said it just made him a decent guy -- unlike Craig. She told him that he had never stopped loving her. She kissed him, and he didn't pull away.

At the farm, Craig was fiddling with his cell phone when a gloating Lucinda interrupted and told him that she wouldn't be finished with him until she had her company back. He scoffed at that. She told him that Rosanna would give her the company back just to spite him and that Meg was going to dump him, since he was broke.

Lucinda told Craig that when Rosanna got her memory back, he would be going to jail. How painful it had to be, she said, when his wife and former wife were both in love with Paul. She asked him if he worried that Meg would run to Paul -- especially with Rosanna being out of town. She asked him where Meg was. A rattled Craig threw her out.

On the phone with his attorney, Craig received good news. He went outside to call for Meg, who he thought was doing chores in the barn. He realized that she was gone.

At the condo of the potential designing job, Carly was distracted and tired. Her prospective boss asked her if she had any ideas and questions and if she really wanted the job. Carly told him that she hadn't slept well the night before and that she just needed a little time alone in the space. He asked her if she would have something for him by the end of the day. She said yes, and he left. Carly, clearly weak, took some medication and sat down on the couch.

In Old Town, while waiting for the Realtor, Katie told Jack that she loved his kids but wanted them to have their own child. Jack told her that he was not sure about that. Katie told him that they needed to straighten that out before they got married. The Realtor showed up with a property for them to see, emphasizing to Katie how perfect it would be for the nursery that she had talked about and that a preschool would be opening in the building.

The Realtor took Jack and Katie to the property and told them it was in the midst of being redecorated. The condo was the same one that Carly was at. Jack and Katie told the Realtor that they wanted to look at it alone. The Realtor left. Katie tried to tell Jack that maybe they shouldn't bother looking at the condo. In the living room, Carly, who had been resting on the couch, awakened and heard their conversation.

Jack told Katie that he was unsure because his kids were going through a big transition, and having a new baby might make them feel left out. Katie told him that once he had the baby in his arms, he would feel different. He told Katie he wasn't saying not ever, just not at that moment. Katie then walked into the living room and saw the listening Carly sitting there. Carly tried to explain why she was there, but Katie wanted to know why she hadn't said something sooner.

Carly denied intentionally eavesdropping. Carly assured them that she was no longer pursuing Jack, a man who no longer wanted her, and she didn't want them to think that was what she was doing. Carly told Katie that anyone could see that Jack loved her. Carly left.

Jack told Katie he believed that had been Carly's attempt at being civil, but Katie wasn't buying it. She thought that Carly had something over her; she had a child from Jack, and Katie never would. Katie said that she needed to know that he would at least think about it. He told her to give it a year. She worried that, in a year, if he didn't change his mind, she would have to give up on her hopes of having his child.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

At the Lakeview, Lily looked for Dusty. She was leaving a frantic voicemail when Holden appeared behind her. He told her that he'd heard her leaving the message for Dusty and wanted her to stay away from him and the murder investigation. He told her that if she kept doing things behind his back, they wouldn't have a marriage anymore. A phone call from Jack interrupted their conversation, and Holden had to go.

Lily told Holden that she would never do anything to deliberately hurt him or their family. He said he knew that. He left, and Lily received a phone call from the escort Krista, who said that she had information about Cheri's murder and wanted to meet in Old Town.

In Old Town, Lily was dressed in her escort clothes to meet Krista, who still doubted that Lily had really known Cheri. Lily said that she knew Cheri had been married and had had a child and that her name had been Charlene Wilson. Krista confirmed the information and seemed more trusting of Lily.

Krista told Lily that Cheri had loved her son and that her husband had had a bad temper and had forced Cheri to leave her son. He'd told Cheri that if she ever tried to see her son again, he would make her regret it. Lily said she thought Cheri's husband had killed her, but Krista said she thought Cheri's son had because he had been angry over her career choice. Lily gave Krista money and told her to call if she got more information.

Back at the Lakeview, Lily asked the desk clerk to have Dusty meet her in the lounge. Holden arrived and saw Lily dressed in the escort clothes. He wanted to know why.

At Fairwinds, Meg was kissing Paul, but he pulled away. Meg told him that he'd felt that kiss. He told her he had felt something: pity for her being so desperate. Meg told him that he had feelings for her and that they still loved each other. Paul told her that the second she'd put Craig's ring on, whatever they'd had, had died. Meg told him that he needed to let go of his hate for Craig. He told her to leave.

