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Monday, August 27, 2007

While Mallet showers, Dinah holds his silver gun and tries to convince herself that she didn't see Griggs. When Mallet finishes his shower, he tries to assure Dinah that Griggs is in prison—confirmed by the phone call he placed to Amsterdam officials. As Mallet is leaving for work at the station, Dinah says she'll just be hanging out in their room. Instead, she goes to Cedars to see her doctor. When she tells him her latest symptoms, the doctor says if her "hallucinations" happen again, she should try to take note of what Griggs is wearing, his cologne, etc., in order to see if there is a pattern that triggers her memory. When she walks outside the hospital, she again sees Griggs. He speaks to her. When she tells him he is a figment of her imagination and she begins to write down notes as suggested by her doctor, he grabs her arm. Having been physically touched by him, Dinah reaches for the silver gun and shoots Griggs. She bends over him and touches his wound, getting his blood on her hand. She wraps her hand in a sweater to hide the blood and finds Mallet on Main Street. She tells her husband that she has shot and killed Griggs and takes him to the scene of the shooting. Griggs is no longer there. Likewise, there is no blood on Dinah's hand. She can't believe that she had imagined the entire thing. Mallet takes her back to their room where she tells him she feels stupid. Mallet says that she's not stupid. He tries to get her to realization that it is just a medical condition that they can deal with, with the help of her doctor. When he leaves to return to work, Dinah follows after him with his keys. In the hallway she once again sees Griggs who walks past her.

At Towers, Alan is spending some time with Emma when Reva arrives. Alan tells Reva that she is playing with fire by harassing Olivia. Reva is surprised that Olivia is letting Alan spend time with Emma. Alan tells Reva that since her children are grown and gone and her sister is marrying her ex-husband it is time for her to move on. Reva tells Alan will soon ruin the new family he is building at the mansion with Rafe and Natalia and Gus. Reva goes home to Cross Creek where she is met by Cassie. Cassie wants to find out from Reva if Reva encouraged Dylan to pursue his first love, Harley. She tells Reva about Harley being drugged. Reva is certain that Dylan had no part in it and has Cassie leave. Reva goes to Olivia's where she threatens to turn her over to the police if she doesn't have Alan back off.

Cassie leaves Reva and finds Rafe on Main Street. She warns him that he should leave Alan's house in order to save himself from the destruction that Alan causes. Rafe mentions that there are several photos of Phillip throughout the mansion. Cassie refers to Phillip as Alan's chosen one and tells him to ask Alan to tell him about how Phillip died.

At Cedars, Harley is convinced that Natalia was behind her drugging. Cassie says perhaps Dylan was involved. Cassie goes off to confront Reva about Dylan and Harley leaves for the Spaulding mansion.

At the Spaulding mansion, Gus breaks away, after a few moments, from Natalia's kiss. He tells her that despite the fact Harley kicked him out of their house, he doesn't think their marriage is over. While looking for antacids in Alan's desk, Gus comes across a prescribed bottle of valium in Alan's name. They both dismiss the prescription as they briefly talk about Gus's one-time addiction to painkillers. Natalia suggest that Gus take Rafe to a ball game to take Rafe's mind off being in a new school. Gus says he will, just not today.

Alone and reading in the study, Natalia is soon visited by an accusing Harley. Harley tells Natalia how she learned that she was drugged the night of the big family dinner. Natalia denies any involvement and Harley believes her. Alan and Gus interrupt the two women in the study. Harley announces that Alan drugged her with valium. Gus pulls the bottle of valium prescribed to Alan from the desk. Everyone begins to put the pieces together. Alan admits to his misdeed, saying he doesn't regret it one bit—not if it meant having Gus and Natalia together and Harley out of their lives. Everyone is appalled. Olivia calls Alan and he answers it via speakerphone. Expecting praise from Olivia, he is shocked when she tells him, where everyone can hear, that she wants him nowhere near her or Emma. At that moment, Rafe enters wanting to know what is going on. Natalia tells him that his grandfather did something bad to Gus and Harley that almost wrecked their marriage. Rafe begins to leave in a huff when Alan calls out to him, "Phillip, wait, don't go!" Again, everyone is shocked. Gus takes Harley's hand and the two leave together. Alan tries to persuade Natalia to get Rafe to come back. She tells Alan to stay out of her and Rafe's lives.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

