One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 27, 2007 on OLTL

Nash took a risk and lost. Jared purchased Antonio's shares of the vineyard he shared with Nash. Miles disclosed Tommy's true identity to Blair. John agreed to keep the secret about Tommy but then learned that Blair also knew the truth. Todd learned the truth about his son.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 27, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, August 27, 2007

Lindsay offers no resistance when John arrests her for Spencer's murder. Michael is a bundle of nerves as he and an incredulous Marcie watch as Lindsay is led away in handcuffs. John tells Lindsay he knows why she killed Spencer. Miles admits to Natalie that Spencer left information about what really happened to Todd's baby in a bus locker. Miles is stunned when he opens the locker and reads what Spencer left behind for him. Miles returns to Natalie with the news that Todd's baby is alive and is closer than anyone realizes. Nash lies to Jessica and doesn't mention losing his money, and possibly controlling interest in the vineyard, in the poker game. Antonio accepts Jared's offer to buy his share of the vineyard.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sarah asked Cristian for a job at Capricorn. He hires her as a waitress and gives her a test run. After comically making a bad-tasting Cosmopolitan, Cris teaches her the correct way to make it. She admits that Cord wanted to give her access to the trust find, but she refused saying she wanted to earn her income like great-grandpa Asa.

Starr and Cole talked about taking classes together. Then, the young lovebirds were making out until Auntie Dorian came in. Dorian explained the Lindsay arrest at the Woman of the Year's awards for Spencer's murder. Cole asked about his mother since Lindsay is now a new suspect. Dorian said that Marty wasn't mentioned. Cole wanted to go pick up his mom, get the apartment together and get the new keys, since Nora changed the locks. Dorian told him that John was probably going to bring her home but he left anyway. Dorian admitted to Starr that Cole was a good kid, when he gave Dorian a hug. Dorian and Starr

Miles told Todd and Blair that he has information about TJ but Todd refused to listen and warned Miles to shut up, while picking up a knife and started pushing him around. Blair was able to claim the Todd down and convince him to leave, but Miles stop them by saying Todd was walking out on his son. Todd attacked Miles again and tells Miles if he could name two of his children, he'll let him live. Miles said he has three; but only names Starr and Jack. Todd warns Miles, if he says his dead son's name again, he'll kill him. Miles say that's that chance he'll have to make.

John tried convincing Lindsay into admitting how long she knew about Tommy being Todd's son. She refused, stating that Tommy was Marcie's son and his nephew. She also asked McBain, if he knew about Tommy's paternity why didn't he let the secret out? Lindsay warns him if the truth were to come out, it could hurt everyone involved and she doesn't want to be apart of it if he decides to tell it. John said he doesn't want any of this to come out and Lindsay told him to protect his family by not letting it come out.

Rex and Marcie separately defend Lindsay to Nora and Bo stating that it couldn't be possible that she could have killed Spencer. Marcie, on the other hand started attacking John and Nora's personal reasons for wanting to arrest Lindsay (John's oblivious interest in Marty and Nora's dislike for Lindsay). Nora explained to Marcie she doesn't know all the facts of the case yet but reminds Marcie of Lindsay's record. Nora goes to visits Marty to give her an update and to let her know that Lindsay was arrested for Spencer's murder. Marty didn't looked surprise, which Nora notices and questions her about it. Marty confesses everything. Cole comes to get his mom. Bo accuses Rex of knowing more about Lindsay's motive and tells him to stay out of the investigation. Marcie calls a Lawyer for Lindsay.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Natalie and Miles work out at the gym. Natalie asks him if he saw Viki this morning, because Viki apparently didn't sleep at home last night. Then she asks him about his conversation with Todd, and he shows her the black eye Todd gave him. Miles says he thought Todd was going to kill him. Miles says he withheld the information because he thinks Todd is unstable, but Natalie says Todd is never that way around his kids. Miles says he has real information, but he doesn't know how to get it to Todd without Todd killing him. Natalie suggests telling Blair instead.

