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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 27, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, August 27, 2007

Jack went to see Erica in her hotel room. Jack was very upset because he received a contract for the talk show that he turned down. Jack accused Erica of going behind his back again. Erica admitted that she lied and told the network that Jack was interested in doing the show. Erica stated that she had a very good reason. Erica then explained that the network was going to produce two public service announcements for deafness and premature babies along with a website informing people on these two conditions. Also, the network was going to donate medical equipment all over the country. Jack agreed that this would help many people and would make hosting the show worthwhile. Then, Jack asked Erica to admit that she needed him badly. Erica denied this and asserted that the network wanted Jack, not her. Then, they exchanged ideas on what they would discuss on the show. Jack stated that "daughters" were off limits. Erica agreed. Jack then announced that he was going to write an addendum into the contract. The addendum stated that Erica had to "make mad, passionate love to her co-host." Erica smiled.

Greenlee saw Aidan in Dr. Hilliard's waiting room and told the doctor that his next patient was really a private detective. Dr. Hilliard stated that he had nothing to hide and wanted to see Aidan. Greenlee begged Dr. Hilliard not to do this. Then, the doctor realized that Greenlee was the woman who kidnapped Spike. Greenlee admitted this. Greenlee explained that Aidan was Ryan's friend and could not see her there or everything would be ruined. So, Dr. Hilliard hid Greenlee in the closet and let Aidan in. Aidan pretended to be a tennis player that hurt his shoulder. Dr. Hilliard bluntly told Aidan that he did not mind being investigated because he was not a fraud. Aidan asked Dr. Hilliard who tipped him off. The doctor claimed that he was very perceptive. Aidan then left and Greenlee thanked Dr. Hilliard. However, Dr. Hilliard was put off by the "circus" surrounding Greenlee. The doctor gave Greenlee her money back and refused to help Spike. Greenlee stormed out of the office and went looking for Aidan. Greenlee was livid when she found Aidan at The Comeback. Greenlee chastised Aidan for ruining Spike's chances for a cure. Aidan realized that Greenlee was the person involved with Dr. Hilliard.

Zach found Kendall in another patient's hospital room. Kendall was asking the patient if she could hold her newborn. The woman looked frightened, so Zach calmly tried to get Kendall out of the room. However, Kendall would not leave. Kendall proceeded to ramble about her two sons that she could not hold. The woman grew more nervous as Kendall lingered longer. Then, Kendall saw that the woman was about to push a button on her bed to call security. Kendall realized that she was acting oddly and apologized. Kendall then explained the entire situation with Ian and Spike. The woman was touched by Kendall's heartache and allowed her to hold the baby. Kendall and Zach thanked the woman for being so generous and left the room. Then, Kendall told Zach that her life changed the day she gave birth to Spike. Kendall believed that Spike made it possible for her to have Zach and Ian in her life. Kendall then declared that she could not be away from Spike any longer.

Ryan was shocked to hear that Annie did not want Spike living with them. Ryan demanded to know the real reason why, so Annie began to create excuses. Ryan did not believe Annie and pleaded with her to open up about her family again. Annie refused. Annie claimed that her real reason was that Kendall should not be away from Spike. Annie said that she could relate to Kendall's situation and worried that this might push Kendall over the edge. Ryan disagreed, so Annie avoided the subject by going upstairs to check on Emma. Annie then imagined that Emma was playing with rose petals as she sang the song from the prank calls. Annie scolded Emma for singing the song, but Emma stated that her Grandpa told her to sing it because of what Annie did. Annie then snapped back to reality and saw that Emma was peacefully sleeping. Annie whispered that she would find a way to make Emma, Spike, and Ryan safe. Meanwhile, Kendall and Zach came over. Kendall announced to Ryan that their arrangement would not work. Ryan was annoyed and still wanted Spike to stay with him. Then, Annie entered and said she had a solution. Annie suggested that they all move in together.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ryan balks at Annie's suggestion that they, along with Emma, move into the oversized Slater family home. She thinks it's a win-win situation for all because Kendall will be able to have her son at home with her, Emma will have more time with her brother and if Kendall and Zach need to go to the hospital, they will be assured that Spike is taken care of. Hope glimmering in her eyes, Kendall immediately warms to the idea and hopes that Ryan will change his mind. Her hopes are dashed when he rejects it outright. No amount of coaxing has an effect on his decision, so Zach goes to bat for his wife. The two men step outside and Ryan immediately launches into how living together is a bad idea. He also notes his refusal to hold his son back just because Kendall is uncomfortable with sign language. Zach agrees, but also notes that the move in would be temporary and it would really help Kendall. He takes it one step further and tells Ryan that he would really appreciate his help and support in the matter because of how fragile and damaged Kendall is right now. Ryan slowly comes around to seeing the benefits but is still wary because he feels there is something else involved on Annie's end. He finally decides that he can live with the inconvenience.