As Buzz campaigns on Main Street, Lizzie demands that Buzz state his beliefs on how he treats woman, saying it speaks to his character as a candidate, when she's really trying to find out what his intentions are with her grandmother, Lillian. Lillian speaks up saying things are just fine the way they are. Buzz hands Ashlee some campaign materials to pass out while he spends some fun free time with Lillian. As the elevator to Towers open, we see Buzz and Lillian all flustered and mussed after their fun little tryst! Doris is there and tells Buzz she will use that in her campaign. When Buzz tries to cool things down with Buzz to protect her reputation, Lillian refuses to accept that, and they continue to be a couple for a while longer!

Meanwhile, as Coop and Ashlee distribute campaign buttons and flyers, Ava comes along looking for Coop. It isn't long before Ashlee and Ava are taking jabs at each other, and at one point, Ashlee sticks Ava with a campaign button! Ava leaves shortly afterwards.

Doris is giving Ashlee a hard time about not volunteering with her campaign, which soon turns into an argument about the Coopers. Doris keeps claiming she's trying to protect Ashlee from a past that hurt, one the viewers don't know anything about, and Ashlee responds there is not need to bring up the past.

Cyrus arrives at Towers to meet Griggs. Cyrus tells Griggs not to meet at popular places like Towers or they will get caught. Griggs tells Cyrus that Dinah saw him. Cyrus pushes Griggs up against the wall in anger, saying he could cause them to lose everything that they might be able to get from the Spauldings. Dinah arrives at Towers, and as she walks by the balcony, she is shocked to see Griggs, talking with Cyrus. She fumbles with her cell phone, trying to get the camera part to work, to take pictures of Griggs for proof. She finally gets it working and rushes out to the balcony taking pictures, but Griggs is gone, and Cyrus acts as if he was never there, making Dinah more insecure about she is and isn't seeing.

A disturbed Dinah leaves to go see someone she feels she can trust and lean on, Matt. He acts stand-offish toward her, and when Dinah asks why, he kisses her passionately. This leaves Dinah even more confused about what she is and isn't seeing and the confusion in her life, and she leaves, goes home, and falls to the floor, a very confused and scared woman.

Alex calls for the car to be ready for Cyrus and her to go to the office to sign some papers, and finds out that Cyrus has been gone. Thinking he is with Marina, Alex calls Dinah to get her to find out where they are, but a very nervous and upset Dinah tells Alex that Cyrus is not with Marina.

As Cyrus leaves Towers, he "accidentally" on purpose bumps into another female patron and steals her bracelet. When he arrives back at the mansion, he tells Alex an excuse about how he forgot about their plan to go to the office today, just like Marina said he would do. He then gives Alex the bracelet that he just stole. Alex notices there is an engraving on the back that says "To my Rose", but Cyrus gives her a line saying he thought she resembled a rose in a garden. She then says she has to go tell "Cook" something and leaves the room. Cyrus takes advantage of her absence by finding Alex's security passwords, and starts to write them down

Billy is just about to leave his Beacon room, and after taking a drink and a mint to cover up the boozer on his breath, and as he opens the door, he hears Vanessa and Matt arguing and stays back a while. After Matt leaves, Billy pretends to accidentally run into Vanessa, sees that something's wrong, and ask her to come inside. During the conversation, Vanessa tells Billy how proud she is of him for turning his life around. After she leaves, Billy calls Lizzie and tells her he needs her help. After she arrives, Billy tells her that he wants to do something good, which involves going against Alan, and he wants Lizzie to help. A short while later, Lizzie and Billy meet with Buzz and Lillian at Towers and show them the plans that Phillip made a long time ago, and inform them that Alan has been using these plans to carry out Phillip's desire to turn Springfield into SpauldingField.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Inside the Light: Divine Intervention

As Reva is in the midst of planning a renovation of Cross Creek, Billy comes over to inform her that due to a technicality, her divorce from Josh was never filed. An employee of Lewis was scamming the company. She never filed any paperwork—including the divorce. Billy thinks maybe it's another chance, but Reva groans that it's just a technicality. She takes the paperwork to Jeffrey, who tacitly suggests that she may use this information to carve a pathway to Josh. Reva swears he's wrong. She calls Josh several times and then goes to see Cassie, who's at Harley's house.