Blair talks on the phone to Todd about the article on Lindsay in the Sun. She says he wrote a bloodthirsty article because of his fight with Miles, and Blair is worried about him. Dorian arrives in the kitchen with Lindsay's Woman of the Year trophy bowl. Dorian says she's taking charge of the award until the new recipient is found; Blair accuses her of stealing it. Dorian says she didn't. Dorian thinks she deserves the Woman of the Year award. Blair tells her to give it back, recounting how something bad always happens to the winner. Blair tells her about Miles' assertion that Todd's baby is alive and in Llanview, and how Todd beat Miles up after that. Dorian wonders if Miles might be telling the truth. Blair worries that if Miles is lying, then he will kill Miles. Natalie and Miles show up at La Boulaie and Blair asks if Miles has a death wish. Miles finds out about Lindsay's arrest. They try to tell Blair that Todd's baby is alive, and she tells them they can't get to Todd through her. They argue about how Miles has "helped" Todd so far. Natalie leaves. Miles tells her that Tommy is Todd's son and Blair is clearly shocked.

Lindsay is brought up from holding and claims she won't be saying a word to John, but it was really Bo that asked to see her. Lindsay says they have nothing to talk about, but Bo convinces her to talk to him, privately, in his office. Lindsay asks why he's being so nice to her and if he and John are playing "good cop, bad cop" with her. Bo says he doesn't believe that she killed Spencer, that she doesn't have a motive. Lindsay says she can't talk to Bo without a lawyer present. Bo remembers once when Lindsay says she had something to tell him; she refuses to answer. Lindsay thinks Nora is chomping at the bit to prosecute her. Bo says to help herself, and tell someone what's going on. Bo wants to help. Bo says most times, prior acts are inadmissible. Lindsay is unconvinced. Bo asks if Lindsay's admitting to the murder. She says no. Bo advises her to claim self-defense or to say she killed Spencer to stop him from hurting Blair. Then she thanks Bo for being kind to her, and she gives him condolences about Asa's passing. Lindsay says he doesn't owe her anything and she can take care of herself. Bo just wants to be her friend, and his offer of help stands. Bo has Lindsay returned to holding.

Nora comes into John's office and asks why he arrested Lindsay without notifying the DA's office. John shows her some evidence in the case, the bloody dress Lindsay was wearing the night of the Truman murder, and says the warrant was in order. Nora asks about the evidence and goes over the timeline with him, wanting to know why Lindsay would keep the dress. John says Lindsay is not cooperating but Nora will still get a good case. Then Nora pretends to be Lindsay's defense attorney, running a devil's advocate scenario with John. Nora tells him that if they press charges against Lindsay, Lindsay's lawyer will get Marty's eyewitness statement implicating Lindsay thrown out, and if they lose the statement, they've got nothing. Nora also says Marty isn't a good witness. John tells Nora that Lindsay went to see Spencer a few days before his murder. John insists that Lindsay did it; Nora says they don't have a prayer of getting a conviction with the current evidence. Nora says they need a motive, and he flashes back to his conversation with Lindsay, where she says she will protect Michael, Marcie, and Tommy. John hedges to Nora, saying Lindsay wanted to keep Spencer quiet about "something". Nora wonders why Lindsay was going to see Blair. Nora says without the something, they don't have a case. John doesn't have a motive, and Nora tells him to find it. Nora says there was a long list of people who wanted Spencer dead, and Lindsay was not on it. John gets the report on Lindsay's dress from the lab, and shows it to Nora. Nora says he was right: the blood is Spencer's. Nora wonders again why Lindsay would keep that dress around. Nora doesn't want to recuse herself from the case and she doesn't want anyone to think that she's trying to frame Lindsay, but something is going on in the case and Nora wants to know what it is.

John tells Bo that the blood on Lindsay's dress belongs to Spencer. Nora says that they will proceed, based on the evidence, and the charges against Marty will be dropped. Marty will testify against Lindsay.

Antonio prepares to paint his loft with Jamie, who remembers Jessica. Jamie and Antonio start painting her toy box. Talia arrives with a folder for Antonio, and Jamie asks Talia to help her paint. Antonio tries to give Talia an easy out, but she says she likes to paint, and asks Antonio for an extra tee shirt so she can paint with them. Jamie asks if Talia is going to be her daddy's new girlfriend. Antonio tells Jamie that Talia can't be his girlfriend because they work together, and they're friends, and besides, Talia has a boyfriend. Then he apologizes to Talia for Jamie's words. Then they paint his loft, getting into the inevitable paint accident with each other. Nash shows up at the door with an offer to get out of each other's lives. Antonio tells Nash that he sold his share to someone else.

