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Monday, August 27, 2007

Meg informed Holden that she intended to stay married to Craig and assured him that she had thought about her decision and asked for his acceptance. An angry Holden, reminds Meg of what Craig did to Rosanna. Meg assures Holden that this is what she wants and that she and Craig are honest with each other. Holden tells her to that just because you think you know what's going on in your marriage; things aren't always what they seem. Meg then asks Holden to try to like Craig- Holden refuses but tells Meg he will be there for her.

Dusty awakes to find Cheri dead, by his gun. Margot, who was at the Lakeview already, heard the gunshots and knocked at the door, Dusty answers, and directs her to Cheri's body. Dusty hid the gun from her and lied, saying that he heard a gunshot from down the hall and went in to find Cheri dead. He pretended to know her only from the Intruder story. Lily came in to see what was happening. At the police station, Lily demanded to know the truth from Dusty. He tells her, that Cheri drugged him and that he awoke to find her dead from his gun. Lily told Dusty that she believed him. Margot asked Lily what she knew about Cheri, and Lily told her that Cheri tried to run her prostitution business out of the Lakeview, but she wouldn't allow it. She left out the fact that it was Dusty that tipped her off. Margot told Dusty that he was now a suspect in Cheri's murder since the only prints that were found in the room where his and Cheri's, which he had no explanation for. Margot informed Dusty that she was going to hold him for the 24 hours that was allowed, and that he ought to call his lawyer.

Lily arrived at Emma's alone, and frantically started to clean off Dusty's gun, which he had apparently slipped to her. As she was trying to figure out what to do with it, Holden arrived, so she quickly put it under the counter. Holden wanted to know what she was doing there. Lily made up an excuse, but her nervous behavior made Holden suspicious. Lily told Holden about the situation with Dusty. Immediately Holden accused Lily of holding back info again. He dared her to tell him if she was holding back, and that he would apologize if he was wrong.

Gwen, suddenly having abdominal pain, nervously told Ali that she was ok, but was soon doubled over. Gwen blamed it on indigestion, but Ali convinces her to call her Dr., which she does. As she waits for the Dr. to call back, Gwen's pain increased, and she began bleeding. Ali called Susan. Susan arrived and examined Gwen. She informed Gwen that she had lost the baby. A devastated Gwen sobbed in Susan's arms, as Ali looked on. Ali stayed with Gwen, offering to call Will. Gwen refused, saying that she couldn't tell him that they had lost their baby over the phone, and that the conference he was at was too important to him and that since there was nothing that could be done, she would rather not tell him until it was all over. She told Ali that she wanted Will to be happy just a little bit longer. Gwen thanked Ali for comforting her and calling Susan to help. Ali offered to stay until Will got back, which Gwen accepted. Ali helped the Struggling Gwen to her feet and told her "I've got you." as she helped her to bed.

At the Lakeview, a shocked and bewildered Craig tells Rosanna that she looks more beautiful than ever and the news of her recovery is wonderful and he is so happy. He asks why she is with Paul and how he survived the fall off the cliff. "Just lucky I guess," said Paul. Craig accused him of pretending to be dead, causing his loved ones great pain. He angrily told Rosanna that Paul had no right to remove her from the hospital. He accused Paul and Rosanna of ambushing him and demanded to know why. Craig asked Rosanna what she could remember, but Paul cut his questioning short, saying he was going to take Rosanna to her room. Just then, Meg arrived to meet Craig for dinner, turned around and fainted in Craig's arms at the site of Paul. As Meg came to, and Craig told her it was true that Paul was alive. He told Meg that Paul had deceived everyone and went to Switzerland to visit Rosanna impersonating him when she woke up in order to remove her from the Hospital. An overwhelmed Meg demanded to know why Paul allowed her to think he was dead. As Paul handed Meg her purse that she had dropped, they painfully locked eyes as Rosanna watched. Paul, seeing the ring on Meg's finger, told Craig to help his wife in accepting these revealed truths, Craig told Meg he would take her home. Meg told Paul she was glad he was alive, which he replied, "why thank you" Craig then led the shocked Meg away.