Paul threw the picture of him and Meg in the trash and angrily poured a drink. Rosanna arrived home with a surprise for him: she could walk again. She joyfully walked into his waiting arms, and they embraced. They moved closer to kiss, but Rosanna spotted lipstick on Paul's collar. Paul told her that Meg had been there and that there wasn't much to tell, but Rosanna asked how the lipstick had gotten there. He told her that she'd kissed him -- as a ploy to get Paul to back off of Craig. He told her that the kiss had meant nothing to Meg. Rosanna wanted to know if it had meant anything to Paul.

Paul told Rosanna that when Meg had thought he'd been dead, she'd stayed married to Craig, and he no longer loved her. Rosanna questioned whether or not she would remain married to Craig, since Craig was broke. She wondered if maybe Meg had gone there that day because she wanted Paul back. Paul told Rosanna that he only wanted her.

While Paul and Rosanna kissed, he remembered his kiss with Meg. He ignored those thoughts and told Rosanna that he couldn't believe she was there and how beautiful she was. She told him she wouldn't ever leave him again. He picked her up and took her upstairs.

At Emma's, Craig called out for Meg, but she wasn't there. J.J. told him that he had seen her drive away a half hour before. J.J. said that he knew Craig didn't like living there at the farm. Craig said that his lawyer had pulled through with money, so Craig and Meg could move out. Meg arrived at the farm. Craig demanded to know where she had been.

Meg told Craig that she had gone to see Paul to get him to stop his vendetta against Craig. He asked what had happened. Meg, remembering the kiss, told him that nothing had happened, and she'd had no effect on him whatsoever. Craig wanted to know everything that had happened, and he felt that she was holding something back. Meg told Craig that Paul had changed since returning home with Rosanna.

Craig pointed out that it wasn't the first time Paul had become obsessive about revenge. Meg said that it had never before been directed at her. She said she knew Paul's feelings for Rosanna were real. She told Craig that even though she had rejected him, Craig had never given up on her. He told her that he had tried to give up on her, but he couldn't, and he never would. They kissed.

Craig gave Meg the good news that some of his assets had been unfrozen and that Rosanna and Paul wouldn't keep them down. Meg told him that they would try, but Craig said that as long as he had her by his side, he could handle anything. He embraced her, but she looked uneasy.

In Old Town, Jack told Katie there was no guarantee he would change his mind about having a baby with her. He was worried about what his kids had just been through, especially with Carly. Katie told him that it was always about Carly, and she wanted them to have a baby so, for once, it wouldn't be about Jack and Carly, but instead about Jack and Katie. Jack told her it was Katie who was making everything about Carly. He told her that she wanted to have his baby so she would be even with Carly.

Katie told Jack that she had wanted to have his child since they had fallen in love. He told her that they needed to just give it time and that it would all work out. She told him that she feared she was giving up her dream, but Jack told her to focus on their bridal shower and wedding. She agreed and left to go shopping.

At Henry's diner, Jack met Holden and told him that he feared having his children's lives turned upside down by having a new baby. Holden pointed out that having a new baby might make his family feel more secure. He told Jack that having Ethan had helped them all a lot while Lily had been in the coma. Jack said he cherished his memories of when Sage had been born. Holden left, saying he had to go take care of something and that he felt Jack did too. Alone, Jack said to himself, "Thank you."

At a clothing store in Old Town, Carly picked out a black dress, but she remembered Jack's hurtful words and put it back. In the dressing room mirror, Carly's image talked to her. It told her that buying a new dress wouldn't solve anything because Jack didn't love her anymore. She told her image that she wasn't doing it for Jack, but for herself.

Katie showed up at the shop and found a dress she liked, but she didn't have enough cash and left to go to the ATM. Carly walked out of the dressing room, saw the dress at the register, and wanted to buy it. The saleslady told her that someone else was going to buy it, but Carly insisted on trying the dress on. Katie returned and saw Carly wearing the dress. She asked why Carly was wearing her dress. Carly said that Katie could have it.

Katie asked Carly why she tried to take everything Katie had. She accused Carly of intentionally eavesdropping, and since Carly learned about Katie and Jack's disagreement over having a baby, Katie feared Carly would try to stop the wedding. Carly asked if Katie was insane. Carly said that she had been doing everything possible to steer clear of both Katie and Jack. Carly insisted that if anything screwed up the wedding, it wouldn't be her, and if Katie lost Jack, she would have no one to blame but herself. Carly left to change out of the dress.

Carly tossed the dress to Katie, which resulted in her wish bracelet breaking off. Carly asked if Katie was going to blame her for that too. A flustered Katie left. Carly then became dizzy and asked the saleslady for some water.