Clint shows up to talk to Nash at the vineyard, wanting to take him to breakfast. Nash says he's too busy. Clint asks if Nash is having money trouble. Nash says no, it's just a cash flow problem. Clint threatens to call Jessica to find out what is going on, so Nash caves and says he needs money to buy out Antonio before he sells his share to the highest bidder. Clint asks Nash how much cash he has: Nash says none, and has to admit that he lost it all in a poker game. Nash says he got himself into this mess and he will figure a way to get himself out, but he won't take Jessica's money. Clint has a solution: take the money from him. Nash says that taking money from him is the same as taking money from Jessica. Clint says it's a loan, and Nash will be charged interest. Clint writes Nash a check. Clint says if Nash doesn't pay him back, he will send Natalie after him. Nash says "not the crazy redhead," then asks Clint not to tell Jessica. Clint agrees.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nash learns that he's too late to buy out Antonio; he's made another deal, accepting the first offer he had. He never agreed to the week that Nash asked for and it's not out of spite as Nash believes, Antonio insists. It's merely business. Nash accuses him of taking away his future because of his hatred. Antonio doesn't refute the hatred part but he wants to be done with Nash and Jessica and all parts of them. Nash asks him to void the contract but Antonio is a businessman and always keeps his word. When Nash learns that the buyer is Jared Banks he can't believe how ironic the whole situation is. He wonders if Antonio was backing him up in the first place. Vega is sick of Nash's accusations and orders him out. He's left the papers at Capricorn for Banks to sign. Talia wonders how long it'll take Antonio to stop seeing Jess all over the apartment. As long as it takes, he says. They look ahead to a clean start.

Miles announces that Tommy is Todd's son but he doesn't get the response from Blair that he planned on. She's furious and doesn't believe him for a minute. He insists he has proof and hands her the folder that he obtained from the locker. She takes it hesitatingly and reads the letter from Spencer (Spencer too, is "there" to help with the reading). He has the perfect way to destroy Todd and everyone else who hurt him; Blair, Michael and John. He relates how the baby was illegally sold and inadvertently ended up with Michael and Marcie. Blair is still skeptical as Miles apologizes for not checking the locker sooner and for sending Todd to Chicago. She finally believes him. "God help you when Todd finds out," she says.

Nat encounters a working Sarah at Capricorn and admits that she started out the same way. She wasn't willing to take any Buchanan handouts either. She's there to meet someone for business and is quite annoyed when she sees Jared, who's tricked her into showing up. She likes guts, she tells him, but detests being manipulated. He has some information that she can use and persuades her to have a drink. He flatters her beyond belief and expresses how good of a team the two of them can be. She responds by letting him know that she can't stand flattery and he's really not charming. She's rescued when a smiling Miles arrives. He's happy to say that Blair believed him and he feels really good. It prompts her to do something good too. Sarah tells Miles off; he almost got her killed, she yells. After learning who she is, Miles figures that they're both not really the monsters everyone thought. He figures that Sarah is trying to find herself same as him. For the first time ever he is happy when he looks in the mirror, he tells her. Nash accuses Jared of hustling him.

Todd pays Lindsay a visit in the hopes of getting an exclusive. Why murder, he asks. She did not confess to a murder and will not talk to him, she informs him. He's only trying to help before the other press people get to her, he replies. Marcie shows up and crying, complains over the mistake that's been made and promises to get Lindsay out. When Lindsay suggests that she may never get out, Marcie wonders why she seems to be giving up. Nora will come after her with all she's got, Lindsay informs her. When Marcie tells her to fight, she sadly states that she has no fight left. Tommy needs her as does she, Marcie counters. Everything I've done has been to protect Tommy, Lindsay tells a confused Marcie, who quickly quiets her. She doesn't want anything overheard that someone could misinterpret. Offering to bring Tommy by, Lindsay tells her to leave and forget about her. The jail is no place for either Tommy or her to be and she refuses to say another word. Marcie asks if she's innocent but Lindsay doesn't respond. Suddenly, she happily announces that she knows how to help her and she leaves. In John's office, Michael tries to get details concerning Lindsay's arrest but John can't talk about the case. He only wants to know if he's going to lose his son, Michael says, pleading his case again. IF Lindsay killed Spencer, he knows why, Michael continues. John confirms that Lindsay won't talk. It's all up to you then John, Michael confirms. He's made a decision, John declares. He upholds the law and a boy was stolen from his father, he begins. In any other case those responsible would have been arrested and already serving time. He cares too much for his family though and has decided to keep the secret, he reveals. Michael is disbelieving and ecstatic as a great relief washes over him. John is not happy with his decision and believes that the truth will eventually come out but Michael feels differently. He even prayed, John discloses, but he can live with his decision. Michael doesn't know how to thank him and starts babbling about the future; Tommy's graduation, for one. Just appreciate now, John tells him. Don't look to the future. After he's gone an anxious Natalie arrives. She happily tells John that Miles has been trying to do the right thing. She doesn't know anything herself but Miles has told Blair that Todd's son is alive and in Llanview and she's probably on her way to tell Todd now!