Inside, Kendall thanks Annie for making such a generous suggestion. Failing to mention what she gets out of the deal, she lets Kendall believe that it was a completely selfless act, and that it is just a bonus that everyone can find a benefit in it. Kendall then opens up to Annie, telling her about the incident in the hospital where she showed up in a random room and asked to hold a stranger's baby. She worries that both Zach and Ryan are aware of how close to the edge she is. Then, they bond over what it's like to revel in having a newborn, and Kendall points out that she hasn't been able to do that with Ian yet and it's tearing her apart. She then turns back to her gratitude and remarks on how good of a wife, a mom and a friend that Annie is. Annie tells her that she isn't perfect, and Kendall replies that no one is – but says that Annie does a stellar job of coming close. Just then, the two husbands return from the patio and deliver the news that they will be living as one happy family until further notice. Unable to contain her joy, tears spill down Kendall's face as she hugs her ex in thanks. Ryan bids his son adieu, and the Slaters leave with a promise of the Laverys arriving on their doorstep the following day. Once the door closes, Ryan asks again what else is going on with Annie. She continues to change the course of conversation, simply saying that she came up with a solution to the problem and asks him if they could just drop the discussion with that. Uneasy, Ryan agrees.

Aidan follows Greenlee to the beach, unwilling to leave her alone until she tells him how she is connected to Dr. Hilliard and how she blew his cover. After taking a few verbal turns, Greenlee admits that she was in the office when Aidan arrived and warned Dr. Hilliard about who he really was. Perplexed as to why she would do such a thing, Aidan keeps pelting her with questions. She finally admits that she was the one that found the doctor in the first place, and that she had wanted to keep her name out of the process because she knew that neither Kendall nor Ryan would give it the time of day if they knew she was connected. She then tells him that none of it matters any longer because Dr. Hilliard has now decided not to treat Spike. Realizing the truth behind her ire, Aidan apologizes and immediately gets himself ready for a swim. Taken aback, Greenlee asks after the decision, thinking that a late night dip in the water an odd ‘next step'. Aidan relates a story of how he was forced to face his biggest fear – swimming in a body of water with eels – while in special training, and how he now uses that activity as a way to remind himself not to make the same mistake twice. She looks on in awe as he strips down and heads out into the night. He rejoins her a short time later, after having swum over to the Yacht Club and picked up a couple of hot dogs for their consumption. As they eat, Greenlee fires inquiries at Aidan about his time in the service and the people that he killed. He is uncomfortable talking about it but Greenlee continues to press until she realizes that it is not necessarily the act of killing, but rather who he killed that continues to give Aidan pause when talking about his tour of duty. She finally allows them to move on to better topics, and Aidan amuses her with impersonations best done by someone with an English accent. Fun is had by all until one round of laughing causes a piece of Greenlee's food to go down the wrong pipe. Ever in tune, Aidan leaps to her rescue and despite her healing ribs, performs the Heimlich.

Amanda follows Ava to the patio outside The Comeback and gives her hell for the media stunt that she pulled. She tells the wannabe superstar that if she wants to do outrageous things just to get her picture in the paper, despite what was requested of her from the women at Fusion, she should feel free to do so – without dragging anyone else in. Ava continues to think that she did the right thing, and that their kiss will serve as just another stepping stone to the fame and riches that await her. Amanda tries to make it clear that if she continues to pull stunts instead of putting out things that showcase her character, she won't come anywhere near the success she so desperately craves. Supposedly having everything figured out, Ava continues to ignore Amanda's sage advice.

JR and Tad walk up and see Amanda and Ava fighting. Tad starts to break it up but JR informs him that Amanda can hold her own. Instead, they go inside and find Krystal and Colby, one on each side of the bar. They share some small talk and in it, Tad and JR let them know that they got Jamie off to the airport just fine, and they all talk about how much he will be missed. Colby remains upbeat, saying that Jamie won't stay gone forever. Then, JR's phone rings and a copy of the picture showcasing the Ava/Amanda kiss shows up on his screen. Being who he is, he takes it upon himself to go outside and let the ladies know how much he appreciates what they did. Amanda is in no mood, but Ava gets a kick out of it, believing that JR is just a small sampling of how much good she did for her career. Amanda sends JR back inside and once he goes, she tells Ava that she is done being her handler. She notes that she didn't think the things Fusion management asked her to do were that far gone, but obviously since she can't be bothered to even try, she is washing her hands of her. Ava takes it all as a joke and tells Amanda that she shouldn't get so stressed out about a little kiss. Infuriated, Amanda excuses herself before she does something she will regret.