Rosanna asked Paul about Meg, Paul told her she was Craig's wife. Rosanna, suspicious of Meg's reaction to seeing him, asked Paul how well he knew her. Paul denied having a relationship with her, but Rosanna was not fooled. Paul admitted to her that he kept his relationship from her to protect her from the stress. Rosanna told Paul that he was trying to protect himself. Paul explained to Rosanna about his relationship with Meg, and that she was in business with Craig and that Paul was completely finished with her. Rosanna then told Paul that he was obviously still in love with Meg.

At Fairwinds, a stunned Meg blamed herself for giving up on Paul. Craig assured Meg that is was Paul who was to blame for deceiving her. Meg then angrily asked why Paul would have done this to her, in which Craig told her "because you are my wife now" Meg then wondered if Paul was out to get the both of them. Craig then told her that Paul had planned out the whole thing in order to get the ultimate revenge on him, and was using Meg to do so. Meg then accused Craig of knowing about Paul and Rosanna, and this was why he wanted to take Meg away on a trip. Craig admitted to the phone call from the Hospital, but insisted he knew nothing about Paul. Meg told Craig she believed him. After saying goodnight, Meg left, unbeknownst to Craig.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

At Carly's house, she suggests to Jack that they go to a movie- hoping to be alone with him. He agrees but invites Parker and JJ, dashing her romantic plans. While Jack is upstairs with the boys Brad shows up. Carly invites him to come along and devises a plan for Brad and the boys to end up seeing a different movie, leaving her and Jack alone. Brad doubts this plan will work, but goes along. At the movies, Carly and Jack are alone in the back of the theater. Just as Carly tries to cuddle up to him, Brad and the boys interrupt; apparently they didn't like the other movie. Carly is furious, but Brad tells her that he is just saving her from herself and that he is keeping an eye on Jack for Katie. Carly tells Brad that he should be helping her, so that he could have Katie for himself. Brad said that's just what Katie would expect, so he is going to help Katie stay with Jack. Carly tells him that he is making a big mistake. Back at the house, Jack leaves Carly and Brad alone to go play video games with the boys. Much to Carly's annoyance, Brad begins talking about Jack's future life with Katie. She asks why Brad is so supportive of their relationship- he tells her that he wants Katie to be happy; even if it means she is not with him. Carly insists that Jack ALWAYS comes back to her; it's inevitable. Brad disagrees and Carly throws him out. With the boys in bed, Carly helps Jack get ready for bed on the couch. Jack suddenly gets a leg cramp which she quickly begins to massage away. Jack is suspicious of her motives, but she assures him that she has nothing else in mind and he lets her continue.

At the Lakeview, Rosanna insists Paul is still in love with Meg, which he denies. Rosanna demands to know where she stands with him. He tells her that his relationship with Meg was a mistake. Rosanna questions Paul's motives and asks him if he is using her to get back at Craig for marrying Meg. Paul denies this. Rosanna insists that he is not being completely honest with her. Paul says that he is no longer in love with Meg. Rosanna told Paul that she wants to believe him. He leaves the room to get bottled water.

At Fairwinds, Craig discovers that Meg has left- and he thinks he knows exactly where she has gone and storms out to find her. Meg arrives at the Lakeview and asks the desk clerk for Paul's room number, he refuses, but she runs into Paul in the Lobby. He tries to walk past her, but she stops him. Paul tells her he has nothing to say to her. Meg demands to know how he could have done this to her. She tells Paul how grief stricken she was when she thought he was dead. "You wear your grief well" he tells her. Paul tells her that she has made her choices and that he owes her nothing.

A flower delivery man that Craig paid gets Rosanna's room number at the Lakeview. Craig arrives at Rosanna's room with the flowers, which she rejects. Craig tells her that Paul is filling her head with lies, but Rosanna says that she believes Paul. He then tells her that Meg has gone missing and does she know where Paul is- insinuating that they are together. He tells her that Paul still loves Meg and is sick and obsessed with her. Paul walks into the room to hear this tirade. Paul denies having feelings for Meg; and that Craig and Meg deserve each other. Paul threatens him with jail for causing the accident and tells him that Rosanna will soon recover her memory. Rosanna agrees, saying that she will testify against him. Craig leaves them glaring at him.

Paul admits that he was with Meg in the lobby, that she was looking for closure, but she is now Craig's problem. Rosanna expressed her wish to get back to where they were before the accident. Rosanna cuddled up with Paul in the bed, and he promised her that Craig would never hurt her again.