Outside the store, Katie tearfully remembered when Jack had given her the bracelet and thought that her dreams of having a baby with Jack were over. Jack found her there and told her that he indeed did want to have a baby with her.

Jack left to get something from his car. While he was gone, Katie noticed a disoriented Carly standing nearby. She accused Carly again of eavesdropping and gleefully told her that Katie and Jack were going to have a baby after all. A weak Carly gave her congratulations. Jack returned and noticed that Carly wasn't right. He asked what was going on. Carly then fainted. An unbelieving Katie rolled her eyes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jack ran to help Carly, who had passed out, and he asked her what had happened. Carly claimed she didn't know, and as Jack helped her, Brad happened upon the scene and also asked what had happened. Katie explained that Carly had fainted, probably from a "lack of a better idea," but had seemed fine earlier when she'd tried to buy the dress Katie had wanted.

Jack told Carly he was patient, but she was wearing him out. Carly apologized and said she shouldn't have tried to "put one over him" to get his attention. Jack condemned Carly's actions and told her she needed to deal with his marriage to Katie. After Jack's speech, Katie also ripped into Carly, and Carly apologized again. When Katie and Jack left to get ready for their shower, Brad questioned what Carly was doing.

Brad questioned Carly about what was going on, and she told him she didn't want to talk about Jack and Katie. When Brad inquired after the design job, she told him about that debacle as well. She explained that Katie and Jack had been at the design site, and she was trying to give up the games, but no one believed it. Carly told Brad to just leave her alone, and Brad agreed. As Carly got up to go, she began to pass out again, but Brad caught her and realized she hadn't been faking earlier.

Brad followed Carly home and tried to convince her to go to the hospital. She told him there was something wrong but refused to tell him what it was. Brad was relentless in his pursuit of knowing what was wrong, but all Carly would say was that her "heart is broken." Brad laughed off her broken heart remark, and she pushed him out the door before she collapsed again. Brad saw what had happened and pushed his way back in to call an ambulance, but Carly stopped him by telling him she probably just had a bug from the kids. She begged Brad to keep it to himself until she knew what was going on.

Susan showed up at Will and Gwen's house to check in on them, and at first, she was pleasantly surprised to find Alison there, dropping off food. Susan asked Gwen and Will about moving forward with the egg donor and reminded them about being patient in finding a donor. Susan was shocked to find out that Alison had volunteered to be their donor. Susan told Alison that she couldn't be a donor because emotionally, she wasn't prepared for what being a donor really meant.

Gwen tried to persuade Susan that everything would be all right, but Susan was reluctant to offer her approval and warned them all to think about it more before they went any further. When Susan left, Will offered Alison a chance to get out of being the donor. Alison convinced the two she wouldn't back out but asked that someday, when the baby was old enough, they tell it the truth. They agreed that the baby should know and that they would all move forward with their plan. Gwen and Alison headed off to their jobs.

Sofie was working at the Lakeview with Aaron and was excited to feel her baby move. Aaron was shocked to learn that Sofie still hadn't told Cole that she was pregnant. Just then, Cole arrived and asked Sofie for some money, which she handed over. Cole left. Sofie went back to work but returned minutes later and told Aaron that she had decided to tell Cole that night about the baby.

Gwen arrived at the Lakeview for work and went into the bar to get some water. Aaron comforted her. Gwen explained to Aaron that Alison had offered to help her and Will out, and Aaron was surprised by Alison's offer. Aaron asked Sofie to watch the bar for a minute while he headed out to find Alison.

Lily waited to meet Dusty at the Lakeview, still in her best hooker disguise, but Holden caught Lily dressed provocatively and questioned why she was dressed that way. Lily tried to convince Holden she had dressed up for him as a surprise, and Holden was happy about Lily's idea. Lily saw Dusty walk in and motioned him away as Holden asked if a room at the Lakeview was also part of her surprise. The two went upstairs and made love. Afterwards, they lay in bed, discussed how their marriage had gotten off track, and resolved to work together to make things right.

Holden went to take a shower. Lily reached for her phone to call Dusty and told him to meet her outside her room immediately. Lily told Dusty that Cheri's son might have been the person who'd killed her, and she gave him the names she'd learned earlier. Dusty thanked her for the information and told her to get back to Holden. Back in the room, Holden explained to Lily that he appreciated all she had done, but he was still angry at Dusty, even though he understood why she had done what she had for him. Holden explained that he was very upset because Lily hadn't been honest with him before and that things would be better if she would just be honest with him.

Downstairs, Dusty made a call to a friend to try to track down who Cheri's son might be.