Back inside, JR finds out that the party ended shortly after Ava's stunt, and Colby pipes up that she had missed all the fun as well. Tad, having eaten and acknowledging that he just can't hang out until all hours, hugs the son that is still local, tells the ladies he will see them at home, and exits the bar. Krystal asks JR how Tad had been on the trip to and from the airport and, as expected, JR reports that Tad was his normal self on the way there but on the way back, he was withdrawn and reserved. Krystal then remembers that Tad's birthday is tomorrow, and plans to throw a party to end all parties for him. Neither think that Tad will be on board, but Krystal lets on that he won't know about it until he walks in the door.

At the hospital, Jonathan walks into the room that Kendall and Spike had been staying in, only to find those two parties gone, but Lily in their stead. She informs Jonathan of his family's whereabouts, and then apologizes for the fact that Ava is a lesbian. Once the initial shock wears off, Jonathan asks for more information, and Lily explains about the picture being fired across the web. She tells him that Ava and Amanda weren't kissing like family, so that must mean that it's somewhat romantic. Jonathan tells her that the kiss had nothing to do with changing sexualities and everything to do with the fact that Ava would do anything to achieve celebrity. He also tells her that the kind of attention she is getting won't last long, and he feels bad that Ava will have to experience that sooner rather than later. He goes on to tell Lily that he admires the side of her that is level-headed and rational, and wishes that Ava had a little bit more of that kind of sensibility about her. Lily is still slightly confused as to what it all means, and Jonathan says that it just means he needs to have a serious talk with Ava.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Aidan and Jack were at the hospital. Aidan explained that he saved Greenlee from choking on a hotdog, but broke one of her ribs in the process. Aidan stated that Greenlee was in a terrible mood and threw a bedpan at him earlier. They then went into Greenlee's room. They were surprised to see that Greenlee was smiling and giggling. Greenlee was given a lot of pain medication, so she was acting like she was intoxicated. Aidan joked that Greenlee should always be on pain medication. Jack laughed and Aidan stepped out. Greenlee admitted that she referred a doctor to Spike's case. Greenlee then stated that her good deed did not matter because no one wanted to be around her. Jack said that he and Aidan enjoyed her company. Greenlee smiled and fell asleep. Then, Aidan returned to drop off a stuffed animal for Greenlee.

Annie, Ryan, and Emma arrived at Kendall and Zach's home to start the moving process. Soon after, Zach and Annie left. Kendall then called Dr. Hilliard. The doctor explained that he no longer wanted to take Spike's case because a private detective came to investigate him. Kendall was livid with Ryan because she knew he was behind this. Ryan admitted that he sent Aidan to meet with the doctor. Ryan was not convinced that Dr. Hilliard was reputable. However, Kendall still had hope, so Ryan agreed to meet with Dr. Hilliard again. They then went to the office and Ryan immediately started arguing with the doctor. Dr. Hilliard was displeased and told them to leave. Kendall was annoyed with Ryan's rude behavior. Ryan stated that he thought this doctor was a "quack" but agreed to meet with other alternative medicine doctors. Kendall pretended to be content, but after Ryan left, she went back into the office. Kendall demanded that Dr. Hilliard take Spike's case.

Zach went to see Ian at the hospital. Josh was already there and this made Zach happy. The nurse then told Zach that he could hold Ian in a special way that could help the baby's growth. This method of treatment was called "kangarooing." Zach was nervous, but very excited. Zach had to place Ian on his bare chest and cup Ian's head with his hands. However, the first time Zach did this, a machine sounded an alarm. Ian had to return to his incubator because he was over stimulated. Josh explained that this was normal, so they tried again a few minutes later. Zach then held Ian peacefully.

Amanda walked into the Fusion office very upset over Ava kissing her. Babe informed Amanda that the stunt increased their sales 38 percent. Amanda did not care, but Babe talked her into keeping her job as Ava's handler for the sake of Fusion. Then, Annie came to work. Babe tried to call Annie to tell her about their sales surge, but the phones were disconnected. Annie apologized and explained about the prank calls. Babe sensed that there was more to the story and encouraged Annie to confide in Ryan.