Reva shoots the breeze with Cassie, apologizing for interrupting the wedding etc, trying to figure out whether she really wants to tell her about the divorce papers or not. She gleans from Cassie where Josh is. Instead of telling Cassie about the divorce glitch, she takes herself up to the retreat to give Josh the divorce information in person. After being led to Josh's bedroom, she tells the deacon that she is Josh's wife in order to get a visit with him. She asks for the visit to be a surprise and stretches out in a guest room, waiting for Josh. Reva yells at a pocket photo of Cassie and Josh that she didn't stop their wedding on purpose. The French doors leading outside open. In comes a rain soaked Jeffrey. Reva asks what he's doing there. "Divine Intervention...?" he replies.

Jeffrey knew that she would run straight to Josh. Reva rebuts that she didn't run. She thought about it. She's doing it for Josh and Cassie. Their marriage can't be legal until the divorce is. Jeffrey calls her a coward for jumping back on the Josh train at the first inkling that there might be a chance with him. Reva asks him why he cares. He's just the guy she's sleeping with, Jeffrey retorts. Reva claims to like their relationship because it's different and it's new. If she feels that way, Jeffrey tells her to stop waiting for Josh to come through the door. Instead be glad that he (Jeffrey) did. Reva says that she is and they kiss.

Jeffrey sneezes and Reva decides to get him out of his wet clothes and into the bed. He's freezing. As she wraps him in bed, she claims she's not a coward. He's just insecure. Jeffrey wonders why she keeps chasing her tail around. News flash, Jeffrey says, Josh isn't the same guy she met back in Tulsa. Reva undresses, climbing under the covers. He tells her that she's been through a lot and she's changed, too. They giggle and snuggle under the covers together when the French doors open again.

The deacon that brought Reva to the room comes in with a group of others and is shocked to find Reva and Jeffrey half naked in the bed. They scramble to dress, explaining that Jeffrey is her lawyer who came up to get her to sign some papers to build a soup kitchen for some orphans. He was soaking wet, so Reva tried warming him with body heat. They try to leave, but the deacon says that they can't because of the storm. He tells them to join "the circle."

After praying in the circle, the deacon asks the participants why they came to the circle. Reva says that she is spiritual. She believes there is a destiny in all of us. Jeffrey comments that some times our destinies really are not what we think they are. Reva rebuts that she won't know that till she's done looking. While she's looking for the answer, Jeffrey says that the answer has moved onto something else. Jeffrey starts to convulse and claims that he's feeling the power of the circle. He wants to testify about Reva and her power to change him, "this sinner." He says that before Reva, he always was looking for something better. Meeting her taught him that some times what you're meant for is not found in the past or future. Some times it's right in front of you. The deacon calls him a dedicated body. Jeffrey asks for an "amen." Reva says, "Amen." Since the storm passed, they decide to leave. Deacon Jones wants to know what to tell Josh. Reva says to tell him that the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Back at the Beacon, Jeffrey and Reva can't get into his room. Ava opens the door. She explains to him that Olivia has evicted him for leaving her at the police station alone and for following Reva out of town. Reva has an idea. She asks him to move in with her.

Alone at Cross Creek, Reva hopes that Jeffrey likes country western music. She flips it on and scurries to straighten up the place. Meanwhile, Jeffrey talks Ava into letting her back into his room to get his things. She wonders if Jeffrey knows what he is doing. He swigs on a huge bottle of tequila, convincing himself and Ava that it's no big deal. He and Reva know what they are doing.

Outside Cross Creek, Jeffrey takes another tequila swig. Meanwhile, Reva stares at the clock. Changed into her lingerie, she quips to herself that she should have known. Jeffrey almost knocks but an impatient Reva swings open the door. They stare at each other and the lyrics to the song playing sing, "Here I go down that wrong road again..."

The first night together is awkward as Jeffrey and Reva become accustomed to each other. She learns he is not a fan of country music. Jeffrey wonders at Reva's attire because he just plans to wear jeans. She says there are no rules—except no drinks on the furniture without coasters. She remembers two or three more rules and Jeffrey wonders about carving in the furniture, referring to the mantel. Reva tells him that there might be a few reminders around, but she plans to remodel. Jeffrey takes her into his arms, telling her not to change a thing. She goes to make up the guest room and he makes himself another drink.