Meanwhile, Alison showed up at Al's to work at Katie and Jack's shower. Jack and Katie headed off to the kitchen to check out the food just as Aaron arrived and asked to talk to Alison about her being a donor. Aaron told her that he was proud of her and gave her a kiss on the cheek before he headed back to work. Jack and Katie greeted their guests. Holden, who had arrived with Lily, toasted to the couple.

Cole arrived back at the Lakeview and told Sofie he had just quit his job. He became angry when he demanded that Sofie go home with him immediately and she said she couldn't. He pulled away as Sofie reached after him, and she fell to the ground as Aaron returned. Aaron ran to her side to help her up and blurted out that Cole should be more careful with the woman carrying Cole's baby. Sofie looked stunned by Aaron's words.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

After Aaron blurted out that Sofie was pregnant, she asked Aaron to let her and Cole talk. Cole wondered if the baby was really his and not Aaron's. Meanwhile, Alison asked Aaron if he'd like to go to a movie with her sometime, and he accepted. After Cole's allegations, Sofie, in tears, ran into Aaron's arms. Iris was furious about Sofie's pregnancy and gave Cole money to get Sofie to "fix" her situation.

Brad was concerned that Carly hadn't told Jack she was sick. Carly said she was no longer trying to derail his wedding. Brad left, and Sage entered, wanting to go to the wedding shower. Carly drove Sage to the party while trying to keep her throbbing head clear. A blinding light pulsed in Carly's eye as she drove, and she crashed the car.

At the wedding shower, Brad was offended that Jack had asked Holden to be his best man instead of Brad. Katie told Jack that Brad's feelings were hurt, and Jack made peace with Brad. Jack and Katie played wedding games. Amid all the fun, there was a call that Carly had been in an accident. Katie and Jack were suspicious until Brad told them that Sage had been with her.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Noah ran into Maddie in Old Town and asked why she was avoiding him. She said she wanted to be alone for the night, and she left. Meanwhile, Lily arrived at the farm and found Luke working on his writing. Noah showed up, and Luke introduced them. Lily could see the awkwardness between them, so when Noah said he needed to talk to Luke, she said she'd go outside for a while. Noah asked Luke what he had said to Maddie, and Luke said he hadn't said anything but that Maddie had gone to him, "knowing what you didn't want her to know," and he had told her to talk to Noah herself. Noah told Luke that he was not like Luke, and Luke agreed, saying he was happy with who he was.

Noah left and found Maddie at WOAK. He confronted her, and she told him she was mad because he'd used her to get acceptance from his father. Maddie said she didn't care if Noah was straight, or gay, or bisexual, or if he was attracted to Luke, but when she asked, "And you are, aren't you?" Noah finally replied, "Yes." She told him that was okay, but the way he had treated her was not okay. He asked if she could forgive him and they could move on, because he cared for her and wanted to get past the issue. Maddie said, "Because I mean that much to you?" Noah said yes, but Maddie replied, "Or I mean that much to your father?"

Back at the farm, Lily asked Luke what was wrong, and he told her he had basically outed Noah to Maddie. He didn't think Lily really wanted to talk about it, but she insisted she was okay with it, so he told her Noah's dad was strict military and wouldn't be accepting if Noah came out to him about being gay. He said even Noah didn't want it to be true, and he told his mom that while he'd liked other guys before, it was the first time someone had felt that way about him.

Maddie went to the diner, where she told Henry that he had been right about his suspicions about Noah and Luke, and she'd broken up with Noah because of it and had said some mean things to him to keep him from seeing how much she really cared about him. She told Henry she apparently wasn't meant to have someone to love and spend her life with, but Henry pointed out that her two previous relationships were not quite a "history." He told her the missing ingredient with her in her relationships had been magic, saying she hadn't had that with either Casey or Noah. He told her that the right guy was out there somewhere.

Noah went to the Lakeview to meet his dad for dinner. His dad assumed Maddie was simply late, but Noah said they'd broken up. His dad insisted that was not possible, saying they'd just had a fight and that Noah needed to do whatever it took to straighten it out with Maddie. Noah asked what would happen if he couldn't change, but when his father asked him to repeat what he'd just said, Noah backpedaled and asked what would happen if he and Maddie couldn't change whatever was wrong between them.

At that moment, Luke walked into the room, having gone to the Lakeview with his mom at her suggestion. He was alone because Lily had spotted an auditor she needed to talk to quickly. Noah's dad saw Noah looking at Luke, and he got up, marched over to Luke, and warned Luke to stay away from his son, "or you will be dealing with me, and you will not like that!" The colonel left, and Luke approached Noah to apologize, but Noah said, "Just leave me alone!" and walked out.