Todd receives a surprise visit at the office from Starr and Jack. Starr is proud of the way her dad has been lately and Jack prints out a "picture" of the family from the computer, including the missing baby. These are avatars, Todd explains to him, and there's no baby. Jack is sure he'll be found but Todd disagrees. As they have an impromptu memorial service, Blair arrives and listens, sight unseen. When they're finished she asks the kids to leave. She tells Todd to sit down.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Jessica arrives home from London hoping to surprise Nash. She prepares a romantic dinner and awaits Nash's arrival. Meanwhile, Nash is at Capricorn trying to get answers from Jared. Nash questions Jared about his motives concerning his purchase of the vineyard and insists that he allows him to buy Antonio's share. Jared is determined to keep his interest in the vineyard; he tells Nash the purchase is an investment and advices him that the two are now partners.

Adriana and Rex arrive at Marcie and Michael's apartment. When no one appears to be home, Rex is convinced that Michael and Marcie have run off with Tommy. Michael soon appears and Rex questions him about John's intentions concerning Tommy. Michael tells Rex that John has decided to keep Tommy's true parentage secret, but Rex is not convinced. Rex believes the secret will soon be exposed because several people now know the truth; he also doubts John will keep his promise.

Natalie tells John that Miles has given Blair information that Todd's son is alive and well in Llanview. John questions Natalie about how much she knows and where Blair is. Natalie tells John that she has no knowledge of who the child is but she is sure Blair is giving Todd the information this very moment. Natalie notices that John is obviously upset by this and wants to know why. John tells her that he is concerned because this child will soon be taken from parents who love him; he is afraid that Todd will rip the child from the parent's arms. Marty is released from jail; she and Cole interrupt John and Natalie's conversation. Marty and Cole want to thank John for his help. John excuses himself and leaves to locate Blair. Marty and Cole make negative comments about Miles and Natalie is bothered by it.

Blair is attempting to tell Todd that his son is alive. Just as Blair prepares to reveal the identity of Todd's son, Marcie appears at the door carrying Tommy. Todd is rude to her and appears agitated that she has come to his office with the child. She tells Todd she needs his help; she wants to pitch him a cover story. Once Marcie tells him that John is a shady cop and trying to railroad Lindsay, Todd's interest is peaked and he agrees to do a cover story. Todd leaves Marcie and Blair alone in the office. Marcie tells Blair how she has had a fear that Tommy would be taken from her and that she is unable to have children of her own. Blair is uncomfortable when Marcie tells her that as long as she and Michael have Tommy, their family will be okay. Todd returns and hands Marcie a copy of the new cover story. Marcie is satisfied by the headline, "Rouge Cop Railroads Woman of the Year." Todd rudely asks her to leave and to take the baby with her. After Marcie and Tommy leave, Blair again attempts to tell Todd about his son. Once Todd realizes that Blair wants to discuss his "dead" son, he continues to interrupt and tells her he has come to terms with the loss of the child and does not care to discuss it.

Nash arrives home and finds Jessica. Jessica wants to know if he was able to buy Antonio's shares while she was away. Jared is having a drink alone at Capricorn. He opens his cell phone and stares at a picture of a smiling Tess. While Sarah is working at Capricorn, Nora arrives and the two begin discussing Asa. Sarah wants to know if Asa mentioned her often. Nora tells Sarah that Asa was very proud of her. Sarah is pleased. Michael, Rex and Adriana are discussing what to do about Lindsay possibly knowing their secret, when Marcie arrives home. They all panic when Marcie shows them Todd's cover story and realize that she and Tommy visited Todd. While Blair is preparing to tell Todd the truth, John appears and attempts to prevent Blair from revealing Tommy's identity to Todd. Blair ignores John and tells Todd that the child his son is alive and is being raised by Michael and Marcie.

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