The next morning, Jeffrey and Reva run into more small issues like which part of the paper each one likes to read first and how they like their bacon. A woman comes to the door, looking for Jeffrey. She's a client/lover who Jeffrey canceled his appointment with. He assumes Ava told her where to find him. Reva insists he go help her with whatever she needs. Reva and Jeffrey share a house, not a leash. Besides, she mentions how she has a meeting with a lawyer today about her divorce. When he hears the attorney's name, Jeffrey recognizes this attorney as a Barracuda with the ladies. Jeffrey's client sticks her head back in the door and Reva urges him to go do his thing and she'll go do hers.

On Main Street, Jeffrey is all business with his client, Sam, discussing the possibilities for her shop on Main Street. Sam is more interested in putting their heads together back at her hotel room. He tells Sam that he can't. Sam guesses that it's because of Reva. Jeffrey admits that she is more than a roommate. He's really not sure what she is, but he owes it to himself to find out. In case things change, Sam offers her cell. Once she leaves, he tosses the number.

Meanwhile, Reva meets her attorney at Towers. He tells her that her divorce is as good as done and then offers to buy her dinner. Reva awkwardly skirts through the restaurant, explaining that she's a one-man woman. Her lawyer, Mitch, thinks she works fast. She replies that it's someone that she's known a while—a friend who became more. If things change, Mitch offers his cell. Once he's gone, Reva rips up the card. She runs into Billy.

Billy wants to know how the remodeling plans are going. She says that she has started in the guest room. He remarks that she is taking it slow. Reva says no. In fact, she went ahead and refiled the divorce papers.

Mel finds Jeffrey on Main Street. She thinks that he must have put the moves on someone and she turned him down. He tells her that it was really the other way around. She laughs in his face when he says that he moved in with Reva. He wonders how to make it work and still stay friends. Mel advises him to do as she did not: Treat her like a date, not a roommate, romance her more, not less, and never take her for granted.

Back at Cross Creek Jeffrey almost knocks, but he remembers he can use his key. He finds Reva lounging on the sofa with a book. They ask each other how their days went. Each admits that they were made personal offers but turned them down. Jeffrey slides onto the couch, presenting her with a bouquet of flowers. He tells her that she's more than a roommate. She wonders what she is. "More," he tells her. "Much, much more." They kiss.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Frank runs into Marina at Towers questioning why she's there – where the coffee is twice as expensive as elsewhere. Coop talks to Ashlee about Marina's situation. Coop asks Ashlee if she would double date with him and a friend his he's setting up with Marina. Ashlee agrees. Coop tells Marina he needs help with Ashlee. He needs Marina to join them for lunch. Marina agrees. They walk into the restaurant and Marina catches on that it's a set up. Marina tries to leave, but Ashlee tries to talk her into staying. She's about to leave when she spots Cyrus - alone. She stays. However, Cyrus sees Marina and orders his coffee to go. Marina's date shows up and thinks Ashlee is Coop's niece. Marina returns to her table, Cyrus sees her hug her date, and Cyrus decides to stay.

Joe goes on and on about his own physical qualities. Marina and Coop are bored. Cyrus watches and is listening. Joe tells Marina he's a banker and suddenly she pretends she's interested – with Cyrus listening. Ashlee goes out for air. Coop follows. Ashlee tells Coop she saw how Joe looked at her and how he was relieved that she wasn't his date. Coop tries to console her and tells her to forget what Joe says or thinks. He's there with her. She's not convinced. Marina questions Joe about banking issues. Joe asks Marina what Coop's thing is with Ashlee, while Coop overhears. Coop comes to Ashlee's defense, while Ashlee overhears, becomes angry and leaves. Coop follows her and apologizes for Joe's behavior. Ashlee doesn't believe it doesn't bother him how is friends see her. Coop apologizes for the day, promising the next time it will be just the two of them. He tries to kiss her and she backs up. He asks her if she doesn't want there to be a next time. Ashlee just tells him to call it a day. Coop doesn't understand. He tells her to stop coming up with excuses why they shouldn't be together.