Back at Fairwinds, Meg tells Craig about her encounter with Paul. He tells her that he followed her because he was worried. Craig admits to Meg that he went to see Rosanna and that Paul is manipulating her and that he is concerned about her mental state. "Paul hates me now; almost as much as he hates you. ", Meg says. Craig reassures her that as long as they stick together, Paul can't hurt them. Meg asks him to hold her, which he does. He promises to never let her go.

At the Oakdale PD, Margo announces to Dusty that his lawyer has arrived; it's Tom. Tom is ready to work and tells Margo that she has no case. Margo tells them that she thinks Dusty knows more than he is letting on. Margo doesn't have enough evidence to hold him, and tells Dusty he can go.

At Emma's, Holden tells Lily to come clean about Dusty and reminds her that from now on she is supposed to be truthful with him. Lily tells him the truth. She also tells him that Dusty gave her the gun. Holden is outraged telling her that she committed a crime and it could affect all of them. He asked her where the gun was, and she produced it. Lily told him that it was her idea, not Dusty's. Holden told Lily that Dusty was using her. Lily defends him completely insisting that Dusty was framed she wants to help him- Holden tells her that she is doing more harm than good, pointing out that she has put their family in harm's way. He says he is going to take the gun to the police, but Lily tells him she can't let him do this. Holden tells her that she needs to be more concerned with her family than with Dusty. They take the gun and head for the station.

At the Oakdale PD, Lily and Holden give the gun to Margo. Dusty comes clean, telling Margo the whole truth. Tom is angry with Dusty for hiding the gun, and demands that there be no more secrets. Margo tells Holden that Lily might be facing multiple charges- including accessory to murder. Lily is allowed to go. As they leave, Lily tells Dusty that she is sorry, but Dusty says it's not her fault. Just then Margo announces that the gun was tested, and it is indeed the murder weapon. She arrests Dusty for the murder of Cheri Love.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vienna and Henry cannot handle the crowd of hungry and demanding customers at their diner. When their cook quits in frustration and Henry goes to get eggs, Vienna is left alone to offer their anxious customers cereal. As Henry returns to the diner with eggs for the morning rush, he runs into a lawyer who offers to buy the diner back on behalf of Al's nephew. At the diner, Alison comes by to get takeout for Gwen and Will and offers help to Vienna with customers and the two succeed in making a few customers happy. Vienna is reinvigorated at her mini-success at the diner and when Henry returns with the offer she tells him she wants to keep the diner and make it a healthy Swedish alternative for their customers.

Will returns home from his trip early and is greeted by a sad Gwen and surprised when he finds Alison in his home taking care of Gwen. Alison leaves the two alone so Gwen can tell Will that she had a miscarriage. After leaving Gwen's house, Alison is confronted by Barbara at the Lakeview who tells her to stay away from Will and Gwen. Alison tells Barbara about Will's early return from his trip and when she questions why Alison knows about Will's arrival she dismisses Alison and begins to call Will for answers. Alison stops Barbara and tells her about Gwen losing the baby.

Back at their house, Gwen explains to Will what happened and then tells him she wants to try again as soon as possible. A visibly sad and shocked Will tells Gwen that whenever she is ready they can try again. As the two continue discussing what has happened, Barbara arrives and asks if there is anything she can do to help them. Gwen informs Barbara that she is feeling better and can't wait to try again; Barbara tells her she thinks it is a bad idea. Gwen questions Barbara's response and she tells the two of her experience with losing Johnny and not to rush into anything, but to grieve over the loss together. The two try to convince Barbara they will be fine, but she continues to worry about them as she heads out. Later Alison returns with sandwiches and is there when Will and Gwen get the bad news from Dr. Samuels that she will probably never be able to have a child. Gwen is devastated by the news and is comforted by Will as Alison looks on.

Paul lies next to a sleeping Rosanna and flashes back on his last night with Meg at the Lakeview. He is jarred out of his memory by a phone call and goes into the hall to take the call. He seems happy with the news he gets on the phone and is startled by Rosanna's yells from the other room. She has woken up distressed by her new surroundings and not being used to being back home after her coma. Paul comforts Rosanna and lets her know that the call he received was good news that he will share with her once she is dressed and ready to go.