Annie went home to see Ryan. Ryan said a box was delivered for Annie. Ryan found this odd because no one knew that they moved yet. Annie looked horrified as she opened the box. The box contained a pocket watch and a note. It read, "Our anniversary is coming soon. What are you going to get me?" Ryan asked who sent the box, but Annie said nothing.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kendall says she will not leave Dr. Hilliard's office until he agrees to help Spike. Dr. Hilliard gives Kendall a list of other physicians with similar methods, but she throws them aside. Kendall tells the doctor that she believes he can truly help her son because he was the first doctor to look at him without sadness and pity. Dr. Hilliard tells Kendall he admires her love for Spike. Kendall explains how Spike was conceived and admits that she knew she wanted Spike the moment she did not feel him kick. Kendall explains about the accident and says she blames herself for Spike's illness because she was not there when he needed her. When the doctor asks how Ryan and Zach feel about his healing methods, Kendall says he should only be concerned about dealing with her. Dr. Hilliard reluctantly agrees to treat Spike without Ryan and Zach's consent. He gives her a bottle of vitamin drops to add to Spike's milk three times a day. When Kendall asks the doctor what ingredients are in the pill, he says just organic materials and all of his patients take vitamins. Kendall gives the doctor a hug and tells him he will not regret his decision before leaving.

Erica goes to the hospital and sees Zach with Ian. Zach comes out the room and hugs Erica. He tells her that when he was holding Ian, he could envision them playing hockey on a frozen pond behind their house. Zach says that he could also see himself cheering his son on while playing hockey. Zach and Erica talk about Kendall wanting to hold another woman's baby, but are believe Kendall was just tired. Zach says Ryan and his crew living with him and Kendall will help Kendall have a positive attitude.

Annie opens the watch and is startled when she sees a note in the box that reads "Our anniversary is coming soon. What are you going to get me?" When Ryan asks Annie who the gift is from, Annie tells him it is from her dad. She says the watch used to belong to her mother and he is trying to say he forgives her. When Ryan asks Annie why her hands are shaking, she says that she is not sure if her father's intentions are real. Annie tells Ryan that she wants to go visit her father again, but this time, Annie insists on going with her. Annie says that he should not leave Spike since he just got out of the hospital. Ryan tells Annie that he knows something else has got her scared out of her mind, but Annie insists it is just stress from everything that has happened with Spike and Ian.

Tad's family and friends decorate The Comeback for Tad's birthday party. They joke about his many hair styles and Krystal introduces a new bartender, Wes, who is filling in for one of her other employees. Babe gives Wes a tour of the bar as Krystal tells Colby and Amanda that Tad is no idea about his surprise party. Ava and Jonathan go to The Comeback, but Ava does not seem excited. When they go inside, Krystal invites Jonathan and Ava to the party. Krystal tells Ava that although she appreciated the extra business from Ava and Amanda's kiss, she does not want anymore stunts. As Babe, Jonathan and Amanda move some tables, Colby thanks Ava for getting the drug charges against Sean dropped. Josh tells Ruth and Joe that Jamie told him he would miss his family before heading off to Africa.

JR visits Tad, who is excited about his new plasma television so he can watch college football. JR encourages Tad to watch the game at the bar so he doesn't have to figure out how to hook up the cable box. Tad does not seem interested and tells JR they can hang out at the house. However, when Tad tries to turn the TV on, the electricity begins flickering and the smoke escapes from the outlet. They think the problem is fixed, but Tad's happiness is short-lived when the football game goes off. Tad agrees to meet JR at the yacht and JR calls Krystal to explain he had to break the generator to trick Tad and they should be there soon. JR comes to the party, but the crowd is disappointed when he shows up alone, claiming he lost Tad.

Kendall goes to the hospital and finds Erica watching Zach touch Ian. Erica tells her daughter that the doctors said it was OK for Ian to be touched now. Erica said that if Kendall need anything, she just has to let her know because there were too many times she was not around for Kendall. When Erica asks Kendall what is troubling her, Kendall says she just wants to see Ian. After Erica, Zach and Kendall visit Ian, Erica suggests they come with her to Tad's birthday party. Kendall promises to come to the party after checking on Spike quickly.

Ryan calls Zach and explains he will be going with Annie to see her father. Zach says they can take care of Spike while he's gone. Annie comes into the room and admits she is nervous about the both of them going to see her father. When Ryan leaves the room, Annie has a vision of Ryan falling out the window to his death. She whispers that he can never know anything about her past.