At the Lakeview, Dusty had a drink with Tom Hughes and discussed the police's failure to look for another suspect in Cheri's murder. Dusty said he has an alternative theory involving an abusive husband and a child, but Tom said he'd need evidence to get anyone to listen to such a theory. He told Dusty they should run it by the district attorney. Dusty said he would after he had more evidence, and Tom cautioned him to be careful not to do anything illegal at that point.

When Dusty acted like he knew more than the cops, Tom left, saying they had a word for people who thought they were smarter than cops: convicts. Dusty called his private investigator and arranged to meet him in his room. The private eye gave Dusty a folder, saying he'd found Charlene Wilson and that she'd had a domestic battery charge against her husband in 1988 in Fort Gordon, Georgia -- and there had been an infant involved. Dusty looked for the husband's name and found it in the file: Lieutenant Winston Mayer.

Jack arrived at the hospital and found Carly, Sage, and the doctor, who was finishing up putting stitches in Sage's forehead. He assured Jack that Sage would be fine, but someone needed to wake her up every hour or so overnight in case she had a concussion. Jack asked Brad to please take Sage to the cafeteria to get some dessert, since she had missed the wedding shower. Before leaving, Brad asked Carly how she was doing, something Jack hadn't done, and she thanked him for asking. He left with Sage, and Jack asked Carly what had happened.

Carly said she didn't really know, but she'd been depressed and probably shouldn't have been driving. However, Sage had been concerned about how Carly would feel about Sage liking Katie, so she'd wanted to prove to Sage that she was okay with Sage loving Katie, too, by taking her to the wedding shower. Jack worried that Carly was not in control of herself anymore and that she was too depressed about him marrying Katie.

Carly told Jack she'd like to go home and rest and not discuss it anymore that night because she had a headache. He said he'd take Sage home with him so Carly could rest, and she told him not to try to pretend that he would have left Sage with her anyway. She told him to go ahead and take Sage and apologize to Katie for her and tell the boys she was okay. Jack asked, "But are you really?"

Sage and Brad returned, and Carly told Sage she got to go home with Jack for the night. Sage asked if Carly was really okay, and she said yes. Sage told Jack the nurse needed some paperwork signed, so he and Sage left. Brad stayed, and the doctor entered and told Carly that some of the initial tests they had run had him concerned about her. He wanted her to contact a neurologist in the morning, and he gave her the doctor's card, saying he didn't think it was related to the accident.

When the doctor asked if Carly had been having headaches or dizzy spells, Carly denied it. Brad jumped in to tell the doctor the truth, but Jack showed up, so Carly cut Brad off mid-sentence. The doctor left, saying he'd be in his office if she wanted to talk some more, and Jack wanted to know what was wrong. Carly asked Brad to get Sage so Carly could reassure her that she was okay then told Jack the doctor had just said her headache had made her pass out but that it wouldn't happen again. Brad shook his head but left, and Jack wanted to know if Carly was lying to him.

Carly said she just didn't want Jack to tell Sage he thought her mom was losing control. Sage and Brad returned, and Carly gave Sage a goodbye hug after assuring the girl that she was okay. Brad asked why she hadn't told Jack that something was wrong with her, because she shouldn't have to go through it alone. Carly said she was not alone, that "God, in His wisdom, has given me you." Brad said he was useless, and she should still tell Jack, but Carly said she didn't want to, because whenever she told Jack, it would make whatever was wrong with her more real, and she was not ready for that yet.

Brad drove Carly home and refused to leave unless she called Jack and told him what was going on. She told Brad not to blackmail her and threatened to call the cops. He told her to put his number on speed dial on her cell phone so she could call him if she needed him, and then he'd leave. She tossed the phone at him, and he entered his number then pretended to leave but instead settled himself down in a chair on her porch.

At the diner, Katie found out from Margo on the phone that Sage was going to be okay and that Carly didn't know exactly what had happened, but Margo mentioned that there were no skid marks that would indicate Carly had swerved or braked hard to avoid hitting something. Henry suggested Carly had done it as a way to pull Jack back in, but Katie insisted Carly wouldn't put Sage in jeopardy like that. Henry was impressed that Katie was being so generous with her thoughts, and Katie said she actually felt bad for Carly, who had lost a lot.

She met Jack back at the farm, where Jack told her that it was worse than being mad at Carly; he was actually scared for her. Katie assured him they would get through it together.


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