Craig tries to comfort Meg about Paul's return and reassure her that she is a good person with a fine future as his wife. Meg claims not to understand why Craig wants to be with her after all she has done and reveals that she understands Paul's distain for her decision to stay with Craig. Craig claims to resent Paul's making her feel unworthy of love and promises to cherish Meg for the rest of her life if she will let him. Meg tells Craig she wants the marriage to work, but doesn't want to feel weak and needy. As the two finish their conversation and head off to get breakfast, Paul wheels Rosanna in and tells Craig to get out of Rosanna's house. Rosanna and Paul scold Craig for not changing the name on the deed and for divorcing his wife while she was in a coma. Craig insists he will contact his lawyer and get it straightened out, but he and Meg are sent packing. While Craig gets his things together, Paul refuses to speak with Meg and she is left alone with Rosanna who questions her about how she came to be with Craig. Meg fills Rosanna in on what really happened up at the cliffs between Craig and Paul and about her earlier plans to marry Paul. Rosanna asks Meg if she thinks she would be married to Paul if the cliff fall hadn't happened. Meg replies that she loved Paul and had planned a future with him. Paul overhears the conversation and rushes in condemning Meg's betrayal at being with Craig so soon after she thought he had died. Meg lashes out at Paul deception and tells him that one of the reasons she stayed with Craig was because he doesn't make her feel worthless, like Paul does. When Craig is done packing he and Meg leave the house accepting the loss of this battle.

Craig and Meg arrive at the Lakeview where Craig tells Meg that as long as he has her he doesn't care about losing all the other possessions. The two hug and Meg tells Craig that she wants to be his wife in "every way" and she undresses and kisses him.

Back at her mansion, Rosanna is made comfortable by Paul, but she continues to questions his true feelings for Meg. He tells her that he thought he loved her once, but all he feels now is contempt. Rosanna asks for the phone to call her sister, but holding the phone reminds her of what happened the night of her accident.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Will thinks they need a second opinion about Gwen's infertility, but Gwen wants to take a walk alone. Cole apologizes to Sofie and she asks why he abandoned Gwen. Later, Sofie sees Gwen who reveals that she had a miscarriage. Gwen advises pregnant Sofie to get as far away from Cole as possible. Later, Gwen wants to get fertility treatment and Will is on board. Sofie doesn't tell Cole she's pregnant when, after hearing about Gwen's miscarriage, he declares that he doesn't want kids. Rosanna remembers she was afraid of Craig the night of her accident. Rosanna goes to visit a stunned Carly, who tells her she's not with Jack now but soon will be. Rosanna wonders about Meg and Paul. Carly advises Rosanna to do what it takes to get the time Craig stole back. Craig tells Meg he loves her but Meg can't say the same. Craig thinks she made love to him to forget Paul. Later, Paul confronts Meg saying Rosanna's starting to remember. Meg insists that she loves Craig - he'd never hurt her and she's no longer Paul's concern. Meg wants to know why Rosanna's so rabid towards Craig, and he accuses her of not believing him. When Rosanna calls Craig saying she's regaining her memories and reclaiming her businesses. He covers to Meg that all is well, but it's evident that he's rattled. Jack and Carly watch videos when Katie shows up, back from Hawaii. All alone, Katie and Jack come together after a long time with a passionate kiss and make love. Jack wants to get married ASAP, and Katie reluctantly agrees to move up the wedding. Katie and Jack invite Carly to their engagement get-together and privately Carly is devastated.

Friday, August 31, 2007

In Old Town , Holden runs into Luke, Noah, and Maddie, who are talking about the 1-bedroom apartment Maddie and Noah have found; Luke introduces Noah to Holden. Holden shows the teens the newspaper headline about Dusty's arrest for the murder of Cheri Love at the Lakeview. Maddie and Noah realize that's the woman they saw Dusty arguing with, and Holden asks what they heard. Maddie tells him that Dusty said he'd get even with Cheri for hurting him, and she mentions that Lily heard the exchange, too. Noah heads back to WOAK to work, while Maddie leaves to go get Henry to cosign their lease. Holden asks Luke if something's up with Noah and cautions him against getting himself into another situation like the one with Kevin. Luke assures him this is different but doesn't really want to discuss it. Holden tells Luke he'll always worry about him, and Luke tells Holden the same is true for him, and he doesn't want to worry one day that Holden didn't do everything he could to fix things with Lily.