Cyrus orders a drink for Marina. Marina finds out Cyrus knew he was there all along. Cyrus tells her he doesn't think Joe is good enough for her because he left. She get's up, goes back to the table and is handed a large check by the waiter. She has to tell him her friends left her with the bill, but to give her a minute to find her credit card. Cyrus tries to pay the bill, but Marina declines his offer – not everything is about money. Cyrus calls Griggs telling him he'll pick up the pace at Spaulding – make them richer faster.

Alan apologizes for the drama with Harley the other day – as Rafe walks in asking Natalia where to put some of the things he had with him. Natalia tells Alan they're going back to Chicago. Alan is unhappy she's taking Rafe away from him. Alan assures them he always has the best intentions. Rafe says that true, what's best for Alan. Raef tells him he doesn't even know his name – it isn't Phillip. Alan apologizes as they walk out. Alan calls Alexandra and can't get in touch with her. He then tries Beth, but she won't visit with him. He tries Gus, but he's unavailable, also. Alan's shouting for anyone in the house – no one answers. He stumbles, drunk and alone. Natalia comes in to give Alan back his keys. Alan tells her he was wrong about it – thought she had a backbone, didn't want to deny Gus an opportunity to raise Rafe, she wanted a better life. She let Harley drive them out of his life. Natalia realizes Alan's been drinking. Alan promises to bring Gus back where he belongs.

Harley and Gus prepare for their trip. Gus doesn't believe Harley's heart is in it. Gus feels Alan is winning – he drugs her, he sleeps with Natalia – if it weren't for Alan he wouldn't have slept with her. Harley isn't sure if that's true. Gus assures her he wouldn't have slept with her. He's glad they found out the truth before he lost Harley forever. Harley just stares at him. Gus and Harley discuss how to make sure this situation doesn't happen again. Gus assures her nothing with ever happen again with Natalia. Gus promises to never see her again, unless necessary and regarding Rafe. He then asks Harley about Dillon. Harley says it's different. She promises to not be around Dillon unless it's absolutely necessary and about Daisy. They agree to keep their promises. They rekindle their romantic side and they're glad their back in their routine. However, Harley says it will never really be the same – there are new people in their lives. She feels like their foundation is cracked – that they got to see where they have flaws. Alan watches them through the window. Harley doesn't think what happened only happened because of Alan – that it wouldn't have happened anyways. Gus tells Harley there won't be an issue when Natalia and Dillon find others. Gus tells her they're starting over and will figure it out together. Harley tells Gus they'll go back and try.

Natalia comes up behind Alan and warns him not to do anything to Harley. Alan tries to explain how Haley has caused so much damage to his family. Natalia tells him he has to prove to Rafe that he has some good in him. Alan realizes he's lost everyone. Natalia tells him he can choose to change. Natalia promises to stay if that's what it takes to get him to leave Harley and Gus alone. Natalia takes Alan home and tries to sober him up. She tells him she's tired and they'll talk tomorrow.

Daisy finds Rafe on Main Street to tell him Harley and Gus are gone – so they have to whole day together. Rafe tells Daisy they're going back to Chicago. Rafe promises they'll get to see each other. He assures her they'll find a way to see each other. Daisy asks Rafe to let his mother go to Chicago without him. He tells her he won't choose between her and his Mom. He gets mad and leaves.

Friday, August 31, 2007


Reva is at home opening a package from Jonathan-it is a picture of Sarah. Jeffrey is also there and the two start kissing when Dylan walks in. When Jeffrey tries to leave to give them privacy, Reva informs her son that she and Jeffrey are moving in together. Dylan is speechless. Reva makes a slight comment about him disapproving and Dylan states who is he to judge; he went after a married woman. After he tells them that Harley and Gus are back together. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. It is Olivia with a house warming gift. Olivia then sees Jeffrey and asks how it feels to live in the Josh and Reva museum. With that, Dylan leaves. Olivia tells Reva and Jeffrey that she came to see if the rumors about them moving in together were true. She then tells Jeffry that he is free to be with Reva. That is until Josh returns. When Reva walks out of the room, Olivia tells Jeffrey she is her to get him out of her life. Olivia tells him that she has hated him for most of her life. She then confesses about how she blackmailed Reva with what she knew about him and Sarah. Olivia then goes on to talk about how she could never figure out how to let things go. She did not want to fall in love with him; she just needed him to be there. She thought she needed him to heal. She states that when he went off with Reva, she felt like he was hurting her all over again, like he did not care. Olivia states that she now realizes that he is something that happened a long time. She now knows he is just a flawed, selfish man who is as screwed up as everyone else. She tells him that she will heal herself now. After she kisses him, she tells him that she forgives him since she has too.