Friday, August 31, 2007

JR tells the crowd that Tad never met him on the yacht like he was supposed to while Tad sneaks into the bar. The new bartender sees Tad slip into a booth, but decides to keep quiet. Kendall and Zach come inside, giving Tad a chance to reveal himself to his friends. Ruth , Opal and Joe give Kendall hugs, saying how glad they are her children are doing better. Kendall thanks Babe for taking charge of Fusion while she has been away. To kick the party off, they decide to play "Guess the Year" with Tad's hairstyles throughout the year. The winner, Opal, receives free beer and toasts to Tad. Julia joins the party and tells Jonathan it is strange to be at a Martin family function without Jamie. When Jonathan walks away, Julia asks Babe if she has heard from Jamie. Babe tells Julia that Jamie is doing well, but wishes he was someplace safer. Zach, Kendall and Erica show off pictures of Spike and Ian. Babe tells Josh that she has not heard from Greenlee, but Josh is confident she will show back up once the pain killers are gone. Everyone starts joke about Tad, but also wishes him a good birthday. JR even shows up with a video from Jamie, who gives his dad a "Happy Birthday" from Africa. Krystal sings Tad a special song for his birthday. Ruth tells Kendall that she has heard wonderful things about Ian from the nurses in ICU and begins talking about Spike's medical condition. Kendall tells Ruth that she appreciates the hospital's recommendations, but she already has someone else in mind to help Spike with is deafness. Colby overhears the gang picking on Tad for sleeping with Liza, which shocks her. Tad says the relationship he had with Liza was when he was much younger and nothing she should worry about.

Jackson comes to see Greenlee, holding a bunch of balloons for the children in the hospital. Jackson tells Greenlee that she seems to be doing better and invites her to Tad's party. Greenlee declines the offer, saying that she has a dinner date with someone he doesn't know. Plus, Greenlee is not thrilled with the idea of being in the same room as Erica. She thanks Jackson for the stuffed animal, but he says Aidan is the one who brought it for her. Greenlee goes to the Pine Valley Inn's restaurant for dinner, but tells the waitress she will be dining alone. Once dinner arrives, Greenlee loses her appetite, but fakes a smile and pretends to be happy as other customers walk by. A woman, who introduced herself as Elaina, comes by and says hi to Greenlee. Elaina asks Greenlee where her date is, and Greenlee says "Alfonso," a charming and handsome man, is on his way. Elaina tells Greenlee to introduce her if Alfonso has a friend and rushes off. Greenlee looks at the stuffed animal, pretending he is Alfonso, and says things just wouldn't work out between them. Realizing she is talking to a stuffed animal, Greenlee immediately asks for the check.

Jackson goes to Tad's party and finds Jonathan and Ava alone outside. Ava seems disappointed when Jackson tells her Lily decided not to come to the party. Jackson apologizes for getting Ava involved in the drug bust because it could have killed her. Ava says there to be sorry about, takes Jonathan's hand and goes back inside. Jackson goes to the bar and Aidan asks how Greenlee is holding up. Tad sees Jackson comes in and asks how Erica is holding up. She says there is tension between her and Jackson, but he has agreed to sign on to cohost a new television show with her. Aidan and the boys play a game of poker. Kendall tells Zach good-bye and says that Julia is taking her home, so he should stay and have fun. Tad thanks Krystal for the party, but Krystal says the idea came from Jenny. Tad gives Krystal a kiss, something that totally surprises her.

Greenlee walks by The Comeback and when she gets the courage to go inside, Aidan runs into her.

Kendall goes home to be with Spike and gives him the vitamins from Dr. Hilliard. She tells Spike the medicine will help him hear again. Zach comes home and finds Kendall sleeping with Ian on the couch. The medicine bottle though is still on the table.

Annie and Ryan arrive at the hotel, but Annie is nervous to meet her father. Annie tells Ryan that she needs him to be supportive and respectful of her situation. Ryan agrees and says he will always be there when she needs him. Taking advantage of the time alone, Annie and Ryan make love. Unable to sleep beside Ryan, Annie gets dressed and meets her father outside. Annie's father asks her why she has come back to see if, if there relationship was supposed to be over years ago. Annie pulls out a picture of her family with Ryan, but her father says she will tear them apart, just like she has torn apart their family. Annie tells her father that she will not allow anyone, including him, to hurt her family. She tells him he has to stop calling or sending gift to her, or else "the horrible thing before, she will do again." Annie begs her father to make "it" stop because he can. Ryan wakes up and finds Annie gone.



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