Lily visits Carly, telling her she has heard the wonderful news about Paul and Rosanna. Carly is wearing her little black dress, the one that Jack used to find irresistible, and Lily points out it's a bit much for the backyard picnic they were invited to in honor of Jack and Katie's engagement. Carly makes it quite clear that she intends to win Jack back, even after Lily tries to tell her she's deluding herself. Lily leaves and runs into Holden in Old Town , where he tells her he found out that she actually overheard Dusty threatening Cheri Love. Angry, he grabs her arm and tells her she has to stop hiding things from him and stop trying to help Dusty, instead putting her family first, for a change. Lily says she's leaving to go post bail for Dusty. When Holden asks why, Lily says because Cheri went after Dusty after he told Lily who she was and stopped her from using the Lakeview for her prostitution activities; Lily feels like she owes it to Dusty to help him get out of this situation, but Holden doesn't agree. He reminds her that Barbara brought Dusty back to town to break up Rose and Paul's engagement, and that after that, Dusty rigged the boxing match that almost got Aaron killed and then hurt Aaron by sleeping with Alison, and later, shot Craig in the chest. He calls Dusty self-destructive and says he's dragging Lily down with him. When Lily says she doesn't see why she should have to choose between her family and her friend, Holden tells her that's the whole problem right there, but Lily leaves anyway and goes to bail Dusty out of jail.

At the diner, Henry and Vienna are alone and taking advantage of the moment when Colonel Mayer walks in; embarrassed, he turns to leave, but Henry apologizes and tells him they're closed. The colonel says he was looking for Henry Coleman, and Vienna tells him he's found him. Colonel Mayer tells Henry that he's Noah's father, and Henry invites him to sit down to talk. Vienna is her normal, quirky, flirtatious self, and the colonel is clearly flustered by her. Henry gets up to get him some coffee, when Maddie walks in; Henry points out that Noah's dad is there, and Maddie joins Vienna and the colonel at the table. Colonel Mayer wants them all to go have dinner together, but Vienna and Henry are supposed to be at the engagement party, so he says they'll do it another time. Everyone leaves, but Henry and Vienna go back to canoodling and never do make it to the engagement party.

At WOAK, Luke walks up to Noah in the editing room and tells him he wishes that his presence didn't make Noah so uncomfortable. Noah tells Luke that they've discussed this already and that he can't be gay, for a lot of reasons. Luke tells him that he understands what he's fighting, because he fought it, too, but he says it won't work in the long run, and he asks Noah what would make him happy, as opposed to his father or Maddie. Luke tells Noah that one day, he'll wake up and realize he's made a life with someone he's never been in love with, and he tells Noah that he has to face the fact that he's gay. Noah tells Luke to get over himself, and as he tries to leave, Luke grabs him, and they look at each other, face to face. At that moment, Maddie walks up, and seeing their reactions, she demands to know what's going on between them, because she doesn't believe it's "creative differences."

At the farm, Jack, Katie, and the kids get things ready for the engagement party. Brad is the first to arrive, and he tells Katie that he tried to "slow down the Carly express" while she was in Hawaii. Katie is upset that Brad didn't listen when she asked him to stay out of her personal affairs, but then she asks Brad what Carly tried to do, and he tells her that Carly thinks she and Jack are "inevitable." Carly eventually arrives, bringing a gift, which Jack asks her to put with all the others on the porch. Sage comes out with Parker and JJ and tells Carly that Katie has asked her to be her flower girl; Carly graciously agrees that that's a wonderful thing. Parker asks why Carly is so overdressed, and she says she just didn't realize this was going to be so casual. The kids leave to go fishing at the pond, and Jack announces to everyone that he'd like to say a few words. He tells everyone that he was a broken man when he and Katie became friends, and that he realized one day that it was more than friendship that he felt for her. He gives her a watch as a present, but it doesn't quite fit. The party breaks up, and Carly lingers, wanting to talk to Jack. He goes inside to answer the phone, and Katie takes the opportunity to tell Carly that she understands how she feels, but if she really loves Jack, she needs to let him go. Inside, Jack is talking to Holden on the phone, as Holden apologizes for missing the party. When Jack asks if everything's all right, Holden says "things are pretty far from all right," but he tells Jack not to worry about it.


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