Alan is on Main Street when Ava approaches him with work and mentions wanting a raise. A distracted Alan changes the subject and asks her advice on getting rid of Harley. Ava points out there is no way Gus would leave Harley for another woman; his son maybe.

Gus is at home ranting to Harley about Alan trying to mess with their marriage. Suddenly, he calls Alan and informs him that Harley and he are stronger than ever. In fact they are renewing their vows and Alan is not invited. His announcement is a complete shock to Harley and after he hangs up, Gus assures Harley that he is there and will not give up on them. He then gets down on his knee and asks Harley to marry him again. She tells him sorry but she can't. Harley talks about how their wedding was one of the best days of her life-how they survived all of their obstacles. She goes on to say that while she wants to say that they can make their marriage work, she wants to be able to say so with absolute certainty. They start talking about his one-night stand with Natalia. Gus confesses that while what happened with Natalia was mistake, it might have happened eventually. Gus talks about how much he loves her kids, so imagine when he learned that he had a son he never knew existed. Harley asks if Natalia and Rafe are a package deal. Gus states that it felt as if Natalia needed him plus he feels like he failed Rafe for not being there when he was growing up. Harley asks if he loves Natalia. Gus states that he does not. Harley asks if he thinks he could. He admits that he could. He thought especially thought that when he saw Harley in bed with Dylan. He goes on to say that he does not love Natalia now; he is already in love with someone. He then goes on to list all the things he loves about Harley. Touched, she accepts his marriage proposal.

Natalia and Rafe are at the mansion talking about Alan. Natalia agrees that while what Alan did was horrible you do not turn your back on family. Suddenly, Daisy arrives and Rafe tells her that he and Natalia are staying in town. Daisy apologizes to Rafe for the things she said. She explains that part of her problem is she is a little jealous of his closeness with his mother; she never had that with Harley. Later, Alan walks in. Upon seeing Daisy he tells her about Harley and Gus renewing their vows. After Daisy rushes out, Alan starts to suggest something to Natalia but she interrupts saying she will not go burst in on Gus and Harley renewing their vows. Alan states that he was not going to suggest that-he was going to suggest that she and Rafe take a break from everything. He tells her about a juvenile diabetes specialist in New York and arranged for him to see Rafe. After Rafe tells Natalia that it would be good for her to get away, Natalia agrees to go but warns Alan not to mess with Gus and Harley. Later, Alan is on the phone with the doctor from NY and mentions that he plans to tell Rafe's father that he is sick. His comment is overheard by Daisy who returned for some reason. Daisy freaks out that Alan is going to ruin things by lying to Gus and tries to leave. Alan orders his butler, Jeremy, to stop her and Daisy pushes him away and runs out. Alan then calls the police to report an assault and battery.

Gus is outside Company when he gets the call from Alan about Natalia and Rafe going to see a specialist at New York since Rafe is ill. Gus tries to call Harley but there is no answer so Gus leaves her a note telling her what happened and stating that he will be late. Meanwhile, Harley is getting ready at home when Marina and Frank arrive. Frank wonders if Harley is not rushing into things with Gus but Harley assures him that she knows what she is doing. Afterwards, everyone is at Company waiting for Gus. The note Gus has written falls on the ground, unseen.

As Daisy is rushing home, she is stopped by a cop and arrested. Daisy starts freaking out about going to juvie again. At the same time, Reva happens by and Daisy tells her that Alan is planning on telling Gus that Rafe is sick but it is a lie. Daisy pleads with Reva to help stop Alan and Reva promises to help her. Later, Reva sees Alan and blasts him for having Daisy arrested. She demands that Daisy be released and warns him to leave her family alone. Later, Alan gets a call from someone telling him that Jonathan and Sarah are alive.

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